It is the most awful thing there is.

One of the shrinks that have attempted help said I have “profound lonliness.”

And I am feeling ultra lonely today, mit crying. Right from the git go. And more than usual.

Roy Orbison – Only the Lonely (Monument Concert 1965)

Published on Jul 18, 2011

Music video by Roy Orbison performing Roy Orbison – Only the Lonely (Monument Concert 1965).

(C) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment

I have always had a soft spot for the work of Roy Orbison, the master of loneliness. But I can’t feel it all the way because in his songs, it’s always about lost love. I’ve never had any love, so I am left to use my imagination.

All the while in mental agony over never having anyone to share life with… and the horrible reactions of those the idea was proposed to. It makes me want to go off and die. Which I will most likely wind up doing — sooner than later.

Roy Orbison – Crying (Monument Concert 1965)

Published on Jul 18, 2011

Roy Orbison’s official live video for ‘Crying’ (Monument Concert 1965). Click to listen to Roy Orbison on Spotify: As featured on The Ultimate Collection: Buy/Listen –… More from Roy Orbison Blue Bayou: You Got It: I Drove All Night: More great 80s videos here: Follow Roy Orbison Website: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe to Roy Orbison on YouTube:

I had to escape
The city was sticky and cruel
Maybe I should have called you first
But I was dying to get to you

I was dreaming while I drove the long straight road ahead, uh-huh, yeah
Could taste your sweet kisses, your arms open wide
This fever for you was just burning me up inside

Crying to get to you
Is that all right?
Crying, crept in your room
Woke you from your sleep to make love to you
Is that all right?

The above noted conditions apply even more to this one, eh. If you were to randomly glance in my direction, at any random moment of your choosing, you would have an exceptionally good chance of finding tears rolling down my cheeks.

It is my normal.

Maybe it’ll change someday, but I just know that it never, ever will.

be well


The Blues Magoos – (We Ain’t Got) Nothin’ Yet (1966-67)

Published on Jan 16, 2018

Perhaps one of the giants of the early psychedelic hits, for some years my only video contribution for this song until now was an old slideshow I did originally back in 2012. Finally, it has been given the sort of treatment I have done for other such rock classics. “(We Ain’t Got) Nothin’ Yet,” a song by the American rock band Blues Magoos, and released in October 1966, became a chart hit in the United States in February 1967. It peaked at Billboard at #5 on February 11, 1967 and at #6 on Cash Box on February 18, 1967.

Oo the wonderfulness! Love this song… (I bet you probably guessed that, yeah?)

The memories! This film is pretty slick, too, so PentaProps™ to Munrows Retro, eh.

Dig it!

be well


Hot Rod Lincoln – Commander Cody (Studio)

Eric Cajundelyon
Published on Apr 26, 2012

Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen is an American country rock band founded in 1967. Members included founder George Frayne, John Tichy, Billy C. Farlow, Bill Kirchen, Andy Stein, Paul “Buffalo” Bruce Barlow, Lance Dickerson, and Bobby Black. The band’s style mixed country music, rockabilly, and blues, on a foundation of boogie-woogie piano. It was among the first country-rock bands to take its cues less from folk-rock and bluegrass and more from barroom country of the Ernest Tubb and Ray Price style. A pioneer in incorporating Western swing into its style, the band became legendary for marathon live shows. Wikipedia – Joint the Commencer here:…

Oh I do so love this band. They can perk up the dead, ya know?

Just fabulous. Then and now!

be well


Frank Sinatra – Luck Be A Lady

sinatraFrank Sinatra
Published on Apr 29, 2016

Purchase A Man and His Music + Sinatra and Friends here:

Music video by Frank Sinatra performing Luck Be A Lady.

(C) 1966 Frank Sinatra Enterprises LLC, under exclusive license to Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd.

The Chairman of the Board.

The master of song. What a voice. What a talent.

