No better than common street thugs and, truth be told, far worse due to their insistence on harassing children and shooting them for sport. And that’s the “soldiers,” who are certainly unlike any soldiers any human is familiar with. The “settlers” are on an entirely new level of horrifying behavior that just makes one want to use a baseball bat on their heads. Which feels awful. And we (the US) give these cockroaches $160 per second, nonstop, while our people struggle with merely remaining alive. That is treason, right up to the top.



RECENT & BIZARRE Disappearances In The UK & My Area

Top Mysteries
Published on Feb 18, 2019

► For many years now, ex detective and author of the Missing 411 series, David Paulides alongside his CanAm Missing team have investigated thousands of unsolved disappearances throughout the National Parks and Forests; all of which hold some eerily similar coincidences. Well, these disappearances are not specific to the United States of America. Most of the disappearances you will learn about throughout this video took place around my local area, while some took place a couple of hours away. I’m not sure if Paulides has mentioned any of the disappearances researched throughout this video, but I was shocked to find so many strange disappearances around the Yorkshire area.

This first case concerns me deeply as it is no more than 10 minutes away from where I live. The circumstances are very strange and as you’ll come to see, may fit a couple of the Missing 411 profile points. You tell me.

Missing 411 – RECENT & BIZARRE Disappearances In The UK & My Area

► Purchase The Missing 411 Series by David Paulides here: www.canammissing.com/page/page…

My links: ➥Patreon: www.patreon.com/user/overview… ➥Subscribe: www.youtube.com/c/TopMysterie… ➥Twitter: twitter.com/Unanswered5s

► Music Credit & Permission by CO.AG: ➥www.youtube.com/channel/UCcav…
► Most footage is licensed to me, while some short clips are used under fair use.
► Sources: Click here ➥ docs.google.com/document/d/1D…

These incidents all qualify as Missing 411 cases. 411 cases are absolutely the creepiest happenings imaginable and even cursory thinking about them instill a deep rooted fear induced by their rank incomprehensibility. These all send shivers up my spine.

be well



israel effect

A relative of 15-year-0ld Yousif Al-Dayyah, killed by Israel forces, weeps during his funeral in Gaza, Feb. 13, 2019. (Reuters)

S. Antonio A. @samyaboid 5:49 PM – 3 Apr 2019Apr 3

UN: Israel should face justice for crimes against humanity in Gaza israelpalestinenews.org/un-israel-should-face-justice-for-crimes-against-humanity-in-gaza/ vía @ifamericansknew

Israeli forces “have intentionally shot children. They have intentionally shot people with disabilities, they have intentionally shot journalists…”
“We found that one person, a double amputee, was shot and killed as he sat in his wheelchair (video below). On two separate days, two people visibly walking on crutches, were shot in the head…”
GENEVA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli security forces may have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in killing 189 Palestinians and wounding more than 6,100 at weekly protests in Gaza last year, United Nations investigators said on Thursday.

The independent panel said it had confidential information about those it believes to be responsible for the unlawful killings, including Israeli army snipers and commanders. It called on Israel to prosecute them.

“The Israeli security forces killed and maimed Palestinian demonstrators who did not pose an imminent threat of death or serious injury to others when they were shot, nor were they directly participating in hostilities,” it said, adding that the protests had been “civilian in nature”.

The victims included children, journalists, and a double amputee who was in a wheelchair.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the report and accused the U.N. Human Rights Council, which launched the probe, of hypocrisy and lies fueled by “an obsessive hatred for Israel”.

Israel has said its forces opened fire to protect the border from incursions and attacks by armed militants.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said the findings confirmed that “Israel conducts war crimes against our people in Gaza and the West Bank, including in Jerusalem”.

The International Criminal Court should act immediately and investigate the matter, he said in a statement.

Gazans protest strangling blockade, confiscation of land

Protests at the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip began in March last year, with Gazans demanding Israel ease a blockade of the enclave and recognition of their right to return to lands their families fled or were forced from when Israel was founded in 1948.

