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This next one, number 2, discusses the fabulous cauldrons, one of my favorite mysteries, and the main inspiration for this post.







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This is my kind of place!


Someone Just Captured A Massive Transformer Like Object Flying Close To This Tower In Dubai

Unexplained Mysteries
Apr 21, 2022

Someone just captured a massive transformer like object flying close to this tower in Dubai. Today, we take a look at this massive object that was captured flying above Dubai.

When you think of Dubai you may think of luxurious hotels, skyscrapers and scorching deserts, but what may not come to mind is that of mysterious aircrafts. Each year, thousands of people witnessed mysterious things in our sky, leading to further research. Although many of these objects can be explained using everything things, such as planes, helicopters, debris, wildlife and natural phenomena, some are not so easy to explain.

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The craft is likely military or industrial. Much of the video covers the analysis of Angel Hair that was collected and it is pretty jaw-dropping biological stuff, including a bizarre unknown microorganism with remarkable behavior!


ROVER CURIOSITY Odd Object Spotted on Sol 3449

Jean Ward
Apr 21, 2022

The photograph analyzed here was taken by Rover Curiosity on Sol 3449.

Here I feature an anomaly I discovered in this photographs. Are we looking at a possible fossil, sculpted object or some kind of destroyed technology. I estimate the size of object featured to be approximately three to four inches across. This is the fourth anomaly I discovered in rover photographs that looks like an object with a slot or handle-type appendage to it.

As always, until we get to see these anomalies up close and personal, I can only speculate as to what these objects might be. My Blog Post featuring: ROVER CURIOSITY Odd Object Spotted on Sol 3449:’ mars.raptorzone.co.za/2022/04…

Original NASA Source: mars.nasa.gov/raw_images/1055…

What, exactly, is going on here?


Cryptids and Monsters: The Minhocao, Brazilian worm-like cryptid said to reach 150 feet in length!


What a nice worm.


Cryptids and Monsters: Averasboro Gallinipper (Giant Mosquito), which was seen as large as a hawk


Wow, if this is real, then, hide!



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Mar 10, 2022

…heard a call at night. She got out of bed and went. There was a powerful thunderstorm, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. We are speaking about the Ural Mountains, people..

This is a most interesting story. It would have been so fantastic to have met this little fellow.



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Apr 17, 2022

Boris Ustinovich Rodionov (1939 — 2021). He was a major physicist; scientist of the Soviet period and later, Russia. Among the scientific achievements of the great physicist Rodionov is the original concept of dark matter from filamentous atoms… He had issued several warnings about the future events….

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Pretty sharp guy, this Rodionov, eh? We need to heed, as it were, methinks.


Update From “Texas” in Donbass

Regis Tremblay
Apr 19, 2022

For some reason the internet connections between Yalta and Donetsk has been unstable forcing me to use Skype for this interview. The quality is horrible, and it was still unstable.

Update on All the Top Russia Ukraine Stories

Regis Tremblay
Apr 19, 2022

Regis Tremblay with a report on many of the top stories about the conflict in Ukraine.

The very latest from the ground and the immediate vicinity from two great people.


Off-Centered Saw-Cut Proves Egyptians had a Lost Ancient Technology

Bright Insight
Apr 18, 2022

The reason why there is a surging interest into the topic of lost ancient human civilizations by millions of people from around the world, is because the more you research the little-known, and unexplainable details, particularly involving the Ancient Egyptians…You quickly become aware of the bizarre reality that they had to have possessed some unknown form of lost ancient technology.

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I’m Jimmy Corsetti, and my channel is called Bright Insight – Thanks for watching!

But where are the saws… and any other machines?


NASA’s Perseverance Rover Caught Two Mysterious UFOs while Driving Toward Jezero River Delta On Mars

Physics Insight
Apr 13, 2022

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover is using its self-driving capabilities as it treks across Jezero Crater seeking signs of ancient life and gathering rock and soil samples for planned return to Earth. Perseverance is currently driving towards Jezero river delta avoiding hazards in its way. NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover acquired these images using its onboard Navigation Cameras (NavCams). These images were acquired on April 11, 2022 (Sol 406).

Imagery Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS

For more information email us via physicsinsight81@gmail.com

Martian UFOs are the best!



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Apr 10, 2022

…First reports of yezhen are found in the Chinese chronicles, already during the reign of …As already mentioned, the inhabitants of China have known about the “wild man” from time immemorial. In ancient manuscripts, scientists have found records and drawings depicting this creature, dating back two to three thousand years..

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God, Paul really gets into it, doesn’t he?

Some fascinating and detailed info within.


Cryptids and Monsters: The Gargoyles of Chile, chilling scary flying creatures that chased a family

Cryptids and Monsters: The NASA Gargoyle, flying creature encountered atop a NASA building in 1980s

Call me crazy, but I would love to experience this. Truth be told, I have always figured that the gargoyles on the old buildings represented real creatures. They all do look so similar, wherever they turn up.


Cryptids and Monsters: Gbahali, gigantic, dangerous reptilian cryptid found in Liberia

Here’s the link to that great article: cryptomundo.com/cryptozoo-new…

Cryptids and Monsters (CRYPTID OF THE WEEK): Georgia Raptor, Raptor-like cryptid said to roam woods

Here’s the link to the firsthand account of the encounter: http://paranormal.about.com/od/living…

Cryptids and Monsters: Arica Monster, Raptor-like cryptid from the Atacama Desert in Chile

Here’s the link to my Burrunjor video, one of my most popular ones: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijlAi… Here’s another link to a dinosaur video, the Murray: www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8GwC…

Cryptids and Monsters: Arkansas Gowrow, a giant lizard living in the caves of Arkansas

Cryptids and Monsters: Nsanga, the dangerous hippopotamus killer from Zambia

Cryptids and Monsters: Buru, lizard-like cryptids living in the marshes of the Himalayas

Living dinosaurs are the best dinosaurs. Besides the birds, of course.


