Paul Simon – Mother and Child Reunion (Audio)

Paul Simon
Sep 15, 2013

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Music video by Paul Simon performing Mother and Child Reunion (Audio). (C) 1971 Paul Simon Music under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment.

Happy Mother’s Day, To All The Loving Mommies!

God Bless You!


Noel Gallagher

Via talesfromthemightyi

Listen to Noel Gallagher excerpts from Peter Green Tribute concert at the Palladium

You can now listen to brand new excepts taken from 2020’s London Palladium tribute concert for Peter Green, as well as the full thing on YouTube Music.

Mick Fleetwood & Friends celebrate the life and music of Peter Green in a special concert put together by former musician friends of the former lead frontman for Fleetwood Mac. Special guest stars are Dave Bronze, Neil Finn, Kirk Hammett, Pete Townshend, and including Noel Gallagher. Just to name a few.

Gallagher sung and played guitar one two tracks, “The World Keep On Turning” and “Like Crying“. He also played acoustic guitar on “No Place to Go“.


Listen to the full concert here.



Jugni – Mukhtar Sahota & Arif Lohar

Internalmusic UK
Dec 29, 2006

Music Mukhtar Sahota
Vocals Arif Lohar
Mix & Mastered – Mukhtar Sahota
21st Century Jugni Internalmusic UK
Copyright Internalmusic 2006

Jogi – Mukhtar Sahota with Jinder Jinda – OFFICIAL VIDEO

Sep 29, 2015






The whole album will play. It is truly a Bhangra classic and I really dig it.

The Sahotas are an awesome talent.

India may be shocking in the living conditions present there, but the Punjabi music of the northwest is just wonderful. And heck, Bhangra from anywhere… 🙂


Need Your Love So Bad – Peter Green and David Gilmour

Rufus Stone Limited Editions
Apr 27, 2021

This version of Need Your Love So Bad started life as a home recorded vocal by Peter Green in 1968 using a domestic tape recorder. Producer Laurie Latham took the vocal track and with the full input of legendary Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour created a new musical landscape for this classic blues track. Peter heard and approved of the treatment before he passed away, peacefully in his sleep, on July 25th 2020.

This is one of two tracks that form part of this book project by Peter called The Albatross Man. The other track is a new version of Man of the World by Kirk Hammett from Metallica using Peter’s original famous Les Paul.

The book will go on pre-sale from the end of April 2021 and ship on what would be Peter’s 75th birthday, October 29th 2021.

©Peter Green and Rufus Stone Limited Editions.


Song Review: Peter Green and David Gilmour – “Need Your Love So Bad”

Peter Green not only would have approved, he did approve of the backing track David Gilmour fashioned for his 1968 recorded-at-home vocal to create a new version of “Need Your Love so Bad.”

Gilmour stuck close to Fleetwood Mac’s arrangement and made sure his modern music didn’t clash with Green’s 50-year-old vocals. It’s quite a feat, melding Pink and Green, and one the Fleetwood Mac founder signed off upon before his death in 2020.

The amalgamated track is one of two – Kirk Hammett’s take on “Man of the World” is the other – that’ll be released with Green’s posthumous book “The Albatross Man,” due on what should’ve been the guitarist’s 75th birthday, Oct. 29.

Grade card: Peter Green and David Gilmour – “Need Your Love So Bad” – A



A wonderful tribute to the legendary Peter Green!


Rivers Of Babylon

The Melodians – Topic
Oct 15, 2020

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Rivers Of Babylon · The Melodians

The Harder They Come

℗ An Island Records Release; ℗ 1970 Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

Released on: 1972-07-07

Producer: Leslie Kong
Composer Lyricist: Brent Dowe
Composer Lyricist: Frank Farian
Composer Lyricist: George Reyam
Composer Lyricist: James August McNaughton

So Beautiful.

Rastaman vibration, yeah!


The move to remove sheet music from Oxford

DontTreadOnMe, administrator Registered: 2/6/2004
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posted on Mar, 29 2021 @ 07:25 PM link

So, let’s get rid of more culture and history.
Music is already becoming a thing of the past.
Sure there is still talent, and there is still music….but the best of it seems to obviously NOT be the popular.
Plenty of musicians must be turning in their graves.…

To be honest, it’s a little bit hard to make sense of the story because it’s so screamingly stupid. Apparently, music professors are claiming that all Western classical music has “complicity in white supremacy.” This seems to include such composers as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Handel, all of whom were living in continental Europe in the 17th through 19th centuries and none of whom had anything whatsoever to do with Blacks, Africa, or the slave trade.

University of Oxford considers scrapping sheet music for being ‘too colonial’ after staff raise concerns about music curriculums’ ‘complicity in white supremacy’ after Black Lives Matter movement

I mean seriously, they are insane.
You don’t remove the past to improve the future.

Professors set to reform music courses to move away from the classic repertoire
Staff argued curriculum focuses on ‘white European music from slave period’
It is thought that music writing will also be reformed to be more inclusive

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”–Frank Herbert DUNE

Member Registered: 5/6/2014 Location: Mood: Member was on ATS 17 minutes ago

posted on Mar, 29 2021 @ 07:28 PM link

this lays the groundwork, you cannot control a group of people that can critically think for themselves.

