Another Sighting of that Unnamed Species (and drawings and prints for sale)

Erwin Saunders
Jul 14, 2021

Sorry this video took so long. It was complicated for me to work out how to sell things. I’m figuring this out as I go and will keep uploading designs from time to time. Its all a bit of an experiment for me.
Thanks in advance for anyone that buys anything at all. It will really help me to keep this going. Tom suggested using a donation site, but I prefer to give something back to anyone that is prepared to part with their money.

So, firstly there is Redbubble, which prints onto Tshirts and things. I started with my Shaman prints as I thought they looked better than pencil drawings for that kind of thing. Tom also has some ideas for me to try doing soon. I’ve never made T-shirts before so I’m a bit green when it comes to this kind of thing…

I’m selling Hand-made prints of my lino cuts on a site called Big Cartel. I’m printing these as I go and it usually takes a few attempts to make a decent one. The Oil based ink has to dry, so it will take a a minimum of few days before I can send one out. If there is any demand for them, then I’ll do batches and I’m sure I’ll get more efficient at it.

Luckily someone I know with an Ebay account is hosting my original pictures for me. I tried to put a lot of pictures on, in a variety of styles from whimsical to more straight, so its not all one option of that picture of this unknown species. I photographed them, so these images might end up also on Redbubble items, or If I make a book. ( Also I will add more so if you’re interested, its worth checking in even after these end. You should find them here

(Sorry for the lengthy essay, but I thought my bumbling and incoherent explanation on the video needed further clarification)

Good stuff! Erwin rocks!

Sighting’s at about 6:40 and it’s a rather nice one. =]


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Bigfoot nipple slide (I am so sorry you had to read that)

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blursed slide


Do you enter in through the asshole?


I have a question, how do you get inside? Is there a staircase up the ass?



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Enhanced pic from the previous post.

The previous post…

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He who shall not be named?

I dunno… the ‘original’ (modified with the circle and ?) looks iffy. Maybe. Maybe not.

Not much support in the comments at r/dogman, as it is, after all, not the original.

But the enhancement is interesting.


Witness to Family Attack Comes Forward – Beast of LBL Update

Cryptid Studies Institute
Mar 28, 2021

In 1982 a family of four was supposedly attacked by what people now call the Beast of LBL. Recently a gentleman reached out to us claiming he was not only a witness to that gruesome event, but was also a survivor, now that same gentleman wants to present his story to the world.

Wow, this is a breath of fresh air. Very interesting!


Fortean Times Erwin Saunders Interview


Love Erwin!

Love Fortean Times!




A absolute classic must read for those with any level of interest.

Ivan was a fabulous man and a superb and indeed legendary researcher of the unexplained.

So glad I could put it up here for you all to read!

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The Beast That Stalks the Hill. – Winter hill compilation reports

Deborah Hatswell #BBR
Apr 17, 2021

Now on Twitter – Daily Sighting Reports, articles, videos and podcasts on your fav subjects. Bigfoot/Dogman/UFO/Supernatural/Unexplained.

A compilation of reports from the Winter Hill area of the UK. From Werewolves to Large Cats and a vanishing figure. You can find further updates and evidence on Micks Channel –…

Deborah Hatswell is the founding member of the Being Believed Research and Investigations group and has taken or researched over 1500 personal witness reports. All of which can be accessed freely on the sightings map link listed below. If you have a case you would like us to investigate or need help researching please get in touch and we will do our best to help you. We can also feature your book,podcast,website,forum,social media, youtube,online magazine for free in our news email. Thank you to these amazing artists for our new look BBR Youtube Channel 2021. BBR Artwork – Tim Marney End Video – Mick Mclaren ………… Debs Email –


Heaps of good stuff from Deb!


Cryptid Encounters: Sprinter, The Face, The ‘Monkey,’ Tree-Hugger

Bob Gymlan
Oct 31, 2019

This video contains 4 reports of cryptic encounters I’ve received over the years. I wish I could give all of your stories the time and attention they deserve, but there simply isn’t enough time in the day. In the near future, I am moving forward with more historic reports and tales.

Also I threw in a bonus ‘paranormal video’ that didn’t make the cut for my last video. But maybe some of you will enjoy it. No need to waste it, I guess.

I also want to mention what I mean by “Abridged, Edited, & Illustrated.”

When I receive a report, or submission, it is rarely in a format prepared to simply be read. There are usually many follow up emails and conversations. Technically these are stories that I have “written.” Though the events and wording are as accurate as possible to what I received.

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Incredible art-work by Fred Dunn!

Cool beans.


The Monster of Lake Tota

Bob Gymlan
May 30, 2021

This video is about a creature that allegedly inhabits the largest lake in Colombia, Lake Tota. I’m skeptical of lake monster claims, but the creature’s origin, mythology, history, and context is certainly fascinating.