Man Describes Surviving an Indian Battle in 1868 – Wild West – Interview in 1930

Life in the 1800s
Oct 18, 2021

This is an interview with Corporal Leander Herron, who tells the story of surviving an Indian battle in September, 1868, about 11 miles outside of Fort Dodge, Kansas. He received a medal of honor for his actions that night.

During that time, there were heightened tensions and frequent raids by Plains warriors on wagon trains and settlers in the area. On the night of September 2–3, Herron and fellow Corporal Patrick “Paddy” Boyle set out from Fort Dodge to deliver dispatches 75 miles northeast to Fort Larned. About 11 miles from the post, they came across an Army firewood wagon and its four-soldier escort under attack by nearly 50 Kiowas. Herron and Boyle galloped into the fray to assist the besieged soldiers. While Boyle rode for reinforcements, Herron organized a desperate defense. He and his companions were down to just a dozen rounds among them the next morning when they were saved by a charge of cavalrymen who had galloped the 11 miles from Fort Dodge to their rescue.

The audio has been restored and optimized for more clarity.

This video is made for educational purposes for fair use under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976.

It must have been thrilling and frightening to do such things.


Forrest Galante’s Crazy Stories from the Amazon | Joe Rogan

JRE Clips
Feb 6, 2019

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1240 w/Forrest Galante: https://youtu.be/OT0ZIq-yWEM (private)

Crazy is right.


Walking through the woods in a portable toilet to avoid being spotted by Pixies

Erwin Saunders
Apr 15, 2022

And it wasn’t as good an idea as it sounds.

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Erwin! Tom! Score!

Fantastic shot at 8:06!

I would have thought that thing would make life difficult by scaring them away, but I would have been wrong.


Donbass: The Final Battle – Mariupol – Prisoners, Biolabs

Regis Tremblay
Apr 13, 2022

Russell “Texas” Bentley with an update from the Donbass Front, comments on Mariupol biolabs, captured foreigners, and more.

Excellent to see Russell back reporting the way things are.


Cryptids and Monsters: Wuhnan Toads, colossal albino amphibians living in Bao Fung Lake

Feb 4, 2017

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Surprising images from inside North Korea – BBC REEL

BBC Reel
Feb 11, 2020

Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer is one of very few to have been given unprecedented access to Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea.

Video by Bruno Boelpaep and Alba Jaramillo

Traveling through North Korea | DW Documentary

DW Documentary
Jul 10, 2020

This documentary provides a rare glimpse of change in the notoriously closed country. Filmmakers Gregor Möllers and Anne Lewald discretely shot the video on trips to North Korea in 2013 and 2017, when they were not allowed autonomy or spontaneity.

Despite the fact that their itinerary was arranged for them in advance and guides chaperoned them everywhere, the two Berliners found a way to register their impressions. They depict a city lacking authenticity, a country longing for reunification and a people shaped by Juche beliefs and socialist propaganda. In a society steeped in obfuscation and spectacle, where deception is necessary for perception and expression, the filmmakers were forced to play a double role, secretly recording without permission while also genuinely relating to their hosts. By blending travelogue and espionage, A Postcard from Pyongyang captures what happens when you rely solely on what you see, not what you’re told, and reveals a reality Kim Jong-Un’s regime doesn’t want foreigners to see.


Cryptids and Monsters: Ennedi Tiger, a living sabretooth-tiger found in Sub-Saharan Africa

Feb 20, 2017

Mmmm, sabre love, have I, oh my.


Jewish Group Endorses Nazis In Ukraine

The Jimmy Dore Show
Apr 1, 2022

The Anti-Defamation League was founded with the purpose of combating antisemitism and supporting the state of Israel, so it would make sense that the ADL would actively oppose the neo-Nazi groups like the Azov Battalion that proliferate in Ukraine. Yet that’s not the case, as ADL spokesman David Fishman recently explained in an interview when he pointed out that the Azov Battalion hasn’t appeared to target Jews, so maybe they were not such a terrible brand of Nazis after all.

Jimmy and comedian/playwright Howard Skora discuss the curious case of a Jewish defense group providing cover for neo-Nazis.

Wow. Is this some sort of cunning and inscrutable global plan? It could well be.


Did This Official FBI Memo Just Reveal The Truth About What Happened In Roswell New Mexico?

Unexplained Mysteries
Apr 6, 2022

Did this official FBI memo just reveal the truth about what happened in Roswell New Mexico? Today, we take a look at this recent Memo that was released.

Before July 1947, there had only been whispers of mysterious aircrafts in the sky, objects that didn’t appear to match things like conventional planes and helicopters, objects that were able to travel at extreme speeds without making a sound. These reports were around but they never really caught people’s attention.

Described as one of the most well-known events in the world….

Thank you for watching! Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

In my opinion, considering what this is, who did it and when, this nails it. For me, now I know.


Ancient Black Pyramid of Ukraine – Researchers Unable to Get Anywhere Near It

Ancient Secret Discoveries
Premiered Dec 10, 2021

Believe it or not, there are still many ancient anomalies out there that have never been documented in the western world. Strange stone circles and machine cut stones are being photographed for the very first time, including a large construction known as the Black Pyramid. This video takes a closer look at some of these incredible discoveries as well as other anomalies from our ancient past.

Other topics covered in this video:

In a remote area of Uzbekistan evidence suggests a huge object fell form space leaving behind a wake of catastrophe. Ancient fortresses remain scared and may reflect a possible connection to demise of Sodom and Gamora in the southern Jorden valley.

