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Cavern below?



Mars has hidden depths hinted at by intriguing pits scattered around the planet. Some of these tantalizing windows may be entrances to underground caverns. If humans ever make it to Mars, they may want to consider hunkering down underground to protect themselves from space radiation.

This image from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) in 2011 shows a hole on the slopes of the Pavonis Mons volcano. “Why there is a circular crater surrounding this hole remains a topic of speculation, as is the full extent of the underlying cavern,” NASA said in an image feature in 2020.

Source Article. I’ve teamed up with a few aerospace engineers friends on r/SpaceBrains to design a crowdsourced Mars colony. Check out our progress on discord and share your skills.

This photo is stunning and fires up the imagination to excellent levels. A favorite since it was new.


Another Sighting of that Unnamed Species (and drawings and prints for sale)

Erwin Saunders
Jul 14, 2021

Sorry this video took so long. It was complicated for me to work out how to sell things. I’m figuring this out as I go and will keep uploading designs from time to time. Its all a bit of an experiment for me.
Thanks in advance for anyone that buys anything at all. It will really help me to keep this going. Tom suggested using a donation site, but I prefer to give something back to anyone that is prepared to part with their money.

So, firstly there is Redbubble, which prints onto Tshirts and things. I started with my Shaman prints as I thought they looked better than pencil drawings for that kind of thing. Tom also has some ideas for me to try doing soon. I’ve never made T-shirts before so I’m a bit green when it comes to this kind of thing…

I’m selling Hand-made prints of my lino cuts on a site called Big Cartel. I’m printing these as I go and it usually takes a few attempts to make a decent one. The Oil based ink has to dry, so it will take a a minimum of few days before I can send one out. If there is any demand for them, then I’ll do batches and I’m sure I’ll get more efficient at it.

Luckily someone I know with an Ebay account is hosting my original pictures for me. I tried to put a lot of pictures on, in a variety of styles from whimsical to more straight, so its not all one option of that picture of this unknown species. I photographed them, so these images might end up also on Redbubble items, or If I make a book. ( Also I will add more so if you’re interested, its worth checking in even after these end. You should find them here

(Sorry for the lengthy essay, but I thought my bumbling and incoherent explanation on the video needed further clarification)

Good stuff! Erwin rocks!

Sighting’s at about 6:40 and it’s a rather nice one. =]



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Valencia Island, Co. Kerry, Ireland📌 Cute little fella, I’ve only recently gotten into photography and just really liked how clear these photos came out.


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The candy cane snail is a species of tree-living snail native to the Caribbean. The appearance of the shell is striking and has been compared to painted porcelain. Its shell coloration is produced by pigment glands in the mantle, called chromophores, and are active for the entire life of the snail.


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A lammergeier swallowing a bone, its primary diet. Its reddish coloration derives from the bird rubbing itself in ochre-stained soil which is rich in iron. This enhances the bird’s status within its group. Nearly killed to extinction, the lammergeier or bearded vulture is making a modest recovery.



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Feeling compelled to share this gem: One of the world’s most metal-looking and strangely put-together insects imo, this seed beetle (Ctenocolum sp.) from Honduras. Photographer: “Everything about it screams “weird”: the bunny ears, the baby legs, the enormous hind thighs, the boxed body shape…”



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Hallucigenia is aptly named: With long spines down its back, seven pairs of clawed legs, and six tentacles gracing its neck, the 500 million year old ocean-floor denizen was an ancient relative of the velvet worm. Hallucigenia is a very early member of Ecdysozoa whose members all shed their cuticle.

One of my favorite animals!


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‘Mother of Vipers’ by Hodari Nundu.

“A large viper Laophis crotaloides protects its young from several monkeys, agitated by its resurgence after spending the winter months in an underground torpor. Laophis lived in the Pliocene in what is today Greece. It is the largest viper known until now from the fossil record with a length estimated at 3-4 m and weighing nearly 30 kg. Imagine the venom yield on this baby, and the size of prey it may have swallowed! Its relations are uncertain, with some believing it was related to Macrovipera, while others believe it was closer to the African Bitis (such as the Gaboon and rhinoceros vipers and the puff adder). Either way it would’ve been a formidable predator of its time. Some vipers are actually known to guard their young for a while after birth, usually until they first shed skin, and may fast during all that time.”

— Hodari Nundu


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My daughter was walking the dog, on her way back she saw this huge bird and took a pic. She said it was really tall, about 2 and half feet.


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Paradise for rock hunters (Sol 139)

Mars Perseverance Sol 139: Left Mastcam-Z Camera

  • NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover acquired this image using its Left Mastcam-Z camera at full zoom (110mm)
  • Mastcam-Z is a pair of cameras located high on the rover’s mast.
  • This is a square crop from a single image, the colours have been stretched to highlight the terrain
  • This image was acquired on July 11, 2021 (Sol 139) at the local mean solar time of 12:56:58.
  • Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS
  • Source image: link


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A pike jumped out of the water likely chasing prey and was stuck on a branch and died. Soon after a bird made a nest in its mouth… life goes on…

This is Mother Nature.

This is how it is out there.

And, you know what?

It’s beautiful.


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Simulated rover climbing the foothills of Mount Sharp provides scale. Sol 3167-ML photomosaic with extended sky by Seán Doran.

Find the full size version on this link to Seán’s Flickr page:

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/Seán Doran



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A picturesque collection of rocks from sol 136 (Image 2 is the scene in 3D)


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“Mysterious Light-Toned Deposit in Vinogradov Crater”

This image of Vinogradov (20.981°S, 323.137°E), a heavily eroded 220 km diameter crater in Margaritifer Terra, was taken by HiRISE on July 1st, 2014. You can see many strange light-toned blobs, some of which appear circular and probably outline small craters. Scientists think this could have formed from the ejecta of a nearby crater, but the details of its origins are still unknown.

The width of this image is about 1 km.

Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

Geohack link:


Atelopus varius, the Costa Rican variable harlequin toad or clown frog, is a small Neotropical true toad from the family Bufonidae (Crump 1986).


Trippy, eh?


A link on rense to a vid hosted at – More Vaxed People Are Glowing – Watch

I have a feeling this won’t do well at ATS. I will be keeping an eye out. Lots of things fluoresce, don’tcha know.

But, here it is, Justin Case.


Juno Flies Past the Moon Ganymede and Jupiter, With Music by Vangelis

Jul 14, 2021

On June 7, 2021, NASA’s Juno spacecraft flew closer to Jupiter’s ice-encrusted moon Ganymede than any spacecraft in more than two decades. Less than a day later, Juno made its 34th flyby of Jupiter. This animation provides a “starship captain” point of view of each flyby. For both worlds, JunoCam images were orthographically projected onto a digital sphere and used to create the flyby animation. Synthetic frames were added to provide views of approach and departure for both Ganymede and Jupiter.

Visit & to learn more.
Animation: Koji Kuramura, Gerald Eichstädt, Mike Stetson
Music: Vangelis
Producer: Scott J. Bolton
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS

Looks a lot more liquid than what we see in more rocky worlds.


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Enhanced pic from the previous post.

The previous post…

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He who shall not be named?

I dunno… the ‘original’ (modified with the circle and ?) looks iffy. Maybe. Maybe not.

Not much support in the comments at r/dogman, as it is, after all, not the original.

But the enhancement is interesting.





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Ginny Reveals Intriguing Terrain for Rover Team: 4 – JPL processed RTE images and a location map. Link in comments to JPL release.

JPL Feature release : link