Proving Richat Structure Was Under the Ocean in 2min (Covered in SALT) Atlantis & Eye of the Sahara

Bright Insight
Feb 15, 2022

Definitive proof that the Richat Structure (also referred to as the Eye of the Sahara) was indeed obliterated by the Ocean…and far more recently than what was thought to be possible. Is the Richat Structure (which is located in remote desert of Mauritania) the long lost location of the Lost City of Atlantis?

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Jimmy convinced me long ago.


From the latest batch of Perseverance Photos.…

This image was acquired on Feb. 12, 2022 (Sol 349)

Cool… woo incoming in 3.. 2.. 1.. lol


Controlling someone else’s arm with your brainwaves

ThinkExplore, Inc.
Feb 12, 2017

This is a video of a presentation given by Air Force Lieutenant David Tumey, Principal Investigator of the Brain Actuated Control Laboratory, AAMRL, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH to faculty and students of the Biomedical Engineering Department at Wright State University, Fairborn, Ohio on July 25, 1988. In this video, 1Lt. Tumey, uses his Alpha brainwaves to control the output of a Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation (NMES) device to raise and lower the arm of a volunteer. In effect, Dave’s brain is connected to the volunteer’s nervous system. Both the NMES and Alpha brainwave equipment are non-invasive! It is believed to be the first time one person’s brain is used to control another person’s movement. The video was recorded on VHS tape almost 29 years ago and was lost. Recently, the video tape was rediscovered and the pioneering technology it captures can now be shared with everyone. For more information on brain-actuated control technology, please visit

No doubt this has been fully weaponized by now.


Mars Perseverance Rover Capture Flight of Unknown Object over Mars Mountains

Feb 10, 2022

We NEED to know WHAT these things are.

Especially as we are going to be walking around up there soon, eh.


The Elephant Who Dug A Hole For 11 Hours Finally Pulls Out Something No One Expected … OMG

Did You Know ?
Jan 10, 2022

The Elephant Who Dug A Hole For 11 Hours Finally Pulls Out Something No One Expected

Elephants are some of the world’s most intelligent creatures. They possess excellent problem-solving skills and are extremely compassionate. So when one elephant in India found herself in a stressful situation and began digging a hole for hours. No one could understand why until she pulled out the most unexpected thing!

Back in 2015, a herd of 60 elephants were spotted taking a walk through northeastern India. The herd had been traveling for miles and they seemed to be tired. Then something horribly unexpected occurred…
Many of the villagers of the Chatra district were pretty used to seeing elephants passing through the village. It wasn’t an unusual sight to see the elephants migrating through. However, there was one elephant that immediately stood out from the group.

So why did this one elephant stand out so much? Well, she was behaving in the most erratic ways. Hour after hour she would circle around a muddy area of a field and wouldn’t settle down. The villagers couldn’t understand why.

The elephant began to call a lot of attention to herself. Many of the villagers stood by in awe as the elephant began to dig her trunk into the muddy field. She was completely separate from her group at this point.
It soon became apparent to the villagers that the elephant was digging for something under the ground. She was using her trunk as a shovel as she began create a ditch. It didn’t seem like she was going to stop anytime soon.

Every once in a while she would step back, obviously from exhaustion. The poor elephant continued digging for the next 11 hours! No one could understand what she was doing or why…

The elephant had been digging for so long that at this point most of the herd had gone on without her. From sunrise into sunset she dug and dug. The villagers were worried that she could be dangerous.
Eventually, after so many hours had gone by, the villagers knew they had to try and intervene. They began to proceed with caution, just in case the elephant was frantic. Then, as they got closer, they understood what was happening and it was shocking…

Finally, it was obvious to the villagers why the elephant had been digging for so long. Inside of the ditch that she had dug up was her baby calf. It seems that her baby calf had fallen in and couldn’t get out.
Unfortunately, without knowing it, the mama elephant was actually making the situation a lot worse. The more she dug the more the baby was pushed back into the muddy hole. The villagers knew that if they didn’t intervene that the baby elephant would eventually suffocate and not make it.

The villagers knew that it wouldn’t be an easy task to get the baby elephant out. So they decided to get creative with ideas while one villager, Jitendra Tiwari, began to film the rescue. The first thing they did was drive a banana truck through to scare away the mama elephant.

“With the mother elephant at a safe distance away,” Jitendra said, “We used [that] time to remove the heap of sand deposited near the well that was making it difficult for her to rescue the baby.” So would the plan work?

Once they had cleared a way, the villagers moved the banana truck so that the mother elephant could return. They hoped that now she would have enough space to grab the baby and bring her calf out. They wanted to avoid having her throw any more mud into the hole.

Finally, after digging for 11 hours, this mama elephant was able to pull her baby up out of the ground. She wrapped her trunk around the calf’s body and began to pull it out. After a few tugs she finally had her baby back by her side.

All of the villagers were so happy when the mama elephant had successfully pulled the baby out of the muddy ditch. After all of their hard work the baby would finally be returned back to its mother. The villagers also noticed something else very sweet…

Finally, the mama elephant could rest easy knowing that her baby was by her side and safe. The villagers watched as the two of them took their time walking away. Then they noticed the sweetest thing in the world!
As the mama and the calf walked away into the sunset, the villagers noticed the most heartwarming gesture. The mama and the baby were walking away with their trunks intertwined the entire time. It was almost too sweet to be real!

So the mama and the baby elephant began to walk away from the villagers. They were walking back to their herd, hoping to catch back up with their other family members and friends. Finally, this horrible ordeal was behind them.

