Black Rectangle on Three Chang’e 3 Moon Photos (Linked).

Feb 15, 2018


First Photo planetary.s3.amazonaws.com/da…

Second Photo planetary.s3.amazonaws.com/da…

Third Photo planetary.s3.amazonaws.com/da…

Fourth Photo planetary.s3.amazonaws.com/da…

planetary.s3.amazonaws.com/da… planetary.s3.amazonaws.com/da…
Music by incompetech.com/music/

This rectangular object hits me a lot harder than the new cube from the rover. The cube looks like it could be a rock or two, but this, this is like right there sitting pretty and it is pretty well resolved. So… what is it?

Why are all of these photos so blurry? There is no atmosphere to speak of. Weird.

Here are some more Chang’e 3 finds…

Dig it.


A Roman swiss army knife, the first multipurpose tool from the 2nd/3rd cent. AD

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Curiosity Rover – SOL 554 – head statue of a human-like being with a creepy grinning expression




Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) – LROC NAC frame M1696330027R – Triangular object, partially buried in the ground.




Just like the old days.


Messenger probe – PIA15614 (MDIS global mosaic basemap) – Rectangular doorway/entrance on planet Mercury ?



Now, this is more like it.


My father’s friendship with a North Korean.

So, the title seems unbelievable at first, but trust me, its true.

My father had been friends with a fellow North Korean, named Choi Hon Hi, they were both friends for quite a long time, until Choi’s death in 2002.

Now, you may ask: Who is Choi Hon Hi?

Choi Hon Hi, was the founder of taekwondo, had been born in the North Hamyong Province of the DPRK, and died in Pyongyang in June, 2002.

My father began to get involved in taekwondo around the 1960’s, as he grew up, he began to get involved with the politics of the martial art, registering in the International Taekwondo Federation, formed in the mid-1960’s. As he climbed the ranks, Choi Hon Hi began to notice him, and they developed a friendship together, there was an incident involving Choi’s Son, who was exiled from the International Taekwondo Federation (I won’t get much into it), but according to some, it was because he yelled / cursed at a senior member of the ITF in front of those who were in a meeting.

In an interview, my father said a quote that was said by Choi Hon Hi in the early 2000’s. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but it went something like this.

“As a father, I forgive my son, but as members of the ITF (He is referring to the people in the ITF, not himself), you will never forgive him.”

As Choi Hon Hi aged on, he began to develop cancer, the last seminar he ever attended was in April 2002, 2 months before his death, before spending his last days in Pyongyang.

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China’s Rover Spots Cube On The Moon, Or Was It Something Else?

Dec 7, 2021

*Please Watch to the End ** Watch in HD and Full Screen As always, look for the picture links at the bottom of the description. Thanks for Watching! Best Regards, Chris….

IMAGE CREDIT GOES TO: ESA / NASA / JPL / University of Arizona / Caltech / Msss ** These pictures are made public to the people**
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Hello Folks. As the title reads, and questions, did China’s Rover ” spot a cube Shaped ‘mystery hut’ on far side of the moon? I say no! If you were to look past the censoring and manipulation, you would see that there is much more in this photo and what they are hiding from the public. Have a look and then give me your thoughts. Thanks for watching. ~ Chris

1) Space .com page LINK: www.space.com/china-yutu-2-moon-rover-cube-shaped-object-photos
2) Direct photo LINK: cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/hnVnEqyeFUAKDfQ84At2Mn.jpg

Hmmm. Very interesting. Tried a little bit this morning. Will try some more, eh. We shall see.


Bigfoot Farted and it Made Me Sick. A Louisiana Encounter. Marathon_38

Dixie Cryptid
Oct 3, 2019

Bigfoot Farted and it Made Me Sick. One of Three exciting encounters.

Music is: Getting Up – Johan Hynynen epidemicsound.com

Oh, this wakes the little boy in me and I am lovin’ it LOL!


What Is Flying Near The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter? ~ 12/10/2021

Dec 10, 2021

*Please Watch to the End ** Watch in HD and Full Screen As always, look for the picture links at the bottom of the description. Thanks for Watching! Best Regards, Chris….

IMAGE CREDIT GOES TO: ESA / NASA / JPL / University of Arizona / Caltech / Msss ** These pictures are made public to the people** Thanks for watching! If you guys like what you see, please SUBSCRIBE and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up! Its greatly appreciated! Check out the other Mars Team Members videos here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCYls… (bottom of page)

Hello folks. Credit for the original video goes to iGadgetPro. LINK BELOW .

During Ingenuity’s 16th flight, it’s camera caught an anomaly. So what is it? This is my analysis. Check it out and then drop your thoughts below. Thanks for watching. ~ Chris


1) iGadgetPro’s Video LINK: www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6xNCQJ6uCQ

2) NASA / JPL / Caltech photo page LINK: mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/multimedia/raw-images/HNM_0268_0690732246_063ECM_N0160001HELI01226_0000LUJ

3) My video ” More Birds / Bugs flying In The Martian Skies ?!” video LINK: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydwSKpcKx9U&t=390s

This one is most intriguing. And nicely woo-free.


This Is What the Surface of Mars Sounds Like! Real Sound Recordings 2021 (4K UHD)

V101 Science
Nov 12, 2021

Nasa’s Perseverance Rover

Nasa’s Perseverance Rover has already sent back more than 160 thousand images from the surface of Mars, but what about the sound of Mars? It is, after all, equipped with a microphone? The first-ever to be sent to the red planet successfully. Let’s listen in and find out what Perseverance has heard so far. Sit back, relax and enjoy the real sounds of an alien world.

0:00 Brief history of Mars
1:28 The microphones on Mars
2:45 How we hear sound
3:05 What I sound like on Mars
4:12 The sound of wind on Mars
5:10 The sound of Perseverance driving on Mars
6:28 The sound of Ingenuity flying on Mars

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Learn more about the sound of Mars and see what you sound like on Mars here –

Music –
Conquering By StereoNuts (Purchased License)
Adrift in the Galaxy by Marco Belloni (Purchased License)

This is nice. Has some good clips, more than the NASA vid, plus how the poster’s voice sounds on Mars. Surprising to hear, but, it can be no other way. To wit, “Ya canna break the laws o’ physics, laddie.” — LCmdr M Scott



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Oct 30, 2021

…five dragons hovered in the air at an altitude of about five kilometers north of the entrance to the city of Ye County, in Henan Province. After a long stay at altitude, they fell to the ground and …

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I am fascinated. So muchof the tale makes so little sense. Flying without wings? Hovering? Need more. Moar! Is there any more?



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Nov 12, 2021

…a 100 million-year-old insect was found in a piece of Burmese amber. The creature had a strange appearance.

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I dunno, it certainly looks weird enough…


Jaco Pastorius: This BASS SOLO Changed Popular Music

Rick Beato
May 15, 2020

In this episode I discuss how bassist Jaco Pastorius changed music with his debut record featuring the Charlie Parker composition called “Donna Lee.”

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Jaco is one of my top heroes, folks.


Hundreds Of Alien Structures Found On Planet Mercury! ~ 12/14/2021

Dec 14, 2021

*Please Watch to the End ** Watch in HD and Full Screen As always, look for the picture links at the bottom of the description. Thanks for Watching! Best Regards, Chris….

