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Bless you all!



ORIGINAL – Please Move The Deer Crossing Sign.

Oct 17, 2012

This audio original and full clip from Y94 Playhouse Fargo, ND radio station was too funny to not find a way for more people to hear it so thus, this video. A lady asks for help getting deer crossing signs moved to lower traffic areas. “The government can guide deer to lower traffic areas” ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! Kudos to Y94 Playhouse and Donna for the joy that you have given many through laughter.

Obviously a Democrat.



White Wolf


From 1785 to 1922, White Wolf, also known as Chief John Smith is considered the oldest Native American to have lived – 137 years.

Well, learning this is most fabulous, I must say! Astounding, really. I do believe that this is the oldest individual I have ever become aware of.

Yes, massive respect!

Could I possibly live to 2092?




Gaze upon this gorgeous creature.

I do and it makes me wish I wasn’t so totally, 100%, clueless.

I’ve only had brief encounters, and those weren’t for love, no, they were just for my tongue. It’s been decades. Long, awful decades of nothingness. I have no social skills. None. And even less with God’s most desirable…

And, I imagine, so it will remain.

Until I blow my head off…



place of worship

I desperately want this vision of deliciously delectable perfection to be what I gaze upon every waking minute of my life from the here and now onwards to eternity. …The ultimate place of worship.

This is the absolute truth.

God’s curse on my Soul won’t let there be any chance of it happening, though, this I know.

But I can dream.



murray trac

Ohio Mfg. Co.’s incredible Murray TRAC juvenile tractor with Turbo Drive, designed by Viktor Schrechengost in 1954, when I was just -1.




new pterosaur in lebanon

Lebanonical mappage

New Pterosaur Species Unearthed in Lebanon

Here via the appearance on my tumblr feed of the wonderful allosuchus’ reblogging of alphynix’s post.

Source: scinewscom

Ooh, I just love this… whenever new pieces of the puzzle are found I get a thrill.

You simply must know that there were at least as many species of all forms of life around back then as there are now… and due to the conditions present in those days potentially a lot more than exist today … the scarcity is simply because fossilization is not a common occurrence. Not in the least.



iggy with a bolex

This is me, several thousand years ago, holding a Bolex.

I am not sure I even remember it … no, it’s true, I cannot recall it at all … mind’s fading real fast. Real fast.


Not that ever came of it.

Nothing I’ve ever done has amounted to anything.

Maybe taking care of Clare, but, I did that all wrong, too.



evil dems

We MUST NOT let them succeed. It is vital to the survival of our nation and the security of the world.

Their failure is mandatory.



mars buddy

My first friend on Mars stops to wave hello on his, her or it’s travels.



I got to go upstairs and give my gifts to my Angels and hang with them and the lovely mommy’s parents.

My princess loved her new outfits as did her Mom and all of them were highly praised by everyone. Which caused me to get warm fuzzies. And to cap it off I got some gifts, too!


New 9mm Gatling Gun from Tippmann Armory!

Military Arms Channel
Jul 31, 2019

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The Gatling Gun is a classic American icon that came about around the time of the US Civil War. The Gatling Gun design has endured the test of time as it’s still used today, but by a different name — the “mini-gun”. The mini-gun is basically a Gatling Gun with an electric motor. Tippmann Armory has introduced a new 9mm Gatling Gun called the TG-900 and we’re here to show you what it’s all about!

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We are not attempting to sell you the items featured in this video. We are not instructing our viewers on how to modify firearms, accessories or otherwise change their basic legal function. All firearms and accessories are legal products commonly available in stores all across the United States. Our videos are for entertainment purposes only.

Wow! Wow! Wow!



Marta Aguilar and Lois Schindeler



Marta Aguilar and Lois Schindeler


View the whole set of 78 stunning images by Cameron Hammond here.



A Trip Down Market Street, 1906 – With Sound!

Mike Upchurch
Jan 6, 2014

Historic pre-earthquake San Francisco, 1906, with full sound design.

This film was shot on April 14, 1906, just four days before the San Francisco earthquake and fire, to which the negative was nearly lost. It was produced by moving picture photographers the Miles brothers: Harry, Herbert, Earle and Joe. Harry J. Miles hand-cranked the Bell & Howell camera which was placed on the front of a cablecar during filming on Market Street from 8th, in front of the Miles Studios, to the Ferry building. A few days later the Miles brothers were en route to New York when they heard news of the earthquake. They sent the negative to NY, and returned to San Francisco to discover that their studios were destroyed.

The origin of the film was an enigma for many decades, and it was long thought to have been shot in September of 1905, after being dated as such by the Library of Congress based on the state of construction of several buildings. However, in 2009 and 2010, film historian David Kiehn, co-founder of Niles Film Museum in Niles, California, dated the film to the spring of 1906 from automobile registrations and weather records. Kiehn eventually found promotional materials from the film’s original release and dated the film to April 14th, 1906, and finally gave credit to the filmmakers, the Miles Brothers.

Technical Aspects:

Sound mix: Silent
Color: B&W
Aspect Ratio; 1.33 : 1
Negative Format: 35 mm
Printed Format: 35 mm
Cinematographic Process: Spherical
Camera: Hand-cranked Bell & Howell

Video format:
HDTV 1080I (1920 x 1080)
Pixel Aspect: Square
Editing Timebase 29.97
Compressor : H.264

28 tracks, stereo. (without panning)

This version was transferred from a new 35mm print made from a restored 35mm negative, taken from the 1906-era 35mm print owned by the Prelinger Archives. This version does not appear to have any digital restoration, except minimal contrast and brightness adjustments.

