Doug Skinner “Musical Curiosities”
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VideoDave2’s Channel
Uploaded on Feb 15, 2008

Doug Skinner presents “A Cabinet of Musical Curiosities” at INFO’s 2002 FortFest. After playing a variety of obscure and archaic instruments, Doug entertained with this rather strange song on agriculture. For more information on INFO go to

This man can make you laugh, friend, I assure you. He outdid himself every single time.

Great on the ukulele. Best friend of John Keel.

I used to pick him up in front of his apartment in the City and we would drive down to the INFO shenanigans in Baldymore and back. One time I messed up his sound really badly. That was awkward. He freaked out one late night because we all liked the Beatles and we awoke to him gone. Uncomfy. Still. And that was years ago… more than 10, for sure.

Oh, those were times.

I also want to relay my best regards to my late friend Dave Singer up in Heaven, a Fortean and a physicist and the first INFO member I ever met. (The uploader, check it) He knew everybody and took part in the investigation of the notorious Coso object and loved filming and above all, kayaking. Cheers, Dave.



Somebody To Love/ White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

Wooo Hooo The Smothers Brothers !!! Dickie!!! Tommy!!!


Frank Zappa on The Steve Allen Show March 4, 1963.mp4

Is this not fabulous?

Woo Hoo!












I am to this day baffled by the folks that take this material as, um, gospel.

Sorry. I am, actually, but seriously I simply can not comprehend the mindset needed to believe that this is the way things were.

Can you? Please explain it to me if you can, I implore you.

Children’s coloring books? “Beginners” “Bible” class? Oh dear.

Using the term Bible so loosely it fell out a very long time ago, of course.

I saw a video tour of one of the museum displays of this sort of thing. So strange.

I never pursued the interest knowing that there are always lunatics to look into, but I was wondering just now as to when this stuff started to become popular. I’ve been around a while and I do not recall ever hearing even a whisper of anything like this. Who were the leading loonies of the dino movement?

Oh God, it’s too creepy right now, things are going too good for creepy weird…. good weird okay. Maybe later.

It makes one wonder about the fragility and stability of the minds and brains of their fellows.

Please be careful out there.


They’re out there, man…


Oo my oh my!

When I first saw this I just stared for a couple of seconds until the enormity of this fail sank in.

Then I laughed.

A deep, hearty and darn near unstoppable laugh that started out deep inside. A long time it lasted, too.

And it repeated whenever I gazed upon the glorious image below.

Most of these sorts of things I relegate to the Ha! page, or since that is now full with some more packaging fails, the upcoming HaHa! and HaHaHa! pages.

This fail struck a nerve in me though.

I couldn’t do that to it. It needed a thread of it’s own, so good it was.

So, here it is…the most fabulous packing fail that I have ever seen!




Yee Haa!



StonedRaccoonRecords Uploaded on Apr 30, 2011

Simply jaw-dropping in it’s musical eloquence, this incredible symphony will take you to heights you’ve never even dreamed existed!

This concert was at the nootorious Carnegie Hall, to boot.

Pretty good going to get in there, Professor.

Truly, folks, the awesomeness knows no bounds!



P.D.Q. Bach – Topic Published on Mar 14, 2014

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Concerto For Horn And Hardart, S. 27 · Peter Schickele · Unknown / Bilinmiyor

An Evening With P.D.Q. Bach

℗ 1993 Vanguard Records, A Welk Music Group Company. All Rights Reserved.

Composer: Unknown / Bilinmiyor

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Oh, my Lord, he swoons!

I mean, it just doesnt get any better than this!



This is … ummm … well, uhh, just watch.

That was pretty weird wasn’t it?

I wonder how long that took to put together… and where did they get so many?

I would have loved to have seen it in person, though. Really!

Dunno ‘bout while trippin,’ though!

Yeah, what the hell!


Pentaprops™ to Willy for providing us with this treat.

Peace out.

This just in via my pal Anthony. He is a fellow searcher and also sells cool stuff of a different sort than me.

I am not hearing any sound but it doesn’t really need any.