IMAGE CREDIT GOES TO: ESA / NASA / JPL / University of Arizona / Caltech / Msss ** These pictures are made public to the people** Thanks for watching! If you guys like what you see, please SUBSCRIBE and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up! Its greatly appreciated! Check out the other Mars Team Members videos here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCYls… (bottom of page) NASA LINK:

Hello Folks. It is amazing how much trouble, the Powers That Be, went through to cover this up! After looking at this photo of Mercury, I was stunned at the amount of Alien structures that are there! It makes our Moon look like a desert, with fewer structures, compared to Mercury. Get your magnifiers out, because you are going to want to use them to see these anomalies! Have a close look and then drop your thoughts below. Thanks for watching. ~ Chris

1) Mariner 10 Mission page LINK: solarsystem.nasa.gov/missions/mariner-10/in-depth/
2) Planet Mercury Photo page LINK: exploredeepspace.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/pia03101-mariner-10-mercury.png
3) “Water ice and organics at Mercury’s poles” page LINK: www.planetary.org/articles/11291206-mercury-polar-ice
4) “Weird! Mercury’s scorching temps may actually lead to ice” page LINK: www.space.com/mercury-scorching-heat-leads-to-ice.html

Well now, I plan on getting this photo and checking these claims out. Hopefully there are closer ones, I know I have seen closer ones.

I am not going for the woo, at this point, of course. Shades of the old days, but, we shall see.


I took this one and Shopped it extensively and I must report that I did not see anything that looked odd.

Need to be careful with this channel, some reports are rather intriguing while many of the videos are just seeing things that I can not pick up on. Even with him drawing on the pics. Oh well. Pareidolia and all that.

I will post the ones that are nice and grounded. Not the ones where he sees cars, eh.


Original photo from project Blue Book taken in 1951

This photo, from the featured document display, is from a report of a UFO sighting in Riverside, California on November 23, 1951. (National Archives, Records of Headquarters U.S. Air Force [Air Staff])

Edit: this was from Project Grudge which was established in 1948 and ended in late 1951 around the time this photo was captured.


Saucers were much more up close and accessible back then.


Dig it.



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Nov 12, 2021

Africa is a mysterious land where locals often encounter unexplained phenomena.

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Well, Percy saw one in Peru, so, yeah. They’re around, eh. And that was only 114 years ago. I dont remember a Russian mission but I prob just spaced it out.

Similar rainforest environments. Nobody’s been looking these days, in large part because there’s almost always a war going on in close proximity.

I’d def go. Easier logistically would be stakin’ out the small and medium sized bipedals of Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, the 4 Corners, New Mexico and even California.


BREAKING: North Koreans BANNED from laughing, drinking, and shopping for 11 days

Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park
Dec 18, 2021

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You just can’t make this shit up.

How long can this go on? It gets worse nearly every day.

Excellent analysis and insight as usual.

좆까, 김정은 !


Breaking: A Teenager Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad Over Having Copy Of ‘Squid Game’

Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park
Dec 10, 2021

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The brutality of North Korea is rising at an alarming rate.

“The gunshots rang out in the fields and open fields… The brutal public executions still in the Kim Jong-un era”

TJWG unveils ‘Execution mapping report during the Kim Jong-un period’… CEO Young-Hwan Lee “Future tasks to identify and record the increasing number of ‘indoor executions'”

By By Moon Dong-hee – 2021.12.16 8:00 am

Statements about the places of execution in North Korea, and statements about the places of execution during the Kim Jong-un era. /Picture = Mapping of executions during the Kim Jong-un era: Captured report of North Korea’s response to international pressure

It is noteworthy that a report has been published that identifies and records places where there may be documents or evidence related to human rights violations, such as places of public executions and burials in North Korea . It was found that public executions were mainly carried out in open fields and fields during the reign of Chairman Kim Jong-un.

On the 15th, the Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG), a human rights investigation and record organization, released the ‘Execution Mapping Report during the Kim Jong-un Period’, which was prepared based on the record of interviewing a total of 683 North Korean defectors for six years. This is an updated report of ‘Mapping for the Murdered: Execution and Dark Burial of the North Korean Government’ published in 2019.

TJWG said, “Spatial and geographic mapping of locations related to human rights violations makes it possible to capture and visualize important information or patterns that are not easily revealed by narrative testimony. Geospatial Geographic Information (GIS) technology is applied to the entire process, including information collection and analysis.”

The report contained 442 statements of executions and 30 testimonies of places where bodies were disposed of, including black burials and incineration. In particular, the report includes 27 testimonies about the places of execution during the Kim Jong-un era, including 23 statements about public executions.

The frequencies cited for charges imposed on those publicly executed include viewing and distributing South Korean video (7 cases), drug-related (5 cases), prostitution (5 cases), human trafficking (4 cases), and attempted murder or murder (3 cases). ), and obscene acts (3 cases).

In this regard, under the North Korean Criminal Code, the maximum sentence for prostitution (prostitution, Article 249) and obscenity (article 250 for obscenity) is less than five years of reform through labor. It is possible that North Korea executed an extra-legal example of violating the socialist lifestyle.

According to the report, 21 of the public execution statements were about shooting and 2 hanging.

The public execution of a large number of people in a large place is interpreted as an attempt to control the residents with a sense of fear through strong violence and prevent ideological relaxation.

In fact, witnesses agree that inhumane acts such as torturing the accused before execution or damaging the body after execution frequently occur.

The report also found that there were a number of instances of attempting to propagate Kim as a compassionate leader, claiming to forgive the accused, the report said. It seems that they are trying to build an image of a benevolent leader while controlling the residents through the reign of fear.

Comparison of a bundle of statements of the place of execution in Hyesan. /Picture = Mapping of executions during the Kim Jong-un era: Captured report of North Korea’s response to international pressure

However, it appears that North Korea is also trying to avoid criticism from the international community for leaking information related to public executions. Because of this, the group said that there is a tendency for indoor executions to increase.

TJWG said, “Under Kim Jong-un’s regime, the North Korean authorities are conscious of international criticism and are focused on preventing the leakage of news of the execution case to the outside world. said

Park A-young, a researcher at TJWG, said, “The findings suggest that the Kim Jong-un regime is paying more attention to strengthening international monitoring of the human rights situation.

He said, “Compared to the past, when frequent public executions were used to frighten the residents, it seems that the number of executions carried out with less exposure to the general public during the Kim Jong-un era has increased.” There is,” he emphasized.

In this regard, the newspaper reported earlier this month that North Korea had detected a movement to legally and administratively formalize indoor executions. At the time, the source said that the Ministry of Social Safety and Justice had instructed that all persons who imported and distributed South Korean (South Korean) content be executed indoors in the ‘additional rules for execution methods by law’. ( ▶Shortcut to related article: North Korea also published an addendum to ‘execution of information’ stating ‘indoor execution for information leakage’ )

The place used for the public trial in Hyesan, North Korea. /Picture = Mapping of executions during the Kim Jong-un era: Captured report of North Korea’s response to international pressure

Meanwhile, the group said that the new aspect of this report is that it selected Hyesan, Ryanggang Province, in the northeastern part of North Korea, and presented new data and in-depth analysis.

