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Ana Popovic – License To Steal (Blues) HD

Arturo Abascal Published on Nov 13, 2012

(translation by Google)

Not all good guitarists are men, and the best proof is Ana Popovic (Ана Поповић). Born in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1976, blues guitarist and singer.

His father was a renowned guitarist and bassist, introduced her to the blues through his extensive record collection and jam sessions that were held in casa.A 15 years, Ana took his guitar and started practicing with the instrument.

At the same time it was also a good student, so she was admitted to one of the best schools in Belgrade for the pre university studies, we are in the difficult years when Milosevic regime ruled the former Yugoslavia.

In 1994 once their school days in high school, decided to study graphic design at the University of Belgrade, he continued his guitar studies deciding to form his first band with his friend and guitar player Rade Popovic, the group called Hush. They began their career rehearsing in garages and playing in clubs in Belgrade performing over a hundred performances a year and appearing regularly on television in his country.

With his band he made his first recording entitled “Hometown” in 1998. With the end of the communist regime obtained’s permission to go to festivals act Greece and Hungary.

The following year he moved to the Netherlands where he studied at the conservatory the subject of jazz applied to the guitar. Soon he was part of the network of clubs that played blues in Germany, was the year 1999.Firmó a contract with record label Ruf Records, and in October 2008 moved to Memphis to record her album entitled “Hush” produced by Jim Gaynes.

In his American journey, Ana began playing with musicians like Bernard Allison, Eric Burdon, Popa Chubby, Taj Mahal, etc, in 2002 he was part of the European tour tribute to Jimi Hendrix with Walter Trout being nominated in various categories of the French Blues Awards.

In 2003 returns to Memphis to record their second album, “Comfort to the Soul”, a mix of blues, rock, soul and jazz being nominated for W.C. Handy Awards. As the first European blues musician nominated for the category of artist revelación.Durante a concert of Salomon Burke in Bélegica, this invites you to go on stage, from then accompanied him throughout the tour.

In 2005 he recorded his third album, “Ana, Live in Amsterdam”, as the name suggests a direct, awards and accolades keep coming to him, until in 2009 the very same B.B. King invited her to go on stage at one of his performances.

Another new artist for me!

Embarrassed to say that, actually, but my condition is persistent and means I just don’t get out much and am usually lost in my floating bubble. Even when online. Not so good. But as always I am working on it!

Those are my own personal Blues. Some of them.

So now that things are getting better maybe that sitch will lessen.

In the meantime, this young woman seems to be pretty dang awesome.

So … leave us listen to her mastery.


Much peace.

The Texas Music Scene TV  Published on Nov 11, 2015

Carolyn Wonderland and her amazing band perform one of her live set staples “Moon Goes Missing” on The Texas Music Scene.

Connect to The Texas Music Scene:

“The Texas Music Scene” is a TV series that currently airs throughout Texas. HELP US SPREAD TEXAS MUSIC ACROSS THE NATION! Contact your local broadcast stations and cable providers, and DEMAND THE TEXAS MUSIC SCENE!

He swoons…

Better than this it does not get.

There is something about the Blues that has the power to trigger a sort of instinctual level of relative understanding and support for simply managing to live as long as you have.

Which will prove to be a criticality one issue for the survival of our species. Because, like they say, shit happens. Sometimes seriously bad shit. Maybe to every  one of us.

I think it is fascinating that the form of music best celebrating this condition is from America, arguably the most well -ff country ever. Or maybe it reflects how America got to be that way? I am very curious.

And love…well…that is I am making an educated guess is at saturation level, affecting even those who don’t get to dabble much. So, yeah.

The Blues.

By Carolyn Wonderland.



Good Gawd Awmighty this lady is just out of this world!


Published on Apr 28, 2014

At the Dosey Doe Music Café on April 18, 2014

I just can not get enough of this lady.

Seriously—just take her guitar playing … I mean … Holy Shit!

And she ain’t even using a pick!

I can’t stand it.

And her singing!


OK, she’s driven me ‘round the bend so I’ll stop blathering incoherently.





Published on Mar 31, 2013
Live from Callahan’s Music Hall, Samantha Fish

A bit of a different air than usual for ya!

Very mellow.



eta: repaired epic typo in title. my sincere apologies. i am shot.