A few notes.

#1. I watched three docs on the Muisca, every expert pronounced it differently: Moose-ee-kuh, Mew-Skuh, Music-huh. I couldn’t find a single British expert saying it out loud, so I can’t be certain which is correct. (that was a joke, but damn do they have credibility with pronunciation)

#2. I spent all night cobbling this together. I’m not certain if the video at 1:22 is intentional or not… It seems like an accident, but it kind of makes sense. So…

#3. Can you find the hidden lions?

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Incredible art-work by Fred Dunn!​
Additional Images Google Licensed for reuse.

Excellent work here, as always.



Something Is Happening Right Now In The Caribbean That Scientists Can’t Explain

May 4, 2021
Something is happening right now in the Caribbean that scientists can’t explain. Today, we take a look at these 5 incredible ocean discoveries and mysteries.
The last truly unexplored frontier of our planet is that of the endless expanse hidden beneath the oceans of our world. Deep within the darkened waters of these abyssal layers, there resides a number of strange and impossible to understand phenomena that have left many fearing the possibility of what may be lurking within the depths of our planet.
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Keeping to the sea, here are 5 nice ones.


The Remains of an Strange Creature Found On The Ocean Floor. Can You Identify This Mystery Animal?

Deborah Hatswell #BBR
Apr 29, 2021

Now on Twitter – Daily Sighting Reports, articles, videos and podcasts on your fav subjects. Bigfoot/Dogman/UFO/Supernatural/Unexplained. #BBR…

Did a diver film a rare sea monster or the legendary Water Dragon at a depth of 835.5 meters

This video is exclusive to BBR Investigations. Feel free to share.

I was contacted by a gentleman who works with Remote Operated Vehicle equipment for the gas and oil industry. This video was captured in 2017 in the Mediterranean during an investigation of the sea bed. The ROV picked up a strange set of bones on the sea bed. The bones seem to be that of a sea serpent or unknown creature.

Sadly due to covid restrictions it has taken until now for myself and the chap to get together and discuss this unusual video capture.

Now I must stress this video was taken by professionals who work underwater in oceans all across the globe. They know Whale bones and come across them from time to time. The dimensions of the skeleton on the video does not fit with the usual size for any sea life in the area. A whale has three blades on it’s spinal bones each spaced 120 degrees apart and this creature seems to have only two.

The Mediterranean sea does join the Atlantic ocean so this creature could have come here from that ocean?

The gentleman who contacted me stated “The bones could be very ancient because I have seen many clay amphora sticking out of the mud and they have been there for potentially 1000’s of years. The bones were about 30 meters long and very large and look more like they belong to a serpent of some kind”

Now you can see the video footage for yourselves. What do you think this creature could be?…

A fascinating report from my friend Deb Hatswell. She’s good people.

This specimen has some rather interesting features. I quite like the head. Must have been a slender beast. I don’t see anyplace where flippers would attach, so it must had fins or nothing,e like a snake. And 98 feet long!

I hope someone can sort it out one way or another.

Good to see a nice sea creature… very refreshing.


In 1938 This Explorer Encountered Something In This Jungle That Scientists Can’t Explain

Unexplained Mysteries
May 24, 2021

In 1938 this explorer encountered something in this jungle that scientists can’t explain. Today, we take a look at what this explorer encounters in this jungle.

The jungles are some of the least explored region on our planet, being homes to thousands of species of wildlife. Although many of these have been discovered, there’s still hundreds of new species that are being found every year.

People are captivated by the reports and sightings of strange animals around the world. We are glued to news reports of sightings of mysterious creatures. We devour movies inspired by their tales. Deep down, we all have a desire to have answers for the unknown. Are they rare, endangered creatures, or are they simply a product of over imagination.

Thank you for watching.
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Some nice, cool stories.


Kawuk by Hypoem87

The Kawuk is a reputed cryptid existing on a Southeast Asian island, where a maximum security prison is located. The kawuk has been described as looking like a very large monitor lizard, about the size of a medium-sized dog, with green or grey skin and a long thick tail. The difference between it and other monitors is that when the kawuk decides to jog or run, it rises up on two legs and holds it’s shorter arms to it’s sides. The back legs are said to be longer and more muscular than the arms, which can be used like hands. Kawuks are said to hunt in packs, like wolves, and run their prey into a corner before they tear it to pieces with razor-like teeth and large claws.

