Current status

Well, it would appear to be a new year. I hope the temp goes up in the north so my lady’s pipes unfreeze. I pray John gets through to lead more folks to Egypt. I hope my brother John gets through to one day talk to me. That shit makes me cry out loud like a baby.

I am supposed to be so damn smart… really out there … well … as far as the practicalities of living in this greed-driven world are concerned, I am as thick as a plank. No offense to planks… Really, I am just this close to helpless. It’s bad. Real bad.

Slept in again today. Got up well after noon. Which is cool I guess but there is important stuff to do; that needs doing; and now the light will only last a couple of hours and hell. I know I am not supposed to beat myself up about it. I’ll try. Success not guaranteed.

I don’t know what to do. I’ve never known what to do. I’m sure I never will know what to do. I should get in that dumpster that’s out there. But I can’t.

The boy would be traumatized. And I’d never know if she was serious about giving me a life I could actually be proud to live.

But PentaProps™ to my Angels, especially J and C. Without them, if I was very lucky, I’d be living under a bridge.

J and C


actual ufo via the Hessdalen, Norway research / science station.

should try to steer clear of this fellow.




Nope, there is, quite simply, no way. None. Fuggedaboudit.

No way to fix my brain, that is.

I am hopeful that my mind is alright… it seems to be… but there is all this brou-ha-ha of both the chemical type and the external trickster-out-to-get-me type that my mind can only peek through random holes in the pile of debris overlaying everything.

It is not comfortable.

The chemical type trouble had gotten completely out of hand with the passing of Aunt Clare. I was knocked right off the rails. Down deep into the ravine. Angels kept popping up to keep me on the path, but the path was an unfocused nightmare that I still to this day can not describe. The buffoons at the Greenwich Hospital Emergency Room once again proved their non worth to anyone with anything mental happening and so they were just a diversion from the angels. My doc fixed it however with a truly proper prescription that took effect immediately.

I am left, though, with the brain I had before. That is not necessarily a good thing.


Angels still!


I wonder if I will ever, I mean e v e r, have anything even approaching happiness in my life.

I would very much like to thank the person who bought a bunch of postcards from High Strangeness Art. Bless You!!! I have never before sold more than one postcard at a time. Ever. So yes…bless you!



Agenda 21, The Plan To Kill You – David Icke

David Icke
Published on Aug 14, 2016

World Tour Tickets – 2016/17

Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 The Plan To Kill You – David Icke – The United Nations Depopulation Plan

The global cabal of U.N. Agenda 21 is behind global warming, regionalism, zoning, land and water use control, wealth redistribution, weakening and eventual replacement of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, global warming, cap and trade, Smart Grid, Smart Meters, carbon taxes, high gasoline prices, global citizens, IB World Schools, Common Core nationalized education standards, biofuels, Marxist advancement across the globe, food control, water access control via the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), gun control, health control, the Arab Spring/Winter, unchecked illegal immigration, and they are unstoppable.’

All David’s Books Now Available Here Social Media To have David’s Videocast sent to you in full every week, Click here All David’s Books Now Available Here 2016/17 World Tour Tickets Latest News From David Icke – Videos, Articles and Social Media For The People By The People – Europe’s Number One Independent Radio Show Music –…

Once again David Icke fully and accurately explains exactly what is going on behind the curtain of our world.

He does it very well. Please listen to this.

Not so much into what he says about that little thing in Alaska… I may look around at that again…

But as far as how this world works — financially and politically and all of that other stuff…

He has nailed it. The world outside your walls is exactly the way he says it is in this lecture. Seriously.

I strongly suggest you listen to this man very carefully.

Seek out opportunities based on what he says.




Be on the lookout for Santa’s favourite Elf, FishElf, spreading Christmas cheer all over the world. Samantha Fish with Chris Alexander and Go Go Ray.

Ferd Di Ubaldo to Samantha Fish Fans

Appearing here for all of us via my dear friend Frank Petrilli, stage and screen director extraordinaire!

I am starting to realize just exactly how blessed I really am … and it is mind-blowing … and if a right proper a$$h∅!e like me enjoys such treasures, I implore you to look at your life and see just how blessed you are! Be amazed!


It is everything and it is all that matters.





ai ai



Sometimes life feels like this:

At other times it almost feels “like it’s supposed to…”

ok here is the scoop…

I recorded some yammerings in audio.

