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A global effort is growing to save the scaled mammals known as pangolins—the world’s most poached and trafficked animal.

These odd, scaled mammals are the most poached in the world—and they’re going extinct

By Amy Yee Mar. 13, 2019 , 8:00 AM

UGANDA—The small pangolin tucked its head toward its belly and curled its tail around its body. Clad in large scales, it resembled a pine cone. After a moment, the creature—a mammal, despite appearances—uncoiled and raised its slender head. Currantlike eyes blinked and a pointy nose trembled inquisitively. Its feet had tender pink soles tipped with long, curved claws, but it did not scratch or fight.

This animal, a white-bellied pangolin (Phataginus tricuspis), was lucky. It had most likely been illegally caught in a nearby forest not long ago; a tip had led the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to rescue it. One of its brown scales had been ripped off, perhaps for use in a local witchcraft remedy. But after a long, jarring car ride on bumpy dirt roads, the pangolin was being released back into the wild in a national park. (UWA officials asked Science not to reveal the park’s name because that might tip off poachers.) Weighing just 2.5 kilograms, the pangolin heaved as if panting.

The rescue and release was part of a growing global effort to save pangolins, which face a bleak future as the world’s most poached and trafficked animal. They are in demand for both their meat and their scales, believed in some Asian countries to have medicinal properties. The past 2 months have seen record-setting seizures of pangolin body parts both in Asia and Africa.

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It’s stuff like this that makes me extremely upset with Asians. They make everything we use, so they are not dumb, but, they are so damn pig-ignorant stupid to think so many animal parts are somehow “magical.” Even when faced with five freaking thousand years of evidence showing that their beliefs are naught but fairy tales. Disgusting. Every single one of them. And Africans! I did not know about people from that continent doing this, but I am frankly not surprised. I advocate killing them all and having God sort them out.

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Sportscar365‏ @sportscar365 10:42 AM – 13 Mar 2019

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Courage Foundation @couragefound 4:17 PM – 8 Mar 2019

Courage nominates Julian Assange for the 2019 Galizia Prize

Julian is a Hero to the entire world!



The Mermaids of the Peak District. And Upright Hairy Creatures

D. Hatswell Creature Reports
Published on Jan 16, 2019

I know you guys are used to me bringing stories and experiences that some would say are completely bonkers but for me can become a little run of the mill so to speak and these days im seldom shocked by the stories and experiences that ordinary people like you or I have experienced, but even I was surprised to come across a very strange tale while looking to see what else is happening in the areas that I receive reports of British Bigfoots and Canine type creatures. Believe me or not, but our central and beautiful land-locked and windswept Peak District is said to be home to not one, but two mermaids!

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To see any images visit the website link below.

Mermaids! Everybody loves Mermaids! Dig it, folks. Debbie sure can bring it… Plus a few hairy folk sprinkled in there.

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<img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-6107″ src=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/tumblr_lwp5ilh8Um1r5569zo1_400.jpg” alt=”mealtime” width: 100%;” />



The Naturalist, a Watercolor on Paper by Victor Grasso from United States.



Look, things are bad. And they are about to get worse. Please send what you can. This blog is soon going to lose tons of features because my eye medicine and food and keeping my house is more important. A little compassion would be appreciated. You all seem to like my content. I don’t ask for paid subscriptions. Please help with the occasional dollar or two. Unless you think I am worthless. I’m thinking that that is what you think, as it is always the same.



Hey, just think if you could see this live and in person… would it not be a grand thing?



La Grange Billy F Gibbons, ZZ Ward, Orianthi, Frankie Ballard, and Mike Henderson

Billy F Gibbons
Published on Apr 28, 2017

Watch Billy F Gibbons perform his ZZ Top hit “La Grange” at Skyville Live with a little help from ZZ Ward, Orianthi, Frankie Ballard, and Mike Henderson

Woo Hoo! Holy Moly!

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Dogman and Werewolf Accounts.

D. Hatswell Creature Reports
Published on May 15, 2017

The Fortunate Unfortunates

Kindle Amazon US Kindle Amazon UK Paperback US Paperback UK Good Reads… To see any images visit the website link below. : PATREON : YOUTUBE CHANNEL


Thank you for your continued support if you have any queries please contact me at the email address above.

Deborah Hatswell

Reports go way back.

These critters must be as ancient as ourselves, originating well before the sea level rose, surely.

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When a child gives you a gift,

even if it is a rock

they just picked up,

exude gratitude. It might be the only

thing they have to give – and they

have chosen to give it to you.

