The Flashlight Frog is a cryptid purported to live in Cameroon. Ranging from three to six inches long, these amphibians have a horn-like protrusion on the end of their nose that emits a red light. They use this to attract insects. They catch them with a yellow, spiked tongue that is coated in a deadly saliva.

The Flashlight Frog was first mentioned by legendary cryptozoologist Karl Shuker in his 1997 book From Flying Toads to Snakes with Wings.

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Quick Cryptid Snippet: Flashlight Frog
In June of 1997, naturalist and cryptozoologist, Jonathan Downes was visiting an animal fair at Newton Abbot in Devon, England. While there, he came across a cage of exotic tree frogs from Cameroon, West Africa. The exotic frog seller noted that the frogs were able to make their nose glow in darkness in order to attract prey. The vendor was selling the frogs for $38 per frog. Unable to purchase a specimen, Downes took the information to local herpetological scientists (herpetology: branch of zoology that studies amphibians) where he was told that science recognizes no frog species that are able to (or known to) produce a bioluminescent light.

The Flashlight Frog is described as being around 2-inches long with green skin uniformly covering its body and large pale eyes set widely upon its head. It is noted as having a slightly raised bump or “horn” at the end of its nose that is slightly blue in color. This is the area that is able to light up or glow via bioluminescence (the production and emission of light by a living organism). At night, it lights up its nose to attract flying insects and once close enough, the frog strikes with a long pale yellow tongue.

-The Pine Barrens Institute

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I am proud to call both Karl and Jonathan my friends. They are both so kind and truly wonderful people. In my hiding from the world angst, however, I will admit that condition caused an unawareness of Jonathan’s discovery… and Karl’s reportage… forgive me, gentlemen, I know not what I do. I am so… nevermind. 🙁

This thing is cool. Bioluminessence in itself is cool… and one wonders in awe at how Mother Nature endows some with it and the requisite skills to use it for survival.

Mother knows best. And she cares not for our rules. Don’t forget it. It is something we can only hope to someday come to grips with.

be well




The Stymphalanian birds are a group of man-eating birds from Greek mythology. They are said to be the size of cranes, looking like ibises but with more powerful beaks. They will attack any who hunt them, killing them with their beaks. They can pierce any iron or bronze armour, but will catch their beaks in armour made of thick cork.

The birds were the pets of Artemis, but fled to Arcadia from a pack of wolves. They bred quickly and overwhelmed the townspeople. For his sixth labour, Heracles hunted and killed the birds with arrows dipped in the blood of the Lernaean Hydra.

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Looks mighty intimidating… that beak! Yeesh. One of them coming after you would be enough… imagine if there were a bunch! Ooh Lordy.

Good thing we don’t see many of them these days. Good job, Hercles! We thank you.




In North American folklore, the Roperite is a fearsome critter. It has leathery skin and a long, rope-like beak which it uses to ensnare its prey. Unlike almost all other fearsome critters, the Roperite lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, as opposed to the northern woods.

The Roperite is said to be incredibly fast, with no living animal able to outrun it. Its skin is also impervious to thorns, allowing it to move easily though the chaparral.

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Hey, if I go out there, maybe I could get myself eaten by one of these. Worth a shot, I guess, but this is another one I’ve not heard even a peep about.

I will need to investigate more into possible locations and see if I can pull it off.




The Turtle Bottoms Monster is an anteater-like creature found living along the Saline River Watershed in Harrisburg Illinois. The Turtle Bottoms Monster is described as an anteater and an ape hybrid it has a long anteater-like snout and in some reports it has four legs. According to some people the Turtle Bottoms Monster is a hybrid animal released into the wild by the Federal Government. The Turtle Bottoms Monster is not afraid of people and even approached people on the local make-out point in 1960 and even spawned a few searches for the creature but no evidence of the Turtle Bottoms Monster was ever found.

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Another anecdotal animal. But that’s alright. We shall add it to the menagerie of mystery. 1960 was a long time ago these days. Never heard of it before. That’s not an uncommon thing, though.

I hope they get a whole mess of ’em cloggin’ up Harrisburg’s doin’s. That’d be perfect.

Nice colors, eh.




The Ucu is a Chilean Sasquatch, typically spotted in the Andean foothills. It is described as being 5-7 feet tall with thick hair and huge limbs and as making a unique sound – “uhu, uhu, uhu.” One proposed explanation for sightings of the ucu is that they are actually spectacled bears.


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“Spectacled bears.” LOL ROFL Mao! These “experts“ kill me. They are experts in avoiding any thought, imagination, investigation or exploration of any kind at any cost.

