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The Oklahoma Dogman

It was 1991. The summer was warm. I was five. My Granny had just read from “The Three Little Pigs” and had put me down for a nap. I was never afraid of wolves. So the strange, hulking beast in the back yard was just a Big Bad Wolf.

That is how my mind remembers Dogman. In reality, he was just like a walking wolf, his legs… that is what I noticed. I say He because the Big Bad Wolf is what I thought I was looking at.

This is what I remember of my very real, very disbelieved encounter. He was about 25 feet away from my window. I got up to look out, and he was in the tree line, walking around. I called for my Granny, to tell her the Wolf was here for the pigs. Nobody ever believed my five year old self. But I remember to this day, Dogman was real and he was spotted in East Tulsa/Catoosa in the early 90s

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My great grandfather was the man that shot and killed a 300lb cougar in Roger Mills County after being told by every university and biologist there’s no way they could exist in western oklahoma.

It was stuffed and put in a display case in the Black Kettle Museum in Cheyenne. You can go see it today.

My grandpa (County Commissioner) used to refer to “Catamounts” being around very matter-of-factly. As a kid I thought he was talking about cougars.

He was not.

Asked him what a “Catamount” was and he proceeded to describe a bipedal nightmare creature identical to descriptions of “dogman”.

Had a family friend named Lynn Kenner. Textbook woodsman. Lived out in the boondocks near Cheyenne. My father and I went turkey hunting with him back in ’97. Lynn brought an AK. Asked him why. Said it was for “close encounters”. Blew it off as a joke.

Years later it all clicked.

Edit: Seems they’ve moved the contents of the museum to the Washita Battlefield National Historic Site right down the road. This is a good thing. It’s a really cool place and I encourage anyone interested in Native American history (or who just wants to see a cryptozoological success story) to stop by.

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Fuckin awesome story!

12 hours ago

Look at the picture second to the bottom

Thats the cougar that wasn’t supposed to exist.

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Feel free to hit me up if you desire to be on a radio show sometime. Show is dogmancams radio with John Bell. Hit me up at if you desire to have your story heard.

Kewl story and commentary, eh, what?!


1941 Missouri UFO Crash

The Fear Channel
Jun 18, 2016

A pastor in the rural town of Cape Girardeau, Missouri receives a late call to perform last rites over the victims of a plane crash. He arrives to find a scene far different from what he was told on the phone. The “plane” that downed was not of this earth, and the dead certainly weren’t human.

I had not been aware of this one until my buddy Al found this last night. Might well be true. Hopefully time will tell if it is or not.

Hat tip to Allan Rosenzweig, former co-chair of the International Fortean Organization (INFO).


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The Bahia Horned Beast: The strange humanoid photographed in Brazil…

The Bahia Horned Beast: The strange humanoid photographed in Brazil

UFOmania – The truth is out there
Jan 11, 2021

To date, it remains a mystery and if it is not a prank, this is an amazing capture of something else “out there”. Where it was going and what it was doing are among many questions left unanswered. Source:

Not sure what to make of it so far, as far as reality goes, but, it looks reasonably good.


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🔥 Polar bear Mom breaking ice at short intervals so the cubs can breathe…

Moms are moms!


1968 OSI-Ford 20 M TS
1968 OSI-Ford 20 M TS
1968 OSI-Ford 20 M TS
1968 OSI-Ford 20 M TS
1968 OSI-Ford 20 M TS
1968 OSI-Ford 20 M TS
1968 OSI-Ford 20 M TS
1968 OSI-Ford 20 M TS

1968 OSI-Ford 20 M TS

OSI-Ford 20 M TS – Wikipedia › wiki › OSI-Ford_20_M_TS

The vehicle was technically based on the Ford 20M and was manufactured between 1967 and 1968. There were 870 cars with two-liter V6 engine and 409 with 2.3-liter V6 at prices of 14,900 DM and 15,200 DM admitted in Germany. In 1968 OSI went into bankruptcy.
Engine: 2.0-2.3L V6
Production: 1967-1968
Designer: Sergio Sartorelli
Manufacturer: Officine Stampaggi Industriali

Looks very nice, eh. I was not familiar with this conveyance…


Chrissy Marie

Chrissy Marie, Los Angeles, California. @modelchrissymarie @CaptiveChrissy

Southern California based professional art, glamour & fetish model with over 10 years experience.

Chrissy Marie is beautiful.



