sad iggy

I’ve woken up frightened and it’s not very nice, but it’ll be okay I hope.

Praying that the lady has not lost interest, but my mind makes up things to be afraid of. So, yes, I know, but still, I feel all creepy.

ETA I do believe that it is alright, regarding the lady, after some texting. Her days are so busy and getting up at 5am causes sleeping to ensue, which takes talking away from us.

It’s all so new to me. Clues, I’m afraid, are few and the ones present are slightly ominous. I think. I… don’t know. I know nothing.

ETA “I know nothing.” — Yeah, pretty much.

So many things are happening simultaneously and to be honest, I am a bit overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions and thoughts and fears. I need to get a grip on the situation. A good, solid grip.

Besides the lady, who is my first female friend in decades and the first one that has shown no signs of insanity so far, I’ve decided that I have reached a point where I need to sell my hut here in Cos Cob. With my condition and its condition, combined with my situation, there is more stress and anxiety about the future than is comfortable to deal with. I don’t want to, as it’s all I’ve ever known, but it has become a necessity.

The burdens of owning a house and being a landlord constantly lurk in the background and the costs incurred are debilitating when there is no reserve to cover the unexpected. The frustration of knowing that there is no way to make it get better is awful.

Praying for a deal wherein I can stay after the sale but I may have to move to a small apartment somewhere, hopefully not so far away from all the services I have been relying on, not to mention, of course, my friends in the neighborhood.

Many people have been saying that I should do it for several years now, and it seems that a turning point in my life has arrived.

I will post updates… my sanity will appreciate the outlet.

I welcome new friends, kind, caring, genuine friends who might want to talk to ease the pain away from our lives for a while.

Sorry to bother y’all

Carry on and be well,

Elusive Dogman: Recorded on Video?

Dark Waters
Jun 12, 2020

Elusive Dogman: On Video

Looks like someone accidental recorded the creature of nightmares what do you think. Look closely at the 1:22 Mark. Is that the Dogman? I tell you what the witness reaction in line with someone experiencing shock. For more of this video visit.

Dude is flipped out, certainly. Who would not be?

Dogman Running In Back Yard.

Do it noels way

Jun 13, 2020

I do not own this video, this video is not mine all I have done is some small enhancements. Zoomed in, colour distortion, slow motion, looped recording. Original upload.

Well, now, that is pretty neat.


Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Life Advice Will Change Your Future (EYE OPENING SPEECH)

Motivation Madness
Aug 24, 2020

Neil deGrasse Tyson, one of the most famous astrophysicists alive, gives us the greatest life advice that we will ever hear. We guarantee this video will leave you speechless and wanting more!

This is a really excellent viewpoint for personal growth and success and it should be seen by everyone.

Truly, it is most logical and solid, please enjoy!


Dogman on the Prowl. Marathon_88

Dixie Cryptid
May 15, 2020

Dogman on the Prowl. Dogman Image by Cynthia Brewer Submit your encounter to Music is: OnaMoon_by_EstelleMey_Artlist

Bigfoot T-Shirts and coffee mugs available through Teespring. Click this link and browse. You might see something you like.… Follow me on Facebook:… Follow on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter:

Fabulous and fantastic. Yup.


Ronan Kelly’s Ireland: Pat’s East Galway Fairies

Ronan Kelly’s Ireland
Jul 1, 2017

This is an excellent, informative and authoritative piece.

Highly recommended!


Searching for Wiltons Pixies

Erwin Saunders
Mar 25, 2019

No success on this attempt, sadly.

But, gosh, even so, Mr. Saunders is such a breath of fresh air.


I would love to get some input as to what types of posts you are interested in seeing and reading.

I have asked in the past, but, no one answered.

Please comment.




