Christone “KINGFISH” Ingram at The Double Decker Festival – Full Performance

Published on Apr 28, 2016

Full performance from The Double Decker Festival on 4/23/16 in Oxford Mississippi.

Lawd, have Mercy, this dude is INCREDIBLE!

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Steven Rothery
Published on Aug 23, 2014

Morpheus 2

Wow, another spectacular artist who is new to me.

It is uncomfortable being a hermit and I would love to break free. I doubt that will ever happen, though. My brain is just not right.

Below is a minute-long solo that was my introduction to this man just a few minutes ago…

Steve Rothery

Published on Nov 17, 2008

Steve Rothery of Marillion playing the solo from “This Strange Engine.”

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Christone “Kingfish” Ingram – Don’t Let The Devil Ride

Silver Loggerhead
Published on Jun 20, 2018

Slidell La. Jazz & Blues Festival 2018

Holy Cow! This guy is FANTASTIC! New to me. I am needing lots more!



Garry Lee – The Rodeo Song

Manosphere Environment
Published on Jul 25, 2015

I just heard this for the first time, courtesy of a dear friend… I think it is absolutely fantabulous!

Written by Gaye Delorme.

be well




Published on Nov 2, 2016

SAMANTHA FISH – guitar, vocals; CHRISTOPHER ALEXANDER – bass guitar; GO-GO RAY – drums. Filmed in 1080HD quality and Callahan’s Music Hall, Nov 1, 2016

Our dear Frank must have sensed the fear and anguish I am going through because he sent this to me a little while ago.

They say no good deed goes unpunished. Well, I did such a deed … and now I am seriously frightened.

be well



Sajana – Harvey Sahota And The Live Crew

True Desi
Published on Jul 24, 2018

Song : Sajana
Album : Harvey Sahota And The Live Crew
Singer : Harvey Sahota
Year : 2017
Facebook :

This is pretty neat… This is my first time hearing Harvey as a separate act. Jolly good show.

be well


Hass Hogia – The Legends Band Live Session Ft. Surj Sahota

True Desi
Published on Dec 22, 2016

Song : Hass Hogia – The Legends Band Live Session Ft. Surj Sahota
Album : The Legends Band Live Session
Singer : Surj Sahota
Year : 2016
Facebook :

Hass Hogia – Lyrics

Dil Rokeya Bada Main
Dil Tokeya Bana Main
Dil Rokeya Bada Main
Dil Tokeya Bada Main
Peht Dil Da Dilan De Rahi Das Hogeya
Mehtho Haan Di Kuri De Naal Hoo
Methoo Haan Di Kuri De Naal
Hass Hogayaaa
Metho Haan Di Kuri De Naal Has Hogaya

Chira Toh Si Karda
Udeek Is Din Di
Oh Vi Ta Si Rehndi Din Unglan Teh Gindi
Jado Mile Sade Nain
Nale Ude Sukh Chaan
Teer Nazran Da Seene Vich Kus Hogeya
Mehtho Haan Di Kuri De Naal Hoo
Methoo Haan Di Kuri De Naal
Hass Hogayaaa
Metho Haan Di Kuri De Naal Has Hogaya

Parian Toh Sohna Ohda Gol Mol Mukh Vayee
Vekh Vekh Lithee Meri Umra Di Pukh Vayee
Oh Meri Pesh Na Koi Chali
Ohda Hoya Malo Mali
Age Aj Ta Bathera Seega Vach Hogaya
Mehtho Haan Di Kuri De Naal
Methoo Haan Di Kuri De Naal
Hass Hogayaaa
Metho Haan Di Kuri De Naal Has Hogaya

Gori Gori Taun De Dawal Payee Gani Si
Morni Di Chal Ohdi Tor Mastani Si
Vekh Sohna Roop Ran Hai,
Munda Hogaya Malang
Dil Ohka Phir Karna Seega Bas Hogaya
Mehtho Haan Di Kuri De Naal Hoo
Methoo Haan Di Kuri De Naal
Hass Hogayaaa

Oh, baby, this hit the spot.

be well



Samantha Fish – Go To Hell [ft. Paul Thorn]

Sebastian Hincapié T.
Published on Oct 21, 2013

Artist: Samantha Fish
Track: Go To Hell [Featuring Paul Thorn]
Album: Black Winds Howlin’
I do not own any copyrights.

