Mars Perseverance Rover Hazcam Images


Mars Perseverance Rover Hazcam Images


Mars Perseverance Rover Hazcam Images


Mars Perseverance Rover Hazcam Images


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Mars Perseverance Rover (Hazcam Images) – What do you think these are? I know these could be dust particles or faulty compression/transmission renders. But I compared it to a lot of images in those timeframes, these are very peculiar.

Me likey.


A rare African black leopard under the stars


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🔥 A rare African black leopard under the stars – a photo that took me 6 months to capture

Mmmm, nice.


Zoomed in image of the chute and the backshell laying on the surface of Mars original data from HiRISE


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Zoomed in image of the chute and the backshell laying on the surface of Mars (original data from HiRISE)

So nice…


Whale saying hello near the Nāpali coast, Kauai Island, Hawaii


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🔥 Whale saying hello near the Nāpali coast, Kauai Island, Hawaii 🔥



Parker Solar Probe Captures Superb Image Of Venus

NASA’s Solar Probe Captures Amazing Image During Venus Flyby

February 27, 2021

While all eyes have been on Mars this week, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, which is studying the structure and surface of the Sun, as well as gathering data on solar winds, used a close approach to the planet Venus to beam back some stunning photos, which were actually imaged last year.

We know Venus as a planet with a runaway greenhouse effect that lifts surface temperatures to an average of 864 degrees Fahrenheit, and is obscured by an atmosphere of poison gases, but the spacecraft managed to actually image the highest landform on the planet. The atmosphere is so thin at that height that the geologic feature was picked up by the visible light camera. The area, known as Aphrodite Terra, experiences an average high temperature of only 85 degrees due to its altitude.

The probe’s Wide-field Image camera also captured an eerie shine around the edge of the planet, which NASA says may be due to ‘nightglow,’ or “light emitted by oxygen atoms high in the atmosphere that recombine into molecules in the nightside.”

Excited about the images, project scientist Karl Battams also tweeted about a spot on the camera lens that made it appear as if there was an anomalous feature in the Venusian clouds, saying “I see a few comments online about this blob in our Venus image – it’s a defect on the camera lens (can be seen in all our data). #ItsNeverAliens”

During its mission, the Parker Solar Probe is scheduled to closely approach Venus a total of seven times in order to change its orbit around the sun, taking it closer with each “gravity assist” maneuver.

Oh man, the hits just keep rolling in!


Wheel Bug


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What is this wild creature?

4 hours ago

That’s a Wheel Bug. Comparison pic here. They can bite in defense but aren’t medically significant.

Very cool.



Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia
Feb 28, 2021

Neil Waters, President of the Thylacine Awareness Group Of Australia, presents three photos of what he believes are thylacines. Neil talks about Nick Mooneys’ response and he interviews cat, dog and native wildlife experts. The names of the experts have been withheld to protect them from the ensuing shit storm. These photos are not fake, this is not a hoax, our experts are real people, not actors. The photos have been lightly treated for colour correction and the subjects’ surroundings have been mildly blurred to improve viewing. Make up your own mind. Thankyou to the members and followers of TAGOA for their support. COPYRIGHT © WATERS MAGUIRE 2021

This is the anticipated follow up to the video report I posted here.

My eyes have deteriorated and I have trouble seeing photo details in general until my mind correlates what is there. Which usually happens, thankfully. And these are no different except that I can see some of what is gone over in a couple of them. Folks on reddit seem somewhat convinced that this is a cat family but I can see some good stripes in one pic.

But gosh, idk. I do think that there is more evidence for than against, but… I am hopeful. What do my readers think?


<blockquoteLon Strickler’s ARCANE RADIO – Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team Updates | Fri. Feb.26.2021

Arcane Radio

Join Lon Strickler as he welcomes Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research investigators Butch Witkowski, Rob Shaw and Ryan Fusco to Arcane Radio for detailed, first-hand discussion of recent investigations and reports of Fortean supernatural and paranormal happenings. Butch Witkowski is a UFO, paranormal and cryptid investigator and the founder of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania based in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. Ryan Fusco is a paranormal, cryptid and UFO investigator based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Rob Shaw is an experienced investigator of the Fortean based in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. This will be a truly outstanding, informative Livestream conversation that details many actual events. With a live SuperChat that can answer many of your questions. Enjoy! You can find the full Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research team and affiliate researchers at

Excellent work is ongoing. And good stuff is happening.