The report contained statements about 10 executions in Hyesan.

According to the report, public executions were mainly carried out on hills or open fields near the runway of Hyesan Airfield, far from the border with China and far from the center of Hyesan City. Although some stated that public executions appeared to have declined, the report said that secret executions appeared to continue.

The report also contains information about 26 public trials that took place in Hyesan.

The report also records four cases in which the death sentence was sentenced to the accused in a public trial but was not executed immediately on the spot, as well as testimonies that the students were systematically mobilized to observe the public trial.

The full report can be downloaded from the TJWG website (https://en.tjwg.org/mapping-project-north-korea/).

Heinous stuff.


Blue UFO observes Apollo 14.

May 21, 2018

Music by incompetech.com/music/

Apollo 14 Photograph Anomalies.

May 23, 2018

Apollo 14 Photograph Anomalies.

The late, great Streetcap had a knack for finding anomalies. He is missed.


Brachiosuchus was a Late Cretaceous Crocodyliforme found in the Kababish Formation, Sudan.

Art by HodariNundu


Photographer sees a UFO and manages to register it in a photo – Balcarce, Argentina

Ahh, just like the old days, yay.


Footage From The First-Ever Probe to Touch The Sun

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posted on Dec, 18 2021 @ 02:42 PM
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This is what it’s like to touch the Sun.

The footage was taken by NASA’s Parker Solar Probe over the period of 4 days as it swooped into the Sun’s corona.

So, what are we actually looking at? These images were captured by the Parker probe’s WISPR (Wide-field Imager for Solar Probe) instrument.

All of those streaks the probe is zooming through are coronal streamers – massive loops of electrically charged gas and plasma that connect two regions of opposite polarity on the Sun. They’re extended out by the solar wind and they glow like this because they’re filled with electrons.

These streamers, also known as helmet streamers, are usually only visible from Earth during an eclipse – but in the footage they’re seen as the spacecraft flies above and below them inside the corona.

But that’s not all there is to gape at in the Parker time lapse. Take another look and you may notice there are planets visible in the background – including Earth!

If you have time take a look at the screen shots in the article that explain what is shown in the footage , cool stuff.


Parker Solar Probe flying through plasma jets in the Sun’s corona

Dec 16, 2021

The Parker Solar Probe flies through structures in the Sun’s corona called streamers. This footage shows data from the WISPR instrument on Parker Solar Probe. Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Naval Research Laboratory Read more: www.sciencealert.com/the-foot…

So cool. It is inspiring that we can even do this!

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Touches The Sun For The First Time

NASA Goddard
Dec 14, 2021

For the first time in history, a spacecraft has touched the Sun. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has now flown through the Sun’s upper atmosphere – the corona – and sampled particles and magnetic fields there. The new milestone marks one major step for Parker Solar Probe and one giant leap for solar science. Just as landing on the Moon allowed scientists to understand how it was formed, touching the very stuff the Sun is made of will help scientists uncover critical information about our closest star and its influence on the solar system. More information: www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/…

Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

Nour Raouafi (Johns Hopkins University/APL)
Justin Kasper (University of Michigan)
Stuart Bale (University of California, Berkeley)
Kelly Korreck (Johns Hopkins University/APL)
Adam Szabo (NASA/GSFC)

Producer: Joy Ng (KBRwyle)
Writer: Mara Johnson-Groh (Wyle Information Systems)
Data Visualizer: Tom Bridgman (GST)

Jonathan North (KBRwyle)
Ben Smith (Johns Hopkins APL)

This video can be freely shared and downloaded at https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/14045. While the video in its entirety can be shared without permission, the music and some individual imagery may have been obtained through permission and may not be excised or remixed in other products. Specific details on such imagery may be found here: https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/14045. For more information on NASA’s media guidelines, visit https://nasa.gov/multimedia/guidelines.

I mean, to fly through the corona of the Sun! Fantastic.


Report: “Kim Jong Un strategically moves killing sites away from international scrutiny”

By English Editor – 2021.12.17 10:25am

December 17, 2021 marks ten years of Kim Jong-un rule. The Seoul-based Transitional Justice Working Group (TJWG) analyses satellite imagery and interviews with North Korean escapees to examine how state killing practices have shifted in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) under the young leader. North Korea, in response to international criticism, has changed its killing practices, clamping down on potential information leakages by selecting execution sites that are easier to control. The report presents in-depth analysis of identified killing sites in Hyesan City before and after Kim Jong-un took power.

The new report, Mapping Killings under Kim Jong-un: North Korea’s Response to International Pressure,” is based on 6 years of research and 683 escapee interviews documenting and mapping three types of locations connected to human rights violations:

  1. State-sanctioned killing sites;
  2. Sites where the dead are disposed of by the state;
  3. Official locations which may contain documents or other evidence related to these events.

Geographical mapping of sites connected to human rights abuses provides important information that are often not visible in individual interviewee testimonies. The project uses satellite imagery during interviews with North Korean escapees to geolocate sites and applies Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology throughout the research process.

Based on interviews with 683 North Korean escapees, the Mapping Project documented

  • 442 testimonies of state-sanctioned killings.
  • 30 testimonies of body disposal sites, including burial and cremation sites.

In the Kim Jong-un era

  • the Mapping Project documented 27 testimonies of state-sanctioned killing sites, of which 23 were public executions. Of the 23 executions, 21 were by firing squad and 2 were by hanging.
  • public executions took place in open spaces and fields, airfields, river banks, and hills/mountains.
  • ‌the most commonly cited offenses announced at public executions included (in descending order of frequency): watching or distributing South Korean videos (7 instances), drug-related crimes (5), prostitution (5), human trafficking (4), murder or attempted murder (3), and “obscene acts” (3).
  • ‌interviewees reported that inhumane treatment of the accused before execution—used as a warning to the public—has persisted under Kim Jong-un.
  • ‌in some cases pardons were issued to propagandize the benevolence of Kim Jong-un.

In Hyesan, during the Kim Jong-un era

  • the Mapping Project documented 10 testimonies of state-sanctioned killings.
  • public executions occurred in places such as Hyesan Airfield or in the surrounding hills/mountains and open spaces/fields away from the border and central area of the city.
  • the research recorded 26 public trials. Of these, there were four documented cases in which the authorities issued a death penalty to the accused, but execution did not take place at the trial.
  • interviewees reported students being systematically mobilized to attend public trials.
  • interviewees reported that the number of public executions seems to be declining, but secret killings continue to take place.

The report’s lead author, Ahyeong Park, said:

“Our findings suggest that the Kim Jong-un regime is paying more attention to human rights issues as a response to increased international scrutiny over the gravity of the situation in North Korea. This does not mean the human rights situation in North Korea is improving; state-led killings continue to take place in ways that may not be as visible to the public as they did in the past. What we need to pay closer attention to is non-public killings, such as secret or ‘indoor’ killings.”

Executive Director, Hubert Younghwan Lee, said:

“Documenting secret or ‘indoor’ killings is our next step. There are an increasing number of news reports quoting clandestine information sources inside North Korea about this type of killing in the last five to six years. To track ‘indoor’ killings we will strengthen our cooperation with news platforms that have contacts on the ground through illicit cross-border telecommunication.”

