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I made a video about 3 cryptids you may not have heard of. Let me know what you think!…


The Moonlit Ghost
Premiered Mar 29, 2021

These are 3 lesser-known cryptids that just might be real! Dive into the Amazonian Rainforest with the MAPINGUARI, run from Indonesia’s EBU GOGO, and try not to get caught up in the Oklahoma Lake Monster’s tentacles! Are these creatures real or are they made up by Animal Planet??

Copyright © 2021 The Moonlit Ghost. All rights reserved.



5200 Brugg, Switzerland

This is a deep crop of a random Google Street View image of a 2nd floor balcony on the Stapferstrasse in Brugg, Switzerland.

Is it real? Or is it Memorex?


Norwegian Worm Monster

Charles Taylor
Aug 23, 2012

This is the original footage I captured with my cannon power shot and my friends coolpix digital camera. The intro should give a good explanation as to what Im filming and where I was. This was on August 4th, 2012 at 11am. Please if anyone has questions about the video post them below, I really want input as to what is in this lake.

Norwegian Worm Monster CXRxhWKziq8 mp4 stabilized

Apr 13, 2021

Got it from here:…

I have no idea what that is.

Fabulous! Quite compelling.


Partridge Creek monster


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Partridge Creek monster

Never heard of this guy before!

ETA: I have heard of it, but just did not remember the name of it… realized this as soon as I looked it up.

The Monster of “Partridge Creek”

The Monster of “Partridge Creek” is a 1908 story by French writer Georges Dupuy published in Je sais tout and The Strand Magazine. It describes alleged encounters with a large dinosaur at Partridge Creek, in the Yukon territory of Canada. Wikipedia

Original languages: French language




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Utsuro-Bune A Japanese Legend From 1803


I remember seeing this case many years ago. There wasn’t much info and it faded quickly. I think it’s pretty neat. That’s a good size box, too, eh. It would be interesting to see if there were any follow up tales.


The Cynocephali And The Dogman

Journey To The Other Side
Mar 9, 2021

This is short, sweet and complete.

I got into the cynocephali a while ago and read much on the topic. Very cool stuff. I do not recall if I posted about it, though. I need to search, lol.

This fellow sums it all up nicely in this video.


He Searched for Bigfoot – He Found One – Marathon 133

Dixie Cryptid
Feb 22, 2021

He Searched for Bigfoot – He Found One

Submit your encounter to Music is: Nobody Has Many – Martin Klem Bigfoot T-Shirts and coffee mugs available through Teespring. Click this link and browse. You might see something you like.… Follow me on Facebook:… Follow on Instagram: Follow me on Twitter:

This one is excellent!


Lizard Legends Come To Life (C4C)



JC Johnson
Mar 1, 2012

More fuel to the fire on potential relic reptiles.


JC Johnson
8 years ago

Hogback is sick with all kinds of activity from Sasquatch to Centaurs including giant snakes and weird lizards. Since the airing of this video, we may well be looking at up to three or four unknown lizard species.

JC Johnson
8 years ago

We have eyewitness accounts of a lizard of this type hunting in packs. We would be very interested in any additional information you could share. The deeper we dig, the more we are finding out we may well be dealing with up to three undocumented lizards at this time.

Clint Lovewinds
2 months ago

When I was 9yrs old in the early 90s me and my siblings came across a dried carcas of a stegosaurus. This happened in a dry creek bed at the base of shay mountain in southeastern Utah. It was roughly the size of a small cow. The skin had dried around the skeleton and flood debris and sand covered it mostly on one side. The skeleton was partially showing in various spots from where scavengers had picked at it. I remember the fins or plates on its back reminded me of dried prickly pear type cactus. And the tail had one spike missing and the other spikes were whiter than the rest of the bones. As kids we just assumed that it was normal that dinosaurs were still alive. I thought for years that dinosaurs lived on the other side of the mountains. I moved when I was 12 and had forgotten all about it. After my teenage years I finally realized that this wasn’t “normal”. Thought I’d share my story for the records on here.

JC Johnson
9 years ago

@SnowWalkerPrime It would be easy to dismiss this as some sort of repatriated pet- in the end, we have literally hundreds of sightings of a similar creature in a hundred square mile area.The sightings go back fore quite a few years also. Our hope would be an indigenous lizard to the area, yet undiscovered………

Be sure to read the excellent piece on this by Lon Strickler here, The first two paragraphs of which are below..

