zoe_cw I feel like I got more curves since the whole 30 thing.

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Zoë is simply amazing. No doubt about it.




Jan 2, 2008

Diana’s entry in Channel 4’s TOP TV SEX BOMBS List, interviewees include Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman, Linda Thorson and Brian Clemens

Number 2?! No. No. No. No no no.

Diana Rigg is and always will be my ultimate dream girl… and especially in her role as Mrs. Emma Peel.

No one can replace this Goddess in my heart or mind. She is just absolutely perfect.



“Gypsy Rover” — Tracy Newman

Tracy Newman
Aug 28, 2015

This is from a 1965 PBS series called “What’s New” which was shot at Brooklyn College. Tracy Newman did 6 half hour shows.

I so love Tracy Newman… she’s so fine. Truly a treasure!



Toughest Job in the World

Nataraj VR
Oct 8, 2019

Thank you all so very much for the incredible job you do… seriously.

I love you all. I am, in fact, in awe.

And Mom, my precious Mommy in Heaven, I love you most of all!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Three Girl Chums at Laurel Hall; or, The Mystery of the School by the Lake

Three Girl Chums at Laurel Hall; or, The Mystery of the School by the Lake (The Barton Books for Girls #2). May Hollis Barton. New York: Cupples & Leon Company, 1926. First edition. Original dust jacket.

Nan, Jo, and Sadie plan to attend Laurel Hall together. Their plan is threatened when Jo’s father loses his money due to theft by an employee. Meanwhile, Jo rescues Nan’s Aunt Emma from a fire, and Aunt Emma becomes Jo’s benefactor. The three girls leave for their new school. Upon their arrival, the three girl chums unwittingly make an instant enemy who does all she can to get the friends expelled from school.

Source: books0977