Israel collaborates with right-wing regimes worldwide, sharing repressive strategies and tools.

Our movements against racism and for freedom can only defeat this globalized repression by joining forces. #UnitedAgainstRacism

apartheidweek.org pic.twitter.com/8U7Gol9sdo

In a statement endorsing IAW 2020, U.S. civil rights leader Angela Davis said that, for people struggling against racism and for freedom, Palestinians serve as “an inspiration because they have endured and remained steadfast for so long, refusing to give up and accept permanent subjugation and injustice.”

With Israel’s far-right regime partnering with authoritarian and racist regimes worldwide, and supplying them with “field-tested”, deadly military and security tools, groups fighting racism are working more urgently than ever to join together struggles for freedom, justice, equality and dignity, for Palestinians and people resisting repression worldwide.

Civil rights leader Angela Davis says: “With our oppressors uniting, it’s becoming increasingly clear that all our struggles for freedom are interconnected & that no one will be free until we are all free.”

Through IAW 2020 activities online, groups fighting all forms of racism are affirming that apartheid and racism were unacceptable in South Africa, are unacceptable in Palestine today, and are unacceptable anywhere.

Join our first IAW webinar this Thursday, featuring South African MP chief Mandla Mandela and afrofeminist activist Desirée Bela-Lobedde. We will share more information on additional IAW webinars soon.

In solidarity,

Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)

apartheidweek.org pic.twitter.com/pb8a9Liwdu




2Credit: Sterling RX interior material 2 By Davest1 Own work CC BY SA 3.0 httpscommons.wikimedia.orgwindex.phpcurid15523777


3Credit: By Davest1 Own work CC BY SA 3.0 httpscommons.wikimedia.orgwindex.phpcurid15523759


4Credit: By Davest1 at English Wikipedia CC BY 2.5 httpscommons.wikimedia.orgwindex.phpcurid2731878

The Sterling was a very cool kit car that was streets ahead of most of the others that were around during the kit car era. Such pretty things…







The voluptuous and sensually sexy American Motors AMX/2.

It is truly a crying shame that this car was never produced for folks to buy. I mean, it’s not only gorgeous, but it’s also a pretty darned sophisticated piece for its day. Much better, even, than the original AMX, which was a pretty nifty car in its own right.

Was sad when American Motors became the first of the modern lot to go under. Their Javelins did quite well in Trans Am racing with Mark Donohue and company at the helm.


General Douglas MacArthur

US General Warns of ‘Sinister Force’ Scouting Earth (Rare Audio)

It’s [redacted].
Mar 14, 2020

General Douglas MacArthur was an American war hero and one of the most popular armed service members of the 1940s and 50s. But what few know about him is his strong interest in the UFO phenomenon, so much so that he warned of “sinister forces” beyond Earth three different times publicly in the last 15 years of his life. Two of these warnings were given in speeches — the rarely heard audio is presented in this video. So, what do you think? Was MacArthur’s warning that UFOs were scouting Earth for future invasion just paranoia? Or could it have been a driver of early efforts to militarize space? Let us know in the comments.
And consider supporting our investigative work on Patreon: www.patreon.com/itsredactedch… Also join our Discord community here: discord.gg/cgEb8VN ———————-

1951 speech archive.org/details/ProjectBl…
1962 speech penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E…
Quote in Space Force newsletter www.afspc.af.mil/Portals/3/do…
John Keel article on MacArthur collecting UFO reports and a 1958 briefing where he warned others his interpretation was it was a “scouting” force: www.scribd.com/document/23036…

Nifty keen…!



Peckfitz Vatertag 2019 Best of: Männer haben Spaß am Schlammloch

Holger Schneckenberg
Jun 10, 2019

Vatertag 2019 Peckfitz: die besten Aufnahmen vom Vatertag 2019. Panzer, UNIMOG, AT-T, Jeep und andere schwere Offroad Monster in Aktion.

Ooo big, big fun!



New Footage of a Tasmanian tiger

mike williams
Mar 11, 2020

New Footage of a Tasmanian tiger has been discovered. Three researchers from the Tasmanian Tiger Archives Facebook group, www.facebook.com/groups/Tasma… closely with the staff of the State Library and Archive Service have discovered previously unseen footage of the Tasmanian tiger at Beaumaris zoo.

This historical discovery was made on the 4th March 2020. The researchers are Gareth Linnard, Branden Holmes and Mike Williams. The footage was possibly filmed between 1933-36, by a member of the Bester? family. 9.5 mm silent black and white running time 69 seconds in total. 7 seconds of the Tasmanian tiger.

