He Saw Bigfoot at 5 Years Old. Interview_13

Dixie Cryptid
Jul 2, 2020

He Saw Bigfoot at 5 Years Old. Interview_13

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Most enjoyable.

You’ll like it, surely.


Found this on reddit…

Posted by u/Amajormalfunction
Certified Spook
16 hours ago

Humanoid figure levitating at dusk

A+ Spooky


Black Humanoid Figure Caught Descending Upon A Burbank Neighbourhood. May 6, 2019

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0
May 12, 2019

This footage was taken by Pablo Morales and while outside with his family they notice a dark figure moving in the sky. Pablo Morales states “it was really cloudy and there was thunder earlier in the day” and after this entity left his view he went to where he believed it may have landed only to find nothing, Pablo Morales said “I went, but found no balloons or trash or anything that could have been that big.” This is just my opinion.. I believe that this could be a Fallen Angel as how creepy it looked especially when it went out of view, But this is just my views on this footage and as always i leave it up to you guys…

Many thanks to Pablo Morales for allowing me the use of his footage & to view the unedited video… [Note: Below – Ed.]
Music Credit: : Prayer by Savfk Music
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

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Humanoid flying? UFO? What is this ??

Pablo Morales
May 10, 2019

Unexplained flying object..

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This is, of course, more than likely to be just balloons, but hey, you never know, eh. Could be CGI as well. The object is mighty rigid for allegedly being a living thing. The initial emergence from the cloud is well done.

I like it. Got that look to it. It is suitably weird, for sure.

Be well.


As regulars know, I am a major fan and proponent of giant, cryptozoological spiders. Before you moan, note that I know all about the alleged rules on how big a spider’s airways can grow. You know what? I call BS. Shenanigans, too. So there. Mother Nature cares not what humans say she cannot do.

So here, is a picture of a Brown Recluse spider, which the cryptid spotted was said to resemble. Their bodies are only an inch long, so, not what we seek.brown recluse spiderAnd here, just for illustration, for a “spidey” feel, eh, is a picture of a Wolf Spider, from Michigan. It’s certainly big by “normal” everyday standards, at about four (4) inches for the leg span.wolf spider michigan

As you will soon see, by reading the story, these two images clearly have nothing whatsoever to do with the feature creature spotted by the two eyewitnesses.

Okay, so here we go


2 hours ago

MASSIVE Spider in the Treetops of Michigan

After discovering this subreddit, it had brought back a memory of mine from almost 10 years ago. I am not sure if this is the right place to post about this, but I’ll start here anyways because this is super strange to me. I”ll keep this as short as possible.

When I was around 9 or 10 years old, me, my father, his girlfriend, my two brothers and sister all went on a trip to go fishing. My dad is a former Marine, he’s an avid hunter and a big outdoorsman, so whenever the opportunity presented itself, he’d take us to go fishing, camping, etc.

At the time, my father lived in Taylor, which is a city in Wayne county Michigan. To take this fishing trip, we had to drive one or two hours away from his house to get to the spot we were going. Unfortunately, when I was a kid, I didn’t care about WHERE we were going, just as long as we got there and I didn’t have to sit in the car anymore, I’d be satisfied, so I don’t remember the name of the place we were at or it’s location.

We were one of the only people there, it was pretty empty, and it didn’t even seem like your usual fishing spot. There was a parking area, and then a long dirt road to the place we’d be fishing at. The place was built pretty much in the woods, we were surrounded by nothing but trees. When we arrived, I got out of the car after we parked and was looking around the place. I almost immediately saw something large moving into the woods infront of me in the trees, I only saw its legs at first though, so I couldn’t be sure of what I saw. It had long, brown legs, looked just like a spider, only it was bigger than any spider I’ve ever seen or heard about, so I ruled that out and decided not to tell anyone because I didn’t think anyone would believe me anyways.

My dad decided that, before we brought all of our rods and coolers to the water, he’d go down and check the area out first to let us know it was alright. A little bit down the path, he runs into a snake on the road, which he tells us about after he returns and says that we can go to the water now. Anyways, at this point, nothing unusual happens for the rest of the time. We fish for a while, and when we finish, we head back to the car.