Did you know he did his songs in just one take? One. Yeah, baby.

be well


Glenn Miller – In The Mood [HQ]

Published on Dec 6, 2010

Glenn Miller – In The Mood Picture is from the movie “The Glenn Miller Story” (1953) starring James Stewart “In the Mood” is a song popularized by the American bandleader Glenn Miller in 1939, and one of the best-known arrangements of the big band era. Miller’s rendition topped the charts one year later and was featured in the 1941 movie Sun Valley Serenade.
I’ve been looking Glenn Miller videos and noticed that all of them have low quality, so I decided to upload this nice version of the song.

Glenn Miller was the band leader’s band leader. So many hits and such an influence on a whole generation. And the next, too, as evidenced by my love for his work and it showing up above these lines.

Please enjoy this classic wonder.

be well


Dean Martin – Mambo Italiano

Published on Jun 25, 2009

One of Dean Martin’s greatest hits, Mambo Italiano.


(A boy went back to Napoli because he missed the scenery)
(The native dances and the charming songs)
(But wait a minute something’s wrong)
(’cause now it’s)
Hey mambo, mambo Italiano hey hey mambo mambo Italiano
Go go go you mixed up Siciliano
All you Calabrese do the mambo like-a crazy with the
Hey mambo don’t wanna tarantella
Hey mambo no more mozzarella
Hey mambo mambo Italiano try an enchilada with a fish baccala
Hey goomba I love how you dance the rumba
But take some advice paisano learn-a how to mambo
If you’re gonna be a square you ain’t-a gonna go anywhere
Hey mambo mambo Italiano hey hey mambo mambo Italiano
Go go Joe shake like a Giavanna
E lo che se dice you get happy in the pizza when you
Mambo Italiano

Hey chadrool you don’t-a have to go to school
Just make it with a big bambino
It’s like vino
Kid you good-a looking but you don’t know what’s-a cooking ’til you
Hey mambo mambo Italiano
Hey hey mambo mambo Italiano
Ho ho ho you mixed up Siciliano
E lo che se dice you get happy in the pizza when you
Mambo Italiano

Dino! Oh, man, do I love this… you have no idea.

It’s from when I was a little boy. It’s … in me … you dig? I mean, it’s freakin’ perfect.

This is here several times as well, just like La Rosa in the previous post.

Again, it’s simply … in me.

be well


Julius La Rosa – Eh, Cumpari

Michael McKenna
Published on Mar 21, 2015

Julius La Rosa was discovered by Arthur Godfrey, who recognized the handsome young man’s vocal talents and charisma. As a consequence, Julius became one of Arthur Godfrey’s performing TV “family”, appearing on his television and radio shows, and recording for Columbia Records. Julius became a national celebrity – and it was a huge break for the boy which launched his career. However, Mr. Godfrey was a strict taskmaster and ruled over his performing family with a close, watchful eye. If any of his performers missed a rehearsal, Arthur would certainly let them know about it.

I am not certain of the specific details, but I believe that Julius was dating one of the singing McGuire Sisters – who were also then featured on Godfrey’s shows – and for some reason, Arthur disapproved of this. To make matters worse, Julius was at one point receiving more fan mail than Arthur himself! Julius’ “fall from grace” culminated in Arthur Godfrey actually firing him on the air, stating that the song Julius sang on that particular day was his “swan song” – although the boy did not understand what that meant when Arthur stated it on the air.

Arthur Godfrey also had a long-time musical arranger and conductor, Archie Bleyer. After Julius’ dismissal, Archie also disassociated himself from Mr. Godfrey by leaving his organization in 1952 to form a new record company – Cadence Records. One of the premier artists for the new label was Julius La Rosa. (Archie Bleyer soon had additional, huge success with The Chordettes, The Everly Brothers, Andy Williams and Johnny Tillotson on his label.) This is probably the first hit on Cadence – the Italian novelty song “Eh, Cumpari” – sung with a twinkle and a smile by Julius La Rosa.

The song is a cumulative song, in which each verse contains all of the previous verses as well. It is sung in Sicilian and is about the sounds of musical instruments.

A rough translation reads as follows:
Hey buddy, [music] is playing.
What is playing?
The whistle.
And what does it sound like—the whistle?
[vocalized instrument sound] the whistle, [nonsense rhythm words]
u friscalettu = whistle [small flute]
u saxofona = saxophone
u mandulinu = mandolin
u viulinu = violin
la trumbetta = trumpet
la trombona = trombone

Adapted by Julius La Rosa and Archie Bleyer. The song reached #1 on the Cash Box charts, and #2 on Billboard in 1953.