This sequence adds to the previously known five films from Beaumaris zoo. And two films from London zoo.

The Tasmanian Tiger Archives group is seeking historical stills/film/witness reports and can be contacted on Facebook or 0416-303-371

Films Produced and Acquired by Ash Bester and Bester Family Film – Beaumaris Zoo thylacine – prod. Bester Item Number: NS4432/1/47
Further Description: 9.5BWOPP – 9.5mm silent black & white original positive print condition fair 36 foot 18 fps running time 1m 21s Start Date: 01 Jan 1936 End Date: 07 Sep 1937

Films Produced and Acquired by Ash Bester and Bester Family (NS4432) 01 Jan 1932 31 Dec 1963 librariestas.ent.sirsidynix.n…

“Copyright of the films in this series produced by Ash, Bester & Co. NG2887 and Bester Family NG3356 is assigned to the State Archivist.”

Once assigned to the state archivist it is the property of the commonwealth/state/territory.

“Duration of copyright in government works. If the copyright owner is the Commonwealth, State or Territory government, copyright lasts for 50 years from the year in which the material was made, or the end of the year of first publication. Note that this rule applies to copyright material that is owned by the government, and also applies to material that would have been owned by the government, but for an agreement to the contrary. INFORMATION SHEET G023v19 January 2019 Australian copyright council”

Duration is 50 years once assigned to the Commonwealth/state/territory. It starts 50 years when the material was made/or publication. It could not have been made any later than the end of 1936. From 1987 it was in the public domain.
As well…
The Commonwealth has 3 sections for Fair dealing with copyrighted materials. Research or study/Criticism or Review/Reporting news.

Such a beautifully majestic animal…

























Clean 1968 BMW 1600 for sale on Hemmings.com.



Nice, hot Bimmers.


My readers make me want to snuff it. Not a single one of you has even clicked a link to help, let alone given any.

Maybe I should stop posting if none of you give a flying f anyway.



Image credit: NASA/JPL

New Horizons as it approached it’s closest to Pluto.

Note that atmosphere!



Bianca Cameroni by Diego Roldan

Bianca Cameroni by Diego Roldan

Vladislava Baranova

Vladislava Baranova

Ashley Haas

Ashley Haas

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski



Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai

Celine Farach

Celine Farach

Kim Poelmans by Maarten Quaadvliet

Kim Poelmans by Maarten Quaadvliet

Samaria Regalado

Samaria Regalado

Marta Gromova

Marta Gromova

IG: MartaGromova.Model

Kari Riley

Kari Riley

Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller

Hannah Palmer

Hannah Palmer





Grand Funk Railroad – I’m Your Captain – Shea Stadium 1971

T.J. Ash
May 29, 2015

Grand Funk Railroad – I’m Your Captain (Live 1971) This video was shown at Shea Stadium the entire last year before Shea closed. This July 9th 1971 concert still holds the ticket sales record, breaking the record set by The Beatles.

So beautiful! Classic!



The Band – Up On Cripple Creek

Jul 18, 2015

Rehearsing up at Woodstock

The video is cut off, but that’s ok… it’s just so classic a tune and legendary a band that I can forgive them.







The fantastic and fabulous 2002 GT4 by Frua. They only made two.

Here’s Why Frua May Have Designed The Prettiest BMW 2002

By Jayson Fong
October 3, 2016

Photography by Jayson Fong & BMW Group Classic

During an eleven year production lifetime, the iconic BMW 2002 Series introduced some of the marque’s most memorable cars. From sporty coupes, convertibles, tourers, and turbo-powered rally monsters, the 2002 series provided what was truly a lineup that had something for everyone. However, on this year’s Hamburg to Berlin Klassik, I got a closer look at the 2002 GT4 Frua: the very car that could have changed the face of the 2002 series from the one we remember.

Designed by Pietro Frua in 1969 as a potential 2002 model, the GT4 was a fastback 2+2 coupe built on the underpinnings of a 2002ti. Although based on the 2002, it also brought together styling from multiple BMW products including an interior largely lifted from the 2500 sedan, with its instrument cluster dominated by two large dials, and both indicators and door handles from the 2800CS.

Two examples of the GT4 with slight variations were produced and unveiled by BMW at the Paris Motor Shows of 1969 and 1970. Unfortunately the GT4 would not make it to series production, BMW opting to proceed with a touring design which would enter the market in 1971. Today, the 1970 Paris Motor Show concept remains in original condition and under the care of BMW Group Classic. However, on the back roads from Hamburg to Berlin, we were given the opportunity to see the GT4 on the road where it can be truly appreciated.

Read the rest at Petrolicious.