Vitamin D, First clinical trial

Dr. John Campbell
Sep 6, 2020

Please share this video around, this message needs to get out there, thank you, John… About 42% of the US population is vitamin D deficient 82% in black people 70% in Hispanics Association of Vitamin D Status and Other Clinical Characteristics With COVID-19 Test Results, (JAMA Open, 3rd September, Chicago)…

Cohort study of 489 Patients who had a vitamin D level measured in the year before COVID-19 testing Relative risk of testing positive for COVID-19 was 1.77 times First clinical trial on vitamin D and COVID Therapy versus best Available Therapy on Intensive Care Unit Admission and Mortality Among Patients Hospitalized for COVID-19: A Pilot Randomized Clinical study” (Spain, Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology)…


Vitamin D decreases Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Effect of calcifediol treatment

Calcifediol can rapidly increase serum 25OHD concentration

25-hydroxyvitamin D

Intensive Care Unit Admission and Mortality

Spanish patients hospitalized for COVID-19.


Parallel pilot, randomized, double-masked clinical trial


Reina Sofia University Hospital, Córdoba, Spain


76 consecutive patients hospitalized with COVID-19 infection

Clinical picture of acute respiratory infection

Confirmed by a radiographic pattern of viral pneumonia

Positive SARS-CoV-2 PCR


All hospitalized patients received as best available therapy

Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin

Allocated at a 2 calcifediol:1

Oral calcifediol (0.532 mg), or not

Oral calcifediol (0.266 mg) on day 3 and 7

Then weekly until discharge

End points, ICU admission and deaths.


50 patients treated with calcifediol

One required admission to the ICU (2%),

Of 26 untreated patients, 13 required admission (50%)

p  less than 0.001

Of the patients treated with calcifediol, none died, and all were discharged, without complications

Of the patients not treated, 2 died


Calcifediol seems to be able to reduce severity of the disease

Larger trials with groups properly matched will be required to show a definitive answer

Rationale, activation of the vitamin D receptor (VDR) signalling pathway

Reduced ARDS

Cytokine/chemokine storm

Regulating the renin angiotensin system

Modulating neutrophil activity

Maintaining the integrity of the pulmonary epithelial barrier

Stimulating epithelial repair

Tapering down the increased coagulability


Don’t abdicate
Dilute that virus
So you stay great
Don’t complicate,
Complain or whine
You’ll acclimate
When you congregate
Does the air here circulate
Instigate, Nominate
Educate, Motivate
I hope this message will resonate
That when we populate
Instead of isolate
Don’t abdicate
Dilute that virus
So you stay great

Vitamin D is amazing, powerful stuff. Make sure you get enough!

HT to my friend Kate!


king kong

Karl Shuker

I just found this public domain photo of an awesome King Kong sculpture in the King Kong Wax Museum – I need to check out where that is, as I’d never heard of it before.

And I’ve not heard of it, either.

Karl always finds the coolest stuff…


The Night the Mob Took Over Thrill Park

The Night the Mob Took Over Thrill Park, Unknown, 1967 Linky

By Mort Künstler | Created: 1967

MEDIUM Gouache
SUPPORT Illustration Board
ILLUSTRATION SIZE 11.5 x 16.625 in.






















Śladami przeszłości

September 9, 2020 at 4:39 AM

Interesting fact.

This is how the Roman toilet looked like, which also served as group meetings. The Romans took the subject naturally and there was nothing shy about it. During the defecation there were various discussions and chats. Why waste time using the toilet and meeting friends later when you can combine these two things? Excavating the remains of the ancient city of Dion, archaeologists discovered the toilet with as many as fifty seats. It’s not hard to guess that the fragrances here had to be intense, that’s why a maxima cloaca was created – a channel to which impurities “produced” in public toilets were flowing.

The channel, out of concern for the comfort of the residents of the city, was covered to keep the sad fragrances inside. After passing the city, the fecals went to Tiber, the main source of drinking water for the city… you read so well.

Who of you would like to drink water?

