Starting in April the student debt crisis hits me with SS retirement garnishment, so I will then get the equivalent of $6.05 an hour. Ramen noodles for the next 14 years. Unless I decide… to just snuff it.

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A few years ago, geologist Abderrazak El Albani and his team at the Institut de chimie des milieux et matériaux de Poitiers (CNRS/Université de Poitiers) discovered the oldest existing fossils of multicellular organisms in a deposit in Gabon. Located in the Franceville Basin, the deposit allowed scientists to re-date the appearance of multicellular life on Earth to 2.1 billion years—approximately 1.5 billion years earlier than previously thought (600 million). At the time, the researchers showed that this rich biodiversity co-occurred with a peak in dioxygenation of the atmosphere, and developed in a calm and shallow marine environment.

In this same geological deposit, the team has now uncovered the existence of fossilised traces of motility. This shows that certain multicellular organisms in this primitive marine ecosystem were sophisticated enough to move through its mud, rich in organic matter.…


This news is such sweet music to my ears.  The more ancient things are, the more I like them. This discovery… that there was a critter with legs that long ago fits in so well with my thoughts on the way things were. And in a way my thoughts on certain things in the here and now.



Ooh, Lawd, have MERCY


Lawd, I need THIS




And THIS, too.


Merciful Lord… let me have it!

Like this’ll happen, right? LOL

Happy Valentine s Day, dear ladies, I love each and every one of you. Well, not Hillary.

But, y’all are indeed my religion.

be well



A sailor on shore leave sitting at a soda fountain with his girlfriend. Photograph by Peter Stackpole. San Diego, California, 1937.

Source: legrandcirque

Dude, chick’s keelin’ over, eh.

be well


This thing looks fantastic and if used properly likely game-changing.

Want to dig deeper into it.

be well






Technics SP10mk3 ngs

Just recently out. The highest performing turntable in history.

The cost as shown is $38,895. And don’tcha know, if I had been a successful man in the wealth gathering department I would snap this up… because records. Note that one can spend significantly more for a record player, but, they can’t touch this.

be well


Unlike yesterday, today was sweet.

I got to spend a good couple of hours with the two most beautiful Angel-girls I’ve ever known… and about half of it was outside in the gorgeously sunny, 60 degree F weather! So wonderful for February 4th. I’m thinking that groundhog was right!

I also texted with a bud which was good as he was doing okay.

The cosmos works in mysterious ways, as is often noted.

I am so glad it’s been good today.

Sometimes it’s kind of iffy at best.

Love rules, eh.

be well



Neat overhead aurora via brecbc123, a very nice man.

I woke up panicky in my loneliness at 10:00 pm after spending time sleeping to both avoid feeling so alone and to eliminate some sniffles. It is easing now at 10:38, but not in it’s core, if you know what I mean. I even texted a friend who suffers as I do and I bet even more in some ways. I normally would never do that at that hour but I was feeling so creepy. The inner buzzy energy jumble is still there a bit. Thought I’d try a post to see if it’d help. God, please help me. At least I’m not screaming out loud. Actually, I don’t think I can scream anymore. I was hoping someone would call. So alone in my thoughts all day. Which is not good as there are only horrible memories. It is quite difficult for me to call up a nice memory. There haven’t been many, that’s for sure. There are some, buried in the mire, but man… I have to try so hard to get one out. Okay, I better post this. Worked a little.

be well


Oh, dear readers, I apologize for not catching the unclosed div tag from all the way back in the creepypasta post!

Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding. I am getting old and the senior moments are coming in fast.

Peace unto thee and…

be well!