This NASA Probe Did A Flyover Of Mars Moon Phobos And Accidentally Detected This

Unexplained Mysteries
Feb 26, 2021

This NASA probe did a flyover of Mars Moon Phobos and accidentally detected this. Today, we take a look at this interesting discovery made by a NASA probe. In our modern age, a genuine, mind-blowing discovery is seemingly hard to come by. Our ever-expanding knowledge of our planet and the universe means that we are slowly chipping away at the mountain of questions we have about this plane of existence. But every now and then something truly baffling rears its head, something that throws a wrench in the works of everything we thought we knew. These rare discoveries can be found in the strangest of places, leading to great interest from the public as well as the scientific community.

Thank you for watching! Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

An excellent presentation and completely woo-free. 🙂


sparrows portraying a horse


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Flock of sparrows portraying a horse while horses gallop in the background

Wow. I mean, Wow. This is profound on so many levels, holy cow!



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UFO flying in, stops for a second and makes a sharp left turn and leaves the atmosphere. SPACE FORCE?!

UFO caught on night vision cam

Richard Christy
Jan 23, 2020

I was testing my nighttime camera to adjust the lens before putting it back on my telescope mount and decided to stick it straight up at the sky since it was a clear night and lo and behold this is what I caught zooming around making crazy turns. I captured this type of activity over two nights. I am not saying it’s aliens. What I am saying is I have no idea what the heck it is. But I do know for a fact that asteroids and comments and space junk doesn’t re-enter earths atmosphere stop and then make a left or a right hand turn before zooming off out of the picture at some ungodly speed. This was taken in New Jersey in January so I am ruling out bugs. Let me know what you think. Space Force

This has possibilities…


Sol 3042


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Another drive on Sol 3042, here is the end-of-drive 360 degree R-NavCam panorama. Some advance drive details are in the 1st comment, the outstanding data will follow later.

paulhammond5155 Top Contributor
6 hours ago
February 26, 2021

Curiosity took 24 images in Gale Crater using its mast-mounted right-side navigation camera (R-Navcam) to create this mosaic.

The seam-corrected mosaic provides a 360-degree cylindrical projection panorama of the Martian surface centered at 99 degrees azimuth (measured clockwise from north).

Curiosity took the images on February 26, 2021, Sol 3042 of its mission at drive 2596, site number 86.

The local mean solar time for the image exposures was 5 PM.

Each Navcam image has a 45 degree field of view.


Drive distance / direction etc will be added as soon as it is release

Excellent! Me happy.


Asian Wildlife Photographers Club -AWPC
February 24 at 7:43 AM


Explore more at

Seconds before the fly turned into a delicious meal.

Photo credits to Ted Wu



Mars 360: NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover – Sol 0003 with real sounds from the surface (360video 8K)

Feb 25, 2021

NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover Martian Solar Days 0003: NASA’s Perseverance Rover Gives High-Definition Panoramic View of Landing Site

The images for panorama obtained by the rover’s 135-400mm Mastcam-Z camera. The mosaic, which stretches about 30,000 pixels width, includes 143 images taken on Sol 3 (February 21, 2021).

NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover got its first high-definition look around its new home in Jezero Crater on Feb. 21, after rotating its mast, or “head,” 360 degrees, allowing the rover’s Mastcam-Z instrument to capture its first panorama after touching down on the Red Planet on Feb 18. It was the rover’s second panorama ever, as the rover’s Navigation Cameras, or Navcams, also located on the mast, captured a 360-degree view on Feb. 20.

