2 comments on “Insights Into South Carolina’s Dogman Situation

  1. I live in the area and would love to ask the father and son some questions regarding this encounter. Is there any way I can have them contact me. Either via here or my fb Page SERU or DROP POINT PRODUCTIONS. Thank you very much!!

    • Hey thank you for your comment!
      Gosh, the only thing I can suggest, as I don’t know anyone involved, is to see if you can get into the page listed in the post or call that phone number and see if they’ll help you. I just post ’em off the tube so I don’t know much more than you… As a Fortean I just take these things at face value but I do like the dogman stories as some of the storytellers sound genuine and it could be a clue to some historical tales. Some of the stories, though, are clearly either embellished or fake, like anything else, really, so, you know.
      Good luck in your search for clues!

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