This would have sold like hotcakes… it is stunning. Oh well.


Ferrari 312PB

Mario Andretti on his way to his third and final overall win at Sebring in 1972. He is driving a factory Ferrari 312PB and his co-driver was Jacky Ickx.

Ferrari 312PB

Mario Andretti in a Ferrari 312PB at the BOAC 1000km Race at Brands Hatch on April 16, 1972.

Photo by the Klemantaski Collection at Getty Images, via Carlos Reutemann.


mars anomaly

Image credit: NASA/JPL/Curiosity

The context.

mars anomaly

Image credit: NASA/JPL/Curiosity


mars anomaly

Image credit: NASA/JPL/Curiosity

And closer.

mars anomaly

Image credit: NASA/JPL/Curiosity

And closest!

This is a wonderfully organic-looking anomaly just found on Mars! Me likey. I so hope it is an exciting thing rather than a mundane thing.

It is from that new 1.8 Billion pixel image from the Curiosity rover. Hunted down by the intrepid ATS member known as shawmanfromny in a post located here.

The panorama is at this link – www.nasa.gov…

A special tool allows viewers to zoom into this panorama … use it by clicking HERE.



Yowie Sighting (Audio Report #156) near Hepburn Springs, Victoria

Yowiehunters Witness Audio Reports
Mar 9, 2020

As we well know, the Yowie is often curious when a single mother with children (or alone), move into a house in a bush land setting or rural environment. This is a classic example of one of our visitors leaning about his new human neighbour.

We have a few witness sightings at Hepburn, including a leading member of the Australian Skeptics. Sightings in the surrounding areas have been building in recent years.

We are also pleased to introduce a new AYR interviewer, Sarah Bignall. Sarah has a cathartic and charismatic personality and interviewing technique that will fit perfectly into the team. Welcome aboard Sarah!

Oh, good stuff, folks!



A Dogman in Jura France 2018. Dog returns home with a human skull

#BBR Investigations Creatures – Unexplained
Mar 7, 2020

There was complete silence this time, no bird or animal noises. We began to walk in and after a few minutes I felt anxious again. I decided to go back and my friend tried to push on into the trees alone but she also came back running after a short time. The creature was there again. It was standing in the wood, looking at us. I had not seen the creature this time thankfully.

At the end of October 2019 La Dépêche News reported that the golden retriever belonging to a family living near Agen returned with a human head in its mouth after leaving the home for its daily wander. The dog must have detached the skull from a decomposing body to play with and returned to the home with the human head in its mouth. Investigators made a formal statement and explained “This forty-something man died at the place where he was found by the gendarmes, without his head. There are no suspicious circumstances reported.”

More awesome cryptozoological reports from our Debbie, this time the stories are from France. And there are a lot of them, too!

Dig it.



Green & Clapton

ot to
Mar 30, 2014



Peter Green – electric guitar
Eric Clapton – electric guitar
Danny Kirwan – electric guitar
John McVie – electric bass
Mick Fleetwood – drums
Jeremy Spencer – electric guitar




Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac ~ “Untitled Instrumental”(Electric Blues Live 1968)

Dimitris Koutsiaftis
Nov 6, 2014

Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac without Danny Kirwan Live At Carousel Ballroom Jun 9 , 1968 San Francisco CA

Exceptional excellence…

Peter, by the way, HATES when volk say “Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac” as he insists, very properly, that it’s simply “Fleetwood Mac.”


mars object

Image credit: NASA/JPL/Curiosity

One of my most beloved anomalous objects. Imaged on the surface of Mars.

Look at this thing!

What in the name of God is this?

Did they stop and investigate it? Hell NO!


Leona Mia

Leona Mia in Call To Nature

Leona Mia

Leona Mia
Call To Nature
Photographer: Thierry
February 13th 2020
134 images

Highly recommended !



Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac & Otis Spann ~ “Someday Soon Baby”(Electric Blues 1969)

Dimitris Koutsiaftis
Oct 29, 2014

Otis Spann on vocals , piano

This is, in a word, delicious… ooh.

Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac & Otis Spann ~ “Ain’t Nobody’s Business”&“It Was A Big Thing” 1969

Dimitris Koutsiaftis
Mar 17, 2015

Modern Electric Piano Chicago Blues 1969 Enjoy , my friends !!!

Otis Spann – piano, vocals
Peter Green – guitar
Danny Kirwan – guitar
John McVie – bass guitar
S.P. Leary – drums

And, yes, these two are … Equally delicious!