We should remove them from the gene pool.

Gene agrees.






Lusca is a fascinating cryptid. It it said to dwell in the blue holes of the Bahamas. Still and tranquil pools of blue but home to the most sinister of cryptids, Lusca. Some say Lusca is part shark-part octopus.

Some eye-witnesses say Lusca is around 200ft in length. Although there have been few survivors.

The Island of Andros in the Bahamas is home to many of these blue holes and curious people have tested out a theory that they all connect to each other deep under the sea by using dyes. This means that Lusca may not be in one hole at one time, it can travel.

For me this is one of the most terrifying of cryptids, able the strike from great depths and in complete silence, you never really know when Lusca may be coming for you.

i am sad that I was near the area twice in the past but never had an opportunity to be ingested by a Lusca. I doubt I will ever get down there again, now that my health and finances are failing fast. Sigh.

be well




Cryptid of the Day: Maricoxi

Description: Before Percy Fawcett disappeared in the South American jungles in the 1920′s, he claimed to have stumbled upon a tribe of ape-like people which he called the Maricoxi. Since there are no ape species in the Americas, many have dismissed this sighting as Fawcett’s racist interpretation of the natives.

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This description has pissed me off.

Disparaging my hero Percy Fawcett. Who are these putrid ‘dismissers’… bring me their heads, damn it. Mooks, all of them. Bastards, too. An “interpretation of the natives,” indeed… that is the biggest load of horseshit I’ve heard in ages.

There certainly are apes in the Americas … Bigfoot? Huh? What?

If Fawcett said these creatures are there — then they are there. Period. Or were in the 20s. And they probably still are there.

I’m fuming. Need to chill.

Load weapons.

be well




The Delgeth is a flesh-eating monster from Navajo mythology. One of the anaye, or alien spirits, it resembles an antelope or elk. It is sometimes said to have no head, but a huge maw filled with razor-sharp teeth.

The legend says that the heroic Nayanezgani slew the beast with the assistance of some of the land’s native animals.

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A very strange legend to be sure.

Improbable, to say the least, but keep in mind that outside of our arrogance we basically know diiddly squat about nearly everything… so… yeah.

be well



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The Lukwata is a mosasaur-like creature said to be living in rivers and swamps in Uganda. the Lukwata is said to be a living mosasaur with a long snout filled with sharp teeth and a large body with large paddle-like flippers. The Lukwata is said to have magical powers and was worshiped and revered by the people in Uganda. The Lukwata mostly eats fish but is known to attack anything that gets too close to the water’s edge.

What a nice critter!







Aim – Great Duke of Hell.

Aim (aka Aym or Haborym) is a Great Duke of Hell, very strong, and rules over twenty-six legions of demons. He sets cities, castles and great places on fire, makes men witty in all ways, and gives true answers concerning private matters.

He is depicted as a man  with three heads, one of a serpent, the second of a man (to some authors with two stars on his forehead), and the third of a cat, although some say of a calf, riding a viper, and carrying in his hand a lit firebrand with which he sets the requested things on fire.

Source: chaosophia218

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I like Haborym better, personally. Seriously.

Keeps good company, I see.

But he looks like a nasty sort of creature. Even if he didn’t light everything on fire.

Be wary.

be well




The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp is a cryptid spotted in South Carolina. It is commonly described as approximately 7 feet tall with scaly green skin, red eyes, and webbed hands with three fingers.

The most famous sighting of the Lizard Man was in 1988; a seventeen-year-old boy named Christopher Davis was driving home from work when he stopped to change a tire. He heard a noise and saw the creature running toward him, and as he started to drive away, it jumped on his car. The side-view mirror was damaged and there were scratch marks on the roof.  A couple experienced a similar event in 2008.

Later in the summer of 1988, a man claimed to have shot the Lizard Man; however, he quickly retracted his story.

Additionally, casts of alleged Lizard Man footprints were made, but they were dismissed after being pronounced unclassifiable.


This is the fella that Lyle Blackburn is always on about. He was/is, after all, the lead (or only?) researcher on the case.

If you listen to Lyle tell the story, as a bonus, you’ll learn, the true meaning and history of the name of that swamp.

Is it real? Who knows? But… as always… why not?

All is possible in the eyes of Tîmiñiukūlüskárpe.

Right? Right.

be well



The Grassman (also known as the Ohio Grassman or the Minerva Monster) is a large bipedal creature, similar in description to Bigfoot, that has been spotted in Ohio. The creatures get their name from their tendency to build shelters out of grass.