As a curiosity, it is worth adding here that the Romans used the same natural sponge to abrasion. They were soaked with salt water and hung in the toilets for her clients. If the client finished, he washed the sponge and hung it for the next person.

It’s hard to imagine today, but in Roman times it was something normal and natural. Admit it, who of you would use it?

Don’t forget to like the page in the footsteps of the past!

Wow. Seriously. Efficiency and expediency ruled the Romans, it appears. Funny how some things matter not to certain cultures and not much at all to others.

Humans. Gotta love ‘em.


This is so totally awesome!

Just out today!

September 14, 2020.

“The best evidence for life beyond Earth has been found in the most surprising of places – the atmosphere of Venus.

A team led by Jane Greaves, who is a professor at Cardiff University, has detected the presence of phosphine gas in Venus’ clouds. The intriguing thing about phosphine, which is a molecule formed of three hydrogen atoms and one phosphorous atom, is that on Earth its only natural source is from some anaerobic (i.e., non-oxygen breathing) microbial lifeforms. No known geological mechanism or non-biological chemical reaction produces it on our planet, although it is produced deep inside gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn where hydrogen is plentiful and the temperature and pressure extremely high.”…

Here we go!


AC Greyhound


AC Greyhound


AC Greyhound


The rather sporty AC Greyhound coupé never really got much press, if memory serves, (which it does less and less). And that is something I find odd, because, well, it’s a very nice car. I saw it described once as “naughty!” Made me smile.

And to add icing to the cake, Patrick Macnee drove one as John Steed in The Avengers TV series. I loved his Big Blower Bentley, too, as it was just so perfectly matched to the role.

The AC Greyhound (1959–1963) was a 2+2 version of the Ace and Aceca automobiles made by AC Cars of Thames Ditton, Surrey, England and announced for the opening of the Motor Show in October 1959.[4] The Greyhound, of which 83 examples were built,[citation needed] had a two-door, four-seater aluminium body, and inherited most of the technical components of the Ace and Aceca but it had a wheelbase 10 inches or 250mm longer and coil springs in place of a transverse leaf spring at the front: []


Tiny Baby Deer Asks People to Rescue Her | The Dodo Wild Hearts

The Dodo
Premiered Jul 21, 2020

A tiny baby deer walked right up to people, crying for help. When it became clear that she lost her mom, they brought her to Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary in Ontario. Watch her grow up and run back to the wild with her best friend!

Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary is a volunteer-based charity and is not government funded, they rely on donations from the public to help wildlife in need. You can support them here:

Such a noble and beautiful thing to see…


This just in from my friend Atipin Hemaa Nana Kyerewaa. Shs does so much good work for the people of her town that they voted her in as their Queen! This is yet another in a long line of worthy endeavors.


joe biden


I really do feel sorry for his illness, having taken care of my dear aunt who suffered through it, it’s truly awful and I dont wish it on anyone.

But, really, in regards to the well-being and security of our country … even if he didn’t have dementia, he’s just not a good person. All those crimes. Sigh.


Clayton Moore NYFD masks

Christian found this in the back room yesterday and it is just too cool and too timely not to share.

Clarita is my late, lovely Aunt, who was happily married to Clay for many years until his passing.

I skewed this in Photoshop to correct the keystoning from the photo’s angle and trim the 2 holder’s fingertips out…

Be well, eh.


Eagle catches a cat

1ce Bergz
May 20, 2018

Well, I have not seen this sort of avian activity in person, so this video caught my eye.

I am on a giant bird binge once again. So, yes, very cool!

Seems to be having great difficulty making off with the kitty, though.

I hope he got it home to the kiddos.

Yessir, I do wish the boid well and here, now, for you, is a completely different eagle, caught bringin’ in the vittles for the babes.

Decorah Eagles Dad brings in a kitten 05 07 2017

Blossem Holland
May 7, 2017

LOL, these videos are not at all suitable for Cat Ladies!


Step 2: Place this code wherever you want the plugin to appear on your page.

