Nightmare 002

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Nightmare 002 by ortheza on DeviantArt


An extremely exquisite cryptozoological rendering! The world needs a goodly amount more of this sort of thing.

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Hunting Dogman!! Do Cryptid Hunters Really Exists ?

Dark Waters
Streamed live 19 hours ago

Do Cryptid Hunters Really Exists? Hunting Dogman. Tonight On Chasing the Truth we interview a “Dogman Man Hunter”. Dogman is one of the most popular cryptids in the paranormal world and pure nightmare fuel. Sean Graham releases another Dogman Interview and we can already fell the controversy swirling in the air. Sit back listen and enjoy Chasing The Truth.

Over two hours of creepy stories from master storyteller Dark Waters. Dig it.

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Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia
Published on Sep 4, 2016

00:12 Neil Waters, Amateur Researcher

01:20 John Barrie, Amateur Paleontologist

01:23 Dr. Bob Paddle, Scientist / Author

Like Dr. Paddle, I wish the researchers Godspeed in finding a Thylacine. It would be thrilling! It would open so many minds, too, and that might be the best part of it all.

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Utah UFO’s Speed Finally Calculated (*Backed by Math) and It’s Shocking

brian hanley
Published on Jan 30, 2019

Check out Rob Woodus’ channel:…
Rob’s 1st video:
Rob’s 2nd video:

Deep Space by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…) Artist:

Nicely done. Same result as before, but with two more added for different starting points. Shocking, indeed.

Oh, hey, here is a quickie. Please note that I do NOT endorse the use of the term “cockpit.” That’s a dangerous leap.

Stunning NEW Enhanced Images of Utah UFO Reveal the Craft Has a Cockpit!

brian hanley
Published on Feb 6, 2019

New enhanced images sent to me by EG (AKA Evil Lemon) reveal that the Utah UFO has a cockpit. What do you see?


Brian needs to stay strong and avoid the evil WOO!

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Sherwood Forest Father and Son Wildman Account, British Bigfoot? 2013

D. Hatswell Creature Reports
Published on Feb 26, 2018

A lady driving home from work sees two upright hairy unclothed me standing at the treeline in Sherwood Forest. Sherwood has a number of hairy upright caveman type reports. Who is moving in the forests being seen by us humans as we drive on by. A large number of drivers reports seeing strange hairy figures along the roadside or crouch down as if to hide. What are these Figures/Creatures. To view all of the accounts see the map link below.


Thank you for your continued support if you have any queries please contact me at the email address above.

Deborah Hatswell

Deborah is so dedicated, it is truly an extraordinary thing. Of course, her drive to know is powered by an extraordinary and deeply frightening encounter as a youngster. And that’ll do it, as you might imagine.

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Apparently all that hub bub with the summit that I was excited about has had zero practical, real world effect on the place. It was recently reported thtat the government reminded the people that listening to broadcasts from the south would result in the death penalty. So, yeah, big effin’ deal.

Where freakishness knows no bounds.



How naked World War II sailors ended up riding Mongolian ponies in the Gobi Desert to shoot bazookas at the Japanese

“Set off explosives and run like hell.”

By Linda Kush, World War II Magazine


Led by Capt. (later Rear Adm.) Milton “Mary” Miles, SACO [Sino-American Cooperative Organization] quickly expanded its role, fighting the Japanese on the mainland in exchange for protection of SACO’s weather and radio stations by the Chinese army.

The Japanese weren’t the only threat: the operation was undermined from the very beginning by factions within the U.S. Army, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), and the State Department — which demanded to know what the hell the Navy was doing on the ground in China.

But by the end of the war, some 2,500 SACO men had served in China, not only cracking intercepted Japanese code and gathering crucial meteorological information but blowing up enemy supply depots, laying mines in rivers and harbors, rescuing downed American pilots, and training thousands of Chinese peasants in guerrilla warfare.

Well now, that’s kind of different from the standard fare.

I thought it sufficiently ‘out there’ for inclusion here.

Apologies for the scarcity of good weird stuff. Good ‘n’ weird is good.


Exclusive, Jaw Dropping UFO Sighting Caught on Camera, New Footage Reveals

brian hanley
Published on Jan 9, 2019

I usually cover politics, but when Sam Chortek and Jimmy Chappie came to me with this exclusive UAP footage, I had to break the story. This video has never been seen by the public until now.

