3 comments on “Sometimes, I Want To Die.

  1. I do still have a few friends. So few. But numbers and friendship are irrelevant. More than one is a grand thing. But they’re all out of reach. Some will write or comment or on a rare night call. They keep me from snuffing it.

    • Yes. It is I. Still around for the time being, need to be for my aunt, who I care for 24/7 except when she’s at the day care place. No other activities to speak of except Saturday visits to family. When she’s gone all bets are off, though, life’s pretty banal. People say good things will come. No supporting evidence 🙂 . Down today… some days are better.

      I must say that it’s really very cool to hear from you after all these years. I sincerely hope you are well and at peace. Still making music?

      This site was supposed to evolve into my go-to site. As you can see that hasn’t happened. My “work” site gets maybe 5 views a week. This less than that. My main blog was popular but it has fallen in sync with my depression. In therapy for same since a “friend” tried to kill me on Christmas eve last. Decided to finally sort out my mind, assuming that could ever happen.

      Much peace, my old friend.

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