I just learned the hot water storage tank for the house has started leaking along the bottom. This is not good. Without…

Posted by Iggy Makarevich on Sunday, August 9, 2020

Oh, Lordy!


The Kelly Extraterrestrial Incident AND Thoughts on Disclosure

Bob Gymlan
Aug 2, 2020

This topic has been requested for a while, so I decided to give it a shot. In 1955, creatures” visited a small house in Kentucky. The creatures have been called “aliens,” “goblins,” and “little green men.” This event remains one of the most famous and disputed events in American Folk Lore. This is one of the many situations wherein the attempts to discount the incident are even more absurd than the incident itself. I get a little more ‘ranty’ in this video than I usually like to, but what the hey?

Incredible art-work by Fred Dunn!
Additional Images Google Licensed for reuse.
Support Help Keep This Channel Alive!

Another fine look-see by Bob.

I like Bob. Down to earth and no woo… very refreshing. Good stuff. Like the old days.


Found this tale here: Linky

Disturbing Unknown Creature Chases A Hunter During A Night In Russia

Got a good one here
The story is this hunter went into the Siberian Russian forest to hunt and was told by other hunter friends that he shouldn’t go there and the location was “very bad” for some unknown reason. What happens next will freak anyone out being alone at night camping.

You can here it mimicking human sounds and then chattering right before the hunter lets off his first round. Yeti?

This feels genuine and the creature’s noises aren’t familiar to me
Any hunters like to chime in?

The original post, above, features the vid shown second here, with the above allegedly posted original footage posted in a reply.

Серёга охотник(часть2)жутко страшная ночь в засаде.

Bad Pioneer
Feb 6, 2019

Сибирь. Западный Саян. Охотник-промысловик Сергей отправляется в тайгу, в Длинный распадок, на всю ночь – караулить зверя. От другого охотника он слышал, что место там «нехорошее». Не особо доверяя слухам, Сергей решает проверить это сам, взяв с собой маленькую видеокамеру.



Jul 20, 2020

WATCH WITH HEADPHONES ON! The story is this hunter went into the Siberian Russian forest to hunt and was told by other hunter friends that he shouldn’t go there and the location was “very bad” for some unknown reason. What happens next will freak anyone out being alone at night camping. Watch the whole video, if you didn’t got scared and get goosebumps all over your body let me know in the comments!

Link to source channel –…

Wait, secureteam9? That’s not good.

What with the lowly status of secureteam10 and all…


peter green — Peter Green performs on stage on the first day of Cornbury Festival in Cornbury Park, Charlbury, Oxfordshire, U.K. on July 11, 2009.
— Steve Thorne / Redferns file

Fleetwood Mac co-founder Peter Green, blues guitarist and singer-songwriter, dies at 73

July 25, 2020, 2:15 PM EDT / Updated July 25, 2020, 5:08 PM EDT
By Nicole Acevedo

Peter Green, co-founder of rock band Fleetwood Mac, has died at age of 73, according to a law firm acting on behalf of his family.

“It is with great sadness that the family of Peter Green announce his death this weekend, peacefully in his sleep,” Swan Turton LLP, solicitors acting on behalf of his family, said in a statement.

The blues guitarist and singer-songwriter started the band alongside drummer Mick Fleetwood and bass guitarist John McVie in London in 1967. He left the group a few years later in 1969 after struggling with mental illness.

“For me, and every past and present member of Fleetwood Mac, losing Peter Green is monumental!” Mick Fleetwood said in a statement. “I will miss you, but rest easy your music lives on. I thank you for asking me to be your drummer all those years ago. We did good, and trail blazed one hell of a musical road for so many to enjoy.”