Mastcam-Z is a dual-camera system equipped with a zoom function, allowing the cameras to zoom in, focus, and take high-definition video, as well as panoramic color and 3D images of the Martian surface. With this capability, the robotic astrobiologist can provide a detailed examination of both close and distant objects.

The cameras will help scientists assess the geologic history and atmospheric conditions of Jezero Crater and will assist in identifying rocks and sediment worthy of a closer look by the rover’s other instruments. The cameras also will help the mission team determine which rocks the rover should sample and collect for eventual return to Earth in the future.

Stitched together from 142 images, the newly released panorama reveals the crater rim and cliff face of an ancient river delta in the distance. The camera system can reveal details as small as 0.1 to 0.2 inches (3 to 5 millimeters) across near the rover and 6.5 to 10 feet (2 to 3 meters) across in the distant slopes along the horizon.

The detailed composite image shows a Martian surface that appears similar to images captured by previous NASA rover missions.

“We’re nestled right in a sweet spot, where you can see different features similar in many ways to features found by Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity at their landing sites,” said Jim Bell of Arizona State University’s School of Earth and Space Exploration, the instrument’s principal investigator. ASU leads operations of the Mastcam-Z instrument, working in collaboration with Malin Space Science Systems in San Diego.

Mastcam-Z’s design is an evolution of NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover’s Mastcam instrument, which has two cameras of fixed focal length rather than zoomable cameras. The two cameras on Perseverance’s Mastcam-Z dual cameras are mounted on the rover’s mast at eye level for a person 6 feet, 6 inches (2 meters) tall. They sit 9.5 inches (24.1 centimeters) apart to provide stereo vision and can produce color images with a quality similar to that of a consumer digital HD camera.

A microphone attached to the Perseverance rover obtained sounds of Martian breeze from Jezero Crater on Feb. 20.

Alana Johnson / Grey Hautaluoma

NASA’s Mars Exploration Program
Source images credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech
Stitching and retouching: Andrew Bodrov / (​)

#Mars360​ #Video360​ #360VR​ #Mars​ #Sol0003​ #Perseverance

Wow, check it out in 8K!!!


Perseverance landing site captured by ESA ExoMars


Perseverance landing site captured by ESA ExoMars


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Perseverance landing site captured by ESA ExoMars

<a” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>5 hours ago

Credits ESA:



a Lovecraftian God


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A moray eel with a disfigured face resides in an aquarium. That or this creature is a Lovecraftian God.

Oh, wow…


Smoke Plume from Perseverance’s Descent Stage: HazCam image from Sol 0 (February 18)


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Smoke Plume from Perseverance’s Descent Stage: HazCam image from Sol 0 (February 18)



Red-tailed Hawk

Owen Deutsch Photography
February 21 at 10:00 AM

Red-tailed Hawks are monogamous and often mate for life, typically staying together until one of the pair dies. In general, they will only take a new mate if their original mate dies. I photographed this Red-tailed Hawk in New York. ⁠

View more Red-tailed Hawks here:




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The first 360VR of Mars by NASA’s Perseverance Rover of sounds from the surface of Red Planet


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The first 360VR of Mars by NASA’s Perseverance Rover of sounds from the surface of Red Planet

The first 360VR of Mars by NASA’s Perseverance Rover with real sounds from the surface (360video 4K)


Touchdown! NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover Safely Lands on Red Planet

The images for panorama obtained by the rover’s Navigation Camera (Navcam). The mosaic, which stretches about 4000 pixels width, includes 8 images taken on Sol 0002 (February 20, 2021).

“For those who wonder how you land on Mars – or why it is so difficult – or how cool it would be to do so – you need look no further,” said acting NASA Administrator Steve Jurczyk. “Perseverance is just getting started, and already has provided some of the most iconic visuals in space exploration history. It reinforces the remarkable level of engineering and precision that is required to build and fly a vehicle to the Red Planet.”

A microphone attached to the rover did not collect usable data during the descent, but the commercial off-the-shelf device survived the highly dynamic descent to the surface and obtained sounds from Jezero Crater on Feb. 20. About 10 seconds into the 60-second recording, a Martian breeze is audible for a few seconds, as are mechanical sounds of the rover operating on the surface.