They already pushed many of the classic books out because of either racism or they are to hard to read, real music elevates your brain allowing a deeper thought and understanding.

If it wasn’t for my wife and son I would so say get me off this planet they have gone nuts.

Member Registered: 11/22/2013 Location: DeCordova, TX Mood: None. Member is offline.

posted on Mar, 29 2021 @ 07:38 PM link

I love the “Staff argued” pun, but for the love of Leopold, this is so dumb I just want to blast some Xenakis at these big dummies until there’s nothing left of them.

Sure, yeah, it’s an outdated system, and it looks just as crappy as cursive handwriting, but it works.

I can’t get the second link to open for some reason. Do they have a plan for a new musical notation system?

ETA: I see OP added the link.

For the thrust of my challenge is aimed at the hearts
of mutant gods who think we’re all the same
They’re controlling our minds
And they use us for fortune and fame

Member Registered: 4/3/2014 Location: moved to a safer place Mood: spiritual Member is offline.

posted on Mar, 29 2021 @ 07:39 PM link

I feel for those under the age of 18 these days. I think we can start calling them the ” Lost Generation “.

My corona virus song :…
“I can’t give you a number ” he said. “I can’t give you a realistic number until we put into the factor of how we respond. If we’re complacent and don’t do really aggressive containment and mitigation the number could go way up and be involved in many many millions.”

Member Registered: 6/1/2015 Location: Mood: Member is offline.

posted on Mar, 29 2021 @ 07:40 PM link

Maybe if they want to prove that whites are not superior they should show some work of equal quality instead of trying to erase a superior artists work.

Member Registered: 3/29/2021 Location: The crazy blue marble Mood: Member is offline.

posted on Mar, 29 2021 @ 07:42 PM link

What are they replacing it with?

Taylor Swift? Dua Lipa? Beyonce?

Talentless idiots that have their music written for them. I’ll take the sheet music created by musical geniuses, anyday of the week

Member Registered: 8/13/2015 Location: United States of America Mood: Member is offline.

posted on Mar, 29 2021 @ 07:44 PM link

Damn. I can’t ii V I now because Roman numerals are racist. And I gotta burn my real book because I’m privilaged enough as it is. Do I have to delete my aebersold tracks, or since were both white we cancel each other out and it’s just music? Please, I can’t appear racist at the open mic tonight.

This insanity makes me want to snuff it, for there is, perhaps, no hope for our species.

Additionally, but off-topic, I Hope you are aware that Oxford is heavily involved in the eugenics movement. Yes, they want us all dead. And, good Lord, if you take their version of the kill shot, you’re an idiot.


Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King – Mirror, Mirror – (The Chase 1994) – (BluesMen Channel “Blues Rock”)

BluesMen Channel
Mar 23, 2020

Smokin’ Joe Kubek (November 30, 1956 – October 11, 2015) was an American Texas blues electric guitarist, songwriter and performer.
Bnois King (born January 21, 1943) (pronounced “buh-noise”) is a Texas Blues and Jazz guitar player, vocalist, and composer. He most often played guitar and rhythm guitar, and acted as the main vocalist and original song writer for the Smokin’ Joe Kubek Band, touring and equally billed with Kubek after 1997.
Building a repertoire from old, neglected blues genre songs (such as from the likes of Jimmy Reed and Freddie King), the duo found a ready audience for Bnois King’s laid-back vocalizations and rhythm guitar playing, and Kubek’s hard-playing blues style. At this time, King discovered other talents he didn’t realize he possessed: singing and song writing. King hadn’t really sung much on stage until he teamed up with Kubek. King said about it: “We needed a singer so I sang… and every time I did the crowds went wild. We needed songs so I wrote about things that happened to me, to people I knew…” Audiences enjoyed the blending of the two’s very different playing styles.

Born in Grove City, Pennsylvania, Kubek grew up in the Dallas, Texas area. In the 1970s during his teen years, he played with the likes of Freddie King and in the 1980s began performing with Louisiana-born musician and vocalist, Bnois King.

In 1985, Kubek released his first record on Bird Records, a 45 RPM single with the tracks “Driving Sideways” (written by Freddie King and Sonny Thompson) and “Other Side Of Love” (written by Doyle Bramhall Sr.). The single’s executive producers were Clint Birdwell and Charley Wirz. The two tracks reappeared on Kubek’s 2012 album, Let That Right Hand Go, produced by Birdwell and issued on Birdwell’s label, Bird Records Texas. The album is a collection of mostly unreleased material recorded since the 1980s (with the 1985 single’s track, “Other Side Of Love”, entitled “The Other Side Of Love”).
In 1991, Kubek released his first full-length album, entitled Steppin’ Out Texas Style (Bullseye Blues Records), and later released over a dozen albums on various labels.
Kubek died October 11, 2015 from a heart attack at the age of 58

Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King – Mirror, Mirror – (The Chase 1994) BMW 325is Coupe – (BluesMen Channel “Blues Rock Super Hits”)
Official Site:

Just SO good…


Mick Jagger on a Morgan Plus 8, possibly around the very early 70’s.