Dang, so Powerful!

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Tenu Thakya – The Sahotas

True Desi
Published on Dec 24, 2012

Song : Tenu Thakya
Album : Decade
Singer : The Sahotas
Year : 1997
Facebook :

Nice! Mellow.

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La Grange Billy F Gibbons, ZZ Ward, Orianthi, Frankie Ballard, and Mike Henderson

Billy F Gibbons
Published on Apr 28, 2017

Watch Billy F Gibbons perform his ZZ Top hit “La Grange” at Skyville Live with a little help from ZZ Ward, Orianthi, Frankie Ballard, and Mike Henderson

Woo Hoo! Holy Moly!

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Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Samantha Fish, Walter Trout – Going Down – KTBA Cruise

Published on Mar 2, 2019

(Filmed by Natasha in 1080 HD) Super Jam with Joe & Paul Shaffer Joe Bonamassa – Guitar, Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Guitar, Samantha Fish – Guitar, Walter Trout – Guitar, Jimmy Hall – Vocals & Harmonica, Paul Shaffer – Emcee, Reese Wynans – Keyboards, Michael Rhodes – Bass, Paulie Cerra – Saxophone, Lee Thornburg – Trumpet, Anton Fig – Drums, Sinead Burgess – Backup Vocals, Juanita Tippins – Backup Vocals Filmed & Recorded on the Keeping The Blues Alive Cruise 2019

Holy Moly talk about an all-star lineup!

be well



Jaan – Mukhtar Sahota – Unpredictable

Internalmusic UK
Published on May 11, 2007

Album – Unpredictable
Music – Mukhtar Sahota
Vocal – Lakhwinder Wadali
Mix & Mastered – Mukhtar Sahota
Label – Internalmusic UK

Beautiful. That’s Mukhtar on the guitar.

be well



The Sahotas Hass Hogia

Published on Nov 15, 2009

ashish’s video

I L O V E this song and this performance and the Sahotas. Surj on vocals.

Quite likely the best Bhangra song in the History of Bhangra.

be well



JJ Grey performs Seminole Wind

Susie Goldberg
Published on Apr 29, 2018

April 28, 2018 Pompano Beach Seafood Festival

This guy’s good! I’d not heard of him before.

be well



1970 Fleetwood Mac – Peter Green – The Green Manalishi Live Sweden

Published on Oct 5, 2011

Recorded Live In Sweden 1970

Peter! The Lord! The Band! Such incredible talent and mastery of the Blues and their forays into future sounds… like this!

be well



Cream Farewell Concert 1968 (Complete in Real Time)

Mike Lefton
Published on Mar 2, 2017

Using all the best footage and audio I could find, I’ve assembled the correct song order and run-time of Cream’s farewell concert to present a near-complete recreation of the final concert from the Royal Albert Hall as possible in real time. I wanted to make it as close to feeling like you’re actually there in the RAH as I could, which is why all of the in-between song chatter and audience noise is still here. It of course is not perfect, I had to make do with reusing shots and filling in gaps where footage has either been lost, hasn’t resurfaced or was never used in the first place. But for the die-hard Cream fans, like myself, I hope you enjoy watching this as I had putting it together. Also many thanks to OxFan for helping me find a lot of the missing pieces here, thanks a lot.

White Room (00:01:48)

Politician (00:07:29)

I’m So Glad (00:14:02)

Sitting On Top of the World (00:20:41)

Crossroads (00:25:46)

Toad (00:30:07)

Spoonful (00:41:11)

Sunshine Of Your Love (00:57:00)

Steppin’ Out (01:04:57)

: )

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JL FULKS | Carolina Song (Official Music Video)

JL Fulks

Written by JL Fulks Produced by Sergio Cavalieri

Now Available on iTunes, Spotify, & Amazon mp3… Check out Twitter/ Instagram @jlfulks


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about a month agoWednesday, January 23, 2019 at 10:10 PM

Marzo 2019 … de la mano de un sello discográfico del reino unido 🇬🇧 ….  #globalsong

@nayamusicrd Wobbly Music @lamanorecords_ @stevemixoficial True Entertainment #huskygramofficial #husky

Latest from Lynn : )

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M-502 PRO

The Holy Grail for recording engineers worldwide… the Spectra Sonics M-502 PRO microphone preamplifier / equalizer / channel strip.