Sightings date back to the 1700s, but the most reliable reports occurred in Minerva, Ohio in 1978: the Clayton family encountered multiple creatures on their property, and attributed the death of their German Shepherd to a Grassman attack.

Possible handprints have been found, and a 16″ hair was analyzed by Ohio State University; however, the results were inconclusive.

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No…. Srsly, this thing is no joke.

My dad and uncle were out fishing on a boat and they were warned by an old war vet my uncle was friends with not to go out there without a gun. They took one but just disregarded it as him being a crazy old man.

They fished for a few hours before they heard trees breaking. TREES, not twigs. One was so thick and tall it was humanly impossible for anyone to break it. Then they had rocks being thrown at their boat. My dad said one was so big they thought it would damage the boat.

They shined their lights, yelled at the person they thought was doing it, even threatened they were armed and they continued having rocks thrown at them. They ultimately decided to get out of there.

They went back the next day, found a huge bigfoot print that my uncle had casted. They sent it to Ohio state university and they said it had lines and prints on the soles and they honestly couldn’t debunk it as a hoax.

My dad and uncle have never went back since then. These are two conservative woodsmen that have spent their entire lives outdoors fishing or racoon hunting etc late at night and they have never experienced anything like that in their entire lives.

Source: cryptids-cryptids

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The folks I know from Ohio, )not including members of the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Research group and related gatherings), have not heard of this critter. And one of those folks is interested in paranormal stuff right from childhood. It all depends on what you run into in your day to day life, I suppose.

I’ve not paid attention to this furry fella so I don’t know if encounters are falling off or rising or what, so, again, it will all depend on the local environment.

I hope someone gets a better picture than this one… I mean, really. Having said that, I have personally experienced fantastic things and I can attest to the near certainty that snapping a pic will not be high on your list of priorities at that moment. Assuming that it was unexpected… and dang if they’re not nearly all unexpected.

Still, it can happen the other way, too.

Let’s hope for a goodun,’ eh.

be well


As a child addicted to sci fi movies (along with the unexplained) I always wondered if critters and other things really could come back from being in a deep freeze or other seemingly impossible situations.

Well, we saw a while back that success was enjoyed in unfreezing some plants, flowers,  I think, but I’m not sure of the specifics. Sigh.

And of course there are the perfectly preserved remains of everything, everywhere in the permafrost, even to the undigested stomach contents. Ooh God, I wish my memory didn’t have such trouble… I heard recently that the inventor of our frozen food process , the head of Birdseye, had calculated some fantastically short time for mammoth freezing of hours so you know something absolutely unimaginable happened…

But getting back on track, now we have this! Scientists from several Russian schools and our own Princeton University have warmed and woken nematode worms from back in the days of the mammoths. Don’t worry, nematodes are super tiny and are still around today.


Worms frozen in permafrost for up to 42,000 years come back to life

Nematodes moving and eating again for the first time since the Pleistocene age in major scientific breakthrough, say experts.
Case study

Worms frozen in permafrost for up to 42,000 years come back to life
By The Siberian Times reporter
26 July 2018

Nematodes moving and eating again for the first time since the Pleistocene age in major scientific breakthrough, say experts.
Awake after 42,000 years… Picture: The Siberian Times
The roundworms from two areas of Siberia came back to life in Petri dishes, says a new scientific study.
‘We have obtained the first data demonstrating the capability of multicellular organisms for longterm cryobiosis in permafrost deposits of the Arctic,’ states a report from Russian…

The actual nematodes:

Some corroboration…

Fox News website

The research was conducted by teams from multiple Russian institutions as well as Princeton University in New Jersey.

Interesting discussion over here, as well.

We live in such fascinating times…

be well



This is a clip from a video that was released by the Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia. It was filmed in 2008. It is thought to feature a Thylacine – an animal thought extinct. Neil Walters, the founder of the TAGA, believes that the animal in the film could either be a Thylacine or a sub-species. Walters explained, “It’s got an incredibly thick neck and it’s very stocky in its build. And it also has that very long, stiff tail that looks like an extension of the back bone essentially, it doesn’t really move, it certainly doesn’t sway side to side like a dog”. Foxes with mange are often misidentified by witnesses as Thylacine. The woman that filmed the video, however, claimed that this creature ambled in a way that was in no way like the way a fox would run.

