cave forest

It’s a rain forest. Inside a volcano. With a lake at the very bottom. Wild would be an understatement | nate_dodge

Location: Terceira Island, Azores Archipelago, Portugal


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Whoa. Seriously.



“The very best moment of my wild Arctic Fox experience from yesterday. Please enjoy with sound“

🎥: Stefan Forster

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Too focused on its jelly meal, Placenticeras doesn’t notice the approaching Selmasaurus turning it into a hunting method teaching subject for her offspring

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Why are more people seeing the terrifying Gugwe?

Mattsquatch Presents
Published on May 21, 2019

In the last few month I’ve been getting a lot of people telling they are seeing the type three Bigfoot or “the Gugwe.” These are known to have a bad reputation and to have a snout like a baboon.

Gugwe artwork by Alex Merkin

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Genoskwa The killer Bigfoot!

We are IF
Published on May 23, 2019

Genoskwa The killer Bigfoot! It’s collab time once again and we have another great subject covered in depth by Ryan Tremblay, Ryan wrote the Wendigo story I looked at a few videos ago, and is back with a cryptid related to the Bigfoot. This Sasquatch cousin is a little different to its kin, a lot more violent and feared by those that know of its existence. This creature is known as Ge’nos’kwa When one thinks of Sasquatch, We often think of a shy, elusive beast. But what of the subspecies? Ranging from the Gugwe’–the alleged ‘face eaters,’ The Skunk Ape–A bipedal Ape-like creature said to lurk in the wetlands of the Florida region. Today, we focus on a variety of Sasquatch spoken of in legend and lore. The Genoskwa. Within the far flung regions of North America, lives a creature of nightmare. A beast of savagery. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Wendigo,’ The Genoskwa is a subspecies of Sasquatch mentioned in Native American folklore as the “Stone Giant Man.”

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Nasty, mean and vicious!



Brazil’s Bigfoot, Hairy Ape Like Beasts & Creatures

D. Hatswell Creature Reports
Published on May 22, 2019

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The Brazilian Bigfoot known as the Curinquean reportedly caused many problems for locals in March and April 1937.  For three long weeks this “creature” was said to have caused havoc with tribes people and farmers alike.  The owners of the cattle explained that a great number of animals had been attacked or taken by some unknown ‘creature’ which showed great strength. In all over 100 heads of cattle were destroyed. According to reports the ‘creature’ or Curinquean is a true giant, described as “very tall and bulky, with a long shaggy hairy coat, a flat head and a large brow”   With long powerful arms and very human like hands and feet, the footprints although human in look, did show claws or talons within the track.  Some residents of the region report the ‘creature’ as the Mapinguari which is also an upright hairy and has a terrible howl.  Reports and Folklore go back hundreds of years in the region.

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Great ! Brazil can always be counted on for weird happenings and these reports are no exception.

Thanks, Deb!



Bravo to you, Mrs. Hawking! Bless you from the whole world.

This Was Stephen Hawking’s Last Words To The World

Unexplained Mysteries
Published on May 22, 2019

This was Stephen Hawking’s last words to the world. We take a look at one of Stephen Hawking’s last message to the world. Over the years there have been hundreds of predictions made and some of these have come true. Many different people from across the world make predictions about the future of humankind in an attempt to better understand and combat changing industries, personal obstacles, and events that may spell out doom for the rest of us. These predictions could come from self proclaimed psychics, emerging technologies in artificial intelligence, investors looking to predict future decisions and impacts on the economy or government research to provide intelligence relative to policy impact and decision making.

One individual that did make some interesting predictions was professor Stephen Hawking.

Thank you for watching!

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This man is a hero and not just to me. Our generation’s Einstein. Such a spectacularly tuned mind. We had best heed his thoughts. Seriously.




Crypto Hunt
Published on Feb 13, 2018

Enjoy this this beautifully filmed expedition documentary (in French only at this time – sorry) about my friend Michel Ballot and his team looking for Mokele-mbembe in the upper Dja River in Cameroon. Special thanks to Michel and Louis Salva for permission to upload this on my channel.

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How thrilling it must be to be so close to such magnificent creatures. And how frustrating in the end.



David Paulides 2019 – Missing 411 | January 29 -2019 – Podcast

Missing 411
Published on Jan 29, 2019

David Paulides 2019 – Missing 411 | January 29 -2019 – Podcast what is the most embarrassing thing your children said out loud in public ? | r/Askreddit

These cases are incredibly creepy and extremely bizarre. A majority of them are, on the face of it, impossible. And yet, the fact that they are quite real can be quite frightening.