Cool that she could detect it. No instrumentation needed.

Love is The Force of the Universe.


Ex air force pilot witnesses USP with a ‘persons face’ inside it rise out of Lake Casitas, California 1964 – hoax or not?

The link to the original MUFON investigation report can be found here:

Ex air force pilot Frank S Kinsey supposedly sees this USP rise out of the lake with the round bottom section spinning at immense speed, so fast it bought up a vortex of water with it.

He quickly tried to take a photo of it before it flew away and this is what he captured.

Apparently it then shot off so fast it had travelled 15 miles within seconds over the mountains.

In the top section that remained still he could see a ‘persons face’ in a port hole. He approximated this thing to be about 30ft in diameter. As you can see the bottom section is blurred, which suggests it is spinning very fast. As this was taken in 1964 without editing software, I can’t see how he could have hoaxed the blurred part to make it look like it is spinning.

I’m assuming a ‘persons face’ doesn’t necessarily mean it’s human.

Do you think it’s legit or hoaxed? Alien tech or man made? any ideas?


Hoax? Well, as Frank once said, “I’d say the odds are fifty fifty.”

As for my inaccurate title, (sorry!), it has obviously already arisen, so, yeah…

Reminiscent of the interesting 3 face ufo.


Liquid Water 1.5 km under Mars surface detected via Radio Echo Radar

Feb 7, 2022

European Space Agency and NASA found Liquid Water deposits under South Pole of Mars using MARSIS Radar instrument. Science article presents strong radar echoes from the bottom of the Martian southern polar deposits are interpreted as being due to the presence of liquid water under 1.5 km of ice. Finally it is possible, that under huge layer of ice there could probably be lakes and flowing Martian rivers. Radio Echo Sounding (RES) is a suitable technique to resolve this dispute, because low frequency radars have been used extensively and successfully to detect liquid water at the bottom of terrestrial polar ice sheets. Sound/acoustic radar means that frequency of transmitted signal is quite low. The Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding (MARSIS) instrument on the Mars Express spacecraft is used to perform RES experiments at Mars.

Credit:,, ESA/NASA/JPL/Univ. Rome; R. Orosei et al 2018

Source science article:…
Source for ESA’s image of Mars crater:

WooHoo! This is Fantabulous News!


This footage is from 27th December 2021 by Scuba Ventures – Kavieng, Papua New Guinea who said about the encounter ‘Saw a new type of Jellyfish while diving today. It has cool markings and is a bit bigger than a soccer ball and they are quite fast swimming

Wikipedia tells us ‘Chirodectes is an incredibly rare genus of box jellyfish in the family Chirodropidae. It contains a single species. The first and only scientifically studied specimen was captured from Outer Barrier Reef, northeast Queensland, about 43km off the mainland on May 2, 1997

Footage from the 1997 encounter does not seem to exist making Scuba Ventures encounter late last year the only known footage of one. Obviously wikipedia needs to be updated.

Quite nice looking, really.


Before Sunset A Mysterious UFO Was Captured In Two Different Places By Mars Perseverance Rover

Physics Insight
Feb 3, 2022

Navigation Camera (Navcam) onboard NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover acquired these images on Feb. 3, 2022 (Sol 340).
The camera is located high on the rover’s mast and aids in driving.

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Source:… Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Good stuff here.

Mars Perseverance Rover Find Unidentified Flying Object on Mars

Feb 4, 2022

25 seconds, as usual. One of the segmented type. No info provided, as usual. These things rock. I mean, really, eh.


Does The Megalania Still Exist? Strange Sightings Of Giant Lizards In Australia

Paranormal Junkie
Nov 27, 2019


“Megalania” Giant Goanna Sighting

Geckos and Gum Leaves
Jul 15, 2017

When Giant Lizards Ruled Australia – Megalania

Ben G Thomas
Nov 11, 2018

Monitor Lizards are a fantastic group of animals, as they include the largest lizards alive today, but at one point in time they got even bigger…

It might not, but I’m pretty sure it does.


The bird known as an “Australian Firehawk” hunts for prey fleeing wildfires and has been known to pick up burning branches and carry them to dry brush to start more fires.

Posted by u/MaGilly_GorillaSource


Russian lake Cryptids.

We are IF
Sep 7, 2020

Please watch: “Monster Sharks and the Meg”…

–~– Russian lake Cryptids. In a recent post I looked at the Brosno dragon a Russian lake monster that was claimed to have been blown up by explosives , in my research I came across a multitude of lake cryptids from Russia. Some you may have heard of, others that you may not. From human-like water dwelling entities to the more familiar lake monster or river serpents. Lets take a dive into these Russian waters and see what we find.

The Brosno Dragon Russia’s Nessie

We are IF
Aug 26, 2020

Please watch: “Monster Sharks and the Meg”…

–~– The Brosno Dragon Russia’s Nessie Lake monsters are prolific, there are many, many tales of these aquatic beasts. They hide in the murky depths of some of the world’s deepest inland bodies of water. Often the only evidence for their existence being folklore and maybe some grainy photos. There is one case where a little more than a photo was found. A story of a lake monster, some explosives and large unidentifiable mass!! Let’s take a look

Lake monsters are so nice. Except when they eat you.



Jan 21, 2022



In thinking about this, from Col. Boone’s description, it would appear he saw not a Bigfoot, but one of the surviving members of the giant race of people who the Indians defeated in war. Fits a lot better.