While we’re packing up at the car, me and my oldest brother, he’s 4 years older than me, are standing next to each other at the car door. I was facing the car, and he was facing towards me, when he says “Oh my god look at that spider it’s really fucking big”. I turn around, and sure enough, the exact same thing I saw before was in the trees again, pretty much in the same spot, crawling up the tree. When I say that this spider was massive, it was MASSIVE. It was definitely bigger than a squirrel, was brown in color, didn’t have hair on it that I could see, and had really long bony legs. It looked like a brown recluse, only 100 times bigger. From our car, to the trees that the spider was at, was at least 20 or more feet away, and we could see this thing clear as day moving in the trees. My brother seeing it too is the only reason I know that i’m not crazy. I had no explanation for what we saw, but we knew we saw it so we just assumed that there were big spiders in michigan… which is not the case. I didn’t know this until recently, but the biggest spiders in Michigan are wolf spiders, which can get big, but only to the size of your hand. What we saw was definitely way larger. To give a comparison, it was probably the size of a skunk, or a small dog. It didn’t move very fast, but im sure that it could. That was the first and last time I have ever witnessed this.

If anyone has any sort of explanation for this or clue as to what we may have seen this day, please let me know… thanks

Cryptozoology rocks.

I simply can’t get enough.



3 Cryptids That Kill: the Merit of Cryptozoology

Bob Gymlan
Feb 28, 2017

This video contains three, quite literal, hidden animals. And a note regarding how fact and fiction merge in unsettling ways.

An excellent presentation.



The Strangest Bigfoot Spree Of All Time

Bob Gymlan
Apr 18, 2019

A rehash of the most peculiar bigfoot sightings event in the records. Please Support! Illustrations by Fred Dunn!:

Ooh, this one is g o o d !



Airplane passenger records an impressive elongated UFO during a flight from Phoenix to Portland

Mysterious Things
Jun 18, 2020

The images in this video, which were shot by a commercial jet passenger during a flight from Phoenix to Portland in March 2019 show a strange entity or elongated and dark object moving alongside to the aircraft.

I imagine it is just another plane. The Utubians feel the same way.

But still…

This is really neat looking.



Bigfoot Kills Trapper {Bauman’s Story}

Bob Gymlan
Sep 4, 2017

Theodore Roosevelt’s book “The Wilderness Hunter” is 600 pages about life on the frontier. Hidden within it, is a story that Roosevelt believed, about a trapper who got out alive, and a trapper that didn’t.

I like this. I like it a lot.



Bigfoot Attack At Ape Canyon

Bob Gymlan
Feb 25, 2019

One of the most contested pieces of bigfoot lore.

Support: Illustrations by Fred Dunn!:

One of the most famous cases. I have no reason to not believe it. I could swear that I have heard, maybe last year (?), that the remains of the cabin had been found.









Images by Facebook “Isaac CR”

This lil guy is great.

Is it a lizard with two little legs up front? I have heard of this sort oof thing before, but I cannot recall any resolution.

Or is it a standard snake eating a frog? Hmmm. I would think the frog—s head would be going in first, no?



Wow!!! An actual megamouth shark!

Here via my dear friend Dr. Karl Shuker, so we know this is the real deal!

This is an incredibly fortunate event… Talk about luck… it was under debate whether they were extinct or not.

Yay for NOT!


John Keel was right

John Keel was right. “They are not from outer space, there is no reason for them to be. They have always been here.” And now I finally have proof…

I miss John. He was so kind.



Phorusrhacos attack | Cesta do pravěku

May 9, 2018

Nearing the end of the Tertiary expanse our protagonist comes face-to-face with a gigantic predatory bird. Footage is from Karel Zeman’s ‘Cesta do pravěku’ (1955), also known as ‘Journey to the Beginning of Time’. Zeman took much inspiration from the amazing artwork by his fellow countryman Zdeněk Burian, it’s perhaps more apparent here than in any other scene:… Apologies for the strange subtitle placement, I don’t know why it’s like that or how to correct it.