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I have long held the opinion that the Tassie Tiger is still with us. There is too much evidence for me to dismiss it.

be well



This is one of the very few photographs that were taken of the Pink-Headed Duck. The above photo was taken by David Seth-Smith in 1926. This bird is not officially declared extinct but instead it is listed as critically endangered. The last time anyone saw a Pink-Headed Duck in the wild was in 1949 in its native habitat of India but they used to live in India, Myanmar and Bangladesh. There are stories of a flock of 50 of these ducks hiding in Myanmar but they have still not been scientifically documented. There are constant sightings of this species nevertheless and an expedition as recent as 2017 in search of it.

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Ahh, to be pink-headed. It must be marvelous.

I hope they’re still around.

be well


Lake Murray Monster of Papua New Guinea

The Lake Murray Monster of Papua New Guinea

Lake Murray is the largest lake in Papua New Guinea (PNG), covering an area of about 700 sq. miles (though it shrinks and expands dramatically with the dry and rainy seasons). The lake’s serpentine shoreline creates many mysterious inlets and remote swampy coves. About 5,000 indigenous peoples inhabit this lake region in western PNG. Tribal villages dot the many small islands and lake shoreline, sporting houses on stilts and featuring dugout canoes as the main means of transportation.

A cryptid known as “Murray” reportedly lives in the swamps on the edges of the lake. This creature has been described as resembling a theropod dinosaur. A national PNG newspaper presented the following report: “On December 11, 1999, villagers travelling in a canoe reported seeing the creature wading in shallow water near Boboa. The following day, a Seventh Day Adventist pastor [Joseph Yup] and a church elder say they saw the animal not far from the first sighting. The creature was described as having a body ‘as long as a dump truck’ and nearly two metres wide, with a long neck and a long slender tail. It was walking on two hind legs ‘as thick as coconut palm tree trunks’, and had two smaller forelegs. The head was similar in shape to a cow’s head, with large eyes and ‘sharp teeth as long as fingers.’ The skin was likened to that of a crocodile, and the creature had ‘largish triangular scoops on the back.’”


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I, for one, welcome our new theropod Overlords.

be well


Bagwajiwinini - Pukwudgies


The Bagwajiwinini – also known as the “little people of Minnesota,” or as Pukwudgies – are small, humanoid creatures that are a part of Ojibwa legend. They are 2-3′ tall with green skin.

They have been described as dangerous to humans due to the possibility of abduction. A boy was allegedly kidnapped by the Bagwajiwinini on a hunting trip with his father – who found him trapped in the roots of a tree – and some believe that the 2007 disappearance and subsequent death of hiker Kory Kelly are related to the Bagwajiwinini.


I have heard tales of them in Pennsylvania, where they are reported to steal and throw apples at picnickers while staying hidden and also in Massachusetts.

I had not heard any warnings of danger associated with these creatures, before, though, so do beware.

be well




The Huallepen is a strange, water-dwelling creature from Chilean mythology. It has the body of a sheep and the head of a calf, with short front legs, twisted feet, and the back end of a seal.

Huallepen live in shallow pools, roaming onto the land to mate with herd animals. This will typically result in deformed offspring. It is said that if a pregnant woman comes near a Huallepen, her child will be born with a muzzle and twisted legs.

Image source.

Monster master list.

Suggest a spook.

Holy moly — Ladies — keep your distance!

be well




The Lambton Worm is a snake-like dragon found in The River Wear in England in the UK. The Lambton Worm is described as a large snake-like dragon with a long snake-like body and a dragon-like head. The Lambton Worm was venomous and it was known to attack and devour livestock and it wrapped its body around the hills and its marks that it left can still be seen to this day. The Worm was eventually killed by John Lambton however when it was killed it released a curse that once the Lambton Worm was killed John Lambton had to kill the first living thing he saw in order to stop the curse from happening which was his son. However he could not kill his son so this curse was set and him and his descendants all died premature untimely deaths. There is a song about the Lambton Worm which is sung around England.

Major PentaProps™ to the venerable John Lambton for not killing his son! Bravo, Sir.

Wait… “Wrapped its body around the hills…” Really? Madonne. Talk about yuge. I, for one, would love to see photos of the alleged marks that it left.

Good gracious!

be well




The Minhocão is a South American cryptid, believed now to be extinct. The last sighting was over 130 years ago.

The creature was believed to be a burrowing animal, and its body was reported to measure as long as 100 feet with a 10 foot diameter. According to reports, the creature has scaly black skin, a pig snout, an obvious mouth, and tentacles on its head.

Some theories about the Minhocão include that it is a giant caceilian, or a surviving glyptodont.

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How cool is this thing?

I am actually sad to learn that they appear to be extinct, but, nothing lasts forever. 130 years is a mighty long time to have not seen one and obviously a bird or a monkey might go unnoticed for that long but this fellas mighty big, even if it does, or did, spend most of it’s time underground.