Green, considered by some as one of the best British blues guitarists of the 1960s, also composed hit songs like “Albatross” and “Black Magic Woman.”

green and mcvie — Guitarist Peter Green, right, and bassist John McVie, of British rock group Fleetwood Mac, rehearsing at the Royal Albert Hall, London, on April 22, 1969.
— Michael Putland / Getty Images file

Fleetwood told The Associated Press in 2017 that Green deserves most of the credit for the band’s success.

“Peter was asked why did he call the band Fleetwood Mac. He said, ‘Well, you know I thought maybe I’d move on at some point and I wanted Mick and John (McVie) to have a band.’ End of story, explaining how generous he was,” said Fleetwood, who described Green as a standout musician even in an era of great guitarists.

He was so fundamental to the band that in its early days it was called Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, his band co-founder added.

Green became an influential blues rock guitarist, with Rolling Stone reporting that he’s considered one of the best 100 greatest guitarists ever.

Green also made his mark as a composer, with “Albatross,” “Oh Well” and “Black Magic Woman.”

“Oh Well”

The dreamy instrumental “Albatross” — which John Lennon said influenced his song “Sun King” on the Beatles album “Abbey Road” — reached the top of the U.K. singles chart in 1968.

Following his departure from Fleetwood Mac, Green returned for sporadic guest appearances.

He ultimately reclaimed his musical career when in 1998 he appeared in New York for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with his bandmates. He then continued to perform and tour over the years.

Divorced from Jane Samuels Green, Green is survived by their daughter, Rose Samuels-Greenbaum.

Tributes from other musicians poured forth Saturday.

“Sad to hear of Peter Green passing- one of the greats. RIP,” tweeted Geezer Butler, founding member of Black Sabbath.


Oh no, my hero, my god, has left this dimension to play in God’s own Blues band.

I am in mourning. I am so sad.

peter green

peter green



W. Glenn Davis Interview, 11/19/1990

US National Archives
Jul 7, 2014

W. Glenn Davis Interview, 11/19/1990 Creator(s): Department of Defense. Department of the Air Force. Office of the Secretary. Office of the Administrative Assistant. Office of the Deputy for Security and Special Investigative Programs. Research Declassification Team. (1987 – ) (Most Recent) Series : Moving Images Relating to “The Roswell Reports” Source Data Research Files, compiled 1946 – 1996 Record Group 341: Records of Headquarters U.S. Air Force (Air Staff), 1934 – 2004 Production Date: 11/19/1990 Access Restriction(s): Unrestricted Use Restriction(s): Restricted – Possibly Note: Some or all of this material may be restricted by copyright or other intellectual property rights restrictions. Scope & Content: This video recording contains an interview with mortician W. Glenn Davis, alleged firsthand witness to events at Roswell Army Air Force Hospital concerning recovered alien bodies.

Contact(s): National Archives at College Park – Motion Pictures (RD-DC-M), National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001 Phone: 301-837-3540, Fax: 301-837-3620, Email: National Archives Identifier: 2788762 Local Identifier: 341-ROSWELL-14…

He certainly sounds like a straight up guy, so, we must consider this topic with care.

I just realized they’ve got him as Davis. My mind shook its head while I posted it like that. I fix. Sorry.

Great old ATS post on this very interview… Roswell’s W. Glenn Dennis Interview (Source: National Archive). Good stuff.



John Cleese and Rowan Atkinson – Beekeeping

May 20, 2007

Hysterical sketch w/ Cleese as a beekeeping expert and Atkinson as a terrible television show host. Recorded live in 1981. Shh.




John Cleese vs Extremism

Mar 5, 2008

John Cleese shows the pathology of extremism

John tels it like it is.

Dig it.









Images by Facebook “Isaac CR”

This lil guy is great.

Is it a lizard with two little legs up front? I have heard of this sort oof thing before, but I cannot recall any resolution.

Or is it a standard snake eating a frog? Hmmm. I would think the frog—s head would be going in first, no?



