8 comments on “I’m truly worried about Above Top Secret

  1. Is it completely dead? It is the only place I have been able to express myself without censorship, as long as I was kind to other members and they were kind to me. That meant a great deal. I know zip about why it is dead. Any other news from others?

    • Yes, it is… completely dead. For 5 1/2 days now and counting. It seems all of us are completely in the dark. There’s no info and no response from theowners. It’s so weird. I, like you, absolutely loved the place. It was truly unique. Theories are that perhaps the gov took it down or they ran outof money. I must say that I am shocked by some comments on reddit r/abovetopsecret and another place where people are actually pleased with this, calling it a garbage dump for right wingers and dissing Zaphod and stuff, which I find simply horrible. As I have said, to me it was a treasure and I went every day almost since it first started. But, God, 5 1/2 days as I write this is not looking good for it’s return. I am, frankly, devastated. There is no other place I know of to go to now.

  2. I read the comments on Reddit also. Horrible. I haven’t found any replacement.
    I get on Quora sometimes but they just pinged me for “hate speech” when I said I supported transgenders and their right to live in peace, but thought that XX females were being pushed aside in favor of XY women in the press, etc. Hate speech?
    Where else can you go to express an unpopular view with the press and TPTB and not be censored? If I find one I’ll let you know. If you find one please let me know.

    • Right? God, what is the world coming to? I’m not familiar with Quora… doesn’t sound promising if they did that to you. I can’t fathom how that’s hate speech. Jeez. If I find a place I will certainly let you know! I’ve never really looked elsewhere as there was really no need to. Gosh, this is awful. Peace to you. (Gotta run for a bit, Zoom meeting in 5 min) Be well!

    • IT’S BACK!!! As of 25 minutes ago! Yay! I’ve yet to see if there’s an explanation, but I am thrilled. Shouldn’t have x-ed out the 60 tabs on my phone lol!!

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