Could the kawuk be a population of monitors who developed a culture of walking on two legs? Many animals have groups that form their own cultures and practicies, like the water tigers, or the elephant killing lions and the lion-eating chimpanzees. Could this be a similar case?
Or could the kawuk be a all new species of monitor? A return of large bipedal carnivores? A real life ‘raptor’ for the future of the Earth?
Shout out to FernandoooOOOo

Hypoemtasia Bestiary – Kawuk by Hypoem87

Shan-Gri-La, a continent which houses a large number of faunas, has her own collection of herbivores and carnivores. Carnivores like the tyrannosaurs and the dromaeosaurs are the big players in the ecosystem throughout Shan-Gri-La: the tyrannosaurs are distributed throughout the Eastern and Southern region of Shan-Gri-La (some populations made themselves home at Southern Sinotasia at spring and summer); whereas the dromaeosaurs are distributed throughout the Northern and Western region of Shan-Gri-La (with some inhabiting the southern region of Sinotasia, in small numbers). There is one genus of theropod that belongs to neither family that also made Shan-Gri-La their home.

Measuring at a length of between 4 to 5 meters long and weighing between 300 to 400 kilograms, the Kawuk is a medium-sized megaraptoran that inhabits the rainforests of Southeastern Shan-Gri-La and the surrounding islands where the Pseudotyrants and the Taoties are rare or absent. Like all megaraptors, they possess a pair of strong and flexible arms tipped with three large meat hook-like claws to grab or latch onto their prey. Their serrated teeth are built to rip and tear the flesh of their prey, not dissimilar to the other megaraptors that do not possess the strong jaw muscles the tyrannosaurs possess. Ambush predators, the Kawuk will utilize the underbrush of the rainforests and approach their prey quietly, before bursting from the brush and use their large claws to grab or hold their prey on the spot and kill them using their large claws. They possess a body coloration of either light or lime green with brown stripes, however a small number of melanistic individuals are also seen throughout the deeper regions of Southeastern Shan-Gri-La. Males possess an inflatable reddish orange throat pouch which they used to attract the females.

Continuous K-strategist, they can mate at any time throughout the season. Not much is known about their courtship, but it is widely presumed that the males will engage in intraspecific fights to earn the rights to mate with the female. They lay small clutches of eggs numbering between 2 to 4 at places in between the tree roots and cover them with dried leaves and twigs, while letting the sunlight to incubate their eggs. The male and the female will constantly watch their nest for two weeks until the eggs hatched. The young megaraptors will be taken care by their parents for a period of 8 to 10 months before they can forage on their own. Subadults Kawuks usually hunt in a group of 2 to 4, whereas adults only hunt by themselves.

The Kawuks are often given the nickname “grave raiders” or “Perompak Mayat (Corpse Snatcher in Malay)”, as they are known for digging up hastily buried human corpse in search of an easy meal. Despite their nickname, their practice of eating corpse is only something that they do when food source is extremely scarce or when they are unable to hunt like they used to. However, very few of them do eventually develop a taste for human flesh and turn to full fledged man-eaters. Said man-eaters often terrorize rural settlements during the darkest of night, all the while evading from the radar of the search party. As such, many settlement residents will build a barricade made of concrete and emplaced with razor wires to barricade them from entering the settlements. Some would go as far as creating armed patrol, risking their lives to ensure the safety of their settlement.


Inspired by the Kawuk, a reptilian/saurian Cryptid of Indonesian origin; based on the megaraptors, particularly the Australovenator.

Credits to DinoDragoZilla17 (…) for suggesting the Kawuk!

Yeep, finally a new megaraptoran for my Hypoemtasia Bestiary series!

More GUUD stuff to come soon BOIZ and GURLZ!

Hold on to your butts and stay safe!

Canon G2000 series Date Taken Apr 17, 2020, 9:17:26 PM

Published: Apr 18, 2020
© 2020 – 2021 Hypoem87

Neato! This was a new one on me! On Karl, too, I think!


“My Grandfather Knew What Happened In The Dyatlov Pass Incident” | Creepypasta |

Scary JUJU
May 19, 2021

The Dyatlov Pass incident was an event in which nine Russian hikers died in the northern Ural Mountains between 1 and 2 February 1959, in uncertain circumstances. The experienced trekking group from the Ural Polytechnical Institute, led by Igor Dyatlov, had established a camp on the eastern slopes of Kholat Syakhl.

► Written by:…
► Story:…
► Art/Thumbnail by:
A big thank you to the author for this awesome story! A big thank you to Myuu, Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio, MONST3R MUSIC, REPULSIVE and CO.AG Music​​​​​​​​​​​​………

If you’re not following me on instagram, make sure to follow me so I can interact with you guys and have feedback and input for future videos and content!…

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Hi guys! Thank you so much for watching🖤

This creepypasta (fictional horror story) is a spin on a real incident that happened called “The Dyatlov Pass Incident” which is still shrouded in mystery to this day.

If you guys are interested, this is a video explaining the latest plausible theories (backed by scientific research) as to what might have happened –

This is very well done and on a topic I am enamored of… I simply couldn’t stop listening!