Transitional Justice Working Group is a Seoul-based, non-governmental organization founded by human rights advocates and researchers from five countries in 2014. TJWG pursues advanced methods for addressing grave human rights violations and advocating justice for victims in pre- and post-transition societies around the world.

Dude is one piece of work. Hopefully he will be out soon. But then we get his sister…


Copper plate engraving of Stonehenge by Willem and Joan Blaeu, printed in Amsterdam c 1662.


Double UFOs Seen Swept Over The Dust Devil In The Martian Sky || Existence Of life On Mars

Physics Insight
Sep 8, 2021

These images are from Perseverance rover on May. 24, 2021 (Sol 92). Images Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Source: mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/multim…


Two Mysterious Unidentified Flying Objects Over The Red Planet’s Horizon Captured By Perseverance

Physics Insight
Nov 11, 2021

These images used in the video a few months ago of sol 157 or July 30, 2021. The objects in the video might not be UFOs, these might some debris flying in the Martian skies. Also they may be extraterrestrials on Mars. Imagery Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Source: mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/multim…


We need video! We bin needin’ it!


This is a bit old now, but I just saw it.

Scientists Cure Cancer, But No One Takes Notice

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posted on May, 13 2011 @ 06:04 PM
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Canadian researchers find a simple cure for cancer, but major pharmaceutical companies are not interested.

Suprise, Suprise!

Researchers at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada have cured cancer last week, yet there is a little ripple in the news or in TV. It is a simple technique using very basic drug. The method employs dichloroacetate, which is currently used to treat metabolic disorders. So, there is no concern of side effects or about their long term effects.

This drug doesn’t require a patent, so anyone can employ it widely and cheaply compared to the costly cancer drugs produced by major pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceutical companies are not investing in this research because DCA method cannot be patented, without a patent they can’t make money, like they are doing now with their AIDS Patent.

This is typical of the way things work in our world. The advancements that are going to further us as a human race are being suppressed in order to line the pockets of the already rich. These are the same people that lobby our representation in congress to create laws that allow them to act without real checks and balances.

I realize this article is somewhat sensationalized, but it still drives the point home and it infuriates me.


Some additional DCA resources:
Petition for DCA Clinical Trials in Canada

Our world is literally insane.


The ‘Welfare of Humanity’ has always been the alibi of tyrants. A powerful speech.

Auntie Matter
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posted on Dec, 7 2021 @ 05:30 PM
direct link to this post

You know your country is in dire shape when a politician from another country must answer your call for help. German member of parliament, Christine Anderson, answers Australia’s plea for SOS as, she says, totalitarianism sweeps over their country. Her words are so compelling, I had to share here. To me, this is what integrity and leadership should look like the world over.

“This isn’t about breaking the 4th wave of Covid, this about breaking PEOPLE.”

As for her question to us all: What will you tell your grandchildren?

Member of the European Parliament answers Australia’s SOS

Dec 6, 2021
Christine Anderson speaks out on Australia’s behalf. She says she will do whatever she can to stop the tyranny we’re experiencing. She’s German and has some great insights to share. See how you can follow her here – www.europarl.europa.eu/meps/en/197475/CHRISTINE_ANDERSON/home

As for Jacinda’s leadership? I think her billboard declaring up to “six month’s of freedom” with your Xmas booster speaks for itself.

Dont forget to Re-
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posted on Dec, 7 2021 @ 05:46 PM
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a reply to: Auntie Matter

Originally written by Albert Camus, the translated whole quote reads;

The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience.

I have seen the video before, she is correct, and as I have stated many many times before Australia was, is and quite possibly always will be a fascist state. It’s certainly looking like that at the moment.

It is more important everyday to prepare as they grow stronger everyday.


Dr. Mengele must be stopped.

Dr. Fauci Scared Everyone With Lies About AIDS & Used Orphaned Black Kids for Experiments.

Son of the Republic
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posted on Dec, 8 2021 @ 01:47 AM
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The same fake doctor that has been lying from the start of the COVID pandemic, covered for China, and lied claiming he never outsourced gain of function research to China, also made false claims about how people could get AIDS in the 1980s, and even used orphaned black kids for experiments in AIDs.

HIV: The First Fauci Fraud

As the absolute lies and fake science circulate with regard to CoVid19 and the various vaccines, the dominant point is deflected… That is to say, this is NOT the first LIE. This is simply the one that got caught. Pathological Liars are not selective, they lie about everything. Which means that those diseases that brought the most money to the table for Fauci are also likely non-diseases. Hyped. Faked Science. For One Purpose ONLY: Money.

AIDS was the progenitor for the Fauci Clan. When Fauci and his cohort, Dr. Masur, decided that AIDS wasn’t deadly enough, they added HIV as a linked causal factor. And when that wasn’t enough, they added HCV, Hepatitis C – a virus that attacks the liver. Apparently, you can have HCV and be asymptomatic your entire life – but meds are recommended still – for life. It spreads by sharing infected drug needles. It is diagnosed via the PCR antibody test.

In reality, there is NO correlation for either HIV or HCV. But a correlation was necessary in order to create hysteria over AIDS. Today their are many scientists and doctors who divest from the Fauci regime and offer more rationale explanations.

The numbers provided by NIH and the CDC For HIV and AIDS have always been ‘estimates’. That should sound familiar, because that is how the algorithm numbers are determined for CoVid. ALARM!

CDC: In 2018, there were 15,820 deaths among adults and adolescents with diagnosed HIV in the US and dependent areas. These deaths may be due to any cause.

CDC: In 2020, any person who dies ‘with’ CoVid will be counted as a CoVid death…

Same logic. Same Tactic. Same result!

This heartless and evil man, if he can be called a man, also made many false claims about AIDS such as “people can get AIDS without having intercourse, by touching items, etc…

But if you think the evil of this man only used inhumane experiments on puppies, you are wrong.

Dr. Fauci “Performed Medical Experiments On Black Orphan Aids Babies”

US Reliability & Integrity
Nov 8, 2021

Fauci Performed Medical Experiments On Black Orphan Aids Babies

In 2005, the city of New York hired the VERA Institute to form a final report on the drug trials. VERA was given no access to medical records for any of the children used in trials. Their report was published in 2008.

They reported that twenty-five children died during the drug studies, that an additional fifty-five children died following the studies (in foster care), and, according to Tim Ross, Director of the Child Welfare program at VERA (as of 2009), 29% of the remaining 417 children who were used in drug studies had died (out of a total 532 children that are admitted to have been used).

The Gateway Pundit: It Wasn’t Just Beagles and Monkeys – Fauci’s NIH Also Funded Medical Experiments on AIDS Orphans in NY City

ICC interview with Lizz Brown and Mimi Pascual

Mar 17, 2014

10 years ago, in 2003, 04, 05, I was investigating this story. Children in an NYC orphanage (and the foster care system) used in clinical trials. The Associated Press took it national and found it going on in seven or more states. “Some states declined to participate in medical experiments. Tennessee said its foster care rules generally prohibit enlisting children in such trials. California requires a judge’s order. And Wisconsin “has absolutely never allowed, nor would we even consider, any clinical experiments with the children in our foster care system,” spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis said. Officials estimated that 5 percent to 10 percent of the 13,878 children enrolled in pediatric AIDS studies funded by NIH since the late 1980s were in foster care. More than two dozen Illinois foster children remain in studies today. ” No medical records were ever made available to official investigators. You make up your own mind. www.ahrp.org/infomail/05/05/04…


Fauci even denied these African, and American black kids the right to have a guardian, or protector that could say no to these experiments he was conducting of these black children.