Didn’t get all that far but got a good start…


Will need to cut into pieces as the files were way over the limits for upload here, which is 100MB. The main one is 384MB for about 15 minutes of Igular utterances. Soon… soon… tomorrow eve probably.

Note: I will stick them on here where they are supposed to be.


OK, fair warning… these are 100% unedited and will no doubt be borderline excruciatingly awful to listen to. But That is, in essence, what an Ig is. Learn why I only half a handful of friends. Learn why even uncontacted tribes in remote forests want me dead.





Well, there’s 15 minutes of not a lot. I will get the hang of it eventually, I would imagine.




ooI am not sure, truth be told, if things are actually okay. Oh, some things are, some things are going well, some remarkably well… but… is the “earth” below me giving me good steering or what?

Bin trustin’ them angels and so far so good with that. Taking mental notes… some fascinating evidence, methinks, or evidence on waylate realization.

Currently, the propulser for said earth seems to be in neutral; and at idle; so, that’s not good. It also feels quite strange that I have no idea what’s happening with Aunt Clare’s upcoming events. Maybe that’s not so bad as I seem to be pretty shot and need about a month of sleep. Full recharge. Or something… just… sleep!

It is with glee that I let it be known that there are now TWO authors here!
Unprecedented, it is, yes!

Everyone welcome Ariel Christopher,
who will post whenever her wacky schedule allows.

This feels good.













Meanwhile, down below:


In a powerful victory for indigenous rights in Brazil last week, the Toronto-based company Belo Sun Mining had its license to drill revoked by a federal court, dealing a significant setback to its efforts to gouge a mega-mine into the banks of the Amazon’s Xingu River.

In the unanimous ruling, the court cited Belo Sun’s failure to uphold the right of local indigenous communities to prior consultation on the project’s complex social and environmental impacts, which would compound the destruction already wrought by the adjacent Belo Monte hydroelectric dam. It also ordered the company to carry out an “Indigenous Component Study” to measure the project’s specific impacts on indigenous communities and territories, stating that a new licensing process will not be considered until Belo Sun has undertaken all of these measures.

Last week’s victory is especially notable in a region already reeling from the devastation of Belo Monte, a mega-project that steamrolled human rights, environmental protections, and the rule of law to drive a wall of concrete across the mighty Xingu River. As Belo Sun’s “Volta Grande” gold mine appeared set to follow Belo Monte’s notorious path of rampant illegality and corruption, the determined efforts of local indigenous peoples, Brazilian federal prosecutors, and NGO allies have thrown up a formidable roadblock to the multibillion-dollar project.


It was quite pleasurable seeing some good news come out of the Amazon.

I was especially impressed with the court — it actually went with the law and the people!


There is hope, friends!





My goodness… this was intended to be the big status update, but it was started a couple of days ago and we know how that goes… I will indeed be attempting a big status update, as things are going better than expected, I am compelled to thank the cosmos profusely for this as I dont do well with trauma traditionally and this was really strong stuff.

So, yes… more shortly. (Where have we heard that before, huh?!)

LOL enjoy the thrills…

“The Moon Is Full” from the album ”Hard Truth” by Coco Montoya. Released: 2017. Track 7 of 11. Genre: Blues.

“Giving Up on Your Love” from “The Big Sound of Lil’ Ed & the Blues Imperials” by Lil’ Ed & the Blues Imperials. Released: 2016. Track 1. Genre: Blues.

“Keep On Rollin’” from “Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio” by Elvin Bishop. Released: 2017. Track 1 of 12.

“Hard To Feel The Same About Love” from “The Beautiful Lowdown – Curtis Salgado” by Curtis Salgado. Released: 2016. Track 1 of 12. Genre: Blues.

“When The Lights Are Burning Low” from “Promised Land Or Bust” by Moreland & Arbuckle. Track 4 of 11. Genre: Other.




Trickster’s on a roll again, but the decision has been made to drive the little twerp up the wall. Successful we have been, too, so far, by just taking the non-stop schemes in stride and as they are delivered.