The panel found that 183 of the 189 protesters were killed with live ammunition. It voiced deep concern at the undisclosed rules of engagement drawn up by Israeli civilian and military leadership that “apparently permitted live fire at demonstrators as a last resort…and to shoot at the legs of ‘main inciters’.”

Israel’s notion of ‘main inciters’ does not exist in international law, it said.

Some 122 wounded have had a limb amputated, including 20 children, it said.

No Israeli soldier was killed at the protests, although one was killed on a demonstration day but not at a protest site, while four were injured, the panel said.

An Israeli military spokeswoman disputed this, saying the soldier was killed during a riot nearby that was “designed to draw in soldiers so as to attack them”.

And America supports and pays for these actions almost in full. Which is even more disgusting.

America has become a shithole slave state – sending our precious children to die for the benefit of murdering psychopaths who would nuke is without so much as a second glance.



Police Find a Human Leg in The River Irwell, UK 411 Cases or the Manchester Pusher?

D. Hatswell Creature Reports
Published on Apr 4, 2019

The UK ‘NSC’ Cases

Police check missing persons list after ‘human leg’ found in River Irwell.  Police are checking a list of missing people after human remains – believed to be a leg – were recovered from the River Irwell in Salford. The force says ‘enquiries into the circumstances are ongoing’

I have something very different for you today, over the years I have been repeatedly asked if ‘there was any missing 411 cases here in the UK.’  Now for people not familiar with that term, 411 was a book of reports made by an American Gentleman named David Paulides who wrote a book about missing people in the national parks in the US and he wondered if any of the cases are related to the Bigfoot sightings in the parks themselves or purely a matter of bad luck or mechanical injury or even on occasion a human predator of some kind, along with wild Cats, Wolves and Bears there is a very large percentage of missing people as you can imagine. I have always just pooh pooh’d the question to be fair, until like all things serendipity was at play and I was contacted by a number of researchers and interested parties who had missing people cases to share with me.  So I thought I would start where all this started for me and look at my local town quite close to Manchester and I was shocked at the things I found.  Now this is only the first of many articles to come on this subject as I have been inundated with reports from all across the UK.

www.facebook.com/historyhaunt… for the Haunting Tales.

Debbie’s started in on bizarre disappearances of the Missing 411 variety in her native land. This development, folks, is a good thing. Couple of real good ones here and another one from 1814! Dig it.

be well



Vicious , psychopathic murderers. The United States is the largest funder of this practice.





And if the guilty are spoken of, one is demonized, ostracized and occasionally even killed.

For Israel cannot be questioned, as they are our owners.

Well, they can go fuck themselves.

Kill a Zionist every day.



puss moth larva

The Strand Magazine, 1909. Courtesy of @ForteanLondon

Oh, how I am loving this illo!

This is an incredibly good tale… look at the size of that thing!

Simply Superb!



a creepy wood

Arboles siniestros.

An endless land of treed swamp. Slippery holes of rotting leaves and stinking moss. Hardly a patch of dry ground to step upon. And yet this place was as awful as the desert, there was no water fit to drink.



Disgusting sacks of evil puss, these Frenchmen. A disgrace to their country and to all humanity.



There is little doubt. This is what they do, after all, since 1947.



Disgusting beyond comprehension. The sackoshit DeVos knows full well that she’s ripped the heart out of 272,000 innocent kids for $18 Million… yet our putrid slavery to israHell gifts the murderers $10 Million every God damn day. She needs a noose. Fucking cunt.



Worse than this frigging animal is the lack of help from anyone.

Sadly this is in NYC which is run by Communists, who don’t mind this sort of thing.

The Bronx. AOC-land.

Local ABC News report, well done.

ATS discussion

Twitter post and comments

NYPD NEWS Verified account @NYPDnews 12:40 PM – 22 Mar 2019

Replying to @BKLYNRELL1

Please help us bring justice to this 78-year-old woman who was brutally kicked in the face on 3/10 at 3:10 am inside the 238th St/Nereid Ave subway station in the Bronx. If you have any info, call @NYPDTips at 800-577-TIPS. Your calls are anonymous!