The RAW FOOTAGE can be downloaded here:
All Rights Reserved. 2019. For media inquires, contact [email protected]

Just saw this a few days ago on ATS, the thread is called Exellent UFO footage out of Utah taken in 2016 just now posted Clear What do you think ATS?

I think it is fabulous. And I haven’t seen a good UFO video in so long it’s silly. This one, though, is different. See if you agree.

RAW FOOTAGE Finally Released of Exclusive, Jaw Dropping UFO Sighting Near Area 51

brian hanley
Published on Jan 11, 2019

RAW FOOTAGE available for download:…
Check out our original video for more background info on this sighting and an exclusive interview with the videographer behind it:…
All Rights Reserved. 2019. For media inquires, contact [email protected]
Footage captured by Sam Chortek and Jimmy Chappie Footage captured using a DJI Inspire
Follow @BrianJHanley on Instagram for more exclusive coverage. We will be interviewing the cameramen on Instagram live this weekend

EXCLUSIVE: Drone Pilot Behind Utah UFO Footage Comes Forward W/ EXPLOSIVE Information

brian hanley
Published on Jan 20, 2019

Produced by Brian J. Hanley / Interview with Jimmy Chappie


Now an excellent and thorough analysis of the video has been done by an independent researcher.

Stunning New Analysis Debunks Claim That Utah UFO Was a Bug, It Reached 9,000MPH

brian hanley
Published on Jan 25, 2019

Special thanks to Rob Woodus for the analysis:

And here is the analysis video that was used in the voice over version above.

2016 Beaver, UT – UFO Video Analysis

Rob Woodus
Published on Jan 15, 2019

This my video analysis of the recently uploaded footage from 2016 of an unexplained object captured on drone footage. IMPORTANT: The Reddit post associated with this video in r/UFOs with over 400 comments and 2 gold awards was locked by the moderators and hidden from the feed. Decide for yourself if what you are allowed to know is being managed. (Direct Link…)
Check out the original video for more background info on this sighting and an exclusive interview with the videographer behind it:…
Usage via fair use, relevant news analysis. Brian Hanley – All Rights Reserved. 2019.
For original footage media inquires, contact [email protected]
Footage captured by Sam Chortek and Jimmy Chappie Footage captured using a DJI Inspire

EDIT: Disclaimer – Some viewers have reference the colors or brightness of objects as indications to consider. While this may be true the clips in this video have been adjusted for brightness/contrast. As such I recommend the original HD video download from Brian Hanley be referenced for color information. Thanks!

This is great news. I had given up all hope on UFOs and especially UFOolgy.

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Did you ever dissect a frog in biology class? You did? It’s their turn! Join me as we discuss the peculiar legend of the Loveland Frogman! Why hesitate? Dive in head first… the water’s fine… but you won’t be! Who knows what horrors you might meet!? — spookybruceys

The Loveland Frog is one of my favorite cryptids. Partly because I love frogs. Partly because it was sighted and reported, more than once, by police officers. And partly because it’s just too cool not to love. Funny commentary above. I have not heard of this source until it appeared on my dashboard today. That first pic is a keeper, eh.

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Werewolf by Daniel Demmler

Excellent artwork via morbidfantasy21

Regardless of this being a great illustration, these creatures are quite real, be assured of that.

Sightings are becoming more frequent, from park rangers, even. Be careful. Please.

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“We see dead people, the downside is she doesn’t.”

My sister and I grew up in a village in a certain country in southeast Asia, our home back then was a two-story, with three bedrooms on the second floor one for me, another for my sister’s and the last one is for our parents. I’ve called this a home until I became thirteen and then it became something.

It was the day after my thirteenth birthday, I’m fully exhausted throughout the day with all the pot-busting, parlor games, and other stuff so I decided to lay on my bed and just sleep it off. As I slowly drift myself to sleep, I heard a sudden thud on the ceiling, I hastily opened my eyes and to my shock, I can’t see anything, it’s pitch dark. I slowly stood up and reached for the light switch just at the left side of the door. I flicked the light switch on and nothing happened, still I’m in my dark room, I tried switching it on and off multiple times but still, it doesn’t work, that’s where the creep reached me. I can hear someone breathing just above me, I can feel its icy cold breath that smells like death touching my forehead, I quickly glanced at the ceiling but to no avail, I saw nothing but darkness, I reached for the doorknob and ran downstairs while screaming on top of my lungs.

