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The Prevailing Elite Opinion

This is the unfortunate truth of the matter.

This is why the elites developed the Kung Flu virus, in full cahoots with China, going so far as to pay for it and the real weapon, the improperly-named “vaccines.” Note that additional bioweapons are under development.

If you are a pro-vaxxer, you support this policy.


Vanishing without a trace | Undercover Asia | Full Episode

Sep 23, 2019

Uncover hard truths in the underbelly of Asia. Every year, nearly 100,000 Japanese vanish without a trace. They are known as johatsu, or evaporated people. What drives them to engineer their own disappearance?
ABOUT THE SHOW: CNA’s flagship investigative series Undercover Asia shines a light on some of the darkest corners of our society, and digs deep into the most pressing social-economic and political issues of our time.


Frightening stuff…


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The Footage that proves that the feds deliberately massacred the Branch Davidians at Waco

This has probably been talked about a few times already but it cant hurt to be brought up again. But in the massacre that happend on April 19th 1993 the official version is still that the FBI never fired into the building and that the Davidians started the fire. However, behind the compound, where the cameras of the media couldnt reach the FBI rolled over people with tanks, rammed them into the building and threw grenades into the gassed building. And once the fire started they deliberatly shot at those trying to escape the compound, and it all got caught on tape by a survailance plane flying overhead.

Only copy of the FLIR footage i could find online

Waco: The Rules of Engagement a documentary about Waco where they analyze that footage in detail, starting at 1:36:35

The man who knew to much An interesting (but sketchy) article about a FLIR/Waco footage specialist who investigated the files and ended up dead.

Waco FLIR Footage – April 19, 1993

Non Mirage Truth Vision
Mar 3, 2020

Forward-looking infrared (FLIR) video shot over Mt Carmel near Waco, TX, April 19, 1993. Notice around 12:20 the flashes, some researchers claim this is clear evidence of gunfire. Thanks for watching. FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law.


David Chipman, the guy they want to put in charge of the ATF, led the change on Waco. The guy is a psycho.


Yea, the most incompetent face of evil, he wants to ban all assault weapons but has no idea how to define them.

i hope you’ve seen this amazing advertisement though


That video is great.


That guy makes Gary Busey look like a college professor. Anyone who would put that man in charge of anything; where weapons and discipline are involved, have lost their effing minds.


Watched it live. Clearly remember the newspeople talking about how the agents were lighting fires.


My dad was born and raised in Waco. He was there when it happened (obviously) and told me they outright murdered the Branch Davidians.


They wanted to ensure that nobody got out alive,(didn’t work) and that the building had been completely destroyed. This way there was no evidence. Several things went wrong. The fact that all those bullet holes in the door were from the outside was very telling. That door remains missing to this day. Along with the footage of the initial raid that would clearly show who fired the first shot. The page of notes from that day is missing as well.

After all those kids that came out (that weren’t David Koresh’s) showed no signs whatsoever of any kind of abuse, they knew for sure they had to kill them all. There’s all kinds of smoking gun evidence with this one in particular. In fact in my opinion, it’s the most obvious, in our face, deliberate telling of a massive lie that the government has ever perpetrated on the American people. Operations Showtime failed miserably… Lol, that’s what they called the initial raid. There is actually footage of all the agents preparing, laughing, cutting up… Having a good old time. I mean what could go wrong…

I’ll call out from work every April 19th… Please remember the innocent lives lost that day.



Why were they Branch David’s systematically killed? Even the women and kids? Were they any threat to anyone, or the state? From what i have read, they weren’t a nuisance to the locals and were just a religious cult that kept to themselves. Of course, the whole cult thing was a bit weird, but nothing that would need annihilation of every last person up to even infants!


They were originally supposed to be the ATFs big comeback after thier fuckup at Ridge.

Operation Showtime was a big media circus with many invited news outlets, 3 helicopters and trucks full of federal agents that where supposed to show the American people how the brave federal government protects it’s citizens from the evil religious cults.

However things didn’t go to plan and the ATF where forced to retreat. This is all confirmed.

What comes now is speculation on my part after reviewing a lot of documentaries, interviews and raw footage about the incident, but once the FBI and the Army took over the entire “mood/purpose” of the Operation changed to waging a war against an enemy of America. Everyone inside that compound was now an hostile target of the United States and they where treated as such.

Helicopters, tanks, chemical weapons, psychological torture, humiliation and mutilation of graves and the dead. None of the Davidians where seen as American citizens anymore, all of the men, women and children where now just hostiles. That’s why when the tanks rolled over and crushed the men to pump in the flammable gas to kill and burn the children the Feds proudly hissed thier flag over the compound. In thier eyes they had achieved a military victory and won a battle. That’s why they took all of those trophy picture too, it only makes sense (in my opinion) if you look at it, not from the pov of a law enforcement operation, but a military battle.


This was the ATS attempt, to take back control after the whole Ruby Ridge incident. Their budget was going to be cut dramatically the next fiscal year. They needed to show that they were still useful, and that they would not screw things up. Huge mistake. As I said in another post, after the kids that did get out of the house about a month in, showed no signs of abuse whatsoever they knew that they had to kill the rest. There are more anomalies with the Waco case than any other case I’ve ever looked into…


They were hardcore believer in their cult, the cult was/is dangerous for the government if it spreads. Plus a lesson to anyone else.


“We have no problem slaughtering innocent children while claiming it was done to protect you. Also, inject this brand new vaccine into your kids or we will come to your doorstep. To help. In the name of safety.”

I watched it live on TV, too. I was 37 at the time.

It was absolutely horrific in the extreme. It was perfectly clear what they were doing with their tanks and other major implements of destruction. Murdering innocents. On the most ludicrous of excuses. CHILDREN!

Little kids. Murdered in cold blood. By the government.


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Videos show settlers fatally shooting at Palestinians as Israeli soldiers watch


Israeli soldier kills Husam ‘Asayrah during violent settler raid on ‘Asirah al-Qibliyah, 14 May 2021

Jun 30, 2021

On 14 May 2021, settlers and soldiers came to the village in Nablus District. The settlers threw stones at homes and residents and fired in the air, and residents threw stones at them. The soldiers used force against the residents instead of distancing the settlers. After the party moved to a distant hilltop, a soldier shot and killed ‘Asirah and injured another resident although they posed no danger. Such collaboration between soldiers and settlers is part of Israel’s unofficial policy to drive Palestinians out and take over West Bank land. Read full incident report: www.btselem.org/video/2021063…

חייל יורה והורג את חוסאם עסיירה, בן 19, במהלך תקיפה של בתי עסירה אל-קיבלייה ותושביה בידי מתנחלים וחיילים, 14.5.21 ב-14.5.21 הגיעו כ-30-20 מתנחלים וכ-10 חיילים לשטח הכפר עסירה אל-קיבלייה שבמחוז שכם. המתנחלים תקפו בתים ותושבים בכפר באבנים וחלקם אף ירו באוויר, ותושבים מהכפר יידו לעברם אבנים. החיילים, שאפשרו למתנחלים לתקוף את התושבים, ירו באוויר, והשליכו רימוני גז מדמיע והלם לעבר התושבים דווקא. כשהמתנחלים והחיילים עלו לגבעה מרוחקת, ירה חייל כדורים חיים, הרג צעיר ופצע צעיר נוסף, מבלי שנשקפה מהם סכנה כלשהי. שיתוף פעולה זה בין הצבא למתנחלים הוא מחזה נפוץ בגדה המערבית, במסגרת מדיניות לא-רשמית שמטרתה דחיקת רגליהם של התושבים והשתלטות על אדמותיהם, לטובת ישראל ומתנחליה. לקריאת התחקיר המלא: www.btselem.org/hebrew/video/… جنود يساندون هجوماً عنيفاً شنّه مستوطنون على قرية عصيرة القبليّة، وأحدهم يقتل حسام عصايرة ابن ال19 عامًا بالرّصاص الحيّ في 14.5.21 دهم 20-30 مستوطناً ونحو 10 جنود قرية عصيرة القبليّة في محافظة نابلس. هاجم المستوطنون الأهالي ومنازلهم بالحجارة وحتى أطلقوا الرّصاص في الهواء وقد تصدّى لهُم عدد من الأهالي بالحجارة. أتاح الجنود للمستوطنين مهاجمة الأهالي وأسندوهم بإطلاق النّار بالهواء وإلقاء قنابل الصّوت والغاز المسيل للدّموع. عندما صعد المستوطنون والجنود إلى تلّة بعيدة أطلق جنديّ الرّصاص الحيّ دون وجود أيّ خطر يستدعي ذلك فقتل حسام عصايرة وجرح آخر. هذا التعاون بين الجيش والمستوطنين لهو مشهد شائع في الضفة الغربيّة ويأتي في إطار سياسة غير مُعلنة رسميّاً هدفها إبعاد الفلسطينيّين عن أراضيهم لتستولي عليها إسرائيل والمستوطنون. لقراءة الأستقصاء كاملاً: www.btselem.org/arabic/video/…

‘Urif may 14 2021
Jul 5, 2021

Disgusting genocidal PIGS!!!

Wipe them out.


Karl Rove demands to know who’s funding Biden’s COVID ‘enforcers’

Fox News
Jul 15, 2021

Fox News contributor reacts to Americans revolting against vaccine enforcers.

I am jaw-dropped.

Firstly, at the fact they are actually doing it at all.

And also at how bad they seem to be at doing it. Not really up to snuff or spec at the old geheimstaatspolizei hauptquartier, don’tcha know.

But maybe they’re not all like this.

This is incredible. This shit needs to stop.

And yeah, who’s paying for this? Lock ‘em up.





These are from rense.com… Exclusive Videos From The Center Of The Fighting And Chaos In South Africa – Pt 1

P2, P3, P4

These aren’t quite what I thought I was going to see. Well, except the first one. A bit. Is it just me?

