Please stop what you are doing and look at these baby Lionfish! 


Lionfish in Atlantic = invasive = problem.

Lionfish in Pacific = native = not a problem.


📷s by Steven Kovacs

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Now that’s pretty nifty. Like a frilled lizard. Only wetter. Yup, just like one.



A few years ago, geologist Abderrazak El Albani and his team at the Institut de chimie des milieux et matériaux de Poitiers (CNRS/Université de Poitiers) discovered the oldest existing fossils of multicellular organisms in a deposit in Gabon. Located in the Franceville Basin, the deposit allowed scientists to re-date the appearance of multicellular life on Earth to 2.1 billion years—approximately 1.5 billion years earlier than previously thought (600 million). At the time, the researchers showed that this rich biodiversity co-occurred with a peak in dioxygenation of the atmosphere, and developed in a calm and shallow marine environment.

In this same geological deposit, the team has now uncovered the existence of fossilised traces of motility. This shows that certain multicellular organisms in this primitive marine ecosystem were sophisticated enough to move through its mud, rich in organic matter.…


This news is such sweet music to my ears.  The more ancient things are, the more I like them. This discovery… that there was a critter with legs that long ago fits in so well with my thoughts on the way things were. And in a way my thoughts on certain things in the here and now.





Nope. Close, but no cigar.

It was a drawing, not a photo, on a two-page magazine spread as background under the text.

Not sure what’s going on here in this photo, or the photo’s story, of course, but I am confident in saying that it must have been a rather interesting day.

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Sinks in rather quickly! That vibratory motion is just crazy to watch, but dang if it aint efficient.

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Thought you all would enjoy this beautiful picture of the area known as Monoceros, the Unicorn. It’s an area of star formation. The star forming region is known as NGC 2464, about 2,700 light years distance from Earth. The image covers an area of the sky that is 3/4 of a degree or 1.5 full moons.

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Image was produced by Stanislav Voldkiy using the Chilescope

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The wonders of nature.

Those wonders will neverever… cease to astound because nature never ends. No matter where, no matter when.

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15.02.2019 – 4 days ago

Proceratosaurus rests, sitting on the floor of a forest clearing. Proceratosaurus was an early Tyrannosauroid (early relative of T. rex) from Middle Jurassic England. Proceratosaurus is related to other early, fluffy tyrannosauroids like Guanlong, they are all in the family proceratosauridae. This is a WIP far from being finished. One of the things that I want to achieve is to add more areas of translucency in the crest, that allow some filtered sunlight to pass through.

Terrific talent, eh what?!



This is pretty cool, actually. So linear are those modulations, ooh!


Joffre Glacier

From lsleofskye, via ponderation

Joffre Glacier | emmett_sparling

Location: Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada


Looks like a fabulous place to be alive and to reset your soul’s footings.

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Sharpless 2-308

Sharpless 2-308: Star Bubble

Blown by fast winds from a hot, massive star, this cosmic bubble is huge. Cataloged as Sharpless 2-308 it lies some 5,200 light-years away toward the constellation of the Big Dog (Canis Major) and covers slightly more of the sky than a Full Moon. That corresponds to a diameter of 60 light-years at its estimated distance. The massive star that created the bubble, a Wolf-Rayet star, is the bright one near the center of the nebula. Wolf-Rayet stars have over 20 times the mass of the Sun and are thought to be in a brief, pre-supernova phase of massive star evolution. Fast winds from this Wolf-Rayet star create the bubble-shaped nebula as they sweep up slower moving material from an earlier phase of evolution. The windblown nebula has an age of about 70,000 years. Relatively faint emission captured in the expansive image is dominated by the glow of ionized oxygen atoms mapped to a blue hue. SH2-308 is also known as The Dolphin Nebula.

Credit: Laubing

Via: cosmicvastness

The wonders of Nature…

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Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia
Published on Sep 4, 2016

00:12 Neil Waters, Amateur Researcher

01:20 John Barrie, Amateur Paleontologist

01:23 Dr. Bob Paddle, Scientist / Author

Like Dr. Paddle, I wish the researchers Godspeed in finding a Thylacine. It would be thrilling! It would open so many minds, too, and that might be the best part of it all.

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Utah UFO’s Speed Finally Calculated (*Backed by Math) and It’s Shocking

brian hanley
Published on Jan 30, 2019

Check out Rob Woodus’ channel:…
Rob’s 1st video:
Rob’s 2nd video:

Deep Space by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…) Artist:

Nicely done. Same result as before, but with two more added for different starting points. Shocking, indeed.

Oh, hey, here is a quickie. Please note that I do NOT endorse the use of the term “cockpit.” That’s a dangerous leap.

Stunning NEW Enhanced Images of Utah UFO Reveal the Craft Has a Cockpit!

brian hanley
Published on Feb 6, 2019

New enhanced images sent to me by EG (AKA Evil Lemon) reveal that the Utah UFO has a cockpit. What do you see?


Brian needs to stay strong and avoid the evil WOO!

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Sherwood Forest Father and Son Wildman Account, British Bigfoot? 2013

D. Hatswell Creature Reports
Published on Feb 26, 2018

A lady driving home from work sees two upright hairy unclothed me standing at the treeline in Sherwood Forest. Sherwood has a number of hairy upright caveman type reports. Who is moving in the forests being seen by us humans as we drive on by. A large number of drivers reports seeing strange hairy figures along the roadside or crouch down as if to hide. What are these Figures/Creatures. To view all of the accounts see the map link below.


Thank you for your continued support if you have any queries please contact me at the email address above.

Deborah Hatswell

Deborah is so dedicated, it is truly an extraordinary thing. Of course, her drive to know is powered by an extraordinary and deeply frightening encounter as a youngster. And that’ll do it, as you might imagine.

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