So far it’s been a string of landlordy stuff. The trillion year old trap in the main drain to the town sewer line got clogged after a 30 or maybe even more year hiatus and got cleared as was previously posted along with some new piping for my kitchen’s nether regions. [Oo, nether regions ; )] Two weeks later… horrors! They had to return to use jackhammers and a crew of three to dig out said trap and sort it out properly, as in bring it up to this epoch’s code of operation. As of this writing the cost is unknown but it is reported to be of some significance. I am hoping against hope that the driveway will still be able to be on as they are due to commence on either the second or third week of November. Got some stuff to fill the hole till then. Meanwhile, gotta put in a new baseboard heater to keep em warm up there. Hopefully won’t be toast at the end.

Hopefully you all have been disabling liberals on a daily basis. Our planet really needs them to be in the soil, not above it. Please help. It really is vital. It is more than likely, in fact, that nothing in our 250,000 year history has ever been this important. Note that if garroted or hung they can be used as food, but not if impinged upon with standard lead projectiles.


What would be fabulous is if I could finally stop cracking my effing ribs. It is becoming … bad.

Oh dear. Been napping a lot. Like an old coot.I would rather not wake up.

Eyes worse than ever.

Put a personal in craigslist. Got 90 bots, 0 humans. Sounds about right. I already know that will never… ever… find anyone and be happy. This soul is only allowed agony. No good things are allowed to happen.

Oh well.



Oh ai…I swear I am not right in the head. A recent study said that peeps who forget a lot are unusually intelligent. While finding it reassuring that I am “okay,” as a 99th percentile lad it is starting to escalate daily. This, I assure you is not a good thing. Especially when it affects others, sich as my aunt or my friend who asked me to help with his new play. Two days ago. Bad Iggy, Bad! Seriously. I also forget to even eat. This is becoming rather uncomfortable. Like the Queen said, we are not amused.

Oh man. I hope I can get a handle on this. Soonest!

On a lighter note today brought the grin inducing news that the word Patagonia translates as Bigfoot! How cool is that? Seems the whoke region has been known worldwide as being the abode of giants since Magellan in 1520 or so. And of course locally since the year dot. Well, only a few folk know today outside of the locals.

It would appear that there was a race of humans there who were pretty good size and robustly built, but not big enough to strike us as giants. Regular folks of the day and especillay peeps from Yurrop never got over five and a half and were mostly fivers. So to them, these beings were giants.

But the gauchos and farmers reported Bigfoot size critters regularly. But they had tails. Fascination grew in my heart and continues to do so because the most likely suspect is the giant ground sloth species known as Megatherium, who fits the bill perfectly… and… wait for it… is suspected by some to not be extinct but to still be out and about!

The only downside is their most likely location is close to impossible to get to on foot. It has been deemed a no-fly zone for some silly reason.


Ooh I want one of these!

It would help me provide my special services.

But I doubt any ladies would come over and take advantage of it.

Hopefully one or more would prove me wrong… contact me and I will order it up quick, like a bunny!





I might get this simple one, too, cuz it gets it done… check out this versatile piece out at my sto’!


Hi fellow Grockles,

Just heard from Zeke, John’s getting his treatments and fingers are crossed.
He asked me to post the following, which is to a pretty sporty event!
The page:

FEB 10th! John Anthony West Project Telethon w/ Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, Robert Schoch, Laird Scranton, Edward Nightingale, and MORE!

February 1, 2017


Presented by Sacred Geometry International and Den of Lore, in cooperation with Clay Roup – For the most important show we will ever do, and on this very special night, John Anthony West’s friends & colleagues come together to help spread the word of John Anthony West’s fight, discuss his work, and share warm stories of the man himself.

Between each guest, we will be announcing the updated amount of funds raised for Clay Roup’s Official Fundly campaign, the bonus thank-you-gifts being offered for making a donation, and at what giving level they are available at.



Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, Dr. Robert Schoch, Laird Scranton, and Edward G. Nightingale.

Scotty Roberts has stepped out for medical reasons. Thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. GET WELL SOON SCOTTY! We will miss you, but hope for your speedy recovery!

More to be added!


Dr. Robert Schoch – Author, & Professor Boston University
Edward G. Nightingale –  Researcher & Author
Seriah Azkath – Host – Where did the road go?
Camron Wiltshire – Sacred Geometry International


Jimmy Church from Fade 2 Black
Darren & Graham from Grimerica
Greg from The Higher Side Chats


John Anthony West’s work has touched millions of people’s lives the world over, and fought against close-mindedness and ignorance, while promoting critical thinking on where our true history and our culture’s past could come from. Now it is our turn as a community to give back to someone who has given so much to us.