Hey, a new thread at ATS – South Africa Unrest – News Embargo by US MSM




10 Secret Photos Smuggled Out Of North Korea

Top 10s
Jan 4, 2017

5 Darkest Secrets From Inside North Korea

Jun 11, 2021

In September 2016, a 5.3-magnitude earthquake rocked the Punggye-ri area of North Korea. Intelligence satellites picked up evidence of a 10-kiloton underground nuclear test explosion, and experts believed North Korea could have been deliberately stressing seismic fault lines in the region. The suspicions only grew after a 5.4-magnitude earthquake struck South Korea only three days later…

Mount Paektu, a sacred volcano in North Korea, is responsible for one of the largest eruptions in modern history. Roughly a millennium afterward, world officials are still worried that North Korea’s nuclear testing in underground facilities might set it off with catastrophic consequences.

The explosion that happened on par with the 5.3-magnitude earthquake took place merely 75 miles from the volcano. Over 1.6 million people live within those 62 miles.

The 5.4-magnitude earthquake in South Korea three days later was the strongest one the nation had suffered since the 1970s. Even though experts claim North Korea could have been stressing seismic fault lines, it is unclear whether the detonation and the seismic activities in both nations were related.

Mount Paektu has been exposed to at least 10 earthquakes between 2016 and 2018. As the Chinese share the volcano with North Korea, they have worried for years that Kim Jong Un’s actions might cause an eruption.

It would probably take more than 50 kilotons to induce a volcanic eruption, five times the magnitude of the 2016 explosion. But each nuclear test has been constantly escalating, adding to the tensions between the socialist state and the United States.

In an unprecedented move, North Korea later invited Western scientists to study volcano activity after suspicious bulges were noticed, but the threat still remains…

You Won’t Believe What Kim Jong Un Did To His Ex

World Revealed
May 21, 2021

From Kim Jong-Un’s personal toilet to North Korean basketball rules, here are 10 weird things that only happen in this country!

A dimension of time. A dimension of space. NK IS the Twilight Zone.


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Imagine blindly strapping a dirty rag to your face because the highest paid member of the federal government told you to, and then going online to troll conspiracy sites because people not as gullible as you see through it.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: The Highest Paid Employee In The Entire U.S. Federal Government

Like, even if you thought there really was some ebola-level disease flying around (there isn’t), do you not have the brain power to realize cutting off your oxygen and sneezing into your own face is a bad idea?

Guess not.

Sad, how well the dumbing down has led to such ignorant fear-driven obedience.

It is a tragedy of Biblical proportions.


Brutal Execution of North Korea’s Top General by Kim Jong-Un for Going To A Public Bath

Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park
Jul 10, 2021

Donate: www.paypal.com/paypalme/Yeonm… Join Patron: Patreon: www.patreon.com/yeonmipark

Join my exclusive community: yeonmipark.locals.com/

Can you imagine what it must be like there? That’s like 10 a day!

This dramatic upsurge in local brutality seems to be due to Lil Kim’s frustration over the seeming inability to deal with the plandemic. So he’s taking it out on people who violate quarantine rules by having his troops shoot them on sight.


Here is a little food for thought before the meat of the post…

Haiti = Clinton

And The Three Countries That Rejected The Vaccines, Their Leaders Are Now Dead!

OK, here we go.

Biden is Sending the Vaccine Gestapo to YOUR DOOR

Catholic Patriot USA
Jul 6, 2021

Biden has done the unthinkable (at least in my mind). They’re so determined to force us to take these suspicious drugs that they’re now BLATENTLY violating HIPPO laws and the Nuremberg Code. They’re literally sending the Vaccine Gestapo to YOUR door in an effort to bully and intimidate you and your family into taking the shot. This is Nazi level stuff, and I legitimately think that this could kick off major political violence. So please heed this warning: ARM YOURSELVES WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

Link to the original article: www.theblaze.com/news/biden-d…

Biden’s Vaccine Gestapo Come Knocking, Psycho Control Freaks on Steroids

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posted on Jul, 11 2021 @ 12:34 PM
direct link to this post

Just thought I would alert you guys of a video that hasn’t been taken down by the YouTube Nazis, yet, an intelligent man speaking of the door-to-door, Nazi level darkness of Biden’s plan to send vaccine Gestapo to peoples’ homes. Clearly, they’re pushing what could be a lethal, experimental vaccine on people, already shown to be more dangerous than any other vaccine in history, one article I read more catastrophic than all other vaccines have been throughout history, combined. As one person said, it’s a recipe for disaster.

I think it’s a disaster Creepy Joe wants, that he and his radicals would love this to turn into some first shots of a civil war, obviously, this evil, village idiot chomping at the bit to created chaos, begging for a race war, begging for a conservative backlash, this instigator from hell now looking for a vaccine war, any kind of war against the people, to seize totalitarian control. Anybody that didn’t fall off a cabbage truck can see what is sinister in the Biden regime’s blatant agenda of hate and division, censorship, cancel culture: he wears his utter contempt for a free America and his Godless, contempt for morality on his sleeve.

The video pretty much says it all, worth a watch if you aren’t down for being pushed around by liberal perverts, now playing the “good Germans” in the United States of America, on a campaign to mark the unvaccinated, as if, Jews.

In any case, peace folks, hopefully, if possible. Stay strong.

These psychotic freaks need to be taken out. They want this to start a Civil War. They do! They think it will help them take total control.

They certainly know the dangers of the bioweapon they have been developping in partnership with China since at least 2005. Yes. It is all documented.

Do not let them kill you or your children. Please.

“ANYBODY who thinks covid19 is a pandemic and a vaccine for a 99.997% survivable cold is warranted, is a certified MORON, there is no getting around that YOU’RE A CLOWN”

Honi Soit qui Mal y Pense


The Panama Deception [FULL HQ Documentary]

Aug 9, 2018

“Barbra Trent’s Oscar-winning documentary takes a harsh look at a black period in 20th-century democracy, the late ’80s and early ’90s when during “Operation Just Cause,” the U.S. invaded Panama, ostensibly to oust dictator and known arms and drug kingpin General Manuel Noriega, whom the U.S. aided for over a decade. Basing her information on eyewitness accounts, Trent alleges that U.S. troops killed up to 4,000 Panamanian men between the ages of 15 and 55, buried them secretly in mass graves, and then reported back home that only 250 civilians died. She also alleges that the troops destroyed untold amounts of buildings. Shocking photographs back up her stunning allegations. Trent spares neither the U.S. government nor the media — that blindly accepted and reported anything released by the White House — from blame in keeping the horror a secret. The film begins with a history of the U.S. relations with Panama, beginning with Panama’s fight for independence from Colombia — something the U.S. backed so it could build the Panama Canal — to President Carter’s 1977 treaty that would give control over the vital shipping lane back to Panama in the year 2000. One of the most shocking aspects of the story is that according to Trent, “Operation Justice” was really launched so that the U.S. could renege on the treaty and retain control. She also suggests the U.S. military used the invasion to test out sophisticated new weapons in preparation for the Gulf War. The photos and violence depicted are not for the squeamish. Elizabeth Montgomery narrated the events.” -Rotten Tomatoes

The following description is from another uploader whose presentation is age-restricted: (Google only led to that one. Bing is my friend! LOL)

The Panama Deception

Jan 3, 2014

From 1992, this documents what can only be described as State sponsored terrorism. This scenario has been continually repeated as we seem to be involved in every thing, everywhere, with over 900 military bases in 140 different countries or so. Innocent blood requires justice, pretending this stuff doesn’t happen is not helping. The ending says it all as the congress cheers a ‘Liberated Panama”. I saw this on VCR tape originally over 20 years ago, it is must see material, a real eye opener for the uninitiated. For educational purposes only………….

Songs used:

Bomba De Navidad – Ismael Rivera
Fragile (Reprise)Sting
Till I Go DownJackson Browne

Wow! Wow! I had no idea.

You gotta see this it is jaw-dropping. Srsly.


“A Chinese man stands alone to block a line of tanks heading east on Beijing’s Canaan Boulevard in Tiananmen Square, on June 5, 1989.”

They did not stop.


What’s crazy is it’s the same old CCP still in charge. Hundreds, to thousands of students, bright young promising people, turned into meat pancakes, driven over repeatedly and power washed into drains, and the whole thing is just covered up to the point where most people in China don’t know about it, students that come here are often surprised about it (if not flatly deny it).


Not all the casualties were executed in the square, in fact many were apprehended from their homes or other parts of the city and later “shot while attempting escape” or some such bullshit.

This is a good doco about it:

China – Tiananmen: Australia’s Witness – Foreign Correspondent ABC

Sep 11, 2016

Broadcast: 03/06/2014

Reporter: Stephen McDonell

Before this China of billionaires and boom-times, tear-away development and rampant commerce and consumerism there was the China of Tiananmen Square.

In the weeks leading up to June 3, 1989 tens of thousands of students massed in Beijing’s enormous central square, drawn together by the death of liberal Communist Party figure Hu Yaobang and their collective desire for significant and immediate change.

They wanted their hard-line leaders to yield and reform. They wanted a free, fairer China.

For China’s communist rulers it was a great affront to their authority. A provocation. They answered with soldiers, tanks and wholesale slaughter.

“We went to see the two major student leaders and that’s when one told us crying that that night the soldiers would come, that there would be a lot of bloodshed, that a lot of people would die.” PETER EVERETT Defence Attaché, Australian Embassy Beijing, 1989

A lot of people did die. Precisely how many, we’ll never know. And to this day many Chinese themselves don’t even know the massacre took place. Despite the warp-speed advances in China’s economy and – to a limited extent – its openness, Tiananmen is still an officially forbidden subject.

Until now the collective perspectives of Australia’s witnesses to Tiananmen have pretty much stayed under wraps as well. But in this extraordinarily revealing Foreign Correspondent key Embassy staffers have assembled for the first time to give their accounts of what happened.

“The British Ambassador had standing instructions that if anybody sought asylum, he was not to spend the night on the Embassy premises. But we had no rules about this you see, so I just made it up as we went along. Mostly I think we were right.” DAVID SADLEIR Australian Ambassador, Beijing 1989

They tell of dodging bullets, offering sanctuary to key targets including noted dissident and – later – Nobel prize winner Liu Xiaobo and even their part in spiriting confronting and defining images of the conflict out of China and into the hands of the global media hungry for news and pictures.