Why? Because god gave him everything he wanted (ah, bet you didn’t see that coming. Kudos to Silodrome for the find!)


Creedence Clearwater Woodstock Complete (Enhanced Video)

Cal Vid
Apr 11, 2018

High-def color enhancement and improved lighting of Creedence Clearwater Revival full video Woodstock performance. Born on the Bayou, I Put a Spell On You (5:09​), and Keep on Chooglin’ (9:28​) were live by Creedence Clearwater Revival at Woodstock Festival Day 2 starting at 12.30 AM, Sunday, August 17, 1969. San Francisco Bay Area-based CCR band members are John Fogerty – vocals, guitar, harmonica, Tom Fogerty – rhythm guitar, vocals, Doug “Cosmo” Clifford – drums and Stu Cook – bass. Watch CCR’s previous August 2, 1969 performance of Commotion:​ and more classic CCR videos:​

The official Creedence video outtakes were not included in the Woodstock motion picture. Only audio recordings exist for their remaining Woodstock setlist and were omitted from the film’s soundtrack.

The Creedence filmed song selections were taken from their first three albums. Born On The Bayou is from 1969 second album Bayou Country. “I Put a Spell on You” was written by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and is the opener on their self-titled debut album. Creedence Clearwater’s last Woodstock number “Keep on Chooglin'” includes a 9-minute harmonica solo.

Watch CCR Playlist of Creedence Clearwater Revival and solo hits performed by the group’s songwriter and CCR founding member John Fogerty live at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA July 15, 2015. Fogerty’s “1969” concert pays tribute to three classic CCR albums released that year: Bayou Country, Green River, and Willie And The Poor Boys.…​

CCR Woodstock 1969 Setlist
1. Born on the Bayou
2. Green River
3. Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won’t Do)
4. Commotion
5. Bootleg
6. Bad Moon Rising
7. Proud Mary
8. I Put a Spell on You
9. The Night Time Is the Right Time
10. Keep on Chooglin’
11. Suzy Q (Encore)



David Bromberg & Keb’ Mo’ – Walkin’ Blues – April 3 2016

Apr 8, 2016

I’m still wondering how he did Walkin’ Blues without Jorma who was also there



The Dead South – Live at Red Rocks

The Dead South
Aug 4, 2020

The Dead South live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre • July 24, 2019
Leave a tip to support The Dead South’s road crew:


00:00 Delirium

01:08 Banjo Odyssey

05:33 Dead Man’s Isle

09:17 Black Lung

13:29 Boots

17:18 The Recap

22:33 Miss Mary

27:03 In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company

31:45 Gunslinger’s Glory

39:31 Honey You

Fine stuff.


Ripple (Grateful Dead) feat. Bill Kreutzmann | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

Playing For Change
Jul 5, 2015

This song is featured on our new album, “Listen to the Music,” available now:

This song is featured on our new album, “Listen to the Music,” available now:​

We are proud to share with you this Song Around The World in honor of the Grateful Dead’s 50th anniversary. Our friends at JamBase asked us to turn the Grateful Dead’s 1970 classic, “Ripple” into a PFC Song Around the world as part of their “Songs Of Their Own” series (​) and after many miles on planes, trains and automobiles we can finally share it with all of you!!

“Ripple” is in support of the Playing For Change Foundation’s music schools and programs for children worldwide and we need your help. Watch the video and then let’s turn that inspiration we all share into something bigger. Join the “Ripple Effect” campaign so we can all leave the world better than we found it, one heart and one song at a time. As Jerry Garcia said, “Let there be songs to fill the air…”

Special Thanks to our Supporters: The Jerry Garcia Foundation (​), The Ripple Foundation, SeaChange (​), Michael Klein and Judi Hunt.

Playing For Change (PFC) is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music, born from the shared belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. The primary focus of PFC is to record and film musicians performing in their natural environments and combine their talents and cultural power in innovative videos called Songs Around The World. Creating these videos motivated PFC to form the Playing For Change Band—a tangible, traveling representation of its mission, featuring musicians met along their journey; and establish the Playing For Change Foundation—a separate 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to building music and art schools for children around the world. Through these efforts, Playing For Change aims to create hope and inspiration for the future of our planet.

To learn more about the work of the PFC Foundation, visit

Very sweet.


BLUE ON BLACK (LIVE) – Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Nov 19, 2020

(OFFICIAL VIDEO) The iconic Blue On Black from the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band’s new concert video STRAIGHT TO YOU – LIVE.



The intricately carved violin of Domenico Galli, made in 1687


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10 hours ago

The intricately carved violin of Domenico Galli, made in 1687. Now on display at the Galleria Estense in Modena, Italy [1121×2747]

That’s one fine fiddle!



