NSU sur 2 roues 12e Slalom des 2 Ponts St. L.







1967 Jacky Ickx Matra F2 Nurburgring


Bruce McLaren and Phil Hill at Monaco GP 1960

Big Fun!


rallye z passes bike rider

Dakar Rallye Z

Probably at the Paris-Dakar event, eh.

An inspiration for many a year.

I wonder what the young man thinks of these spectacular shenanigans.


Lancia-Abarth 037

Lancia 037

snippet from the veb:

The Lancia Rally (Tipo 151, also known as the Lancia Rally 037, Lancia 037 or Lancia-Abarth #037 from its Abarth project code SE037) was a mid-engine sports car and rally car built by Lancia in the early 1980s to compete in the FIA Group B World Rally Championship. … It was the last rear-wheel drive car to win the WRC.

Engine: Lampredi 2.0–2.1-litre I4 supercharged, rear, mid-mounted
Constructors’ Championships: 1
Suspension (rear): Independent wheels with two wishbones, coil springs, dual shock absorbers and no bars


Sébastien Ogier or Thierry Neuville ❓

What `WRC Onboard of the Week´ would you like to watch on WRC.com? (SS18…

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What a difference 55 years makes juxtaposition of Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, 1965 and Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, 2020. Alfa Romeo have revealed a new track-focused version of the new generation Giulia based on the Quadrifoglio and fitted with a more powerful version of the Alfa Romeo 2.9 litre V6 Bi-Turbo engine, now with 540hp. Use of lightweight materials gives a reduction of 100kg compared to the Quadrifoglio. The new Giulia will be available as a limited edition in two versions (500 of each), the GTA and GTAm which features racing seats, roll-bar and six-point seat belts.

The ‘A’ in GTA stands for “Alleggerita,” Italian for lightweight. The original GTA featured a 1.6 litre TOHC 4 cylinder engine that produced 113hp for the stradale (road) version and 170hp for the race car.

Via mjl-love

I am thrilled to see one of my most lusted after monikers reborn by one one my favorite companies… the beautiful and mighty GTAm !!! Oh, yes, Virginia, I am smiling BIGLY!

Even though I can no longer drive, not that I could afford either of them, it is wonderful to know that the GTAm is still out there vanquishing lesser conveyeances left and right.


Alfa Romeo da tutto il mondo, baby!



Launch Control: New England Forest Rally 2018 – Episode 6.06

Aug 29, 2018

Launch Control: New England Forest Rally 2018 – Season 6, Episode 6 For the first time since winning the championship, Travis Pastrana returns to rallying for another matchup against teammate, David Higgins, at the New England Forest Rally. This event hasn’t been kind to Higgins in the past, but he’s carrying a healthy championship lead in 2018, and plans to defend his turf against a strong entry list, including Pastrana, Ken Block, and Barry McKenna. Subaru Rally Team USA is managed by Vermont SportsCar and proudly supported by Subaru of America, Inc., Idemitsu, DirtFish, Method Race Wheels, Kühl, DMACK Tires, and Disc Brakes Australia. Find the team online at www.subaru.com/rally

[WRC] Subaru Impreza Wrc 1998′ compilation Mcrae / Burns Pure Sound HD

Oct 7, 2013

New WRC Video : Subaru Impreza WRC 99 Real Sound motors Drivers: Colin Mcrae / Richard Burns Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/TheRealCarHu…

Launch Control: Chasing the Legacy of Colin McRae – Episode 3.14

Dec 23, 2015

Launch Control – Season 3, Episode 14 – “Chasing the Legacy” Twenty years after their first WRC title with Colin McRae, Subaru returns to the Welsh forests with David Higgins and Craig Drew in a Group N WRX STI wrapped in a throwback tribute livery. Subaru’s rally spirit has remained alive in different corners of the World since that first big win with Colin in 1995. It was the spark that made rally so popular not only for Subaru but across the world for the sport. Watch all episodes of Launch Control here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGdK9… Produced by Formula Photographic Inc.with Bowes Media Inc. About Subaru Rally Team USA Subaru Rally Team USA is managed by Vermont SportsCar and proudly supported by Subaru of America, Inc., Subaru Tecnica International (STI), Method Race Wheels, Royal Purple, DMack Tires, RECARO, PIAA and Race Proven. Find the team online at www.subaru.com/rally

I love Subarus, Subaru Rally cars and Subaru drivers!

And Rally is my favorite sport!



Kamaz T4 Dakar Truck Chases a Volkswagen Polo R WRC

Red Bull
Published on Aug 17, 2016

Watch a Kamaz Dakar truck and Volkswagen Polo R WRC battle it out on Rally Finland’s iconic Ouninpohja stage.

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On one side of the ring there’s the 318-horsepower Volkswagen Polo R WRC: a car that has won WRC RAlly Finland three times. Then on the other side, more unusually, the there’s the iconic Kamaz 4326 truck that is the undisputed King of the Dakar, with close to 1000-horsepower…and still capable of hitting the jumps! Would you handle the pressure of the truck behind you?

See it chase #redbull #motorsports #dakar

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This is absolutely spectacular!! WooHoo!!



Bergrennen WOLSFELD 2019 – BEST OF [Pure Sound]

Published on Jun 23, 2019

Best of Bergrennen WOLSFELD 2019 (Germany) Berg-Cup. Best action & pure sound of this “berg-rennen.”

More BergMonster ► www.rudycoursedecote.com #RUDYCOURSEDECOTE ©

Exciting rallye cars climbing a hill… ah, yes, mountain racing… a thrill a minute! Fantastic cars all going much quicker than there tame counterparts could even dream

There’s even a wicked quick 2kilo2 with a big wing.

Dig it!



2017 Glens of Antrim Rally – Camillus Bradley & Crawford Henderson – Stage 6

Published on May 11, 2017

SVS Incar Camera Footage of Camillus Bradley & Crawford Henderson in their Ford Escort Mk2. Upload Requested By: Crawford Henderson. This is Stage 6 of the 2017 RiverRidge Recycling Glens of Antrim Rally.

Footage provided by SVS Incar Cameras See www.svstv.com for more details & videos… Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/SVSTVco… Twitter : twitter.com/#!/SVS_TV

Camillus Bradley is the cousin of a very dear friend of mine and is therefore extra special in my eyes.


See this previous post!




“Tires? We don’ need no stinking tires!”

In Rallye, you press on… regardless. As long as the car can move, you make it move.




flying finn

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Originally Posted by tolis
Does anyone know who did the longest jump in Rally Finland?
Was it that one: Longest jump in rally finland – YouTube

I think that Markko Märtin’s jump from Ouninpohja 2003, Yellow House jump, is the longest measured one from modern days. 57 metres at 173 km/h if I recall right. That Guy Wilks’ flight is from SS Leustu, jump best known for Novikov’s stunt in 2009. Last year they had metre marks up to 55 metres there and they roughly landed at 45-50 metres. Wilks’ jumps must’ve been around 55 metres at least. I think we would have some nice lengths from SS Himos “Nikara’s jump” as well. Only Ouninpohja’s jump is ran to direction measured here this year.

From the 1970s this jump by Juhani Kynsilehto in 1975 is rather big one. Legend says it landed around 70 metres, but that’s not accurate of course. Co-driver was, by the way, one Martin Holmes.


Sweet! Finland is most definitely Rally Central… it’s in their blood!