Perhaps there is a hidden enclave somewhere where they might still linger… Could happen. There is a lot of room on this earth.

be well




This is a photograph of Voirrey Irving and her dog Mona, the woman who was well known for talking to Gef the Mongoose. Voirrey was 12 when Gef began speaking in her farmhouse on Isle of Man in September of 1931. Many people believe that Voirrey was behind the whole thing, and she was using ventriloquism to make it seem like there was an unseen talking Mongoose on the property.

I first heard of Gef many moons ago when my friend Susan Swiatek gave a lecture about the mysteriously vcal critter to our mutual group at an International Fortean Organization conference. Sue’s a MUFON exec and cryptozoology is a hobby of hers. I thought it was a pretty cool tale but didn’t really think it was truly true… but, hey, you never know, you know? We do know that there are shapeshifters, so… yeah.




Gef the Talking Mongoose is a mongoose-like creature found on Isle of Man. Gef is described as a small mongoose-like creature with yellow fur, a bushy tail, and stripes. Sounds like a normal mongoose right?

Well yeah except for the fact that Gef could talk. Gef was first reported in the village of Dalby by the Irving family. Gef introduced himself as Gef the Mongoose who was born in New Delhi India in 1852. Gef told the Irvings that he was a clever mongoose and a ghost or a spirit in the form of a mongoose. Gef once said, “I am a freak. I have hands and I have feet, and if you saw me you’d faint, you’d be petrified, mummified, turned into stone or a pillar of salt!“

Gef lived with Irvings for sometime waking people up if they overslept and attacking any mice that he could get. Word got out and the people of the village were scared and excited some even said to have seen or heard Gef. A few psychics went to go visit the Irving’s house after they moved after the dad died since they believed the house was haunted and they didn’t find anything not even any sign of Gef. Skeptics believe that Gef was a puppet or a split-personality of the father but believers say he was a ghost or a poltergeist or a ghost or even a real talking mongoose.

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I don’t know… who does… as a Fortean, I just take it at face value, file it under “Unlikely af” and dig it for the entertainment. He certainly was entertaining, and hey, the lil guy still is if you believe the twitter account Gef the Mongoose @gefbot is real. Hahaha!

Big Fun

be well


If you can.. (with audio)

Published on Jul 6, 2018 Please donate if you can. Right now every cent and dollar counts. I have much information to share in the coming weeks. God be with you. Pray for me and my family. God bless.

Hey, dear readers, if you can, please help my friend Jane.

She’s pretty awesome eh… a mom, a fortean researcher and a musician. Rough roads of late and she and the kids deserve some good times.

Much peace eh.

be well


Giganto In The Four Corners

JC Johnson
Published on Dec 14, 2010

Some of my earlier work. Please forgive me on some of the audio. I’ll make mention that one of the subjects discussed in this video, “Joe”- Not only has a “slouch” when he walks, ,, he also has a hump, or what appeared to be a hump on his back. Years later, I’m thinking that it was not a hump on his back? It was “wings” tucked up. We have many reports of “Batsquatch”…. Teec Mountain would be the ideal place for him to fly off of.

I also realize, in sharing these videos, many of you familiar with these areas may well want to go and investigate for your self. I strongly caution you upon encountering one of these creatures, to take nothing but pictures, and not to harm them in any way. Anyone interested in doing a “stakeout” of Teec Mountain, contact us here on YOU TUBE. We have some private land there. With a good blind, and the right camera equipment, with in a few days, if “Joe” is still around, you may well get some incredible photos.

JC Johnson

We lost a valiant hero and a true treasure.

be well


VERY IMPRESSIVE TIMBER WOLF FOOTAGE!! – Frightened Man Films Dog Chased By “Real Massive Dire Wolf”

Nv Tv
Published on Jun 11, 2018

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Well, I must concur on the use of the term impressive. It certainly is. This thing is enormous. Note: If I find the clip I saw the other day of a guy holding up a recently deceased timber wolf I will add it to this thread.

Contemplation of this critter also causes the idea of the continued existence of the allegedly extinct and deservedly notorious Dire Wolf, which would be even more impressive — to be not so wild at all.

Hey, there’s room for everybody out there and you’ll be amazingly hard pressed to sway me otherwise.

Plenty of room, Sir.

