Yellow-Crowned Night Heron

Yellow-Crowned Night Heron.

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Found it holding this position for a few minutes, standing on the side of the Sierpe River, in Costa Rica.


unknown species of semi-slug, from the Andaman Islands of India

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unknown species of semi-slug, from the Andaman Islands of India.

source: uncropped version, by Katharine Donahue


Ancient Encounters: Alexander The Great And Dogman

Journey To The Other Side
Oct 22, 2019

I dig dogmen. These reports were common af!


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Sound from Ingenuity’s 4th flight recorded by mic on SuperCam on Perseverance…

ETA: From the NASA site:



First ever ‘all-sky’ colour image acquired on Mars.

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First ever ‘all-sky’ colour image acquired on Mars. 5 Navcam images from Sol 73. Assembled by Damia Bouic into this hemispherical view. Note layers of thin clouds.


Australian Yowie Research Expedition Files – Operation Stickland Track

Yowiehunters Witness Audio Reports
Apr 16, 2021

This Expedition Research Video contains real Yowie footage shot last week, in the Gold Coast Hinterland. This is a 2 day journey, which found us at our desired location. The effort resulted in reward. We don’t normally post Expedition Files on our Witness Audio Youtube media, however we feel it is important for everyone to see.

If you were not aware of our other Youtube Channel, the link is here –…

Thank you to Buck Buckingham, for a tremendous effort obtaining this footage, on the night.

This, folks, is GOLDEN. Seriously.

I found it via my hangout, ATS, in this thread:

Infra Red Footage Of Yowie (Aussie Bigfoot) – Very Compelling!

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Hey everyone,

I’m somewhat new to the topic of Yowies (what we call the Sasquatch or Bigfoot in Australia) having only recently in the past few months started looking in to reports, sightings, videos, audio reports from witnesses etc.

From what I have read, seen and heard I believe there is an indisputable case to be made that there is something out there in the Australian bush that can be described as a bi-pedal hominid that is undocumented in an official capacity however, is well known about in many circles.

In my region of Australia, the indigenous peoples refer to them as doolagah’s and the term is used quite extensively by many nations up and down the Australian east coast. My indigenous mates talk about them as fact and conject that there are actually two types – the big ones and the small ones. Some nations believe the small ones are their spiritual guides but I digress.

In the following video, produced by Australian Yowie Research the crew captured what appears to be two yowies behind a tree and one bending down to….do something on the ground on infra red camera at night time. The footage is quite compelling and probably the best I have seen from anywhere in the world. This from the northern Australian state of Queensland in the hinterland of the Gold Coast region – a purported hotspot for Yowie activity, encounters and sightings.

If you wish to watch the full video, I do recommend it as it is quite enjoyable and can be seen here;

Link To Video

If you would like to skip to the part where the footage starts being shown and discussed then skip to 19:06.

I was trying to get a screen grab of the best still I could capture however, you really need to watch the video to see the movement and shape of this creature properly so to avoid doing this incredible footage an injustice I will just encourage you to watch the footage.

Pretty sure I am not allowed to link to the Australian Yowie Research website however, strongly recommend that anybody interested in the topic finds it. The site includes an interactive map of all reported sightings, encounters, videos, newspaper articles etc. since European settlement in Australia.

Their YT channel is also fantastic with animated, audio witness reports coming out regularly.

I think this is either the biggest hoax bestowed upon the community or the most compelling footage yet and, due to the amount of work and sheer hours invested by the AYR team believe it to be the latter.

What do you reckon ATS?

Oh, these guys are the real deal. I know this to be true. Been a follower for years.
Darn Youtube switched my notifications off, eh. They do that a lot.

The motion of the active creature is so natural and it is rather clear… as well as the shape… The one that stands guard, as it were, is strong in its own right. If you don’t have a half hour, do skip to 19:00. But, really watch this full screen.

The first 19 minutes is chock full of interesting finds; the sticks are cool and I don’t recall seeing that before. I do hope you watch the whole thing. It’s neat!

This is just excellent. I eagerly await more in the future.