Sightings Of Dinosaurs In Indonesia And Papua New Guinea

Paranormal Junkie
Jan 25, 2020

Bizarre Sightings Of Dinosaurs In Indonesia And Papua New Guinea


3 Mysterious And Unexplained Events From Papua New Guinea That Can’t Be Explained

Unexplained Mysteries
Mar 18, 2020

3 mysterious and unexplained events from Papua New Guinea that can’t be explained. Today, we take a look at these 3 mysterious and unexplained events from Papua New Guinea that can’t be explained.

Over the years various reports have come out of papua new guinea. Some of these are so mysterious that it’s caused investigations to be carried out. Interestingly, once here team have managed to uncover some incredible evidence, some of which say points to many of these stories being very much real. Although some of them sound to good to be true, others have seen them first hand.

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5 Alleged Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Animal Sightings & Encounters

Unexplained Mysteries
Oct 5, 2017

5 alleged dinosaurs & prehistoric animal sightings & encounters. In this video we take a look at encounters of real living dinosaurs.

Around the world there have been accounts of living dinosaurs. Many people over the world have reported having encounters with these supposed dinosaurs. From the congo to Papua New Guinea we countdown 5 alleged dinosaurs & prehistoric animal sightings & encounters.

Number 5 – Mokele Mbembe
Number 4 – New Guinea Iguanodon
Number 3 – Moa
Number 2 – Pterosaur Sightings
Number 1 – Dinosaur Sightings

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Number 1… The River Dinos and the Mountain Boomers are REAL, I assure you of that.

5 Mysterious Ancient Creature Encounters That Can’t Be Explained

Unexplained Mysteries
Aug 20, 2019

5 mysterious ancient creature encounters that can’t be explained. We take a look at these 5 mysterious ancient creature encounters that can’t be explained.

All around the world there appears to be strange sightings and witness reports of monsters of all kinds of shapes and sizes that demonstrate a varying degree or supernatural and unexplainable behavior.

So today, here at unexplained mysteries, we will be attempting to peel back the layers of mystery behind these frightening creature encounters and look at some of the largest monster sightings that have ever been made.

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Good stuff.


Pterodactyl Sighting by Pupu Poya

Rex Yapi
Mar 24, 2020

Eyewitness account of Flying Pterosaur up in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Rex Yapi is the only cryptozoologist in Papua New Guinea.


Trying not to upset Pixies

Erwin Saunders
Jan 29, 2022

Tom joins me on a second excursion, to find the ‘Shaman Tree’ of the Scalva Tribe.

To attempt to fund this channel I also draw and make prints. By buying my artwork, it will enable me to put more resources into making videos and growing the channel. I am very grateful to anyone that helps in this way. I have some Hand-Made Shaman ( and other) Lino cut prints on Big Cartel Also there is Redbubble.…

It is such a joy to watch Erwin and Tom.



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Jan 28, 2022

..But besides black ice, there are a few more enigmas in the little planet…

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A pretty cool place, this Mercury, eh.


Project Lyra – The Mission to Chase After ‘Oumuamua

gortex, Knight of Ni
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posted on Jan, 28 2022 @ 02:01 PM
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It’s been over 4 years since Oumuamua visited our Solar System and left amateur and professional astronomers scratching their heads saying “WTF was that thing ?” , sadly Oumuamua passed before we could get a look at it so now the Institute for Interstellar Studies have revealed they have been working on a plan to launch a mission to chase after the what ever it was to answer the questions Oumuamua left us with , was it a chunk of ice , rock or something more exotic.

The Institute say if they launch a probe in 2028 by using slingshots of our Solar System planets they could catch up to the mystery object in 26 years , yeah it’s a long wait and some of us probably won’t get to see the results but the idea is still an exciting prospect.

Interestingly enough, there are many proposals on the table for missions that could do just that. Consider Project Lyra, a proposal by the Institute for Interstellar Studies (i4is) that would rely on advanced propulsions technology to rendezvous with interstellar objects (ISOs) and study them. According to their latest study, if their mission concept launched in 2028 and performed a complex Jupiter Oberth Manoeuvre (JOM), it would be able to catch up to ‘Oumuamua in 26 years.

On October 30th, 2017, less than two weeks after ‘Oumuamua was detected, the Initiative for Interstellar Studies (i4is) inaugurated Project Lyra. The purpose of this concept study was to determine if a mission to rendezvous with ‘Oumuamua was feasible using current or near-term technologies. Since then, the i4is team has conducted studies that considered catching up with the ISO using nuclear-thermal propulsion (NTP) and a laser sailcraft, similar to Breakthrough Starshot – an interstellar mission concept for reaching Alpha Centauri in 20 years.…-154028

Video from the Institute for Interstellar Studies detailing their plan.

It’s no secret that I find ‘Oumuamua fascinating and think it’s the closest we’ve come to finding something possibly designed by ET but I also find the name of the project fascinating too , mainly because of this sat in my picture callery.

Not saying it’s Aliens but …..

Nifty keen!


Wow! Go Russia!


15:47 GMT 25.01.2022

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russian scientists want to send three missions to Venus in 2029-2034, the latter will try to deliver soil from the planet for the first time in history, Lev Zelenyi, the scientific director of the Space Research Institute (IKI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said on Tuesday.

“We are no longer thinking about one Venera-D mission, but about a whole program … An absolutely fantastic story of the delivery of soil from Venus is being considered as the final mission,” Zelenyi said at the Korolyov Readings in Moscow.

