Bringing Thanos to Life by Chris Nichols

Chris Nichols is an accomplished Lead Texture Artist with over 11 years of experience on 21 feature films.  He’s credited with work at Digital Domain Vancouver, Bardel Entertainment, Whizz Digital, Spin FX, IS Vancouver on multiple films like X-Men: Days of Future PastNight at the MuseumThor, and Alice Through the Looking Glass–just to name a few. Most recently, Chris got a chance to work on Marvel’s most epic villain to date: Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.




Dust My Broom – Slide Guitar – Delta Blues – Edward Phillips

Edward Phillips
Sep 21, 2019

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Mean Mary – Sweet

Mean Mary
Sep 14, 2017

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Artist: Mean Mary
Song: Sweet
Album: Sweet


I don’t wanna be a fool in love and I don’t wanna be a lovin’ fool
I don’t wanna take advantage of you and I don’t want you to take me to school
When I walk, I walk your way, it’s like I’m in a ballet and I got happy feet
Like a kid with a lollipop, I skip and I hop, ‘cause your love is kinda sweet

I wanna little more, mi amore, and I want you to want a little more of me
I wanna take you to a sun-kissed land, where I can watch you tan and sip iced-tea
I wanna kiss and kiss some more on a white sugar shore with no shoes on our feet
You can splash and crash into me in a green apple sea where everything is … sweet

Sweet like candy, hotter than a summer crush
Lovin’ you can be, sweeter than a sugar rush
Sweet like candy, hotter than a summer crush
Lovin’ you can be, sweeter than a sugar rush

I wanna dance with you and kiss in the rain, Don’t wanna have to rein in the kiss
When there’s a storm in paradise it can be rather nice, just trust me on this
When the clouds start looking tough, burnt marshmallow fluff, we, will not retreat
We’ll kiss and kiss till we sneeze, as smug as we please, and as cute as we are sweet

Sweet like candy, hotter than a summer crush
Lovin’ you can be, sweeter than a sugar rush
Sweet like candy, hotter than a summer crush

Mmmm … like candy…




Buddy Guy in 1969 with Jack Bruce and Buddy Miles

Nov 25, 2010


Buddy plays “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and “My Time After Awhile,” straight from his album “A Man And The Blues,” with some British friends.

Oh, my Word, dear friends, wait’ll you hear this!



Incredibly simple tip to prevent birds flying into window

Alex Sally
Sep 20, 2017

Please share this with a birdlover you know. It is often said that between 100 million and a billion birds die in the US each year after striking windows , in the UK the British Trust for Ornithology estimated a few years ago that 100 million birds hit windows each year. I have tried all the usual ways of trying to stop the birds hitting the windows including sticking hawk shapes in the window, which just don’t work. Eventually I came up with this really cheap and simple solution.

Please share this with someone you know who loves birds.


The gap is probably less than 4″ , probably 3 ” and the pen I used is like this (but any white “write on glass” pen will do). Make sure it is white as I think part of the reason it works is by triggering bird’s fear of flying into cobwebs. www.amazon.co.uk/Posca-Marker…

If you are interested in filming birds and wildlife you might like this guide I wrote on filming wildlife. www.amazon.co.uk/Make-better-v…

thank you

This is excellent! If birds have hit your windows, please do this!

Thanks in advance



Papa’s got your bathwater on -Tuba Skinny – The Little Brown Church

Jan 29, 2018

Tuba Skinny (tubaskinny.com) performs at the Little Brown Church in Round Pond Maine, August 23, 2017

Erika Lewis (vocal&drum)
Todd Burdick (tuba),
Jason Lawrence (banjo)
Max Bien-Kahn (guitar)
Greg Sherman (guitar and vocals)
Shaye Cohn (cornet)
Barnabus Jones (trombone)
Craig Flory (clarinet)

To purchase CDs visit tubaskinny.com/music/

This is really good … dig it!



Gary Moore Jack Bruce Ginger Baker – “Spoonfull” @ 720pHD

Jul 27, 2012

Gary Moore, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker – “Spoonfull”


This is a Fantastic performance!!! Just fanfreakintabulous!



Jim Croce – Bad Bad Leroy Brown

Mar 13, 2010

Bad Bad Leroy Brown straight off of the Photographs & Memories album.

For my dear brother John.

leroy brown

Now you know.



Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

My Goddess

Abandoned by W. Wilson.

Learn the historical facts about her fate.




Floting Monsters

© 2009 – 2019 JohnMalcolm1970

This was for a Worth1000 contest in which we were to redo or re-imagine from a selection of children’s drawings. The original was by Derek Burns’ son Stephen.

I like this a lot.



ZL1 Hertz

Rent this car!

