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This is Zoe.

Zoe West.

She is a model out of Los Angeles and also an accomplished actress, costume maker and fine art painter.

She is also the daughter of a good friend of mine.


I like this pic!

It speaks volumes.

Don’t worry, linkage is coming.


This is the photo she uses as her profile pic on her model portal page.

These are neat, too…


She has an outfit for any occasion.


Pretty slinky.

Here is a note about a magazine contest Zoe is in written by her Dad and only slightly edited by myself. Please vote!

Vote for Zoe

The glamorous, fearless, multi talented model/actress/painter, Zoe, is currently participating in a contest to select “Miss Jetset” for the cover of “Jetset” a popular internet magazine.

(For detailed info on Zoe, check out these links and judge for yourself.

…and last but by no means least, Zoe in her In-Your-Face mode: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2032291/Nude-York-City-Bodypainted-model-Zoe-West-hauled-jail-Times-Square-spectacle.html (and then surf around at will)

Here is the link to the Jetset contest:

She is currently #1 in her region (California) so no doubt she will also make this second cut. If you agree that Zoe would make an exemplary Miss Jetset and you would like to vote for her, here’s the protocol.

Her Jetset page (link above) will guide you through easily enough though it neglects to point out an important caveat. If you’re not on Facebook you can’t vote.

Miss Jetset is a vote-in contest open to all. Rather like the All Star game you can place multiple votes, they’re free, once daily. for as long as the contest goes on. However, unlike the All Star game, but rather like the U.S. Congress and Democracy American Style, you can actually BUY votes. Except that in this case, the money goes for a much better cause, especially since a sizable chunk of it goes to a benevolent charity that helps children with cancer (see the Jetset website for details on all aspects of the voting.)

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am gonna vote for Zoe.