Another of the mysterious creatures of equatorial Africa is the monstrous Nguma-monene, which is described to the natives as a great snake, but with accessories for snakes rather unusual, serrated bone-like combs on the back. The forked tongue of the snakes is said to leave its mouth.



The translation of the indigenous name of Nguma-monene, or another indigenous name of Lingala, means “big boa or boa constrictor.”

Although Nguma-monene is described as a great snake, it is uncertain whether this is a snake, since the creature has always been It is quite possible that it is a large lizard or an unknown species of living dinosaur.

Nguma-monene is described in much the same way as the other cryptid Mbielu mbielu-mbiel, which is also sporadically observed in the Republic of Congo. It is quite likely that it is the same kind of creature. The size of the observed individuals is estimated to be from 40 to 60 m. Its observation is concentrated in the Congolese region of Dongou-Mataba and the Ubanga River. For those interested in the expedition, it is 250 km northwest of Dongou village, or 35 km from Impfondo village.

In 1961, Sister Michela Zabata, the first UN secretary, saw this creature. At work, she spotted a large mysterious animal 15 meters ahead in the river. She shouted the other natives and watched the gigantic creature in astonishment for over thirty minutes. Together they reported to the authorities a description of the animal.

In November 1971, local pastor Joseph Ellis Gets saw a twenty-meter-sized beast on the Mataba River. According to his information, the river was over sixty meters wide at the point of observation. His description of the creature totally coincided with the previous mass observation.

In consultation with the natives, he found that they knew the animal, but they were afraid to talk about it, for they would have called for misfortune.


I don’t know about you, but I am intrigued and I want it found!

Two testimonials of sightings of Nguma-monene exist that were done near the Dongu-Mataba (tributary of the Ubangi River) in the Republic of the Congo. The first was done in 1961; the second ten years later in 1971 by pastor Joseph Ellis. He estimated the length of the (visible) tailpart as 10 meters long (equal to his dugout, no neck or head could be seen), and a diameter of 0.5 to 1 meter. Its color was tending to greyish-brown. When back in the village, it appeared that the subject was taboo. The above and other sightings were gathered by University of Chicago biologist Roy P. Mackal, who led two expeditions to the Likouala swamps in the Republic of Congo, while searching for the Mokele-mbembe


If only I was wealthy and in good shape… you would find me out there hunting this creature and all his fantastic fellow monsters.




Sasquatch Rescues a Child. Best Story Yet.

Dixie Cryptid
Published on Nov 2, 2018

Sasquatch Rescues a Child. Best Story Yet. This story was submitted last week and when I read it I could not wait to get it on the air. I think it is my favorite story about these creatures that I have heard…so far. I hope you enjoy it.

Intro music is Rolling with the Train_3, by Victor Olsson.
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This is a most enjoyable tale. You’ll see!



Gabrielle Araújo is in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

May 8 at 9:59 AM

A break in your day to see this wonderful video!!!! This amazing man called father helping this sloth that was in Rio Santos, the best of this video is the little face of gratitude she does!!!! 😍 ❤

“Que ingenuidade, que pobreza de espírito, dizer que os animais são máquinas privadas de conhecimento e sentimento, que procedem sempre da mesma maneira, que nada aprendem, nada aperfeiçoam!”

Animals are sentient beings and deserve all our respect and have the right to life with dignity. 🤗

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Beauty of Planet Earth
April 16

Not all heroes wear capes 🐢 💦

Wonderful, Wonderful!



Crow Rides Eagle


Crow Rides Eagle


Crow Rides Eagle


Crow Rides Eagle


Crow Rides Eagle


Crow Rides Eagle

Crow Rides On The Back Of An Eagle In Once-In-A-Lifetime Photos

By​ Dovas

Phoo Chan, a talented California-based bird photographer whose photos have been featured by National Geographic, has captured an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime series of photos of a crow landing and riding on the back of a bald eagle mid-flight.

According to Chan, “Crows are known for aggressively harassing other raptors that are much bigger in size when spotted in their territories and usually these ‘intruders’ simply retreat without much fuss. However, in this frame the crow did not seem to harass the bald eagle at such close proximity and neither did the bald eagle seem to mind the crow’s presence invading its personal space. What made it even more bizarre was that the crow even made a brief stop on the back of the eagle as if it was taking a free scenic ride and the eagle simply obliged.”