— Dean Jackson



Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Samantha Fish, Walter Trout – Going Down – KTBA Cruise

Published on Mar 2, 2019

(Filmed by Natasha in 1080 HD) Super Jam with Joe & Paul Shaffer Joe Bonamassa – Guitar, Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Guitar, Samantha Fish – Guitar, Walter Trout – Guitar, Jimmy Hall – Vocals & Harmonica, Paul Shaffer – Emcee, Reese Wynans – Keyboards, Michael Rhodes – Bass, Paulie Cerra – Saxophone, Lee Thornburg – Trumpet, Anton Fig – Drums, Sinead Burgess – Backup Vocals, Juanita Tippins – Backup Vocals Filmed & Recorded on the Keeping The Blues Alive Cruise 2019

Holy Moly talk about an all-star lineup!

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Carmyllie, Bigfoot Creature seen for the third time. Leaves footprints in the snow.

D. Hatswell Creature Reports
Published on Dec 23, 2018

It was during the winter of 2012 or 2013, which if you recall was very intense. In Carmyllie, the snow was a foot deep on flat ground, and many feet deep in snow drifts. I was walking the family dog down a dirt track that provided access of a stretch of farm plots. It stretches between the main road through the area, and a wooded area further that stretches further south.

About a little further than half way down the road, I saw what appeared to be an extremely large footprint in the snow. It was slightly softened by snowfall, but was clear enough to make out that it was a bare foot shape rather than a shoe or a boot shaped, and was maybe 1.5 times the length of my boot. This made it by my judgement a little longer than a foot and a half. Judging by the way it was orientated, it seemed that whatever left it was walking from the field on one side, to the field on the other, it looked like whoever had left the print was cutting sideways across the road. Considering that the road was at that point maybe 4 foot across due to the snowdrift,

Damn, that’s a helluva sight in the lead photo, innit?

Our Deborah always has good tales. Yes, folks, these things are everywhere!

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Is This Bigfoot In a German Swamp? 2018 Hairy Dark Neanderthal like Creature

D. Hatswell Creature Reports
Published on Apr 27, 2018

Tom is an avid outdoors man. He does a lot of fishing. This encounter has scared him and it sounds like he does not want to return to that part of the bog where this creature came up to him. If we get any more information on this sighting in Germany we will make sure to post these updates.

Kelly Shaw:…

EBAY STORE: Memberships, Kit Badges or Book THE BOOK OF WITNESS ACCOUNTS: Kindle Amazon US Kindle Amazon UK Paperback US Paperback UK Good Reads

… I will be adding all of my sighting accounts here and many world wide reports I have collected over the years. PATREON : TWITTER : YOUTUBE CHANNEL

To see any images visit the website link below.

Deb has a tale from a former Yurropean country that once was great. This bigfoot, to me, seems to be a tad stressed out.

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This is great, as she really is an arrogant idiot.

James Woods ✔ @RealJamesWoods

So, you may have missed this, but the way it works in America is YOU work for US. The last time somebody told Americans to sit down and shut up was 1776. If you ever learn to read, look it up. You are not only a idiot, you’re an arrogant idiot, and there is nothing more dangerous

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ✔ @AOC

Yup. If you don’t like the #GreenNewDeal, then come up with your own ambitious, on-scale proposal to address the global climate crisis.

Until then, we’re in charge – and you’re just shouting from the cheap seats.

84K Time posted: February 23, 2019 19:01:59 (UTC)

I do not recall anyone so pig-ignorant stupid ever holding any kind of authoritarian position, with the probable exception of Hank Johnson.

Wow, just wow.


The people of the Bronx and Queens should be ashamed of themselves!

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Jaan – Mukhtar Sahota – Unpredictable

Internalmusic UK
Published on May 11, 2007

Album – Unpredictable
Music – Mukhtar Sahota
Vocal – Lakhwinder Wadali
Mix & Mastered – Mukhtar Sahota
Label – Internalmusic UK

Beautiful. That’s Mukhtar on the guitar.

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The Sahotas Hass Hogia

Published on Nov 15, 2009

ashish’s video

I L O V E this song and this performance and the Sahotas. Surj on vocals.

Quite likely the best Bhangra song in the History of Bhangra.

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Stop This Humourless Psychopath Driving The World To War – The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

David Icke
Published on Mar 8, 2019

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Mr. Icke speaks truth here in this video. Best listen and let it sink in. This is, in fact, what is happening in the world today as we speak.

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