Erwin Saunders
Oct 17, 2017

Trying to find walkways

Erwin Saunders
Oct 18, 2017

quick update

Erwin Saunders
Oct 19, 2017

April update

Erwin Saunders
Apr 9, 2018

Bluebell woods

Erwin Saunders
May 14, 2018

Music is Frozen Star by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence

Erwin is awesome, even when he doesn’t find anything. I pray that he is safe and well.


Zoë West

Zoë West & The Orchids

Upstate NY | March 2017

Image shot by me (dcci) with a Fuji Instax Mini 90

Zoë West


With Zoë West

Upstate NY | March 2017

Image shot by me (dcci) with a Fuji Instax Mini 90

Zoë is so cool…


Buick Y-Job

“Introduced in 1938, the Buick Y-Job is considered to be the world’s first concept car. Created by Harley Earl and his design team, the Y-Job embodied the future of the automobile according to General Motors’ head designer, who even used the car for a while as his daily driver.”



Daimler Double-Six


Daimler Double-Six

Daimler Double-Six sleeve-valve V12

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Daimler Double-Six piston engine was a sleeve-valve V12 engine manufactured by The Daimler Company Limited of Coventry, England between 1926 and 1938 in four different sizes for their flagship cars.

Purrrr, eh.


– › wiki › Falcon
Falcons are birds of prey in the genus Falco, which includes about 40 species. Falcons are widely distributed on all continents of the world except Antarctica, …
Emma Scott
Emma Scott


F-15E Strike Eagle

“Entering the roundabout from the north…500 feet..500 kts!!”

Callsign “Mugger”

492d FS

F-15E Strike Eagle leading a pairs sortie through the “Mach Loop” in Snowdonia.


Hennessey Venom F5


Hennessey Venom F5

Hennessey Special Vehicles: Hennessey Venom F5 Official …

Hennessey and team have developed a completely new hypercar focused on carbon & aerodynamics to achieve the lowest possible drag.

And we’re awful glad they did. smi


The Republic is now dead.

245 years of freedom — destroyed — in the most thorough, evil coup in history.

Our country has been turned over to the Chinese Communist Party.

I call for every Democrat to be hung from the nearest tree for treason.

Every one.

No exceptions.

Hey, maybe those guillotines from the FEMA camp days could be put to use. lol Lol guillotines…

Be well.


NEVER Before Seen Video INSIDE The BENT Pyramid of Egypt! Lost Civilizations & the Ancient Egyptians

Bright Insight
Jan 4, 2021

INCREDIBLE! First ever video footage INSIDE the Bent Pyramid of Egypt! Researchers have waited more than 5 decades to see what the interior structure of the Bent Pyramid looks like. This video was filmed on November 30th, 2020 and is among the first to ever show the public what the interior of this incredible ancient site looks like. This pyramid had been closed to researchers and the public up until June of 2019, and very few people have had the privilege to enter this incredible ancient site.

Incredible is right! Just excellent.

Well, Jimmy has beaten my friend Next Anyextee to the punch with this. Next is just finishing up the editing of his video on his own exploration of the interior of the Bent Pyramid. Next studied under my dear friend, the late, great John Anthony West and I can hardly wait to see his piece! Not to take anything away from Jimmy, who I think is an awesome fellow, as regulars know!

There’s a nice discussion goin on here on ATS, as well.




Found, via reddit, @

Paranormal, UFOs, Ancient Cultures, Aliens, Strangeness, Conspiracy, History

November 30

Strange Black Creature Holding Onto Cliff In Iceland, Ancient Alien Species
Date of sighting: Aug 2020 Location of sighting: Dettifoss Waterfall, Iceland Video Source :

Video states: Icelandic singer Vigdís Howser Harðardóttir has videotaped what appears to be a mysterious creature hiding next to a cliff. The strange incident occurred at the
August 29

And @

Strange Black Creature Holding Onto Cliff In Iceland, Ancient Alien Species

Date of sighting: Aug 2020
Location of sighting: Dettifoss Waterfall, Iceland

Video Source :

Video states:
Icelandic singer Vigdís Howser Harðardóttir has videotaped what appears to be a mysterious creature hiding next to a cliff. The strange incident occurred at the Dettifoss waterfall located in the Jökulsárgljúfur national park. What is your opinion on the video? Is it an elf? Another kind of mystical creature? Or do you have a logical and rational explanation?

I grabbed this screenshot from the 51 second mark.


And tried a bit of Photoshopping to see if I could bring the ;ittle guy out some more. Mixed results, but, here you go.


And here is the video.