According to his presentation, three missions under the Russian Venus exploration program are scheduled for 2029, 2031 and 2034.

In 2029, the Venera-D spacecraft with orbital, landing, demonstration and atmospheric modules will go to the Earth’s neighbour. Expedition 2 is planned for 2031.

Expedition 3, which scientists want to launch in 2034, will include flight and balloon modules, landing and return vehicles.

Damn, I’ll be 78, Hope I make it!



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Jan 24, 2022

…Many researchers believe that these two tragedies are similar in many ways. What is common? …Despite the fact that all information about the tragic incident was classified by the KGB, information leaked…

Such a strange area…


This NASA Probe Just Accidentally Detected Something Huge Travelling Through The Orion Nebula

Unexplained Mysteries
Jan 25, 2022

This NASA probe just accidentally detected something huge travelling through the Orion Nebula. Today, we take a look at what was just detected in the Orion Nebula.

The M42 is a nebula that can be found in the Milky Way galaxy. It’s more commonly called the Orion Nebula, and it’s been detailed by many ancient cultures throughout our history. The Orion Nebula can be seen without the use of telescopes, making it one of the most viewed and photographed Nebula’s.

A few years back astronomers spotted an interesting object while looking through photographs of the Orion nebula they had captured. The astronomer was using a powerful telescope and decided to photograph Orion, but….

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Very cool. And very huge.


Scientists Have Just Found An Untouched Rainforest In The Mountains Of Bolivia & They Found This

Unexplained Mysteries
Dec 23, 2021

Scientists have just found an untouched rainforest in the mountains of Bolivia & they found this. Today, we take a look at what these scientists found in this untouched rainforest in Bolivia.

Scientific discoveries are being made every day and are responsible for much of what we know about the world around us, from the strange to the interesting to the downright mysterious. Our understanding of how the world operates, whether that be the classification of animals that have inhabited the earth heretofore unknown to man or fascinating space finds, is based purely on what we have been able to uncover and interpret about the environment around us.

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Cool beans.


3 face ufo in night sky

A friend took this video about 5 miles from where we were camping in Frazier Park, Ca. Earlier, we were looking at this in the sky and I was trying to video, new phone and my inexperience with a cell phone camera, mine wasnt that great and we didnt see what he captured in this video. The reason he went to look at this, my bf called him and told him what we were watching and his friend was a nay sayer about it. But he went out and looked thru his camera and this is what he caught and he has nay sayed since LOL

Posted by u/ChaosCroneSource

Three face ufo

Shannon Davis
Dec 13, 2021

Video taken early October 2021. Frazier Park, Ca mountains.

Well now, this is quite different from the usual fare.


“This Old guy uses one weird trick to find Fairies”

Erwin Saunders
Jan 24, 2022

I thought I’d show off Toms rejected Promos for the channel. He’s working on a final version that should be out shortly. Plus there is another new video coming rather soon also.Also Tom’s Goblin picture is for sale on Ebay! as seen here…

My handmade prints are to be found on (I’m in the process of making a new print of this creature) Also there is Redbubble.…



NASA’s Perseverance Rover Caught A Mysterious Black Flying Extraterrestrial In Mars Sky

Physics Insight
Jan 23, 2022

These images of the video of Mars have been taken on April 4, 2021 by Perseverance rover’s Cameras. Before the Martian sky is clear and there is nothing to see in the sky. Suddenly in the same place in another images a mysterious black object appeared in the sky. Note: NASA has not confirmed about these images yet that what could these mysterious objects be.

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Images Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Source:…

This is exciting!

UPDATE: Here is another example, from a youtuber that reveals zero information like the image number. That said, the image is displayed, albeit briefly. This video only has 21 seconds of info at the start. The rest is scanning the ground aimlessly. But, having said that, here it is and note that it has the same look and basic form as the ones I have been sharing of late.



This is so neat!


Real Life Pterodactyl & Pterosaur Caught On Camera?

Epic Nature
Jun 29, 2017

Real life Pterodactyl & Pterosaur caught on camera. We take a look at this supposed Pterodactyl & Pterosaur caught on tape. Pterosaur sightings across America are rare, but a few people have reported seeing these giant winged creatures soaring the sky.

The defining characteristics of a pterosaur are a wide bat-like wingspan and a large backward-pointing crest.

There have been a number of alleged pterosaur sightings around the world. Texas and California are the states in the U.S. where some have occurred. Pterosaurs have also reportedly been seen in Kansas, Utah, Arizona and Ohio and now Idaho.

As expected, there are many more pterosaur sightings in Africa and on remote Pacific islands. In 1923, natives in Zambia reported seeing what they called a kongamoto, which means “overwhelmer of boats,” and said it looked just like drawings of pterosaurs. There have been many reports of pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea, where it’s called a ropen and has the unusual characteristic of glowing while flying.

Thank you for watching!

Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

Wonderful creatures. Nicely done video. I know of no good reason that would prevent them from being amongst the living in the here and now. Nor other critters that are supposedly no longer around. Seriously.

God, I should make videos. It’s been a long, long time. Maybe later in the year? I’ll be in my new and presumably final home come June. I am praying that this major change will, after a few months, finally reduce my stress, angst and background weirdness levels to a point where I can begin, once again, firing on all cylinders. I am hopeful. The waiting is surreal.

Hey, here is one from China!

Real Life Dragon Caught On Tape Above China?

Epic Nature
Jun 27, 2017

Real life dragon caught on tape above China. We take a look at a supposed real life dragon caught on tape above China.