Jonathan Edwards – Topic
Aug 18, 2014

Provided to YouTube by Rhino/Elektra
Shanty · Jonathan Edwards Jonathan Edwards
℗ 1971Atco Records

Banjo: Bill Keith
Pedal Steel Guitar: Bill Keith
Engineer: Bob Runstein
Guitar, Vocals: Eric Lillequist
Keyboards: Jeff Labes
Bass, Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals: Jonathan Edwards
Engineer: Mike Leary
Producer: Peter Caperson
Drums: Richard Adelman
Bass: Stuart Schulman
Writer: Jonathan Edwards

Auto-generated by YouTube.

My theme song for years now!


Billy Strings_Shady Grove: The Music of Doc Watson_1080 Stereo

Teton Film Works HSMF- 2017
Nov 13, 2018

Featuring Billy Strings and his band. When was the last time you heard someone referred to as a “Whiz Kid”? Well, if you’ve ever seen Billy Strings play guitar you know the term fits him perfectly. Billy, raised in Michigan and now residing in Nashville, is a twenty four year-old phoneme who is one of the most blistering flatpickers in all the land. Join Billy and his crackerjack band as they celebrate the legend of Arthel “Doc” Watson, the man who arguably has had the most profound influence on the way the acoustic guitar is played as a lead instrument in folk, old-time, and bluegrass music today!

Just gorgeous.


The Weight | Featuring Ringo Starr and Robbie Robertson | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

Playing For Change
Sep 18, 2019

“The Weight,” features Ringo Starr and The Band’s original member Robbie Robertson, along with musicians across 5 continents. Great songs can travel everywhere bridging what divides us and inspiring us to see how easily we all get along when the music plays. Special thanks to our partner Cambria® for helping to make this possible and to Robbie Robertson, Ringo Starr and all the musicians for joining us in celebrating 50 years of this classic song.

Take a load off and turn it up!!

Dedicated To “The Band”: Rick Danko Levon Helm Garth Hudson Richard Manuel Robbie Robertson




Keb’ Mo’ – Live at Blue Balls Festival 2008

Sep 17, 2015

Track list:
01. More Than One Way Home
02. The Itch
03. Suitcase
04. WhenI Get Paid
05. Dangerous Mood
06. Shave Yo’ Legs
07. Gimme What You Got
08. Just Like You
09. Standin’ At The Station

Keb’ Mo’ – Live at Blue Balls Festival (23/07/2008)

God, he is such a treasure.


Debbie Davies – Done Sold Everything – Don Odell’s

Don Odell
Dec 29, 2012

Debbie Davies and her band stopped by Don Odells Legends Studios in Palmer Ma. this fall . Seen here doing “Done Sold Everything”…Please check out other shows by Walter Trout, Chris Duarte, Jimmy Thackery, Joe Louis Walker, Ana Popovic, Royal Southern Brotherhood, Nighthawks and many more and by subscribing you can be automatically notified of new vide.os when uploaded.Audio recorded and mixed by Jayce De Santis of Soundstream Media, Northampton, MA



Keb’ Mo’ Am I Wrong

Keb’ Mo’
Mar 29, 2010

1994 performance at Buddy Guy’s in Chicago, IL.

Follow Keb’ Mo’:

Suggested by Believe Music
Keb’ Mo’ – Am I Wrong

Artist Mike Morgan & The Crawl
Album Blues Jam Live
Audio: Mike Morgan & The Crawl
Licensed to YouTube by The Orchard Music (on behalf of Creative Sounds, Inc.); PEDL, LatinAutor – PeerMusic, BMI – Broadcast Music Inc., LatinAutor, LatinAutor – Warner Chappell, LatinAutorPerf, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA – UBEM, Wixen Music Publishing, Inc., and 6 Music Rights Societies

This one is a treasure!

Oh, God, I love this song!

Am I wrong – Keb’ Mo’ live 1997

Dec 19, 2017

1. Am I wrong Keb’ Mo’ (Kevin Moore) live 1997 Blues-Abend der Stuttgarter Jazz Open



Best in Town

The Andy T Band – Topic
Jul 19, 2014

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises
Best in Town · Andy T – Nick Nixon Band Livin’ It Up
℗ 2014 Delta Groove Music, Inc.
Released on: 2014-06-17
Music Publisher: One Touch Publishing Company
Auto-generated by YouTube.



Oh Rosa

Kim Simmonds – Topic
Sep 19, 2015

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises
Oh Rosa · Kim Simmonds And Savoy Brown The Devil to Pay
℗ 2015 Ruf Records GmbH
Released on: 2015-09-18
Music Publisher: Savoy Brown Music/BMI admin. by Bad Love Music/BMI
Auto-generated by YouTube.

Decidedly Divine!


Larkin Poe | Holy Ghost Fire (Official Video)

Larkin Poe
Apr 15, 2020

‘Holy Ghost Fire” is on Larkin Poe’s 2020 album ‘Self Made Man’, out now! Buy/Listen here: Check out the Larkin Poe online shop for exclusive packages and new merch goodies: Listen to the ‘Holy Ghost Fire’ single here: Check out upcoming tour dates: For more info:

Director: Rebecca Lovell & Megan Lovell
Videography: Rebecca Lovell, Megan Lovell, Tyler Bryant We shot & edited this video ourselves with assistance from Tyler Bryant. It seems that social distancing is the mother of invention, y’all.