Hertz now has 750 horsepower Camaro ZL1s available to rent.

Memories of the Shelby GT 350-H from wayback. Folk took ‘em racing!

Hopefully they’ll all remain intact.

Ha! Hahah!

They also have the 480 horsepower Camaro SS.

These are Hendrick Motorsports limited edition custom jobs, which is a coolness unto itself.




yi qi

The Yi Qi

Art by Emily A. Willoughby

Yi qi – May 2015

Medium: Gouache & digital composite
Time taken: 20 hours
Published in: Wikipedia
High resolution: Purchase print

2-day gouache painting of Yi qi, the bizarre new membrane-winged scansoriopterygid. I wanted to see what the membrane would look like attaching further down on the body than in nearly every depiction I’ve seen so far, which show it attaching on the flank or at the armpit. I can’t get behind a leg-attachment point for this critter; it makes more sense to me that a long-legged animal would want its legs free and flexible. If a sprawling mobile hip-joint can be established for scansors, I’d potentially change my stance on that. Anyway, here’s a semi-new interpretation amidst a flood of recent restorations.

I’m definitely not convinced of powered flight for this critter, so here it is in an extended leap onto a log in pursuit of a Tiaojishan archisargid fly, Calosarugus.

Awesome! Loving it. =D




A Drawing from Captain Marvin McCamis’ description of an unidentified animal he reported seeing from inside the “Alvin” Mini-Submarine in the Atlantic Ocean. The sighting was reported to have occurred while he was inspecting submarine cables on July 20, 1965.

Wow! Look at that!

Now … what does that critter look like to you, eh? Yeah! A plesiosaur!

And it’s twice the length of the sub!

Too cool. Way too cool.

Here are Karl’s thoughts…

Karl Shuker Here’s what I wrote about it in my 2016 book Still In Search Of Prehistoric Survivors:

“Yet another very valuable sighting of a long-neck seen in full while underwater took place in or around July 1965 (not 1969, as erroneously stated in some publications and websites). This was when the U.S. research submarine Alvin, captained by Bill Rainnie and piloted by Marvin McCamis, was submerged at a depth of almost 1 mile in the Tongue of the Ocean off the Bahamas, surveying the underwater listening array Artemis. Suddenly, they spied an extraordinary creature, which possessed a long neck, a somewhat snake-like head, and two sets of flippers that propelled its thick body. Before the submarine’s cameras could be activated, however, the creature swiftly ascended, swam away, and was not seen by them again. Nevertheless, in this particular case the sighting was duly entered into the craft’s log, and both men not only were experienced submarine observers, with hundreds of dives to their credit, but also went on to receive a number of commendations for expertise and bravery in their field, thus cementing their status as persons whose word could be trusted as being reliable and credible.

Moreover, American cryptozoologist Scott Mardis corresponded with McCamis regarding this remarkable sighting (which is how its correct year was confirmed) prior to McCamis’s death in 2004, and sent him a number of illustrations, including plesiosaur reconstructions. In reply, McCamis stated that these resembled the mystery beast that he and Rainnie had seen on that eventful occasion back in 1965. Having observed this creature in its entirety underwater (as opposed to a mere head-and-neck surface sighting), and as their description of its morphology is undeniably very reminiscent of a plesiosaur, their report remains one of the most compelling ones in favour of the reality of a marine cryptid potentially allied to such creatures.”

Scott Mardis Karl Shuker All true. McCamis even sent me a Christmas card.

Also in the comments, Scott Mardis posted this graphic:

elasmosaur info


Be well



Samantha Fish

Samantha Fish

Whoa Lawdy what a fine, fine kiester on that Blues Goddess…

Lincoln Hall Chicago

Photo by Chris Dwyer



Zoë West

Zoë West

Yesterday at 11:10 AM

New Photoset on patreon in my sweet new pants from @dollskill
Photographer- @hiddentigerimagegroup
Model- @zoe.c.west

See set here!

She’s my friend!!!

Sweet Patreon, she has!

I doubt I’ll ever get to meet her in person, though.



The Blues Foundation
Willie Dixon & KoKo Taylor

Happy birthday in blues heaven to the Queen of Chicago Blues, Koko Taylor!

(With Willie Dixon at The Grammys tribute to the blues.)


Remembering Koko Taylor, born on this day in 1928 in Shelby County, Tennessee. Here she is singing “Wang Dang Doodle” in 1967.


The Blues Foundation
September 28, 2016

Happy birthday in blues heaven to the Queen of Chicago Blues, Koko Taylor!

(With Willie Dixon at The Grammys tribute to the blues.)




CT Democrats’ grocery tax fire still a smoldering mess

Attention, CT grocery shoppers.