Did This Person Encounter A Giant Spider On A Highway In Canada?

Unexplained Mysteries
Aug 19, 2018

Did this person encounter a giant spider on a highway in Canada? We take a look at this mysterious creature one man encountered in Canada.

Every year people witness things that they can’t explain. Whether it’s UFO’s or mysterious creatures these encounters don’t usually see the day of light. Recently we’ve talked about giant spiders in the congo but this person encountered a bug like creature in Canada. Eazer 27 from reddit said the following “I live on the West coast of British Columbia in Canada. I was driving my girlfriend back to her granddads house 2 towns over from mine which is about a two and a half hour drive. I had driven her home and spent the day visiting her family. This town she is from is right on the coast. After my stay I then began my trip home.

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I dunno. Could be. Thought it was interesting.


Giant Snake Congo 1959

Sep 20, 2015

Colonel Remy Van Lierde DFC** (14 August 1915–8 June 1990) was a Belgian pilot and fighter ace who served during World War II in the Belgian and British Air Forces, shooting down six enemy aircraft and 44 V-1 flying bombs, and achieving the RAF rank of Squadron Leader. He returned to the Belgian Air Force after the war and went on to hold several important commands before retiring in 1968. Alleged encounter with a giant snake

On the episode of Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World entitled “Dragons, Dinosaurs and Giant Snakes,” Van Lierde claims that in 1959 he encountered a giant snake in the Katanga region of the Belgian Congo while returning from a mission by helicopter. He claims to have then turned around and made several passes over the snake in order to allow another person on board to photograph the creature.

Van Lierde describes the snake as being close to 50 feet in length. He claims it was a dark shade of brown and green with a white coloured belly. He claimed the snake’s head was 3 feet long and 2 feet wide, and that the jaws were of a triangular shape.

Van Lierde claims that as he flew lower for a closer inspection, the snake rose up approximately 10 feet, giving the impression it would have attacked the helicopter if it had been within striking range.

An old case. A wonderful case. The ONLY question there is regarding it is… What kind of snake is this?

No one knows, but many think it’s a Titanoboa, which supposedly went extinct long ago, but, we know how that goes. Especially in that environment. I think it quite likely that it is one of those, if not a similar species.

Research in the area is terribly difficult. Not many venture all that far into the Congo, or the surrounding regions, even the indigenous folks. It is nearly impossible to cut through most of the jungle there. Westerners can never get enough time to do it properly; and, there always seems to be a war of some sort going on.


But, wait, there’s more.

The title was singular, but I have added this next video to put some meat on the post.

It features a segment on one of my all-time top heroes, the intrepid explorer Lt. Colonel Percival Harrison Fawcett, who happened to run into a rather big fella in the western Amazon back in the day.

Just so you know, Remy’s encounter is the final segment in this one, with two fine reports following Percy’s preceding it.


These People Claimed They Encountered A Giant Snake In The Amazon

Unexplained Mysteries
Aug 20, 2018

These people claimed they encountered a giant snake in the Amazon. We take a look at the sightings and encounters of giant snakes in the Amazon.

One traveler had this to say “During the 1970s when deforestation started I decided to visit the rain forest. Back then there was so much more to see and the wildlife was plentiful. I had always wanted to go here and being a amateur wildlife photographer made we want to do this even more. I have extensive knowledge in the environment and animals. I studied for many years at university and decided that after I graduated I would go to the amazon. I went with a friend who I had spoken to previously and they too were excited to go. It’s sad to see the state of the amazon now compared to when I went.”

Thank you for watching!
Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

God, I absolutely love cryptozoology… even more than lost civilizations, or space exploration!


Trying to locate his hideout

Erwin Saunders
May 19, 2021

Back to the woods to find the chap that shot me, with an arrow, 2 years ago.

God, how I love this man. There is a brief clip of a Pixie included in this one, from a previous outing.


smilodonr/Cryptozoology – Posted by u/CrofterNo2

Sabretooth Sightings

Could sabre-toothed cats be roaming mountains and rivers on two continents in the 21st Century? It sounds very unlikely, but there’s a surprisingly large body of circumstantial evidence relating to long-fanged big cats, in Africa and South America, always occupying two specific habitats: the rivers and the mountains. Most of the evidence consists of what could be traditional knowledge, but there are also some sightings, which I intend to list in this post.