“This is a repost of an article I had originally posted in 2012, in reference to the late JC Johnson’s investigation of cryptid lizards and reptiles in the Four Corners.”

“Cryptid investigator JC Johnson of Crypto Four Corners just released a video – Video – Lizard Legends Come To Life (C4C) – that describes sightings of a fan-collared or hooded lizard that stands and runs on two legs. In fact, a witness observed the creature capture a flying bird at a height of five feet, then proceed to eat its prey. The witness states that this lizard looked like a ‘water dragon.’ JC estimates the weight in the range of 20 lbs. or so. This particular large lizard was reported in the Hogback, New Mexico in the far northeast edge of the Navajo Nation. The witness also stated that a friend’s uncle witnessed one of these cryptid lizards kill and devour a Pit Bull dog.”

JC was so cool… an inspiration and a great influence and role model.


The Tiyanak


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The Tiyanak is a vampiric creature in Philippine mythology that takes on the form of a toddler or baby. Although there are various types, it typically takes the form of a newborn baby and cries in the jungle to attract unwary travelers.

Looks the business.



Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia
Feb 28, 2021

Neil Waters, President of the Thylacine Awareness Group Of Australia, presents three photos of what he believes are thylacines. Neil talks about Nick Mooneys’ response and he interviews cat, dog and native wildlife experts. The names of the experts have been withheld to protect them from the ensuing shit storm. These photos are not fake, this is not a hoax, our experts are real people, not actors. The photos have been lightly treated for colour correction and the subjects’ surroundings have been mildly blurred to improve viewing. Make up your own mind. Thankyou to the members and followers of TAGOA for their support. COPYRIGHT © WATERS MAGUIRE 2021

This is the anticipated follow up to the video report I posted here.

My eyes have deteriorated and I have trouble seeing photo details in general until my mind correlates what is there. Which usually happens, thankfully. And these are no different except that I can see some of what is gone over in a couple of them. Folks on reddit seem somewhat convinced that this is a cat family but I can see some good stripes in one pic.

But gosh, idk. I do think that there is more evidence for than against, but… I am hopeful. What do my readers think?


<blockquoteLon Strickler’s ARCANE RADIO – Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team Updates | Fri. Feb.26.2021

Arcane Radio

Join Lon Strickler as he welcomes Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research investigators Butch Witkowski, Rob Shaw and Ryan Fusco to Arcane Radio for detailed, first-hand discussion of recent investigations and reports of Fortean supernatural and paranormal happenings. Butch Witkowski is a UFO, paranormal and cryptid investigator and the founder of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania based in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. Ryan Fusco is a paranormal, cryptid and UFO investigator based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Rob Shaw is an experienced investigator of the Fortean based in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. This will be a truly outstanding, informative Livestream conversation that details many actual events. With a live SuperChat that can answer many of your questions. Enjoy! You can find the full Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research team and affiliate researchers at

Excellent work is ongoing. And good stuff is happening.



Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia
Feb 22, 2021

Neil Waters, President of TAGOA, gives us a tease of what is about to happen; a photo release on the 1st of March, of a joey Thylacine aka Tasmanian Tiger, roaming through the bushland of Tasmania. Hold on to your hats folks!

Oh, God, I can hardly wait!


Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia
Feb 16, 2021

Hit the road with TAGOA President Neil Waters as he checks some of the 60 trail cams, checks prints and scats, and recounts sightings on location. All from the stunning bushland in the wilds of Tasmania. One of these days, one of these cameras could change history.

Good times a-comin’!

HT to Al Rosenzweig for the link to Coast To Coast.



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An Experience

It was during my third deployment to Iraq; the platoon had taken up residence in two houses in a village several miles south of Haditha. One day I heard our translator having a heated discussion with two local men. I grabbed my gear and my rifle and walked out to the road to investigate. I ask the translator what was going on. He tells me that these two men are crazy and assures me that they are not dangerous. I ask what they want, and he mumbles about them being superstitious, or something along those lines. He assures me that everything is ok, and my attention is not needed. It took a bit of prying, but the translator finally says that they are having a wolfman problem, but they are afraid that if they shoot at it, the local troops will be alarmed and attack their house. They tell us that this wolfman has been coming around late at night and has already killed a few sheep. And they are worried that it’s going to start attacking their family.