Argentavis the Largest Bird that Ever Flew

Moth Light Media
Dec 12, 2019


Argentavis was probably the largest bird ever to fly by a large margin, possably being twice as large as the second largest bird, paleogornis. This video answers questions like, how was such a large question able to get into the air? what did they eat? and how did they get so big? Sources:………

Late Quaternary prehistoric birds – Video Learning –

Wiz Science™
Sep 29, 2015

“Prehistoric birds” are various taxa of birds that have became extinct before recorded history, or more precisely, before they could be studied alive by ornithologists. They are known from subfossil remains and sometimes folk memory, as in the case of Haast’s eagle from New Zealand. Birds are generally believed to have evolved from feathered dinosaurs, and there is no real dividing line between birds and dinosaurs except of course that the former survived the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event and the latter did not. For the purposes of this article, a “bird” is considered to be any member of the clade Neornithes, that is the bird lineage as exists today. The other lineages of the Aves also became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous. Taxon extinctions taking place before the Late Quaternary happened in the absence of significant human interference. Rather, reasons for extinction are stochastic abiotic events such as bolide impacts, climate changes, mass volcanic eruptions etc. Alternatively, species may have gone extinct due to evolutionary displacement by successor or competitor taxa – it is notable for example that in the early Neogene, seabird biodiversity was much higher than today; this is probably due to competition by the radiation of marine mammals after that time. The relationships of these ancient birds are often hard to determine, as many are known only from very fragmentary remains and due to the complete fossilization precludes analysis of information from DNA, RNA or protein sequencing. Wiz Science™ is “the” learning channel for children and all ages. SUBSCRIBE TODAY

This Guy has Seen the Snallygaster | Mountain Monsters

Destination America
Jul 9, 2014

The Snallygaster is an 800-pound expert aerial predator who is as equally dangerous on land as it is in the sky. | For more, visit…
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Cryptid Files #4: ThunderBird

cmtgamers productions
Premiered Apr 3, 2020

Prodigy unveils the mystery of the thunderbird

Real Pterosaur Caught On Camera? Do Pterosaurs Still Exist?

Epic Nature
Sep 14, 2017

Real Pterosaur caught on camera? Do Pterosaurs still exist? We take a look at this supposed real life Pterosaur caught on camera. Thank you for watching! Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

Cameras Capture Bizarre Thunderbird Shadow During US F1 Grand Prix

Jan 1, 2018

A bizarre image captured by video cameras during the United States Grand Prix in Austin Texas appears to show a huge bird zooming around the racing circuit. On lap 48 of the race, the shadowy figure of the bird was visible to viewers at home who noted that it seemed enormous compared to the Formula One vehicles. No one has been able to identify what species of bird could have cast the shadow due to the speed of its flight over the circuit. However, it’s incredibly large size suggests that it is a very rare bird indeed with some Twitter uses suggesting that it might even be a Thunderbird.

To support this channel – Facebook:… Twitter:

Thunderbird Sightings! Do These Mythical Creatures Exist?

Paranormal Junkie
Oct 15, 2015

Thunderbird Sightings! Do These Mythical Creatures Exist? Subscribe? Twitter Facebook… Strange Mysteries… Monster Sightings… Ghost Sightings… Alien Sightings… Other Playlist… Is That You or Are You You by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…) Source: Artist:

New & Definitive Thunderbird Documentary

Bob Gymlan
Jun 20, 2019

In this video, I will discuss the prehistoric Thunderbird, historical sightings, modern sightings and encounters, a contested video clip, what “large” really means for a bird, and finally, a range of explanations. The theories range from the zoological, cryptozoological, and paranormal. Support! Help me pay for illustrations: Illustrations by Fred Dunn!: #thunderbird #cryptozoology

Thunderbird Story: Pikangikum First Nation

Jan 25, 2013

Thunderbird, Pikangikum, First Nation

Legend or Lie? Tombstone Thunderbird

Oct 11, 2016

Through history many cultures have passed down legends. Legends are based on an element of truth, the rest is mythical and left up to your imagination.