First Twitter post and comments



32 More of the Creepiest Things Ever Said by Kids

  1. My daughter had an imaginary friend named Sally, she told me once about how Sally was in jail for chopping her mom’s head off….

  2. Two years ago my door bell rang. When I answered there was a little kid 4 or 5 standing there that I didn’t recognize. Before I could say anything, she yelled “just so you know it’s your turn to die!” and she disappeared around the corner again. I followed but couldn’t see her anywhere. Luckily I didn’t die.

  3. My 5 year old handed me a rock and said, “You can use this for your grave.”

  4. My daughter when we were home alone one night, “mommy, who’s that man on the ceiling?”

  5. My kids ( ages 5,4,&3) are constantly talking about the “bloody girls” in their rooms. They each go into detail about them. Their names… Their clothes, what they talk about. It started when my oldest had just turned three. He said that they had been in a small green car, that fell in the water. The water turned red and their mommy and daddy were really sad. He said they liked their rooms because they have fun toys.

  6. My son (3 at the time) threw a huge tantrum when we were trying to leave the house because he “didn’t want to crash and die”. After about 10 minutes he just stopped and was ready to go. As we were walking out of the house there was a very bad accident on the street in front of our house – right where we would have been driving if he hadn’t thrown his fit.

  7. “The shadow man keeps talking to me at my window.”

  8. My almost 4 year old burst in on me in the bathroom. When I screamed for her to get out, he said, “Mommy, it’s just a coochy. I see them all the time!”

  9. I was reading a story to my daughter when she suddenly slammed it shut, point to the empty doorway, and screamed “you get out of here! You’ve killed enough people!”

  10. My 2yr old talks and walks in his sleep. About a month after his second birthday I heard him talking in his sleep in the middle of the night so I thought aww cute I will go listen. Peeked in and he was sitting bolt upright in bed eyes wide open hands folded in lap. He said, “naughty mummy. Naughty daddy. No more mummy, no more daddy.” Then he laughed really creepily lay down and started snoring.

  11. “I need to get my hands on a giant penis so I can put this fire out all the way!”

  12. After finding a dead baby bird in the driveway from a nest up above, my 4 year old told me he knows where to bury it so it will come back alive.

  13. “Daddy, when can we get rid of that kid hanging in my closet?” I asked her what she was talking about and she told me all about a teenage boy who was hanging by a belt around his neck in her closet. I went to her closet there was nothing there, and she said he only is there when I’m not around.

  14. My son was crying in bed at 3 am and tells us he is afraid because there is a man in his bed. We ask him about the man and tell him to ask the man to go away. The following day he tells us the man’s name is Frank…my husband’s uncle who died the night before. Also later that week we were driving along in our van in complete silence and my son said “Frank’s here.”

  15. “There are three dead kids buried in our back yard. They told me where we can find them.”

  16. My child comes into the house with a baby gecko latched onto his finger. He proudly says “Look Mom he likes my finger.” I say “Get him out before he gets loose in the house” My 3yr old then says “No. Im going to put him in the drawer with all the baby frogs.” “What drawer has all the baby frogs in it?” “Ummmm…the one in your closet.” he says. I recovered 3 baby frogs from my bathing suit drawer.

  17. My brother was giving all the kids candy. One of my daughter’s friends was over and my brother asked her, “you want some candy little girl?” She said, “you’re supposed to be behind a bush when you say that”

  18. My son was crying in his room saying mummy Elmo keeps talking to me, I went in his room and tickle me Elmo was laughing…..ummm he had no batteries!!

  19. My five year old son once looked up at me while we were watching a movie and said, “I think I remember coming out of your no-no.”

  20. “Mommy, there’s a kid covered in blood in my bedroom and he won’t go away.”

  21. My son, Mason, told my fiancé he was going to cut his heart out and eat it.. He’s 3.

  22. The first time I brought my boyfriend over, my daughter walked over (she was three), looked him dead in the eyes, and said, “I think it’s a good idea to take your pants off now.”