Mad Man Blues

John Lee Hooker Official
Jul 31, 2018

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group
Mad Man Blues · John Lee Hooker Plays & Sings The Blues
℗ 1951 Geffen Records
Released on: 1961-01-01
Composer Lyricist: John Lee Hooker
Auto-generated by YouTube.

Oh yeah…


I’d Been Drinking video

Jim Gustin and Truth Jones
Mar 24, 2020

From Lessons Learned by Jim Gustin and Truth Jones

I’d Been Drinking
Jim Gustin and Truth Jones
Lessons Learned
CD Baby (on behalf of Jim Gustin and Truth Jones); CD Baby Pro (Publishing), BMI – Broadcast Music Inc.



Rollin’ and Tumblin’

Johnny Winter – Topic
Dec 25, 2014

Rollin’ and Tumblin’ · Johnny Winter White Hot Blues
℗ 1980 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
Released on: 1997-09-05
Mastering Engineer: David Mitson
Composer, Lyricist: McKinley Morganfield

Auto-generated by YouTube.

A hero of heroes, this beautiful man.


Slim Dusty – Waltzing Matilda

Slim Dusty
Jul 15, 2018

Music video by Slim Dusty performing Waltzing Matilda Stream Slim Dusty here:


Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong
Under the shade of a coolibah tree,
He sang as he watched and waited ’til his billy boiled
You’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me
Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda
You’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me
He sang as he watched and waited ’til his billy boiled,
you’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me
Down came a jumbuck to drink at the billabong,
Up jumped the swagman and grabbed him with glee,
he sang as he shoved that jumbuck in his tucker bag,
you’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me
Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda
you’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me
he sang as he shoved that jumbuck in his tucker bag,
You’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me
Up rode the squatter, mounted on his thoroughbred,
Up rode the troopers, one, two, three,
With the jolly jumbuck you’ve got in your tucker bag?
You’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me.
Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda
You’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me
With the jolly jumbuck you’ve got in your tucker bag?
You’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, you scoundrel with me.
Up jumped the swagman and sprang into the billabong,
You’ll never catch me alive, said he,
And his ghost may be heard as you pass by that billabong,
you’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me.
Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda
You’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me
his ghost may be heard as you pass by that billabong,
You’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me.
Oh, you’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me.

Slim Dusty, AO MBE (born David Gordon Kirkpatrick; 13 June 1927 – 19 September 2003) was an Australian country music singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer. He was an Australian cultural icon and one of the country’s most awarded stars, with a career spanning nearly seven decades and numerous recordings. He was known to record songs in the legacy of Australia, particularly of bush life and renowned Australian bush poets Henry Lawson and Banjo Paterson that represented the lifestyle. The music genre was coined the “bush ballad”, a style first made popular by Buddy Williams, the first artist to perform the genre in Australia, and also for his many trucking songs. Dusty was the first Australian to have a No. 1 international hit song, with a version of Gordon Parsons’ “A Pub with No Beer”. He received an unequalled 37 Golden Guitar and two Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) awards and was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame and the Country Music Roll of Renown.

Song Waltzing Matilda (1998 Remaster)
Artist Slim Dusty
Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of EMI Recorded Music Australia Pty Ltd); Warner Chappell, Virtual Label LLC (Publishing), EMI Music Publishing, LatinAutorPerf, and 13 Music Rights Societies

Slim was fantabulous. Yup.


Ain’t That Just Like a Woman- Billy Boy Arnold – Brad Hallen on Bass

Norman Breton
May 4, 2016

Brad Hallen on Bass

Song Ain’t That Just Like a Woman
Artist Billy Boy Arnold

Licensed to YouTube by [Merlin] IDLA Distribution (on behalf of Stony Plain Records); CMRRA, AMRA, BMI – Broadcast Music Inc., Kobalt Music Publishing, and 3 Music Rights Societies



Whet My Appetite

Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps – Topic
Nov 18, 2016

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises
Whet My Appetite
· Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps The Bottom Line ℗ 2007 Jesi-Lu Records
Released on: 2007-05-15
Music Publisher: zsoulmusic
Music Publisher: Jesilu Music
Publisher: Lew Bob Songs

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Simply wonderful.


Doin’ The Shout

John Lee Hooker Official
Jul 23, 2018

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Doin’ The Shout
· John Lee Hooker Endless Boogie ℗ 1971 UMG Recordings, Inc.
Released on: 1971-01-01
Producer, Studio Personnel
Recording Engineer: Bill Szymczyk
Producer: Ed Michel
Participant: Steve Miller
Composer Lyricist: John Lee Hooker

Auto-generated by YouTube.



Nice to Be Nice (Ain’t That Nice)

Corey Stevens – Topic
Aug 22, 2015

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

Nice to Be Nice (Ain’t That Nice)
· Corey Stevens Albertville ℗ 2007 Corey Stevens
Released on: 2007-04-03
Auto-generated by YouTube.



Jump the Moon

Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King – Topic
Nov 6, 2014

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Jump the Moon
· Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King Close to the Bone ℗ 2012 Delta Groove Music, Inc.
Released on: 2012-09-18
Music Publisher: Chosen Who Publishing Auto-generated by YouTube.