As strange as this photo may be, it’s not the first time that such a rare and unexpected sight has been spotted by a photographer – check out the baby weasel that took a ride on this woodpecker!

More info: 500px | Twitter | Flickr


Absolutely Fabulous!

On so many levels…



Milky Way

Milky Way Galaxy above Verde Island, Philippines using my friend’s Huawei Mate 20


Huawei phones have Leica cameras.

Screw you, Trump.



abandoned farm

Image Credit:

  • essential supplies include: plenty of food and water, a change of socks, a hat, rope, bandaids, a knife, gloves, an acorn in your pocket, and an offering
  • there are always odd noises on the farm. half of them come from the animals
  • try to forget what the lake looks like between the hours of three and four AM
  • never ever find yourself alone in the milking shed in the south end of the farm. time passes differently there
  • if you happen to hurt yourself in your exploration, make sure you do not bleed onto the dirt
  • bring plenty of water, you do not want to drink from there
  • the cows will watch you, this is normal
  • close every gate you open, even if the fields are empty. don’t ever leave one open behind you, just trust me
  • beware unstable rocks, the cracks tend to be filled with insect nests
  • bring a weapon with you, but no guns
  • if you see someone else while exploring, never tell them your name. you can never be sure if they are real or not, and further out you go, the less real they will seem. the patupaiarehe have evolved in cruel and unusual ways
  • do not go inside the empty share-milkers cottages, whatever you do, do not go inside. something else lives there now
  • a tree with the undersides of its leaves showing mean that a storm is coming. a tree with no leaves means the storm has already come
  • sometimes the hills look like they’re moving. be aware of this, because some things don’t like to be disturbed
  • do not sleep under the full moon, in fact, just don’t sleep on the farm
  • finding skulls is normal, only become worried when you start finding ribs
  • if you find yourself lost in a forest, continue walking in a straight line until you are free again. the trees may make it look as though you are going in circles, but i promise you’re not. ignore the soft music you can hear
  • your phone won’t work out here
  • the ghosts from the land wars won’t harm you, but be sure to show them respect
  • don’t take anything from the farm with you when you leave. just be grateful you have made it out alive
  • around dawn/dusk/twilight if you feel something behind you, don’t turn around.  Even if you are in an open field
  • you hear a woman crying in the woods, hope that its probably a cougar.  dont go looking for it
  • avoid the woods around these farmlands if you can
  • don’t cross streams
  • try not to be there around the evening time.  whatever you’re feeling will get worse and might follow
  • if you’re religious, don’t bring any artifacts of such if you can.  crosses etc.  it can upset whatever is there.
  • I don’t care how pretty the rock is, don’t pick it up
  • avoid going in most buildings.  not just the ones listed above.  especially barns.  look in, look around, don’t physically walk in there. not only is it structurally unsafe, you don’t know whats hiding in there.  corporeal or not.
  • lastly, before you leave.  check your belongings and pockets and anywhere anything you can stash stuff in. chances are you will be missing something, that’s normal.  if you had something there you didn’t before.  sometimes they just happen to be there even with no recollection.  get rid of it on that land, not off of it!

Source: otorohanga

Best take heed, folks.




Butterflies fluttering around a turtle. The butterflies are drinking the turtle’s tears to get salt. 


More interesting posts here

The turtle, on occasion, eats the yummy butterflies.




Ty PigPatrol
Published on Feb 23, 2019

In this video, I am in Colombia fishing for HUGE CATFISH again, and while my bait is out the CRAZIEST FISH gets tangled in my line!

This was one of the coolest by-catches I have ever had in my life!

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Freakin’ weird, man!



Giglioli's Whale

Giglioli’s Whale:

Giglioli’s Whale (Amphiptera pacifica) is a purported species of whale observed by Enrico Hillyer Giglioli. It is described as having two dorsal fins.


On September 4, 1867 on board a ship called the Magenta about 1,200 miles (1,900 km) off the coast of Chile, the zoologist spotted a species of whale which he could not recognize. It was very close to the ship (too close to shoot with a cannon) and was observed for a quarter of an hour, allowing Giglioli to make very detailed observations. The whale looked overall similar to a rorqual, 60 feet (18 m) long with elongated body, but the most notable difference was the presence of two large dorsal fins about 6.5 feet (2 m) apart.