I saw mom downstairs looking at me with such worried eyes asking me what happened, I told her what took place in my room. She went with me upstairs and as she pulls open the door there’s no one inside and the light was turned on, she tried it to turn it off and on again and it worked. Was it just my mind playing tricks on me? But what about the chilling putrid breath I felt? I shrugged it off and slept with the lights on.

The next day I played with my sibling Ciara, who’s two years younger than me, we unwrapped the dollhouse I got yesterday as a birthday gift, we usually share toys, dresses and secrets, we’re like best friends sisters. As I disassemble the plastic furniture from their package frames, Ciara went to the kitchen downstairs to get some snacks so we could play cooking afterward. I was left inside my room alone. As I assemble some figures, with my keenest sense I heard someone giggling in the ventilation on my ceiling just over my head, I was hesitant to look up but what would a dead-curious just-turned-thirteen do? So I slowly lifted my head with extreme nervousness then Ciara banged the door really loud, that made my heart jumped. She laughed seeing me shocked with her grand entrance, with all the irritation I can muster, I threw the stuffed toys just behind me at her. After all, those lousy throwing we went back to finishing the dollhouse. At the middle of our play Ciara stopped and looked at my forehead, with her shocked expression and pale skin I can tell that there’s blood on my forehead, she’s afraid of blood, I quickly wiped my head with my arms and ran down the kitchen sink to clean those blood. It turns out it came from something else since I have no visible wounds on my forehead. After cleaning up, I went upstairs and told Ciara that it was just a bad prank, that I stored some ketchup in my room and put some on my head while she was busy playing with dolls, even though I have a hint where it came from.

The night has fallen and I’m totally scared and nervous. After I’m done with all of my before-bed routines, I stood still under the ventilation in my room, looking upward, I may seem brave but for each second that passes my heart pounds faster. While directly staring into the dark abyss just above me. Someone rushed to my room and popped out of my door, I was startled and I fell on my feet, yes, it’s Ciara again saying goodnight to me. She laughed on her way back to her room. I decided to keep it off of my imagination and laid down on my comfy bed with the lights again, turned on. As I venture the deepest dreamlands in my sleep, I was awakened by a cold puff that runs from my left ear up to my right cheeks. I opened my eyes and again I can’t see anything, there’s no difference between keeping my eyes closed and keeping it open. Bullets of cold sweat are now starting to make its way on my face, I never tried to move. I lay down there, on the bed that should keep me comfortable and relaxed feeling the opposite. After a few seconds, I can slowly feel something on my face, something sticky and it smells like rotten flesh, I grabbed my blanket and covered my whole body assuming that it’ll keep me safe throughout the night until my fear has finally given in and I fell asleep.

This became a recurring event sometimes it happens in three consecutive days, sometimes just once a week, I became less and less frightened of the dark until that night when things have changed.

This night my dad went off to work leaving the three of us at home. Right after eating our dinner we stayed in the living room to watch some drama series, the thing we usually do every night, after a few hours, when the clock struck nine, it is the time to face that being again. After doing the things that should be done before bed, I turned on the lights in my room and finally laid myself to slumber, while sleeping deeply, I heard that familiar puffing on my right ear again, I didn’t open my eyes, instead, I pushed myself to go back to sleep but things got worse, the thing no longer blows air, it spoke.

“Let me have those eyes, your face, let me have you!”

It sounded like a voice from an old woman, like a witch murmuring near my ear, with a terrifying giggle. I stood up opened my eyes, I can’t totally see anything, I am frozen at sitting position, my heart is pounding really fast as it wants itself out of my chest, I have dead cold sweats, I am starting to shake and then I heard a scream, Ciara. She’s screaming at the top of her lungs, the sound is coming from somewhere near but I can’t see her, I’m unable to move until I fully recognize the words she’s screaming.


I recognize seeing strands of hair afterward since the thing looked at Ciara, I pushed myself to the corner of room, as I look at this terrifying creature, no, it’s a terrifying woman, her skin was pale white like she was drained out of her blood, she’s wearing a tattered white nightgown with random smudges of dried blood and dirt, she’s standing on the ceiling upside down and she’s directly looking at Ciara.