Let’s start with the mountains of Africa, specifically those in the Sahel and Sudanian belts, between the Sahara and Central Africa. One of the earliest references to this type of cryptid comes from the Imatong Mountains of South Sudan:

Some labourers working high in the Acholi hills [the western ranges of the Imatongs] clearing firelines came to me with a tale of having seen a large animal, bigger than a lion and very broad. Its head was large, with a pointed muzzle, and a black mouth with long canine teeth. The general colour was brownish, with vertical yellowish-white stripes on its flanks. It left an elongated footprint, the size and shape of that of a small boy, but with claws. The beast was quite unknown to them, and they were very scared about it. — Jackson, J. K., “Animal Life in the Imatong Mountains” Sudan Wild Life and Sport (December 1959)

The red-and-white-striped coat and plantigrade feet both occur in descriptions of similar cryptids from further west, especially in the Bongo Massif in the Central African Republic (C.A.R.), and the mountains of Chad. The tigre de montagne of these regions is described as a cat larger than the lion, with red fur striped with cream, a short hairy tail, and very large protruding teeth. It is nocturnal, and carries its prey off to caves in the mountains. Inhabitants of the Bongo Massif claimed that a gassingrâm had been seen doing this in 1937, and big game hunter Christian Le Noël’s tracker later described a first-hand experience of this behaviour in C.A.R.:

To convince me, they took me to a rock shelter cave where, according to them, there was a “mountain tiger” about thirty years ago (we were in 1970). My first tracker Djémé affirmed that he had seen it with his father during a hunting expedition in these hills of Méllé. He and his father had managed to kill a roan antelope (300 kg), and, when they were skinning it, a “mountain tiger” emerged from the bush to seize the trophy, carrying it off without apparent effort in front of both terrified and dumbfounded hunters, who … returned empty-handed to the village. — Source

They needn’t have been afraid, as the tigre de montagne apparently does not harm men. Nor does it hunt buffalos, preferring large antelopes. In fact, the Hadjeray people of Chad’s Guera Mountains say that, while it might look frightening, its big teeth force it to open its mouth so slowly that anyone can escape from it!

Tigres de montagne are sometimes confused with a second category of cryptozoological African sabretooth, the water lions (the name ‘jungle walruses’ has been popular lately), which have been known for longer (since 1900), and seem to have a wider distribution. Very wide: there may be up to 24 different names used in 16 different African nations, especially the C.A.R., for these cryptids, as well as 5 unnamed versions.

Many of these water lions are undoubtedly mythologised or otherwise dubious, particularly those far from the C.A.R., but there have been sightings, and the stories are surprisingly consistent over such a large area, although the alleged colour of the coat varies. Their defining characteristics are their fangs and their habit of killing hippos. Unlike the tigre de montagne, water lions do attack man, and are consequently feared. Game inspector Lucien Blancou tells of one such killing in C.A.R.:

In 1911 (this date has been cross-checked) when he was porter with a detatchment of riflemen going from Fort Crampel to Ndélé, Moussa saw one of these soldiers siezed by a mourou-ngou at the junction of the Bamingui and the Koukourou. The animal was shaped like a panther, a little larger than a lion but with stripes, and about 12 feet long. The background of its coat was likewise the colour of a panther’s, but its footprint was oddly described as containing a circle in the middle(?). The soldier was in a canoe when the animal came out of the Koukourou ‘like a hippo’, just where the rivers met, seized the man in the canoe and dragged him into the water capsizing the boat, surfaced once more with the soldier in its mouth and then disappeared. The man paddling the canoe swam safely away, but the soldier’s rifle and kit remained on the bottom of the river. — Heuvelmans, Bernard (1955) On the Track of Unknown Animals, Routledge

While the above account doesn’t mention it, the mourou-ngou is supposed to have disproportinately large teeth. Cryptozoologist Eric Joye collected more recent accounts of the mourou-ngou in the C.A.R. in 1994-1995, including two sightings. One man, a prospector named Denis, claimed to have seen one swimming in 1962 or 1963, and a guide named Marcel even claimed to have almost been knocked into the river when a mourou-ngou ambushed him in 1985.

Was there a similar animal in Zambia’s Bangweulu Wetlands? A Chiwemba man claimed to have seen a long-fanged animal in these marshes, where there had long been rumours of a hippo-killing monster, during the 1920s, but his description was rather unusual.

He described the Chipekwe as rather larger than a hippopotamus, covered with shaggy hair and endowed with flippers instead of legs and feet. He also added that it had two large teeth that projected downwards like those of the sabretooth tiger. He said that this animal could kill the hippopotamus and that he had several times seen, not one, but two or three of these monsters playing about in shallow swamps at the edge of Lake Bangweulu. I may say that neither of us believed him then and the passage of years has not provided any confirmatory evidence that might tend to make me more credulous now. — Macrae, Farquhar Baliol “More African Mysteries,” The National Review, No. 111 (December 1938)

He was not the first to claim to have seen a water lion in this region. According to Rhodesia pioneer Joseph E. Hughes, a British Native Commissioner claimed to have encountered a short-tailed black ‘swamp leopard’ which wounded some of his men (Hughes, 1911).