Here is a Joe Rogan snippet that has the photo I mentioned, about halfway through…

Joe Rogan Reacts to The BIGGEST Wolfs EVER on Earth

Joe Rogan Fan Clips
Published on Dec 27, 2017

Joe Rogan Reacts to The BIGGEST Wolfs EVER on Earth

Massive and magnificent.

be well


“THE SKULL” (Crypto Four Corners)

JC Johnson
Published on Dec 10, 2010

A young man can’t seem to get away from a “skull” he found in the desert.

Freaky deaky… I think I would be far more freaked than this fellow was but it did spare him in the end, his friend as well, so there is that. But my word, I’m not sure what to think.

As far as the skull itself… fascinating… sounds maybe like a small dogman? Mainly because of the description he gives of the neck vertebrae.

Or maybe one of those “extinct” critters, the Amphicyonidae. They’re the Bear Dog. Or perhaps there are Dire Wolves still roaming. Or the fabulous Timber Wolf. These aren’t upright, though, so it’s not a good match for the traditional dogman.

Oh, gosh, I simply don’t know.

be well


Special 200th Episode of Dogman Encounters

Dogman Encounters
Published on May 11, 2018

Tonight’s show marks the 200th episode of Dogman Encounters. Because of that, I decided to mix things up a bit. In the first half of tonight’s show, I’m going to narrate 4 encounters for you. In the second half of the show, Dave, a Dogman eyewitness from Ohio is going to tell you about his encounter and then Chris Edge, a Dogman Researcher from New Jersey is going to talk about several encounters various Dogman eyewitnesses have shared with him.

Thanks, so much, for listening and for supporting the eyewitnesses the way you do!

To visit Chris Edge’s YouTube Channel, please go to…

The description pretty much says it all. Some good stories… some of them not all that far away, really. Oh dear.

Are there any Connecticut dogmen?

Or dogwomen?

be well


Dead Dogman! (Dogman Encounters Episode 201)

Dogman Encounters
Published on May 18, 2018

Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to closely examine a dead Dogman? Well, tonight’s guest, George, doesn’t have to guess what doing that would be like. That’s because he did that, years ago. George has had his fair share of Dogman encounters. Before he looked over the body of that dead Dogman, he watched one chase a girl he knew from just feet away. We hope you tune in and listen to George talk about the dead Dogman he checked out, the poor girl he watched being chased by one, and several other encounters he’s had. If you prefer episodes that are packed with lots of encounters, tonight’s show is for you!

George certainly presents himself well and is quite articulate. I find nothing at all to complain about. What a fascinating array of experiences this man has lived through.

Dead Dogman (part 2) (Dogman Encounters Episode 202)

Dogman Encounters
Published on May 25, 2018

On last week’s show, our guest, George, talked about the numerous Dogman encounters he’s had. On tonight’s show, we’re going to go into more depth, talking about his Dogman-related experiences.

More details in this one. The dead one is covered pretty well.

From the descriptions of the ones he apparently sees frequently, the thought of a different species looms large. Different from the typical critter we are so used to hearing about in these various podcasts and reports.

But hey, why not?



be well


3 HOURS of TRUE **MILITARY VETS vs BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS!!** Sasquatch Dogman Encounters Episode:51

Crypto PTSD
Published on Jul 2, 2018

Tonight we have 3HOURS of Military Vets vs Bigfoot Encounters!! These military vets come forward with their bigfoot encounters for the first time! These sasquatch encounters range from Vietnam War encounters to French Foreign Legion bigfoot encounters!! I hope EVERYONE enjoys the show!! Crypto PTSD

Ooh, I am so glad… this is because the first story up is a tale from Vietnam. I am very interested in the notorious “Rock Apes” of the region. And it has a supplementary report, too. =]

Then we’re in America… and there are so many more.

Such goodness. And the number can get you thinkin,’ too, about the possible number of these fellas that are out there. There is plenty of room for them. The tracts of unexplored wilderness here in America and Canada alone is staggering. Note that I am using the word “unexplored” with precision. As in, no human has set foot here. Ever. It is a fact. Bigfoot and Dogman have available all the room they could ever want. And they know what to do with it.


be well


Dogman Encounters Episode 175 (Scariest Encounters, Episodes 156-174)

Dogman Encounters
Published on Nov 24, 2017

Tonight’s show is a collection of what I consider to be the scariest encounters, from episode 156 to episode 174. If you listen to tonight’s show, you’ll definitely be sleeping with your lights on! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Gotta love this stuff, eh?

be well


3 Hours of Intense Dogman Encounters

Dogman Encounters
Published on Jun 29, 2018

Tonight’s show consists of 3 hours of non-stop, intense Dogman encounters. These are real encounters eyewitnesses have had with Dogmen. To get more info on Dogmen or to report your own Dogman sighting, please go to Thanks for listening!