Also released Monday was the mission’s first panorama of the rover’s landing location, taken by the two Navigation Cameras located on its mast. The six-wheeled robotic astrobiologist, the fifth rover the agency has landed on Mars, currently is undergoing an extensive checkout of all its systems and instruments.

“Now we finally have a front-row view to what we call ‘the seven minutes of terror’ while landing on Mars,” said Michael Watkins, director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, which manages the mission for the agency. “From the explosive opening of the parachute to the landing rockets’ plume sending dust and debris flying at touchdown, it’s absolutely awe-inspiring.”

A key objective of Perseverance’s mission on Mars is astrobiology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. The rover will characterize the planet’s geology and past climate, pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet, and be the first mission to collect and cache Martian rock and regolith.

Alana Johnson / Grey Hautaluoma

NASA’s Mars Exploration Program Source images credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech Stitching and retouching: Andrew Bodrov / (



deployed High-gain-antenna


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This image shows the rovers deployed High-gain-antenna as well the chips from the “Send Your Name to Mars” campaign…

Yay! My names is there =D



Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia
Feb 22, 2021

Neil Waters, President of TAGOA, gives us a tease of what is about to happen; a photo release on the 1st of March, of a joey Thylacine aka Tasmanian Tiger, roaming through the bushland of Tasmania. Hold on to your hats folks!

Oh, God, I can hardly wait!


Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia
Feb 16, 2021

Hit the road with TAGOA President Neil Waters as he checks some of the 60 trail cams, checks prints and scats, and recounts sightings on location. All from the stunning bushland in the wilds of Tasmania. One of these days, one of these cameras could change history.

Good times a-comin’!

HT to Al Rosenzweig for the link to Coast To Coast.


Sharp-shinned hawk

Photo by Carolyn Jamroga

This is who came to visit before the snow today!!!dd

What a great experience and what a great shot!

Here’s the critter’s ID:

Sharp-shinned hawk

The sharp-shinned hawk is a small hawk, with males being the smallest hawks in the United States and Canada, but with the species averaging larger than some Neotropical species, such as the tiny hawk. Wikipedia

Scientific name: Accipiter striatus
Conservation status: Least Concern (Population increasing) Encyclopedia of Life
Mass: Female: 5.3 – 7.7 oz, Male: 2.9 – 4.1 oz
Wingspan: Female: 1.9 – 2.2 ft., Male: 17 – 23 in.
Length: Female: 11 – 15 in., Male: 9.1 – 12 in.
Lifespan: three years

Meet Mighty Max Majestic!


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Perseverance Rover’s Descent and Touchdown on Mars (Official NASA Video)

Grab the popcorn because the NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover rover has sent us a one-of-kind video of her Mars landing. For the first time in history, we can see multiple angles of what it looks like to touch down on the Red Planet. #CountdownToMars

Thrilling stuff!


Perseverances Hazcam


Perseverances Hazcam


Perseverances Hazcam

New at r/PerseveranceRover

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I upscaled and processed the newest raw images from Perseverance’s Hazcam


Gorgeous! WooHoo!


Jezero’s Hazard Map


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Jezero’s Hazard Map: Landing hazards are depicted in red

That’s a lot of red.

And it all went perfectly!



My heart is all a-flutter…


February 19, 2021

The surface of another planet, let that sink in. It took 7 months to arrive on Mars traveling at 12,000 MPH, then landed itself. We’ve come a long way in the last century.

Oh myyyy!


sunset on Mars

Wow, Beautiful.

Good night, Percy.

NASA Mars 2020 Mission Perseverance Rover.

