Is your bitch or bastard on this image?


Look at that. That is what corruption looks like.

We have a duty to get rid of these vermin.

Do Not let them back in.

These people are SCUM.

DO NOT keep voting them in!

Cuz if you do, you don’t deserve any


infographic via Pucabob, Fortean of Maine (and Angel)



This rarely happens these days so it is a welcome way to start The Week of Weeks.

I still have not fully grasped it. The WeekoWeeks, (aka The Mother of all Weeks); not the sale Getting there quick, though…

Hi iggymak,

Look what has recently been sold from your store.

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You recently sold 1 copy(s) of your product,
The Ultimate Dune Buggy T-Shirt.




Mercí, Girerd of Aix-les-bains, France!