4 comments on “In Early 90s A Vicious Killer Bigfoot Group In North Carolina Was Eliminated

    • Firstly, thank you for commenting! There are quite a few tales of Bigfoot behaving very badly… perhaps the most famous one was back in the Gold Rush days wherein a bunch of them spent a whole night attacking some prospectors near Mt. St. Helens, resulting in the area being called Ape Canyon to this day. There are as I said lots of others, including the first report by a white man and gosh, the Indians… but yes, around America they are most commonly not into encounters with us and will leave the area. Australian Bigfoot usually are in a bad mood as a matter of course for some unknown reason. As far as the military part… it is a possibility but definitely uncertain.

  1. Is this by the Black Mountains, The Crest Trail, in or around Burnsville, North Carolina? I lived up there in 2015 and a family of these creatures live there. I was never hurt but a few times I knew to leave quickly.

    • Thank you for writing. Unfortunately I am not privy to any further knowledge then that testimonial, so I couldn’t say with any certainty. But if I were to be judging by your experiences in living there in that general vicinity, though, I’d have to say it just might well be…

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