So, I assume somewhere in translation the word ‘dog’ has turned into ‘wolf’ and is somehow being conveyed to me by the translator as ‘wolfman’. So, I try to clarify “do they mean a dog?” The translator is a bit hesitant, almost like he’s embarrassed that his countrymen are wasting everyone’s time by believing in such nonsense. But they are adamant that their house is being besieged by a wolfman. Again, I ask if it’s just a big dog, and no, it’s a wolfman. So, I ask if there are wolves in Iraq and they are all in agreeance that yes, there are wolves in Iraq. But there are no wolves in this part of the country and it’s not a wolf or a large dog that has been killing their sheep; it’s a wolfman.

The translator is trying to usher them away but at this point I am very intrigued, and still a bit confused over the whole “dog-wolf-wolfman” thing. So, I ask them to describe what they are seeing. They tell me that every few nights it comes around, they first see it on four legs, as it skulks around their small compound. But then it stands up like a man, walking on two legs. It growls and it has lunged at the men, but as they retreat, it turns its attention to the sheep. Their own dogs refusing to help protect human or sheep. They tell me the creature has killed a few of their sheep and that they have even found one of the bodies, ripped apart with portions of it eaten away. They have been hesitant to shoot for fear of troop involvement.

The translator says that he has heard of such a creature, and even though this type of story has been spread through the area by various people, it is no more than superstitions and delusions. He assures me that there is no such thing as a wolfman.

I tell the two men that they should feel free to protect themselves and their livestock. And with my interest piqued, I get the men to agree to allowing us to stop by from time to time and set up an observation post while we are out on patrol. A couple nights later I join a night patrol and we head towards the house. We are greeted by one of the men and he gives us entry to the compound. We go up to the roof and set out sentries to overlook a nearby bridge.

About an hour later the homeowner comes up with a panicked look on his face. He’s talking really fast; excitement and concern in his voice and body language. He’s wanting me to come with him. I tell two others to come with me and we all follow the man. He leads us to the other side of the house, and we exit onto an enclosed courtyard where the sheep are being kept. The sheep are making plenty of noise and the man is pointing to a dark corner of the yard. I strain my eyes to see what he’s pointing at. Finally, I see it, a large wolf/dog, just standing in the corner. I ask the other two guys with me if they see it too, and they both agree that it’s a wolf or a dog. It moved behind a small sections on of wall and I could hear popping & cracking noises; like joints or knuckles being cracked. When it stepped out from behind the wall, it was upright on two legs. It swiftly and effortlessly jumped the perimeter wall and we could here it running away on two feet.

I conveyed to the man as best I could, if that thing ever showed up again, feel free to shoot it if he could; and if he did, to please let me know.


Very cool.




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Stuck in deep freeze in MS?! Nothing to do so I listened to dogman encounters and started doing some quick scribbling..The latest episode was creepy as hell..

Good job.


The Strangest Bigfoot Spree Of All Time

Bob Gymlan
Apr 18, 2019

A rehash of the most peculiar bigfoot sightings event in the records.
Illustrations by Fred Dunn!:
Please Support!

Nice 🙂


A rather different tale…

Just in at r/cryptids

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1 hour ago

Scarecrow Cryptid?

I’m posting this because my curiosity has and probably will always get the better of me. I heard a story a couple years back from my best friends mom that was told by her grandmother. We’re all lovers of cryptids and urban legends so the tales we know are always shared with each other quite regularly. Well, this telling from her grandma was from back around the early 1960s, where they lived in a mobile home in the state of Kentucky. They lived pretty far back into the land where their property was surrounded by woods or corn fields. She said there were normal strange occurrences that happened, but one night she heard what sounded like rustling around outside their home. After a little bit of hearing the noise she said she opened the window to see what it was and she said there was a scarecrow running full speed away from their house and running into/through the cornfield while it screamed at the top of its lungs. I always love hearing this story and I wanted to do some research, but the only thing that comes up is the Bubák which has barely any information on it and is not from the States. I was curious if anyone else has ever heard or had their own experiences with something that resembles a scarecrow??

Well, now, that is one interesting happening!