Almost all information on water lions was gathered during the 20th Century, but one water lion, the n’gooli, has been reported from Cameroon in recent years. One Baka man interviewed by Michel Ballot claimed he had seen an n’gooli ambush a drinking gorilla, drag it into the river, and swim away with its body. Only a couple of informants insisted that the n’gooli had long fangs (Coudray, 2009). According to some sources, the Baka water lion can even kill young elephants (Brisson, 2010). In Angola, it seems that the coje ya menia was also still believed in as of 1999 (Fontinha, 1999).

Allegations of surviving sabretooths in South America exactly parallel those in Africa, with sightings generally falling into two categories: aquatic and montane. Even their names are similar. Stories of sabretooths have come out of the tropical cloud forests in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and especially Venezuela, where the tigre dantero (‘tapir-eating tiger’) has been seen in Canaima National Park in the Guiana Highlands.

The sighting took place during the dry season, from November to March, of 1991, when Tirson Sosa, a Pemon Indian in his 50s, was hunting in the jungle about three days upriver on the left bank of the Carrao River. The animal, the size of an adult jaguar, emerged from a thicket to drink water from a pool. It was neither a puma, since it did not have a long tail, nor a jaguar, since it did not have the characteristic spots of camouflage. He also pointed out an important detail that strongly caught his attention: although the feline was positioned on fairly flat ground, its front legs were higher or more robust than the back ones. Its color was yellowish brown or light brown, and what appeared to be two large fangs protruded from its mouth. — Source

In South America, the aquatic variety are called water tigers. Compared to the water lions, South America’s water tigers seem less mythologised: almost every account I have describes them as real animals. Their apparent heartland is restricted to rivers of the Guainas–the Atlantic territories of South America between the mouths of the Amazon and the Orinoco–but similar creatures are reported from as far north as Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and perhaps as far south as Paraguay.

In 1962, the inhabitants of Maripasoula in French Guiana blamed a monster called the popoké when the body of a boy named Eustache Fulgence was found scavenged, more likely by known animals, in the Maroni River. Colonel Rene Ricatte later spoke to a Roucouyenne Indian named Amaïpeti, who claimed to have seen what he called a maïpolina in the Maroni in the same year. Amaïpeti described it as follows.

[It] was three meters long by one wide. It was also about a meter ‘thick’. Its four legs, all clawed, resembled the anteater’s hind legs. The head … bore two eyes identical to those of the maïpouri (name given in Guyana to the tapir). The ears were drooping. A stripe 10 to 15 centimeters wide, and of a different color from that of the coat, appeared on the head and the back. The mouth was armed with visible teeth (according to the description he gave me, they would be like teeth of a walrus). The tail resembled that of a cow. The chest was whitish, like the line on the back, while the rest of the body was rather tan. The hair, as a whole, was short. — Ricatte, Rene (1978) De l’île du Diable aux Tumuc-Humac, La Pensée Universelle

As of 2020, inhabitants of Papaichton say they still sometimes see the popoké/maïpolina in the forest and in the river (Anon, 2020). A very similar water tiger, the massacuraman, is or was also reported from the Demerara River in Guyana. Like the popoké, it supposedly disembowels children, and old Guyana hand Matthew Young speaks of a number of alleged deaths, but only one actual sighting, which must have happened sometime before 1970.

On another occasion, in the upper reaches of the river at Clemwood, some school children were crossing on their way to school when a girl gave a piercing scream, pointing to a large hairy hand with long nails clutching the gunwhale of the boat. One boy had reacted quickly, bringing down the paddle he was holding in a sharp, cruel arc to hit the hand with a sickening crunch. The thing let loose of the gunwale and broke the surface of the water to disclose a feline face with two protruding fangs. Its head and chest were covered with hair. It did not surface again. — Young, Matthew (1998) Guyana: The Lost El Dorado, Peepal Tree Press

Miscellaneous sources

  • Anon. (2020) Livret d’Accompagnement sur le Parcours La Source
  • Brisson, Robert (2010) Petit Dictionnaire Baka-Français: Sud-Cameroun
  • Coudray, Philippe (2009) Guide des Animaux Cachés, Editions du Mont
  • Heuvelmans, Bernard & Rivera, Jean-Luc & Barloy, Jean-Jacques (2007) Les Félins Encore Inconnus d’Afrique, Les Editions de l’Oeil du Sphinx
  • Hughes, Joseph “The Haunts of the Situtunga,” The Field (23 September 1911)
  • Fontinha, Mário (1999) Ngombo (Adivinhação): Tradições no Nordeste de Angola, Câmara Municipal de Oeiras
  • Shuker, Karl P. N. (2020) Mystery Cats of the World Revisited, Anomalist Books


Astronaut Saw a serpentine UFO in Space

Ancient civilizations
May 12, 2021

This video is an auxiliary to the article about the ufo in the form of a snake, which Musgrave saw in space.…

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I have always loved Dr. Story Musgrave. He is just so damn cool.