We are with you in this fight John, every step of the way.


Our goal is to raise $10,000 for John’s treatment during the broadcast – and another $40,000 during the next 7 days as we release the audio edition of the podcast. Let’s make this a reality.

Excerpt from Clay Roup’s Fundly Campaign Page

John Anthony West, the Emmy award winning Egyptologist who took on the ‘Quackademics’ and conventional dating of The Sphinx is now taking on Cancer.

World renowned Egyptologist, writer and satirist John Anthony West has spent the majority of his life fighting academia with his controversial theories of ancient Egypt. In the first days of 2017 John was presented with a new fight, this time he is battling cancer instead of the “Quackademics” (one of many JAW’isms).

For those not familiar with John’s work, one can start with his 1993 Emmy award winning documentary, The Mysteries of the Sphinx, narrated by Charlton Heston. John first hypothesized and then proved geologically that the Sphinx is vastly older than the conventional date of 2500BC taught in schools. Simply put, he has changed the way we look at the history of our civilization.

John West was adamant about using alternative methods over the extremely harsh ‘standard of care’ treatment that would be tough on any person at any age.

The great news is that John has been accepted in the renowned Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, much like John, is a genius that the establishment does not know how to deal with. The FDA has continually harassed Dr Burzynski for using non standard of care methods, even though his treatment has shown more promise than traditional protocols. His patients testimonies have led to the FDA to consistently fail in their stubborn litigious pursuits.

Most non-traditional cancer treatments are disregarded from health insurance policies, giving most little choice in the matter. In addition to being radically cheaper, Dr Burzynski’s patient case studies have detailed incredible results. Be that as it may, the majority of health care institutions do not acknowledge. This of course requires people like John Anthony West to settle his medical care out of pocket.

We cant let that stop these two from trying.

The Rogue Oncologist meets the Rogue Egyptologist, soon with your help.

We estimate the medical obligations, financial commitments, and on-hold Egypt tours for 2017 to be $155,000. 100% of all funds will go to John West and his family. We also welcome your ideas and suggestions to help out this living treasure to continue his pursuits.

Peace to you all.

This has kept me in trouble, but I do like doing it.

I am now the compositor for this erstwhile publication. Truth be told, it is a semi-reprise of my role as editor and publisher.  Gosh that was long ago. See if you can spot all the errors I missed at the end  of the day.

But it was great. Hadn’t done any print work in I don’t know how long.

This will do me good.



Good place for Squatchin.’

Could lay back and have numerous helpings of grool in real peace here, too. I was thinkin’ with some sort of Geordie / VR kind of gear hooked to a cam one could eat and Squatch at the same time. Oo

Uhm. Yeah. Im okay now.

This space is really strange! But it seems – so far – that things have worked out in the end. Looks like it will continue, too. Most unusual, in my catalog. And angels. Yeah. They visit. Today, even.

The studio is coming along, design wise and will soon be sorta functional. Wires are so dear. My God. I can only get a few at a time, sometimes. Need to booth up, though. I have a ton of Canare 2 conductor but getting connectors and building them would cost about the same and possibly a bit more. I used to make all of my mic, line and instrument and speaker cables. Then they are custom, with the true meaning of custom. This shouldn’t be an issue but times are not eggs ackley abon danza, eh.

These ladies look like they would be great friends. I want all my angels as free as these birds.

But due to the outcome of this excellently succinct illustration, the emails are getting hysterical. Which is pretty wild. Heard it was because they’re being told no for the first time. Seems legit. I mean, they’re not even all in there yet.

Much more frightening is considering that none of them seem aware that what is depicted in that art is exactly what happened. And, naturally, hardly anyone realizes it was all to plan and went down smooth.


I just want to have as little to do with it as is possible within the particular time-space continuum.

: )

Okay, maybe not that strange.



This is so sweet. It just gives evidence to the universality of the energy we call love. Best energy there is.

PentaProps™ need to go to my dear friend Dani Cartolano for sharing this with us. Got a good eye, she does.

Lets us both celebrate the arrival of Isabella, the newest little angel to take my heart.

My two brothers; sweetheart pitbulls who keep them safe; I am quite sure would be into reenacting this clip.








Love is everywhere, in everything. It is the force that connects all things.