  23. When my son was three he told me that he really likes his new daddy, he’s really nice. My husband is his one and only daddy. I asked “Why is that?” He replied “My old daddy was really mean. He stabbed me in the back and I died. But I really like my new daddy, he’d never do that to me.”

  24. My 4yo shook me awake one night and asked if she could sleep with me because tonight the old woman at the window was being mean for some reason.

  25. An 8 year old I used to teach had a hard time with eye contact and appropriate touch. He looked me straight in the eyes one morning, not missing a beat, and told me, “you know, I think you’d look a lot better if you were dead in my basement.”

  26. My 7-year-old son asked me, “So, Mom, when I’m 41 like you, how old will you be?” I replied, “I’ll be 75.” Without missing a beat, my 5-year-old daughter added, “Or dead.”

  27. Last week i asked my kids what they wanted for Christmas. My son said “For Christmas i want you to live forever” then my daughter says “I’d rather have a pink ipod.”

  28. My six year old was crying in her bedroom. It took lots of asking and she finally told me that a strange man had shown up and told her that I would be dead before midnight.

  29. “Mom, why is that lady from the cemetery sitting in my room?”

  30. A friends daughter (3 years old at the time) told my friend in a very quiet voice: ” I will put a towel over your face and send you to live with Jesus!”

  31. “Aren’t you gonna say hi to Uncle Chris?” By my 3 year old when I was watching her jumping on the trampoline….Uncle Chris drowned in the lake 9 years before she was even born, and nobody in our family talks about it, ever. I asked her where he was and she pointed to the garage and said” He tells me to be careful” Whoa….

  32. As she pointed to the old wood stove in the middle of our front room: “Jimmy said that was where he did it.” I asked her who Jimmy was and what he was talking about, she said “Jimmy is the guy who comes and talks to me at night. He said he killed his mom right there.” My daughter was five.

Source: myhauntedsalem

Yep. Mighty creepy.



The Troll Bridge

“Don’t be a pussy, Ryan! Just do it!”

I would’ve rather stuck my head in a blender and turned that shit on puree than do this, but I didn’t have a choice. It was either go across the bridge or be called a pussy the rest of my life. Or at least until the end of the summer. When you’re eleven, there’s really not much of a difference.

The only way to end this endless teasing was to cross the troll bridge. Well, we called it the troll bridge. We weren’t sure what it was really called back then. It wasn’t anything special, just a small stone bridge that went over a creek just outside of town. It wasn’t used much anymore, it wasn’t big enough for a car to go over and there was talk of tearing it down, but it just never got done.

I was scared of my own shadow back in the day, but there was just something about that bridge that put off any sane person. Maybe it was how solid your steps sounded when you walked across or how you swore you could hear dripping water, even during a hot, dry summer like that year.

Kids would say a troll lived under there. Which really was a ridiculous notion, the ditch underneath carved itself ever deeper every year during the spring floods but it still wasn’t deep enough for a giant troll. Still though, stories about a half blind, drooling monster from your worst nightmares ready to grab any passerby was enough for me to keep my distance.

But the kids made it a rite of passage. Cross the bridge and come back. Some of the more daring kids would stick their arm over the edge to taunt the troll into grabbing them.

I was the only kid who hadn’t done it yet. Darren was the one who practically dragged me there on that boiling summer afternoon. I felt like I was about to be baked alive, the back of my neck already felt stiff and tender with a sunburn. He gave me a shove and I nearly fell on my face.

I swallowed. “I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”

Darren nodded and crossed his arms, everyone’s eyes on me as I stood at the troll bridge.

Just there and back, I told myself, and maybe they’ll finally leave me alone.

My intent was to leg it as fast as I could. Like ripping off a band aid, the trick was to do it quickly. First pass I did just that. I reached the end before I knew it, turning around and throwing my hands in the air. I did get a few cheers but Darren was less than impressed, just staring me down as I began the return journey.

I came to a stop when I heard music.

My mom was making me take violin lessons at the time and it had become habit to listen carefully if I heard it playing on her CD player or if there was a busker at the local farmer’s market. But this wasn’t a CD or an amateur. This music sounded almost ethereal with how perfect it was. And much to my shock, it was coming from right under my feet.

