toots and the maytals – Pressure drop

Published on Apr 18, 2010

Toots and the Maytals – Pressure Drop


It is you, oh yeah
It is you, oh yeah

I said a pressure drop,
Oh pressure, oh yeah
Pressure’s gonna drop on you
I said pressure drop
Oh pressure, oh yeah
Pressure’s gonna drop on you

I said when it drops
Oh you gonna feel it
Oh that you were doin’ it wrong, wrong, wrong
Now when it drops
Oh you gonna feel it
That you were doin’ it wrong and how

I said when it drops
You gonna feel it
That you’ve been doin’ it wrong
Now when it drops, drop
You gonna feel it
That you’ve been doin’ wrong

Now when it drops, drop
Feel it
You make the wrong move
Now when it drops, drop
You gonna feel it
That you’ve been it doin’ wrong

I said, pressure drop
Oh pressure, oh yeah
Pressure’s gonna drop on you
Pressure drop
Oh pressure, oh yeah
Pressure’s gonna drop on you

Now when it drops on your dirty little head
Where you gonna go?
It’s you, you, you
When it drop on, oh you’re gonna feel it
What you’re doing is wrong, wrong, wrong
Pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure
I said a pressure drop

Enjoy & Share!

Peace & Love from Jamaica

Peace and Love back atcha!



The Maytals “Sweet and Dandy”

Published on Aug 11, 2016

Scene from the 1972 film, The Harder They Come, starring Jimmy Cliff, produced and directed by Perry Henzel, featuring the famous trio of Toots Hibbert, Raleigh Gordon and Jerry Mathias.




007 (Shanty Town) Desmond Dekker

Eric Cajundelyon
Published on Jan 24, 2013

Desmond Dekker (1941 – 2006) was a Jamaican ska, rocksteady and reggae singer-songwriter and musician. Together with his backing group, The Aces (consisting of Wilson James and Easton Barrington Howard), he had one of the first international Jamaican hits with “Israelites”. Other hits include “007 (Shanty Town)” (1967), “It Miek” (1969) and “You Can Get It If You Really Want” (1970). Dekker was one of the most popular musicians within Jamaica, and is one of its best-known musicians outside it – Wikipedia

For more info, please, visit: www.desmonddekker




Ricci and The Tic Tac Toes
Reggae • Los Angeles, CA
Artist Profile »

We are a reggae band out of Venice, CA. Jah Love #spreadthemessage326 Ricci – Singer/Songwriter, Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Robert Dows – Producer/Engineering and Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals Stefano Bonzi – Engineering/Flute Greg Rice – Bass/Guitar Christo Pellani – Drums/Percussion Gary DeLeone – Lead Guitar Alanna Vicente – Back up Vocals
Full Bio »

More at Reverbnation! Ricci sent me this song last week in the hopes that I might like it, which I most certainly do… it’s light and upbeat and a nice song to help one feel a little better on any day.

See if you agree, eh…

be well



Bob Marley – Stir it up

Published on Aug 7, 2008

🙂 One of the best song in History

Indeed… just like it says there… one of the Best.

Love Bob.

So gentle. So wise.


oh hey, here’s the Marley Stir It Up Turntable!


more peace


Stephen Marley – Rock Stone ft. Capleton, Sizzla

Stephen Marley
Published on Aug 5, 2014

Official Video for “Rock Stone” by Stephen “Ragga” Marley featuring Capleton and Sizzla…

Just good stuff, man, you dig?



Damian Marley – Road to Zion ft. Nas

Riccardo Abdine
Published on Sep 14, 2017

Such a neat, gritty feel… gives it so much character and an edge to hold on to.



Vybz kartel- Benz Punany [Dirty]

Published on Apr 18, 2011

Vybz Kartel- Benz Punany Dirty version 2011 Can also download at…

Jamaica must be a very interesting place…



Bam Bam – Sister Nancy

Published on Sep 23, 2008

Sister Nancy aka Muma Nancy, bam bam 1982 one of my all time favorite classics that brings me great memories like all my songs. I will be uploading more on my reggae channel. ladyriddims

As y’all know I am mostly blues-blooded with a heapin’ helpin’ of bluegrass and old country as a bedrock to build on but I do have a very soft spot in my heart for reggae.

It’s just that my brain gets stuck in ruts, deep ones, with much higher frequency now than ever before.

And I tell you now, folks… it is scaring the living snip out of me.


So my angels Willy and jerri were here the other day helping with the abode and Willy noticed the deafening silence, (very often I simply forget to play music… which sucketh royally)… so I mentioned the Blues and he suggested reggae as an alternate so being that I love reggae anyway I have it going through my system and it is a Good Thing.

I especially like this song and this artist… it is just wonderful! I love it!

I wonder if my angel Collette, (who actually knows the Marleys!), knows this lovely lady as well?!

Ya never know. Must ask.

I just hope I can handle the alone time that is my new Holiday season, although, my awesome doc has me medicated very nicely so that I can exist without running around like a headless chicken.

Ai Ai