Oh wow how I’d love a copy of the record that’s pictured there!

This song was in full swing when I was born and hence I have heard it my entire life. I love it. If you search it here you’ll find it posted a few times. I will never tire of it and sometimes sing it along with Julius. And hey, it’s Sicilian, right next door to my wonderful Calabrese ancestors. It gets no better than that.

If I leave a carcass they better play this at my funeral.

What a wonderfully beautiful song by a fun, fabulous guy.


be well


Nat King Cole – Mona Lisa

Roy Gardnerra
Published on Sep 23, 2011

“Mona Lisa” is a song written by Ray Evans and Jay Livingston for the Paramount Pictures film Captain Carey, U.S.A. (1950). It won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for 1950. The arrangement was by Nelson Riddle and the orchestral backing was played by Les Baxter and his Orchestra. The soundtrack version by Nat King Cole spent eight weeks at number one in the Billboard singles chart in 1950. Also, Cole’s version of the song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1992. The Billboard sales charts of 1950 also showed significant sales on versions by Dennis Day and Harry James. In 1986, it was used as the theme to the British film Mona Lisa. An uncredited version of Mona Lisa plays in the background of one scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window (1954). The song was used in the wedding scene of the NBC mini-series, Witness to the Mob, in 1998. Various artists, including Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Art Lund, Shakin’ Stevens, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, the Neville Brothers, and Nat King Cole’s daughter Natalie Cole, have released cover versions of this song. Bruddah Iz (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole) also covered the song on the album Alone in IZ World. Harry Connick, Jr. included the song on his 2009 album, Your Songs. A rockabilly version of “Mona Lisa” (b/w/ “Foolish One”) was released by Carl Mann on Phillips International Records (#3539) in March 1959 and reached number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100. Conway Twitty recorded a version of “Mona Lisa” in February 1959, but planned to release it only as an album cut (on an EP and an LP by MGM Records). Nevertheless, it peaked at #5 in the UK Singles Chart in that year.[1] Sam Phillips signed Carl Mann to record his version of the song after the Twitty version began getting radio play in early 1959[4]. This was the most successful single in Mann’s career. The melody is slightly different, and the lyrics are also mostly the same as in the original version by Nat King Cole, though a few more phrases are added in that elaborate more on the girl he likes. The singer Don Cherry recorded a version backed by the Victor Young Orchestra which reached number seven in 1952. In 1961, this song was covered by Hong Kong female singer Kong Ling (江玲), on her LP album Off-Beat Cha Cha with the local Diamond Records. (extract from Wikipedia 2011)

This beautiful man with his beautiful voice was a major influence on my youthful mind and soul and I love him to this day. I am grateful to have been born at a time coinciding with his career and am happy to share it with you now. I love his contemporaries, too, but the sweet, lilting tones of this guy’s voice are simply unparalleled.

Eight weeks at number one. That’s weeks! Madonne.

Nat King Cole photographed by Frank Carroll

Nat King Cole photographed by Frank Carroll

be well


Johnny Winter – Mojo Boogie, Sweden 1987

Published on Jun 3, 2014

Johnny Winter – Mojo Boogie, Sweden 1987

Johnny was so good — it is a jaw-dropping experience to hear his sublime artistry and no less a player than Jimi Hendrix felt exactly that way. You will too, I have no doubt.

If you don’t know Johnny… simply dig in and dig it… you will feel so good.


be well


Joe Bonamassa “REDEMPTION” Official Music Video

Published on Jun 27, 2018


Check out the new video of the single “Redemption” from blues-rock titan Joe Bonamassa’s upcoming studio album. Featuring Anton Fig(drums), Reese Wynans(keys), Michael Rhodes(bass), Mahalia Barnes, Juanita Tippins and Jade MacRae (backup vocals). The audio was produced by Kevin “Caveman” Shirley. The videos were shot by Saskia Töpfer and edited by Philippe Klose. This recording took place at Criteria Studios in Miami, FL.


