One comment on “Jimmy Corsetti on Medieval UFOs

  1. You’ve got to love Jimmy. He’s always bringing up interesting stuff. And this is definitely an interesting subject. As I wrote on his comments, some of these art works are unexplainable, but others are definitely explainable. The one we see here with the man and his dog looking up at that craft in the sky is definitely weird. Was it something the painter saw at the time he was painting this, something he believed was in the sky at the time of Christ’s birth or what?
    But others can be explained through religious symbolism. We have to be really careful. Because we are trying to explain or interpret in a 21st century context, something that an individual hundreds of years ago was possibly trying to make sense of in their own understanding. So there’s a double potential for lost in translation. E.g. there is one painting where you see people sitting in objects with flames/plumes moving through the sky. The ancients may well have seen meteors as messengers of the gods. Angels were referred to as messengers of God. So the early Christians may have interpreted meteors as Angels travelling across the sky.
    Definitely an interesting topic.

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