Dead Orphans, Fauci, AIDS Drug Trials, & The Lies

And we are taking advice from this piece of s#it?

It is amazing how the people have been taught to revere this reincarnation of the Angel of Death.

karl 12
Writer-Fighter-Scholar, Registered: 10/20/2006

posted on Dec, 8 2021 @ 04:45 AM
direct link to this post

a reply to: ElectricUniverse

Great thread mate and some very important info – kind of reminiscent of the time Bayer intentionally infected people with HIV and some relevant comments made in this interview about Fauci being one of the main culprits resulting in the HIV Dallas Buyers Club fiasco.

Regarding the HIV foster kids scandal here’s a relevant BBC documentary.

In one study testing the drug dapsone, “at least 10 children died from a variety of causes, including four from blood poisoning, and researchers said they were unable to determine a safe, useful dosage. They said the deaths didn’t appear to be “directly attributable” to dapsone but nonetheless were “disturbing.”

AIDS Drug Experiments on Foster Care Children – A National Scandal



The ARK and the BLOOD The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant

Jun 18, 2019

“Ark Files” creator Rebecca Tourniaire and her husband created this masterful telling of Ron Wyatt’s discovery of the Ark of the Covenant, including “what is the Ark of the Covenant?” and what does this discovery mean to all mankind. Please share this with everyone you know.

Wow. My mind is boggled.

I need to watch this a couple more times. I only knew of Ron from the Noah’s Ark work way back when. This stuff, including my recent post about the Mountain of Moses, is fascinating to me in large part because of the remarkable alignment of sites and evidence found within, corresponding so well with the official story. I am one of those that does not believe in coincidences.


We found an ancient archeological site at the Lycian Way! Vlog (lofi) #51

neet traveller
Oct 27, 2021

july 25

Ahh, great stuff. Good to see the young folks into it enough to hunt.


A territorial Megatherium warding off an intruding group of Glyptodon in Pleistocene South America

Artwork by Diego J. Barletta.


International outrage over Assange’s upcoming extradition to the US

RT America
Dec 13, 2021

Last week, a British court ruled in favor of a US appeal to extradite Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to the United States, where he faces charges under the Espionage Act. Despite international outrage over the charges and fears for his health, the US has persistently pursued Assange in an effort get the journalist to stand trial in the United States. (00:08) News on RT America host Faran Fronczak talks with renowned journalist Chris Hedges to discuss the latest from Assange case. (08:05)

It’s been a tragic weekend for many Americans caught in some of the most powerful tornadoes across Kentucky and other states. More than 100 people may have been killed—as tornadoes toppled buildings—trapping people inside. Now thousands today are waking up without power. Officials calling it ‘devastation we have never seen’. RT America’s Trinity Chavez has the story. (15:47)

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell has entered its third week, with the defense team taking the offensive against the prosecution. Maxwell is facing several charges, including counts related to the sexual abuse of minors. Host Faran Fronczak talks with lawyer and media personality Lionel and filmmaker Sean Stone about the latest details from the trial. (18:33)

00:00 Full Show
08:05 Fight For Assange
15:47 Tornado Aftermath
18:33 Maxwell Trial

#QuestionMore #RTAmerica #TheNewsOnRTAmerica

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NO show does it like this. It’s TIME for The News on RT America: https://bit.ly/NRSSHOW

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Author and social critic Chris Hedges conducts fascinating in-depth interviews with the fiercest critics of the establishment. Watch all episodes at https://bit.ly/2QIkQZg

Yep, it’s Gov. Jesse Ventura and you’re living in his WORLD! Come along for the ride.
The World According To Jesse: http://bit.ly/WATJSHOW

They’re watching you. Are you watching them? Are you WATCHING THE HAWKS?
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Julian is a HERO!!!


The Temple of Kukulcán at the Maya archaeological site of Chichen Itza, in Mexico, before excavation in 1860 and now.


The terrain here is more spectacular than I’d expected or even hoped for. [13681x4701px) Roughly assembled L-Mastcam mosaic from sol 3324 using 48 images, view full size

Posted by u/paulhammond5155, Top Contributor – linkage


UFOs stealing Australian Water

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posted on Dec, 11 2021 @ 06:53 PM
direct link to this post

The following video has several cases of water disappearing overnight in Australia . Eye witnesses and burn marks at places where the water was taken. I have not heard of any of these cases so I thought I would post the video for those who are interested. youtu.be…

UFO’s stealing Australian water

Why are UFOs Stealing Our Water? – Strange Encounters from The Land of Oz?

Zohar StarGate TVPremiered 23 hours ago

It’s interesting to know that most UFO encounters take place in close proximity to water, be it the oceans or other locations. Reported sightings of UFOs seemingly gathering water from lakes and reservoirs around the world look to be on the increase. New information pertaining to such incidents are coming to light throughout Australia. Why these crafts are taking our water is a mystery.

All content on this channel is licensed, and or produced by Zohar Entertainment Group/Awakening Expo/Phenomena Magazine.

This topic is very old news but this is a nice fresh look at it and new info is always welcome.


Sure looks like it.


Could this be a Crashed Disc-Shaped Object Spotted Near Ceti Mensa on Mars?

Jean Ward
Dec 3, 2021

The photograph analyzed here (PSP_001984_1735) was acquired by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on 29 December 2006 and is described as ‘Swirls of Rock in Candor Chasma.’

Here I feature an anomaly I discovered at a new site in Ceti Mensa in the region Valles Marineris. The anomaly looks like a disc-shaped object which hit the surface of Mars at a very low angle and left a trench behind it. The disc-shaped object measures approximately 12 to 15 metres in diameter. Apart from removing a few sand dunes to highlight the object I didn’t change anything else in the photograph. To see the anomaly for yourselves please download the original JP2 from the NASA link provided below and download HiVIEW to open the JP2 (the anomaly is right there for anyone to see).

Alternatives: Could this possibly be a ramp leading into an underground entrance or is this an incomplete Project Ice-Worm structure? Or are we seeing a strange arc-shaped dune?

As always, until we get to see these anomalies up close and personal, I can only speculate as to what these objects might be.

My Blog Post featuring: ‘Could this be a Crashed Disc-Shaped Object Spotted Near Ceti Mensa on Mars?:’


Original NASA Source:


Please comment below and let me know what you think.

This is most definitely fantastic!

Also see Crashed Flying Saucer on Mars?–Sure Looks Like it! and ‘Crashed Flying Saucer’ Spotted On Mars

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posted on Dec, 11 2021 @ 01:06 PM
direct link to this post

Here’s a crop of the 658 MB JP2 image, taken at 80% zoom.

As it shows more than the video we can see that:
– the “track” is not completely straight, it makes a slight “S” shape;
– it starts on a raised feature;
– it appears to continue just on the surface to the left of the “UFO”.

