Peter Green – Slabo Day

D.J Panos Salonica
Published on Nov 2, 2012

Released: 1979

This one is from the album back in the day.

Peter Green ❀ Slabo Day ☆HD☆

Tony Yay
Published on Nov 13, 2017

★ Peter Green ❀ Slabo Day ☆HD☆

This is a later one with the Splinter Group. Peter has suffered greatly and it is heart breaking but he has obviously still got it.

God, bless him every day. Thanks.

be well



Roy Buchanan – Turn to Stone (live)

Sam Mendez
Published on Jan 19, 2011

1981 Toronto Canada El Mocambo

Roy Buchanan’s take on this classic Joe Walsh song.

And what a spectacularly sweet take it is!

be well



This is a 9-song playlist featuring Katmandu, a band formed by Peter Green that did not last long at all. The songs are:

Blowing All My Troubles Away, Dust My Broom, One More Night Without You, Crane’s Train Boogie, Boogie All The Way, Who’s That Knockin?, Sweet Sixteen, The Case and Zulu Gone West.

From Wikipedia: ( sorry 🙂 )


Katmandu were formed when ex-Fleetwood Mac leader Peter Green became dissatisfied with his solo career and his band Kolors, and looked to form a new band with new musicians. Retaining Kolors percussionist Jeff Whittaker, he made contact with former Mungo Jerry frontman Ray Dorset through a mutual acquaintance, and they met up at Dorset’s Satellite Studio, where he was running a video and commercials production company. During a jam session, one of Dorset’s clients from a Swiss company made an offer to fund recording sessions and an album, providing £120,000 for this purpose.[1]

Recording and split

Green, Dorset and Whittaker were joined by former Atomic Rooster keyboardist Vincent Crane, along with bassist Len Surtees (ex-The Nashville Teens) and drummer Greg Terry-Short (ex-Ozzy Osbourne), and recorded an album during December 1983 and January 1984.[2] A Case for the Blues was not released until 1985, but by then the group had already split up. According to Whittaker, Green had enjoyed recording the album but became disillusioned over Dorset’s handling of the group’s finances and refused to work with him again.[1] Green reformed his band Kolors in the summer of 1984, retaining Whittaker and Terry-Short, but by the end of the year the band had disintegrated, and Green began a period of 12 years of musical inactivity. Thus the Katmandu project represents Green’s last recorded work before the Peter Green Splinter Group‘s first album in 1997, apart from one track recorded with Mick Green in 1986.[1]

Later releases

A Case for the Blues has been re-released several times, sometimes as a Peter Green solo album, such as the 1987 release on the Original Masters label.[3] Other releases credit the album to Peter Green and Friends.[2]


  • Peter Green – vocals, guitar, harmonica, drums
  • Ray Dorset – vocals, guitar, bass guitar, harmonica
  • Vincent Crane – keyboards
  • Len Surtees – bass guitar
  • Greg Terry-Short – drums
  • Jeff Whittaker – vocals, percussion, drums


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Ahh, there is nothing quite like the world of music, eh, what?!

be well



Peter Green – Fool No More

Published on Dec 22, 2011

Peter Green with a most beautiful performance.


Yes, I’ve packed up my clothes
I’m moving away from your door
Lord, I’ve packed up my clothes
Said, I’m moving away from your door
I’ve been your fool for so long
Babe, I won’t play that fool no more

I gave you all my money
I work as hard as I can
I came home early one morning
I found you with another man
Babe, I’ve packed up my clothes
I’m moving away from your door
Said, I’ve been your fool for so long
And lord, I won’t play that fool no more


So good-bye baby
You don’t even care
Yes, I had a love so strong for you
But you treat me so unfair
Said, I’ve packed up my clothes
I’m moving away from your door
You know, I’ve been your fool for so long
And babe, I won’t play that fool no more

The Lord God singeth.

The Lord God playeth.

be well



Mean Mary – Big Red Barn (banjo, fiddle and mandolin)

Mean Mary
Published on Sep 18, 2010


Mean Mary on her (Deering Goodtime) banjo, plus fiddle and mandolin. Frank James on guitar and Tim Miller on spoons.

Song Big Red Barn from the album Walk a Little Ways With Me. Available at meanmary.com

This is a great song by my latest overriding obsession that happens to be an excellent companion to my sorrowful peal in the previous post. Funny how that works.

Jesus, this lady is just WOW!

be well






Very Nice!

I remember Soundcraftsmen… high quality, professional grade gear from California. And now that so many decades have gone by, your loser host can now finally afford to get one!

be well



jerrie cobb

America’s first female astronaut candidate, pilot Jerrie Cobb, who pushed for equality in space but never reached its heights, has died at her home in Florida.

Cobb died March 18 following a brief illness, said Miles O’Brien, a family spokesman. She was 88.

In 1961, Cobb became the first woman to pass NASA’s astronaut screening process. Altogether, 13 women passed the arduous physical testing regimen and became known as the Mercury 13. But NASA already had its Mercury 7 astronauts, all jet test pilots and all military men, and none of the Mercury 13 ever reached space, which left Cobb bitter.

“We seek, only, a place in our nation’s space future without discrimination,” she later told a special House subcommittee on the selection of astronauts.