M-502 PRO

Two Spectra Sonics M-502 PRO microphone preamplifiers.

M-502 PRO

Two Spectra Sonics M-502 PRO microphone preamplifiers racked with the equally Holy Spectra Sonics Model 610 complimiter. Accompanying these two are a Highland Dynamics BG2 compressor designed by Bryce Gonzales, a Universal Audio Apollo computer interface and a Furman PL Plus power distributor.

Gosh, this guy’s a lucky sod!


stanton ST-150

Just saw an Auralex marketing piece for their turntable isolation mount. There on it was my rekkid player. But wait… it wasn’t my rekkid player! Platter mat said stanton. Looking closer the name on it was stanton. Gosh. So I went to stanton. In the discontinued section, there it was. So, it shares the same guts. It was a revelation. Not a completely pleasant one, I must say. I wonder who made it first…

A bit of digging revealed…

brunorepublic at discogs, about 1 year ago, 23-Jan-18 06:41 PM
Yes, it is outsourced, and not just the platter. Every direct drive table currently in production aside from the new Technics (oh and a VPI model which is aimed at the high-end market) is simply a rebadged Hanpin OEM table. The only difference between them is the brand name and the extras. Pioneer, Reloop, Audio-Technica, Stanton, all the same basic table, with the same basic specs, features, and shortcomings.

From … The Reloop RP-6000 is the same deck also

Whoa. This makes me somewhat sad. Not horribly, but, you know…

Reloop RP-6000

Reloop RP-6000

Researching imagery shows that this one is the exact equivalent of mine but for one very minor omission.

pioneer PLX-1000

Pioneer PLX-1000

Ah well, does it matter? I think not. Mine works great and it performs really well. I have found not a thing to fault and the sound with the M97xE is superb.

be well




God, I’m all creeped out over those last two posts. Trying to educate is hard and getting harder.


This here’s the rear of the tweeter section of the wonderful Klipschorn speaker by Paul W. Klipsch and Co.

Current 50th Anniversary edition… only $15,000 a stereo pair! Just $12K for regular.

Classic and Legend. Handmade in Hope, Arkansas.



Keeley Electronics Trailer

Keeley Electronics
Published on Jan 11, 2017

OMG, this is just so fantastically good! I didn’t even get all the way through be fore I started posting it for yaz, I love the music and the audio… Sweet.

be well


Jugni – Mukhtar Sahota & Arif Lohar

Internalmusic UK
Published on Dec 29, 2006

Music Mukhtar Sahota
Vocals Arif Lohar
Mix & Mastered – Mukhtar Sahota

21st Century Jugni

Internalmusic UK
Copyright Internalmusic 2006

You have no idea how much I love this. =D

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Published on Sep 29, 2015

ITunes link –…

Ditto folks. One of my all time favorite things in the whole wide world.

be well


The Sahotas Hass Hogia

Published on Nov 15, 2009

ashish’s video

I love this even more than the previous one! This is glorious. Surj Sahota on Vocal.

be well


John Lennon & Frank Zappa – Baby Please Don’t Go (Live at Fillmore 1971).mp4

Published on Nov 23, 2011

Sobre el concierto:
6 de Junio de 1971 en Fillmore East, New York.

Frank Zappa invitó el mismo día de manera sorpresa a John y Yoko a actuar esa noche, los cuales sin saber siquiera como iban a vestirse ni que tocarían para el show, accedieron.