An anaglyph (for those with those red/cyan glasses) shows that it’s really a deep “cut” in the ground and that it’s not smooth, as more or less in the middle we can see a slight deviation of the ditch’s walls.

PS: I strongly recommend having a pair of those 3D glasses, these images give us a completely different view of Mars.

(click the images for full size)

One thing I only noticed on the anaglyph was that the “ditch” cuts the small hill just below “south” of it.

In this height map you can get an idea of relative height of the area (click for full size).I marked the area being discussed with a black rectangle.

Registered: 1/30/2016
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posted on Dec, 11 2021 @ 11:27 AM
direct link to this post

For what it’s worth, here are some views of the site from DEM/Ortho data available on the link I posted above, made in QGIS:

Doesn’t look quite so spaceshippy.

Props to ArMaP and OneBigMonkeyToo!


Phone Calls From The Dead | Documentary

The Paranormal Scholar
May 26, 2018

For those pondering the possibility of survival, an important question arises: If spirits exist, is there a way to communicate with them?

Further reading → “Telephone Calls From The Dead” by Dr. Callum Cooper
⤕ USA – amzn.to/2IhFZnD ⤕ UK – amzn.to/2rKTyll

Nicely done.


Finding the Mountain of Moses: The Real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia

The Ryan Mauro Show
Premiered Dec 17, 2018

Doubting Thomas Research

Mt. Sinai Location, Mountain of Moses, Altar, Golden Calf, Exodus, Ten Commandments, Midian, Arabia

Feb 19, 2021

Amazing new discoveries that reveal the true location of Mt. Sinai. No stone is left unturned in this documentary. Click the link below to support our work in producing videos about the Holy Land: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_…
See overwhelming evidence of the exodus route the Israelites took from Egypt, the location of the Red Sea Crossing, and the location of Mt. Sinai. The miracles surrounding this story, and the new discoveries that have been found in the last 50 years, reveal that the Exodus, Red Sea Crossing, and Mt. Sinai are much greater than most think. See this video to get the most accurate, and biblical analysis of these events. See places like Nuweiba Port, Marah, Elim, Caves of Jethro, Well of Moses, Rephidim, Altar of Jehovah Nissi, Altar of Moses, Altar of Aaron, Golden Calf Altar, Elijah’s Cave, Jabal Maqla, Mount Jebel al Lawz, Al Bad, Massive Graveyard, Split Rock, Rock of Horeb, and more.

1. For many years it was believed that the Israelites crossed the Suez finger of the Red Sea just southeast of what is now Cairo, Egypt. However, there are no deep bodies of water in these areas but just shallow marshes and lakes. For this reason, the biblical account of this astounding miracle has been attempted to be discredited or erased altogether by liberal scholars.
2. Many recent archeologists and scholars now believe the Israelites crossed the Red Sea at the Aqaba finger of the Red Sea and that Mount Sinai is in Midian, which is part of modern-day Saudi Arabia.

Places and things of Interest:
Moses, Mount Sinai, Egypt, Goshen, Suez Finger of the Red Sea, Traditional Red Sea Crossing Place, Sinai Peninsula, Aqaba Finger of Red Sea, Nuweiba Beach, Saudi Arabia Beach, Red Sea Crossing, Elim, Caves of Jethro, Rephidim, Mount Horeb, Burning Bush, Exodus, Ten Commandments, Golden Calf, Altar of Moses, Israel, Sinai Peninsula, Well of Moses, Saudi Arabia, Al Bad.

Evidence at Mt. Sinai
1. Large area to camp at the base of the mountain.
Exodus 19:2: When they set out from Rephidim, they came to the wilderness of Sinai and camped in the wilderness; and there Israel camped in front of the mountain.
2. Burnt top of the mountain and surrounding mountains.
Exodus 19:18: Now Mount Sinai was all in smoke because the Lord descended upon it in fire; and its smoke ascended like the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mountain quaked violently.
3. Plateau partway up the mountain where the seventy elders could have waited while Moses continued up the mountain.
Exodus 24:1: Then He said to Moses, “Come up to the Lord, you and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel, and you shall worship at a distance.
4. Altar of Moses at the base of the mountain.
Exodus 24:4: And Moses wrote down all the words of the Lord. Then he got up early in the morning, and built an altar [b]at the foot of the mountain with twelve memorial stones for the twelve tribes of Israel.
5. Speaking platform partway up the mountain.
Exodus 24:3: Then Moses came and reported to the people all the words of the Lord and all the ordinances; and all the people answered with one voice and said, “All the words which the Lord has spoken we will do!”
6. Golden Calf Altar.
Exodus 32:1: Now when the people saw that Moses delayed to come down from the mountain, the people assembled around Aaron and said to him, “Come, make us a god who will go before us; for this Moses, the man who brought us up from the land of Egypt—we do not know what happened to him.”
7. Streams of water and dry lakebed at the base of the mountain.
Exodus 32:20: Then he took the calf which they had made and completely burned it with fire, and ground it to powder, and scattered it over the surface of the water and made the sons of Israel drink it.
8. Wells at the base of the mountain.
9. Massive graveyard closeby to the mountain.
Exodus 32: So the sons of Levi did as Moses instructed, and about three thousand men of the people fell that day.
10. Cave of Elijah at the mountain.
1 Kings 19:8-9: So he arose and ate and drank, and he journeyed in the strength of that food for forty days and forty nights to Horeb, the mountain of God. 9 Then he came there to a cave and spent the night there; and behold, the word of the Lord came to him, and He said to him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”
11. Artifacts found in the area.
Items like a menorah drawing, writings, and footprint drawings all give further evidence that the Israelites were in this area.
12. This area is a designated archaeological site by the Saudi government.
Today, sections of the area, along with the mountain, are fenced off by the Saudi Arabian government and designated as archeological sites. However, there are no excavations permitted on them at this time.
13. Several Jewish, Christian, and Muslim documents dating 600 years before Christ locate Mount Sinai in Midian. Philo and Josephus (Jewish historians) also locate Mount Sinai in Midian of Arabia.

Finding the Mountain of Moses: The Real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia

Member, Registered: 9/14/2021

posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 10:32 PM
direct link to this post

Did you know that someones said that their found the Mount of Moses in Saudi Arabia?
based on archaeological discoveries and cultural traditions,from the remainings of the egyptian army under the sea,
to remaining in the place where Moses talked,
and the Mount of Moses, where the living God descended.

Warning: Use your personal judgment, as there are many key discoveries in various religions recently that change the origin, support, or place of religions.

Lazarus Short
a lion in a den of Daniels
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posted on Dec, 3 2021 @ 01:07 PM
direct link to this post

This book, which kicked off the modern study of the Mountain of God, should be mentioned:


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posted on Dec, 4 2021 @ 01:44 AM
direct link to this post

originally posted by: lux666
Did you know that someones said that their found the Mount of Moses in Saudi Arabia?
based on archaeological discoveries and cultural traditions,

Actually in the Moses story, there is only 1 place that qualifies as the Red Sea in the past that Moses could have crossed.

The majority of the Red Sea is thousands of meters deep, uncrossable even if the water suddenly vanished.