I am thankful that I got to see them.


Albert Castiglia – Searching The Desert For The Blues (Official Video)

ruf Ruf Records
May 15, 2014


Song Searching the Desert for the Blues
Artist Albert Castiglia
Album Solid Ground
Licensed to YouTube by The Orchard Music (on behalf of Ruf Records GmbH); BMI – Broadcast Music Inc.

Albert Castiglia – Loan Me A Dime – Don Odells Legends

Don Odell
May 15, 2013

Albert Castiglia & his band return to Don Odells “Legends” on 5-1-13 while on his spring 2013 New England tour promoting songs for his soon to be released new album. Albert and his band stopped by Don Odell’s Legends studio while on tour in New England. Please check out other shows by Ana Popovic, Jimmy Thackery, Joe Louis Walker, Ana Popovic and many more and by subscribing you can be automatically notified of new videos when uploaded.Audio recorded and mixed by Jayce De Santis of Soundstream Media, Northampton, MA.

So Sweet.


Wang Dang Doodle

Savoy Brown – Topic
Jul 29, 2018

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group
Wang Dang Doodle · Savoy Brown Street Corner Talking
℗ 1971 Decca Music Group Limited
Released on: 1971-01-01
Producer: Neil Slaven
Composer Lyricist: Willie Dixon
Auto-generated by YouTube.



Mr Rupert Neve

The announcements from Rupert Neve Designs…

Rupert Neve, GRAMMY-Winning Audio Industry Icon, Dies at 94

Wimberley, Texas, February 13, 2021 — Rupert Neve, an innovator and business owner whose analog audio equipment designs have become an essential component in music recording, live sound production and home hi-fi systems, died on February 12, 2021 in Wimberley, Texas, due to non-Covid pneumonia and heart failure. He was 94.

Mr. Rupert Neve’s impact on the audio industry can hardly be overstated. It’s no exaggeration to say that millions of people worldwide listen to music every day that was produced using equipment incorporating Rupert’s designs somewhere in the process, from the vocal recording to the final mix, if not from beginning to end.

His designs, ranging from large-format mixing consoles to compact 500 series modules, are ubiquitous, and may be found anywhere from the largest production facilities to the most basic home studios. His audio hardware designs have also been reproduced as software plug-ins, making them available to anyone with access to a computer.

Rupert and his wife, Evelyn, moved to Wimberley in late 1994 and became U.S. citizens in 2002. In 2005, they acquired premises near where they had settled in the Texas Hill Country and established Rupert Neve Designs (RND).

Born in Newton Abbott, England, in 1926, Rupert showed an enthusiasm for electronics from an early age, repairing and building radios as a boy while growing up in Argentina. At the age of 17 he volunteered to serve during World War II, joining the Royal Signals, which provides communications support to the British Army. Returning to civilian life in England, he built a mobile system to record choral groups and public events onto lacquer disks. He also supplied public address systems for events involving Princess Elizabeth, now Queen Elizabeth II, and Winston Churchill.

Rupert’s contributions to the professional sound industry were recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Technical GRAMMY Award in 1997, an Audio Engineering Society Fellowship Award in 2006, 16 TEC (Technical Excellence and Creativity) Awards for Rupert Neve Designs products, and Studio Sound magazine’s Audio Person of the Century Award, in 1999.

After working for Rediffusion, Ferguson Radio and a transformer manufacturer for a time, Rupert set up his first business, CQ Audio, manufacturing home hi-fi amplifiers and loudspeakers. In 1960, a composer in Ireland commissioned him to design and build his first audio mixing console — the piece of equipment with which he ultimately became synonymous. In 1961, Rupert and his wife established Neve Electronics.

Adopting the latest technology, Rupert designed his first transistor-based equalizer in 1964, then produced his first transistor mixing console, for Philips Records’ studios. In subsequent years, he designed and manufactured many of the iconic pieces of equipment for which he has since become celebrated, such as the Neve 80 and 50 series mixing desks. Years later, individual microphone preamp, equalizer and processing modules originally incorporated into those consoles, such as the 1073 and 1081, became highly prized for their sonic character. The relative scarcity of original modules has spawned a host of boutique manufacturers making reproduction units.

Rupert adopted digital technology in 1977, introducing the world’s first moving fader system, NECAM (NEve Computer Assisted Mixdown), and installing the first system at producer George Martin’s Air Studios in London. The Neve 81 series of mixing desks integrated digital assignable controls into an otherwise analog design.

Rupert and Evelyn sold the Neve Companies in 1975, by which time they employed 500 people worldwide with manufacturing locations in England and Scotland and sales offices across North America. Austria’s Siemens Corp. subsequently acquired the Neve brand from its new owner, later selling the company to AMS in England.

Rupert and Evelyn, now operating as ARN Consultants, established Focusrite Ltd. in 1985, producing outboard equipment and a large-format mixing console, of which just eight were made.