“Go downstairs, Ciara!” I shouted. The undead woman turned her face back to me. She has a wide grin, and no eyes, those dark sockets, empty eye sockets that fill half of her face that upon glaring will give you the feeling of being dragged into the deepest chasm of hell. I came to realize that all those nights, it wasn’t actually dark, I was actually directly looking into something, my whole sight was devoured by those abysmal holes. The creature started moving, towards me, twitching with every step, I was petrified right there, I can’t move a single muscle, until finally, it made its way in front of me, I’m seeing all darkness again, I can feel her grip on the back of my head, it’s not letting me go, I gathered all of my strength trying to push its head off me but I can’t, it’s stronger than me. It released a terror-stricken shriek.

“Your body will be mine!”

I heard the floor pounding from the footsteps, it must be mom and Ciara, I heard mom shouting my name, she saw nothing, she saw me pushing something invisible in the air, she saw me struggling to free myself from something, she can’t see the demon inside my room while Ciara keep on screaming, seeing how real my struggles are. She grabbed me by my stomach with her right arm and dragged me and Ciara down the stairs to the living room. At that moment, I was blankly staring at nothing, my body is almost lifeless, I can’t move anything, I can’t hear what they’re saying, but I can understand what’s happening, until Ciara screamed that that monstrosity is coming for us, coming for me. The air is filled with adrenaline. Mom, terrified by what’s happening, picked up her car keys and told Ciara to open the car while dragging my drop-dead body outside. We got inside the car and mom drives to our Aunt Lita, I gained my full sanity when we’re far enough from our home. On our road to Aunt Lita, Ciara and I explained to mom what happened, mom called dad then we spent the night at Aunt Lita’s house.

The next day, we left Ciara at Aunt Lita’s house and we went back to our home with dad. When dad opened our main door, a smell of rotting flesh welcomed us, the sofa and furniture were ripped apart, there were animal furs and feathers everywhere, our house is totally messed up. We went to my room and we were surprised by what we saw, there are lots of dead animals, rabbits, chickens, cats, even lizards and there’s a scribble of their blood on my ceiling,

“I almost got you little Caitlyn, until we meet again?”

P.S. I told this story to /u/MinaMentos and she drew it.

submitted by /u/Ygzid 
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Quite creepy, wouldn’t you say?

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Ensio Röyskö

Finnish World War II veteran Ensio Röyskö looks over his shattered camera. While taking photos on the frontline in Karelia, a Russian sniper shot his camera, destroying the camera and wounding Ensio’s face. 29 June 1942

Here via captain-price-official.

Damn, that must have been some kind of rude awakening, eh? Holy Cow! Missed by an inch, as they say.

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Freddy Silva

One major discovery during my research in New Zealand: Locating one of the calendar stones set up at Castle Hill (in the background) by the Urukehu, the tall, red-haired gods who lived there before the flood, and navigated to Easter Island and Lake Titicaca. The alignment on the ‘sun-dial’ offers two dates: Orion’s Belt on winter solstice 10,450 BC, a momentous date at the Giza Pyramids and Göbekli Tepe. However, in the tradition of the indigenous Waitaha, the Southern Cross is also mentioned, and does appear above the stone on the spring equinox 14,800 BC.
All this and much much more will be included in my upcoming book this March (hopefully), tentatively titled The Missing Lands: The Search for Earth’s Pre-flood Civilization.

My old Fortean friend Anthony Zappia sent this forth from his HQ in Australia … and, oh boy, I am so glad he did because… well… The Old Ones!

The more ancient the better, don’tcha know  and that thing has some pretty good-looking dates to it.

be well, eh



My old friend Karl Shuker shared this neat pic that was posted by the National Cryptid Society.

Karl said…

Reminds me of the reports from tropical Asia of bigfoot-like entities – not all such cryptids in Asia are yetis restricted to the icy mountain ranges, it would seem.

Quite likely a rock ape that everyone encountered in Vietnam and Cambodia during the war there.

Karl said he’s going to do a book about them!

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Hey, y’all, it’s the Father of all Turtles making an appearance as a fine Fortean sea monster, setting the world of cryptozoology on fire as the most spectacular cryptid of modern times.

Nice. Big.