Love is what many are talking about when they speak of God. Not many realize that, though. Due to the teachings of the various organized religions. God is not an old guy sitting on a throne in the sky. No. God is Love.

And as Mr Lennon and friends noted, “Love is all you need.”

Try it. It works. And it will actually make you healthier.




Oh dear.

Well, the good news is…

Progress has been made.

It would be great to not view any stormy nights that’d, uh, look like this…yeah, that’s it.


The company… has added to the mission.

They don’t do that very often, but this time it is really important. Like, REALLY.

And this time I must say that I am in full and total agreement. I cannot say more than that.

Except that it is an honor and a privilege and altogether fitting and proper.

It will be challenging as it deals with a conundrum and an enigma… and no doubt some other shit they ‘forgot’ to mention.

Mind will be churning.


I am sure it will be alright in the end.

If not I will be very upset.


The Holy Sensors are powered on.

Calibration… would be nice.



Sieg, Ig, Sieg!

Sieg, Ig, Sieg! Sieg, Ig, Sieg! Oh, Sieg, Ig, Sieg!

And a yotalapal yotalapaliote, yotalapaliotinguul,

Kifrikoat, kifrikoat, kifrikoat, a porkari…



d4bee7ae-c8d9-4062-bb0e-7c991875a850That post title is a pretty good representation of how I feel. At the moment. All things are momentary.

I do not understand.


That bothers me. I used tp at least think I knew something about something. But many have noted before me that no matter how arrogant our culture becomes, when it comes down to it, we don’t know jack shit. About anything. Pardon my language.

It can be argued that I’m dead wrong because our species has proved to be wonderfully effective at knocking itself nearly out of existence.

But those folks only know how to kill others so that some other guys they’ve never seen and never will can get a new jet.

But that sitch is ever-present. More concerning is an absolute cluelessness about what to do in the future. There are, thank God, good plans awaiting. Via the grace and kindness of others, naturally. I am no good at that sort of thing. Im only good at half a dozen things max and only half of those can I still actually do.

But, hey, perhaps the glory and brilliance of failure alley can finally be defeated. That line sounds awfully familiar. But I have received some interesting signals of a positive nature. Im currently thinking it is going to be alright. Let it be so.

That would be great.

Personally I am so chuffed gr52c42967 to get to live through these little moments of delight that have been happening lately , so keep ’em coming. Yes. do!

As always I am supposed to be writing. I’m also supposed to be doing the lawn. I dunno…

Gawd. Enjoy. Peace.













I was  feeling like this again

I had made a right mess of things.

Due in large part to this…


and some of my crazy dreams


and fantasies.


But then some awesome things happened of the good sort, with some great results. Things of a human sharing nature. Some quite unexpected.

And it continues.

So I am feeling a lot better.

And I’m glad I’m not this guy.


Although he does seem rather content.

Before the angelicity occurred, I’d attempted to medicate mit der sportwagen und rennwagen. Suchly…

These lovelies are Eagles. Not Jags.


Starring: ’16 Eagle Speedster and Low-Drag GT

by Eddie Phạm


If you look closely, you should be able to see for yourself that this next car, a Nissan GT-R (muy rapido) has yellow wheels.


Adding that the ease with which I found amusement was refreshing and shows the success of the actions noted above.

So, I am again hopeful for the future.

Maybe the timespan will improve and it will last a long, long time.

Nice, that would be.





I had briefly reversed my long standing position due to that fellow from a previous posting, but, things change, or, more accurately. don’t change.

I have once again decided to cease all internal biological operations as soon as possible after my aunt passes.

This is final.

This cannot be changed.

I am simply not compatible.

With anything.




Many PentaProps™ to my dear friend Frank S. Petrilli for posting this gem!

Frank said “It’s that old, archaic expression: “Don’t let the bastards get you down.”

It’s from

And it would appear that that is in fact good advice, at least based on the experiences of the folks in the video.

I am sure that you have had a taste of this… I certainly have. Sometimes it’s hard to let it slide. In my case it did it’s part to amplify and bolster my own powerful depression. That particular reinforcement folks need like a hole in the head.

So it is clear, do what you love.

Do it no matter what.