ETA: Analysis / Examination of the footage:

Australian Yowie Research – Yowie Footage Examination

Yowiehunters Witness Audio Reports
May 2, 2021

In this upload, we are reexamining the Yowie Footage taken on our last Expedition. Along with the footage, there are also new unseen images and one in particular towards the end, that leaves absolutely no doubt.


sol 73

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Another Drive – Sol 73 / May. 4, 2021

Gosh, those rocks look nice, don’t they?


The Sierra Sounds. Are these audio recordings of a BIGFOOT real?

The Paradox Files
May 2, 2021

The Sierra Sounds are one of the most credible pieces of Sasquatch evidence to date. Recorded in 1971 by Ron Morehead and Al Berry between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park. The recordings clearly depict guttural, animalistic vocalizations that some attribute to the elusive bigfoot. What do you guys think? Are these recording legit?

Well, I, for one, do think they are real. I’ve listened to them many times, ever since they were released.

The guy trying to recreate some of them is pretty interesting, though, I must say. The volume achieved on the tapes, though, is remarkable. Although we don’t know the distance from the mics to the source.

Note the quality if the echo present during the whoops. It sounds pretty wide, as it were. That would take a lot of lungpower to do, even once. Just saying.


Phidippus audax


Phidippus audax

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This is the second one of the two Phidippus audax I found when flipping tin for snakes on my mom’s property yesterday. Might be the same cute couple I found last time.



They certainly do look like meteors, or, more likely, debris, due to the low speed, but, I don’t know what to make of the “pause” at the end. If that’s what it is.



Multiple waterspouts in Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana Coast.


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🔥 Multiple waterspouts in Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana Coast.


Unusual Pixie behaviour

Erwin Saunders
Apr 29, 2021

Tom joins me on a trip to Dartmoor. He also helped me by editing this. I’m a bit rusty, having not done much filming for a while. ( apologies for that )

OMG I am thrilled!!!



The Beast of Seven Chutes

Bigfoot Tony
Mar 13, 2019

Comparison footage:…

I coulda sworn I had posted this… getting old, yeah?

Apparently there is an unscrupulous channel posting bullsh!t about the only real dogman photo in the public eye.

This treatment by Bigfoot Tony sets the record straight. Bravo, sir!

Love this pic. Always have.


Vietnam Vet, Green Beret Speaks Truth about Bigfoot & Rock Apes!

Skookum Report
Apr 30, 2021

Vietnam Vet Speaks Truth about Bigfoot & Rock Apes! Doug Hogan shared many memories with his nephew, Jeffery Lilly about his time in Vietnam and many truths that he felt needed to be spoken before he left this world. A highly decorated Veteran who will always be remembered and honored.

Pookster USMC
38 minutes ago

Steve is a good guy. I have talked with him via e-mail and he is very enlightened as to what is truly going on.

This is a really good rock ape piece… told by an actual hero. To me, that means… It’s true, yo.


This is important to reiterate time and time again. Hopefully, people will realize what is actually going on. This will not, however, come out of your TV, radio or newspaper.

Comparative Worldwide Death Rates Does Not Reflect Pandemic Numbers

Praenuntia Veri
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posted on Apr, 2 2021 @ 10:11 AM
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In another thread a poster asked people to compare the death rate worldwide during this so-called pandemic and assess it from what are own eyes see.

I had already done this assessment for other countries like Canada and found no extra deaths comparatively.
But when you extend it to the whole world, and the media says tons of people are dying, yet they were always dying in the exact same numbers. So what changed they just started obsessively reporting the deaths. The death count is in the news every day, the number of people testing positive even if they aren’t sick is in the news everyday.
This massive propaganda campaign has worked brilliantly even on intelligent people.

But the numbers tell the real truth. Around the same amount of people are dying as they always have worldwide, which means we are not in any pandemic. And nasty respiratory influenzas went around like it had in many previous years where many people got sick and some died but it largely stayed out of the news.

world deaths

A real pandemic would have seen the death rate go over 10%, instead it stayed in the 7% range as it has since 2009.
Simple percentile math denies the COVID scamdemic.

It should be called a plandemic, since it was, in fact well-planned and quite long ago. But, hey, scamdemic works, too, eh.

