BMW 507


BMW 507


BMW 507


BMW 507


BMW 507

The gorgeous, sensual and powerful BMW 507.

One of my all-time favorite conveyances!

ETA: I knew I should have looked this one up!

This BMW 507 Restomod features S62 V8 in beautiful renderings

www.bmwblog.com › Models › Concepts

The BMW 507. What hasn’t been said about it already? It’s probably one of the most beautiful cars ever made. At the same time, it was so revolutionary back in the day that it nearly bankrupt BMW. It was a bet against all odds and even though it was meant to be a proper rival for the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, its high price tag made it a flop back in the day. A flop that would lead to less than 250 cars being made, turning them all, over time, into proper collector’s items.

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Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell

Bob Dylan & Joni Mitchell, Austin, Texas, January 28, 1976 © Watt Casey.


“Dylan showed up at the Austin concert, and he was acting really weird. He showed up onstage like a crazy person. He wandered around through the amps. He made it very apparent to the audience that he was there, but he never came forward. He just got on the stage and wandered around. We didn’t sing anything together.”—Joni Mitchell, “Reckless Daughter” David Yaffe, 2017.

“In response to minutes of clapping and stomping, Joni Mitchell at last returned to the stage, bringing a friend with her: Bob Dylan. Dylan was finally cajoled into doing a duet with Mitchell, but he only tapped his foot and played guitar while she sang “Both Sides Now” alone. Next, “Girl from the North Country,” with Dylan still maintaining silence. When, more than half-way through the song, he finally opened his mouth, anticipation was running so high that even a croak would have been greeted with cheers. He was, in fact, so hoarse (presumably from his concert in Houston on Sunday) that he could do little more than croak his way through the verse.”—Lisa Tuttle, Austin American-Statesman, January 30, 1976.


Patti Smith


Patti Smith, 1976, by Lynn Goldsmith.

“I don’t consider writing a quiet, closet act: I consider it a real physical act. When I’m home writing on a typewriter, I go crazy. I move like a monkey. I’ve wet myself. I’ve come in my pants writing….Instead of shooting smack, I masturbate – fourteen times in a row…I start seeing Aztec mountains…I see weird things. I see temples, underground temples, with the doors opening, sliding door after sliding door, Pharaoh revealed – this bound-up Pharaoh with ropes of gold. That’s how I write a lot of my poetry.”

~ Patti Smith in 1971, from Patti Smith: An Unauthorized Biography, by Victor Bockris and Roberta Bayley

Source: rockandrollphotogallery.com

Love Patti.


water mars


Water Present on All Rocky Planets, Martian Meteorite Study Suggests


#planetary science #space #science #Mars

This is excellent news. Think of the possibilities!


Joni Mitchell


Joni Mitchell at the Isle of Wight, August 29, 1970, by Tony Russell

Source: ew.com

Major crush… lol


Zoë West Another from the projector room by @andrewjbacha

Another from the projector room by @andrewjbacha

Yes, indeedy, that’s Zoë C. West behind that reel.


Adam Lee Marcus posted a video to playlist Bluegrass Life.

February 2, 2016

“Down in the River to Pray” by the amazing Hillary Klug, Mallory Eagle and Brenna MacMillan.

So good… so much talent.

Bluegrass’ future is safe and sound.


Sara Seager: Search for Planets and Life Outside Our Solar System | Lex Fridman Podcast #116

Lex Fridman
Aug 16, 2020

Sara Seager is a planetary scientist at MIT, known for her work on the search for exoplanets.

Sara’s Twitter: twitter.com/profsaraseager
Sara’s Website: www.saraseager.com/
The Smallest Lights in the Universe (book): amzn.to/3g3LfHA
Podcast website: lexfridman.com/podcast
0:00 – Introduction
5:32 – Falling in love with the stars
9:55 – Are we alone in the universe?
15:27 – Seager equation for number of habitable planets
27:48 – Exoplanets
34:44 – Earth-like exoplanets
40:43 – Intelligent life
52:34 – Number of planets per star
55:09 – Space exploration
57:36 – Traveling to Proxima Centauri
1:00:52 – Starshade
1:07:34 – Using the sun as a gravitational lens
1:09:44 – Starshot
1:12:45 – Rogue planets
1:15:44 – The Smallest Lights in the Universe
1:30:15 – Book recommendations
1:37:48 – Advice for a young person
1:39:29 – Meaning of life

This is an absolutely fascinating conversation that I highly recommend. Exceptionally enlightening and a very sad story at the end.