No whales have twin dorsal fins; the rorqual only has a single fin and some other whales have none. Other unusual features include the presence of two long sickle-shaped flippers and a lack of furrows present under the throats of rorquals. Another report of a two finned whale of roughly the same size was recorded from the fishing boat Lily off the coast of Aberdeenshire in Scotland the following year. In 1983 between Corsica and the French mainland, French zoologist Jacques Maigret sighted a similar looking creature.

Even it has not been proven to exist, it was given a “classification” by Giglioli. One possible alternative explanation is that the whale may have been a genetic mutation, similar to humans born with polydactyly.

Via Alessandro Carvalho’s post to the facebook group Animal Discoveries & Curiosities

Pretty interesting.

Since we know darn close to nothing about our oceans, I am more open to accepting possibilities regarding the lifeforms within it.

Be well.



11 Places on Earth No Human Has Ever Set Foot on

They will Kill You
Published on Feb 8, 2019

Places on earth no human has ever set foot on. These are incredible locations and stunning spots which have never been touched before. Support our Patreon today: Subscribe for new videos: Follow us on Instagram: @theywillkillyou

Voiceover by Carl Mason: [email protected]

Number 11 Mariana Trench, Pacific The ocean is the least explored place on Earth, so it’s no wonder that vast portions have remained untouched by humans. One of those areas is Mariana Trench – a narrow fissure in the sea floor, located in the western part of the Pacific. The trench is the deepest known region on the planet and was formed millions of years ago.

Number 10 Northern Patagonia, Chile Hosting Chile’s wildest landscapes, the area hides untouched rainforests, peaks, rivers, and lakes. The field of northern Patagonia is also home to one of the largest masses of ice found outside of the polar region.

Number 9 Machapuchare Mountain Machapuchare is a sacred peak for the Hindu religion. It’s said that Lord Shiva, an important Hindu deity, lives here. The ‘Fish Tail Mountain’ gets its name from the shape of the peak as seen from a certain angle.

Number 8 Sarlacc Pit, Canada A giant gaping cave was found in Canada in 2018 and it was named Sarlacc Pit, after the pit-dwelling beast in Star Wars. The discovery of the cave, concealed in the ground of the British Columbia’s Provincial Park, was a remarkable achievement for the explorers.

Number 7 New Hebrides Trench Although we’ve reached to the sky in exploration, very few attempted to go in the other direction. We may know more today about stars and galaxies than we know about Earth’s oceans. There are more than 30 deep-sea trenches around the world and most can be found in the Pacific Ocean. In 2013 an expedition to the unexplored New Hebrides trench in the Pacific has revealed, with the help of high-tech cameras, the abundance of crustaceans and cusk eels that live more than 23,000 feet deep.

Number 6 Star Mountains, Papua New Guinea The Star Mountains is a massive mountain range extending from the Indonesian border to the Hinderberg wall. It’s a network of huge limestone plateaus, up to 6,000 feet tall and 30 miles long, that protect the area.

Number 5 Gamburtsev Mountains, Antarctica Mountains the size of the Alps have been found in Antarctica, entombed in ice – suggesting that the ice sheet formed more rapidly than scientists initially thought. Using gravity and radar sensors, maps were created showing details of the Gamburtsev subglacial mountains.

Number 4 Yucatan Cenotes, Mexico There are thousands of cenotes all across Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, places that once were revered by the Mayans as sacred wells, and still an attraction for people worldwide. The Yucatan is characterized mainly by its limestone bedrock, a soluble type of rock that can dissolve after being exposed to water for millennia. The collapse of limestones sometimes reveals the cave underneath, thus marking the birth of a cenote. The caves fill over time with water filtered directly by the earth, creating lakes and stunning views. Since there aren’t many rivers in the Yucatan, they were once the primary source of water for the Mayans.

Number 3 Gangkhar Puensum, Bhutan Gangkhar Puensum, in translation ‘White Peak of the Three Spiritual Brothers’, is the highest mountain in Bhutan, with its peak reaching almost 25,000 feet. Most of the sources say that it’s located at the border with China. However, for many years, different maps would show it as various heights and even place it in completely different locations. It’s said to be the highest mountain in the world that has still not been fully summited by man. There have been four expeditions, none of them successful due to impassable terrain and sudden weather changes.