Crete has a long history and in particular a history associated with a massive creature half bull, half human that would tear and consume human flesh. The labyrinth may have been discovered by Russian explorers and its effects on this entering has serious implications.

New evidence suggests Petra in Jordan displays proof of its historical lineage which is much older than previously thought. Was it really a massive graveyard or the seat to an advanced stone carving civilisation?

I wanna see those entities that warn you off!

Details, I need details!

Come on now, researchers, get some bodycams.


Media lies about the “Bucha massacre” exposed

Essence of Time International
Apr 6, 2022

The Western mainstream media is trying to spin videos of dead civilians coming out of Bucha, Ukraine as evidence of Russian war crimes. What they fail to mention is that after the Russian military left the town, Ukrainian forces subjected it to artillery and rocket strikes as part of a so-called clearance operation. It is no coincidence that there are shell craters and shrapnel damage next to many of the dead.

This story is similar to the psychological warfare tactic used in Syria by the “White Helmets” to blame the atrocities committed by the US-supported “moderate” terrorists on the Syrian government and the Russian military.

Location: goo.gl/maps/KUo3i1vMhHnwrMWM7

Join Rossa Primavera News Agency international news channel in Telegram: t.me/rossaprimavera_int

It figures.

Here are some links:

Questions Abound Over Bucha (Update 2)

Bucha – Lavrov Says False-Flag Op Was Conducted Outside Kiev AFTER Russian Troop Withdrawal – Yet Another Uke Lie NO Truth From The Corrupt Ukraine Govt

EU Preps New Russia Sanctions After Bucha Massacre Which Kremlin Calls ‘Staged’ – There Is Little Doubt It Was Another Uke False Flag

Russia Will Demand A UNSC Meeting Over Situation In Bucha After UK’s Refusal

Kremlin – Russia Categorically Rejects Claims Of Involvement In Deaths Of People In Bucha

Paranormal Junkie
Sep 18, 2019

Could there be a race of little people living in North America?

Of course they’re still here… seriously.



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Apr 3, 2022

…Well, at the time of the recording if this video, we do not know who controls the access to the site, to the knowledge, and to future discoveries. I am sure there is more to discover in that Ukrainian site of inexplicable energy and mysteries. Yes, Ukrainian site, Ukrainian archeological reserve…


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A most interesting place.


A 1572 view of the town of Cusco in Peru, then one of the largest cities in the Americas. The view shows the indigenous Inca king being carried in his elevated chair near the town center.

In the Atlas this map came out of the author wrote “The capital of Peru in the south of the New World is Cusco, a city so large, powerful, and beautiful that it can easily rank alongside the most important cities in Spain and France”.

Full map – www.raremaps.com/gallery/detail/78302

Posted by u/Geography_GeekSource

kAlways a treat to see how things looked way back when.


Jimmy Corsetti’s Theory on the Lost City of Atlantis

Dec 1, 2021

Taken from JRE #1742 w/Jimmy Corsetti: open.spotify.com/episode/1dEL…

Jimmy is a wonderful person who I greatly admire, as is Randall…

Randall Carlson’s Take on Atlantis

Feb 5, 2022

Taken from JRE #1772 w/Randall Carlson: open.spotify.com/episode/190s…

Randall is another excellent fellow who does fabulous work.

I hope they team up somehow.

Enjoy, folks!



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Apr 2, 2022

…Belarus, officially the Republic of Belarus, and historically Byelorussia, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Russia to the east and northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest. …So, let’s look into the mists of time to see the mysterious creatures there…

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There have been some seriously unusual goings on her for a rather long time. Tons of wicked cool tales that I have never heard of.



First published at 16:20 UTC on April 2nd, 2022.

TremregiTremregi’s profile

Sonja van den Ende, a Dutch journalist, travelled with the Russian military to the front lines in Donetsk, Lugansk, and to near Mariupol.

Great stuff…


Bizarre Ancient Boats Found Hidden at Pyramids of Egypt…

Bright Insight
Apr 1, 2022

One of the more bizarre discoveries ever found at the Pyramids of Egypt, is something that surprisingly few people are even aware of. Did you know that the Oldest, LARGEST, and best-preserved boat ever discovered from Ancient Egypt was found buried just steps away from the Great Pyramid of Giza? That’s right, and perhaps the only thing stranger than finding ancient boats hidden at one of the more unlikely places imaginable, is the explanation for where this boat came from, and why it’s there, which only further adds to the mysteries of Ancient Egypt itself.

Thanks for watching! I’m Jimmy Corsetti, and my channel is called Bright Insight.

Must see Podcast I had with Danica Patrick! youtu.be/Nihxp-Vkk-U

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Another great one from our Jimmy…


Scott Ritter – PSYOPS, Russian Strategy in Ukraine, Not an occupying force

Regis Tremblay
Mar 23, 2022

Scott Ritter on PSYOPS, the Information War, Russian strategy in Ukraine, Russia is not an occupying force. What is Russia’s end game.

Scott Ritter – Russia Military Strategy – Mercenaries – Ultimate Settlement

Regis Tremblay
Mar 16, 2022

Scott Ritter is a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer and author of ‘SCORPION KING: America’s Suicidal Embrace of Nuclear Weapons from FDR to Trump.’