And a new one…

sunset on Mars




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An Experience

It was during my third deployment to Iraq; the platoon had taken up residence in two houses in a village several miles south of Haditha. One day I heard our translator having a heated discussion with two local men. I grabbed my gear and my rifle and walked out to the road to investigate. I ask the translator what was going on. He tells me that these two men are crazy and assures me that they are not dangerous. I ask what they want, and he mumbles about them being superstitious, or something along those lines. He assures me that everything is ok, and my attention is not needed. It took a bit of prying, but the translator finally says that they are having a wolfman problem, but they are afraid that if they shoot at it, the local troops will be alarmed and attack their house. They tell us that this wolfman has been coming around late at night and has already killed a few sheep. And they are worried that it’s going to start attacking their family.

So, I assume somewhere in translation the word ‘dog’ has turned into ‘wolf’ and is somehow being conveyed to me by the translator as ‘wolfman’. So, I try to clarify “do they mean a dog?” The translator is a bit hesitant, almost like he’s embarrassed that his countrymen are wasting everyone’s time by believing in such nonsense. But they are adamant that their house is being besieged by a wolfman. Again, I ask if it’s just a big dog, and no, it’s a wolfman. So, I ask if there are wolves in Iraq and they are all in agreeance that yes, there are wolves in Iraq. But there are no wolves in this part of the country and it’s not a wolf or a large dog that has been killing their sheep; it’s a wolfman.

The translator is trying to usher them away but at this point I am very intrigued, and still a bit confused over the whole “dog-wolf-wolfman” thing. So, I ask them to describe what they are seeing. They tell me that every few nights it comes around, they first see it on four legs, as it skulks around their small compound. But then it stands up like a man, walking on two legs. It growls and it has lunged at the men, but as they retreat, it turns its attention to the sheep. Their own dogs refusing to help protect human or sheep. They tell me the creature has killed a few of their sheep and that they have even found one of the bodies, ripped apart with portions of it eaten away. They have been hesitant to shoot for fear of troop involvement.

The translator says that he has heard of such a creature, and even though this type of story has been spread through the area by various people, it is no more than superstitions and delusions. He assures me that there is no such thing as a wolfman.

I tell the two men that they should feel free to protect themselves and their livestock. And with my interest piqued, I get the men to agree to allowing us to stop by from time to time and set up an observation post while we are out on patrol. A couple nights later I join a night patrol and we head towards the house. We are greeted by one of the men and he gives us entry to the compound. We go up to the roof and set out sentries to overlook a nearby bridge.

About an hour later the homeowner comes up with a panicked look on his face. He’s talking really fast; excitement and concern in his voice and body language. He’s wanting me to come with him. I tell two others to come with me and we all follow the man. He leads us to the other side of the house, and we exit onto an enclosed courtyard where the sheep are being kept. The sheep are making plenty of noise and the man is pointing to a dark corner of the yard. I strain my eyes to see what he’s pointing at. Finally, I see it, a large wolf/dog, just standing in the corner. I ask the other two guys with me if they see it too, and they both agree that it’s a wolf or a dog. It moved behind a small sections on of wall and I could hear popping & cracking noises; like joints or knuckles being cracked. When it stepped out from behind the wall, it was upright on two legs. It swiftly and effortlessly jumped the perimeter wall and we could here it running away on two feet.

I conveyed to the man as best I could, if that thing ever showed up again, feel free to shoot it if he could; and if he did, to please let me know.


Very cool.




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Setting Sun in the mountains of Peru [photo Max Rive] [OS] [1080×1350]….

Whoa nice…


Agate fossil coral reveals small flowers


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🔥 Agate fossil coral reveals small flowers





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Stuck in deep freeze in MS?! Nothing to do so I listened to dogman encounters and started doing some quick scribbling..The latest episode was creepy as hell..

Good job.


The Strangest Bigfoot Spree Of All Time

Bob Gymlan
Apr 18, 2019

A rehash of the most peculiar bigfoot sightings event in the records.
Illustrations by Fred Dunn!:
Please Support!

Nice 🙂


🔥 Northern Lights in realtime from r/NatureIsFuckingLit


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🔥 Northern Lights in realtime

A spectacle!


A rather different tale…

Just in at r/cryptids

Posted by u/Personal-Royal

1 hour ago

Scarecrow Cryptid?