● Official Tickets ●

● Official Social Links ●

● Official Merchandise ●

Sweetness. Truly.

Not much can compare with the thrill of a new Bonamassa work.

Please enjoy often.

be well


Joe Bonamassa – ‘Mountain Climbing’ – OFFICIAL Music Video

Published on Mar 26, 2016

The latest official music video from Blues-Rock Titan Joe Bonamassa, ‘Mountain Climbing’, from his brand new studio album, Blues of Desperation, available today! After watching the stunning video, check out Get Ready to Rocks’ glowing 4 1/2 star review of the album, which calls it ‘a powerhouse record that showcases some of his best recorded moments in recent times’, and that Joe has been pushed ‘to a new high’. Grammy Award nominated blues-rocker Joe Bonamassa’s Blues of Desperation is his 12th solo studio album and features, astonishing, cutting edge blues musicianship from Bonamassa and his band which includes drummers Greg Morrow and Anton Fig, the latter famous for being the drummer of David Letterman’s house band, as well as Nashville ace of bass Michael Rhodes and Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble alumnus Reese Wynans. Joe blazes across new horizons of blues-rock on songs like the stirring Americana tune ‘The Valley Runs Low’, the barreling rocker ‘This Train’, and the searing blues-rock riff driven, ‘Mountain Climbing’. Get your copy of Joe Bonamassa’s Blues of Desperation today!


● Official Tickets ●

● Official Social Links ●

● Official Merchandise ●

This man amazes me… and not just with his total Blues mastery, but at his energy and at what he has accomplished so far at such a young age!

Simply superb… enjoy.

be well


SAMANTHA FISH • Don’t Say You Love Me • Briggs Farm Blues Festival 2018

Published on Jul 9, 2018

Samantha Fish – Guitar & Vocals;
Chris Alexander – Bass & Vocals;
Phil Breen – Keyboards;
Rebecca Crenshaw – Fiddle & Vocals;
Scott Graves – Drums;
Alex Massa – Trumpet;
Christopher Spies – Saxophone.
*Filmed in 1080p by Joan Mallotides aka BluesBroad
7/6/18 Briggs Farm Blues Festival 2018 – Nescopeck, PA

It has been far too long.

I think this ‘big band’ approach is holding her back, truth be told. It was so visceral before and she just flew. Not that she isn’t stellar still…. it’s just not the same.

be well


Mauro Samuel – Gm groove improvisation.

Mauro Samuel
Published on Jul 13, 2018

Fender American Standard Strat 2012
Boss BD-2w, DD7, RV5
Orange OR15
Coffee Break Groove backtrack – Funk 2-3 – Recorded 07-06-18

God, Mauro is just so good… he doesn’t even glance at the fretboard. That’s total affinity and a natural oneness with his instrument. Don’t get no better than that.

I hope someday, when my soul breaks free, to be just half as good as this man!

be well


Stringbean – Cripple Creek (Grand Ole Opry)

OldTmye TunesFive
Published on Apr 7, 2015

Posting Country Music Videos downloaded from

FYI: John A. Brown, String Bean’s murderer, has been up for parole 4 times over the last 12 years & denied each time. Brown has spent 37 of his 60 years in prison & will not get another chance for parole until 2017. When Brown is tearfully pleading for freedom, I wonder if he remembers String’s wife Estelle begging him to spare her life & how he answered her pleas by putting a bullet in her head. Since he should have been executed anyway, he should never be granted his parole.

David Akeman (June 17, 1916 – November 10, 1973), better known as Stringbean (or String Bean), was an American country music banjo player and comedy musician best known for his role on the hit television show, Hee Haw, and as a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Akeman and his wife were murdered by burglars at their rural Tennessee home in 1973. Born in Annville, Jackson County, Kentucky, Akeman came from a musical family. He was taught to play the banjo by his father, James Roy Akemon. He got his first real banjo when he was 12 years old in exchange for a pair of prize bantam chickens. Akeman began playing at local dances and gained a reputation as a musician, but the income was not enough to live on. He joined the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps, building roads and planting trees.