He served in the Soviet Union as an inspector implementing the INF Treaty, served in General Schwarzkopf’s staff during the Gulf War, and from 1991 to 1998 served as a chief weapons inspector with the UN in Iraq. Follow him on Twitter @RealScottRitter

Russian Strategy in this Intervention
Demilitarization and DeNazification
Not “Shock and Awe”
What is their strategy?
Explain encirclement – “cauldrons”
– Status of Mariupol, Odessa, Karkhov, Kiev
Civilians used as human shields

Chechens – some 200 – on Russian side – to Mariupol
ISIS, Al Qaeda, others –
Several hundred killed yesterday at training centers with precision missiles….many fled and will not return
US, Canada, UK others trained Ukrainian Army – Neo Nazis?
weapons to civilians and prisoners released from jail
Airlifted – tons and tons of tanks, artillery, grads, etc.
Stinger and Javelin missiles – in the hands of Nazis and ISIS

Political Settlement?
Talks – Lavrov not giving in – Russia’s demands
Zelinsky “peace by May”

The Epic Battle for the Future Order of the World
Between the USA and Russia/China
One Bridge One Road – Europe as the Western Peninsula of Greater Eurasia
Multipolar world vs Unipolar world
Spells the end of the US Hegemon and US Dollar

Scott is a wonderful resource of real, reasoned information.

Just saw this:

“Russia is Succeeding Wildly in its Objectives!” Scott Ritter on the War in Ukraine

By Michael Welch and Scott Ritter
Global Research, March 29, 2022

Joe Bonamassa and George Thorogood – No Particular Place to Go

Rich Foster
Mar 13, 2022

Taken aboard the Norwegian Pearl, during Joe Bonamassa’s “Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea VII” on 2/24/2022.



Some Pixies show up in the woods

Erwin Saunders
Mar 31, 2022

I try and get in the ‘Scalva Pixies’ good books by giving them some nuts.

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Wow, Erwin! Several great shots of different pixies!


Apollo 11’s Video Tapes Went Missing – What Was on Them and Who Took Them?

Dark Space
Oct 6, 2021

On July 21, 1969, the world was glued to their television sets to witness the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. But as important as the feat was, those images are considered blurry, undefined, and of poor quality by today’s standards.

Consequently, in the early 2000s, NASA set out to recover the original tapes that were initially recorded from the spaceflight’s slow-scan television telecast on telemetry data tape. The multi-year investigation gave way to many hypotheses, but the mystery of the missing tapes might have been finally resolved.

— Dark Space features the mysterious and little told stories of US, Soviet, and global space exploration from the dawn of the space race to today… all in the cinematic short documentary format we love to create. Subscribe today, and feel free to reach out with your own suggestions for new stories that you want us to bring to life. Thanks as always for your support.



SHOCKING: the girl at the heart of Kim Jong-Un’s propaganda machine

Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park
Mar 29, 2022

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In reality, even the majority of elites in Pyongyang suffer the results of the regime’s heinous me-first policies.

Some reality:

Actual Footage of the Ordinary Lives of North Koreans

Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park
Mar 20, 2021

To purchase sign copies of my book, “In Order To Live”; Paperback – py.pl/1YqqRN​ Hardcover – py.pl/70pvx

Daily Life of A North Korean 2021 – This video was recorded on Jan 24th, 2021

Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park
Jan 25, 2021

Thank you for helping me to shine a light on the darkest place in the world!



First published at 20:25 UTC on March 28th, 2022.

RussellTexasBentleyRussellTexasBentley profile

Kind friends asked us to help evacuate a 36-week pregnant girl from a monastery in the grey zone, northwest of Volnovakha. WEST of Volnovakha, in an active combat zone, 5 km on the other side of the last RF/DPR checkpoint. Of course, we went. And we…

Ah, nice. Quiet out there.

Russell Rescue Mission to Ukraine – It Will Soon Be Over

Regis Tremblay
Mar 29, 2022

Texas with a mission to rescue a pregnant girl behind the lines and an old granny as well. Report from Donetsk.

A good mission it was and seemed smooth.



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Feb 27, 2022

…The Chinese are ready to pay three million dollars for the new Stalin…

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No. No. No no no. Seriously.

What is China thinking? Stalin? Stalin?! Not a nice man.

Talk about inscrutable… jeezus.


Zimbabwe’s Mermaid & Fae Problem

Top Mysteries

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► Video on the Hidden People (little folk): https://youtu.be/p9bL-UPd6x0

Sources: Click here ➥ docs.google.com/document/d/1J… (dead)

My goodness, how very strange this is; and on so many levels.


Texas on the assault of Givi

Essence of Time International
Feb 8, 2017

A Hero of the DPR, the commander of the “Somali” Independent Ilovaysk Guards Motor-rifle (assault) battalion, Colonel Mikhail Tolstykh died today. Without question, he was one of the strongest officers in the DPR army, and he was a symbol of the entire resistance. This is a difficult loss.

After its failure near Avdeevka, the enemy is counting on this dastardly murder to break us. The most important thing right now is not to panic, but to strengthen our resolve and our cohesiveness. Givi will forever live in our hearts! Memory Eternal!

“Essence of Time – Donetsk People’s Republic” Television Latest news from Donbass: www.facebook.com/LatestNewsFro… twitter.com/newsfromdonbass http://eu.eot.su

A great tribute from Russell.


The Future of North Korea Under The Ruthless Princess Kim Yo-Jong

Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park
Jan 23, 2022

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Coming perhaps sooner than we think…

Jeff Rense ALT.NEWS

Russell Bentley – Life In Wartime Donetsk
A Remarkable Update With Photos


WARNING – ADULT LANGUAGE. This started out as a letter to a personal friend, then I decided to broadcast it to save time. Pardon my language. Sometimes words like these are the only ones that will work in wartime.

Thanks to everybody who is keeping in touch. Your friendship really means a lot to us. Lyudmila and I are fine. We are staying in a small hostel in the city center, have mostly been here for the last month or so. Our house is very close to the Front and not too far from a major ukrop army base in Maryinka, and the artillery shells fly directly above our house in both directions every day. And every night. So far our house (and our kitties) are fine. The city continues to be shelled, daily and nightly, almost continuously, but our guys will be putting an end to the shooting, and the shooters, permanently, and pretty soon. In the meantime, people continue to live their lives as normally as they can. On Sunday March 13th, an outdoor market less than a mile from our house, where we have often shopped, was shelled with 120 mm heavy artillery. A terrorist attack on a civilian target. Luckily the attack happened at 4:15 PM. The market had closed 15 minutes earlier, but the ukrops did not know that. Or they would have fired sooner.