Part of the mission of ARN Consultants was to provide sound reinforcement and acoustics solutions in difficult environments such as churches and cathedrals. Rupert also developed techniques and equipment to enable the building of low-budget studios around the world. During the 1970s and ‘80s, he established the Cambridge Radio Course, an intensive residential course intended for Christian workers using radio to educate, inform and entertain their communities.

ARN Consultants moved on to work with Amek Systems and Controls Ltd. in Manchester, England. Rupert’s first design project was “The Equaliser,” a stereo mastering EQ produced by Amek under the Medici brand. That led to further collaboration with the manufacturer and the development of another large-format mixing console, the Amek 9098, and a line of outboard equipment derived from the analog desk designs. Rupert’s Transformer-Like Amplifier (TLA) design was integrated into several Amek mixing console lines.

Now operating from Wimberley, Texas, ARN Consultants worked on a number of projects, including Legendary Audio’s “The Masterpiece,” a modular mastering system. Rupert also became involved in the MI (musical instrument) market for the first time, designing a preamp and pickup assembly for Taylor Guitars. His first microphone designs were produced in 2011 when he partnered with sE Electronics to design the Rupert Neve Signature Series of active ribbon, condenser, and tube condenser microphones.

Rupert Neve Designs was founded in 2005. The company manufactures the 5088 analog mixing console and a range of rackmount and desktop processing, summing and other equipment, including the Portico, Portico II, and Shelford lines. In 2012 RND began producing equipment in the 500 series form factor and in 2018 Rupert released his first digital design, the RMP-D8 Dante-networked multichannel microphone preamp.

In 2011, Yamaha launched the first Rupert Neve Designs plug-ins, approved by Rupert, for its Steinberg platform. The plug-ins, emulations of the designer’s current and classic module circuits, have also been integrated into Yamaha’s CL Series and Rivage PM10 digital consoles for live sound production, another first for Rupert.

Rupert returned to his roots in 2019 with Fidelice, a new range of product from Rupert Neve Designs for the high-fidelity audio market. The line launched with a headphone amplifier, phono preamplifier and digital-to-analog converter.

Rupert is survived by his wife of nearly 70 years, Evelyn; five children, Mary, David, John, Stephen, and Ann; nine grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.

A statement from Rupert Neve Designs is available here:

A timeline and history of Rupert and his companies are available here:


Rupert Neve Designs is a US manufacturer of high-end audio equipment, and the culmination of over six decades of Mr. Neve’s legendary design work. With Rupert as their founder and mentor, RND’s team of engineers preserve the revered elements of his most prized vintage designs, while thoughtfully advancing and refining their feature sets to meet the needs of the modern recording engineer. All of the company’s recording and playback equipment is crafted to uphold the very highest standards of musical quality while providing practical, innovative solutions for the engineers, musicians, and audiophiles of today and beyond.

Company contact:
Rupert Neve Designs
PO Box 1969, Wimberley, TX 78676
Tel: (512) 847-3013
Fax: (512) 847-8869

Rupert Neve
1926 – 2021

It is with great sadness that we announce that Rupert Neve, whose name is synonymous with quality audio recording equipment worldwide, has died. He remained in great spirits to the end, enjoying his life in Wimberley, Texas, where he and his wife Evelyn have lived for 27 years. At 94, Rupert remained engaged and passionate about his work, spending most days on a perpetual series of audio electronics projects and continuing to mentor our engineering team on numerous design and development projects.

From his earliest memories, Rupert had a love for music, electronics, and problem solving. These passions sparked a brilliant design career spanning over 80 years, during which he founded several historic companies, created the most revered analog audio equipment of all time, and became the most trusted name in sound. He received countless accolades, including a Lifetime Achievement Technical GRAMMY Award in 1997, Studio Sound Magazine’s Audio Person of the Century Award in 1999, an Audio Engineering Society Fellowship Award in 2006, and 16 TEC (Technical Excellence and Creativity) Awards with Rupert Neve Designs.

“I’ve known and worked with Rupert for nearly 30 years,” said Josh Thomas, Rupert Neve Designs’ co-founder and general manager. “When Rupert, his wife Evelyn, and I sat at his kitchen table and founded Rupert Neve Designs 16 years ago, he had two goals. The first was to set a new standard in the quality of recorded sound, drawing upon his unparalleled depth of experience to create high-end solutions for the modern recording engineer, musician, and listener alike. The second was to pass on his philosophies, techniques, and methodologies to a new generation of designers to carry his life’s work and passion into the future.

“It was always assumed that the company would outlive him on this earth, and for 16 years he poured his energies into creating a team that would become the caretakers of the theories, practices, and ideologies that truly constitute a Rupert Neve design. All of us at the company are exceedingly grateful for the years of careful instruction and mentoring with which he has blessed us, and we will continue to preserve his legacy in everything we do moving forward. The world certainly sounds better because he was here.”

While Rupert’s passions for music, creativity, and insistence on exceptional quality have made an indelible mark on the fabric of the recording industry, his kindness and generosity made him a legend to us all. Through his designs and through the music created with them, his spirit will live on eternally. God bless you, Rupert.

Arrangements for a celebration of his life for family and friends will be made when it is safe to do so.

A full obituary / media brief and photographs are available here:

Goodbye, Mr. Neve and thank you for everything, Sir.