To illustrate the long ago planning part, there is this from the DoD from over 51 years ago:



Note this as well:




Peter Evans

Jun 24, 2020

@TOPublicHealth I’d like to understand why you are instructing the media to record any death as a COVID death even if the death was caused by unrelated conditions/reasons according to doctors.

Toronto Public Health

Individuals who have died with COVID-19, but not as a result of COVID-19 are included in the case counts for COVID-19 deaths in Toronto.

4:27 PM · Jun 24, 2020

I am truly stunned at how well the control mechanisms have worked and continue to and the horrible consequences of it that I see manifesting all around me. It makes me sick to my stomach and very sad.


The tallest mallard duck to have ever lived


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The tallest mallard duck to have ever lived (since records began) known as ‘Long Boi’ he lives on the campus of the University of York, England. He stands just over 1m tall (3.5ft).


A Crawler Sighting

Those Endless Mysteries
Apr 26, 2021

Join Those Endless Mysteries as we look at a Crawler sighting.

For T-shirts and other Items go to: those-endless-mysteries.creat…

Nice video, but, there is no Loudon County here in Connecticut. Dunno what to make of that…

Dunno what to make of these crawlers. There were none, IIRC, before a hoax report was issued a few years ago featuring an image from a sci-fi / horror movie. It went sort of viral. So… what then, are these sightings all about? Please let me know what you think.

Here is one from Virginia:


Those Endless Mysteries
Mar 17, 2021

Join Those Endless Mysteries as we take a look into the strange. This video is about the strange creatures call Crawlers. Which they truly are strange.


Ingenuity snaps Perseverance on Flight #3

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Ingenuity snaps Perseverance on Flight #3

paulhammond5155, Top contributor, 31 minutes ago · edited 15 minutes ago

EDIT: This is an unofficial version of the image

I’ll share the official / full resolution version as soon as it is released


It is very small, at the upper left corner.

And here’s the official image:

ginny snap

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Ingenuity Spots Perseverance From the Air (Official version)

paulhammond5155, Top contributor, 16 hours ago

I believe we’ve all been waiting for this image since we found out there was a camera on the helicopter they were building years ago

If they get to a sufficient elevation on flight 4 or 5 we could get a version from about 60 meters which could be a big improvement on this snap, but if this is all we get it’ll do me just fine 🙂

paulhammond5155, Top contributor, 17 hours ago

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover is visible in the upper left corner of this image the agency’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter took during its third flight, on April 25, 2021. The helicopter was flying at an altitude of 16 feet (5 meters) and roughly 279 feet (85 meters) from the rover at the time.

Annotated version:

Zoom on the rover:


Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech


Martian water accumulating on the legs of the Phoenix Mars Lander


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Martian water accumulating on the legs of the Phoenix Mars Lander

Yes! I remember. All the lansers experienced this. It never got much official action, but independents like my friend Sir Charles Shults of Xenotech Research back then, (Shults Laboratories now), and a few others did a fab job of relieving that situation.



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Ingenuity’s third flight in real-time! NASA might’ve beaten me to it, but I still think this video built from the raw frames is sharper and more immersive.

atomcrusher, 2 hours ago

For info on the process I use, check out the first flight post!

So this time, NASA released a real-time video way ahead of the frames appearing in the raw imagery collection. I’m not sure why that’d be the case.

I was tempted to not post this video, but personally I like this higher-contrast video better than the NASA-released version. I’m not sure whether theirs is post-processing or if the frames I use are, but it seems much sharper and clearer.

Thanks to everyone who’s left nice comments on these videos, I never expected they would gain so much traction.


reeves’ pheasant


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reeves’ pheasant (syrmaticus reevesii), by Yuan Yukun…

ncnotebook, 2 hours ago · edited just now

This pheasant is a resident of central China: map distribution.

I’ve finally found the photographer, 袁育堃, from when I last posted this, but still couldn’t find the original photo. So, I used one upscaled/denoised with AI; although it is a “photoshop”, the goal was to remove picture artifacts (thus, making it more realistic).

edit: I’ll just hijack my own comment, and mention that r/picsofunusualslugs is a sequel to this sub.