Buncha folks callin’ in to Vic tellin’ their tales of pure terror.

Which is pretty much what you get with a dogman encounter.

Be careful out there.

be well




Meet Dakotaraptor, the first “giant” dromaeosaur from the Hell Creek formation.

I’ve been sitting on these illustrations for months and can’t think of the last time I’ve been so excited to illustrate a new taxon. At 5.5 meters in length and with magnificently robust ulnar quill knobs, this is not only the first “giant” dromaeosaur from Hell Creek, but it is also the first dromaeosaur in this size range with indisputable evidence of feathers. And not just shaggy and sparse “protofeathers” as many skeptics purport in defense of the “half-arse” integument pattern.

No, Dakotaraptor had massive ulnar quill knobs, which meant that its arms likely supported thick, heavy feathers with a stiff central rachis. This confirms, once and for all, that feathers stage 3 and beyond existed on dromaeosaurs larger than Velociraptor and Zhenyuanlong. What was such a large dromaeosaur doing with feathers like this? There are several options which are not mutually exclusive: brooding eggs, aggressive mating and territorial displays, shielding young… but many of you will recall my particular fondness for Denver Fowler’s 2011 paper on “raptor prey restraint”, which posited a unique predatory role for robust wings on non-volant dromaeosaurs. These wings would have acted as stabilizers and balancers for a large animal as it struggled atop still-living prey, much as modern birds of prey do. Modern hawks and eagles have evolved particularly stout and powerful ankles for this purpose, which allow greater torque for the inner claw on each foot to dig into unruly prey. This inner claw is, certainly by no coincidence, by far the largest on most birds of prey.

The use of RPR by Dakotaraptor means it would have been especially appropriate when grappling similarly-sized prey, and Hell Creek has given us the perfect also-feathered match: Ornithomimus, a new feathered specimen of which has been described just days before.

There is much to be said on Dakotaraptor, from its possible synonymity with Acheroraptor to its ecological relationships with other Hell Creek carnivores, but it should come as no surprise that the role of feathers in its predatory ecology is what interests me most! I look forward to seeing what future analyses and potentially more material will bring.

Source: ewilloughby

Exceptional work.

I hope to see much more of this grand gallery.

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Dogman Encounters Episode 36

Dogman Encounters
Published on Apr 16, 2015

As a lot of people in the crypto field know, Tim “Coonbo” Baker has had no lack of experiences with creatures that go bump in the night. Boogers (he calls Sasquatch “Boogers”) have been at the heart of most of those experiences. In Episode 36, Coonbo is going to come on and talk with me, about a cryptid that scares him a lot more than Boogers do. We’re going to talk about Dogmen! You might have heard Coonbo do other shows, talking about various Booger-related topics, but he’ll be talking about things in this show you haven’t heard him discuss before. If you want sleep well tonight, do yourself a favor and DON’T listen to this show! Some of the topics we discuss won’t be for the faint of heart!

Twenty six minutes of Coonbo history to start off… great to know because Coonbo rocks. He’s definitely the real deal.

Bigfoot Outlaw Radio – Tim Coonbo Baker 04/19/09

Bigfoot Crossroads
Published on Feb 11, 2015

This week we are proud to present a close and personal friend of ours, Tim “Coonbo” Baker. A Missouri transplant from Alabama, Tim has been studying this phenomenon nearly all his life. He has researched in numerous states throughout the U.S. and has some truly amazing stories to tell. Join us as Tim offers us some of his insight and shares some of his own personal experiences with these amazing creatures. You will be glad ya did!

Good man.

Just doesn’t get any better than that.

be well.



Coonbo on Beast of lbl edited p.1

Woodbooger Farm
Published on Apr 2, 2017

Edited name version Coonbo on Beast of lbl p.2

Woodbooger Farm
Published on Mar 28, 2017

This is my experience on my property with an unknown being.

Wait, Coonbo’s not an unknown being! j/k

Wasn’t sure whether to post this as the audio is far beyond abysmal and not only that, they’ve got this guy there who is chock full o’ knowledge and they walk away several times    as he’s talking. I don’t get it.

But, I thought I would put ‘er up anyway, eh.

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Day 10: Muldjewangk

Murray River, South Australia

Large clumps of floating seaweed are said to hide the Muldewangk and are best to be avoided while traveling through the river.

via firebluegraphics

Nifty keen!

Well, apparently not so much if you should run into one… but cryptozoology is one of the most noble causes to work in in my book.

