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I love pterosaurs.

Want so badly to see a live one.

Logistics and funding will allow no such thing at this point in the journey. Sigh. Hopin’!

Anyway, here is a nice illustration that appeared on my Facebook newsfeed. It really caught my eye.

Didn’t say who the artist is, though…

If anyone knows, please comment, eh?


One of the first drawings of a bunyip.I am exhausted. In fact, I am unnaturally exhausted. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally.

Winter has laid another 4 inches of back breaking horror on my environ (8 in the drifty bits) and although the weather forecast mentioned some of it, it really is slightly over the top.

I am supposed to be doing things, but, I need to shovel, as I don’t know whether or not Jimmy will be plowing. If the gods are smiling, then, I guess, he will. I’ve done the first 50 feet. Back is saying that’s it for now.

So I’m in here writing this, wondering how I’m going to find the time to read all those cool twitter links, let alone practice them. What kind of energy do these folks have, anyway? Am I really that much of a freak? I often think I am, but, maybe I actually am. My shoulders ache. There’s still 100 feet to go.

How long should I wait? God, I feel like a Hutt. That’s not good. Nope.

Oh no… it is now afternoon officially. Okay… need to do something.

Ah, sweet relief! Started again a bit after 12 with some renewed energy and then Jimmy came! Yay, oh yay, yay, yay! And now – at only 20 to 2 – it’s done! Praise the Lord and pass that goddamn ammunition, son!

Could this be Winter’s last effort? Could it?

March is coming up quick and then Springness will blanket the land.

Alright, the, I’m off to the store then back for some overdue Hoovering.

Enjoy the Bunyip picture. Sporty, innit?