“I had this suit which had been made for me. It was a double-breasted, pin-striped suit and it was ideal for taping the cassettes of video tape to my body and putting them inside my shirt, buttoning it up and looking a little tubby and then going straight out through the customs and immigration barrier out to the the departure lounge, and the accosting people who I thought looked brave enough to take them down to Hong Kong for someone waving a sign saying ‘Western Television’.” GREGSON EDWARDS Media Officer, Australian Embassy Beijing. 1989.

So many things have changed in China in the 25 years since Tiananmen Square, but the massacre remains an indelible stain on a nation’s heritage that at some stage will demand to be addressed and reconciled.

“I think that everyone is smart enough to know that one day there’ll be an account and a reckoning. It’s a matter of time.” GEOFF RABY, Economic Counsellor, Australian Embassy, Beijing 1989

The horror of Communism is approaching. Do not let them move forward.


The worst hail storm in México history! July 5, 2021 || Gran granizada en Tlalnepantla, Edomex

FA Climate, Weather and Atmosphere
Jul 6, 2021

Tlalnepantla de Baz, commonly known as Tlalnepantla, is a city and a municipality of the state of Mexico, north of Mexico City. Tlalnepantla comes from the Náhuatl words tlalli and nepantla to mean the middle land.

Réportan gran granizada en Tlalnepantla Estado de México.

En estas últimas horas se ha reportado caída de granizo en esa zona.

Muchos carros han quedado de bajo de la nieve, por la gran acumulación de granizo. Aparte también se reportaron inundaciones severas reportan una persona muerta. La gran acumulación de Granizo es tan extrema que parece nieve.

Una persona falleció dentro de un auto que quedó atrapado en el bajo puente de Periférico Norte y las avenidas Mario Colín y de Los Maestros, debido al hielo y lluvia que azotó a la Ciudad de México y Estado de México.


Incredible – OBiden Actually Drops To His Knees Upon Meeting His Israeli Handlers – Photos

And they are laughing at him.

The most revoltingly un-American thing a President has ever done.


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Bots busted shilling hard for the so-called ‘Delta Variant’ this morning


This is a Rense.com post. Not sure of what I am or am not seeing here. YMMV. My eyes aren’t the best anymore, so there’s that, but… Please leave your result in a comment.

Mocking us – No Needles On The Vax
Syringe For Politicians – See For Yourself


I’m just not sure.


I learned of the ghost ships in a yt comment for the Lex interview of Yeonmi Park.

It’s pretty weird, and pretty sad.

I feel so sorry for them.

Japan: See inside the mysterious ‘North Korean ghost ships’

Dec 8, 2015

In the last two months at least 12 mysterious wooden ships have been found drifting along the coast of Japan. Ruptly sent a cameraman to investigate two of the 12 boats located at a harbour in Wajima, Tuesday.


The mystery of North Korean “ghost ships” | Undercover Asia | Full Episode

Sep 23, 2019

Uncover hard truths in the underbelly of Asia. Fishing ships from North Korea, discovered with dead bodies onboard, have been washing up on Japan’s shores. We investigate why there has been a spike in the number of these “ghost ships”. ================= ABOUT THE SHOW: CNA’s flagship investigative series Undercover Asia shines a light on some of the darkest corners of our society, and digs deep into the most pressing social-economic and political issues of our time. =================


North Korea’s Ghost Ships | 101 East

Al Jazeera English
Dec 12, 2019

A growing number of North Korean fishing boats are washing up on the shores of Japan. Sometimes there are survivors but often they carry a tragic cargo of corpses from the so-called “Hermit Kingdom”. Shizuo Sato recalls the day he made a grim discovery on Japan’s west coast. “We’ve known of many ghost ships found in this area,” he says. “We all thought that if it’s a dead body, it must be a North Korean.” These mysterious “ghost ships” are a diplomatic, logistical and financial nightmare for Japan, costing millions of dollars in police investigations, clean-up operations and repatriation of survivors and human remains. In December 2017, eight North Korean fishermen washed up dead on Japan’s Oga peninsula. The remains of the fishermen are still in limbo. For now, they are being kept at a temple by a local monk, Ryosen Kojima. “The eight bodies were cremated and the ashes are temporarily kept here,” says Ryosen. “I imagine the crews died with unimaginable fear.” While analysts debate what the ghost ships may reveal about the secretive nation, in Japan, the shipwrecks remind some of a dark past when North Korean spies abducted Japanese citizens. “We’ve been warned not to get too close to North Korean ships, as they might do something bad to us,” says Ken Honma, a fisherman who spends nine months of each year in a fishing zone about 500 kilometres (311 miles) from the North Korean port city of Chongjin. 101 East investigates North Korea’s ghost ships.

This is weird, but in NK, weird is SOP.

Tons of vids on these sad sacks.


“Covid Cattle To Their Own Vax Slaughter”


This is just so sad… and it is mighty disturbing, too.


Wow, indeed.

I often think that we are doomed. I hope not.
But what will it take?


Witness to Family Attack Comes Forward – Beast of LBL Update

Cryptid Studies Institute
Mar 28, 2021

In 1982 a family of four was supposedly attacked by what people now call the Beast of LBL. Recently a gentleman reached out to us claiming he was not only a witness to that gruesome event, but was also a survivor, now that same gentleman wants to present his story to the world.

Wow, this is a breath of fresh air. Very interesting!


As regulars know, North Korea is extremely important to me. This lady is exceptionally eloquent in providing a true picture of the weirdest place on Earth. Please watch.

Note that it is not just about the DPRK. She also provides wonderful, deep insight on many of the problems in the world today and I must say it is really quite refreshing.

Recent Lex Fridman interview with Yeonmi Park (Powerful interview and reality check).

xuserdefined, Member
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posted on Jul, 3 2021 @ 05:03 AM
direct link to this post

This was such a powerful interview and probably one of Lex’s best in terms of pure emotion, so I thought I would share and let Yeonmi speak for herself.

Just a brief on her, she escaped from North Korea, her escape led her into China as a sex slave, then she actually made it to the US.

To say I almost broke down in tears a few times is an understatement

Yeonmi Park: North Korea | Lex Fridman Podcast

Lex Fridman
Jun 30, 2021

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector, human rights activist, and author of the book In Order to Live.

Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: – Belcampo: belcampo.com/lex and use code LEX to get 20% off first order – Gala Games: gala.games/lex – BetterHelp: betterhelp.com/lex to get 10% off – Eight Sleep: www.eightsleep.com/lex and use code LEX to get special savings

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Yeonmi’s Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialyeon…
Yeonmi’s YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/YeonmiParkO…
In Order to Live (book): amzn.to/3wdtKfL

0:00 – Introduction
3:58 – Growing up in North Korea
9:22 – Animal Farm
15:37 – Search for meaning
20:25 – Love
22:42 – Language
27:06 – Yeonmi’s dad
29:07 – Escaping North Korea
34:24 – The world is ignoring the genocide in North Korea
46:26 – Evil
49:17 – Nuclear war
50:07 – Marxist origins of North Korea
55:20 – Famine
1:00:07 – Kim Jong-un is pure evil
1:06:43 – Freedom
1:09:55 – Michael Malice
1:13:35 – Diversity
1:20:55 – Political correctness
1:30:27 – Jordan Peterson
1:34:39 – Michael Malice book on North Korea
1:40:08 – Advice for young people
1:43:10 – Facing assassination
1:53:25 – Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse
1:55:57 – Meaning of life

Lex has done a great job interviewing her to get the most info and insight on this important and neglected suubject.

Tyranny, Slavery and Columbia U | Yeonmi Park | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast – S4: E26

Jordan B Peterson
May 31, 2021

On this episode of the Jordan Peterson Podcast, Jordan was joined by Yeonmi Park. Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector and human rights activist trying to shine a light on the atrocities still being committed in North Korea by the current Kim regime. She wrote her experiences into a bestseller, ‘In Order to Live.’ She tells stories of her childhood and escaping to remind the world of how terrible things are for North Koreans. Jordan and Yeonmi discussed various topics: her escape from North Korea, her slavery in China, and the frustration and disappointment she experienced pursuing a humanities degree at Columbia. In Order To Live is available at (www.amazon.com/Books-Yeonmi-P…), Social media: @YeonmiParkNK Twitter and Facebook; Instagram @yeonmi_park; YouTube www.youtube.com/channel/UCpQu…

[00:00] Intro
[02:00] Yeonmi’s story
[04:30] Information control
[06:00] Eating in North Korea
[08:00] Spring: the season of death when people can’t make it to the summer for lack of food
[10:30] Average wage in North Korea; living off grasshoppers
[13:00] Class distinction in North Korea
[15:00] Group guilt
[18:00] What Yeonmi’s parents did to survive
[21:00] When her father started to trade and how she links trade with freedom
[24:30] How Yeonmi’s mother was almost thrown in a prison camp because of her uncle
[29:00] Alone as a child in North Korea: a typical day and week (one of the best clips)
[33:00] What she was eating and where she was getting her food
[36:00] Constantly thinking about food
[41:30] The North Korean prison camp experience
[44:00] Her father’s release from the concentration camp
[45:00] What happened to her father when he came back from prison
[48:00] China lights from North Korea
[49:30] Trafficking into china
[50:30] Her time as a sex slave in China
[56:30] Eating enough food to get full for the first time
[58:00] Reuniting with her father and the slave owner
[01:01:30] Selling her mother for food
[01:03:30] Sex chat rooms
[01:05:00] Freedom in South Korea through Christianity
[01:06:30] Christian missionary
[01:11:30] Traveling to Mongolia
[01:14:30] The holding camp in Mongolia
[01:19:00] Being identified as refugees in South Korea
[01:20:00] When she realized what North Korea was
[01:21:00] The relevance of George Orwell’s book Animal Farm to her experience of North Korea
[01:23:30] When Yeon Mi started to speak out
[01:27:30] What drove her from the university
[01:34:00] Managing to get into a university in South Korea
[01:35:30] Becoming the North Korean Paris Hilton and studying criminal justice
[01:39:00] Discovering her sister
[01:40:00] Attending Columbia University
[01:44:00] Her time at Columbia University
[01:57:30] What’s next for Yeonmi?