Back In 1982 These Residents From Texas Reported Something They Couldn’t Explain

Unexplained Mysteries
Jun 1, 2020

Back in 1982 these residents from Texas reported something they couldn’t explain. Today, we take a look at what these residents encountered. Before humans became the apex predators of the world, several million years before, there walked monstrous creatures of both terrible size and stature known as dinosaurs. In the modern day, through the efforts made in paleontology and computer sciences, we can now recreate, with nearly photorealistic quality, the probable build and design of such creatures from the distant past.

Thank you for watching!
Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

I posted this back in June, buy it’s worth another go, as it is a favorite topic.

Especially number 4.


I want to see them so bad…


“There’s A War Going On In Northern Canada, But It’s Not Against Humans” Creepypasta

Mr. Creeps
Dec 15, 2020

Things aren’t how they should be…

New Channel Mr. Creeps 2:
► AUTHOR & ARTIST: ► Written by:…
► Story:…
► Art:
► Submit your stories:
► Special thanks to Myuuji, Kevin MacLeod, & Lucas King for the awesome music!
♪ ►
♪ ►
♪ ►
♪ ►


I love Creepypasta, the writing talent there is just SO wonderful.

As you can hear in this one.


Most Credible Bigfoot Witnesses and Some of the Best Evidence to Date

Bob Gymlan
Mar 1, 2020

In order to understand the topic of Bigfoot, I think it is important to understand the motivations behind the people who introduce the subject to the world. This video will explain why two of the most prolific contributors to the field do what they do.
This video will touch on some curiosities regarding common reports, as well as the experiences of some of the best known figures on the subject.
I am not so great with graphics, but I tried my best!
I wish I could have been more specific, but not all of the evidence discussed is mine to share.


Incredible art-work by Fred Dunn!​

Support Help Keep This Channel Alive!

Thompson, Mary, et al. “PACE VERSUS TROT: CAN MEDIUM SPEED GAIT BE DETERMINED FROM FOSSIL TRACKWAYS.” New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin, 2007.

“Grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) locomotion: gaits and ground reaction forces”Catherine L. Shine, Skylar Penberthy, Charles T. Robbins, O. Lynne Nelson, Craig P. McGowan

Journal of Experimental Biology 2015 218: 3102-3109; doi: 10.1242/jeb.121806

“Whitewolf Entertainment (WWE) Doug Hajicek Bio, 2019,

Sovak D (1994) “Quantitative morphology of the human foot in a North American population” Ergonomics.

“Forensic Expert Says Bigfoot Is Real.” National Geographic, 15 Aug. 2018,

An excellent video in all respects.



This photo of a Selkie was posted to r/interestingasfuck2 hours ago by u/manish3010.

The Seal Woman of Mikladalur (Kópakonan), Kalsoy Island, Faroe Islands.



First Sighting of a Pixie

Erwin Saunders
Sep 30, 2017

A couple more Pixie sightings

Erwin Saunders
Oct 2, 2017

God, I love this man…


Walker Lake Monster

Cryptid of the Day: Walker Lake Monster

Description: The Walker Lake Bulletin published in August of 1883 reports of two massive python monsters battling out on the Nevada lake. The loser’s body washed on the shore, where it was measured to be 79 ft long. Stories of this monster were passed down since settlers came to the region.




Jack Cary’s PARANORMAL PLANET | Bigfoot and the Paranormal Truth | Thurs. 9PM EST Jan.28.2021

Beyond Explanation
Streamed live on Jan 28, 2021


Jack Cary tells the details about Bigfoot and related paranormal occurrences.
Learn the details, ask questions and get the answers from Jack Cary.

Jack Cary’s links – Website – www.paranormal-intelligence-a… Facebook –… Jack’s book “Paranormal Planet” –…

Very informative, covering every theory out there…



A massive beast fresh from r/interestingasfuck

Posted by u/HattoriHanzo9834 hours ago

Purussaurus is one of the largest known of the giant crocodilians, perhaps even surpassing Sarcosuchus in size. It reigned supreme in central South America in the Miocene period, 8 million years ago.

Holy Jesus, that thing is HUGE!


Recent goodness from r/BigfootEncounters

Posted 18 hours ago by u/Expatriate60

Our up close sighting in Big Sur California. 1978

Introduction and warning:I’ve only shared this experience with family and friends. After stumbling across this and a few other Big Foot subs, I’ve decided to share this experience on all of the subs.