Pterodactyl sighting in Texas; Is this proof of bible creationism

brenton sawin Mysteries To Search
Aug 15, 2015

Is this pterodactyl sighting proof of dinosaurs being around and alive in recent times and helping the creationist argument against evolution? Creationism or evolution are true but not both according to some apologists. This is an educational video with a biblical worldview but also with good taste and nice to all. Enjoy and if you have any mystery stories please email me and my email is at the end of this video.

The Giant Bird That Got Lost in Time

PBS Eons
Mar 12, 2019

The California condor is the biggest flying bird in North America, a title that it has held since the Late Pleistocene Epoch. It’s just one example of an organism that we share the planet with today that seems lost in time, out of place in our world. Thanks as always to Studio 252mya for their wonderful paleoart. You can check out more of their work here: Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios: Super special thanks to the following Patreon patrons for helping make Eons possible: Katie Fichtner, Anthony Callaghan, XULIN GE, Po Foon Kwong, Larry Wilson, Merri Snaidman, Renzo Caimi, Ordenes, John Vanek, Neil H. Gray, Marilyn Wolmart, Esmeralda Rupp-Spangle, Gregory Donovan, Ehit Dinesh Agarwal, الخليفي سلطان, Gabriel Cortez, Marcus Lejon, Robert Arévalo, Robert Hill, Kelby Reid, Todd Dittman, Betsy Radley, PS, Philip Slingerland, Jose Garcia, Eric Vonk, Tony Wamsley, Henrik Peteri, Jonathan Wright, Jon Monteiro, James Bording, Brad Nicholls, Miles Chaston, Michael McClellan, Jeff Graham, Maria Humphrey, Nathan Paskett, Connor Jensen, Daisuke Goto, Hubert Rady, Gregory Kintz, Tyson Cleary, Chandler Bass, Maly Lor, Joao Ascensao, Tsee Lee, Sarah Fritts, Ron Harvey Jr, Jacob Gerke, Alex Yan If you’d like to support the channel, head over to and pledge for some cool rewards! Want to follow Eons elsewhere on the internet? Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – References:

Caption author (Spanish) nahuel

Well, I hope you enjoyed this mini big bird marathon. I want to see one so badly. Either a pteranodon or a Thunderbird … or preferably both! Whee!



Vietnam War Rock Apes – Bigfoot or Big Fraud?

Mark Felton Productions
May 23, 2020

Many American GIs during the Vietnam War reported encounters with large unknown primates they nicknamed ‘Rock Apes’. Were they lying or mistaken – this video presents evidence dating back to the early 19th century for the existence of the Rock Ape, encountered many times during the French colonial period, and also includes more recent physical evidence discovered by Vietnamese scientists.

Visit my audio book channel ‘War Stories with Mark Felton’: Help support my channel:…… Credits: YouTube Creative Commons; WikiCommons; Google Commons; Mark Felton Productions

This documentary is excellent!

Ya gotta watch it!




7 Wild Children Found Living With Dangerous Animals

Oct 1, 2019

Amazing stories of wild animals that saved and protected young children from danger. These lost kids were actually found by rescuers to have been living with wild animals. Talk about a real life Jungle Book!

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If you thought that you had it tough growing up, at least you still had a roof over your head, electricity, running water and basic human interaction. These kids had none of that. Somehow though, miraculously, they managed to survive in the wild with nothing more than stray animals as companions to guide them.

Folks, welcome to the real-life Jungle Book

I could do without the corny style and insertions, but, all in all, this is actually quite fascinating. And many were previously unknown to me.

The last one is very recent and, after careful analysis, was undoubtedly Bigfoot.


first surfer

The Vintage News

May 26, 2017

This is the first known photograph ever taken of a surfer. Surfing was banned in Hawaii by missionaries in the 1700s for its “ungodliness,” but fortunately the natives didn’t pay much heed to that decree. c. 1890