The world is filled with mysteries and tales of mythical creatures. Sightings of prehistoric species like Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster have been reported several times over the past decades and now it seems dragons are next on the list.

China’s image is associated with the red dragon for centuries as the mythical species have a great importance in their culture, but a new video surfacing from the country claims to have caught a real dragon on camera. A creature that looks like the typical dragon seems to be flying near a mountain in China, although the quality of the video makes it difficult to verify what exactly it is.

Thank you for watching!

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NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover Captured A Mysterious Moving Object In Three Different Places

Physics Insight
Jan 20, 2022

NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover acquired these images used in the video using its Mastcam-Z camera on July 4, 2021 (Sol 132). Mastcam-Z is a pair of cameras located high on the rover’s mast. Note: The black object has not been confirmed by NASA JPL team that what exactly is this object.

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Imagery Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU Sources:…

That is really an awesome thing to see. I am going with a lifeform of some kind.


Tonga Volcano Explodes, Detected by Himawari Satellite

Anton Petrov
Jan 15, 2022

Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a Tonga volcano eruption Satellite: (check January 14 footage NE of New Zealand)



RAPTORES: River-Dinos|Criptozoologia|Terror

DinoCriptidos: Criptozoologia
Premiered Feb 9, 2020

Temporada 06 – Episodio 03: Una serie de 4 extrañas fotografias, parecen demostrar la existencia de unos desconocidos reptiles bipedos en las rocosas regiones de Colorado, US. ¿Seran acaso los llamados River Dinos? Criaturas que recuerdan a los extintos dinosaurios Dromeosauridos como el Velociraptor.

Season 06 – Episode 03: A series of 4 strange photographs seem to prove the existence of unknown bipedal reptiles in the rocky regions of Colorado, US. Will they be the so-called River Dinos? Creatures reminiscent of the extinct Dromeosaurid dinosaurs like the Velociraptor.

NOTA: El siguiente vídeo esta hecho con fines de entretenimiento. No se busca vender una verdad absoluta. Los hechos aquí narrados no buscan comprobar un hecho científico, por lo tanto son cuestionables dependiendo de las creencias de cada espectador. Copyright Disclaimer! Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law, Act 1976): All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, & images used belong to their respective companies. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

Oh I do love the River Dinos. I remember the awesome site where that photo is from. It no longer exists. As far as I can tell.

I just watched this even though I don’t speak Spanish. It’s got a great vibe and stuff on these little guys is so damn rare.

Dig it.


Charles W. Shults III

Wow, I made another amazing crinoid find! Curiosity, sol 3344. Color markup. Violet, crinoid calyx/tentacles. Green, segments “stems”. Much more to come. Bring on the theologians, because nobody ever expects the inquisition.

Hey, come to my crinoid gallery and see some of the many finds. Here is the link:

And, I am still doing Fermi Paradox classes every Monday evening. Sign up here. Tomorrow’s class is Life in Space. It’s going to be very, very interesting.

The evidence just keeps on coming.

Charles’ passion for this quest is a treasure.


Thunderbird Stories from Canada [Cryptozoology Documentary]

Hammerson Peters
Nov 14, 2020

Thunderbird: A Canadian Legend

For centuries, First Nations legend told of a giant eagle endowed with the ability to create storms. Lightning flashed when it blinked its eyes, and thunder boomed when it flapped its wings. Today, we know these mythical creatures as Thunderbirds.

0:00:00 – Opening Credits
0:00:26 – The Thunderbird House Pole
0:01:07 – The Thunderbird of the Pacific Northwest
0:02:50 – The Thunderbird of the Great Lakes
0:03:27 – The Thunderbird of the Maritimes
0:03:36 – The Thunderbird of the Arctic
0:04:27 – The Thunderbird of the Kutenai
0:04:44 – The Thunderbird of the Prairies
0:05:53 – White Bear’s Abduction
0:08:34 – Blackfoot Sightings
0:09:25 – Claude Schaeffer’s California Condor Theory
0:10:56 – The Thunderbird of the Shuswap
0:11:33 – Thunderbird sighting in the Rocky Mountains
0:12:12 – Thunderbird Sighting in Quebec
0:12:50 – Mark A. Hall’s Cryptid Theory
0:14:36 – Karl P.N. Shuker’s Composite Theory
0:19:04 – The Thunderbird-Grouse Connection

Special thank you to Gary S. Mangiacopra and Kevin Guhl for their research assistance.

Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video and would like to help support this channel, please check out my book:

Mysteries of Canada: Volume I –…

A lovely video. Very thorough.


This Navajo Park Ranger Revealed The Truth About What’s Happening Inside Navajo Nation Parks

Unexplained Mysteries
Jan 4, 2022

This Navajo park ranger revealed the truth about what’s happening inside Navajo Nation parks. Today, we take a look at what this Navajo park ranger revealed. The life of a Navajo park ranger isn’t an easy one. Not only do you deal with everything a normal police officer does, but every so often they will encounter things that even they can’t explain. One of the places where officers are seeing strange things is that of the Navajo Reservation of the American southwest. This location is known for mysterious and legendary stories, and although many officers don’t like to talk about their encounters, some have come forward in recent years and shared some of the things that they’ve witnessed.

Thank you for watching!
Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

This is a nice video. The Unexplained Mysteries team is a treasure.


The O’Faodhagain Footage

Crash-Course Cryptozoology
Feb 14, 2021

In 2019, 2020, as well as since, Eoin O’Faodhagain as recorded images from the Loch Ness live webcams that are difficult to explain via known phenomenon.