Number 2 Sahka Federal Republic, Russia One-fifth of Russia is covered by the Siberian Sakha Republic, also known as Yakutia. The major part is located above the Arctic Circle. The hard soil which is covered by permafrost, make Yakutia a deadly place to live. In July, some parts of Yakutia can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, whilst the average recorded temperature is as low as -50 degrees. Sahka is one of the few places on Earth where the mountains, rivers, and lakes are still untouched by civilization.

Number 1 Tsingy de Bemahara National Park, Madagascar Tsingy de Bemahara, translating as ‘Where one cannot walk barefoot’, is a national park located in Madagascar covered in huge rock formations. With the help of the locals, a set of suspended bridges and steel cables was built, allowing the landscape to be seen from the air. However, getting to the park is still no easy feat. Located on the remote west coast of Madagascar, Tsingy de Bemahara is only accessible by a dirt road, which becomes unnavigable for six months a year during the rainy season.

Oi – Plastic proliferates at the bottom of the Mariana Trench

That is a pretty sad fact. I mean, really. No place on earth is safe… literally.



5 Amazon Jungle Discoveries That Cannot Be Explained

Unexplained Mysteries
Published on May 13, 2019

5 amazon jungle discoveries that cannot be explained. In this video we take a look at these amazon jungle discoveries that cannot be explained.

One of the least explored places in the world is that of the dense vegetation of the amazon rainforest and the overgrowing jungle that has swallowed ancient relics, uncontacted tribes and a number of strange artifacts.

This only helps to spread mystery and wonder as researchers venturing out into the greenery have made startling discoveries that have become impossible for conventional means to explain. So today, here at unexplained mysteries, we will be going over 5 different amazon jungle discoveries that cannot be explained even by the most dedicated researchers from around the world.

Thank you for watching!

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There have been tons more civilization artifacts found than just those rings… gosh, whole cities and roads between them and spreading all across the whole forest… and they haven’t even finished covering all of it yet. The theory presented of how the tribes got to be there I thought was excellent.

Dig it.



Parque Nahuelito

From the wonderful Parque Nahuelito, in San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia. Which, I am imagining, was named for the famous Nahuelito, Lake Nahuel Huapi’s fabulously Fortean lake monster!

One really sweet sculpture, eh! A great learning tool for kids and adults alike that is packed with fun.

Here are some more of their ferociously formidable critters!






Mom, I wanna go!



5 Very Strange Wartime Stories

Curious World
Published on Feb 12, 2017

When we hear about times of war and learn about the histories of the many conflicts that have taken place all over the world, we hear about the harrowing stories of lives lost, alonside tales of heroism. What we don’t often hear about are the strange tales, the alledged brushes with the supernatural or the macabre, which are unsurprisingly overshadowed by the all too real horrors of wide-spread conflict. Here are five very strange, but allegedly true accounts from war-stricken regions around the world, at various times in history.

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Ghosts and witches and rock apes, oh my!

I love this stuff.

be well



colorado river toad

Smoking Psychedelic Toad Milk Could Alleviate Depression For Up To 4 Weeks

Posted on 2019/04/30
By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

If you’ve tried holistic and allopathic treatments to remedy your depression, but still feel as if you’re at the end of your rope… psychedelic toad milk could be the answer. According to a new study published in the journal Psychopharmacology, smoking the milky, psychoactive secretion of the Colorado River toad, or Bufo alvarius, could provide a fast-acting and extremely potent alternative for managing depression.

As IFLScience reports, the North American toad excretes a whiteish substance that contains a compound called 5-MeO-DMT, or DMT. The component is also found in the mild-altering psychedelic brew ayahuasca. Researchers found that when the “toad milk” is dried and smoked, a short yet mind-blowing psychedelic experience takes place. As the ego dissolves, one supposably receives (or remembers?) mystical insights. It is for this reason the toad gunge is being used at alternative healing retreats by underground therapists as a means of resolving psychological and emotional disorders.

The researchers wanted to determine the efficacy of toad milk, so they conducted a series of psychiatric tests to examine the impact of smoking the secretion on 42 participants. The authors determined that the average depression ratings decreased by 18 percent within one day of inhaling the substance. Furthermore, anxiety was reduced by 39 percent and stress by 27 percent.

Four weeks after the initial trial, the team conducted a follow-up analysis. They found that depression ratings had declined 68 percent below baseline levels. Meanwhile, anxiety and stress dropped 56 and 48 percent respectively.