The very next day, Monday March 14th, at about 12:20 in the afternoon, the ukrops launched a Tochka-U ballistic missile with a 1,000 pound anti-personnel cluster bomb warhead at the Administration building in the city center. The ukrop nazis has sent text messages and posted on social media (under fake pro-DPR accounts) for mothers, wives and sisters of our soldiers to gather at the administration building at noon on Monday to get information about their men. THIS was the intended target of the missile. As many civilian women as possible. And it is not a rumor, I can confirm I have seen the text message myself sent to the daughter of one of my comrades. Our air defense intercepted the missile and prevented it from reaching the target, but some of the cluster bomb cassettes fell on University Avenue in downtown Donetsk. Twenty three people were murdered, and eighteen injured.

The goddamned Italian “newspaper” La Stampa ran a photo of the carnage AND IMPLIED IT WAS A RUSSIAN BOMB THAT KILLED UKRAINIAN CIVILIANS. Here’s the headline. (Don’t bother looking for it on Google or Duck Duck Go, they actively censor anything they consider “pro-Russian”, and it simply isn’t there. But you can find it on Yandex search engine, if you’re still allowed to use Yandex in the “Free World”, and HERE is an article about La Stampa’s lies.)

I was there, shortly after the attack and here are some photos I took. The scarf and beret belonged to the wife of the man standing in the La Stampa photo. She died. So did the whole family in the grey Audi. Husband, wife, two kids. They were just driving down the street on a sunny Monday in early Spring… And then randomly murdered, just like that.

And understand, this is not just the work of ukrop nazis. These murderers were PUT IN POWER BY THE USA, WHO ARE STILL SENDING THEM WEAPONS TODAY, AND ORDERING THEM TO “FIGHT TO THE LAST”, and even though the outcome of this war is already absolutely inevitable, they continue.

On Tuesday March 15th, the Ides of March, the ukrops bombed another open air market in Petrovsky, early in the morning. About 3 Km from our house, where Lyudmila and I have shopped countless times. Four women were killed. These ukrops know exactly what they are shooting at, know the markets are full of civilians, mostly women and children and elderly, because all the men are on the Front, fighting. It is pure terrorism and war crimes. Pure Evil. For real.

Our family has been hit by these US and ukrop nazis too, but we were lucky. Lyudmila’s Dad, who lives in an apartment, kept his car in a garage complex of about 125 garages. During shelling 3 days ago, his garage got hit by 120 mm artillery. Only his garage, the only one out of all 125 garages. The garages on either side of his were not damaged at all.

His car, a VAZ 2101 sedan, was the only car he ever owned. His Dad gave him the money for it in the 60’s and he kept it in perfect shape all his life (he’s 72 now). He was going to give that car to Lyudmila. Back during the heavy shelling in 2014, Lyudmila and her Dad even stayed in the garage for a few nights, sleeping in the car, to hide from shelling. So, actually, we were lucky we only lost metal and not meat.

As for some happy news, well, I am now known all over the world, and I mean ALL over. I am known as a Poet Warrior in South Africa, and a brave Communist Comrade in China (and I mean by millions of people in each of those countries). I have been on national TV in Australia, and even the clown Jimmy Kimmel played a 40 second video of mine on his show. The video was posted the day before on my Youtube channel. It got 150,000 views and 15,000 new subscribers in less than a day, and then of course, goddamned Youtube deleted the vid, and 2 days later, my channel. But as you can see, the Kimmel show got 1.6 million views on Youtube alone ( funny how the view number has stayed EXACTLY the same for a week now) plus a few million who watched it on TV. So, by trying to censor and delete me, they have made me famous world-wide. I can now honestly say I am a legend in more than just my own mind. Of course, I never had any idea of any of this when I came here. I thought I’d be like Crockett going to the Alamo. I did not expect to be famous or even live through that first winter. And yet here I am.

And of course, the same bastards who are trying to cut off my information from getting to the west are trying very hard to cut off all my financial support coming from the west. Guys that try to send me money now, and not just in the USA, are getting visits from gestapo type motherfuckers, asking why they’re sending money to Russell. Not to Russia, to Russell. So, I expect western funds will be drying up for good now. That’s OK. I estimate I’ve brought in almost $200,000 to Donbass since I started doing human aid, and at least 75% of it went to help the people here. When I got here in December 2014, I had about $3,000 in my pocket, and that’s about what I got now. (Lyudmila has a couple of grand of her own money she saved up from being a teacher, too.) So, I had the best 8 years of my life so far, and still have my original bankroll. I’m not too worried about finances. South Africa and China can still send money to Russia, no problem, and people there are already starting to do so. The more the gatdam nazis try to delete me, the bigger and stronger I get. I seem to recall reading something about judging a man by the power of his enemies. Well, I’ve got some big bad ones. But they are scared of me, not the other way around. Maybe they’ll put a bullet in my back one night, but even if it’s tomorrow, man, I have had one great ride this time around. But of course, I’d really like to stick around a while and see how it all turns out, and be here to see the Good Guys win.