Forgetting about my friends waiting for me at the other side, I walked to the side and stuck my head over the edge. I heard their startled gasps as I teetered a bit, trying to get a look at the musician making that delightful sound.

On first glance I thought they were a woman, their nearly white blond hair was so long it almost reached to their thighs and they were startlingly beautiful. They weren’t wearing a shirt though and they were absolutely a dude. They didn’t have shoes and only wore mud spattered jeans. Their violin was pristine, the brown wood shining as the bow hummed across the strings. The man sat near a puddle, eyes closed as he continued to play.

“Ryan, what are you doing!? We get it already, let’s go!”

Darren’s irritated voice shook me from my daze and I stood back up, sheepishly walking back to my friends. Somehow the few feet of difference made it impossible to hear the violinist. It didn’t matter though, everyone was cheering me on and clapping my back. Even Darren looked upon me approvingly, a rare occasion indeed. The sound of an ice cream truck in the distance caught our attention and ten minutes later we were all enjoying a delicious frozen treat and all talk of the bridge was forgotten.

But I didn’t forget the violinist. And I couldn’t forget how perfect his music was.

The next day was supposed to be my lesson, but Mr. Birk had come down with the flu so I was free to do what I wished with my time.

So I chose to go back to the troll bridge. Alone.

I was lucky I didn’t break my neck sliding down the bank, even more so that I didn’t accidentally drop my violin case. My mom would’ve blown her top if I’d broken the damn thing.

My perilous journey had not been in vain, as the moment my feet touched the ground I heard the music. I looked up and there he was. The violinist.

He clearly knew I was there, judging by his smirk, but he paid me no mind as I walked through the empty river bed up to him. I almost reached the puddle next to where he sat when I came to a stop. I don’t know why exactly I stopped, I suppose some instinct deep inside told me I should go no further. Or maybe it was common sense not to get too close to the weirdo with the long hair playing a violin under a bridge.

So instead I opened up my violin case and presented it to him. “Hey, um… I play too,” I said, my voice shaking.

The violinist’s playing came to an abrupt stop and he looked up at me. My skin crawled as I stared back into his eyes. I’m not quite sure what was wrong with them, it was like the river blue color of the iris had started to bleed into the whites of his eyes, making them unnatural in appearance. “… Show me,” he said, sounding breathless in his excitement.

And so with shaky hands I managed to squawk out ‘Happy Birthday’ to this incredibly talented man. My cheeks were probably bright red when I finished. I felt ashamed that I’d performed for someone so incredibly talented.

The violinist was quiet for a moment before raising his hands to clap. “Bravo, bravo! It’s been so long that I’ve had someone play for me, it’s a real treat. Would you like me to show you some things?” He said.

I couldn’t nod any more vigorously and he laughed, picking up his own violin and starting to play.

I was there until the sun was going down. My fingers were cramping and my arms ached but I was learning so much. I only realized so much time had gone on by when I looked up and saw the sky was turning orange. “Crap! My mom’s gonna kill me, I’m late for dinner!” I hurried to pack away my violin. “Sorry for taking up so much of your time, can I come back next week?” I’d been having so much fun that I never even bothered to ask his name.

“I’m afraid, my little friend, that next week you should stay as far away from my bridge as you can.”

The man was now beside me, tilting up my chin as he shook his head. His eyes seemed to be an even deeper blue now that it was starting to get dark. “You’re just lucky you did everything right, not knowing who you come to. But it’s going to rain next week, and it will rain heavily. So keep your distance, because next time your luck will not save you,” He said.

The heat of the day didn’t take away from the chill that shot down my spine. I only nodded wordlessly before bolting, clambering out of the river bed and scraping my arms up something good before I ran home. As predicted my mom was about to send out the dogs for me and I was just lucky she didn’t send me to bed with no supper.

I’m not sure what else I expected coming from a crazy guy living under a bridge. But his weather prediction ran true. Storms and pouring rain. All week. I imagine that river bed overflowed with raging water.