The researchers hypothesize that the anti-depressant effect is caused by an increase in neurogenesis, based on previous findings that 5-MeO-DMT can stimulate neuronal growth and development. “Alternatively, they say that the compound may help to alleviate neuropsychiatric diseases by binding to sigma-1 receptors in the brain, which then has a regulatory effect on inflammation,” reports IFLScience.

Despite the encouraging finding, the authors are hesitant to share their work. The primary concern is that the toad may be exploited through the black market. However, synthetic 5-MeO-DMT should be easy to synthesize in a lab. In fact, a study by John Hopkins University researchers found that 80 percent of people who used the synthetic version reported a reduction in both depression and anxiety.

What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

Image credit: 123Rf

I have always wanted to try ayahuasca, but since it’s good, the governments made it illegal. I’m pretty sure they’ll make this illegal, too, eventually. I need to find out where those underground retreats are!

Let us pray.



The truth about Werewolves.

Mattsquatch Presents
Published on May 14, 2018

Images have been provided by the North American Dogman Project and are being used by permission. NADP is the copyright holder. NADP YouTube channel NADP website

The tradition Werewolves goes back for thousands of years all around the world. I think this “Dogman” creature people are seeing all over the USA and across the world is the modern day version of this legend. The truth is, they are out there.

: The Seven Types of Dogman New videos mid-day Mondays and Thursdays.

Wyoming Roadside Dogman Encounter.

Mattsquatch Presents
Published on Oct 8, 2018

I want to share a story of a roadside Dogman encounter that a Subscriber had. She was 12 years old at the time and living in South West Wyoming.

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A nice overview of the phenomena to start and then an encounter with it. Something that is most assuredly not recommended. Enjoy and be aware.



A Huge Black Dog Encounter In Eureka, California.

Mattsquatch Presents
Published on Apr 20, 2019

A few years ago a young lady had an encounter with a extremely large black dog in near a cow pasture. She has shared here account with me and Researcher Danny Greene about the sighting near Eureka, Ca. Check out the interview.

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This is one exceptionally weird story. Many levels of oddity and thought are invoked. Dig it.



The STRANGE Disappearance of The Yuba County 5 – America’s Dyatlov Pass Incident

Top Mysteries
Published on Apr 5, 2019

► Let’s start from the beginning… The five men, often referred to as “the boys” by their loved ones were all very good friends. Gary Mathias was 25 and came from Olivehurst, California. Gary lived with his parents and worked for his grandfathers gardening business. He had served in the military but was discharged 5 years prior his disappearance for psychiatric reasons. Gary had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and was known to have had violent outbursts while in the Army. Jack Huett was 24 years old and came from Marysville, California. Jack also lived with his parents and was diagnosed with mild learning disabilities. Jack Madruga was 30 years old and lived with his parents in Marysville, California, he had unfortunately been laid off from his job working as a bus boy a few months prior and also had undiagnosed learning disabilities. Theodore Weiher was 32, also from Olivehurst, California and was diagnosed with learning disabilities. And finally, William Sterling was 29 years old and from Yuba City itself, he was good friends with the rest of the group and was a deeply religious man. What happened to these 5 men was nothing short of disturbing.

As mentioned all 5 men were high functioning and all attended vocational rehab. All 5 played basketball together in a Special Olympics team called the “Gateway Gators” and by all accounts were very excited to be playing in a tournament that coming Saturday. The winner of which was set to win a week in LA with a trip to Disneyland. Before the tournament, the men had made plans for the Friday night before to attend a basketball game, so on February the 24th, 1978 they all got into Jack Maruda’s 1969 Mercury Montego and drove roughly 50 miles to watch the game. After the game had finished, they got back into the car at 10pm to head home. During this drive, they stopped 3 blocks away from the game at Behr’s market and bought some snacks. Afterwards, they left and drove south to head home, however that would be the last time that any of them would be seen together and the last time any decisions they made would make sense.

The STRANGE Disappearance of The Yuba County 5 – America’s Dyatlov Pass Incident

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Wow. I agree that this is, in fact, as weird as the Dyatlov Pass incident. I had chills up my spine listening to this.

Holy Mother of God. God rest their Souls.



Elephants Painting: Genuine elephant Paintings

New Horizon
Published on Feb 26, 2014

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Genuine paintings by elephants. In the video you will see Suda the elephant painting for Jessyca. She wished to have Suda the elephant painting her artwork and signing it with her name.