Samantha Fish – Bitch On The Run – Don Odell’s Legends

Published on Aug 14, 2015
Samantha & her band stopped by Don Odells Legends right before her new cd, which debut at #1, “Wild Heart” was released. Seen here Performing “Bitch On The Run” Jaw dropping performance!! At times Go-Go take the music to a new level So intense!! Congats on such a great cd…Audio recorded & mixed by Doug Wallace of Studio 128 Recording & live Sound Services Spfld. Ma. Please check out other shows by Ana Popovic, Jimmy Thackery, Joe Louis Walker, and many more and by subscribing you can be automatically notified of new videos when uploaded.

 This is a stunning version and the audio is great!


bluzdudemi bluzdudemi Published on Dec 16, 2012

Live from Callahan’s Music Hall, filmed in HD.

So much goodness!

Making me smile, it is.

Good timing, too!

TEXAS BURNING with Carolyn Wonderland: “I Live Alone With Someone”

TEXAS BURNING TEXAS BURNING Uploaded on Jul 17, 2011

Guitar-goddess Carolyn Wonderland opens her set with a bluesy rocker that includes a searing guitar solo. Song was one of ten included “Texas Burning: A Lone Star Salute to Our Troops” HD concert special currently airing nationally on PBS. Includes introduction by Mattson Rainer of KNBT 92.1 FM.

More goodness!

bluzdudemi bluzdudemi Published on Jul 6, 2014

Rusty Wright, Laurie LaCross-Wright on guitars and vocals, Dennis Bellinger on bass & vocals, Robert Manzitti on keyboards & vocals, and Marc Friedman on drums. Filmed in 1080HD in Plymouth, MI, July 4, 2014

Good stuff.

Samantha Fish awesome groove on “Show Me” HD 8/14/15

John Richardson

John Richardson
Published on Oct 9, 2015

undeniable groove on this Samantha song from the Wild Heart release !…

This lady … my God! Or, rather, my Goddess!

Tony Sarno – Voodoo Chile

RelentlessBlues  RelentlessBlues Published on Aug 29, 2013

From the self-titled album “Tony Sarno” released in 1999.

Tony Sarno(Vocals, Guitar), Mike “Lefty” Hall(Harmonica), Don E. Williamson(Organ), Keith Christopher(Bass), Rick Donley(Drums), Lisa Silver, Vicki Hampton, Cindy Richardson(Background Vocals)

Tony is one awesome star of blues guitar, a Master of the Telecaster, don’tcha know and I am proud to say a childhood friend.

He has gone on to great things and has toured the world, which is awesome. He and his band opened for Stevie Ray Vaughan way back when… so yeah, man, he’s real good and you… are in for a treat!

“Tony Sarno is an American singer and guitarist who has recorded numerous critically-acclaimed Rock and Blues albums. Tony has toured the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Argentina, and Mexico with his band or as guitarist with David Clayton Thomas’ Blood Sweat and Tears, Dee Archer and Peter Tork. He has dozens of published songs and pieces written for TV and other broadcasts. Tony produced international releases Thunderhawks, Tony Sarno, Silent night, and co-produced Dee Archer’s Sooner or later and Tony Sarno & the screamin’ blue demons “It’s a blues thing”. He produces background music for CBS Sports and music for Big Fish Audio. He has shared numerous concert bills with B.B. King, as well as bills with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hall & Oates, Johnny Winter, and Little Feat. Tony has recorded for CBS/Holland, Icehouse/Priority, Marconi, and Bandwidth Records. His music appeared in the Craig Brewer film Poor & Hungry, and on the Masters of Blues CD compilation with Albert King, Buddy Guy, and the Allman Brothers Band.” –


His YouTube channel.


Ah, Buddy.

A blues legend, for reasons that are, well, rather obvious.

It should go without saying that the comment quoted in  this post applies here, too, don’t’cha know.

Not getting any younger here, so I am now starting to really relate to this song more and more. Sigh.

Should start taking even better care of myself, before I do a Jerry…


The Blues has and will always touch my very soul… deeply… and this man is truly a master of the blues.

A poster on YouTube put it very succinctly… “the sadness just pours out of the song.”


John Lee Hooker was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991.