Post Effects:
This version of the film has been digitally stabilized to remove jitter by youtube user Rick88888888 in 2011.

Sounddogs, Youtube,, Wikipedia,,,, Prelinger Archives, Niles Film Museum.

“Crazy Rhythm” played by Brad Kaye.

Automobile sounds are all either Ford Model T, or Model A, which came out later, but which have similarly designed engines, and sound quite close to the various cars shown in the film. The horns are slightly inaccurate as mostly bulb horns were used at the time, but were substituted by the far more recognizable electric “oogaa” horns, which came out a couple years later. The streetcar sounds are actual San Francisco streetcars. Doppler effect was used to align the sounds.

Produced by:
The Miles Brothers

Photographed by:
Harry J Miles

Sound Design by:
Mike Upchurch

This is really fascinating!

I got wind of it via this thread on my internet “home:”

Incredible Film of Market Street, San Francisco 4 days before 1906 Earthquake

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posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 06:55 PM


Spotted this on another forum and thought it was worth sharing with my ATS friends. Sound is a studio job, but it works really well. Really gave me the chills once in a while thinking about how normal that day was and what was to come. Enjoy!

Blue Shift
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posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 07:44 PM
All those people are pretty much dead now. More evidence of the fleeting nature of existence.

Hey, that guy cut me off!

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posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 08:10 PM
Ha, ha, ha!
I thought traffic is bad now!
At least we have crosswalks & traffic lights!

Thanks! That was really neat!
An awesome glimpse into the past.
Almost gave me a headache though, holding my breath…
waiting to see who or what, was going to get hit first!!!

Gotta love the guy with the bag, that crosses the street,
& jumps into the back of a random wagon!
And the lady in the dark dress that crosses the street from left to right.
She never looked left or right that I could see!
You go girl!!! Ha, ha! Wouldn’t want to mess with her!!!

People must have had much steadier nerves,
& a lot less anger issues back then!!!

LOL. Very cool.



snafu magazine

Snafu Vol. 1 (1955) #3

Published Mar 1956 by Atlas.

Parody magazine edited by Stan Lee. Art by Joe Maneely, John Severin, & Bill Everett. 64 pages, black and white. Cover price $0.25.

Too cool, this magazine is… published when I was just 10 months old. And look… it’s… Stan Lee! You gotta love the “Easy Terms Available!” Too awesome!



There are, at best, only 4 or 5 pleasant hours a week. All the rest are awful.

If not for the little kid upstairs and her mommy, I would likely not be here.



How It Will Go Down – Agenda 2030

Stefan Verstappen
Premiered Dec 10, 2019

After popular demand I finally recorded another “How It Will Go Down” story. What happens when a nice family is driven out from the countryside and forced to live in a Smart City. Not for the feint of heart.

But don’t get too depressed. here is something more positive.

Be prepared for any disaster with the Survival Library – All of my books plus a bonus of over 280 manuals and books covering every aspect of disaster preparedness and homesteading. Visit my site here for instant download.…

Pinned by Stefan Verstappen
Stefan Verstappen
3 days ago
Hi All

​This story only scratches the surface. You could write a whole series of novels on the horrors of the smart grid and agenda 2030.
​My intention is to make a short vid to shock more of us into fighting against the beast system

​Please share.

I just heard the audio of this video. I was compelled to post it even before I have seen the whole thing as a video.

This is a really important work that everyone, everywhere should see. That is because this film is an excellent rendition of where those who are ultimately in charge of this world are taking us. If you are sufficiently aware, you can definitely see examples of the scenarios in this movie out there in our current global situation.

It is coming, folks this is what they want, that being absolute, total control of every single aspect and even moment of our lives.

That is frightening to the core.

We MUST stop it from happening. We must not let this come to pass.



Joan Beauchamp Procter

What an absolutely fabulous woman!

Joan Beauchamp Procter

Her best friend was a Komodo dragon and if that doesn’t entice you to read this, I don’t know what will.

Joan Beauchamp Procter

Joan Beauchamp Procter is a scientist every reptile enthusiast should admire.

Joan was an incredibly intelligent young woman who was chronically ill (and as a result of her chronic illness, physically disabled by her early thirties). Her health issues kept her from going to college, but that did not stop her from studying and keeping reptiles. She presented her first paper to the Zoological Society of London at the tender age of nineteen, and the society was so impressed that they hired her to help design their aquarium. In 1923, despite having no formal secondary education and despite being only 26 years old, she was hired as the London Zoo’s curator of reptiles.

Now, that in and of itself is an awesome accomplishment, but Joan was absolutely not content to maintain the status quo. Nosiree, by the age of 26 Joan had already kept many exotic pets (including a crocodile!) and knew a thing or two about what needed to be done to improve their lives in captivity.

So Joan got together with an architect, Edward Guy Dawber, and designed the world’s first building designed solely for the keeping of reptiles. She had some really, really great ideas. Her first big idea was to make the building differentially heated- different areas and enclosures would have different heat zones, instead of having the whole building heated to one warm temperature.

She also set up aquarium lighting- the gallery itself was dark, with dim lights on individual enclosures to make things less stressful for the inhabitants. She also insisted on the use of special glass that didn’t filter out UVB. This meant that reptiles could synthesize vitamin D and prevented cases of MBD in her charges.

The above is just a snip of the article… read it!

I so love this lady… so smart… so lovely… so wow!