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast can be found at https://www.jordanbpeterson.com/podcast/
Visit www.jordanbpeterson.com to learn more about Dr. Peterson’s books, lectures, social media, blog posts, and more.

Jordan B. Peterson is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, a clinical psychologist, and the author of the 2021 bestseller Beyond Order, the multi-million copy bestseller 12 Rules for Life, and Maps of Meaning (see https://www.jordanbpeterson.com/ #1 for nonfiction in 2018 in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, the Netherlands, Brazil and Norway, and slated for translation into 50 languages. Dr. Peterson has appeared on many popular podcasts and shows, including the Joe Rogan Experience 877, 958, 1006, The Rubin Report (12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, Free Speech, Psychology, Gender Pronouns), H3H3 #37, and many more.

I hope you watch these. This subject has meant so much to me for so many years. I have never heard testimony this deep before and it covers so much more than the Hermit Kingdom.

This stuff is good for the head, eh?

Thank you.

North Korea resources:

Voice of North Korea


jap scum

Japanese soldiers stand next to a pile of skulls of Chinese civilians. Shandong, 1938.

You should see some of the stuff they did.

The Japs were the most disgusting creatures one could imagine. In one case they singled out a US prisoner and proceeded to removed the muscles from his arms and legs, and then ate them in front of him as he lay there bleeding. Yeah. That is stuck firmly in my mind.


Interesting picture from Belgium

Zaphod58, moderator
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posted on Jun, 15 2021 @ 10:38 PM
direct link to this post

President Biden met with King Philippe Monday, and an interesting picture was snapped outside, of the security forces, and posted to Reddit.

One of the weapons appears to be the DroneGun Tactical. It uses an RF interference system to cause the drone to either immediately land, or return to its origin point. It only works against manually controlled drones, but will also immediately interrupt video signals from the drone.

DroneGun Tactical by Droneshield

The other appears to be a Skywall Patrol system. This one fires a net to capture the drone and bring it down. It will either use just a net, or a net and parachute combination to capture the drone for later examination.

Both of these systems are only useful against low end drone threats, such as quadcopters, but it’s interesting to see them being used in an active security situation.



Just in here at HQ and it is important…

Chinese Military Bio Warfare exposed by Hong Kong Virologist Dr Yan

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posted on Jun, 13 2021 @ 07:35 AM
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Dr. Scarlett Yan from Hong Kong who is one of the worlds leading experts on Virus studies prior to CV-19 has stepped forward bravely to expose the source of the CV-19 virus. Her husband is also a leading research expert on Virus study. She is flatly saying that we are in an “unrestricted bio warfare created by the Chinese Military”. She claims Fauci is helping them, the news agency and certain publications are helping them. This is so the CCP can destroy our economy, and our western society so they may rule us all.

Literally this woman is a hero to the cause of true science for all the Earth and to ending tyranny in China. She is very well published and respected in this field!
To many people I work with, that is one of the most important phrases that supports the credibility of the research experts.


Jun 7, 2021

【NFSC 1-year Anniversary】Dr.Yan(The full version of the speech): We are in an unrestricted biowarfare conducted by the CCP now . We still need to work together to continue to spread the truth of Covid-19.

Well, typical of YouTube, eh? Found this, though:

Dr.Li-Meng Yan, Foxnews Interview complete English and French translation version- Française complet

Gnews Paris
Jul 11, 2020

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, lanceur d’alerte d’un laboratoire à l’université de Hong Kong, Ecole de santé publique allègue une dissimulation Covid-19 W.H.O. Dans Fox l’interview exclusive, Docteur Li-Meng Yan, venant d’un laboratoire top dans le monde pour le coronavirus à l’université de Hong Kong, Ecole de Santé Publique, allègue une dissimulation Covis-19 W.H.O La raison pour laquelle qu’elle vient aux Etats-Unis est pour délivrer la vérité de Covid-19. Ce n’est rien avec la politique, Il s’agit si tous les humains dans le monde peuvent survivre. Plus de détails: gnews.paris/dr-li-meng-yan-la…

Please be aware. Please educate yourself to the reality of what is happening.

Thank you.


Joe Biden–‘I Keep Forgetting I’m President’

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posted on Jun, 9 2021 @ 06:08 PM
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If only it were that easy for the rest of us.

Just popping this up here as…well, y’know…Joe has dementia.
He also has nukes.
…AND he IS the President due to 81 million votes in the mostest fairest, honest and legal election in US history.

Still, Joe forgets things pretty regularly.

Joe forgets he’s not married to his sister.
Joe regularly forgets what Executive Orders he’s signing…(or doesn’t know what they are to begin with).
Joe forgets where he is and why he is there…how he got there…where he is going…

Did I mention Joe has nuclear weapons?

Today, overseas, while speaking to troops in the UK, President Biden forgot to say “at ease” to the troops so they could sit down after standing to applaud him…so they didn’t have to stand at attention throughout his entire rambling and confused speech.

Then Joe remembered he was President…and promptly told the audience: “I keep forgetting I’m president.”

Anyhow…I’m sure, by now, his 81 million voters finally get the picture…along with everyone else who didn’t vote for a man with brain damage in the last, mostest fairest, honest and legal election in US history.

Medical professionals would call this “dementia”…but WE all get to call it “Mr. President”.

…even if he keeps forgetting to call himself ‘The President’.

Well said!


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All about the Nasal Swab – Ethylene Oxide (EO), which is a carcinogen, damages DNA and fertility

All about the Nasal Swab. – RN

Purple Lion Project
May 18, 2021

The swab used to test for Covid is not only Made in China, but its saturated with Ethylene Oxide (EO), which is a carcinogen, damages DNA and fertility.

Dunn’s PurpleLionProject.com (under construction)

Beware. China is evil af and have been for a long time. They are at war with us. As we speak.

The Wuhan Kung Flu China virus was step 1. Step 2, the “vaccine,” (which isn’t one at all), is the real weapon, what with the immune system destroying spike protein and the rest.

They will be coming out with much worse things in the very near future. Pay attention! Please.

Here are some current links to further enlighten you, snagged off Rense:

Fauci Begs Americans ‘Please Get Vaccinated’ To Protect Against Variants

Fauci Emails Reveal How The US-China BioWeapon Virus Was Built…To Set The Stage For The BioWeapon ‘Vaccine’ !

Fauci Pal Daszak Admits ‘Chinese Colleagues’ Developing ‘Killer’ Coronaviruses – Watch

COVID-19 BioWeapon Shots Continue To Kill And Cripple People…Leaving Behind Utterly Devastated Families – Americans Are Doing Next To NOTHING To Stop The Mass Murder

Part 1 – Jeff And David Oates Reverse Speech Blow The China-US BioWeapon Attack On America Wide Open As The Chinese Ambassador Spills The Beans

Part 2 – Jeff And David Oates Reverse Speech Blow The China-US BioWeapon Attack On America Wide
Open As The Chinese Ambassador Spills The Beans

PCR Test Schwabs Are Made In CHINA & Coated With Ethylene Oxide – A Known, Deadly Carcinogen That Can Also Change Your DNA – Govt Is Trying To Kill You

China’s BioWar On America Has Been Long Planned And Is Ramping Up All The Time – Read China’s Own 2005 Statement About The BioWeapon War On America

Vaccine Spike Proteins Are Communist Chinese Military Bioweapons Designed To Kill


America On Verge Of Communist Takeover Says Former Castro Revolutionary

China Preparing To Attack US Former Mao Red Guard Member Warns Americans Its Happening Here.


tank man


And here, since most folks never see this, is a snippet of Tiananmen Square just before the Tanks came. Most of these people died that day. Up to 10,000 of them, perhaps:

b4 tanks

You know what?

Fuck China.


Sorry for the lack of posts and the delay on the previous one. And all the ones waiting to be made.

I am moving away from this place and selling my old tired hut. I can’t afford it any more; and I no longer have the financial, physical or mental resources to deal with it. It is chaos, this process; and it is overwhelming my feeble brain. Disposed of three and a half dumpsters worth of stuff accumulated over several decades. Only a little more to go.

Listing happens later this week. Photo day tomorrow. Please pray that I get a good price for it. The rest of my life depends on it.

Please consider helping me get through this transitioning time with donations, of any amount, with the PayPal and Venmo links in the sidebar. I have been on just Social Security for 10 months now and that… is a mighty scary thing.

Oh Lord have Mercy on me soul, mon.

Thank you. God bless.



“My Grandfather Knew What Happened In The Dyatlov Pass Incident” | Creepypasta |

Scary JUJU
May 19, 2021

The Dyatlov Pass incident was an event in which nine Russian hikers died in the northern Ural Mountains between 1 and 2 February 1959, in uncertain circumstances. The experienced trekking group from the Ural Polytechnical Institute, led by Igor Dyatlov, had established a camp on the eastern slopes of Kholat Syakhl.

► Written by: www.reddit.com/user/DrunkenSw…
► Story: www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comm…
► Art/Thumbnail by: www.artstation.com/luciano_neves
A big thank you to the author for this awesome story! A big thank you to Myuu, Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio, MONST3R MUSIC, REPULSIVE and CO.AG Music

If you’re not following me on instagram, make sure to follow me so I can interact with you guys and have feedback and input for future videos and content! instagram.com/scaryjuju?igshi…

Pinned by Scary JUJU

Hi guys! Thank you so much for watching🖤

This creepypasta (fictional horror story) is a spin on a real incident that happened called “The Dyatlov Pass Incident” which is still shrouded in mystery to this day.

If you guys are interested, this is a video explaining the latest plausible theories (backed by scientific research) as to what might have happened –youtu.be/43BDpdMq_Ag

This is very well done and on a topic I am enamored of… I simply couldn’t stop listening!