Interview: Stephen Jenkinson Speaks with Bodhi Be

APR 12, 2016


Stephen Jenkinson interview with Bodhi Be’s Doorway into Light radio show about life and death as it explores the wonder in the fields of aging and dying and death and what brings meaning and purpose to life. Doorway into Light Founded by Reverend Bodhi Be, Leilah Be and Ram Dass (Dr. Richard Alpert), Doorway Into Light is engaged in advocacy and educational programs on Death and Dying on Maui, with families and professionals in the field, as well as actively engaged in helping dying people, their families and care-givers.

This fellow is new to me.

I was turned on to Stephen Jenkinson by my good friend Andy Raynor, who I am lucky to have as my guide to levels more elevated than this one.

I met Andy via her position as Hospice Chaplain during this long, strange journey of caring for my Aunt Clare, my mom’s sister and the last of her clan. She will be 94 on Thursday and is back in the care of the good people at our Hospice, which here in Connecticut is done here at home, with yours truly as the primary caregiver.

So topics such as Mr Jenkinson goes into—life and death—are of ever-increasing relevance and hence interest around the HQ.

My opinion on these views has been requested, so I need to formulate one! As I type I have not yet completed this interview. I think I will get to read a copy of the book which I am looking forward to.


Okay! Wow, this guy is awesome. You really should listen to thus, I am going to get this guys book.

I need to listen a couple more times, too. He delves mostly into the (sorry) state of our culture and many others regarding the ingrained fear of death and how so many things are related directly o that.

He also covers the idea of suicide and rights to die and euthanasia and in that department he really grabbed my attention and has reversed my thinking a full 180 degrees!

Please check this out.

Here is a quote to give you a feel for the man:




This just in via my pal Anthony. He is a fellow searcher and also sells cool stuff of a different sort than me.

I am not hearing any sound but it doesn’t really need any.



A few minutes ago my journey was graced by my dear new friend, who just happens to have one of these joyful packages of love incoming.

Now, although we do not yet know the littluns’ gender, my incorrigible old self could not help but think of this pic that I scored the other day…and the idea that soon — she will know this look!

Oh dear…!


Prep for havoc.




It seems like I will remain at the status quo for all eternity. Or for the lifespan of the defective meatform that I inhabit, anyway.

Yep, even with all the years of personal self awareness of certain issues and the failure of the mind to stop, even after years of therapy — I am still at exactly the same awful place I was before.

This is not good. Not good at all.

Attempts to find other venues are dead ends, although there is one thing left to try. As far as I know. What I need may very well not exist in this world, but it has appeared in writing in works that may or may not (probably not) be describing the real world.

These rants are an important release foor my energy, so I must do them. Bear with me. They are written so that you will not know what I am on about to protect any other lifeforms that may or may not be involved. If there are any. Bots count.

I don’t like what I did. The bigger picture is not so sporty, either.

Thing is, I think I could help.

As they say, thime will tell.


19c10d38-35d5-40fe-b174-8ea78157522fI am transitioning.

It is unprecedented.

It is strange and exciting and good.

I really don’t know what to fully make of it yet.

Still in process it is… in fact it is just beginning!

I know, too, in my heart that it is an excellence to be treasured and nurtured.

We had a heck of a storm here and I was sat here on my perch thinking while enjoying the view out the window. After a while and with encouragement from Mother Nature said thoughts started to get pretty deep. More on that depth thing further along, with apologies in advance as I am an incurable stream of consciousness guy. Sorry!

There has been so much going on. That is the biggest reason that content here has been lacking in volume, especially in the word department. I haven’t even been able to keep up with credits on the picture pages, which I want to do badly but I fear anything off of Facebook is lost. Unless the biggest reason is the effect that all that activity has had on my admittedly feeble mind.

Back on topic, for many moons all the lovely people have been telling with real sincerity that I am going to be rewarded for the things I have been doing. Theyve been pretty insistent, regardless of my belief at any given moment or the state of my depression. It didn’t seem likely.

But I was persuaded to pursue a radical new course and angels known to me toiled and toiled, then toiled some more.

And then … I was transported into A-Space. This can only be attributed to the cosmic energy we call a deity. God. I am convinced of this.

To paraphrase our dear Scotty… “Captain, there be angels here!”

Yes, I am positive that this new dimension is in fact the reward so often mentioned. It must be, unless it is a precursor?!

It’s been making me think the most incredible thoughts, thoughts I’m afraid to reveal… for fear of ruining what has been created.

I’ve been told I can’t ruin it. I pray that’s true, cuz, well, that’s what I do.