Sobre la filmación:
La fotógrafa del teatro, Amalie Rothschild, una ambiciosa directora de películas, había alquilado una cámara de 16mm para rodar un film sobre la legalización del aborto. Cuando descubrió que John y Yoko iban a actuar, decidió hacer una grabación pirata del concierto, colocandose en la habitacion del sonido y con un zoom, consiguiendo una grabación de unos 22 minutos.
Los temas del show aparecieron en audio en el disco doble de Lennon “Sometime in New York City”, en cuya portada interior se parodiaba la portada del Fillmore East.

Translation by the Google web app:

About the concert:
June 6, 1971 in Fillmore East, New York.

Frank Zappa invited the same day in a surprise way to John and Yoko to act that night, which without even knowing how they were going to get dressed or what they would play for the show, they agreed.

About the filming:
The theater’s photographer, Amalie Rothschild, an ambitious film director, had rented a 16mm camera to shoot a film about the legalization of abortion. When he discovered that John and Yoko were going to act, he decided to make a pirate recording of the concert, placing himself in the sound room and zooming in, getting a recording of about 22 minutes.
The themes of the show appeared in audio on Lennon’s double album “Sometime in New York City,” whose cover inside parodied the cover of the Fillmore East.

Wow, this is delightfully delicious! All of it! A must see if ever I saw one.

be well

But Wait!

There’s more.

Just found this… and it is holding in it’s arms disappointment for me. See if you agree. Also a must see, unfortunately.

Zappa on John & Yoko

Published on Nov 10, 2008

Zappa discusses the incident involving John & Yoko and the Filmore show.

Oh, man… this is unsettling me.

carry on being well


Stevie Ray Vaughan Live @ Starwood Amph. Nashville, TN 09/06/1987

Published on Feb 4, 2015

Starwood Amphitheater, Nashville, TN – Volunteer Jam XIII 1987

Set list:

01 – Scuttle Buttin’

02 – Say What 4:08

03 – Look At Little Sister 8:40

04 – Mary Had a Little Lamb 12:46

05 – Superstition 16:22

06 – Cold Shot 21:18

07 – Life Without You 27:08

08 – Voodoo Chile 36:55

09 – Good Ole Gospel Ship w/ Lynyrd Skynyrd 45:10

I hope you enjoy this video and please share with your friends!

SRV! Stevie! Woo! Mr. Vaughan was exceptional and is truly Legend. A powerful influence on so many good people. A treasure.

be well






Technics SP10mk3 ngs

Just recently out. The highest performing turntable in history.

The cost as shown is $38,895. And don’tcha know, if I had been a successful man in the wealth gathering department I would snap this up… because records. Note that one can spend significantly more for a record player, but, they can’t touch this.

be well



A pair of late 60s #Gibson 175s in spectacular condition spotted at @12fretguitar #Toronto.

The first shot is a 1967 #ES175 TD in sedate, dignified, Gibson dark sunburst. It’s in marvellous condition. Just the lightest of lacquer checking on the back and virtually none on the top. If I had a few spare bucks I’d have loved to add this one to the collection.


From deebeeus

I wish I had the strength to break out of my prison and learn to play the guitar that’s been waiting for me for the past twenty five years or so. Jesus, its so hard to move. God damn f*#¢king demons.

be well



Linda Ronstadt, my edit of original via parade



Ooh, Linda! I crushed on her so bad in my yoot…that VOICE…and those looks…Lord have mercy. Her talent is just beyond the beyond. I was so sad when she got sick… poor darling.

be well


“Crossfire” from Reese Wynans & Friends. Released: 2019. Track 1.


This came in just the other day from Joe Bonamassa.

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August 29, 2016, 3:02 PM

Tears for Fears – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” on hammered dulcimer… What a sound

credit: Ted Yoder

Nice tone! Dunno if my eyes’d ever let me hit those strings like that.

be well


I Put A Spell On You

Mark Notell
Published on Jul 19, 2013

Samantha Fish at the 2013 North Atlantic Blues Festival in Rockland, Maine

Miss Fish… is not just a Goddess… no, she’s a Blues Goddess!

Here as our dear, sweet friend Frank S. Petrilli sent it as a balm for my finding out that the Angel of the North is not so much an angel but… well… Jesus… play, Sammy, play!

be well