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Shadow people are believed to be ghosts that take the form of a dark humanoid mass and haunt areas where there is a lot of clutter or activity. Nobody knows what they are, but a lot of experts in sleep deprivation claim that seeing these figures is one of the most common side effects. However, the pictures above appear to give us some tangible proof that these entities may actually exist.

bundyspooks reblogged radioactivelizzy


Source: bundyspooks

Ooh, modern Fortean critters! I’ve not seen one and don’t particularly want to. Haven’t heard of them ever doing anything bad, unless lurking and presumably observing is bad, but it would be pretty creepy to catch a glimpse I’d think.

Not a fan at all of the ghost origin theory, if anything in my view, they would be a separate entity unto themselves.

These are allegedly photos of them, but, who, like anything else, knows, eh?

Hoping they’re figured out one of these days, preferably in my lifetime.

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Kinda neat how that works, isn’t it?

The Old Ones knew… so much.

And then the “ancient” Egyptians came upon the magnificence of these structures and proceeded to build a culture around and in awe of them.

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Piper’s Yowie Footage: On August 28th of 2000, Steven Piper reportedly captured footage of a Yowie (Australia’s Bigfoot) while in New South Wales.

View more on Instagram


Is it? Well… maybe… maybe not. Could be, though. They’re as elusive as our version and a lot nastier for reasons unknown.

So nasty in fact that there are areas where folks try to avoid at all costs,even if they’re piloting a tractor-trailer truck.

So, um, yeah. I’d still dig going on searches. Especially if carrying extra underwear. Sadly the forces of evil won’t let the Australian people protect themselves.


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Well, good golly gosh!

While searching for “fortean” on tumblr for new blogs, I came across this post from Andy McGrath’s thebeastsofbritain, (which I already follow as it’s an excellent blog), regarding a visit by himself and Champ researcher Katy Elizabeth, both Fortean Facebook friends, with a dear old friend of mine!

Wa Hey!




















Whilst travelling from Maine to Vermont with my friend Katy Elizabeth, we stopped at the home of American Fortean, James Boyd, to admire his awesome collection. He was a true gentleman full of awesome stories and experiences and a very gracious host.

#James Boyd#fortean#cryptozoology#Nessie witness#international cryptozoology conference#Beasts of Britain#Katy Elizabeth#champ search#Andy McGrath#New England#BOB in the USA

Wow, this was an awesome surprise. Due to my situation, I haven’t seen Jim in ages, well over a decade now, sadly. He is as described above and more… a good friend to have. A Fortean since forever and a dedicated supporter of the International Fortean Organization for decades.

Hopefully I will get to hang out with him again one day…


be well


is it tassie

“This image was taken by a man named Peter Groves in January of 2019. He claims to have seen the Thylacine when he was walking a trail in Clifton Springs, Australia. Groves said that the animal did not seem to be wary of him at all and that they stared at each other for about 5 minutes. Some believe it looks like a mangy canine or a fox, but others see a striking resemblance to the Thylacine that was in the film The Hunter and dub it as a hoax.”

God, there are so many hoaxes. I hope this is not one of them, but, not having seen The Hunter, it is sad that it quite likely likely is exactly that.

From cryptid-wendigo

People… sigh.

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arthur two heads jackson

via sinister-twisted

Whoooa! This is brilliantly rendered and my goodness, it certainly is an ever so outstanding thoughtform.

It would probably be an incredible adventure talking to this artist.


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July 16th, 1995 – Chad Gewecke is found wandering the woods of Tanyard Creek in North West Arkansas. He is admitted with minor injuries, and when questioned, he claims his friends were taken or killed by “something huge striding through the trees” that mimicked their voices.

spotted when screamcometrue reblogged it from the cryptozoologygirls.

Source: slimyswampghost

That thing is exceptionally creepy and apparently either quite angry or ravenously hungry.

Justin Case, meine volk, be careful out there, eh.

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For your pleasure, dear readers, a lovely little tale from the folks at creepypasta!

My daughter kept a shoebox under her bed, filled with cocoons she found in the woods. I thought they were insects. I was wrong.

My daughter Hannah had always had a fascination with bugs of all kinds. She collected them and kept them in a terrarium she insisted I buy for her when she was six. It was on a constant rotation as her interests changed; when she was younger, it was ladybugs and caterpillars. Now that she was a teenager, she got into more unusual things, like mantises and stick insects. Much of the time, I thought she related better to them than she did to me and her friends at school. Not that she had many of them, but she was never bullied; she just kept to herself. That’s probably my doing, though; my wife and unborn son were both lost in childbirth, and when I adopted Hannah, I never really tried giving her anything girly to do. So, her going out and doing things in the woods and collecting bugs never struck me as odd.

