ai ai



Sometimes life feels like this:

At other times it almost feels “like it’s supposed to…”

ok here is the scoop…

I recorded some yammerings in audio.

Didn’t get all that far but got a good start…


Will need to cut into pieces as the files were way over the limits for upload here, which is 100MB. The main one is 384MB for about 15 minutes of Igular utterances. Soon… soon… tomorrow eve probably.

Note: I will stick them on here where they are supposed to be.


OK, fair warning… these are 100% unedited and will no doubt be borderline excruciatingly awful to listen to. But That is, in essence, what an Ig is. Learn why I only half a handful of friends. Learn why even uncontacted tribes in remote forests want me dead.





Well, there’s 15 minutes of not a lot. I will get the hang of it eventually, I would imagine.




This nifty story was just placed in my inbocks by my bud Lon Strickler in the daily P&M letter.

I had to share. I mean… it’s got it all… UFOs, pointy entities, heroes and it’s to do with The Blues!


jimiJimi Hendrix’ Close Encounter

In January 1965, a group of musicians (including Jimi Hendrix) driving back to Manhattan, were stranded in a blizzard and had gotten stuck in a heavy drift that reached the hood of their vehicle. It was bitter cold. Unexpectedly, the road ahead of them suddenly lit up, as a bright phosphorescent object, cone shaped, like a capsule, landed in the snow about 100 feet up ahead. It stood on a tripod landing gear.

Before any of the stunned occupants of the vehicle could move, a door opened on the side of the craft and an entity stepped out. He stood eight feet tall, his skin was yellowish, and instead of eyes, the creature had slits. His forehead came to a point, and his head ran straight to his chest, leaving the impression that he had no neck. The being proceeded to float to the ground and glided towards the trapped occupants of the van. The snow melted in the wake of the creature. His body seemed to generate tremendous heat, so much so that as it came across a small rise, the snow disappeared around in all directions.

In a matter of what seemed like seconds, the being came over to the right hand side of the van, where Hendrix sat, and looked right through the window. According to other witnesses at the scene the creature seemed to be communicating telepathically with Hendrix. Immediately the interior of their vehicle began to heat up. The heat coming from the being evaporated the snow enough to free their imprisoned van. The being glided behind the van and the snowdrift by now had completely vanished. Turning the ignition, the driver gunned the engine and drove away at high speed. As they looked back, they could see the road filling in with snow again. The object was at the same instant lifting off like a rocket from a launching pad. – UFOs Among the Stars



One of the first drawings of a bunyip.I am exhausted. In fact, I am unnaturally exhausted. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally.

Winter has laid another 4 inches of back breaking horror on my environ (8 in the drifty bits) and although the weather forecast mentioned some of it, it really is slightly over the top.

I am supposed to be doing things, but, I need to shovel, as I don’t know whether or not Jimmy will be plowing. If the gods are smiling, then, I guess, he will. I’ve done the first 50 feet. Back is saying that’s it for now.

So I’m in here writing this, wondering how I’m going to find the time to read all those cool twitter links, let alone practice them. What kind of energy do these folks have, anyway? Am I really that much of a freak? I often think I am, but, maybe I actually am. My shoulders ache. There’s still 100 feet to go.

How long should I wait? God, I feel like a Hutt. That’s not good. Nope.

Oh no… it is now afternoon officially. Okay… need to do something.

Ah, sweet relief! Started again a bit after 12 with some renewed energy and then Jimmy came! Yay, oh yay, yay, yay! And now – at only 20 to 2 – it’s done! Praise the Lord and pass that goddamn ammunition, son!

Could this be Winter’s last effort? Could it?

March is coming up quick and then Springness will blanket the land.

Alright, the, I’m off to the store then back for some overdue Hoovering.

Enjoy the Bunyip picture. Sporty, innit?


That is what the Weather Underground website says is happening outside these walls and windows. Seems they are correct, but the radar indicates it may be sort of over soon. Which will be good. Very good. Oh no, now the scientific crystal ball says it will eventually amount to about an inch. It isn’t the modest amount… I’m just sick of snow. Really, really tired of it.

I don’t like snow, you see. Or cold. Or winter in general, really, despite being a Connecticut native. Even as a kid. There have, here and there, been a few good moments; but in the end, I’m not a fan of the cold and snow.

In related ponderings, this year has so far been pretty horrid as far as initiating transport goes. In an unprecedented state of abandonment, no one came to our rescue in the snowplowing department for the blizzard, nor the storms following until just the last two; and the last one, really, for a proper job of it.

In point of fact… after said blizzard, someone equipped with something heavy duty, deep in the wee hours, actually plowed me in. Yes, in. Indeed. Was stuck for a full week and a half due to that. So much for community amongst neighbors.

If there was an optimist in me, it’d note that such a happening has resulted in my stopping the nasty and expensive habit of smoking. It was merely fortunate I’d acquired enough food.

I haven’t been able to afford snow tyres for a long time and regardless of its front wheel drive nature, without such specialized donuts my 1998 Volkswagen Golf GL simply cannot deal with even a modest amount of the white stuff. It’s actually embarrassing! And kind of sad.

I think I’ll let this post fly. So many thoughts that so few will ever read… but the time perception thing, along with the other things, should really be separate threads, I believe.