A few weeks ago I told you about a grocery tax hidden in the Democrat-approved state budget.

While CT Democrats are continuing to both deny the tax existed and claim to have “fixed” it, here’s what you need to know…

My recent op-ed as it appeared in the Hartford Courant.

Reading through my emails the other day, I had to do a double take.

“Democrats Stop the Grocery Tax, Again.”

That was the subject line of multiple emails I received from Democrat lawmakers.

These emails came just a day after Democrats said the grocery tax was never real, and simply invented by “Republican misinformation,” and a week after Gov. Ned Lamont said Democrats needed the money from a grocery tax to balance their budget.

When it comes to the state’s new food taxes, Democrats started the fire. Now they are trying to take credit for putting it out. 

The reality is they didn’t even bring water buckets to their smoldering mess. They just shouted for help and waited for someone else to try to fix it.

The “fix” came in the form of Gov. Lamont forcing his Department of Revenue Services Commissioner to “reinterpret” the law and issue an alternative “defensible” reading. It’s nowhere near a permanent solution. In fact, it still requires higher taxes on many items at grocery stores and markets, showing how disingenuous the Democrats’ initial labeling of this as merely a “restaurant tax” really was. The language of the law remains unchanged and still puts taxpayers in danger of seeing the sales tax expanded to many more grocery store items in the future.

The only way to fix the law is to change the language and pass a new statute. But Democrats refuse, because either they can’t admit they made a mistake, or at some point when the public isn’t looking, they plan to enforce the existing language, tax groceries and hide behind the language of the law.
There’s a pattern to the hypocrisy of Connecticut Democrats. They create problems, deny responsibility then try to swoop in to save the day with inadequate fixes that only leave people more vulnerable in the future.

The grocery tax is a prime example.

The budget passed by Democrats had a tax on many food items never taxed before when sold in grocery stores. That was the conclusion of the DRS, an executive branch office also run by Democrats, after reading the budget objectively.

When the DRS guidance detailing which items would be subject to the grocery tax was released, not one Democrat leader or rank-and-file lawmaker said a word about the DRS conclusion. If DRS truly misinterpreted their intent, why not sound the alarm as soon as they read the DRS guidance? Silence is a clear admission that the Democrats’ true intent was always to tax these items.

It was only after Republicans raised concerns about this tax, followed by media attention and public outcry, that some Democrats started to weigh in and backpedal. The governor’s initial response was that we needed the grocery tax money and it was really about fairness — clearly this was what Democrats intended the tax to be.

But slowly, Gov. Lamont and Democrat lawmakers shifted gears. In a pathetic effort to disassociate themselves with the tax, Democrats threw the DRS commissioner and his staff under the bus and made them the scapegoat for the Democrat budget.

The Democrats, who claim to be the protectors of all that is good, used bully tactics to force the DRS commissioner to revise his fair reading of the statute. Even with all of the bullying, the commissioner held to his strongly rooted principals the best he could, refusing to concede to the Democrats accusatory attacks and instead offering an alternative, “defensible” interpretation of the law. In other words, in the future, groceries could still be taxed.

In the same budget, Democrats required the Department of Social Services to cut $5.3 million from nursing homes. As instructed by Democrat lawmakers, DSS implemented that policy. But as soon as those cuts faced public outcry, Democrats blamed DSS and demanded the agency disregard the law Democrats themselves authored and instead delay the cuts. A delay does not resolve the problem. Yet even as it stands today, Republicans are the only ones who have called for legislative action to correct it. Democrats have refused.

The hypocritical nature of what Connecticut Democrats say versus what they do stems from putting politics and power before people.

Connecticut residents are not fooled.

Taxpayers will remember.

Sent by:
State Senator Len Fasano
300 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106
Phone: 1-800-842-1421

Democrats are quite possibly non-human. They are most certainly sociopaths and are often psychopathic, as well.

Democrats — need burning at the stake.



Dr Jane Goodall

North American Wood Ape Conservancy
Friday, September 27, 2013 at 12:22 PM

“I’m sure that they exist.”

On this date eleven years ago, Jane Goodall sent shockwaves through the scientific community and the public at large with comments made during an NPR interview.

Goodall is considered one the 20 most influential living scientists.

You can hear the relevant portion of the interview, where she expresses her conviction that an undiscovered species of ape exists in North America, at this link: is.gd/CekH33 (above)

Dr. Jane Goodall Speaks About Bigfoot-PGF Normal Speed

Oct 7, 2006

Here’s the radio call-in show in which Dr. Jane Goodall has a little something to say about Bigfoot. Listen carefully to what Dr. Goodall says, she is one of the world’s leading authorities on primates.

Dr. Jane Goodall being interviewed by Ira Flatow, National Public Radio’s “Science Friday,” September 27, 2002.