My mom woke me up early on Friday morning to tell me the news. Darren and another of my friends Jacob had drowned last night.

The theory was that they’d gone down to play and one of them fell in. The other tried to help them out and ended up getting washed away as well. During the funeral all I could think about was the violinist under the bridge. Had he drowned too? They hadn’t found another body, but he could’ve just been washed away.

I didn’t make the same mistake that Darren did. I waited until the water levels went down a bit before heading back to the troll bridge. It wasn’t close to overflowing anymore, instead it was just a small stream that probably wouldn’t go above your ankles. I crossed the bridge and listened carefully. All was silent except for the sound of bubbling water for a few minutes.Then I heard the violin once more.

I ducked my head over the edge and looked down. There he was, still playing, his feet resting in the water. I felt relieved and almost called out to him when I realized he had something stashed behind him. A bright red bicycle.

Darren’s bright red bicycle.

I didn’t stick around. I took off running and never looked back. I never went back to that bridge and I never will.

As I’ve become an adult, I’ve found out two things about our little town. One, that we’ve always had an abnormally high amount of drownings for the area. It’s not uncommon to lose five or six people a year, sometimes more, usually children or women. Unusually it doesn’t even have to be a flooding season for people to die, all there needs to be is a few inches of water for a body to turn up. And two, that bridge had a name before we called it the troll bridge.

It was the Nixie Bridge. Named after a creature that lurked underneath, playing his violin to lure in those who were foolish enough to listen to his song.

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From thebestofcreepypasta.



#StopCemex's dirty business now.

Did you know that cement company @Cemex’s ‘high impact social strategy’ harms millions of Palestinians? It has factories in 4 illegal Israeli settlements & sells material for the Wall, military checkpoints, the settlements. Today is #CemexDay: #StopCemex’s dirty business now.

Mexican cement giant holds #CemexDay – we call it #StopCemex day. A UN report denounced @Cemex for committing grave human rights abuses. They own 4 plants in illegal settlements and sell materials for the Wall, settlements, military checkpoints. DivestNow! bit.ly/2W7loVu

200+ Latin American movements said #StopCemex in 2017. On #CemexDay 2019 the campaign is going global until the cement company stops operating in Israel’s illegal settlements, selling cement for the Wall, military checkpoints and the settlements. stopcemex.org/



Disgusting cowardly demons.

Deserving of only total elimination from this Earth.



Democrats need to be placed in graves.





Israel desperately needs total annihilation.


be well



The Day Aussie Freedom Died – David Icke Banned from the ‘Land of Freedom’ The David Icke Videocast

David Icke
Published on Feb 20, 2019

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Australians! Stand up and fight this insidious Zionist-style Nazism that has taken over your country. Protect the lives of your children as well as your selves.


Editor’s Note: As the social media and big tech purge of independent voices continues, entire supposedly democratic countries are banning certain voices as well. What are they afraid of?

Today the Australian government banned conspiracy researcher David Icke from entering the country for his multi-city speaking tour. Although he has spoken in Australia several times in the past decade, the government cited Icke’s skeptical views of vaccinations, global warming, and Israel’s policies as the reason for the ban.

“I was shocked and appalled to have received the news earlier today that my visa had been revoked just hours before boarding a flight to Australia by Immigration Minister David Coleman,” Icke said in statement after being informed of the ban.

“This is the creation of a blatantly Orwellian totalitarian state and says the Government believes they have the right to dictate what the nation can and cannot choose to hear. I am not forcing anybody to listen to my views, nor am I forcing anybody to believe them. I am simply stating my well-researched beliefs and giving the Australian public an open forum to consider another viewpoint.”

be well



Dyatlov Pass Incident REOPENED By Authorities

Top Mysteries
Published on Mar 1, 2019

► The Dyatlov Pass Incident is one of the most bizarre if not one of the most terrifying events that have occurred in the last 60 years. This case is so perplexing that it has baffled experts for over half a century. Most excursions into nature are serene and act as a chance to escape the realities of day to day life for a while, but for an unfortunate few this is not the case. Some journeys end with such unfathomable and frightening circumstances that they become legend… As is found here when nine skiing enthusiasts met their end in the late 1950s. What makes this case so fascinating is that unlike some mysteries, there is little doubt that this event actually occurred; and further still, whatever happened here was nothing short of disturbing.