Speaking of which, here’s what I expect to happen here in Ukraine soon. The nazis have prepared a false flag chemical attack to blame on Russia, and most idiots in the west will believe it when it happens. They are too stupid to use reason and have no critical thinking skills. Any non-idiot would certainly ask why Russia would resort to prohibited weapons when we are winning the war hands down. The depth of stupidity of anyone who could think for a second that Ukraine could hold out against Russia is beyond measure. It would literally be like thinking Mexico could defeat the USA. But once this or another false flag is done, the USA and NATO will come into Ukraine. My opinion is that Russia and the west have already made a secret deal – Russia will take as much of Ukraine as it wants, which will be everything east of a line from Chernobyl, northwest of Kiev, to the northern tip of Moldova. Russia will allow NATO to come in and save face by pretending to “stop Putin”, and they can have everything in western Ukraine, which is just empty land filled with garbage and nazis. But if NATO fires a single shot, or even throws a rock , at any Russian soldier or military asset, it’s all bets are off, WW3, and kiss your ass goodbye.

The $60,000 wild card question is just how stupid, crazy and desperate the goddamned western rulers really are. And I don’t mean the senile degenerate Biden, but his masters, the ones who own his ass and his shit-sucking soul. So, we will see what we will see. This really, really is the war of Evil against Good, and we all have to choose our side and act accordingly. I should not even have to mention that everything the western govs and MSM, are telling you, and I mean every single thing , is a damned lie. And only a shit-eater could believe any of it. Multiple times already, the goddamned western media has used photos of ukrop missiles shot at us (and the resulting carnage) and passed them off as Russian missiles attacking Ukraine. They are liars, and their father is the Devil, the father of lies.

Nothing in war goes as planned, but the outcome of the liberation and de-nazification of Ukraine is beyond any doubt. Russia will take as much of Ukraine as it wants, and neither ukrop nazis nor NATO nazis can do anything about it. The liberation is going slow because Russia is making every effort to spare civilian lives and infrastructure, and why wouldn’t they? They will have to live with Ukraine as peaceful neighbors after the liberation, and being responsible for the humanitarian situation, they will have to re-build everything destroyed. It is the Ukrainian nazis, (on orders of their US nazi masters) who are using thousands of civilians as human shields and destroying hospitals, bridges, libraries and mining everything they can, to make the reconstruction and stabilization as difficult, dangerous and expensive as possible. Of course, it only makes sense. Shit-eaters will not believe or understand.

In the meantime, here in the city center, we have water and electricity most of the time, food is plentiful and still reasonably priced, gas prices are stable at about $2 per gallon. My car also runs on propane, which is 30 rubles per liter, which is just over a dollar a gallon.(Think about that next time you fill up your car.) Lyudmila and I work about 16 hours a day, and are beyond exhausted, but we keep on keeping on, because we love our work and believe in what we are doing. Working this much is hard on the body, but good for the soul. For every bad thing that happens, something good does too, and though, thank God, nothing very bad has happened to us (yet), some very good things have. So, we are OK and will be OK, and persevere. Thanks to God.

Russia has food, financial and energy security. It has the best military in the world, and the world’s most powerful ally, China. The EU is finally beginning to understand that the US is a fake friend and a real enemy, and the EU is finally starting to act accordingly. There will be a MAJOR food crisis in Europe this year, and almost certainly in the US as well. The EU will be begging Russia for food and energy before this year is over, and Russia will probably help, on the condition that they normalize relations with Russia and cut political, military and economic ties with the USA. And the EU will do it if they’re smart, and they will do it even if they are stupid, because they will have no other choice if they want to survive. The Middle East, Africa and even South America are moving closer to Russia every day. The US will be as isolated as it is well-deservedly hated, and the dollar will soon crumble to worthlessness. PREPARE.

I am sorry for the one or two percent of US citizens who are not zombie shit-eaters, hopefully they have prepared and have refuge and can stick together and help each other out. As for the other 98%, they will reap what they have sown, and get exactly what they have asked for and deserve, and to be honest, I will not be too sorry to see them starve or see them burn. Yes, I have human compassion, for humans, but these are not humans, they are zombies who have sold their souls for a Big Mac and a big screen TV, who are the absolute personification of M. Scott Peck’s definition of Evil – “Militant ignorance”. Of course, I love mercy, but I love justice even more. So let it be what it will be. And don’t forget to say your prayers.

Good luck to all good people. May God protect the innocent, and may the rest of us get everything we deserve.
Best regards from the People’s Republic, see ya soon in Kiev. DAVAI!

Russell “Texas” Bentley

Thank God for Russell. This is the Trurh, dear readers.

Gosh, I hope Alina is salright.


Ukraine Officially Adopts Nazi Slogan For Military

The Jimmy Dore Show
Mar 9, 2022

Ukraine war boosters are desperate to de-Nazify the Ukrainian military, but members of the Azov Battallion, the C14 group and any number of other paramilitary organizations seem determined to flaunt their neo-Nazi pride. Most recently, the Ukrainian military even adopted the Nazi-era slogan of “Glory to Ukraine!”, making apologists’ job all the more difficult.

Jimmy and political satirist Lee Camp discuss the not-so-minor Nazi problem Ukraine’s defenders face.

Check this out, folks.



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Mar 22, 2022

…The study of UFOs by law enforcement agencies is a topic for a separate conversation…He indicated certain dangers in visiting the researcher. …promised to show him something that no one had seen in Kyiv, except for very narrow circles. Apparently, the journalist and his colleagues knew that … always had something in his possession that others have not see, and the one can become dizzy from hearing and seeing what the researcher can show them…

If you can support my channel, please contribute here: Via Paypal address: rurcla@hotmail.com Via Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=6849546

Interesting stuff within.


Ukraine Neo-Nazis Infiltrate EVERY LEVEL Of Military & Government

The Jimmy Dore Show
Mar 3, 2022

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resulting cries of “We are all Ukraine,” many have been eager to downplay the proliferation of neo-Nazis in Ukrainian paramilitary groups, the Ukrainian armed forces and even parts of the government.

As Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss, reports of neo-Nazis in Ukraine are not at all exaggerated, and the Zelensky government is, in fact, largely beholden to these racist, xenophobic, anti-gay groups that brag of the “fun” they get from fighting and killing.

Nazism has a long history in Ukraine. This excellent show lays out what is going on over there. Please watch.

…In case you haven’t noticed the Azov battalion unit patch is the inverted SS symbol. Like so:


Today at rense.com

US Unexpectedly Sanctions China Officials Hours After Demanding Beijing Condemn Russia …Biden Seeks Two Front War

Surprise, Surprise…New Poll Suggests Triple Vaxed Most Likely To Support Starting WW3 Over Ukraine

Multiple Russian Thermobaric Rockets Being Fired Toward Mariupol – Video

Kiev Tells All Cities Under Siege, Including Mariupol – There Can Be No Talk Of Surrender

Kiev Orders Azov And Other Fighters To Sneak Out Of Mariupol As Civilians – Civilians Report Many Azov Atrocities Against Them

US Suggested Unlikely Plan For Turkey To Transfer Russian Made S-400s To Ukraine

US Company Metabiota Links Biolabs In Africa And Ukraine To The Pentagon’s DTRA – Part 1

Biolabs In Ukraine And Common Connections Between Metabiota And EcoHealth – Part 2

Biolabs In Ukraine – Who Are Metabiota’s Investors? – Part 3

Coke Head Zelensky Decrees All Remaining TV Channels Must Air Government News Around The Clock – Total Propaganda

Bolshevik Zelensky Wishes Biden Was The Emperor Of The World

Lunatic Zelensky Tells German Parliament They’re To Blame For Another Holocaust

Fraud Zelensky Purges Opposition Political Parties Days After US Sends Billions Of Dollars Of US Tax Money To ‘Save Democracy’

Zelensky Bans Opposition Parties, Nationalizes All TV Outlets In Name Of Fighting ‘Misinformation’

Nuclear Missile Convoy Carrying Up To Six Warheads Spotted On Motorway Going Through Glasgow On Way To Royal Navy Depot

Russian Missiles Destroy Ukraine State Aircraft Repair Plant In Lviv Where Major Maintenance On Ukrainian MiG-29 Jet Fighters Is Done – Watch

Russian Drone Tracks Ukraine Mobile Missile Launcher Back To Base – Base Then Destroyed

Shopping Malls On Outskirts Of Kiev Were Used By Nationalists To Store Ammunition, Russian MoD Says

Video And Photo Show Uke Grad MLRS Rocket Launchers Housed In Mall

Nobel Prize Chiefs Reject Exception For Zelensky

US Sending Secretly Acquired Soviet Air Defence Systems To Ukraine, Reports Say If So, US Is An Active, De Facto Combatant

Russia Is ‘Acting Defensively’ In Ukraine War

British PM Considers Surprise Kiev Visit

EU Stockpiles Iodine Pills And Nuclear-Protective Gear

Volnovakha Will Be Rebuilt After Ukrainian Army ‘Levelled It To The Ground’

‘I Knew I Had To Survive Somehow’ – Russian Helicopter Pilot Reveals How He Dodged Ukrainian Stinger

Russia Explains Why No Ceasefire Amid Peace Talks With Ukraine

Ukrainian Ambulance Corps Head Says He ‘Gave Strict Orders To Castrate All Wounded Russians’ Because They’re ‘Cockroaches, Not People’

Ukrainian Doctor Allegedly Retracts His Call For Castration Of All Russian POWs

Calls For Violence Against Russians Hurt Ukraine’s Image – Zelensky Aide

Video Of Armed Neo-Nazi Claiming To Have Fled Ukraine For Poland Makes Rounds Online

Total, jaw-dropping insanity.



First published at 17:00 UTC on March 20th, 2022

RussellTexasBentleyRussellTexasBentley profile

On Sunday March 13th, US-backed ukrop (Ukraine) nazis bombed an outdoor market a mile west of my home. The market had closed 15 minutes earlier, and thank God, no one was killed or injured. The next day, at 12 noon, Ukrops bombed central Donetsk wit…

Just evil. There is no other word for it.


Awarded journalist, Lara Logan, drops truthbombs about Ukraine corruption.

Martin Schou
Mar 16, 2022

This is excellent and quite thorough. Pretty much everything she says hits the nail on the head. An alpha truth teller! You can tell she cares. And they let her talk! Spreading the true story is vital.

Hopefully a lot of people see this as its so important to know the truth before deciding.

It is so good to see this – it gives me hope.


BasedInteractive Published March 16, 2022

This is the reality. Direct from the streets in the theater of the war on Nazism.



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Mar 19, 2022

…Let’s continue with available descriptions. According to the Gutsul legends, the …quite coincides with the legendary myths about the “abominable snow man”, which is found in the high-altitude and forest regions of the Earth. In the Himalayas, it is called “Yeti”, in the North Caucasus the “almasti”, in Siberia — “the marked one”…is a guardian of a person far from home – in the forest, in a Mountain Valley. He is the protector of shepherds and loggers. He monitors the Forest maidens who distract Mountain folk, lure them into their wilds and destroy them…

If you can support my channel, please contribute here: Via Paypal address: rurcla@hotmail.com Via Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=6849546


Bigfoot is nearly everywhere, of course. Interesting perspectives regarding them over there, certainly. Great stuff… a multitude of critters! I would love to go there and experience the beauty of the place and people and maybe even the native cryptids for myself someday. Dogmen, they have Dogmen, ha!

The Chugeister (sp?) as the protector of the populace is really interesting to me. As are the general relations between the creature and the people.