Una cantante graba una misteriosa criatura en una cascada de Islandia

Mundo Esotérico y Paranormal
Aug 19, 2020

Noticia completa en www.mundoesotericoparanormal…. La cantante islandesa Vigdís Howser Harðardóttir ha grabado en video lo que parece ser una misteriosa criatura que se oculta al lado de un precipicio. El extraño incidente ocurrió en la cascada Dettifoss situada en el parque nacional Jökulsárgljúfur. ¿Cuál es tu opinión sobre el video? ¿Es un elfo? ¿Otro tipo de criatura mística? ¿O tienes un explicación lógica y racional?

Google translation:

Full news at https: //www.mundoesotericoparanormal ….

Icelandic singer Vigdís Howser Harðardóttir has videotaped what appears to be a mysterious creature hiding next to a cliff. The strange incident occurred at the Dettifoss waterfall located in the Jökulsárgljúfur national park.

What is your opinion on the video? Is it an elf? Another kind of mystical creature? Or do you have a logical and rational explanation?

I think it is pretty spiffy, truth be told, whether or not it is real or just a hoax!

What do you all think of this?


Green mammatus clouds

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🔥 Green mammatus clouds, which usually precede a tornado, over an abandoned house



Mountain nights. Mount Rainier National Park, WA

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Mountain nights. Mount Rainier National Park, WA. [1691×2500]. [OC]. This is a 5 shot focus stacked foreground to background shot during blue hour, then a tracked MW shot a couple hours later, edited in LR and PS.



Malaysian trumpet weevil

From r/whatsthisbug

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Unknown weevil, looking for scientific name so I can read abt him.


8 hours ago

It’s a Cercidocerus indicator, aka the Malaysian trumpet weevil. As the name indicates you can find it around Singapore/Malaysia. Trumpet weevils are a genus of palm weevils and are known for their weird antenna.

That is a fabulous creature!


A Freakishly Well-Preserved Woolly Rhino

A Freakishly Well-Preserved Woolly Rhino Was Plucked From Siberia’s Melting Tundra

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direct link to this post

As the planet warms Siberia’s melting tundra begins to give up its secrets from the past , who said climate change was all bed.
The most recent find from the region of the Russian Republic of Yakutia is this well preserved Woolly Rhino believed to be 2-3 years old which died around 20,000 and 50,000 years ago probably from drowning.

Preserved in ice for tens of thousands of years, this juvenile woolly rhino still has its thick, reddish-brown hair, all of its limbs, and most of its internal organs, including its intestines.

To date, this furry little creature is the best-preserved woolly rhino found in the Arctic Yakutia and may even be the most intact ever discovered anywhere in the world.…

Woolly rhino found in Yakutia in August 2020

The Siberian Times
Dec 29, 2020

courtesy Vitalik Isaev read more…

Little fella needs a name , I’m calling him Big Ron.

life is postponed for the future
one is educated to live in the future and not to live in today….Live in the present.

Wow. Seriously cool.

I hope that unknown animals will come to light!



Dali’s Hand Drawing Back the Golden Fleece in the Form of a Cloud to Show Gala, Completely Nude, the Dawn, Very, Very Far Away Behind the Sun, 1977, Salvador Dali

Medium: oil,canvas

Good old Sal!



INSIDE ISSUE 31 // “Theatrically absurd imaginings are this creative visionary’s specialty. His preposterously endearing Franken-creatures revel in a post-apocalyptic domain that is devoid of the long shadow of humanity. What may have made perfect sense to exacting minds intent on demystifying the secrets of the universe has now been eclipsed by inexplicable possibilities. As the cavorting critters at the other end of the Valladolid, Spain-based artist’s paintbrush demonstrate, it’s just a matter of time before the freaks shall inherit the Earth-like entity.” Read about @jm.aguado and his work in Issue 31 of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.⁣ Get your copy at [link in our profile] or from one of our Stockists worldwide.⁣ …⁣ posted on Instagram –

beautifulbizarremagazine’s post is here as a result of artisafeeling’s reblogging it.

Excellent work.


The form of the Beast.

New at themonsterblog:

The Beast of Bray Road

Dating back to 1936, citizens of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, in Walworth county as well as Racine and Jefferson counties have been witnessing a beast.

Reported to be 6ft tall, with grey and brown fur, the Beast is said to have a wolf-like face, shiny yellow eyes, pointed ears, and run and walk on all fours or hind legs as well as kneel like a man. I am reticent to call it a werewolf as shapeshifters are rather outrageous even for the cryptozoology community, but that is the imagery that comes to mind.