This long read needs some introduction in order for the reader to understand the geographical area and circumstances of the sighting. This sighting caused events immediately thereafter which I have also included. If you don’t enjoy reading, bail now.

Big Sur is a mountainous area in south central California situated on the edge of the Los Padres National Forest (which is almost 3000 square miles large) and over looking the Pacific Ocean on the western side.

Three friends and myself (ranging from 16-18) who lived in nearby Salinas, had planned on driving to a secluded spot in Big Sur that we called “Top of the World.” This particular area of big Sur wasn’t frequented by people except for some occasional vehicle traffic from locals or the rare tourist or hiker during the day and was void of Humans at night. At night there was of course critters (bobcat, fox) and even the occasional mountain lion. No people, no cops, perfect location for four party animals.

We drove down the Pacific coast highway and turned off on the Old Coast Road which winds up into the mountains (the Old Coast Road is a hard packed dirt road and former primary route in and out of Big Sur prior to the construction of the Bixby Bridge).

Our spot, “The top of the world,” was right off and above the dirt road with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. The spot was directly accessible from the old dirt road which had steep cliffs on one side, and the other a very deep ravine with the Bixby creek (or little Sur river, I don’t remember) running through it.

Well, the party never even started because of the event I will now describe. I might add that the events of this night are burned into my memory. It was almost traumatic. With the exception of some (exact) conversation, I remember everything like it was yesterday.

Steve parked his mom’s Chevy Vega at the base of the incline leading to our spot, grabbed some beers out of the hatch back (which we left open) and walked halfway up the very steep incline. The distance between where Steve’s car was parked and the top of the hill was maybe 30 yards

What happened next all took place in a matter of seconds but it seemed like an eternity to me.

We were sitting next to each other in a row facing the Pacific Ocean. Behind us was the crest of the hill about 15 yards up. Beyond that, the dark and foreboding forest. looking out at the Pacific, talking little and just taking in the beautiful view whilst sipping our beers, we got quiet and maybe a bit reflective (I know I did). It was beautiful.

At one point, in the midst of silence, something weird happened (Later, when all this was over, we talked about this strange feeling that none of us had ever experienced).

What happened was this: all of a sudden, we all looked at each other; and without speaking a word, as if every one of us was receiving an unspoken message, or intuitive response to nature or a gut feeling, we simultaneously looked around behind us, at the top of the hill; this is what we saw:

There, at the top, not 15 yards away, was a creature. It was simply standing there, observing (us). I will try my best to describe what I (we) saw despite the fact that it was almost midnight (which added to the creep factor) and our eyes were well acclimated to darkness by then.

This “being” was not human. That I know for sure. It just stood there, completely upright, arms to the side, facing in our direction. Whether or not it was looking at us I couldn’t tell because unfortunately, due to lighting conditions and the angle (I guess), I saw only the outline of a head and body; a very hairy head and body that was dark in colour. No facial features that I can remember. There was very long “hair” (fur?) flowing down from the head but there was an opening where a face must have been. All I saw was darkness between the hair on the head. No eyes or other facial features. The head hair seemed to flow down and mix with the rest of the hairy body. I distinctly remember the arms. They were long but seemed to fit the size of the body. I don’t recall them being overly long like an ape but they also had long flowing hair; as did the torso and legs. It was tall, maybe seven feet but that could have been because we were looking up at it. It was also wide. It gave me the impression of great strength. It made absolutely no sound.

To be fair, I soaked all this information up in probably about one or two seconds. Reason being, an immediate feeling of “fight or flight” kicked in as soon as I (we) turned and saw this creature. Anyone that’s been in combat or other life or death situations knows what I mean with fight or flight. “fight” wasn’t an option (obviously) so we did, once again simultaneously, what most humans would do: GET THE F*** OUT OF DODGE!!

If anyone’s interested in the aftermath, which almost cost all of us our lives, feel free to read on…
We ran. I stumbled and fell because of the steep incline and the guys made it to the car before me. I didn’t even try to get in, rather, I simply jumped into the open hatchback. Steve started the Vega and gunned it. We only got two corners away from Mr. Foot before Steve lost control and we went sliding over the side of a cliff. Thankfully, The first 20 yards of the drop was gradual and was overgrown with thick underbrush that slowed the car to a stop before dropping off the steep cliff and into the creek below. We all climbed out, thanking our luck and climbed back up to the road.