Originally posted at What’s All This, Then? on June 4th, 2009.

luna strange

Sticking with the lunar theme, here we have a crop from a moon photo, AS16-116-18603, taken by the crew of Apollo 16. The original, as released, can be found at a couple of places, though the Apollo Archive has the cleanest one. There are a couple of other pictures of this spot as well. Inspiration to do some personal exploration into these photos was provided by Keith Laney via his page on this image entitled Apollo Digs #2.

Above we see a crop of the main grouping of strange objects in this apparent junkpile on the surface. The astronauts, Commander John W. Young and Lunar Module Pilot Charles M. Duke Jr., made it a point to get a few shots of this scene and they took one of an intrepid explorer posing nicely alongside it, digging into the ground for samples. Apparent is what seems to be a pile of half-buried and lightly encrusted hardware; a slab sticking upright at a jaunty angle, a flared cylinder just beyond it, to its right a solid cylindrical shaft and a few smaller suspicious objects closer to the camera to boot… hmmm.

This image puts a serious stretch to the believability band regarding the remote possibility that these objects could have come to be eroded into these shapes… and all together like this… via a natural course of events.

The one right below is shaped very, very much like a support base, or perhaps a shelf extension to a desk, complete with a reinforcing bar and stand on its underside. Note the nicely radiused corner. Note that although sturdy it’s not that thick and said thickness is uniform. The support bar/stand assembly is pretty heavy duty, good for holding up something reasonably weighty. I wonder if they took this thing back with them. I certainly would have.

luna strange

Below is item two in the series, just to the right of our slab above, a cylindrical shape of robust thickness and uniformity with a well defined lip and what looks like a circular depression at the center of the interior surface. What appear as gear-like teeth can be seen along the rim. A couple of small “rocks” in front of it are mighty gear-looking as well. Could this really be erosion, or pareidolia? How? Tell me!

The Astronauts were obviously most intrigued by these objects – and they were right there – up close and personal. And being deadly serious military men I imagine they truly didn’t have either the time or the inclination to mess about.

So, here they be. Make of them what you will…

luna strange


saturn rings


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Saturn’s Rings

6 hours ago

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft captured this view of the Janus 2:1 spiral density wave in Saturn’s rings on June 4, 2017.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

More info:

That is spectacular. Seriously. Looks like window blinds. Or a record!

The farther out we go, the weirder it gets.

ETA: Is it me? It looks like it’s moving. A commenter said that as well. Weird.


full version of Curiosity at Mont Mercou


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4 hours ago

I think it’s time that we see the full version of Curiosity at Mt. Mercou

4 hours ago · edited 4 hours ago

I know you have probably already seen Curiosity at Mont Mercou before, but hopefully you haven’t seen it quite like this. Unlike many of the others Mont Mercou panorama’s I have seen, this one aims to use as many of the original images as possible.

I did this by stitching together 60 images from MAHLI (MArs Hand Lens Imager) in Microsoft ICE. The stereographic projection seemed to work best for this image given how much of the full 360 degrees the 60 images take up. After that, I brought it into Photoshop for some curves and color editing. I know the sky doesn’t quite look right, and that’s because it isn’t. I only started using Photoshop about two weeks ago and any tips about filling in Martian skies will be much appreciated. You will also notice that there are areas chopped off of the edge; that was intentional. The full panorama was even bigger than this and the edges were all relatively low resolution and curvy because of the distortion needed to create a flat image out of what is essentially a photosphere. Since cutting off enough of the image to create a perfect rectangle took off way too much information for my liking, and because the original version was too big and didn’t look that good anyway, I decided to go with this hybrid approach. I know almost all space pictures are perfectly rectangular, but I’m happy with the result. Feel free to let me know what you think about this design choice.

All images taken on Sol 3070

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

Edit: I know that the title says Mt., it’s supposed to say Mont

1 hour ago

It’s amazing how corroded and broken the two nearest wheels are . How did they get so busted?