The first reported sighting was in 1936. 30-something Mark Shackleman was the night watchman for the St Coletta School For Exceptional Children outside Jefferson. The school had extensive grounds that included wide, open fields that held several preserved Native American burial mounds. Crossing the fields one night when doing his rounds, Shackleman saw a shadow digging into one of the mounds, much like a canine would. The Beast then stood to six feet tall and looked at him, it’s large body covered in dark fur and smelled of rotting meet. Shackleman took a step back, startled, and the beast abruptly turned and ran off into the woods. Shackleman reported seeing it again the next night, but never again.

Due to some what conflicting descriptions of the beast, some cryptozoology enthusiasts believe the beast to be a misidentification of some other cryptid, such as “Eddy” or “The Bluff Monster,” a Bigfoot like creature in Wisconsin. Others suggest a Waheela, or “bear dog;” as well as a Shunka Warakin. Some have even suggested due to the similarities and proximity that The Beast Of Bray Road and The Michigan Dogman are the same animal.

The Beast has been reported to act aggressively, but not outright violent and hasn’t reported to have physically harmed anyone. It had also been reported to charge vehicles, even chase people, but breaking off the chase before catching anyone, suggesting the theory that some have that it is territorial or guarding something, which could also explain the reason that many sightings are concentrated on a 2 mile stretch of farm road.

In 1991, 18 year old, Doris Gibson, reported driving down Bray Road during a storm when she felt her tire hit something. Thinking she had hit a small animal, she got out of her car to investigate only to find nothing. She looked to the side of the road, saw the form of the Beast and rushed back to her car. As she sped away, she said the Beast jumped on the trunk of her car but slid off in the heavy rain.

In the fall of 1989, Lori Endrizzi was driving down Bray Road on her way home from her job as a bar manager, when she saw a hunched figure in the road eating road kill. She flipped on her high beams to see it clearer and realized that whatever it was, knelt like a man and held the carcass in its hands like it had human-like elbows. The creature then stood and started towards her vehicle that had stalled out as Lori panicked and struggled to get it to start. When the engine successfully rolled over, she floored it to her mother’s house. “I didn’t sleep that night very well,” she said in her interview with Monsters and Mysteries in America.

The town of Elkhorn has supposedly had so many sightings of the Beast from the 80’s and 90’s that the Elkhorn Animal Control is rumored to have a file on the creature. The vast uptick in sightings is what had the now defunct Walworth Week assign junior reporter, Linda Godfrey, to investigate and report on the sightings. Linda published her article “Tracking down ‘The Beast of Bray Road’” on December 29th, 1991 and would then go on to write “The Beast Of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin’s Werewolf” and become the foremost expert on the subject.

One story Godfrey tells regarding the Beast is about a group of boys heading home from sledding, that was told to her by a friend of her son’s that experienced it first-hand. On their way home, the boys saw a large furry creature drinking water from a creek, thinking that it was a dog, they decided to go pet it. When they approached the creature, it stood, snarled, and took chase after the boys, breaking off after they cleared the tree line. Which, while terrifying, is in line with many reports.

Steve Krueger has told a consistent story on both Monster Quest and Monsters and Mysteries in America. Myself being a natural skeptic, once recognizing him on M&M from Monster Quest, made sure to track down his MQ episode, initially thinking that I could rule him out as a credible eye witness if his story changed. It hadn’t in the 4 years between episode airings, which lent more to his credibility in my eyes, albeit the story being more sensational on M&M due to the nature of that show. In November 2006, Krueger, a DNR worker had removed a the carcass of an 85lb doe from a road in Holy Hill, Wisconsin. As Krueger sat in the cab of his truck filling out the required paper work for the removal, he felt his truck shake, thinking it was simply the wind, he ignored it. A second harder shake caught his attention and he looked out the back window of his truck to see a shadowy figure standing at the tailgate of his truck. Krueger shined his flashlight through the back window to get a better look and saw a 6ft tall animal with a wolf-like face, reaching into the bed for the deer carcass he had just removed from the road. Startled, Krueger threw the truck in drive and sped away allowing the Beast to drag the doe off the back of his truck.

Wolf Biologist Peggy Callahan believes all of these sightings can be explained as simple misidentification. “People could definitely misidentify a wolf jumping up on its hind legs,” she tells Monster Quest, in a 2010 interview. Callahan believes that folklore and superstition combined with misidentification has created the tale of the Beast and influenced sightings. “As for the traditional werewolf, I’m going to tell you it doesn’t exist.”

Linda Godfrey on the other hand, does not believe this is a simple case of misidentification and advocates for witnesses saying “I really believe that all of these witnesses have seen what they say they saw. […] Anybody who drives around much in Wisconsin has seen so many deer, and so many bear, and these other creatures that they would have a hard time mistaking something like that for a completely unknown animal.”