I’m posting this because my curiosity has and probably will always get the better of me. I heard a story a couple years back from my best friends mom that was told by her grandmother. We’re all lovers of cryptids and urban legends so the tales we know are always shared with each other quite regularly. Well, this telling from her grandma was from back around the early 1960s, where they lived in a mobile home in the state of Kentucky. They lived pretty far back into the land where their property was surrounded by woods or corn fields. She said there were normal strange occurrences that happened, but one night she heard what sounded like rustling around outside their home. After a little bit of hearing the noise she said she opened the window to see what it was and she said there was a scarecrow running full speed away from their house and running into/through the cornfield while it screamed at the top of its lungs. I always love hearing this story and I wanted to do some research, but the only thing that comes up is the Bubák which has barely any information on it and is not from the States. I was curious if anyone else has ever heard or had their own experiences with something that resembles a scarecrow??

Well, now, that is one interesting happening!


Glasshead Barreleye.


Posted by u/Peachy-Persimmons

1 hour ago

The head of a bizarre fish called the Glasshead Barreleye. It has 4 eyes, two facing upwards and two facing downwards.


🔥 Shoebill stork stands still in the rain, staring at you judgmentally. from r/NatureIsFuckingLit

Posted 7 hours ago to r/NatureIsFuckingLit by u/crinnoire

🔥 Shoebill stork stands still in the rain, staring at you judgmentally.

LOL. Perfect.


A massive microburst dumping millions of gallons of water over southern Phoenix

Posted to r/NatureIsFuckingLit4 hours ago by u/hominoid_in_NGC4594

🔥 A massive microburst dumping millions of gallons of water over southern Phoenix. By: Bruce Haffner



Thrilling life forms!

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gallisthespirit asked:

what If squid convergently evolved with waterfowl?

hummingyogurt answered:

Ah, that’s a classic one


gosh, Stolper, I hope you dont mind me hijacking this post but I have great news. You probably already know this, cause you have some mad trivia up your sleeve, but far to few online do know that “flying” squid exist 😀

Todarodes pacificus live in the pacific and glide much like flying fish for around 30 metres through the air at an astonishing speed of over 11 metres per second. It is not yet clear if they glide to escape predators or just to travel with low energy consumption.

*ride of the valkyries plays*


Tangentially related: I went to a panel at a paleontology conference about bird beaks vs. squid beaks and the conclusion the researcher presenting came to was that “birds are just the squid of the sky” (direct quote)


How on Earth did this get so many notes?

Source: hummingyogurt

Ooh, I would just love to see these critters!


Majungasaurus crenatissimus

Majungasaurus crenatissimus, a horny, hungry, pissed-off squealing hog of a theropod. I like to assign a little personality to the animals I draw, and this species is just… the worst. Shameless, opportunistic, devoid of hygiene and pungent. If “fuck off” were an odour, these meat-pigs would emit it. They really give you every reason in the world to keep your distance. Best to take the hint.

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LOL, horny dinosaurs!


Alien looking creature transforming near Ocean floor at over 3700 feet. Video from ROV

Nov 12, 2013

This video was taken by an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) at a depth of 3753 ft in the Indian Ocean within close proximity to a drill wellhead. Near the end of the footage you can see the creature getting caught up in the output from the ROV thrusters. The video has not been altered and was taken off the East coast of Africa.

It has been identified.

It is a known sub-species of lampocteis cruentivente.

A “Comb Jelly” family member.


Back In 1982 These Residents From Texas Reported Something They Couldn’t Explain

Unexplained Mysteries
Jun 1, 2020

Back in 1982 these residents from Texas reported something they couldn’t explain. Today, we take a look at what these residents encountered. Before humans became the apex predators of the world, several million years before, there walked monstrous creatures of both terrible size and stature known as dinosaurs. In the modern day, through the efforts made in paleontology and computer sciences, we can now recreate, with nearly photorealistic quality, the probable build and design of such creatures from the distant past.

Thank you for watching!
Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

I posted this back in June, buy it’s worth another go, as it is a favorite topic.

Especially number 4.