Except one spot. Imagine a world with a different coastline. During the last glacial maximum, the coastline was 112-117 meters below present sea level.

During the time of Moses, the world coastline was minus -40 to -27 meters below present sea level. There was no Gulf of Suez at this time. The Suez was a salty – brackish lake used for fishing. Past this lake south of Ras Gharib, Egypt and El Tor of Sinai, there was a dam. So you have Suez lake and the river going to the Red Sea and at the end, there was a dam/dyke system.

They were trying to stop the Red Sea from flowing backwards into the Suez lake (minus -27 meters to minus -40 meters below present sea level).

But remember, there was a drought during the 10 plagues of Egypt. So that region was passable on foot directly from Egypt to Sinai. And all it would take is a rainstorm and the Red Sea would have backflooded into the Suez, turning the Suez lake into the Suez Gulf.

Moses and the Israelites crossed at the dam/dyke area south of Ras Gharib and El Tor, which is the point where the Red Sea would have flowed into Suez lake, flooding the lake with sea water.

No archeology underwater allowed in that region. Oil companies won’t allow it. Because the region was once land, it is rich with oil.

Maps-Topography-Sunken Coastlines-Ancient Civilizations

Megiddo watcher
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posted on Dec, 3 2021 @ 05:09 AM
direct link to this post

These people give no credit to Ron Wyatt, shameful.

Ron Wyatt’s Untold Story: Discovery of Mount Sinai

Dec 7, 2018

Ron Wyatt’s wife narrates the history of Ron’s discovery of the real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia, with some new information never before given in detail. Complete with documentation. First segment in a new series.

Awesome stuff.


Graham Hancock – The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth’s Lost Civilisation

Ancient Secret Discoveries
Premiered May 9, 2021

Graham Hancock’s multi-million bestseller Fingerprints of the Gods remains an astonishing, deeply controversial, wide-ranging investigation of the mysteries of our past and the evidence for Earth’s lost civilization. Twenty years on, Hancock returns with a book filled with completely new, scientific and archaeological evidence, which has only recently come to light… This presentation is based on Graham Hancock’s sequel to Fingerprints of the Gods, Magitians of the Gods, where he presents a completely new, scientific and archaeological evidence, which has only recently come to light. Check out Graham’s author page on Amazon – www.amazon.co.uk/Graham-Hanco…

An old 2015 lecture, but chock full of good stuff.


General Atomics’ new Mojave drone flies over the Mojave Desert during tests in summer 2021. (General Atomics)


General Atomics unveils new ‘Mojave’ drone with 16 Hellfire missiles

While still seeking customers in the US military, General Atomics president Dave Alexander says several unnamed international parties are interested in latest deadly remotely controlled aircraft.

By VALERIE INSINNA on December 09, 2021 at 5:00 AM

WASHINGTON: With the ability to carry 16 Hellfire missiles and take off and land in a dirt road, the new Mojave drone revealed today by General Atomics is designed to perform in dirty and dangerous environments where enemies are hiding.

But first, it just needs to find a customer.

The original idea behind Mojave — officially disclosed today, about a month after Breaking Defense first reported on it — was to build a drone that special operators could take into austere conditions that had a larger payload than the company’s MQ-1C Gray Eagle used by the Army, said Dave Alexander, president of General Atomics aeronautics business.

Learn more

Aviation authority Zaphod58 turned me on to this.

General Atomics unveils Mojave UAV

Zaphod58, moderator
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posted on Dec, 9 2021 @ 11:52 AM
direct link to this post

General Atomics formally unveiled their new Mojave UAV that was talked about last month. The UAV is capable of rough field operations, and carrying up to 16 Hellfire missiles at once. The aircraft was designed for Special Operations armed overwatch missions from rough areas, while carrying a payload larger than the current MQ-1C Grey Eagle. In a standard ISR configuration, it’s capable of taking off from unimproved runways in just 400 feet. While fully armed, with 16 missiles, it only requires 1,000 feet of unimproved runway. Loiter time is as high as 25 hours, but that is reduced as payload increases.

General Atomics has no plans currently to field the aircraft in any large Army exercises, or for Special Operations, but reportedly has interest from several unnamed foreign customers. They expect that within a year they could see a customer. They’re currently expanding the flight envelope, with testing the leading edge slats, and slow speed landings, as slow as 40-45 knots.

A new aerial deterrent for the generals who gather in their masses.


Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park 1 day ago

I had a small celebration to become an American over the weekend with my North Korean girlfriends. Only in America, my story and our story is possible!

Thank you for supporting me in my journey to fight for freedom and human rights ♥️

Ps, please get signed copies of my book for holidays: www.paypal.com/instantcommerc…

I love Yeonmi so much, she is so with it and understands reality so well, as so few of my fellow Americans do these days.

Please pay attention to this one… feed your head! Like the dormouse said!

I am becoming an American!

Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park
Streamed live on Nov 29, 2021

Donate: www.paypal.com/paypalme/Yeonm… Join Patron: Patreon: www.patreon.com/yeonmipark Join my exclusive community: yeonmipark.locals.com/

Thank you!



Dec 25, 2016

Link – mars.nasa.gov/mer/gallery/all/…

An oldie from the late, great Streetcap1, RIP.

Ahhh, those were the days!

Yes, Martian UFOs are not a new thing at all! This one is very nice, indeed.


Seriously Alec?

John Schneider

Streamed live on Dec 1, 2021
PROOF That Alec Baldwin LIED?! (Gun Demonstration)

Dec 7, 2021

►[Gun GIVEAWAY] Enter To Win Here: bit.ly/3Euxhvg

In a TV interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, actor Alec Baldwin said he never pulled the trigger of the gun that killed Rust’s director of photography and wounded the director. Here is visual proof that what he said could not possibly be true. He had to have his finger on the trigger to make that gun fire.

00:00 Intro
00:30 What did Baldwin say in his “Unscripted” interview on ABC
01:38 What gun we used for this demonstration
02:22 What Baldwin said about “pointing his gun”
02:53 What happens when a bullet is fired
03:22 Baldwin Interview Footage
03:50 Kevin demonstrates Baldwins said in his interview

This single action Colt can’t fire itself.

John Schneider
Dec 5, 2021

Share this with your friends if they are still apt to believe that a handgun can load and fire itself.

Reality can be uncomfortable for some.


UNBELIEVABLY Harsh Daily Life Of North Korean Female Soldiers in 2021

Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park
Dec 6, 2021

Shocking arrest of a North Korean female SPY with an UNBELIEVABLE mission in South Korea

Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park
Dec 2, 2021

Donate: www.paypal.com/paypalme/Yeonm… Join Patron: Patreon: www.patreon.com/yeonmipark Join my exclusive community: yeonmipark.locals.com/


Ball of Fire (feat. Cris Jacobs)

John Ginty – Topic
Jul 18, 2015

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

Ball of Fire (feat. Cris Jacobs) · Cris Jacobs · John Ginty

No Filter

℗ 2015 American Showplace Music

Released on: 2015-07-17

Music Publisher: John Ginty Music (BMI)

Auto-generated by YouTube.