And I am afraid.

But wow, it is so good.

Okay my stunted writing needs publishing before I stare at this even more


Lancaster_County_Amish_03This is one of the most awful things I have read in a long time.
This goes beyond the iconic “Just Wrong” to a new level of mindset that is simply repulsive to those that I consider to be human beings.
From Wikipedia (I know, sorry.) as is the photo at right:
The Amish (/ˈɑːmɪʃ/; Pennsylvania Dutch: Amisch, German: Amische) are a group of traditionalist Christian church fellowships, closely related to but distinct from Mennonite churches, with whom they share Swiss Anabaptist origins. The Amish are known for simple living, plain dress, and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology. The history of the Amish church began with a schism in Switzerland within a group of Swiss and Alsatian Anabaptists in 1693 led by Jakob Ammann.[2] Those who followed Ammann became known as Amish.[3]
 Here I go again quoting an entire post (and it’s the owner’s to boot *ducks*) but this is important. Yes, dammit, important — and on more than just the obvious levels.
I do always encourage going to the thread for my readers as the discussion that ensues each topic on many occasions proves just as valuable as the original thought.
It seems so counter-productive to their way of life – or, I perhaps should say, to our perception of the way their life is, never knowing if our thoughts has an actual basis in reality. As you read the article below, this will begin to take on more and more depth.
The trigger in remembering that the thread was open and waiting to be read was hearing on WCBS the other day the headline of the police in the NYC environs asking the public for help in the “heinous crime” of throwing a dog out of a moving car … and while that IS a “heinous crime,” this “heinous crime” is OUT OF CONTROL! And could even be stopped tomorrow if any of the leaders had either spine or> balls.
Here goes: (sorry SO)

The Amish Are Not What They Seem: A Business of Brutal Cruelty

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When we consider the Amish, we often have the image of a quaint and simple people, living a quiet devoutly religious life without the intrusion of modern influences. Often romanticized in movies and TV shows, we’re presented with the visage of gentle people dedicated to an uncomplicated “country” lifestyle. However, as is all propaganda, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Notorious for working horses until they die in the field or can no longer walk from pulling buggies for hours on hard paved roads, the Amish are known for something that directly clashes with their supposed religious beliefs, brutal animal cruelty.

This hidden aspect of Amish immorality has been brought to light recently in Minnesota, where illegally operated puppy mills have been granted new licenses for expanding their operations. That’s right, despite dozens of reports of extremely brutal cruelty toward the dogs, and extensive citations from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Amish puppy mills are expanding in Minnesota. A state where 80,000 to 90,000 unwanted dogs are euthanized each year.

One of the Minnesota puppy mill operators, an Amish man with an extensive record of USDA violations related to illegal dog breeding, has been granted a permit to operate a puppy farm with 85 adult dogs. Dogs that will be kept in cages, with untreated wounds and illnesses, covered in feces and unable to walk will be churning out those puppies you see in pet stores. Speculation on social media is that these “devoutly religious” Amish are bribing corrupt officials in order to get their permits — permits that would normally be denied to operators with their history of violations.

Minnesota is just the tip of an iceberg of brutality. Often illegally operatedAmish puppy mills have been a problem across the Midwest and Northeast for decades. Back in 1993, the New York Times ran a series of stories exposing the illegal and mind boggling brutal Amish operations in Pennsylvania. Puppy mills in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Indiana, most of which are operated by the Amish, refuse to follow state kennel laws and regularly accumulate multiple violations with little or no penalty. In the rare cases where an Amish puppy mill operation is shut down, it’s simply restarted on an Amish neighbor’s property.

Current estimates calculate that these mostly illegal Amish puppy mills are responsible for as much as 70% of the puppies that make it to retail pet stores. Masking the brutal points of origin through puppy auctions, it’s often difficult, if not impossible to trace the point of origin of these troubled dogs back to their brutal beginnings. And indeed they often come with behavioral problems, after being raised in sadistic conditions with little or no human contact outside of the ruthless operators. And all too often, these puppies with behavioral problems are too much for a family to handle, and are given up to shelters and humane societies where euthanasia is likely.