Eventually, he entered a talent contest judged by singer-guitarist-musical saw player Asa Martin. He won and was invited to join Martin’s band. During an early appearance, Martin forgot Akeman’s name and introduced him as “String Bean” because of his tall, thin build. Akeman used the nickname the rest of his life.

Akeman originally was only a musician, but when another performer failed to show up one night, he was used as a singer and comic. From then on, Akeman did both comedy and music. He appeared on WLAP-AM in Lexington, Kentucky, and played with a several groups in the late 1930s.

Akeman also played semi-professional baseball. It was as a ballplayer that he met bluegrass pioneer Bill Monroe, who fielded with another semi-pro team. From 1943 to 1945, Akeman played banjo for Monroe’s band, performing on recordings such as “Goodbye Old Pal”. He also teamed with Willie Egbert Westbrook as String Beans and Cousin Wilbur, a comedy duo who appeared on the same bill as Monroe’s band. When he left Monroe, he was replaced by Earl Scruggs, a banjoist with a very different style.

In 1945, Akeman married Estelle Stanfill. The same year, he formed a comedy duet with Willie Egbert Westbrook, and they were invited to perform on the Grand Ole Opry. The following year, Akeman began working with Grandpa Jones, a fellow old-time banjo player and comedian. Jones and Akeman worked together at the Opry and years later on the Hee Haw television series. They also became neighbors near Ridgetop, Tennessee. Akeman became a protégé of Uncle Dave Macon, one of the biggest Opry stars. Near the end of his life, Macon gave Akeman one of his prized banjos.

Another deep love from my youth, a love for both song and man.

I have posted this before, back in October 2017. Exactly the same if I recall…


This is the only true rendition of the song, as well. On YouTube, anyway.

be well


Pan Franek – 2015 – Hupaj Siupaj Polka – Grand Rapids Michigan

Stann Machowiak
Published on Aug 31, 2015

Pan Franek at Dozynki Polish Heritage Festival Grand Rapids Michigan.

Oooh Gawd, I so love this song, right from my youth… it just gets me goin’ and this band is simply the best there is.

be well


Shake Your Hips • ERIN HARPE & the DELTA SWINGERS • NY State Blues Fest • 6/29/18

Published on Jul 3, 2018

Erin Harpe – Vocals and Guitar; Jim Countryman – Bass; Matthew “Matt Charles” Prozialeck – Harmonica; Kendall Pariah Divoll – Drums.

*Filmed in 1080p by Joan Mallotides aka BluesBroad
6/29/18 NY State Blues Festival – Syracuse, NY

Ooh, more good stuff… good stuff that I did not know was out there.

Good stuff, eh?

be well


Billy Gibbons – La Grange (Live From Daryl’s House)

Published on Feb 17, 2014

Music & Video ©Live From Daryl’s House. All Rights Reserved

Don’t get no better’n Billy Gibbons…

Hey, here’s our band doin’ it. : ) Not bad, eh?



be well


LARKIN POE ♫ Black Betty • NY State Blues Fest • 6/28/18

Published on Jun 28, 2018

Rebecca Lovell – Guitar & Vocals; Megan Lovell – Lap Steel & Vocals; Brent Tarka Layman – Bass; Kevin McGowan – Drums.

*Filmed in 1080p by Joan Mallotides aka BluesBroad 6/28/18
NY State Blues Festival – Syracuse, New York

A crackin’ rendition of this very old and too little played gem.

Ladies! Rock ON!

And continuing appreciation for Joan Mallotides, the best and most dedicated chronicler of live Blues ever! Bless you dear heart!

be well


Larkin Poe – Mad As A Hatter

Gramophone Armageddon
Published on Jul 12, 2015

Larkin Poe performing Mad As A Hatter in The Convent Club chapel.

Other songs from this show :……………

OMG This is so beautiful.

Ladies, I thank you so much.

be well


LARKIN POE ♫ Black Echo • NY State Blues Fest • 6/28/18

Published on Jun 29, 2018

Rebecca Lovell – Guitar & Vocals; Megan Lovell – Lap Steel & Vocals; Brent Tarka Layman – Bass; Kevin McGowan – Drums.