A couple of “Foo Fighter” newspaper clippings I found in my Dad’s collection

Posted by u/_OoklaTheMok_Source

These old reports are always good to see.


Bigfoot Sighting on Michigan Live Eagle Cam!

Sep 15, 2016… An unknown figure is captured walking below the nest of a pair of Michigan bald eagles on the CarbonTV Eagle Cam.

Looks pretty good.


The Mozambique Footage

Crash-Course Cryptozoology
Dec 10, 2021

Originally uploaded in 2018, the Mozambique footage is alleged trail camera footage from Africa of a giant spider, a size and species that would make it a new scientific find, if real. However, the video’s quality raises many questions, as does the movement of the object in the footage.

Original footage:…


CryptoDragon UK
Sep 12, 2018

A legendary cryptid J’ba Fofi has finally been caught on camera, back in 2014 in Maptualand, Mozambique by some campers, they heard stories of native villagers coming across giant burrows and seeing giant webs around the Maptualand area, so they decided to take a camera with them and before they tucked in to their tent they put the camera on a nearby tree and began recording overnight. In the morning they were shocked at what they had captured. Credit to Owleye for stumbling onto the video. Look inbetween the two trees at 00:40.

Facebook Cryptid Page:


CryptoDragon UK
May 15, 2020

Turn your brightness up to the max when viewing this for better vision. Look inbetween the two trees at 00:40.

This fella ranks high in the Top 10 on my bucket list. Yup.


Moon Rover 2022 update in 4K UHD of Mysterious Hut (China’s Yutu-2 mission)

Jan 8, 2022

On January 7, 2022 Chinese media published latest update from Lunar Rover Yutu-2 of Mysterious Hut in 4K UHD. Technically Moon Rover came to Mysterious Hut on December 27, 2021 and took several images. But transmission of that image to Earth and processing took several days. This rock finally called “Jade Rabbit”. Yutu-2 woke up, it ushered in the work of the 38th day of the month, and the goal is still to continue to go north. 3 Mobile First strode, 7 m, 9 m, 10 m, the more steps across the Great, came to a total mileage of 992.3 m, this time from the “mystery house” only a distance of about 10 meters, can finally reveal the “mystery The mystery of the “hut” was finally revealed, and the drivers immediately arranged for a panoramic camera to perform color imaging, finally revealing its true appearance!

Credit: Source:…

Looks like it’s just a couple of rocks from 33 feet away. Oh well. Nice rocks, though.


Recent Burrunjor Reports

Crash-Course Cryptozoology
Premiered Dec 18, 2019

The Burrunjor, among other alleged cryptids, is often considered the stuff of history; realistic history or otherwise. However, this does not seem to be the case.

I have always loved the Burrunjor as well as the wonderful modern Megalania sightings. But only Burru’s cousin Murray gets to be in this post.

Here is the vid he spoke of…

The Outback’s Legendary Dinosaur

Crash-Course Cryptozoology
Jan 5, 2018

The Burrunjor has proven to be a strange phenomenon. Sightings seem to go back thousands of years, and yet history says such a creature died off millions of years ago, albeit perhaps more recently than expected. Does the evidence related to the Burrunjor re-write history? And if not, what exactly is going on in the outback?

New channel for me and I like it. As is the one below!

Cryptids and Monsters: The Murray, a T-Rex-like cryptid said to roam the outback of Papa New Guinea

Jul 30, 2016

Cryptids and Monsters: Burrunjor, the last living T-Rex, said to roam the Australian outbacks!

Oct 20, 2013

I want to see a Burrunjor badly. I think they are still around.


The Mokele-Mbembe Footage of 1992

Crash-Course Cryptozoology
Nov 14, 2021…

In 1992, Tokyo Broadcasting Systems Inc. flew over the Congo’s Lake Tele, and captured images of a large object swimming in the water. In 2010, the footage became widely more available online, allowing for analyses to be conducted. Does the footage show Lake Tele’s legendary Mokele-Mbembe, an alleged animal likened by many to a sauropod dinosaur? Or is another explanation valid?

I will go with elephant.


NASA’s Curiosity Rover Caught A Mysterious Flying Extraterrestrial Object In The Mars Sky

Physics Insight
Dec 26, 2021

These images were snapped by Mast Camera (Mastcam) on NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity in the Gale Crater on Sol 3333 (2021-12-21). The images contain a black mysterious object flying in the sky. The object has been captured in some images and not in all images. It means that this is not dust on the camera lens but else some strange creature spaceship or UFO.

Images Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

This is so exciting!

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Captured Artificial Objects Or Possibly UFO Debris Shining On Mars Surface

Physics Insight
Jan 1, 2022

These all images used in the video were acquired on Dec. 30, 2021 (Sol 306). These images have been taken via onboard Front Hazard Avoidance Camera A and Navigation Camera (Navcam). The image at 2:12 , has been taken on Feb. 20, 2021, by the Navigation Cameras, or Navcams, aboard NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover right after its landing on Mars surface.

How long will they continue to be ignored?


A Medley of Sasquatch Vocals and Activity

Sasquatch Ontario
Jan 3, 2022

There’s a divide in this subject. There’s the organizations like the BFRO with their fraudulent database of reports, covering up the paranormal aspect of this enigma, then there’s the REAL stuff.

Why would anyone not want truth when it comes to something so incredible that it changes our understanding of reality?