9 minutes ago

The wheels are made of a very thin (0.75mm/0.030in) aluminum skin supported by thicker “grousers” (ribs). The grousers are the structural members which support the rover on the ground and provide tractive force. The skin is there to keep the rover from sinking in loose sand.

Those tears started showing up about 15 months into the mission, and the tl;dr of it is that it’s metal fatigue. If you bend a paper clip back and forth, it’ll eventually break from fatigue at the bend. The same thing happened to the skin of the wheels. As the wheels rotated around loading and unloading, it flexed the metal causing fatigue on the skin until it eventually broke.

The result of those tears is that Curiosity isn’t as capable on loose sand as it was designed to be.

Perseverance’s wheels are designed more robustly as a result of this. The skin is almost a millimeter thicker, the chevron shaped grousers were replaced with gently curved ones, and there are 48 of them instead of 24.



Six Videos Of Moving Nano Fibers In Face Masks
You Are Inhaling Them Or They Are Crawling Into You

Collected By Jeff Rense

Face Mask With Moving Nano Fibers – Video 1

Face Mask With Moving Nano Fibers – Video 3 Germany

For the rest of the videos go to the OP. I could only get these two on here.

The implications of this are unpleasant to consider.

I did get this one off the Rense homepage.


First Aerial Color Image of Mars


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First Aerial Color Image of Mars

6 hours ago

This is the first color image of the Martian surface taken by an aerial vehicle while it was aloft. The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter captured it with its color camera during its second successful flight test on April 22, 2021. At the time this image, Ingenuity was 17 feet (5.2 meters) above the surface and pitching (moving the camera’s field of view upward) so the helicopter could begin its 7-foot (2-meter) translation to the west – away from the rover. The image, as well as the inset showing a closeup of a portion of the tracks the Perseverance Mars rover and Mars surface features, demonstrates the utility of scouting Martian terrain from an aerial perspective.

The winding parallel discolorations in the surface reveal the tread of the six-wheeled rover. Perseverance itself is located top center, just out frame. “Wright Brothers Field” is in the vicinity of the helicopter’s shadow, bottom center, with the actual point of takeoff of the helicopter just below the image. A portion of the landing pads on two of the helicopter’s four landing legs can be seen in on the left and right sides of the image, and a small portion of the horizon can be seen at the upper right and left corners.

Mounted in the helicopter’s fuselage and pointed approximately 22 degree below the horizon, Ingenuity’s high-resolution color camera contains a 4208-by-3120-pixel sensor.

The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter was built by JPL, which also manages this technology demonstration project for NASA Headquarters. It is supported by NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, and Space Technology Mission Directorate. NASA’s Ames Research Center and Langley Research Center provided significant flight performance analysis and technical assistance during Ingenuity’s development. AeroVironment Inc., Qualcomm, Snapdragon, and SolAero also provided design assistance and major vehicle components. The Mars Helicopter Delivery System was designed and manufactured by Lockheed Space Systems, Denver.

Credit NASA/JPL-Caltech


ETA: Hey, here’s the altimeter graph from the first flight:

ginny altitude


Sombrero Galaxy M104, 66 hour exposure.


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3 hours ago

My 66 hour exposure of the Sombrero Galaxy M104



Ingenuity completed second successful flight!


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2 hours ago

Ingenuity completed second successful flight!


Listen to the Loudest Bird on Earth Scream at Potential Mates

Amaze Lab
Oct 22, 2019

Brazilian and U.S. scientists discovered the Brazilian white bellbird’s “extremely loud” mating call peaks at about 125.4 decibels, which is louder than a rock concert and chainsaw.

Very Strange!



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I made a video about 3 cryptids you may not have heard of. Let me know what you think!…


The Moonlit Ghost
Premiered Mar 29, 2021

These are 3 lesser-known cryptids that just might be real! Dive into the Amazonian Rainforest with the MAPINGUARI, run from Indonesia’s EBU GOGO, and try not to get caught up in the Oklahoma Lake Monster’s tentacles! Are these creatures real or are they made up by Animal Planet??

Copyright © 2021 The Moonlit Ghost. All rights reserved.



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NASA to Attempt First Controlled Flight on Mars As Soon As Monday…