And, he completely nullifies the argument from the woo contingent that scientists hide and ignore unusual things.

As for this apparently new channel, Well, I like this video, but this thing is NOT a ‘UFO.’ It is a creature, dammit! Come on, now, seriously.


3D printer rendering of Human Clitoris

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3D printer rendering of Human Clitoris looks uncannily like a Crawler

Assuming, of course, that there are, in fact, crawlers extant in our reality.


injured dolphin

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“Holaderia” monster photographed by Jeremy Wade in Brazil, 1995


It was a river dolphin that had been mutilated by a propeller or a fisherman. I believe Wade actually returned to this site a year or two after he took the photo and saw the dolphin close enough to see it’s head.

Says good things about Mr. Wade that he revealed the truth after encountering it on that second trip.


Ancient Encounters: Alexander The Great And Dogman

Journey To The Other Side
Oct 22, 2019

I dig dogmen. These reports were common af!


Australian Yowie Research Expedition Files – Operation Stickland Track

Yowiehunters Witness Audio Reports
Apr 16, 2021

This Expedition Research Video contains real Yowie footage shot last week, in the Gold Coast Hinterland. This is a 2 day journey, which found us at our desired location. The effort resulted in reward. We don’t normally post Expedition Files on our Witness Audio Youtube media, however we feel it is important for everyone to see.

If you were not aware of our other Youtube Channel, the link is here –…

Thank you to Buck Buckingham, for a tremendous effort obtaining this footage, on the night.

This, folks, is GOLDEN. Seriously.

I found it via my hangout, ATS, in this thread:

Infra Red Footage Of Yowie (Aussie Bigfoot) – Very Compelling!

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posted on May, 4 2021 @ 12:27 AM
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Hey everyone,

I’m somewhat new to the topic of Yowies (what we call the Sasquatch or Bigfoot in Australia) having only recently in the past few months started looking in to reports, sightings, videos, audio reports from witnesses etc.

From what I have read, seen and heard I believe there is an indisputable case to be made that there is something out there in the Australian bush that can be described as a bi-pedal hominid that is undocumented in an official capacity however, is well known about in many circles.

In my region of Australia, the indigenous peoples refer to them as doolagah’s and the term is used quite extensively by many nations up and down the Australian east coast. My indigenous mates talk about them as fact and conject that there are actually two types – the big ones and the small ones. Some nations believe the small ones are their spiritual guides but I digress.

In the following video, produced by Australian Yowie Research the crew captured what appears to be two yowies behind a tree and one bending down to….do something on the ground on infra red camera at night time. The footage is quite compelling and probably the best I have seen from anywhere in the world. This from the northern Australian state of Queensland in the hinterland of the Gold Coast region – a purported hotspot for Yowie activity, encounters and sightings.

If you wish to watch the full video, I do recommend it as it is quite enjoyable and can be seen here;

Link To Video

If you would like to skip to the part where the footage starts being shown and discussed then skip to 19:06.

I was trying to get a screen grab of the best still I could capture however, you really need to watch the video to see the movement and shape of this creature properly so to avoid doing this incredible footage an injustice I will just encourage you to watch the footage.

Pretty sure I am not allowed to link to the Australian Yowie Research website however, strongly recommend that anybody interested in the topic finds it. The site includes an interactive map of all reported sightings, encounters, videos, newspaper articles etc. since European settlement in Australia.

Their YT channel is also fantastic with animated, audio witness reports coming out regularly.

I think this is either the biggest hoax bestowed upon the community or the most compelling footage yet and, due to the amount of work and sheer hours invested by the AYR team believe it to be the latter.

What do you reckon ATS?

Oh, these guys are the real deal. I know this to be true. Been a follower for years.
Darn Youtube switched my notifications off, eh. They do that a lot.

The motion of the active creature is so natural and it is rather clear… as well as the shape… The one that stands guard, as it were, is strong in its own right. If you don’t have a half hour, do skip to 19:00. But, really watch this full screen.

The first 19 minutes is chock full of interesting finds; the sticks are cool and I don’t recall seeing that before. I do hope you watch the whole thing. It’s neat!

This is just excellent. I eagerly await more in the future.

ETA: Analysis / Examination of the footage:

Australian Yowie Research – Yowie Footage Examination

Yowiehunters Witness Audio Reports
May 2, 2021

In this upload, we are reexamining the Yowie Footage taken on our last Expedition. Along with the footage, there are also new unseen images and one in particular towards the end, that leaves absolutely no doubt.


The Sierra Sounds. Are these audio recordings of a BIGFOOT real?