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In the medieval era, Europe was hit by a series of mysterious dance epidemics, with the worst one happening in 1518. For two months, residents of Strasbourg danced manically in the town’s square, unable to stop and slowly dancing themselves to death.

The Dancing Plague of 1518

May 28, 2021

Hundreds of years ago, medieval Europe was hit by a series of mysterious dancing epidemics. The largest and most intense one happened in 1518 in the French city of Strasbourg, when hundreds of city residents danced for two months, unable to stop. After two months, and after dozens of people danced themselves to death, the dancing just stopped – and no one had any idea what the hell just happened.

Music: Epidemic Sound

Thumbnail: Amazing art from Caroline Murta, go check out her IG on @carolinemvrta.

Whoa, talk about weird! WTF?!

I had heard about this years ago… and am still stunned by it.


Appalling. I thought I should share this. These rabbit holes seem bottomless. And they’re terrifying. The world seems like we’re living as the downtrodden in a 007 or Doctor Who movie, but, the good guys haven’t heard about it yet. These folks have no conscience. And they are fully capable of slaughtering millions of people. Mr. Stalin killed up to 100 million.

Our current crop aren’t scaled up to that level, yet, in my opinion, but wait a couple of years and they might catch up. I mention that timeframe because French virologist and joint Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier. says that within that span a condition called Antibody Dependent Enhancement will kick in amongst the vaccinated, with fatal results.

ALERT – Dr. Luc Montagnier Did NOT Say All
Vaxxed People Will Be Dead In Two Years…
Here’s What He DID Say – Watch

Wow. OK, here we go.

Fauci’s criminal history dates back decades

Friday, May 21, 2021 by: Ethan Huf

Anthony Fauci

(Natural News)

Many people are unaware of just how long Anthony Fauci has been a mainstay in the federal government. Going back all the way to the early 1980s, Fauci has been trying to scare people into fearing their loved ones, just as he continues to do today with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Back in 1983, it was AIDS that Fauci was touting as the scary “pandemic” of that day. He was the first to publish an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) warning that people within the same household could spread AIDS to each other without sexual contact, which was never actually proven.

The mainstream media ran with Fauci’s narrative, though, even though it lacked definitive scientific proof. A UPI wire dated May 5, 1983 warned that “Household contacts can transmit AIDS” – again, despite the fact that Fauci never proved this and even admitted to such.

From there, fear began to spread as people worried that they might catch AIDS from their kids or their doctors, or perhaps the waitress at the local diner. AIDS was everywhere, was the messaging that was trumpeted, thanks to Fauci’s claims, and the goal was to get everyone “vaccinated” for AIDS at some point in the future.

That plan failed when the medical establishment never actually came up with a workable jab for AIDS, but you can be sure that Fauci tried. And he has continually tried with each new iteration of some scary new virus, whether it was MERS, SARS, or most recently the Chinese Virus.

“We now know, of course, that Fauci’s theory was wrong,” reports Blacklisted News about Fauci’s fake science concerning the spread of AIDS. “HIV, the virus that was later discovered to cause AIDS, only transmits by exposure to infected bodily fluids such as blood, or by sexual contact.”

“The damage was already done though, as the media went to work stoking alarm about AIDS transmission through simple routine contacts. Hundreds of newspapers disseminated the distressing theory from Fauci’s article. Writing a few weeks later, conservative columnist Pat Buchanan enlisted Fauci as the centerpiece of a rebuttal against Health and Human Services Secretary Margaret Heckler, who told him ‘there is no evidence … that the general population is threatened by [AIDS].’”

Fauci has continually proven his untrustworthiness for nearly 40 years

Many people eventually figured out that the mainstream news had wildly overblown how AIDS actually spreads, but most did not make the connection to Fauci. Back then, he made brief appearances, if any at all, before slithering back into his hole to come up with the next public health hoax.

Looking back on Fauci’s legacy, it becomes clear that he was always careful to use words like “could” or “may,” which freed him, at least publicly, from liability for his bizarre claims. Fauci would drum up some new scare story behind the scenes about some “deadly” new virus, the media would run with it, it would later be debunked, and Fauci would just move on to the next false narrative.

This political dinosaur has never been honest, is rarely correct about anything, and yet he would seem to have permanent tenure within the constructs of the federal government. We have to ask ourselves: Why do we put up with these charlatans, let alone continue to pay them our tax dollars to keep lying to us about the next great scare?

“Fauci should be jailed for crimes against humanity,” wrote one commenter at Blacklisted News about where Fauci belongs.

“He is the perfect demon versus humanity on planet earth,” responded another, noting that Fauci fits right in with all the self-serving politicians who continue to cover for him.

More related news about Fauci’s legacy of lies and deception can be found at Corruption.news.

Sources for this article include:




You need to read this. Really. You do.

Posted to r/scarystories by u/penguin-with-a-gun

My neighbor’s daughter had just moved in from New York.

My neighbor’s daughter had just moved in from New York. I saw the car pull in just now as she was moving her things in. I live alone in what some might describe as a larger than necessary house for one. When I’m not doing the housework, I spend the afternoons in the front yard because it doesn’t feel as empty from the outside.

I live next to an elderly Asian couple in a quiet corner of Kansas. Since my wife left, it’s not hard to imagine that I noticed myself passing more time over at their place. The husband came to the States from China years ago, and told everyone around to call him Alfred. I’ve never met his wife. Her health has been poor for perhaps almost as long as they’ve been in the neighborhood, and she spends her time cooped up in her room, according to Alfred. He tends not to talk about her either, preferring to steer conversations toward their daughter, whom he was always proud of for moving to New York to pursue a career in drama. I think her name was…

“Melissa. Nice to meet you. You must be the one my father always tells me keeps him company in his days here.”

That was what she said to me when I greeted her at the driveway. Although she had said it with rigid tone, her voice alone created a soothing air of a refined woman. She was an Asian lady with shoulder length black hair, her eyes were wide and within them shone a pair of sky-blue irises.

“So, you’re Alfred’s daughter. I’ve heard a lot about you and your acting career from him. He’s very proud of you.”

She smiled. It was a smile you’d expect to see from an experienced actress. At the same time, it was subtle. It was as if her lips moved, but her cheeks did not. She blinked at me. I didn’t understand what it was that I felt at the time, but I felt it.

“Yes, unfortunately it seems like all that is on hold at the moment. Father has been getting on in age recently and needs help taking care of mother. I certainly couldn’t leave them alone.”

“Of course… they must be glad to have you back.”

Alfred had indeed been getting more forgetful lately. More than once he had knocked on my door in the middle of the night asking if he had left something over at my place despite not having been over. Often, he would recognize me as someone else, or call me by a different name. Senility isn’t an uncommon thing in gents of his age, but it was still heartbreaking to see nonetheless.

“Thank you for the welcome, now I must be going. I have to unpack all my things and have dinner ready by nightfall. Why don’t you come over for a bite too? There will be plenty of food.” She smiled again at me as she opened the front door and disappeared into the house.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s been a while since my neighbor’s daughter moved in from New York. I hadn’t spoken to Alfred in perhaps just over a week. He had been keeping more to himself recently because of a sudden mistrust of strangers, no doubt due to his age. Once when I tried to check up on him, he called the police on me because he thought I was a burglar. I don’t want to go into that at the moment. I supposed I should drop by to see him that evening, especially since I was specifically invited again. I don’t like going over, but that’s just the product of being a social recluse for years. It would be rude to refuse.

I got dressed and headed over to Alfred’s at some time before dusk. At his front door, I checked my sleeves again and performed a cursory straightening of my shirt, and rang the doorbell—

And the door opened instantly.

“Hi, come in, come in, do make yourself at home once again. Oh, but please avoid the second door on the left, mother does need her rest.” I was greeted by Melissa as usual and walked in with a word of thanks. Her eyes as usual widened and shone brightly at the sight of a visitor, though I’m not sure if they get any other than me.

“The same for dinner today then?” I asked.

“Why yes, of course, it’s the best thing for nutrition and a hometown specialty. It’d be an oversight to serve up anything else.”

The dish she spoke of was braised chicken claws. Apparently, a delicacy in some parts of China. Personally? I hate it. Not to be rude, but I found it unpalatable the first time she made it, and every other time since. I don’t even know where she gets the damn things. Well, from chickens, clearly, but you know what I mean. It’s not a large town, and I haven’t seen a grocer here sell anything like that as far as I can remember.

When it comes down to the dinner table, I still find it in me to eat some of it. I sat down at the dining table, which had a good view of the television. Alfred was here today too, seated across me in his wheelchair that he had to begin relying on recently. Nowadays, he just sits around and watches the TV.

“Honey, when’s dinner? I’m starving over here! I want chicken claws!”

“Now, now, father, it will be ready in a minute. Be patient. You had chicken claws yesterday too.”

“Yesterday?” I asked. “You don’t just have it when you have people over?”

“Why of course not. It’s the best thing for nutrition and a hometown specialty. There’s nothing else father wants to eat more.”

“I see…”

Well personally I couldn’t imagine liking it as much as Alfred seems to, but to each their own.

“Vanessa, your chicken feet stews are the best! No one makes it like you do, not even back home.”

“Yes, yes. Father, for the last time, its Melissa. Here, have another bite.”

Since Melissa moved in, she’s been helping Alfred with most of his daily activities. At first, he used to be able to eat on his own, but now, she even has to feed him his dinner on account of his frailty.

I also took a bite out of one of the claws. Any more procrastinating and the gig would be up. I dislike the texture, most of all. The way the slimy, gelatinized skin slides enthusiastically off the bone, leaving little dog-bones behind which must be spat or picked out, building a small pile of remains on the plate to remind me that what I had just ingested was the chicken equivalent of a foot. In the mouth, the contents may be slimy but there would still be a crunch. I’d have to bite through to defeat the tendons within, and when I swallow it would be uncomfortably smooth.

“Tastes great, as usual. Love it.” I lied as naturally as I breathed. “It’s always great coming over to keep you and Alfred company. How have you two been recently?”