Katy Elizabeth

October 28, 2018

For my friends who missed last nights show. Myself on NBC’S “1st Look”. The echolocation we captured, I will upload tomorrow so you can hear it better .Hope you all enjoy it! Enlarge screen for better quality


Katy’s so cool. I’m proud to call her my friend!

Wait till the warmth returns… I have such good feelings about next year.


de Tomaso P72


de Tomaso P72


de Tomaso P72


de Tomaso P72

The gorgeous new de Tomaso P72 will start production… here in America… in 2022!

The late, great Alejandro de Tomaso would be so proud…

Images courtesy Ford Authority.


Lizzy A. Acosta

Lizzy A. Acosta

Kenny Roland Photography is in Las Vegas, Nevada
September 14

This latin queen is def one of the sexiest women I know @lizzyaacosta by me @kennyrolandphoto
Thanks for the location @heymelmel and @michael1evers



They do things differently in Brazil.

It would seem, from this picture, to be a very nice place to live.

Theyre probably at war with evil forces or something.





I am gia ace pant / ace pants with white contrast stitch.


Maya Stepper

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Bella Hadid


Lily Bowman. Reddit r/LilyBowman




Jayden Bartels (@jaydenbartels) • Instagram photos and videos


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Ioanna Shvec

IG: IoannaShvec_


Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner – from the coffee table book, “Angels,” exploring the wonders of femininity from the photographic master Russell James.



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An unknown sweetie. Sweetie needs to be cherished…


Let The Worries Fly

Erin Coburn Music
Jul 12, 2016

Original song and composition by Erin Coburn off of my Chaos Before Conformity Album

This young girl has 70’s soul in her heart she’s an awesome talent she’s one for the future no doubt! and she’s very funky in her sound too!
Stevie Ray Hat!!!
2,328 views and I was the first LIKE? What the heck is wrong with people?
Absolutely great original, thanks for sharing.
Blissfest 2016 .




Maria Ainei






Alexandra Agoston by Alexandra Agoston


@amnamalia by @wernerstoltz


Kathy Zheng

IG: Kathyyymm






Louise Guileux 🇫🇷

ninrev @ instagram

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These images are as close as God lets me get to experiencing any of it in real life.

For I am cursed, you see. Simple as that.

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From Cincinnati, Ohio, Erin Coburn performs on the Road Trip Concert Series

Rising Star Road Trip
Premiered Jul 25, 2020

Today, on the Road Trip Concert Series, we’re in Cincinnati for a live performance from Erin Coburn Music. Erin is making music that is primarily Rock, which is heavily influenced by artists like Badflower, The Black Keys, and Cage the Elephant. Having released her debut album Chaos Before Conformity in 2015, followed by her sophomore release Queen of Nothing two years later and her third record in 2019, Out From Under. Since then, Coburn’s fanbase has grown both nationally and worldwide.Writing all her own material, Erin is an accomplished songwriter, which is beautifully showcased through her three studio LP’s. Her lyrical output focuses on the theme of not fitting in: “I am my own best friend and always have been, ever since I left public high school halfway through sophomore year to go to an online high school for gifted and talented students” Erin states. Through her music, she hopes to bring together all the “misfits” around the world. In Erin’s world “misfits” is not a negative connotation it is a crown to be worn proudly. Not only is she a talented vocalist and lyricist, but Erin also plays multiple instruments, including the electric guitar, ukulele, bass and acoustic guitar. She has multiple sponsorships and endorsement including Strandberg Guitars. Presented by Empower U Motivational Business and Personal Coaching, and WINEntwine Events Ltd.

From Cincinnati, Ohio, Erin Coburn performs on the Road Trip Concert Series

Rising Star Road Trip
Premiered Jul 25, 2020


The Moot Music Cafe was live.
August 20
The name is Erin Coburn 🙂 now let’s rock.

For tips: www.paypal.me/ErinMarieCoburn

NEW SONG “The MiSFIT” out now on ALL streaming services!


Follow me on:
Website: www.erincoburn.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ErinCoburnMusic
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/ShenanigansOnTheHill



Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Richard Whiteman

Source: ladybegood

Such a wonderful woman and an inspiration for the whole world!