Delta Moon – Just Lucky I Guess

Delta Moon
Apr 9, 2017

From the album “Cabbagetown”, released March 17, 2017
Get your free Delta Moon sampler album: noisetrade.com/deltamoon/delta…


By Tom Gray
(Gray Matter Publishing, BMI)

How in the world did I ever end up here?
Nothing to my name but a pair of sunglasses and a beer.
I got no car. My clothes are a mess.
Oh, I’m just lucky I guess.

I had a woman, as sweet as she could be.
She loved the man she was gonna make out of me.
Now she’s gone, moved out west.
Oh, I’m just lucky I guess.

Just a lucky so-and-so.
Nowhere to be and nowhere to go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I’m just a lucky so-and-so.
Nowhere to be and nowhere to go.

Once I had money. Once I had fame.
Seemed like the more I played the game
The more I learned to like it less.
Oh, I’m just lucky I guess.
Yeah, I’m
Lucky I guess.

Tom Gray: Vocal, guitar
Mark Johnson: Slide guitar
Franher Joseph: Upright Bass
Marlon Patton: Drums

(c)(p)2017 Delta Moon

A thing of beauty.


Mamou Two Step

John Delafose and The Eunice Playboys – Topic
Jul 30, 2018

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Mamou Two Step · John Delafose And The Eunice Playboys · Geno Delafose

Blues Stay Away From Me

℗ 1993 Rounder Records, a division of Concord Music Group, Inc.

Released on: 1993-12-15

Producer: Scott Billington
Composer Lyricist: Traditional
Arranger, Work Arranger: Geno Delafose

Auto-generated by YouTube.



India’s Robot UFO Sighting 🤖

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posted on Dec, 7 2021 @ 07:35 AM
direct link to this post

This case is not one particularly well known in the West.

It occurred in the remote region of Northern India on September 27th 2004. Some 40 miles from the nearest inhabited town of Kaksar and around 15,000 ft above sea level.

A team of glaciologists/geologists from Space Applications Centre (SAC), were on an expedition to study the Samundri Tapu glacier in Himachal Pradesh. When at around 6.45 a.m., they spotted a bizarre object.

What appeared to be a white 3 to 4ft. high robot was hovering just above ground level. The head was cylindrical with two “balloon type” attachments, a body, hands and legs. The object looked like it was moving towards the group until it was approximately 50-60 yards away when it seemed aware of the scientists and stopped for a few seconds. It then retreated and reversed back up the hillside. Noiselessly receding into a tiny white dot in the sky.

Dr Anil Kulkarni the senior SAC scientist said the most striking thing about the object was its movement. “It manoeuvred itself in what appeared to be finely-controlled motion. Free-floating balloons don’t do that. It appeared to have the ability to manoeuvre itself around small boulders, elevations and depressions on the ridge”.

A digital photo of the object was released in the Indian Media.

Theories ranged between a UFO, a new Chinese spy drone from just over the border, to a cluster of balloons. But after the initial media reports public discussion faded rapidly.

Then in 2012, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) and Indian Army reported seeing over 100 UFOs in the Ladakh area north of Sama Tapu. They included sightings of yellowish spheres from the Chinese side of the Indian border crossing the sky for hours before vanishing. A ground based radar unit and spectrum analyser were deployed, but unable to detect anything when the objects passed.

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The Indian Astronomical Observatory, National Technical Research Organization and Defence Research Development Organization were all called in to investigate. None of them were able to solve the mystery of these UFOs. Although, officials refused to publicly entertain the idea that this was extra-terrestrial technology.

Astrophysicist Jayant Narlikar declared in India Today “There is no evidence of UFOS being of extra-terrestrial origin” and intelligence officials, believed the sightings might be a crude psychological operation by the Chinese.

Sunil Dhar, who was part of the 2004 expedition, claimed a more intensive study was required, saying. “Left unexplained, the Ladakh sightings risk slipping into the crack between fact and science fiction….”

Perhaps coincidentally, in April of 2019, Lue Elizondo wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of India. Warning of the danger of not taking UAP seriously and highlighting the ongoing tensions between India and its neighbour Pakistan.

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Well, this is a bit different…


Need Scale? CGI model rover added to the latest engineering images of the ‘Gap’ processed by Seán Doran

Traversing through this terrain has been on every Mount Sharp Ascent Route (MSAR) since before landing. It’s taken over 9 years to get this far, and if you thing this terrain is cool, wait until they get into the Gediz Vallis Channel and drive along the base of the Ridge… It’s going to be memorable journey 🙂

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Short drive on Sol 283: 5 off Navcam mosaics acquired after the drive

Perfectly placed for another sample? Or maybe to study the sand ripples, or even sample sand. The short drive was ~ENE, so not really sure what prevented them from continuing south. Must have been a good target that they could not say no to?

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China’s Yutu-2 Moon Rover Spots a ‘mystery house’ object on the Dark Side

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Yutu-2 has already found a mystery blob in a crater and now while continuing on it’s trundle around the Far Side of the Moon it has spotted a curious cube-shaped object in the distance.

I’ve slightly zoomed in on the object but the original picture and story is Here

Now I know it’s probably just one or perhaps two of kubrick’s monoliths but the CNSA have found it interesting and decided to trundle over to take a closer look at it, it may be just a giant rock or perhaps one of those Alien Moon bases reported to exist on the Dark Side of the Moon , that was why China went there after all.

Andrew Jones, a journalist who addresses the Chinese room system for SpaceNews and Space.com, highlighted a new rover update in a sequence of tweets Friday. The nickname for the dice-formed object translates to “secret household.”

Ah. We have an update from Yutu-2 on the lunar far facet, together with an picture of a cubic condition on the northern horizon ~80m absent from the rover in Von Kármán crater. Referred to as “神秘小屋” (“thriller home”), the future 2-3 lunar days will be invested getting closer to check out it out. pic.twitter.com/LWPZoWN05I

— Andrew Jones (@AJ_FI) December 3, 2021

I’m not saying it’s Aliens but until it’s not Aliens it could be Aliens …. but would the Chinese tell us ?

Here is a wider view. It is estimated to be about 80 meters or 262 feet away.

I am thrilled that they are going to drive over there and take a good look! Fantastic!

In this one I put the dpi up to 300 and cropped it closer.



M3 Express, eh, what?

I don’t remember the Scorpion, sadly. I like it!

Shelby on the down low


Aston Martin Valhalla

There you go!

Hope you like.


The town of Palmanova, Italy, built as a star fort by the Venetian Republic in 1593.

Cool, huh?


Ginny imaged on December 5, 2 hours before flight 17. Will Percy acquire video this time?

317.08 m (1040.28 ft) between the robotic emissaries exploring Jezero Crater. Hiding in plain sight 🙂

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Peeking out from behind a dune.


Extended Workspace with scalebar. Using 28 off Bayer Reconstructed L-MastCam frames from Sols 3313 & 3314.

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Neat looking pointy white piece on the lower right.


Aboriginal painting of a spirit by Paddy Compass Namatbara

Aboriginal art by Curly Bardgudubbu

Indigenous Australian Art by Charlie Tjaruru Tjungurrayi

Beautiful works.


Picture of the Beatles watching Jimi Hendrix performing live at Brian Epstein’s Saville Theatre, London on January 29, 1967, three days after Sgt. Peppers was released.