The Paradox Files
May 2, 2021

The Sierra Sounds are one of the most credible pieces of Sasquatch evidence to date. Recorded in 1971 by Ron Morehead and Al Berry between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park. The recordings clearly depict guttural, animalistic vocalizations that some attribute to the elusive bigfoot. What do you guys think? Are these recording legit?

Well, I, for one, do think they are real. I’ve listened to them many times, ever since they were released.

The guy trying to recreate some of them is pretty interesting, though, I must say. The volume achieved on the tapes, though, is remarkable. Although we don’t know the distance from the mics to the source.

Note the quality if the echo present during the whoops. It sounds pretty wide, as it were. That would take a lot of lungpower to do, even once. Just saying.


Unusual Pixie behaviour

Erwin Saunders
Apr 29, 2021

Tom joins me on a trip to Dartmoor. He also helped me by editing this. I’m a bit rusty, having not done much filming for a while. ( apologies for that )

OMG I am thrilled!!!



The Beast of Seven Chutes

Bigfoot Tony
Mar 13, 2019

Comparison footage:…

I coulda sworn I had posted this… getting old, yeah?

Apparently there is an unscrupulous channel posting bullsh!t about the only real dogman photo in the public eye.

This treatment by Bigfoot Tony sets the record straight. Bravo, sir!

Love this pic. Always have.


Vietnam Vet, Green Beret Speaks Truth about Bigfoot & Rock Apes!

Skookum Report
Apr 30, 2021

Vietnam Vet Speaks Truth about Bigfoot & Rock Apes! Doug Hogan shared many memories with his nephew, Jeffery Lilly about his time in Vietnam and many truths that he felt needed to be spoken before he left this world. A highly decorated Veteran who will always be remembered and honored.

Pookster USMC
38 minutes ago

Steve is a good guy. I have talked with him via e-mail and he is very enlightened as to what is truly going on.

This is a really good rock ape piece… told by an actual hero. To me, that means… It’s true, yo.


A Crawler Sighting

Those Endless Mysteries
Apr 26, 2021

Join Those Endless Mysteries as we look at a Crawler sighting.

For T-shirts and other Items go to: those-endless-mysteries.creat…

Nice video, but, there is no Loudon County here in Connecticut. Dunno what to make of that…

Dunno what to make of these crawlers. There were none, IIRC, before a hoax report was issued a few years ago featuring an image from a sci-fi / horror movie. It went sort of viral. So… what then, are these sightings all about? Please let me know what you think.

Here is one from Virginia:


Those Endless Mysteries
Mar 17, 2021

Join Those Endless Mysteries as we take a look into the strange. This video is about the strange creatures call Crawlers. Which they truly are strange.


Six Videos Of Moving Nano Fibers In Face Masks
You Are Inhaling Them Or They Are Crawling Into You

Collected By Jeff Rense

Face Mask With Moving Nano Fibers – Video 1

Face Mask With Moving Nano Fibers – Video 3 Germany

For the rest of the videos go to the OP. I could only get these two on here.

The implications of this are unpleasant to consider.

I did get this one off the Rense homepage.



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I made a video about 3 cryptids you may not have heard of. Let me know what you think!…


The Moonlit Ghost
Premiered Mar 29, 2021

These are 3 lesser-known cryptids that just might be real! Dive into the Amazonian Rainforest with the MAPINGUARI, run from Indonesia’s EBU GOGO, and try not to get caught up in the Oklahoma Lake Monster’s tentacles! Are these creatures real or are they made up by Animal Planet??

Copyright © 2021 The Moonlit Ghost. All rights reserved.



5200 Brugg, Switzerland

This is a deep crop of a random Google Street View image of a 2nd floor balcony on the Stapferstrasse in Brugg, Switzerland.

Is it real? Or is it Memorex?


Norwegian Worm Monster

Charles Taylor
Aug 23, 2012

This is the original footage I captured with my cannon power shot and my friends coolpix digital camera. The intro should give a good explanation as to what Im filming and where I was. This was on August 4th, 2012 at 11am. Please if anyone has questions about the video post them below, I really want input as to what is in this lake.

Norwegian Worm Monster CXRxhWKziq8 mp4 stabilized

Apr 13, 2021

Got it from here:…

I have no idea what that is.

Fabulous! Quite compelling.


Partridge Creek monster


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Partridge Creek monster

Never heard of this guy before!

ETA: I have heard of it, but just did not remember the name of it… realized this as soon as I looked it up.

The Monster of “Partridge Creek”

The Monster of “Partridge Creek” is a 1908 story by French writer Georges Dupuy published in Je sais tout and The Strand Magazine. It describes alleged encounters with a large dinosaur at Partridge Creek, in the Yukon territory of Canada. Wikipedia

Original languages: French language