*Filmed in 1080p by Joan Mallotides aka BluesBroad 6/28/18
NY State Blues Festival – Syracuse, NY

Ooh! Power!

I need a lot more of Larkin Poe.

be well


EL84 Rock’n’Blues Band – Got to Get Better in a Little While

Mauro Samuel
Published on Jul 4, 2018

Teatro da Uff – Festival Tudo Blues – maio 2018 Got to Get Better in a Little While (Eric Clapton)

Nice. These guys definitely have some chemistry going on, methinks…

Do you think so, too?

be well


EL84 Rock‘n’Blues Band – Manic Depression

Mauro Samuel
Published on Jul 5, 2018

EL84 Rock‘n’Blues Band – Manic Depression – Festival Tudo Blues – Teatro da UFF – maio 2018



be well


Creedence Clearwater Revival – Born On The Bayou

Published on Apr 11, 2017

Ahh, the magnificence of CCR. I love this. No, I LOVE this.

From the minute I first heard it back when it was brand spankin’ new, right till now when Joe played it on fireworks watch.

Such a beautiful end to a strange mix of emotions that ran through me today.

I like that.

Let there be much more.

Nice video, by the way!


be well


Born Under the Bad Sign – EL84 Rock’n’Blues Band

Mauro Samuel
Published on Jul 3, 2018

Teatro da Uff – Festival Tudo Blues 2018. Niteroi – RJ.

Mauro is on a roll!

Me gusto mucho.


be well


America, the Beautiful

Tony Sarno – Topic
Published on Nov 8, 2014

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

America, the Beautiful • Tony Sarno

Tony Sarno ℗ 2007
Marconi Released on: 2007-12-03

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Cousin Tony does this song with real personal feeling and because of that, it always turns out beautifully.



be well


EMIN – In Another Life (ft. Donald Trump and Miss Universe’13 Contestants) Official Video

Published on Nov 20, 2013

The single is available on iTunes:… A dozen of the world’s most beautiful women are more than just a dream for EMIN in his new music video for the single “In Another Life”… but he is brought back to reality by the always tough-talking words of Donald Trump!

okay, I’m done now.

No, really.

be well

EMIN – Got Me Good (Official Video)

Published on Jun 27, 2018

The video which features lookalikes for Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, Hillary Clinton, Stormy Daniels, Mark Zuckerberg, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner is a satire on the news of the past 12 months. It features the US President cavorting with Miss Universe contestants, playing poker with Hilary and exchanging briefcases of classified information with the Russian pop star whilst a pleased Kim Jong un watches with glee scoffing popcorn. “Music is about fun, and pop music can be about satire and commentary, so I decided to have some fun mixing the two!”, – said EMIN. Got me Good Written by: David Strääf, Efraim Leo, Beatrice Robertsson

Hey, now this is a bit different for these parts, eh?

I like it, actually…

be well


Roy Buchanan – Down By The River, PBS (1971)

Published on May 1, 2017

Truly awful that this guitar virtuoso never got anywhere the proper recognition his talent heralded.

Society can really suck, eh?

But we have his music and we can listen and imagine what could have been.

be well


Gary Moore – Whiskey in the Jar (Tribute to Phil Lynott) [HQ] [9/10]

Saracura Rubedo
Published on Dec 16, 2010

*Rest in peace, Gary Moore… so sad of a day… your guitar stays with us, and you shall live trough it. Farewell…*

† Gary Moore was found dead in February 06 2011, while on vacation at Costa del Sol, Spain. †

– – –
Gary Moore and friends performing “Whiskey in the Jar” in the “One Night in Dublin: a Tribute to Phil Lynott” concert at The Point Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, August 20th, 2005. [Part 9/10]

This song is a real classic, and is also famous for the fierce Metallica cover.

Phillip Lynott was the bassist, lead singer, lead composer and frontman for the band Thin Lizzy, in which Moore played for some time too.

Gary Moore (was) a renowned guitar player, his style ranging from Heavy Metal and Blues to Country music.