Sasquatch are an interdimensional ancient race of human-types, far evolved past the petty antics of homo sapiens who have chosen the path of destruction, one that is damaging the earth and the almost forgotten freedom of who we truly are.

The vocals presented in this ensemble are some of a collection of recordings from over the past decade or so documenting a family of hairy folk who have been so giving and generous in the amount of supporting evidence I’ve been able to present over the years. Thank you to Nef’s family and to Dwayne for a decade of incredible experiences that have changed my life and my understanding of reality. Truth will always prevail.

Anyone caught trespassing or stalking on that private location will be apprehended and dealt with harshly by the full extent of the law. If we catch you, you’re going down. Stalking is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and I’m able to show years of ongoing stalking. A judge will take that into consideration. Choose wisely 🙂

Fantastic recordings.

Not so keen on the interdimensional bit.


Flying-Dinosaur Sighting Reports in 2021
Streamed live on Dec 31, 2021

I saw a Dinosaur in Canada – Live Pterodactyl

Protect Animal Life
Feb 23, 2021

From the cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb Over a period of many years, I received many reported sightings of modern living pterosaurs, a.k.a. “pterodactyls” or “flying dinosaurs”, in Canada. These accounts were mostly directly from the eyewitnesses themselves. For example, here is one such account of an encounter with such a flying creature (in part): “I saw something similar to a pterosaur in Maple Ridge, British Columbia Canada. It was approximately 1 a.m., in the summer of either 2013 or 2014. . . . What appeared to be a pterosaur flew past, it was high up in the sky, and I just spotted the GIANT wings”. The original version of this video was a live-stream on Youtube. For some reason, the original version was lost, so this has been updated and improved and re-uploaded to YT.

Highly recommended is the following playlist: “Best Pterodactyl Sighting Videos of 2021”…
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓
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Pterosaurs are not dinosaurs. It bothers me that they are called that here. But, whatever. There are precious few places to find these sightings.

Other than that, Mr. Whitcomb does some great work compiling these reports.

I want to see one really bad, but I don’t think that it will ever happen.


UFOs Of The Deep : USOs Or The Mystery Of The Alien Submarines

What We Know
Jan 1, 2022

UFOs Of The Deep : USOs Or The Mystery Of The Alien Submarines. An unidentified submerged object (USO) is an unidentified object submerged in water. Hundreds of times in the past years’ large fleets of ships and planes have been deployed in remote parts of the world to search for, and even to at­ tempt to destroy, mysterious submarines which apparently belong to no known nation. These phantom subs have been sighted by entire crews of ships and planes, and have been tracked on radar and sonar. On several occasions they have been “trapped” in coves, fjords, and rivers, yet they have always managed to elude their pursuers. Eyewitness descriptions indicate that these strange underwater craft are considerably larger than any U.S. or Soviet atomic submarine. Their sur­faces and superstructures are perfectly smooth, and they don’t have any visible hatches, potholes or equipment.

Narrated by Rose Price. [Great job! – Ed.]

As everyone knows, I love USOs. They are much more important than UFOs in understanding what is really going on here on Earth. Having said that, it should be noted that a rather large quantity of UFOs are, in fact, USOs, as they are frequently seen entering and leaving the water.

The Navy has been monitoring these things for decades. They regularly operate at depths of 20,000 feet or more, while running at up to 200+ knots.

The best nuclear submarines we or any other country have have a maximum depth capability of about 3 – 4,000 feet and can run at around 40+ knots full chat.

I am not a supporter of the extraterrestrial explanation for these objects. No, the terrestrial explanation is much more likely and makes a lot of sense. They are fellow Earthers. They live in the sea. Simple as that.

And they are obviously a hell of a lot more with it technologically than we are. Remember, a large, dark USO was hanging out with the Tic Tacs in that first popular sighting from the USS Nimitz. Perhaps they got their start a couple of eons before we joined the local fauna.


How deep can military subs go?

What is the maximum depth for a submarine? It’s generally accepted that the maximum depth (depth of implosion or collapse) is about 1.5 or 2 times deeper. The latest open literature says that a US Los Angeles-class test depth is 450m (1,500 ft), suggesting a maximum depth of 675–900m (2,250–3,000 ft). Nov 29, 2021

How fast is the fastest submarine?

K-222 was laid down on 28 December 1963 and commissioned on 31 December 1969, at Severodvinsk. It was assigned to the Soviet Red Banner Northern Fleet for the duration of her career. It was the world’s fastest submarine, reaching a record submerged speed of 44.7 knots (82.8 km/h; 51.4 mph) on trials.


Rhino poachers shot on sight.

This has been a legal and excellent practice in many countries for a while now and I applaud it wholeheartedly.


NOTE: I have been made aware that what I’ve published here is in fact the Chang’e 4 lander and not the Cube. I sincerely apologize for this error. I’m embarrassed af. Forgive me.

I just did a mega-crop from the 25MB tiff file available at Arizona State University’s website devoted to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Go to… and there is a topographical map and a photo you can zoom in on.

So, wow, it is truly a thing and a remarkable one at that!

Props to the ATS crew for finding this.

As French and Saunders used to say, “Absolutely Fabulous!”

Bummer that it will take 3 months for Yutu 2 to get over there, but after investigating the specifics of the rover, it is an unfortunate necessity.

I do hope that the Chinese pause after each leg and send pictures as they get closer and closer. That would be really nice.

But, damn, look at that thing!


The Kat Kings – It Came From The Swamp

Nov 6, 2016

(MAPL/Kool Kat Records, “Swinging In The Swamp”, 2016)

Movie Creature from the Black Lagoon

Rock My World Canada!

