Ford GT40


1968 Ford GT 40.
Mr John of B.
Espíritu de Montjuïc 2019. Circuit de Catalunya.

Timeless and perfect.

My dreamiest dream car of them all.



new pterosaur in lebanon

Lebanonical mappage

New Pterosaur Species Unearthed in Lebanon


Here via the appearance on my tumblr feed of the wonderful allosuchus’ reblogging of alphynix’s post.

Source: scinewscom

Ooh, I just love this… whenever new pieces of the puzzle are found I get a thrill.

You simply must know that there were at least as many species of all forms of life around back then as there are now… and due to the conditions present in those days potentially a lot more than exist today … the scarcity is simply because fossilization is not a common occurrence. Not in the least.



KOHL automobile GmbH, AC Schnitzer automobile Technik

A wonderful Tukilotu as prepared by the notorious KOHL Automobile GmbH, AC Schnitzer Automobile Technik.

It is to lust after.



Nanni, Brands Hatch, 1972

The great Nanni Galli piloting one of the works Autodelta Alfa Romeo T33TT/3 cars at Brands Hatch in 1972. He qualified 9th and finished 6th.


start em young

Because music is the food of Love.

The world needs Love.

But remember … Ear Protection!

We can go to te Moon, but we can’t fix ears!



IckxOliver Mirage M2 69 Nürburgring 1000KmEric della Faille image

The John Wyer Automotive Gulf-Mirage M2 piloted by Jacky Ickx and Jackie Oliver at the 1969 Nürburgring 1000Km.

The awesomeness knew no bounds.

An Eric della Faille image.



Samantha Fish PBS Special Episode 11

Sandy Curry
Jan 8, 2020

Most Awesome Older Footage Of Samantha Fish from PBS.

Just in via our Frank!

An hour of Sammi!




Mercedes-Benz 600


Mercedes-Benz 600


Mercedes-Benz 600


Mercedes-Benz 600


Mercedes-Benz 600


Mercedes-Benz 600


Mercedes-Benz 600


Mercedes-Benz 600

This feature is quite simply the best thing ever!

Mercedes-Benz 600

1966, it was…

Mercedes-Benz 600 Sedan

Imagery by Chapron

Source: stefialte

A majestically magnificent machine that definitely had an air of authority surrounding it. You could actually feel it!

I wanted one so bad. But we were poor and I was 11. I still want one today! A 600SEL, especially! Whee!











MGB GT Sebring

MGB GT Sebring

I had a roadster, which was fantastic and fun, but I always lusted for the GT with it’s sexy coupe styling.

fadingNot sure if the MGB GT Sebring was a real thing, what with my rapidly fading memory, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

And then there were the V8s!



Noble Streamline Car and Teardrop Tralier, 1930s

A Noble Streamline Car pulling a Teardrop Trailer. Sometime in the 1930s.

I dunno, man, I really dig it and gol dang it if I don’t want one madly to love and to go hunt dinosaurs in.

Sweet it would be…




It’s elegant. And sounds so good.

a77 mkiv

Timeless, this icon is. Lookin’ simply gorgeous over here with those sexy blue reels.

ReVox A77 MKIV by Willi Studer.

I lust for a PR99…




The inimitable Bozak CMA 10-2DLA stereo mixer preamplifier.


A true legend, it has a cult following. I would love to have one; for the phono circuits, especially. It’s out of my league, of course, price-wise. This one’s going for $2,100 bucks.


Made with no nonsense just 15 minutes Northeast of here. Extremely highly regarded by everyone. This was the first pro level DJ mixer and was a standard for the then-new field.

All hail Rudy Bozak!

Superior speakers, too, came from Rudy Bozak, a point-source dude!.



1969 Mercedes-Benz C-111


🔸1969 Mercedes-Benz C-111🔸

We call it a concept car, though Mercedes would term it a research vehicle. First unveiled in 1969, the gull-winged wonder sported a 280bhp three-rotor Wankel engine. In 1970 a refreshed car was wheeled out with a four-rotor powerplant then in 1978 an all-new car emerged, with diesel power, as pictured.

Extremely aerodynamic, as a diesel it broke a speed record for that fuel of 200mph in 1978, and a year later with a 4.8-litre petrol V8 it achieved the extraordinary average lap speed of 251mph.

A total of 16 cars were produced.

I’ve been in mad love with the C-111 from the instant I saw it. An incredible automobile.



UNCUT STS-48 UFO “event”

Martyn Stubbs
May 16, 2009

This is for the researcher who wants to see this “legendary” clip in full. It goes from “normal” at night, to the 1st NASA shuttle video to show a UFO!

Relive the ‘buildup,’ not expecting anything as thunderstorms are being observed.

From Martyn Stubbs’ NASA UFO Archives.

These were heady times. These were good times.

I miss the old days.



Quad 12L Studio

OMG how lovely!

The fantabulous Quad 12L Studio!

These are basically my 12Ls but in a powered version! And we know how good Quad amps are, eh? That said, mine are powered by a Hafler P3000 transnova, so mine just might win! Ha! Hahaha!

Gosh, even so, I would love to get these, just because they are what they are — but, there’s my persistently non-existent budget standing firmly in the way, as I doubt that affirm will help me. As usual.

Oh, baby…



silence of our friends

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.




Mark Donohue's Ferrari 512M, Watkins Glen 1971 (did not finish)

Mark Donohue’s Ferrari 512M, Watkins Glen 1971 (did not finish)

I remember it so well. I was just 16 years old.

The times were exciting back then. Things were … “real.”



Photo Credit Haroon Ali


Photo Credit Haroon Ali


Photo Credit Haroon Ali

Beautiful pictures of the solar eclipse of December 26, 2019 in Saudi Arabia.

Photo Credit: Haroon Ali

Just mesmerizingly spectacular…










And this is the GT350R I just configured at the Ford site.

Who would have ever thought a Mustang would come in at just shy of $78,000.00 and be worth every penny? Ha!



I got to go upstairs and give my gifts to my Angels and hang with them and the lovely mommy’s parents.

My princess loved her new outfits as did her Mom and all of them were highly praised by everyone. Which caused me to get warm fuzzies. And to cap it off I got some gifts, too!


super buggy


super buggy


super buggy


super buggy


super buggy


super buggy


super buggy

This is the coolest buggy I have ever seen!

I don’t recognize it and google is no help whatsoever. I can’t make out the hood ornament… Anyone know this car?



Mazda RX-500

The Mazda RX-500 concept of 1970…

Firebird III

And the General Motors Firebird III concept of 1958.




Celestino Quijada

“Celestino Quijada, the man who saw Hitler in Bariloche. Testimony in my book The Second Life of Hitler (1945- ), Planeta Editorial”
— Abel Basti

Abel is a great researcher. I so wish that someday he will release his books in English.