Eric Bell: “the only guy that can play this song”.

With no further ado, enjoy this song in high quality, and see all the other parts of this historical concert in my channel.
Gary Moore e amigos na performance da música “Wiskey in the Jar” no concerto “Uma Noite em Dublin: um tributo a Phil Lynott” (tradução livre), que aconteceu no The Point Theatre, em Dublin, Irlanda, no dia 20 de Agosto de 2005. [Parte 9/10]

Essa música é um verdadeiro clássico e ficou bem conhecida depois do fantástico cover do Metallica.

Philip Lynott foi o baixista, vocalista, principal compositor e “frontman” da banda Thin Lizzy, na qual Gary também chegou a tocar.

Gary Moore é um renomado guitarrista e seu estilo vai desde o Heavy Metal e o Blues até a música Country.

É DEFINITIVAMENTE um guitarrista que merece admiração, uma lenda. E pensar que eu só vim a conhecê-lo mesmo fazem algumas semanas…

Eric Bell: “o único cara que consegue tocar essa música”.

Sem mais delongas, aproveitem essa música em alta qualidade e vejam as outras partes do show no meu canal.

Okay, I love this song, right.

Oh, yes.

I do.

And Gary Moore is Peter Green’s protege and dear friend. And has sadly passed away… Rest In Peace, Sir.

So, after the last post this felt good.

be well


Peter Green – Kolors ( Full Album ) 1983

Published on Mar 13, 2014

Peter Green – Kolors ( Full Album ) 1983

1. What Am I Doing Here?
2. Bad Bad Feeling
3. Big Boy Now
4. Black Woman
5. Bandit
6. Same Old Blues
7. Liquor And You
8. Gotta Do It With Me?
9. Funky Jam

Bass — Larry Steele, Mo Foster, Paul Westwood
Drums — Dave Mattack , Reg Isadore
Engineer — Dave Lester
Guitar — Bob Bowman, Ronnie Johnson
Keyboards — Roy Shipston, Webster Johnson
Panpipes — Trevor Orton
Percussion — Jeff Whittaker
Producer — Ron Lee
Vocals — Lesley Boone , Mike Green
Vocals, Guitar — Peter Green
Vocals, Keyboards — Daniel Boone
Written-By — M.D. Green* (tracks: 1 to 5, 7, 8 ) P.A. Greenbaum (tracks: 5, 9 )……

I do not own anything all rights reserved to Peter Green.

The Lord playeth, the Lord singeth.

I pray Peter is doing well. My heart goes out to him so much.

be well


EL84 Rock’n’Blues Band – Help Me

Mauro Samuel
Published on Jun 22, 2018

Festival Tudo Blues Teatro da Uff – Niterói – 24/05/18

Guitar Vocal – Mauro Samuel
Guitar – Zé Mauricio
Bass – Ednei
Drumms – Leonardo Israel
Keyboards – Carlito de Aquino


Beautiful, Mauro! Rock on, my friend =]

be well


Willow Osborne – SPBGMA 2013 Jamming

Published on Feb 6, 2013

Willow Osborne – SPBGMA 2013 Picking (with Isaac Moore, Danny Roberts, Lucas White, Monroeville and others) Nashville, Feb 2013. Video by John Matthews

A sure-fire gathering of talent featuring the future of bluegrass banjo, Willow Osborne picking away with a bunch of folks at what looks like a fine conference.

be well


Andy Griffith Show – 7 fantastic songs in a row

Published on Apr 29, 2015

The Darlings Hillbilly Bluegrass, Boil Them Cabbage Down, There Is A Time, Dooley, Shady Grove, Picking In Jail & Whoa Mule

Oh, yeah, see, now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

They can’t make this stuff now… so sad.


be well


Be Thou My Vision – Camille Nelson w/Alex Sharpe

Camille Nelson Music
Published on Jul 21, 2017

► Get Camille’s newest ALBUM, “Lead Me Home” on iTunes! ► Available now on Amazon!… ► Order from Deseret Book!… ► Available on the Google Play Store for Android Devices… ► Get a Physical or Digital copy from CD Baby!… —————————————- ► WEBSITE: ► FACEBOOK:… ► TWITTER: ► INSTAGRAM:… —————————————- ► SPOTIFY:… ► PANDORA:… —————————————- This track, “Be Thou My Vision” is a part of the new album, “Lead Me Home,” releasing August 18, 2017 at Deseret Book stores and everywhere online!!