The color copy of the Patterson Footage that I found on the ‘net obviously has something wrong with it. It plays too fast. I believe the originator of that video clip may have assumed that the film was shot in 24fps (instead of the 16fps that it was probably shot in), resulting in the video being played 1/3 faster than natural speed. This creates an unrealistic motion in the creature’s gait. I found that very annoying so I tried to fix it in this video. I included the MK Davis ‘walking with bigfoot’ enhancement footage, also.

Davis is a real disappointment and has done quite a bit more harm than good to the field.

Dr. Goodall, on the other hand, is a personal hero and exemplifies what it is to be a scientist and a field researcher. I would bet a million bucks that she could do the same with Sasquatch as she has done with gorillas.

The creature is absolutely real and people need to come to terms with that. It is not at all an exotic concept and is an everyday world-wide occurrence in the forests of this planet.


Be well.



This is the lovely Lanyon Quoit monolith in Madron, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Lanyon Quoit

I love those angles! This is a sports/racing model, clearly.

If you go a bit further out along a mostly indiscernable path from here towards an aged mine you will find these…

Lanyon Quoit

And a bit further…

Lanyon Quoit

And further…

Lanyon Quoit

And you come upon this christening station.

Lanyon Quoit

Cool, eh?

Read about the journey wherein these goodies were found at Unexpected walk into a very remote monolithic stone circle, UK.

Amazing whats out there, unseen for a very long time.

Be well.



Shake ‘Em On Down – Delta Blues – Resonator Guitar – Edward Phillips

Edward Phillips
Published on Sep 10, 2019

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As always … fabulous!



Park Ranger Talks About Bigfoot Encounters B.O.R. Ep65

Bigfoot Crossroads
Published on Sep 2, 2019

I’m joined by a Park Ranger who talks about his bigfoot encounters, and some of the strange things he runs across at work in this two part episode. We’re heading into the future with a revamped intro, and a brand new logo from the amazing artist Shawn Langley! Check him out at: www.youtube.com/shawnlangley and facebook.com/ShawnLangley…

Ranger Talks About The Bigfoot Cover Up! B.O.R. Ep65 Part 2

Bigfoot Crossroads
Published on Sep 9, 2019

I continue my conversation with Ranger Dusty, as we talk about bigfoot encounters he has had with his group of friends. Wait until you hear his answer when I ask him about the bigfoot cover up! Don’t forget to subscribe, give us a like, and be sure to check out our brand new merchandise page! If you’ve had your own bigfoot encounter, send me an email at bigfootcrossroads@gmail.com.

Very cool.

Dig it.




Sam Posey and Ronnie Bucknum piloted Mr. Chinetti’s NART Ferrari 512S (chassis #1014) at the 24 Heures du Mans of 1970.

  • source Carros e Pilotos.

This car is yet another classic originating from my hometown. Luigi Chinetti’s North American Racing Team was only a few miles from my hut. My dear friend worked on this vehicle full time. Well, mixed in with working on customer’s cars, of course.

Exciting days. Imagine it being your day job … pit crew … Le Mans … how cool is that?

Be well.



Evidence of YOWIE visits to my Watagans basecamp?! || Yowie call RECORDING || Australian BIGFOOT

Bushcraft And Camping Adventures
Published on Sep 13, 2019

This video tells the story of my realisation that maybe, just maybe, I have been getting visits by Yowies at my basecamp – I’ve had no idea about any of this until recently. I’ve got possible evidence of Yowie visitation, habitation and even audio of possible real Yowie call!

Bushcraft And Camping Adventures FB page: www.facebook.com/bushcraftand… Check us out on Instagram! #BushcraftAndCampingAdventures

Bigfoot artwork by Constantine Sekeris

This is a most enjoyable vid. Well done … the lad’s enthusiasm comes bubbling through. And the evidence found and presented is excellent, in my humble opinion. Maybe this location is a sort of meeting place. Looking forward to the upcoming follow up visit.

Dig it.

ETA: Fixed video.



The clouds Venus infrared

The clouds of Venus in infrared

Source: photos-of-space

Something yoy don’t see everyday.




Heart-shaped lightning formed during a thunderstorm over France.

—via love (Deactivated)

What are the odds? It’s a message from the cosmos, surely.

Be well.



Love Betty!



Bird Song

Audio Animals Ltd.
Video, Bird Song, Duration: 39 seconds, Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 6:51 AM

Bird Song…

www.audioanimals.co.uk – mixing and mastering services

Birds are the most indefatigable of creatures. Smart as a whip. And now to see this again, it’s truly fascinating.

Peace. Be well.



The Dildo Song





Maybe I should move there.