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this elephant painting by Suda the elephant was donated to the WWF to help prevent poaching and blood ivory. You too, like Jessyca can make a difference by taking a stand against blood ivory. For more information on how you can help please visit:

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9MRSG 3 months ago
I just learned how to draw an elephant…. from an elephant

I have seen videos of elephants painting before. It never ceases to amaze me that their intelligence level… and creative and spiritual levels, I might add… are fully the equal of our own. There is no training here. No, the elephant just cranks one out and damn if it ain’t a really fine vision… entirely from Suda’s mind and he or she can spell, too.

The poachers need to be burned at the stake. The authorities have made it ok to use deadly force, which is fabulous, but a bit of fire would be so much more dramatic than bullets. 🙂

be well



Giants of the Ancient Skies – Azhdarchids (Part 1)

Ben G Thomas
Published on Aug 19, 2018

The Azhdarchid pterosaurs are truly one of the most impressive groups of animals that have ever graced this planet. These absolutely huge creatures were not only the largest pterosaurs, but some were also the largest flying animals of all time.

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Art used: Mark Witton   Alphynix   Julio Lacerda   Joschua Knüppe   John Conway   Robin Liesens   Fabrizio De Rossi   Andrey Atuchin   Dmitry Bogdanov   LittleBaardo   (Jake)   RJ Palmer   Rhunevild   Alex Ries   Nathan Rogers   Keenan Taylor   paleopeter

Sources: markwitton-com   wikipedia   blogs.scientificamerican   markwitton-com   blog.everythingdinosaur   amazon   wikipedia   eartharchives   wikipedia   markwitton-com   markwitton-com   wikipedia   wikipedia   prehistoric-wildlife

Pteros from Ben! This is Good.

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Mike’s werewolf journal.. 6 Dogman signs, British Bigfoot Sightings and prints 2017

D. Hatswell Creature Reports
Published on Nov 8, 2017

The Fortunate Unfortunates
Read the Witness Accounts Here

Mike has been researching and collecting accounts of werewolves, Canine Creatures and Dogmen. He has interviewed witnesses, and had some amazing sightings himself, a large Alpha, Young, and a quick Glimpse of a British Bigfoot who’s correct name is Woodwoose/wudwusa. He has studied habits and culture and routes and areas close to home. if you would like mikes contact details i can pass them on, just drop me an email to [email protected]

For more of Mikes Journals see playlist on my channel. Or visit the website to view all of his images.

SIGHTINGS/EXPERIENCES MAP. Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Dogman, Werewolf and Other Strange Creature Map. The Sightings Map Goes Global. I am very pleased to announce that the Map has gone international. From now on I will be bringing all of the reports I saved over the years as I have researched. I will be adding old and new reports and sightings from every country and continent. When I originally started this map back in 2003 I only added UK accounts. As the years have gone by and the lack of reporting facilities available I have been lucky enough to speak to witnesses and collect their accounts and experiences from all over the world, in the coming weeks I will also be adding these to the map as they come in. The map will continue to update as new accounts come in.

Would you be willing to make a small donation to help fund researchers with equipment (the donation amount is your choice as all donation amounts are very welcome) It is a one off secure payment through PayPal and you will not be charged at any other point. The map will then always be accessible to you for as long as you need it. Please bookmark or save the map if possible, and if there are any problems at all, just contact me at [email protected]

This donation gives you unlimited access to over 500 Creature accounts across the UK. (just click on any of the icons and the account opens up for you to read. There are links included , research finds, footprint casts and a whole host of Witness accounts, to websites and podcasts, videos, groups, forums and live feeds. The map is updated in real time and will continue to be updated as new reports come in. From British Bigfoots to Dogmen, Werewolves and Bargests, and a whole host of strange or paranormal experiences. Banshee’s and Geets, Orcs and Bear men, Owl men and Vulture men and the Bone Cruncher of old, Mothmen, Lizard Men, Goatmen and Sheep Squatches, Wood Boogers and all manner of cryptid folk. I am sure you will find something i’m sure to suit all tastes. Deb Please make a donation through Paypal ([email protected]) or visit the website here

I try to provide as much information on as many social platforms as possible, in the hopes of finding new witnesses who are out there alone, with no one to share their experience with. Or to help the newcomers who need hints and tips on where to go.

To see my sighting reports and videos before they are made public, or to view exclusive podcasts and worldwide Cryptid reports please pop along to my Patreon Channel. I will be adding all of my sighting accounts here and many world wide reports I have collected over the years. PATREON To see any images visit the website link below. : PATREON : YOUTUBE CHANNEL



Thank you for your continued support if you have any queries please contact me at the email address above.