What did strike me as odd was her terrarium was currently empty; I found the shoebox and asked her about it, and all she said was that she was working on a project. And as she reminded me, they don’t have cocoons, they have “ootheca.” It was something that kind of looked like a cocoon, but sounded more like a Dr. Seuss creation than a real thing. Still, of all the bugs she found, mantises were the most interesting to me; the way they stood, with those close in the air. Hannah and I watched one on the front porch once, stock still, just waiting for something to walk by. She said they ate other bugs, and sometimes each other. I asked why they ate each other. Without missing a beat, she said that sometimes, the larger females would eat the smaller males after mating, or if unlucky, sometimes before, leaving nothing but wings and a few legs behind.

That was around the time I stopped asking her questions about insects.

Despite how odd the shoebox was, I put it out of my mind, because what was most important to me was the annual town chili cook-off. To close out the summer, our little town put on a big fall festival, and besides cider, donuts, and local bands who couldn’t make it big anywhere else, we had a chili cook-off. I knew this year was my chance to win something. I had never placed, but this year I had a recipe I was sure was going to make everyone stand up and take notice. I especially wanted to beat out Harris Bolls, if nothing else. Harris usually won first place, but got dethroned last year, and had spent the better part of the year telling the winner, Ellie Hopkins, that she cheated every chance he got. He tried to pass it off as joking, but everyone knew he was just being bitter and an ass about it.

As I worked on my recipe in secret every night, perfecting the recipe wherever I could, life in the house went on as usual, with Hannah taking her little trips out the woods to collect and catalog all her little specimens. Thing is, she would come in fairly late at night, mostly around dinner time, and except for the shoebox, I didn’t see her doing much of anything else.

I wasn’t completely stupid; I felt like there was more to it than she was letting on, but hey, at least studying bugs was a better hobby than smoking weed and skateboarding around town like most of the teenagers around here did. But I couldn’t help the feeling that she had found someone, and just didn’t want me to know who it was. She probably would think I didn’t approve, but hanging out with anyone was a step up in my book.

On the day of the festival, I was sure my recipe was going to be a winner. Harris would never even know what hit him. I got up around the crack of dawn, only to find Hannah was already up. Now that was certainly strange; she barely woke up at all unless I went in to get her. Still with that shoebox at her side.

“Hey, Dad, just wanted to tell you your chili tastes great. You should make sure you have some later.”

I was flattered that she even cared. But, despite her kind words, I had tried so much of my own chili trying to get it ready that, to be honest, I was kind of sick of eating the stuff. I didn’t say that to her, but I did thank her. Amazingly, she wanted me to give her a ride to the festival, when I didn’t even know she had planned go. I was so happy, I didn’t even remember to buckle my seatbelt on the way there.

I was actually one of the earliest, as more and more shuffled into the tent. Harris and Ellie were actually among the last to arrive, and gave each other dirty looks as they set up on opposite sides of the tent. I was just happy to see Hannah come in right when the tent opened.

She came by, smiling, and said, “I think the competition is going to be really fun this year. I’m really hoping you win.” With the shoebox still under her arm, she started going to all the other tables. I hoped she wouldn’t ruin her dinner trying absolutely everybody’s, but again, just the fact that she was here made me feel on the top of my game.

As the day wore on, I could swear most of the town came through. Most of them complimented my chili, but when the judges came by, they all wore their best stone faces. I couldn’t tell where I stood, but I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I just hoped that nobody cared that I went and got a couple of hot dogs from one of the food trucks outside for lunch. They were some kind of teriyaki/Korean barbecue-style things. Really wish I had thought of those; they were pretty good.

Finally, the time came when the judges reached their decision. Near the entrance flap, the judges stood up, and announced third place: Ellie Hopkins. There was a nice round of applause, and she took the award with a smile.

Then second place: Me. More applause, and I raised my arms in triumph. Sadly, though, even as I grinned and accepted my little silver cup, I felt a twinge as I could guess who the first place winner was.