The Sound of Silence | Simon & Garfunkel (Harp Cover)

Naomi SV
Jul 23, 2020

I’ve run out of photogenic corners in my apartment. No deer here, sadly. Harping & cinematography by Naomi SV.

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God, this is so beautiful and so relaxing…


Joan Baez, Rob Stoner, Bob Dylan, Jacques Levy


Joan Baez, Rob Stoner, Bob Dylan, & Jacques Levy, Rolling Thunder rehearsal, 1975.

Joni Mitchell, David Meyers

Joni Mitchell & cinematographer David Meyers, The Rolling Thunder Revue, 1975.


Gary Moore

#OTD in 2011 – Renowned rock guitarist Gary Moore dies in a hotel room while on holiday in Spain.

#OTD in 2011 – Renowned rock guitarist Gary Moore dies in a hotel room while on holiday in Spain.

Blues guitarist, Gary Moore was born in Belfast and was a guitar prodigy who was mentored in his teens by Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac. Green gave Moore his 1959 Les Paul Standard guitar after he left Fleetwood Mac. Moore’s first band was Skid Row which featured a young Phil Lynott. Moore went on to play with Lynott and Thin Lizzy for a time before going solo, achieving limited commercial success…

His most evocative work is Parisienne Walkways which he wrote in 1979. Moore died of a heart attack in 2011. Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer said of Moore. ‘He played the blues, but he chose that as a career. In truth, the spirit of Gary Moore is Irish. That was not the music he played professionally. But when you hear him play an Irish jig or a ballad, it would break your heart.’

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It was February 6.


A 10 year-old autistic and blind boy singing. His voice shocked everyone.

All Around
Apr 10, 2014

Christopher Duffley is a 10 Years old blind autistic kid with an amazing voice. He proves that someone who looks different doesn’t mean he has anything less. This boy is a gift for all of us. Keep singing Christopher. Let’s share Chris’ angelic voice. Please visit Christopher’s website at:



Delta Moon – Get Gone

Delta Moon
Jul 7, 2009

Delta Moon performs “Get Gone” live at the Kennedy Center.

Tom Gray – Lap steel guitar and vocal
Mark Johnson – Bottleneck slide guitar
Franher Joseph – Bass
Darren Stanley – Drums

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A beautiful performance.


mozartt story


Posted by u/regian249 hours ago

Mozart was a genius.


bullzeye19839 hours ago edited 2 hours ago

Slight correction: he listened once and started transcibing. He went back a second time in order to make corrections and adjustments.

Another interesting side note: the version we listen to today is not Mozart’s. Another transcriber put it a fourth higher and then a printer like 50 years later accidentally inserted the higher section in the version he printed…which became the version commonly accepted now.

Edit to add I am so amazed and impressed with all the information and learning. There are things I didn’t know about the subject and I just love all the knowledge and discussion that’s coming from it.

changopdx4 hours ago edited 1 hour ago

He also didn’t get in (too much) trouble for it. Every time I see this story they make it sound like he was wanted dead or alive by the Inquisition for doing it. In fact, the Pope called Mozart and his dad back to the Vatican so he could praise his genius.

They let him check his work against the actual music. He had made a couple of minor errors because he doubted himself.

Edit to add more Mozart facts because he’s so damned interesting. The play/movie were great and even the way they took liberties was pretty cool. I’ll do the scene where the Emperor commissions an opera from Mozart. The meeting did happen, except Count Orsini-Rosenberg was not a douche bag toward Mozart… he was a huge fan and helped arrange the meeting. Salieri’s March of Welcome was entirely made up but it’s hilarious that Mozart improvised the piece into the overture for his opera The Marriage of Figaro. The part about him falling down and Marie Antoinette picking him up and then him proposing to her was true.

Oh! And one more thing… remember the scene where his mother in law starts screaming at him for being selfish and she starts screeching and it cuts to the Queen of the Night’s aria on stage? The first woman to sing that role was his wife’s sister, who was a very talented soprano (so was his wife, in fact). So the scene cuts from a screeching old woman to the woman’s own daughter singing.

Second edit: thank you for the gold! One more Mozart movie fact (I’m going from memory, so this might be slightly off)… Salieri didn’t kill Mozart, but in his old age he went senile and unfortunately did self-harm claiming to have killed him. The reason we know it happened? Salieri was known as one of the best teachers of composition in Europe. One of his students was a guy you may have heard of: Ludwig von Beethoven. After Beethoven died, a letter was found in his things from a friend and fellow student of Salieri informing him that their old teacher was not in a good place mentally and that he’d tried to kill himself. :/

Jaxlee20183 hours ago

Here is the popular version – altered after Mozart

Waldron19436 hours ago

Young Composer: “Herr Mozart, I am thinking of writing a symphony. How should I get started?”

Mozart: “A symphony is a very complex musical form and you are still young. Perhaps you should start with something simpler, like a concerto.”

Young Composer: “But Herr Mozart, you were writing symphonies when you were 8 years old.”

Mozart: “Yes, but I never asked anyone how.”

LOL, that’s just so great!