Deborah Hatswell

Some very good stuff here! Good reporting is an uncommon thing. Bravo to Mike and to Deborah.

be well



Yowie Sightings (Audio Report #140) near Bara, New South Wales

Published on Apr 23, 2019

In October of 2018, while driving from Bara to Mudgee, our Witness sights a 7ft brown coloured Yowie on the side of the remote dirt road holding what appears to be a Chicken.

Yowies are stranger than Bigfoot.

Yowie Sighting (Audio Report #01) in Woodenbong New South Wales

Published on Feb 6, 2014

A Dramatic Yowie Encounter during the night in Woodenbong which lead to the death of the ladies pet dog.

© Australian Yowie Research

Woodenbong! Love it! Very good, indeed.

Yowie Sighting (Audio Report #04) at Wee Jasper, New South Wales

Published on Feb 8, 2014

Experienced bushman Brett, has an encounter with a Yowie in the hills of Wee Jasper. New South Wales while on a camping trip.

© Australian Yowie Research

Many yowies have an attitude problem.

Yowie Sighting (Audio Report #15) Between Yass & Wee Jasper, New South Wales

Published on Feb 23, 2014

A motorist travelling the back road between Yass and Wee Jasper stopped on a bridge after seeing what looked like car lights coming from the other direction. The light turned out to be the reflection of a creatures eyes. The creature is said to be over 9ft tall, and towered above his car as it walked into the beam of his headlights.

© Australian Yowie Research

Definitely as large as our variety.

Yowie Sighting (Audio Report #74) at Dorrigo, New South Wales

Published on Mar 3, 2016

A group of fencing contractors were working on a property between Dorrigo and Ebor, New South Wales when they encountered a huge Gorilla like creature running through a field. They contributed this creature to have stalked their hut at night and have ripped our steel fence pickets, bent and twisted them. The creature was reportedly over 10ft tall and moved with remarkable speed.

Nasty bloke … why are they so unpleasant?

Yowie Sighting (Audio Report #30) at Richmond Range, New South Wales

Published on Apr 28, 2014

While trail bike riding in the Richmond Range, Northern New South Wales, a Witness stops his bike and waits for his friend to catch up. He looks ahead to see a Yowie standing on the side of the track watching him.

Carry extra undies.

Yowie Sighting (Audio Report #02) at Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains New South Wales

Published on Feb 6, 2014

3 Yowies surround a car on a dirt road in bushland of Wentworth Falls, NSW.

© Australian Yowie Research

Talk about fear… whoa, Nellie!

Yowie Sighting (Audio Report #11) at Roseberg State Forest, New South Wales

Published on Feb 17, 2014

Amazing sighting of 4 Yowies near the Roseberg State Forest. A Very descriptive Report by a part Aboriginal Witness. The audio on the Witness side is a little low, but well worth listening to.

© Australian Yowie Research

I love Yowies. They’ve been known to rip people apart limb from limb. Just like the Bututun, or “Rock Apes,” of Vietnam and vicinity.

be well



Octo Pi are the coolest.

In fact, many scientists suspect an off-Earth origin. =O

be well



A mosquito’s foot

A mosquito’s foot at 800X magnification. Photo: Steve Gschmeissner.

Mosquito foot, Steve Gschmeissner

Rather strange and quite complex!



Pengersick Castle

500 Year Old Pengersick Castle

This was the most intense investigation we’ve done to date. Voices out of thin air, thuds, footsteps & paranormal activity. Incredible footage!

Haunted Cornwall | Ghosts Of Pengersick Castle | Return Paranormal Investigation 2019

Paranormal Voice
Premiered Mar 3, 2019

Long described as one of the most haunted places in the UK, Cornwall offers a wealth of paranormal happenings. From tales of ghostly ‘wreckers’ on the rugged Cornish coasts, to the sad phantom of a girl, murdered long ago on the lonely, windswept moor. There’s barely a village that doesn’t boast it’s own ghost and nearly every pub, it’s resident phantom. With such a wealth of mysterious tales and events, Paranormal Voice will be exploring claims of ghosts and hauntings in the all new Web Series, Haunted Cornwall. Subscribe for more videos:

Music: Supernatural – Kevin MacLeod (

This footage contains what we believe to be evidence of the paranormal. We encourage you to do your own research on investigative techniques, equipment and any communication we get, to come to your own conclusions.