Off topic, I am surprised and saddened that Paul has such a Westernized view of the liberation of his country, which if left to proceed, would result in exactly the situation he dreams of. Sigh.



Ukraine! The Price You Pay for Speaking Out

Regis Tremblay
Mar 19, 2022

Jareth Copus in an amazing interview about his personal journey, the “rat line” he created in Kiev, Ukraine, Donetsk, Georgia, Moldova and elsewhere. He’s an author: Preparing for the Worst and Ukraine Forever a Pawn. Can be purchased on his website: www.rodionpress.com

Wow, what a great guy and what a story!


As of 11am it’s been down for 3 1/2 days

I keep checking at www.isitdownrightnow.com/abovetopsecret.com.html and the server is completely dead.

It has been my go-to and home on the internet since 2003 or 4 or so. I registered as a member in 2009. I go there every day and usually have a couple dozen tabs open waiting to be read or read further.

Have they been taken down by the powers that be? What the heck is going on? I am horrified.

It is the best forum for intelligent discussion on so many topics This is a tragedy and a travesty.

This is not good and I am angsty af.

Let us pray.



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Mar 5, 2022

…UFOs have been appearing over Ukrainian lands for a long time. …So what is this creature illuminated by the rays of the “blood star” with the Sun suddenly darkening? Reminds me of aliens described in the reports of sightings in the 20th century…

If you can support my channel, please contribute here: Via Paypal address: rurcla@hotmail.com Via Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=6849546

A long, rich history of world-class weirdness awaits.



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Mar 17, 2022

…The ancient Mayans relied on water-filled sinkholes called cenotes — which only exist in Mexico — for everything from drinking water to religious ceremonies. THE MAYANS BELIEVED SINKHOLES LED TO THE UNDERWORLD, but apparently, NOT ALL THE SINKHOLES IN YUCATAN LED TO THE MAYAN UNDERWORLD. The people of Mayapán used the legend of a feathered serpent with a head the size of a horse’s to scare people away from the sinkhole…


Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Mar 17, 2022

…The area of the Mexican states of Campeche, Chiapas and Quintana Roo of southern Mexico have had stories of hairy humanoids for thousands of year…

If you can support my channel, please contribute here: Via Paypal address: rurcla@hotmail.com Via Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=6849546

I can attest to the excellence of Belize and the Yucatan regarding our special interest. I was not free to roam as it was a cruise, but yeah, spectacular. Sadly, no cryptids of any sort were encountered. Figures.


This was on rense.com last Thursday or Friday.


Zionist Global communist takeover wake up


First published at 20:31 UTC on February 27th, 2022.

Kiev is currently Nazi controlled and heinous in it’s repulsive practices, oppression and endless lies.

And all controlled by the United States. Which makes me sick.


Robert Proctor: Nazi Science and Ideology | Lex Fridman Podcast #268

Lex Fridman

Robert’s Website: history.stanford.edu/people/r…
The Nazi War on Cancer (book): amzn.to/3hjYzdZ
Agnotology (book): amzn.to/3viS8A1


“Dark periods of history with many lessons for today.”


The best lake monster video I’ve seen – Ogopogo in Canada

Weird Mysteries of Science and Legend
Oct 29, 2020

Ogopogo is a legendary lake monster that lives in Okanagan lake in British Columbia, Canada. In this video I share with you the best and most clear evidence yet of the existence of Ogopogo.

Looks pretty cool, eh. I wish my eyes were better and my screen was bigger…


Mysterious Light on Mars | Life on Mars | Marte Rovers

Quick Solutions – Data
Sep 2, 2021

Mars Rover Opportunity spotted Strange Light Source on Mars Surface on SOL 00123 of it’s Mission. What is it? ? Alien Spacecraft? or One of Ours? or Mysterious light? or Space junk? Is it indicate Life on Mars?

Please let us know in comment below. Perseverance Rover is also at Mars Now. (Planeta Marte)

Image source: mars.nasa.gov/mer/gallery/all…

Credit: NASA.GOV NASA/JPL/Cornell

Video Creator: Quick Solutions – Data bit.ly/3t5waM9

This is one weirdly shaped light. What could possibly cause such a result? Is NASA looking into it?


Russell Bentley – Tochka-U Missile, Donetsk Update – The End is in Sight

Regis Tremblay
Mar 16, 2022

Russell “Texas” Bentley with an update from the Front.
Archive of 115 vids from YT chan – archive.org/details/russel-be…

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Bitchute – www.bitchute.com/channel/V8U2…

Telegram – t.me/TXDPR

I will add Rumble and Odysee in the next few days. For now, VK is my main platform

email – russellbbentley@gmail.com (NOTE – 2 S’s, 2 L’s and 2 B’s in russellbbentley)
alt email – russell.bentley@mail.ru

Both of my websites russelltexasbentley.com and russelltexasbentley.info are blocked, I cannot update.

I successfully signed into VK but within seconds they blocked me for suspicious activity!!! What in the actual fuck? I mailed support, should be interesting…

Anyway, God bless Russell!


Published March 15, 2022

Scott Ritter on Russian strategy in Ukraine, bioweapons, the war is about over for the Ukrainian army.

First published at 16:03 UTC on March 14th, 2022.

Tremregi’s profile

Francis Boyle, JD, professor of International Law at the University of Illinois, and the leading expert on biological weapons emphatically states that the labs found in Ukraine by Russian troops are funded and run by the USA. The thousands of scient…

Published March 13, 2022

Vladimir Kozin on bioweapons in Ukraine, Update on Russian intervention in Ukraine, and all the Nazis will be hunted down, including Zelinsky.

I so hope Russia can get these abominations sorted out as quickly as possible. The insanity of the West, especially our own, needs to be put to a complete stop. It is just way over the top and it is pure evil.