There is a beautiful Irish poem that some attribute to St. Dallan in the 6th century. Shortly after he became blind, St. Dallan wrote the first line to this poem: “Be Thou My Vision, O Lord.” This beautiful Irish hymn stands for faith, hope and the relationship we have with the Lord in our lives. Thanks for watching!! 🙂 ~ Camille

Fingerstyle guitar piece featuring violin, a string ensemble and celtic vocals in the Gaelic language by former member of Celtic Woman, Alex Sharpe.

Music Track recorded at Stone Angel Music Studios in Salt Lake City, Utah by Trevor Price
Producer: Trevor Price Associate Producer: Paul Cardall
String and Vocal Arrangements by Shane Mickelsen (
Video Recorded in Howth, Ireland
Videographer and Editor: Elias Jessop
Custom guitar by Stonebridge Guitars

Fingerstyle Guitar Player Camille Nelson is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist. Her music is fun and fresh, offering feel-good beats and moving melodies that any audience can easily relate to. Her pop/rock/folk style, which was influenced by artists including U2 and Alanis Morissette, evolved to her current style of percussive guitar elements integrated with violin and ethereal vocals, which has marked her as a fingerstyle guitar player. Camille’s first album, First Words, was released in 2009 and was engineered and produced by Nashville producer, Giles Reaves, for the independent label Dimmi Records. Reaves is currently working with Camille recording her fingerstyle work. Much of Camille’s music relates to her extensive world travel. She speaks German and Italian and has been to over 60 countries—gaining multicultural experiences that have strongly influenced her song-writing. She has lived around the world during and after earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Utah and a doctorate degree from Gonzaga University. She is now a college professor teaching MBA courses in management, communication, and leadership. Camille Nelson has worked with various fingerstyle guitar players including Andy Mckee, Billy McLaughlin, Antoine Dufour, Stephen Bennett, and Kaki King. She was deeply inspired by works by Michael Hedges and in particular, Andy Mckee’s “Drifting” and Kaki King’s “Playing with Pink Noise,” whose pieces both feature percussive elements that Camille also integrates into her compositions. She also incorporates and layers violin and vocal tracks into her songs.. As Camille Nelson’s guitar teacher, Kaki King helped Camille develop and master her guitar skills while encouraging Camille to continue working on more original compositions establishing her as a fingerstyle guitar player. Camille Nelson has performed all around the United States and various parts of the world. She completed a tour around Ireland where she performed in several venues displaying her fingerstyle guitar work and original compositions. She has also performed in a variety of venues around Europe where she has earned praise as a fingerstyle guitar player and pop/rock singer. Camille Nelson is also a well-rounded athlete that has earned praise as a competitive runner and triathlete having run over 15 marathons, including the Boston Marathon, Great Wall Marathon, and the Antarctica Marathon. Born and raised in Salt Lake, Camille is the youngest of six similarly musical children. She was strongly influenced by her father, a violist, and her mother, a professional opera singer. Camille continues to make music while she teaches to help further her goal of motivating and touching people. With Camille’s work in music as well as in academia, Camille’s dream is to use her Ph.D in communication and her music skills to impact people through her creativity and music as she has been deeply impacted by the music and people that have had a profound impact on her life.

Camille contacted me on twitter a cpl three days ago and I am just getting to it but I am glad because she is one heck of a picker!

What a cool style… picked up my energy a nice bit, eh!


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smooth R&B 7 8 Bb – N Zaganin – Boss Blues Driver Waza – DD7 – RV5

Mauro Samuel
Published on Jun 11, 2018

smooth R&B 7 8 Bb Coffee Break

Mauro Samuel – Blue Bossa II Gibson ES-339

Mauro Samuel
Published on Sep 1, 2014

Mauro never fails to satisfy. Smooth moves always.

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