Sightings over the years have dwindled in frequency but recent sightings have been reported to with Danny Morgan’s January 2018 account of seeing the Beast while driving home from Lake Geneva, accompanied with the cell phone photo that heads this post; and Ron Rice’s 2020 account of seeing the Beast in the town of Lyons while delivering fertilizer.

If you are interested in learning more about upright, Wolf-like hominids, I highly recommend sifting through Linda Godfreys blog at She has compiled sightings on there since 2009, but has been inactive since May of 2020.


History Channel’s Monster Quest

Travel Channel’s Monsters and Mysteries in America



Caldi Caldi

Jacky Yeralena also known as Caldi Caldi from between Lake Eyre and Lake Blance in South Australia, 1892. He is shown with long, hand-held, fighting boomerang and shield.

There will never be a state of warlessness upon this Earth. Ever.

Bighting foomerangs, indeed.


bali mermaid


bali mermaid


bali mermaid


‘Mermaid’ lounges in trash on Bali’s beach
Mon, January 4, 2021, 7:21 AM EST

Images shared with Reuters showed the mermaid wearing sea blue colored costume laying on discarded bottles as a construction equipment helping with clean up efforts drive past at Bali’s Kuta Beach.

Dwi Duarsa, who works with Kuta Beach Management Unit told Reuters that the person in costume was posing for a drone photography, and then later joined the volunteers with their mission.

Badung City Environmental and Sanitisation office told local media on Sunday (January 3) that the trash washed ashore on Seminyak, Legian and Kuta beaches since Wednesday (December 30). At least 80 tonnes of waste were removed by the weekend..

Video Transcript

Well, I would like to thank the pretty young lady for her willingness to give us old Forteans a momentary thrill. Haha!


net casting spider

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Found this monster outside my neighbours door when I was feeding their dog, it’s about as long as my index finger. I’m in Melbourne Australia

8 hours ago
a cool Net Casting spider..

8 hours ago
Thanks, I’ve never seen one before

A bit buggy in the head I am
8 hours ago they are very cool spideys..they make a “net” of webbing which they toss out at bugs like a net being cast into the ocean by a fisherman..

7 hours ago
Also known as Ogre Faced Spider, for… reasons

Those legs, though!


Helsinki autumn Starling

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🔥 Starling in its autumn dress in Helsinki, Finland

Beautiful plumage.


Los Glaciares National Park, Patagonia, Argentina


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Los Glaciares National Park, Patagonia, Argentina [photo by Max Rive] [1080×1350]….

Sweet! Oh, man!


iss sun


iss sun


iss moon


iss moon


My source:

Photographer Catches the ISS Crossing the Sun and Moon

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posted on Dec, 31 2020 @ 01:46 PM
link to this post

Came across these and thought i’d share here. An astrophotographer from California has taken a couple of amazing photos of the International Space Station in front of both the sun and the moon. The station only transits between the earth and both moon and sun for only a few seconds from Earth’s perspective every day. So just the timing for the pictures is pretty incredible by itself.

I don’t really know what else to say other than that the pictures are fairly breathtaking.…

Photographer Andrew McCarthy is known for shooting incredible astrophotography images from his backyard in Sacramento, California. He recently added two more jaw-dropping images to his portfolio: ultra-clear views of the International Space Station (ISS) crossing the Sun and Moon.

Given that the ISS whizzes across the Sun and Moon in less than a second from the perspective of someone on Earth, capturing a clear view of the transit is not an easy thing to do.

McCarthy first managed to capture the ISS transiting the Sun on Tuesday, October 6th.

“This shot was captured simultaneously with two scopes, one with a white light filter for ISS details and one with a hydrogen-alpha solar telescope for surface details,” McCarthy writes. “By blending the images together I get a crisp, detailed snapshot of the transit.”

The following week, on the morning of October 14th, McCarthy captured the ISS crossing the face of the Moon.

“[A]fter spending hours scouting for the right location, I set up my gear on the side of a road hoping to capture something I’ve never seen before. The ISS, illuminated by daylight, transiting a razor-thin crescent moon,” McCarthy writes. “Something about the way the illuminated ISS straddles the crescent gives it a sense of depth lacking in my previous transit shots.

“This was captured by recording high framerate video during the pass, and stitching together a full mosaic of the moon after the pass was completed, which was then blended with shots captured before the sun rose to get the ‘Earthshine’ you see on the dark side of the moon.”