I was right. Harris had claimed his crown once again. He acted as you might have expected a five-time champion with no sense of class would act, yelling like he was so surprised that it had happened and high-fiving everyone, even if they didn’t have their hands up. He took his gold trophy, cleared his throat, and began delivering his victory speech, which sounded like he had been practicing the night before.

He got three lines in when he cleared his throat again. He got one more line before he gave a horrendous cough, and then made a sound like his chili was coming up again.

It would’ve been hilarious, if everyone in the tent, other than myself, hadn’t started doing the same thing.

Harris clutched at his throat and retched one last time, and this time I could see his throat had something terribly wrong with it. It was swollen, and reddening with each passing second. His whole face was turning bright red, in fact.

I looked around for help, but the EMTs on hand in the tent were also grabbing at their throats and falling to the ground.

I ran to Harris and, assuming he was choking, got in place to give him the Heimlich. I gave one quick thrust.

It was the worst thing I could have done. In that moment, I felt something underneath Harris’ skin, at his stomach, squirming and wriggling, and when I applied that pressure, it made it all press up and out.

Something greenish fell from his mouth in a wave, and then his nose, and then his throat. It split open like a sausage that had been squeezed. The greenish wave, I saw, started writhing on the ground in a thick mass. I stepped away from Harris as his body fell to the ground, as more and more of those green things emerged from his throat and his mouth, and then, to my growing horror, his eyes.

I looked around the tent and saw that the same thing was happened to everyone else there; green insects forcing their way out of every hole imaginable, and when they couldn’t do that, made their own way out. Soon everything in the tent was covered in them.

Covered in small praying mantises. And then they started to feed on everyone they had landed on. If they hadn’t pushed their way out of the eyes already, that was what they went for first.

They even started coming for me. Some landed on my bare arms and started biting. I brushed them off, and heard crunching underfoot as I ran over and stomped as many as I could, escaping the den of horrors.

I ran from the tent and out into the open festival, gagging and wishing I had eaten something so I could throw up, but instead I saw people screaming as several people out in the festival were covered in mantises as well.

I looked for Hannah, remembering how she had been in the tent so early. I wanted to make sure she was okay. But I couldn’t find her. Even as more and more people started coughing up the little mantises, she wasn’t anywhere to be found. I tried calling her on her phone. No answer.

I then heard a strange, far off noise. It was a high-pitched whistling, like an emergency broadcast made with a defective dog whistle. A loud hum came from all around me, and I had to duck as every mantis in the place swarmed out of the tent and away from the fallen bodies. They scratched me as they passed, and then, suddenly, they were gone. I got up and saw the insect cloud flying off to the west.

I didn’t wait around. I ran as fast as I could to my car, to chase the cloud. I didn’t know what I thought I would do, having gotten such a late start trying to catch it, but I finally saw where it started to dissipate. I pulled my car up in my driveway as I saw the last hints of the cloud vanishing into the woods behind my house.

Weeks later, when the police sent me video someone had on their phone, catching Hannah pulling something from her shoebox and dropping it into a pot of chili in the cook-off, I can now say I was not surprised. I can also say they’ll never catch her. Because what I found in those woods, I haven’t revealed to anyone, until now.

In the woods, I came to a clearing. A few mantises were still fluttering around there, but thankfully they ignored me. I saw things carved into the trees. Some of them looked years old. There were weird shapes, like a hieroglyphic language, as well as images of an insect. It vaguely resembled a mantis, but I could see digits, like fingers. When I could see words I could read, I kept seeing the phrase “He Who Preys” written all over.

And then I saw a trail leading into the woods.

I followed discarded clothing. I picked them up. It was the clothes Hannah had been wearing that day.

They led to a large, brown, shape, attached to a tree. It looked like a sleeping bag, but larger, with a large hole in the middle, like it had split on the inside. Something ichorous dripped from it.

But there was something else inside. Something brittle. I pulled it out.

A skin. A shed skin, like a snake. But not a snake.

A human skin.


But there was more.

I followed a trail of strange footprints to another small clearing. And that was when I went to go get a lighter and some gasoline, to destroy everything in those unholy abominations of those clearings.

In that clearing was the largest set of wings I had ever seen. Along with several pairs of legs. They all looked like they had been chewed.

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Oh, I do love me some creepypasta!

Some of the writers there are truly gifted.

They can really get you going sometimes. It’s how I found out, to my relief, that it’s a fiction forum. But oh, man, it’s so good.

be well