Instead of making her an astronaut, NASA tapped her as a consultant to promote the space program. But she was dismissed after commenting: “I’m the most unconsulted consultant in any government agency.”

“My country, my culture, was not ready to allow a woman to fly in space.”

Truly sad. We’ve since grown out of that phase, but I am saddened that such brave and excellent people as Jerrie Cobb never got to shine.

Just think how proud we would have been.

This story here via my dear friend Margaret O’Brien



lil baby Adi

Lil baby Adi.

Hey, check this out…

paraguayan love

Via Abel Basti

Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 8:57 AM

Conmemoración pública del natalicio de Adolf Hitler, Diario ABC, Paraguay (2011)

Public Commemoration of the birth of Adolf Hitler, ABC Newspaper, Paraguay (2011)

Some folks get it. Most have been indoctrinated since birth.

I was indoctrinated, too, for many years, but finally my intellect saw what had happened and it all fell away.

be well



Just in from two of my dearest friends…

“Look what we found on our trip this week to Point Judith, RI!”


I hope it lived up to it’s name! Hahahahaha

Will find out soonest… 🙂

be well



estancia San Ramón

Abel Basti

La estancia San Ramón, refugio de Hitler en la Patagonia, a prinicipios del siglo XX era del príncipe alemán Georg Schaumburg-Lippe. Tras su muerte en 1911, fue heredada por su hijo Adolf. El nuevo príncipe detentó el poder hasta 1918 y al término de la Primera Guerra Mundial se vió obligado a abdicar. Ante la posibilidad de que el gobierno alemán expropiara sus bienes, la estancia fue transferida por su propietario a la sociedad Treuhand creada al efecto de preservar su capital. El príncipe Adolf Schaumburg Lippe murió en México en 1936. Su hermano menor el príncipe Friedrich durante el Tercer Reich fue colaborador permanente del jerarca nazi Joseph Göbbels. El hijo de príncipe Georg, Stephan Alexander, hermano de Adolf, fue diplomático de Hitler, cumpliendo funciones en Sofía, Roma, Río de Janeiro y Buenos Aires

The San Ramón Stay, refuge of Hitler in Patagonia, at the beginning of the 20th century was the German Prince Georg Schaumburg-Lippe. After his death in 1911, he was inherited by his son Adolf. The new prince held power until 1918 and at the end of World War I was forced to abdicate. In view of the possibility that the German government would express its assets, the stay was transferred by its owner to the Treuhand society created to preserve its capital. Prince Adolf Schaumburg Lippe died in Mexico in 1936. His younger brother Prince Friedrich During The Third Reich was a permanent collaborator of Nazi Hierarch Joseph Göbbels. The Son of Prince Georg, Stephan Alexander, brother of Adolf, was a diplomat of Hitler, serving functions in Sofia, Rome, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires

Abel is really good at digging this stuff up! He is a friend of the discoverer and master researcher Harry Cooper.



Chris Isaak – Wicked Game(Official Video)

Ani Shqepa
Published on Aug 11, 2012

I’m in love with this song, hope you all enjoy it 🙂

I also love the heck out of this song.

be well



zoe c west

Zoë West

Chillin’ at the country club, drinking cocktails for lunch…

Photographer- @deftfotos
Model- @zoe_cw

#lingerie #ethereal_moods #travelingmodel #nolamodel #neworleansmodel

Fantabulous to the max.



casa del armero

La casa del armero de Hitler, Ricardo Slowik, en Bariloche. Av. Los Pioneros kilómetro 6.200. Era socio del Club Andino y tenía la casilla de correo 106. Hitler trajo a la Argentina su colección de armas. Actualmente allí funciona una escuela.

The house of Hitler’s gunsmith, Ricardo Slowik, in Bariloche. Avenue of The Pioneers, Kilometer 6,200. Slowik was a member of the Andean Club and had the mail box 106. Hitler brought to Argentina His collection of weapons. Currently theres is a school here.

Just in from Abel Basti. =]




2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

via reddit


2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 in Grabber Lime

via reddit


2020 Shelby GT500

via reddit


Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 2020

via reddit


1969 Shelby GT500

via reddit

Legendary performance, iconic style.



owl mural

Gosh it has been ages since we’ve had a good mural …and regulars will know of my love of murals.

Well, here is a rather hot Mustang, poised for attack in front of Maxxer242’s spectacular owl mural in Riverside, CA. Photo might be by Jeff Soto, but I am not sure. Image via reddit.




Crypto Hunt
Published on Mar 10, 2018


This would be so grand and life changing for me. I see its a year old so I must’ve missed it anyway. But I’m sure there’ll be more. It would result in my blindness, though, as Id be out of luck for my eye drops, a third of which need refrigeration. Seeing any of these creatures might well be worth it though. Hey, a boy can dream.

be well



Like I said in the previous post… this woman IS ALL THAT.



This woman is a Goddess.

Candace for President!



yummy, chewy pokies

Working primarily in bronze, Chinese artist Luo Li Rong produces realistic sculptures that convey the beauty and grace of the human female figure.

Yup. With an emphasis on yummy, chewy pokies!