Brunning Hall Sunflower Blues Band (feat. Peter Green) ~ ”Uranus”&“Closing Hours” 1969

Dimitris Koutsiaftis
Jun 25, 2014

feat. Peter Green on lead guitar 1969

Brunning Hall Sunflower Blues Band (feat.Peter Green) ~ “If You Let Me Love You” 1969

Dimitris Koutsiaftis
Jun 25, 2014

feat. Peter Green on lead guitar 1969

I must admit that I had never heard of this band before but I sure am glad I have now! And especially as my all-time hero played with them!



“Mairzy Doats” The Merry Macs on Decca 18588 (1944)

Tim Gracyk
Jul 24, 2016

Mairzy doats and dozy doats
And liddle lamzy divey
A kiddley divey too,
Wouldn’t you?

If the words sound queer and funny to your ear,
A little bit jumbled and jivey,

“Mares eat oats and does eat oats
And little lambs eat ivy.
A kid’ll eat ivy too,
Wouldn’t you?”

Oh my God, I am so glad I found this… one of my most magnificent Mom’s favorites and it sure is one of mine, too!

And here’s a rendition by some pipers 🙂

MAIRZY DOATS by The Pied Pipers 1944

May 6, 2012

MAIRZY DOATS by The Pied Pipers. A nonsense song that was just fun to sing. I listened to this when I was a kid and never really knew the words, sort of made up my own. From a small group of early Capitol label 78s. Enjoy!

Just so darn wonderful. Those days of yore must’ve been a ton of fun…



  1. This graphic was posted.

  2. Mr. Assange, a HERO, is being slowly murdered in his prison cell by the governments of the USA and the UK.

Fucking bastards need to die instead of the last hope for journalism.


iggyI am not sure what happened, but I am broke. I barely get by as it is, but this situation snuck up on me unnoticed and just now pounced.

If any of you have any sort of soft spot in your heart for me or this blog, please consider sending some help along.

If you’d help it would be angelic — any amount you want to send will help and I will be so grateful!

The link to use is paypal.me/IgnatiusFMakarevich

You will be a hero. Yesirree, Bob…


NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSSCredit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSSCredit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

NASA’s Curiosity rover captured its highest-resolution panorama yet of the Martian surface between Nov. 24 and Dec. 1, 2019. A version without the rover contains nearly 1.8 billion pixels; a version with the rover contains nearly 650 million pixels. Both versions are composed of more than 1,000 images that were carefully assembled over the following months.

The rover’s Mast Camera, or Mastcam, used its telephoto lens to produce the panorama and relied on its medium-angle lens to produce a lower-resolution panorama that includes the rover’s deck and robotic arm.

Malin Space Science Systems in San Diego built and operates Mastcam. A division of Caltech, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages the Mars Science Laboratory mission for the agency’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington and built the Curiosity rover.

For more information about Curiosity, visit mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl or www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/msl/index.html.

View all Images

Curiosity Mars Rover Snaps 1.8 Billion-Pixel Panorama (narrated video)

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Mar 4, 2020

NASA Curiosity Project Scientist Ashwin Vasavada guides this tour of the rover’s view of the Martian surface. This panorama showcases “Glen Torridon,” a region on the side of Mount Sharp that Curiosity is exploring. The panorama was taken between Nov. 24 and Dec. 1, 2019, when the Curiosity team was out for the Thanksgiving holiday. Since the rover would be sitting still with few other tasks to do while it waited for the team to return and provide its next commands, the rover had a rare chance to image its surroundings several days in a row without moving. Composed of more than 1,000 images and carefully assembled over the ensuing months, the larger version of this composite contains nearly 1.8 billion pixels of Martian landscape.

Explore more in this 360 video: youtu.be/0fva2pH41FM

For more about the mission, visit mars.nasa.gov/msl

Link to article.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Oh, Lordy, I do love space exploration so … it thrills me no end!



The wonderful Joe Bonamassa will give me a commission if you buy this fantastic amp with this images link! Or, indeed any link to JB merch off of my site. Your help is appreciated and would be unprecedented.


Bless you..



Michelle Obama Caught Fixing Her Package

Controversy Radio
Aug 25, 2017

Filmed leaving Malia’s dorm at Harvard University. Michelle Obama filmed Fixing Her Package leaving Malia’s dorm at Harvard University. caught in the act

Lucky capture of the former First Tranny Michael “Michelle” Obama in a wardrobe malfunction.

They had Joan Rivers killed for saying what she says in this video.

The Obastids are as bad as the Clintons in having people killed that they don’t like.

And yet they walk free. Disgusting.



The Brazilian Grape Tree, (also known as Jabuticaba), does not use branches to grow fruits.

It grows fruits (and flowers) directly on the trunk.