“It’s boring here now.” Alfred spoke up first. “Vanessa takes good care of me but I miss watching the birds with my wife. Katrina never does anything with me anymore. She was such a daddy’s girl when she was just a kid, I’ll have you know! Used to call me Papa up ‘til she left for New York!”

Her mouth turned into a smile even though it seemed like she made no movement at all. I watched her, almost mesmerized, and all of a sudden, I was snapped back to reality again.

“Come now, that was ages ago, and it’s embarrassing to speak of it. You go on and on nowadays about the inanest things.” She recollected herself. Or did she? Was she fazed? Was it my imagination? As expected of an actress, she hid it well.

Alfred turned to me. “Oi, why don’t you come live with us! You’re single at the moment, right? Vanessa here would make a wonderful wife, I’m sure! oh, especially her eyes, those gorgeous eyes! I’ve never met another beauty such as her, except maybe my own wife, of course! Ho, ho, ho!”

Taken aback by the sudden development in the ramblings of this senile old man, I hastened to decline in as polite a way as possible. “I’m sure any man would be lucky to have her Alfred, but unfortunately I’m still devoted to my ex-wife, even if she left. Oh, but, of course, Melissa, your eyes do look stunning, if you don’t excuse me saying so.”

“Ah, thank you, yes, of course.”

Was she flustered?

“I get them from my mother. My eyes I mean. It’s something I get asked all the time. She’s actually from the States.”

That was the first I had heard of this. Well, that was the first I heard anything about Alfred’s wife in a long time, to be fair. I suppose it would explain a lot, but it’s a shame that she’s too bedridden to spend time with the family anymore. I voiced this sentiment.

“Exactly! That’s what I always say! But Vanessa says it can’t be helped, because she’s too sick to even step a foot out of the bedroom! Why, Vanessa doesn’t even let me—”


Everything froze in suspension. Melissa wore her regular smile on her face, but it was more rigid this time. After a beat, she cleared her throat.

“I mean, papa. For the last time, it’s Melissa.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s been almost 3 years since my neighbor’s daughter moved in from New York. It’s smack in the middle of summer, and the weather’s killing me. Alfred didn’t spend his summertime outside watching the birds like he used to. I guess his age really caught up to him in the end. I went over in the afternoon to deliver some fruit I got at the farmer’s market at a special deal. It was too much for me to finish anyway, refreshing as it may be in this heat. She was out in the front yard watering the plants in a midi dress, sunglasses and hat.

“Hey, I’ve brought some fruits!” I called from over the fence. She noticed my greeting and stopped her activity. She strode over and received the bag I was carrying.

“Thank you. Why don’t you come in for a bit? We could share this. Oh, but please avoid the second door on the left, mother does need her rest.”

The living area in the house was exactly the same as it has been for the past few years. The only thing different at the moment was how airy it is. The windows and doors were all open, no doubt in wake of the summer heat, except for one. Looking in from the entrance, the dining and living area were one large room. In the dining area on the left was a large wooden table with comfortable looking chairs. Just beyond it was the kitchen. The living area on the right had a large TV mounted on the wall in full view right when you enter, with a long couch facing it. Between the two areas right across from the entrance was a hallway leading in.

Melissa took off her sunhat and disappeared into the kitchen. From within, something could be heard simmering. I sat next to Alfred and tried calling out to him. He turned to look at me, eyes glazed over. Alfred’s been chair-bound for a while, and mostly non-communicative. Poor guy. He used to be so vibrant and lively. Nowadays he stares blankly into the ceiling, daydreaming about who knows what, and looking around aimlessly when he needs something to eat or drink. His dentures weren’t fitted today, and his lips caved slightly into his mouth as he left it ajar, revealing two remaining teeth. He muttered something.

“F… g. … ao…”

I tried listening closer.


I was interrupted by Melissa, who was seated next to me on the couch, across from Alfred, with a plate of cut fruits in her hands. When did she even get there? Was I that engrossed in what Alfred was saying? Her sunglasses were still on.

“Ah, yeah, okay.”

We ate the melons in silence. I tried offering a slice to Alfred. He turned his head away and my efforts and closed and opened his mouth repeatedly.

“Fe… g… Zh…”

“What’s he saying?” I inquired.

“He won’t eat that. Don’t worry about it. Papa’s quite picky with his food nowadays.”

A foul smell filled the room.

“Dinner is boiling over. Excuse me.” Melissa got up and hurriedly entered the kitchen.

I got up to go to the bathroom. Alfred’s gaze mindlessly followed my movement as he continued to mouth nonsense. I looked down at him, almost in pity, and then strode towards the hallway. The foul smell got worse as I went on, and Melissa didn’t seem to be doing anything about it. I wondered if it was a plumbing issue. The bathroom was all the way down the hallway and to the right. But I found myself frozen in place halfway there.

I heard a groan from the left.

It was an incomprehensible sound. It was like that of a wild animal in distress, but it was gurgling and raspy. Inexplicably, I felt that it bore meaning, like an unknown language not reproducible by any living thing. Anyone who heard it would instinctively be unnerved.

“Hey Melissa! I think your mot—”

I called out but then stopped myself. There were sizzling sounds from deep within the kitchen. The groan came again and then a thud.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

Then another unearthly groan. A sudden morbid curiosity welled up within me. Was Alfred’s wife in there? Was she even a real person? What was making that incredible noise? One would think that all these questions would be the impetus for my curiosity, but yet, it was none of that. It was merely a compulsion. In that moment, there was no desire to have my questions answered. I simply reached out because I felt more than anything else that I had to.

I had to —

“Please avoid the second door on the left, mother does need her rest.”

No sooner did my fingertip feel the coolness of the metal doorknob than I heard Melissa’s voice behind me. I froze again. I did not sense her approaching at all. The sizzling sounds from the kitchen had not stopped. I did not turn around. Her voice was cold.

“Please avoid the second door on the left, mother does need her rest.” She smiled. “Have a seat and dinner will be served shortly. It’s the usual again tonight. You’ll have some, won’t you?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s been as long as I can remember since my neighbor’s daughter moved in from New York. I’d stopped going over to Alfred’s place since that time. There haven’t been any more invitations from Melissa either. I wonder if she was upset at me for almost disturbing her mother. I don’t remember why it was that I almost did something so inconsiderate, but I hope it isn’t a sign that my memory is going the same way as Alfred’s. So, it’s not like I wasn’t alright spending time by myself at home, rather than over at theirs, since my own health hasn’t been doing too well in the recent months. I’d hardly left the house since last fall. My appetite has gotten worse, I can barely stomach anything more than half a meal a day, and my arms and legs had grown frail as a result. Everything just tastes so bad. Because of all the weight I’d lost, I reckon even my ex-wife would barely be able to recognize me as I am.

I’d been losing sleep as well. Inexplicably, on some nights I’d wake up in the middle of the night with hunger pangs, no doubt due to how little I was eating in the day. These would disappear as soon as I went downstairs and opened the fridge to see how unappetizing everything was. I’d tried everything. Burgers, pizzas, ice creams and pies, cupboards and kitchens stacked to the brim with all the most decadent comfort foods, but none of them seem to appeal to me anymore. I’d sullenly walk back upstairs each time, defeated by my own senses, and try to fall asleep again. On those nights, I’d occasionally hear a faint thumping noise. It was almost imperceptible, and anyone else could even mistake it for the beating of their own heart. But I knew it was something else. It gave me a sense of horrid déjà vu, like that sense of dread when you’re at work and you don’t remember if you left the stove on, or the bathwater running. It was mundane enough for me to get back into bed night, but it was sinister enough to keep me up thinking about it. On the rare nights I manage to fall back asleep after hearing that noise, I get strange nightmares.

Tonight, I woke up again. The hunger pangs this time were worse than usual. It was an extreme, almost painful, craving, as if my very life hinged on getting something to eat. I clutched my belly and hobbled downstairs to the kitchen. Plates and other utensils were strewn about the countertop, since I’d been growing too weak to properly do that housework. Dust was also collecting on several surfaces. I frantically switched the lights on and with my free hand I slammed open the fridge door and…

Ugh. The stench. I hadn’t eaten anything in here for maybe the past two weeks. I’d chosen to sustain myself mainly on plain biscuits and water, since I could no longer stomach anything too flavorsome. As a result, most of the fresh food in my fridge had long since gone off. The smell wafted everywhere and my hunger worsened.

In that moment, another aroma caught my senses. It came drifting in from the outside. It was a familiar scent but I couldn’t place it, all I knew in that moment was that it smelled god damn delicious. My reaction to it was almost shameful. My head perked up above the fridge door, my heart started racing and my mouth flooded with saliva. Without even closing the fridge door I began to follow the scent.

The hunt for the source of the aroma brought me outside to the front yard. It must have been three or four in the morning, but yet these legs that had failed to leave the house in ages were now carrying me out into the open in the dead of night as if it was daylight. I felt the grass under my bare feet as I stood by my front gate and beheld a view I hadn’t seen in a while. The neighborhood was calm as always, the only lights to cut through the dimness were the streetlamps and the moon, and the only sounds to be heard were the crickets and the beating of my own heart.

Or so I had thought.

There was another dim, flickering light coming from the house adjacent to mine. It came from a window on the first floor, a room I didn’t recognize from the outside despite having visited the house umpteen times since they’d moved in to the neighborhood. The second window on the left. A gust came and blew air into my face, forcing that tantalizing aroma into my nostrils. Something was in that room, and it was unmistakably the source of that smell, as well as the solution to my hunger. I had to go. I had to. It was as if my survival instincts kicked in and my mind narrowed down to a single objective. I’m sure Melissa would forgive me afterwards if I explained the situation. I climbed over the neighboring fence.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was sure that my neighbor’s daughter had moved in from New York. But when I went up to the front door of Alfred’s house and rang the doorbell, no one answered. To be fair, it was the middle of the night. I rang again. Still no reply. My hunger was growing by the minute and each pang came with a sharp, unbearable sensation. I pushed lightly on the door, and it yielded to my force easily. It was neither locked nor even fastened in place. I had not noticed it before, but it was already slightly ajar when I stepped onto the porch. It gave way to reveal nothing but darkness. No other lights were on in the house, and there were no signs of any movement within. It did not occur to me at the time that what I was doing could be construed as trespassing or burglary. It felt as if there was nothing out of place, as if everything was the way it was supposed to be, and things were simply happening as they were meant to. Following the smell, I entered.