Now we had to make a choice. Walking back in the direction we came would be only three miles or so back to highway 1 (the Pacific coast highway). But that direction would also take us by the last place we saw Mr. Foot. The Unanimous decision was to walk the other direction which was 5x as long to reach the highway. That’s how scared we were.

It took hours but we made it, alive and healthy with a story we could share with friends and family for the rest of our lives.

As Paul Harvey always said:

And now, you know the rest of the story…

A most excellent and well told story.


3 Most Recent Mysterious Jungle Discoveries That Cannot Be Explained

Unexplained Mysteries
Dec 19, 2020

3 most recent mysterious jungle discoveries that cannot be explained. Today, we take a look at these 3 most recent mysterious jungle discoveries that cannot be explained.

The dense tangle of the jungle conceals untold secrets and it’s depths and mysteries are likely not fully known and understood by a single person on this planet—not even the native tribes that have spent their lives surviving by mastering the resources hiding within the danger.

Legends abound as to what exactly could be hidden far out of sight within the Amazon, and some of these seemingly-fantastical stories have their basis in fact and first-hand accounts.

Thank you for watching!
Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

3 Most Recent Mysterious Jungle Discoveries That Cannot Be Explained

Unexplained Mysteries
Jan 20, 2021

3 most recent mysterious Jungle discoveries that cannot be explained. Today, we take a look at these 3 most recent mysterious jungle discoveries that cannot be explained.

With so much of our planet being made up of jungle and forest land, it is unsurprising that there are secrets and mysteries concealed within these beautiful areas. From finding new animals who live alongside us, to uncovering artifacts, the possibilities are boundless as to what we could stumble across within the trees.

One can only hope and wonder as to what and who we may find in the future, but for now, we can only reflect on the phenomenal secrets that have been uncovered from within the Jungles.

Thank you for watching!
Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

Ahhh, mysteries!


Emela Ntouka

“…the Emela Ntouka. Found in the same general Congo Basin area as Mokele-Mbembe, this beast is said to be the size of an elephant, hairless, and semi-aquatic, with a long horn on its nose. It is sometimes depicted as a Triceratops sort of beastie, but has also been interpreted as an unknown species of rhino.”



The Ape Like Creature By the Stream, Southway Woods, Plymouth 90s

Deborah Hatswell #BBR
Mar 28, 2018

#BBR is a non profit Organisation, run by volunteers. If you would like to join our community please leave a comment or contact us using Please click LIKE or SUBSCRIBE to show support, or hit that BELL. Feel free to SHARE

Another fine rrrrreport by our Deb!


Just saw this vid at r/ParanormalScience:

Posted 22 hours ago by u/Nanaimolover

Mom showed me this video of her security camera in the living room. 3:30 in the morning this u shaped light thing was floating up and down all for a few hours on Tuesday, no lights were on and it’s pitch black. Wasn’t there this morning though. She’s kinda freaked out. What could it be? from r/ParanormalScience

This is really pretty interesting, especially, you know, if it’s real, eh.

Doesn’t seem to be ball lightning, mainly due to that u-shape, but I suppose it could be.

What do you think it is? Do tell…


lookout tower

Above the trees

Source: rebelheart-rebelsoul

A saucer hunters’ wet dream.

And hey, it kinda looks like a saucer, too, eh?! lol

There are just so many reported sightings from fire lookout towers just like this one from all over a especially in the Pacific northwest, from whence there was a flap of sorts. And all of them were quite riveting on many levels.

God, those were excellent times.

Pity they’ve stopped, really. Hopefully it continues and only the reports have stopped.

Do any of you know the scoop?

Do tell ! smi

— Be anonymous if you’d rather, eh.



snakey rock

Awesomeness at r/interestingasfuck

Posted 9 hours ago by u/Bototoy87

Rock that looks like a petrified giant snake

Or, a petrified snake that looks like a rock! Ha!




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And my avatar is an ancient troll who sat down on his haunches to munch a little granola and was petrified by an alien petrification beam in 1158 AD.

I speak from no authority but one of myriad ways by which existence perceives itself.

k, mate