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Good Gawd Awmighty this lady is just out of this world!


Published on Apr 28, 2014

At the Dosey Doe Music Café on April 18, 2014

I just can not get enough of this lady.

Seriously—just take her guitar playing … I mean … Holy Shit!

And she ain’t even using a pick!

I can’t stand it.

And her singing!


OK, she’s driven me ‘round the bend so I’ll stop blathering incoherently.




Published on Mar 18, 2016

Well now, I couldn’t resist that song title now, could I! LOL

This is today’s lead story in Revolver magazine.

Here’s another one!

Director: Hector Santizo
Producer: Hector Santizo

Pre-order The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser today!
Album available April 29,2016

Explicit CD:
Explicit LP:
Explicit Album:

This is the sort of thing that brings a bit of a smile to my lips as it tells me the UFO culture and religion is still cooking.

I haven’t even played this yet as I type these words.

The culture is weird. Some of the best researchers in the world are personal friends of mine, but it’s like their work is for naught. Only a few know about it. Only a few care about it.

The general population mostly couldn’t care less and those few that do are so often deep into the religion – the “believing.” And that is the problem.

They would rather take the word of those in the stinking horde of charlatans that infest and infect the field with their preposterous proposals.

Sad, really.

As such is the status quo, I can say with some confidence that the problem will never be solved. And I’d like it to be, preferably in my lifetime, as I’ve seen the elusive thingies on more than five occasions. Hmmph.

Well, peace.

Published on Nov 12, 2012
The official video to Ram Jam’s “Black Betty”. (1977)

It is with a delicious extra thrill that I post this song…

…because, even though I have been quite enamored of this song from when I first heard it in 1977…

…my love for it has recently been launched into orbit due to it’s shiny new significance in my life

…in Secret Compartmented Information known only to certain members of the Presidium!


Enjoy, eh?


Uploaded on Oct 4, 2010

It is a song recorded in 1970 by the British band , written by the bandleader , Ray Dorset , reaching number one in several countries around the world. It is considered one of the best-selling singles of all time.

God I love this song.

From the first time it hit my ears.

It’s just … so, so right.

Ya know?




bluzdudemi bluzdudemi Published on Dec 16, 2012

Live from Callahan’s Music Hall, filmed in HD.

So much goodness!

Making me smile, it is.

Good timing, too!

bluzdudemi bluzdudemi Published on Jul 6, 2014

Rusty Wright, Laurie LaCross-Wright on guitars and vocals, Dennis Bellinger on bass & vocals, Robert Manzitti on keyboards & vocals, and Marc Friedman on drums. Filmed in 1080HD in Plymouth, MI, July 4, 2014

Good stuff.

Tony Sarno – Voodoo Chile

RelentlessBlues  RelentlessBlues Published on Aug 29, 2013

From the self-titled album “Tony Sarno” released in 1999.

Tony Sarno(Vocals, Guitar), Mike “Lefty” Hall(Harmonica), Don E. Williamson(Organ), Keith Christopher(Bass), Rick Donley(Drums), Lisa Silver, Vicki Hampton, Cindy Richardson(Background Vocals)

Tony is one awesome star of blues guitar, a Master of the Telecaster, don’tcha know and I am proud to say a childhood friend.

He has gone on to great things and has toured the world, which is awesome. He and his band opened for Stevie Ray Vaughan way back when… so yeah, man, he’s real good and you… are in for a treat!

“Tony Sarno is an American singer and guitarist who has recorded numerous critically-acclaimed Rock and Blues albums. Tony has toured the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Argentina, and Mexico with his band or as guitarist with David Clayton Thomas’ Blood Sweat and Tears, Dee Archer and Peter Tork. He has dozens of published songs and pieces written for TV and other broadcasts. Tony produced international releases Thunderhawks, Tony Sarno, Silent night, and co-produced Dee Archer’s Sooner or later and Tony Sarno & the screamin’ blue demons “It’s a blues thing”. He produces background music for CBS Sports and music for Big Fish Audio. He has shared numerous concert bills with B.B. King, as well as bills with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hall & Oates, Johnny Winter, and Little Feat. Tony has recorded for CBS/Holland, Icehouse/Priority, Marconi, and Bandwidth Records. His music appeared in the Craig Brewer film Poor & Hungry, and on the Masters of Blues CD compilation with Albert King, Buddy Guy, and the Allman Brothers Band.” –


His YouTube channel.


Ah, Buddy.

A blues legend, for reasons that are, well, rather obvious.

It should go without saying that the comment quoted in  this post applies here, too, don’t’cha know.

Not getting any younger here, so I am now starting to really relate to this song more and more. Sigh.

Should start taking even better care of myself, before I do a Jerry…


The Blues has and will always touch my very soul… deeply… and this man is truly a master of the blues.

A poster on YouTube put it very succinctly… “the sadness just pours out of the song.”


John Lee Hooker was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991.


My friend Mauro’s rendition of this beautiful fiddle tune, without the fiddle.

He uses a Zoom H4n recorder at only 24/48… I really must check one of those out if I ever get any money. I mean, if it sounds this good cut down to mp3, well, hey!

In other news, I’m depressed that no one, except a couple of spammer scammers, visits here. Not even friends. Difficult to get motivated to write when the stats say zero for weeks on end.

We’ll see I guess.


I post this every so often, on Facebook, anyway.

It is so powerful — and I most definitely relate to the message — in so many ways.

The accompanying imagery is also exceptionally well done. Assuredly on the level required for a Cash music video.

I am so glad as well that Johnny Cash, my childhood hero, turned out to be even cooler than I ever thought possible when I was a little boy.

This is a really nice piece conjured up about a year ago by my pal Geraint Hughes. It’s called Nebula.

NEBULA by Geraint Hughes

Here’s a link to his catalog on SoundCloud.

He has this to say about it: “Short SciFi styled piece in a downtempo style.”