Where was Alfred? Was he sleeping in another room tonight? He would usually be in the living room, even at this time. Since he became wheelchair bound, he would spend all of this time on the first floor, considering that Melissa declined to have anyone come in to install a stair lift. He would sleep on the couch because Melissa said it was the easiest place to transfer him to from his wheelchair, and there were no other guestrooms or bedrooms on the first floor.

He wasn’t here tonigh—


While crouched down to follow the scent, I jumped as I collided into something in the darkness which made a loud creak and clank. My heart leapt and I felt it thumping violently within my chest. I quickly regained my composure to assess what I had knocked into. It was Alfred’s wheelchair. It was in the middle of the room, away from its usual position next to the couch facing the TV. That really startled me. What would his wheelchair be doing here, if he was sleeping somewhere else?

I couldn’t finish the thought. Another draft came in through from within the house and carried with it my original objective.

From within the house?

The kitchen was adjacent to where I was, but yet the strong scent of food came from further down the hallway. In the first place, there’s no way Melissa would be cooking something in the kitchen at this time of night, naturally it wouldn’t come from the kitchen. I turned to face the right direction and continued on, following that singular hunger.

Walking down the hallway, I perked my head up. Here. I had stopped at the exact location where my body simply knew the scent was at its peak. I do not say “nose” because it was no longer simply a matter of a single sense. It was as if every part of my body was able to know in unison that the cure to my ravenous hunger lay just beyond the door to my left, and every single cell in me was in unanimous agreement as to what I had to do next.


My heart began beating much more vigorously than usual. Some contradiction was arising within me.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

An unbearable tightness grew in my chest, causing my heart to race even faster, as if trying to escape. Although I knew what I had to do, something – or someone – in my memories was telling me that to open that door was to venture into something inescapable.

Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud.

As I pushed open the second door on the left…

P̸̳̈́l̷̟̔e̸͎͂a̵͂ͅs̵̞̋e̴̥͗ ̴̮̃a̶̞̕v̵̱͌o̵̼͘i̶̠̓d̷̺͘ ̸̲̉t̸͇̾h̸̺̀ẽ̶͇ ̸̼͆s̷̢̄e̴͓̍ć̷̳o̸̤̊n̶͈̿d̷̢͌ ̵͓́d̶͈̈́o̵̖͆ő̸͔r̸̠̕ ̷̡̉ö̷̜́n̸͍̄ ̵͖͝t̷̙́h̷̙̊e̷̳̒ ̷̥͘l̸͈͂e̶̲̿f̴͍̏t̸̛̝,̵̬̾ ̴̞̋m̷̀͜ō̶̯t̵̻̽h̵̳͐e̶̺͋ř̸͍ ̸̬́d̵̖̋o̶͓̊ê̸̪š̸̟ ̸͉͐n̴͕̅e̶̥͆e̴͔͌d̷͎̉ ̴̨͂h̴͔͌e̸̗̋ṙ̵̺ ̶̯̚ŕ̴̭ȩ̴͘s̶̪͋t̷͕́.̶̤̓

A shadowy thing was hunched on the floor in an unfurnished room, facing away.


It had the vague shape of a human, but if that’s what it used to be, it had been long since bastardized beyond recognition.


It looked like it was naked below the long, frizzled, white threads which draped over its entire figure.


The skin on its back was bloody and saggy, and spines and bones were forming visible ridges on its body. It was breathing heavily and laboriously, which made an awful raking noise.


It was raising its fist into the air repeatedly, something clasped within it, and bringing it down in swift, deft, motions. Each time, it let out a tortured, inhuman groan.


Strewn about the floor were small, maggot like creatures, each one still wriggling, leaving a trail of ooze in their paths.


But worst of all, the room was flooded in an incredibly delicious scent.


It brought down its fist for the final time. It pivoted its torso in reaction to the light streaming in from the open door. What little light fell on its face allowed me to make out the ash-colored countenance of what long ago used to be an old lady. Its jaw was completely detached on one side, hanging only by the other. It glared at me with sunken eyes, their whites shot with red. Its irises were a pitch, dark, black.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw clearly what was in its hand: a rusty meat cleaver. After an agonizing few seconds, the thing seemed to register my presence, but hunched down in front of me, and raised its arm again—


I watched in horror as it brought the cleaver down upon its own wrinkled hand, cleanly slicing off all four of its long, spindly, digits in a single chop.

But that wasn’t what shocked me the most. After the hunched thing brought the cleaver into the air again, from the stumps of the fingers something began to blister and ooze. No sooner had the thing raised its cleaver fully into the air, completely new crooked fingers had grown back in their original places.



It was insanity. This decomposed, gremlin-like thing was endlessly repeating the same process over and over and over again. It may have been my imagination, but each time it saw its fingers grow back, its face contorted into what I could only comprehend as fear, and it made a noise like a startled scream. Completely ignoring me, it was frantically ridding itself of its very own fingers, as if afraid of what might occur if they were left to be.

Frankly, what was even more insane was myself. Rather than flee in fear like what I imagined most others may have done, I stood paralyzed. I was fighting something within myself. I refused to believe my very own eyes and body because…


My hunger only grew.

Even though overcome by a deep visceral instinct, even though my stomach felt like it was turning in on itself and my mouth was leaking with saliva, I refused to acknowledge that this disgusting thing was what my body had been craving for all along, that my appetite was to be satiated by something so monstrous.

I looked around for an answer, an explanation, or maybe even a distraction. Then, I realized it. All the tiny wriggling things strewn about weren’t maggots at all. They were its fingers. Although each of them came clean off of their bases, they continued to writhe in pain even while detached from the body, spurting blood from their roots. The source of the aroma was not the creature, but its fingers. And worst of all, it was uncomfortably familiar.

“Just what have I been—”

I turned around with the intention of getting as far away from this scene as possible.

“P l e a s e d o n o t d i s t u r b m o t h e r , s h e d o e s n e e d h e r r e s t . “

What? How? Why was Melissa here? Now, in the doorway? I didn’t hear her footsteps. I didn’t see her silhouette. But she was here, now, in her nightgown, and she stood fast between me and the exit. She wore that damned expressionless smile as always and blinked at me, as if expecting some sort of response.

I shuddered. A wave of a familiar emotion swept over me in an instant. I’d felt this same feeling once before, when I met her for the very first time. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I could place it properly now. It was unease. And the reason for it was at once apparent: this was only the second time I’d ever seen her blink. I didn’t notice it in the beginning, but she did not blink as a human should. Rather than the upper eyelid lowering to cover her eye, both her upper and lower eyelids moved in unison to meet in the middle, like a strange reptile, or fish.

The unease rapidly evolved into a sense of impending danger. The thumping from behind me did not stop, and they echoed violently in my ears and melded together with the drumming of my heart until I could no longer distinguish which was which. I did not find it within me to even scream. I shoved Meli-, no, I shoved whatever that was outward through the doorway to make my escape. The being I thought to be Melissa collapsed onto the wall like a limp ragdoll, and I heard a loud crack which sounded like bone. I did not stop to inspect the damage I caused. I was now fixated on sprinting towards the front door as quickly as possible, but even then, I still felt the stab of her gaze on my back. I made it to the front door in no more than a few seconds, but even from there I could still hear the thumping as loudly as it was when I was in the second room on the left. I turned to ensure that Melissa wasn’t pursuing me, but what I saw may have been even worse. Her black hair was untidily thrown over her face, half of which was smashed into a hole in the wall which was no doubt my creation. I thought she was unconscious and almost doubled back to check if she was ok, in case I had made some sort of morbid mistake.

Then she smiled. With her whole face this time. I could not describe it, but her face contorted in a way that no human face could. Her grin widened to reveal what looked like innumerable front teeth. Her gums were exposed to an uncomfortable degree, and her cheeks wrinkled and everted like they were being pulled apart.

I almost could not muster the courage to turn my back to flee from whatever it was I saw before my eyes. Even when limp and wedged into a wall, this being emanated an aura of a terrifying, unknown danger. I cursed myself for ever doubting my instincts. Just as I turned my back again, I heard her say something. I did not pause to listen properly, and I could not gather the courage to look back again. Even so, what she said next was clear as day, and even though she spoke from the hallway, her voice was soft and calm and felt like it came from just beside my ear.

“Won’t you stay for dinner? We have a whole chicken tonight.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I woke up in the hospital bed on that morning. I was taken to the ER because someone found me passed out on the side of the road in nothing more than my pajamas, almost a mile away from my address. I only remember running out of the house in the dead of night, for what reason I do not know. I ran until my legs gave way and body gave in. Given my recent health, I didn’t even expect to be able to walk over to the neighboring street. Something must have given me extraordinary strength.

My ex-wife came to visit me in the hospital from the next town over. Apparently, she was still listed as my next-of-kin in my medical records because it slipped both of our minds to update it. Well, I suppose that’s fine, since I have no other family besides her anyway. The doctor diagnosed me with an acute episode of delirium due to low sugar levels from not eating anything but stale biscuits for days on end. That was supposed to explain why I suddenly left the house and wandered around all on my own, and why I can’t remember any of the details from the night before. They put me on a drip in the ER, and I didn’t get my hunger pangs there.

When they were going to discharge me home, I remember vehemently not wanting to return there. I could not explain it either but it was simply an intense rejection, not associated with any particular emotion. Perhaps if I had to place it, it may be a mix of fear, disgust, or even survival instinct. It might be similar to what a bullied middle schooler might feel when made to go to school.

I wasn’t bothered by it anymore, though. I had sold away the old place, and I didn’t have to think about going back. I had to let it go for cheap because apparently a few days after I left the house, an old couple somewhere in the neighborhood had been discovered to be missing. The police found no leads at all to find them, no friends, no family, or anything. Their only daughter had passed away years ago in a traffic accident in New York. They came to the hospital to question me, but I didn’t even know the couple at all. Not many people want a life in a neighborhood near that kind of news, me included. My ex-wife agreed to let me move in to her apartment, out of pity at first, I’m sure, but we’d been working through some old stuff and things were going well, so we were looking at a fresh start.