While in the broad scheme of all the world’s problems, these barbaric puppy mills might seem like a small annoyance amongst an overwhelming cacophony of societal problems. But is it really? Is this actually an example of how callous we’ve become; that we would allow these domesticated creatures that can give us so much, to be breed by the hundreds of thousands in such deplorable conditions? The only way to fix society is by one problem at a time, and this seems like an easy problem to fix. And fixing the smaller problems is the path to fixing the bigger ones.

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It just sends chills up and down my spine knowing thtat there are cultures living amongst us that believe to their core that this is a normal and proper way to be.
And we not questioning  and just accepting the ad without the slightest inkling of wonder is tellimg. Of what I am still trying to wrap my head around. I am thinking it will mot be particularly pleasant.
Augusto PinochetIt brought up the memory of the notoriously awful group of Nazi settlers at the Chilean government-approved Colonia Dignidad. I recommend the article entitled The Torture Colony at The American Scholar, as the author is a survivor of their hand-delivered main product line.
What got me was the remarkable similarity concerning keeping people away whilst thinking naught but wonderfully idyllic thoughts. There seems to be a correlation. In the public presentation, too… the old way of dress and head-turning behavior of an odd but apparently benign nature.
It really is a pity that it just isn’t so.
Anyway, bringing it back to the topic of the Amish and those helpless souls they torture so cruelly… all I can really say in the end is that…

Something needs to be done about it.

They might start with not renewing the God damned licenses!
What a shocker that’d be, huh? Can enough pressure be put on the fat weasels in power over there?
It makes me pray that the revolution comes soon.
Good God.


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    a person who is deformed and mentally handicapped because of congenital thyroid deficiency.
If you’re still reading this blog you no doubt know about cretins. I found this ‘happening’ today very telling of the state of things within the realm of our culture.
Wasn’t a big happening, just a “God, don’t they know” kind of facepalm moment.
It was just one of those billions of “cause” emails I tend to get in duplicate every few femtoseconds; and you know how they give some name as the sender nowadays instead of the sender, well, this one’s name was listed as Shan Cretin.
Wow, I said, I need an excuse to use that “This Is Why” meme pic and this ludicrosity is just the ticket.
So, here goes. Pardon my indulgence.
Pic! A crop of my gmail screen. I felt it needed a star before deletion (for it’s wonderfulness…)
poor guy
this is why

Uploaded by  on Jul 27, 2011 – The Easy Toilet Riser from Medway can’t be simpler when it comes to keeping it clean, especially compared to those other toilet seat risers!

This is a pretty strange topic for any of my blogs, right? Ha! I laughed when I watched this video… this is the sort of company I like.

So anyway, it was gettin’ to be a really painful sight to see, watching my aunt get up from the stylish, elongated crapper my friend the Fifaridu and me put in the terlet in preparation for her arrival from California back in the early spring of 2000. No one deserves to go through that sort of thing after living a full life.

Heard about toilet seat risers which solve this issue from someone, somewhere, oh, wait, that’s right, it was that social worker. Google came up with tons of hits for the sort of contraption shown in the vid. Most were simple like he shows and some were pretty fancy. They weren’t all that cheap either, considering. Further digging revealed that there was displeasure with the performance and reliability of these things.

Then I came across this Medway riser, also via Google, made in USA, even. It immediately appealed to my science and engineering trained head. I was like, “Doh!” Quite frankly, it made all the other ones, yes all of them, seem like a really bad joke. Strangely enough, ordering it from the company was the cheapest route as they had free shipping.

So I, with the help of a new friend Ron, just put one of these things in for her yesterday at the lunch hour.

Comes with a Chinese tank hose, it does. Sigh. For the price I thought they could do better. Anyway, didn’t need it in my case. The base itself is strong to be sure and works perfectly. I just wish it was six inches longer, as the snoot of this particular toilet hangs out a bit past the front of the riser… which doesn’t assist the elegance department at all. I’ll think of something for it.

The weird thing for me was that all of the people I told about it got this wild glazed over look and pronounced it bad and extolled the virtues of the contraptions I has initially looked at and nearly bought. Every single one of hem. Including Ron! It was almost like a trigger idea for them to go all Manchurian Candidate on yer ass. Spooky. I thought them all to be quite temporarily insane. Big pharma conspiracy theories sprang up like mushrooms.

It certainly does the trick. When she is sitting on it now, her feet don’t touch the ground. And standing back up, (the whole reason for the thing in the first place), is now relatively effortless, which pleases us both and although she can no longer verbalize that, one can tell.