Kevin McQuade’s Kat Kings from Toronto, mine the original rockabilly rock n’ roll kats for their inspiration, tapping into the pure grooves of early Elvis, Cash, Perkins etc., and delivering a goddamned beer drinkin’ n’ hell raisin’ party, no doubt about it. In addition to the exceptional vocals and guitar playing from bandleader Kevin McQuade, The Kat Kings are comprised of an award-winning cast and “who’s who” on the Canadian blues and roots scene including the album’s producer Teddy Leonard (Fathead, The Maple Blues All Stars) on additional guitars. The Kat Kings also consists of Al Cross (Drums) and John Dymond (Electric/Upright Bass) and Martin Alex Aucoin . “Swingin’ In The Swamp” is party music the way it used to sound, and the way it should again.



Basic Depiction of The Michigan Dogman; Dog-Headed w/ Humanoid Body

Anubis; “Jackal-Headed” Ancient Egyptian God, with humanoid body.

Wepwawet; Brother of Anubis – “Dog-Headed” with Humanoid Body.

Dogman & Ancient Egyptian Gods (Dog/“Jackal”-Headed Anubis and Wepwawet – Brothers)

Anubis and Wepwawet were/are Ancient Egyptian Gods; notice how their bodies are hairless, like a human’s; vs. “Dogman” who has a hairy body. If these mythological figures were/are real – It would make perfect sense to me how/why the Michigan Dogman is depicted with a furry body. If cryptids evolve from other cryptids – the Michigan Dogman would need a thick coat of fur, to stay warm/survive in Michigan’s often freezing climates. Meanwhile; Anubis & Wepwawet supposedly existed in Ancient Egypt – a place with an extremely hot/arid climate – where having a densely-furred body would be a detriment, not an asset. I wonder : If modern cryptids evolve from ancient cryptids??? It would make perfect sense to me – as this paradigm of possible evolution follows the Darwinian model of evolution!

I don’t know if I even believe in Dogman – I only recently heard of him; I just thought this was an interesting comparison to draw!

Posted by u/ffivefootnothingg


They are obviously not the same species as Dogman. The morphology is totally different, so it cannot be an evolutionary issue as postulated above. No, these two brothers were a totally different thing. Possibly even different from all the other reported examples.

There were a lot of reports of dog-headed but otherwise regular folk back then, for a very long time. You could deal and trade with them, although could only bark. I am willing to bet that these Gods could talk. It would have helped them achieve their status, surely.

Our modern Dogman is much more a wild animal that you would not want to deal with.


A massive tom cougar from Torres del Paine National Park in Chile known as Scar at his guanaco kill.

Mountain lions from this area are among the largest of their species.

Posted by u/OncaAtrox



Eye witness Harriet Sconce full interview

Wayne Hall
Premiered Dec 14, 2021

In 2012, Milt Marcy, Phillip O’Donnell, and Wayne Hall had an interview with Harriet Sconce.

She was a missionary in Papua New Guinea and had reported seeing a pterosaur.

This is wonderful!


Chestnut-naped antpitta

Sources of pics

Posted by u/KimCureAll


NASA’s Curiosity Rover Caught A Mysterious Flying Extraterrestrial Object In The Mars Sky

Physics Insight
Dec 26, 2021

These images were snapped by Mast Camera (Mastcam) on NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity in the Gale Crater on Sol 3333 (2021-12-21).

The images contain a black mysterious object flying in the sky. The object has been captured in some images and not in all images. It means that this is not dust on the camera lens but else some strange creature spaceship or UFO.

Images Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS Source:…

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These critters are my favorite Martian subject. And it is getting better all the time. I call again for video. Nice, clear video.


Winter quest to find a Pixie ‘Shaman’

Erwin Saunders
Dec 25, 2021

The small beginnings of a quest to find a Pixie Shaman. (The Pixie that turns up is just a scout – Shaman dont just wander about the woods willy nilly)

If you happen to see this today, Merry Christmas.

Tom’s drawing video I refer to is on his channel here.… ( as is his first attempt at a ‘channel trailer’! ( I’m not quite sure what he was up to with that one. He’s doing another attempt))

my Lino cut Prints can be found here (only a few limited ‘Red Stamp’ Shamans left) ( I’ll be making a new print soon, just in time to completely miss Christmas) Also there is Redbubble.…

Pixie at 12:09!

Erwin rocks!


Black Rectangle on Three Chang’e 3 Moon Photos (Linked).

Feb 15, 2018


First Photo…

Second Photo…

Third Photo…

Fourth Photo………
Music by

This rectangular object hits me a lot harder than the new cube from the rover. The cube looks like it could be a rock or two, but this, this is like right there sitting pretty and it is pretty well resolved. So… what is it?

Why are all of these photos so blurry? There is no atmosphere to speak of. Weird.

Here are some more Chang’e 3 finds…

Dig it.


Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) – LROC NAC frame M1696330027R – Triangular object, partially buried in the ground.




Just like the old days.


Messenger probe – PIA15614 (MDIS global mosaic basemap) – Rectangular doorway/entrance on planet Mercury ?



Now, this is more like it.


Sora, Birding Center, Port Aransas, Texas


Photo credit: Elaine R. Wilson, 2009, same image used by Wiki,

I always thought the name of this rail or crake called “sora” comes from the Japanese for sky or heaven, but it turns out that the name of this bird has Native American linguistic origins.

Posted by u/SingaporeCrabby