Much of the evidence exists in photos taken by investigators, but also in the extensive records of the Soviet military, who took a lead role in the investigation. Interesting to note is the fact that many of these records are still classified by the military today. Bizarrely, despite an overwhelming amount of physical evidence left behind, investigators were eventually forced to attribute the event to be a result of, and I quote “a compelling unknown force.”

Dyatlov Pass Incident REOPENED By Authorities

My links: ➥Patreon: www.patreon.com/user/overview…   ➥Subscribe: www.youtube.com/c/TopMysterie…   ➥Twitter: twitter.com/Unanswered5s
► Music Credit & Permission by CO.AG:   ➥www.youtube.com/channel/UCcav…
► Most footage is licensed to me, while some short clips are used under fair use.
► Sources: Click here   ➥ docs.google.com/document/d/1q…

This incident, the most inexplicable thing I have run across, matched only by the Missing 411 cases, has always occupied a spot towards the top of my top 5 favorite Fortean happenings. There is or was an excellent Russian site that I cannot recall but I have included it in a past post either here or on High Strangeness. I will see if I can find it.

The twists and turns your mind makes when you try and fathom what could possibly be so profoundly frightening, no, terrifying, to cause such behavior in some rather hardy people is tantalizing as an answer just does not come.

If the investigation is run as the filmmaker details, I am not holding out much hope for a solution. But, you never know.

Props to the filmmaker, this piece is really well done, as opposed to some loopy ones I have seen.

be well




News from Science @NewsfromScience 9:30 AM – 13 Mar 2019

A global effort is growing to save the scaled mammals known as pangolins—the world’s most poached and trafficked animal.

These odd, scaled mammals are the most poached in the world—and they’re going extinct

By Amy Yee Mar. 13, 2019 , 8:00 AM

UGANDA—The small pangolin tucked its head toward its belly and curled its tail around its body. Clad in large scales, it resembled a pine cone. After a moment, the creature—a mammal, despite appearances—uncoiled and raised its slender head. Currantlike eyes blinked and a pointy nose trembled inquisitively. Its feet had tender pink soles tipped with long, curved claws, but it did not scratch or fight.

This animal, a white-bellied pangolin (Phataginus tricuspis), was lucky. It had most likely been illegally caught in a nearby forest not long ago; a tip had led the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) to rescue it. One of its brown scales had been ripped off, perhaps for use in a local witchcraft remedy. But after a long, jarring car ride on bumpy dirt roads, the pangolin was being released back into the wild in a national park. (UWA officials asked Science not to reveal the park’s name because that might tip off poachers.) Weighing just 2.5 kilograms, the pangolin heaved as if panting.

The rescue and release was part of a growing global effort to save pangolins, which face a bleak future as the world’s most poached and trafficked animal. They are in demand for both their meat and their scales, believed in some Asian countries to have medicinal properties. The past 2 months have seen record-setting seizures of pangolin body parts both in Asia and Africa.

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It’s stuff like this that makes me extremely upset with Asians. They make everything we use, so they are not dumb, but, they are so damn pig-ignorant stupid to think so many animal parts are somehow “magical.” Even when faced with five freaking thousand years of evidence showing that their beliefs are naught but fairy tales. Disgusting. Every single one of them. And Africans! I did not know about people from that continent doing this, but I am frankly not surprised. I advocate killing them all and having God sort them out.

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The Naturalist, a Watercolor on Paper by Victor Grasso from United States.



David Irving — Churchill’s War (complete)

Published on Jan 12, 2018

David Irving’s classic 1986 talk in Toronto, Canada about the true Winston Churchill.

And the true Winston is markedly different from the standardized image of him. This is now well known. Mr. Irving has been mercilessly, falsely and unjustifiably vilified for being an actual historian and reporting his findings to the world. Because ‘the powers that be’ are the most vile filth out there.

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