I must say I have never seen a report of one of these.


be well



Bestiarum Vocabulum, or, a Cryptozoological compendium

Plate 7: Demogorgon

via bogelbear

I like this guy…

He, she or it is just fabulously creepy!

Don’tcha think? Plus, it’s a new one for me! Never heard of this critter.

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Boris’ take on…Nessie?  From what I’ve been able to find out, this is supposed to be Loch Ness’ most famous denizen.

Maybe, maybe not. Personally I think it is another creature entirely. Maybe one that Boris saw. People are so hollow these days.

be well


What? WTF.

Hoax? Quite likely. The feet and hands, right arm and such seem worn rather than natural. But I have no information and Google helped not a bit.

As a Fortean, I am willing to entertain this clip. The legs and hocked heels are well done in the event it is purpose-blurred CGI.

The short duration certainly speaks to a CGI creation. Rendering is still an issue. (They don’t know about BOXX)

We shall see. Or not.

be well


Nessie On The Net Loch Ness Live Stream

Started streaming on May 30, 2018

Hunt for Nessie the Loch Ness Monster Live from our Streaming Nessie on The Net website. We are the multi award winning officially original webcams from this beautiful loch and on our site you will find several other livecams including Urquhart Castle – a view covering Edward’s Deep (the deepest spot and where the monster is seen most often). The site and its contents are all copyright of Mikko Takala, probably the world’s leading Loch Ness Monster expert and all rights are reserved. If you’d like to use our content or for other information please contact Mikko via [email protected] Enjoy!

You might get lucky.

You could be world famous! Gosh!

Beautiful just to watch on full screen as art.



Loch Ness monster ‘seen cavorting in water for 10 minutes’ spotter claims

MH Documentary
Published on Jun 1, 2018

A “feature film length” video of the Loch Ness Monster from Ireland.Hospital clerical worker Eoin O’Faodhagain from Donegal took a ten minute video from the Loch Ness webcam.The creature moves from right to left and as it swims towards Urquhart Bay – a favourite haunt of Nessie – and is seen diving and surfacing with water splashes.

The sighting – the second record accepted this year by the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register – comes only days before DNA sampling is to be used to discover previously unrecorded organisms in Loch Ness.Eoin, 53, from Drumdoit Castlefin has wached the Nessie webcam for many years.

“I just click in now and then for 20 minutes – it’s better than watching Coronation Street,” he said.“I seen a couple of things over the years but they have been explained as a boat or something else.”But on April 30, Eoin had “a terrific shock.” “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he said. “I just started recording it on my phone. I just followed it.”It was very unusual, it was certainly something big – it dived down and up again and dived and disappeared. It was not a boat and not a log. I would say it was Nessie.“I believe in Nessie but not as a plesiosaur – but as something that has evolved in Loch Ness over thousands of years.”

Mr O’Faodhagain has been to Loch Ness four times as part of Highland holidays.Gary Campbell, Keeper of the Official Register of Sightings at Loch Ness, said: “As far as Nessie footage goes this is a feature film.”Normally you only get videos of one of two seconds. It is remarkable in its length and again shows the increased sightings of Nessie from the internet.“Clearly it is something that dives in and out of the surface with water splashes and reflections. It is unexplained. The object would be no larger than 20ft. There is something there on the video that is clearly moving.”Sightings of the Loch Ness Monster set new global records last year.Nessie’s 11 accepted sightings in 2017 were the highest this century.Irish missionary St Columba is first said to have encountered a beast in the River Ness in 565AD. Since then there have been 1080 officially logged sightings.This month a team of scientists will collect tiny fragments of skin and scales from the loch.

Hey, now, this dude got the shocker, eh? Ten minutes! Madonne a mi!

Wish I wasn’t so close to blindness… it would be nice to see the goings on a bit better than I do.

Here is one of the articles from the interwebs…

Latest Loch Ness Monster Sighting Captured on an Unusual Video

Paul Seaburn June 5, 2018

Summer vacation season has arrived in Scotland, which means it’s time for tourists to point their cellphones at Loch Ness and claim that every log, fish, boat wake and bubble is proof of the Loch Ness monster. However, the latest video accepted by the Official Register of Sightings at Loch Ness was not taken by a tourist standing on the bank of the loch but by an Irishman sitting at home watching the live feed from the official Loch Ness CCTV livecam. Not only did he see something that looked monsterish, he took a video of the video which showed the anomaly for a long (by Nessie sightings standards) ten minutes. Is this the real deal or just another seal?

There is so much to discover out there.

So much.