“Breakfast is ready! Come on, let me see you get out of bed now or I know you never will, you slob.”

Meghan called to me from the doorway, and flickered the lights on and off childishly to ensure my sleep came to an abrupt end.

“Hng, come off it, its barely sunrise, and it’s Saturday. Why are you even up so early?”

“I’ve made you a sumptuous meal and you’re not allowed to let it go cold!”

“I’m not hungry though… I want sleep more than food at the moment, so…” I began to cover my face with my blanket.

And so, I got hit over the head with a pillow.

* * *

I looked down at my plate of freshly made hotcakes, with syrup dripping over the edges and a large knob of butter on the top. It did look delicious, but I simply didn’t have the stomach for it at the moment.

“Honey, thank you so much for the food, but you should probably know that I won’t be able to eat much of this.” I felt bad being frank with her after all she went through to put this together.

“The doctor said you have to make sure that your food intake remains at. An. Acceptable. Level. And because you’re too useless to make sure of it yourself, this tiresome job falls to me now, apparently.” She made it sound like she was complaining, but I could tell that she was concerned about me. She had dropped what she was doing to come down to see me immediately too, when I was in the ER. I smiled with appreciation.

“Alright then, I’ll do my best.”

“Aaaand, don’t forget, our little girl’s finally coming home from abroad today! I’ve missed her so much, and, oh, I’m sure she misses you too. I texted her to say I had to stay home to look after you, and since you’re too sick to go to see her, she’s coming from the airport by herself. Now, you at least make sure you’re presentable when she comes through that door!”

I was stunned for a moment. Oh yeah, that was a thing that was happening today. I wonder why it slipped my mind. Damn, it’s too early to be going senile.

Meghan raised an eyebrow. “Ohh? Ohhhhhh? Don’t tell me you forgot,” she said as she poked the back of my hand with her fork handle.

“Ow, ow, ow, okay, okay, I’ll get dressed.”

* * *


We were doing the breakfast dishes when the doorbell came. Thankfully, Meghan had made me dress up before we finished breakfast. My fiancé was the first to rush to the door.

“Oh honeybuns, darling, dear, you’re finally back! How was the flight! Oh, I do hope you aren’t too tired, did you get any sleep on the plane? I hope the bus ride wasn’t a pain. Come in, sit down, what are you even still doing in the doorway like that!” Meghan was already all over her it seems, looks like there’s no need for me to do much more welcoming.

I wonder if I’m a bad father for not remembering the last time I saw my daughter. The last time I saw her must have been when Meghan and I split up. Back then, she should have been just a little girl. Now, she’s a university graduate. How time flies. Meghan told me that she went over to Hong Kong to study finance. It must have been hard for someone who doesn’t speak the language there.

“Oh, come now, honeybuns, leave all your thing just there for now, we still have some hotcakes for you, although, oh dear, they’re probably cold by now…” Meghan was frantically helping her daughter take off her coat and hat, and carrying several bags on one arm. I made a movement to get up to help, but I received a fierce “you rest right there” kind of stare from her.

“Thank you, but it’s quite alright, I’ve got some food of my own anyway. We could share it.”

An amazing smell permeated the room from one of the plastic bags Meghan was holding.

“When I got on the plane, I found myself missing the cuisine there almost right away, so when I got back, I found the most authentic takeout I could and got us all a small feast.”

It was a dizzying aroma, and even though I could barely stomach a few bites of hotcake just now, I found myself working up an appetite almost instantly. I hope Meghan doesn’t get offended.

Meghan set down the plastic bags on the breakfast table. “Oh honeybuns, you shouldn’t have, but, oh! It smells wondrous. Come, let’s all eat together as a family then. What kind of food did you get for us then?”

“You both are sure to enjoy it, you see it all the time in Hong Kong. It’s the best thing for nutrition and a specialty there.” She smiled at us quietly with her wide, sky-blue eyes.

“And mother, for the last time, it’s Melissa.”

Is this fabulous or what?

I was like, Wow, this rocks!


Nguyen Van Lem is executed.

Posted 4 hours ago to r/MorbidReality by u/JBOBHK135

The famous photo where Vietcong Nguyen Van Lem is executed. the photo was taken the moment the bullet hit his head.

War is Hell.

DemocRats love war.

Us united is their greatest fear..


A Day in the Life of an Untouchable Sweeper

Jun 26, 2007

This is the daily life of one of India’s “sweepers:” people who collect feces day in and day out. This woman is a Dalit, one of India’s Untouchables. There are millions like her across India.

India… is disgusting.

Well beyond the comprehension of Westerners.

This scenario is just a teeny, tiny piece of the reality there.


The move to remove sheet music from Oxford

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posted on Mar, 29 2021 @ 07:25 PM link

So, let’s get rid of more culture and history.
Music is already becoming a thing of the past.
Sure there is still talent, and there is still music….but the best of it seems to obviously NOT be the popular.
Plenty of musicians must be turning in their graves.


To be honest, it’s a little bit hard to make sense of the story because it’s so screamingly stupid. Apparently, music professors are claiming that all Western classical music has “complicity in white supremacy.” This seems to include such composers as Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Handel, all of whom were living in continental Europe in the 17th through 19th centuries and none of whom had anything whatsoever to do with Blacks, Africa, or the slave trade.

University of Oxford considers scrapping sheet music for being ‘too colonial’ after staff raise concerns about music curriculums’ ‘complicity in white supremacy’ after Black Lives Matter movement

I mean seriously, they are insane.
You don’t remove the past to improve the future.

Professors set to reform music courses to move away from the classic repertoire
Staff argued curriculum focuses on ‘white European music from slave period’
It is thought that music writing will also be reformed to be more inclusive

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”–Frank Herbert DUNE

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posted on Mar, 29 2021 @ 07:28 PM link

this lays the groundwork, you cannot control a group of people that can critically think for themselves.

They already pushed many of the classic books out because of either racism or they are to hard to read, real music elevates your brain allowing a deeper thought and understanding.

If it wasn’t for my wife and son I would so say get me off this planet they have gone nuts.

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posted on Mar, 29 2021 @ 07:38 PM link

I love the “Staff argued” pun, but for the love of Leopold, this is so dumb I just want to blast some Xenakis at these big dummies until there’s nothing left of them.

Sure, yeah, it’s an outdated system, and it looks just as crappy as cursive handwriting, but it works.

I can’t get the second link to open for some reason. Do they have a plan for a new musical notation system?

ETA: I see OP added the link.

For the thrust of my challenge is aimed at the hearts
of mutant gods who think we’re all the same
They’re controlling our minds
And they use us for fortune and fame

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posted on Mar, 29 2021 @ 07:39 PM link

I feel for those under the age of 18 these days. I think we can start calling them the ” Lost Generation “.

My corona virus song : app.box.com…
“I can’t give you a number ” he said. “I can’t give you a realistic number until we put into the factor of how we respond. If we’re complacent and don’t do really aggressive containment and mitigation the number could go way up and be involved in many many millions.”

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posted on Mar, 29 2021 @ 07:40 PM link

Maybe if they want to prove that whites are not superior they should show some work of equal quality instead of trying to erase a superior artists work.

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posted on Mar, 29 2021 @ 07:42 PM link

What are they replacing it with?

Taylor Swift? Dua Lipa? Beyonce?

Talentless idiots that have their music written for them. I’ll take the sheet music created by musical geniuses, anyday of the week

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posted on Mar, 29 2021 @ 07:44 PM link

Damn. I can’t ii V I now because Roman numerals are racist. And I gotta burn my real book because I’m privilaged enough as it is. Do I have to delete my aebersold tracks, or since were both white we cancel each other out and it’s just music? Please, I can’t appear racist at the open mic tonight.

This insanity makes me want to snuff it, for there is, perhaps, no hope for our species.

Additionally, but off-topic, I Hope you are aware that Oxford is heavily involved in the eugenics movement. Yes, they want us all dead. And, good Lord, if you take their version of the kill shot, you’re an idiot.


This is important to reiterate time and time again. Hopefully, people will realize what is actually going on. This will not, however, come out of your TV, radio or newspaper.

Comparative Worldwide Death Rates Does Not Reflect Pandemic Numbers

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posted on Apr, 2 2021 @ 10:11 AM
direct link to this post

In another thread a poster asked people to compare the death rate worldwide during this so-called pandemic and assess it from what are own eyes see.

I had already done this assessment for other countries like Canada and found no extra deaths comparatively.
But when you extend it to the whole world, and the media says tons of people are dying, yet they were always dying in the exact same numbers. So what changed they just started obsessively reporting the deaths. The death count is in the news every day, the number of people testing positive even if they aren’t sick is in the news everyday.
This massive propaganda campaign has worked brilliantly even on intelligent people.

But the numbers tell the real truth. Around the same amount of people are dying as they always have worldwide, which means we are not in any pandemic. And nasty respiratory influenzas went around like it had in many previous years where many people got sick and some died but it largely stayed out of the news.

world deaths

A real pandemic would have seen the death rate go over 10%, instead it stayed in the 7% range as it has since 2009.
Simple percentile math denies the COVID scamdemic.

It should be called a plandemic, since it was, in fact well-planned and quite long ago. But, hey, scamdemic works, too, eh.

To illustrate the long ago planning part, there is this from the DoD from over 51 years ago:



Note this as well:




Peter Evans

Jun 24, 2020

@TOPublicHealth I’d like to understand why you are instructing the media to record any death as a COVID death even if the death was caused by unrelated conditions/reasons according to doctors.

Toronto Public Health

Individuals who have died with COVID-19, but not as a result of COVID-19 are included in the case counts for COVID-19 deaths in Toronto.

4:27 PM · Jun 24, 2020

I am truly stunned at how well the control mechanisms have worked and continue to and the horrible consequences of it that I see manifesting all around me. It makes me sick to my stomach and very sad.