I want to see them so bad…


“There’s A War Going On In Northern Canada, But It’s Not Against Humans” Creepypasta

Mr. Creeps
Dec 15, 2020

Things aren’t how they should be…

New Channel Mr. Creeps 2:
► AUTHOR & ARTIST: ► Written by:…
► Story:…
► Art:
► Submit your stories:
► Special thanks to Myuuji, Kevin MacLeod, & Lucas King for the awesome music!
♪ ►
♪ ►
♪ ►
♪ ►


I love Creepypasta, the writing talent there is just SO wonderful.

As you can hear in this one.


Sunset at the Watchman in Zion

New at r/EarthPorn

Posted by u/CampsG

10 hours ago

Sunset hit the Watchman perfectly last night in Zion [OC][1200×1024]…


🔥 A trail of termites (up) and a trail of ants (down), both protected by a row of their soldiers in a stand-off, without fighting. from r/NatureIsFuckingLit

Posted to r/NatureIsFuckingLit5 hours ago by u/mhmodgood

🔥 A trail of termites (up) and a trail of ants (down), both protected by a row of their soldiers in a stand-off, without fighting.



And at r/interestingasfuck

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While doing the dishes, I saw a cluster of perfectly aligned bubbles. Was quite fascinated by it for a good minute.



Long-billed Hermit

Owen Deutsch Photography
February 8 at 11:04 AM

The Long-billed Hermit is 15cm in length, making it a large hummingbird with its long bill and tail. The bill itself measures nearly 4cm long! I photographed this Long-billed Hermit at the Owlet Lodge at the Abra Patricia Reserve in Peru with Michael Parr of American Bird Conservancy and Tino Aucca of ECOAN – Asociacion Ecosistemas Andinos.

View more Long-billed Hermits and look at their long bills here:



Lupine flower magic

Posted 6 hours ago by u/joseramosphotography to r/EarthPorn.

Lupine flower magic during midnight summer in Iceland [OC] [1600×1134] IG: @joseramosphotography

It doesn’t get better than that…


Northern Crested Cara Cara

Posted to r/PicsOfUnusualBirds, 16 hours ago, by u/ProletarianParka.

Northern Crested Cara Cara

ProletarianParka, 16 hours ago

Image credit to Shadow Hunter from Flickr / Wikipedia.

Saw one of these picking at roadkill as I drove by, and got a look and said “what the heck is that thing.” I remembered enough details to ID it as the Northern Crested Cara Cara. Which strangely enough is a falcon.

From wikipedia:

The behaviors of caracaras are considered quite strange in relation to other falcons.[8] The bird is often seen walking on the ground in search of prey, using its long legs to maneuver its landscapes.[9] In addition to a preference of walking over flying, the birds also create close bonds with their mates. Caracaras are territorial creatures who are year-round landlords of trees and land that they occupy. Their aggressiveness is an extension of this which why they have been seen taking food from much larger creatures like vultures.[10][11] In flight, this bird is known for having very direct flight. It does not soar for leisure



Most Credible Bigfoot Witnesses and Some of the Best Evidence to Date

Bob Gymlan
Mar 1, 2020

In order to understand the topic of Bigfoot, I think it is important to understand the motivations behind the people who introduce the subject to the world. This video will explain why two of the most prolific contributors to the field do what they do.
This video will touch on some curiosities regarding common reports, as well as the experiences of some of the best known figures on the subject.
I am not so great with graphics, but I tried my best!
I wish I could have been more specific, but not all of the evidence discussed is mine to share.


Incredible art-work by Fred Dunn!​

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Thompson, Mary, et al. “PACE VERSUS TROT: CAN MEDIUM SPEED GAIT BE DETERMINED FROM FOSSIL TRACKWAYS.” New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin, 2007.

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An excellent video in all respects.



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Polar bear plays with severed narwhal penis



Gothic Mountain, Colorado

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When everything comes together perfectly – Gothic Mountain, Colorado. [OC] [1280×1600]



owl snow hunt

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An owl finding something to eat in the snow

Awesome impressions, no?