I love terror birds.

Quite a few gauchos will tell you that they’re still around!



Vietnam War Rock Apes – Bigfoot or Big Fraud?

Mark Felton Productions
May 23, 2020

Many American GIs during the Vietnam War reported encounters with large unknown primates they nicknamed ‘Rock Apes’. Were they lying or mistaken – this video presents evidence dating back to the early 19th century for the existence of the Rock Ape, encountered many times during the French colonial period, and also includes more recent physical evidence discovered by Vietnamese scientists.

Visit my audio book channel ‘War Stories with Mark Felton’: Help support my channel:…… Credits: YouTube Creative Commons; WikiCommons; Google Commons; Mark Felton Productions

This documentary is excellent!

Ya gotta watch it!




Back In 1982 These Residents From Texas Reported Something They Couldn’t Explain

Unexplained Mysteries
Jun 1, 2020

Back in 1982 these residents from Texas reported something they couldn’t explain. Today, we take a look at what these residents encountered.

Before humans became the apex predators of the world, several million years before, there walked monstrous creatures of both terrible size and stature known as dinosaurs.

In the modern day, through the efforts made in paleontology and computer sciences, we can now recreate, with nearly photorealistic quality, the probable build and design of such creatures from the distant past.

Thank you for watching!
Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

One of my very favorite topics. Ever!

I remember well the river lizards and very credible reports of bipedal creatures in the Wyoming / Colorado area and areas towards the west of there. I am fully and completely convinced of those two.



Mutant Bigfoot or Dogman in Mississippi?

Dixie Cryptid
May 17, 2020

Mutant Bigfoot or Dogman in Mississippi? A Monster Hunts the Mississippi River Bottoms

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Oooh this one is good!




Bigfoot and Guns Don’t Mix _ Marathon 91

Dixie Cryptid
May 29, 2020

Bigfoot and Guns Don’t Mix

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Another good episode with two second hand stories. 🙂



Taken by Bigfoot. Marathon_49

Dixie Cryptid
Nov 14, 2019

Taken by Bigfoot

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Excellent stories! Nicely narrated, too. 🙂



Bigfoot and The Promise. Marathon_90

Dixie Cryptid
May 28, 2020

Bigfoot and The Promise

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More awesome encounters!


Aldabra white-throated rail bird

An extinct bird just ‘evolved itself’ back into existence

The Aldabra hasn’t existed in almost 100,000 years. Now it’s back

By Thomas Shambler
18 May 2020

The Aldabra white-throated rail bird was declared extinct, a victim of rising sea levels almost 100,000 years ago.

However, the flightless brown bird has recently been spotted – leaving scientists scratching their heads as to how – and why – the species has come back to life.

According to research in the Zoological Journal of Linnean Society, the re-incarnated Aldabra bird is a product of ‘iterative evolution’. That’s when old genes thought to have died out re-emerge at a different point in time.

That means that while a bird’s ancestors might have disappeared, that DNA still remains – and provided the environment is right, there’s nothing to stop those ancient genes from replicating in modern times.

So identical species can indeed produce multiple, slightly evolved offshoots, throughout the course of their species’ history.

But don’t get your hopes up that this means dinosaurs and wooly mammoths will be popping up next. This scientific phenomenon only occurs within species that are nearly identical to their ancestors.

While iterative evolution has previously occurred in species such as turtles, it has never been seen in the realm of birds.

“We know of no other example in the rails, or of birds in general, that demonstrates this phenomenon so evidently,” said paleobiologist David Martill, in a statement.

“Only on the Aldabra, which has the oldest paleontological record of any oceanic island within the Indian Ocean region, is fossil evidence available that demonstrates the effects of changing sea levels on extinction and recolonization events.”

2020 was already an interesting and confusing year. Looks like now we have to contend with re-materializing birds, as well.


This is fascinating. And rather exciting, too. At least, to me it is. I have always loved this sort of thing; and the more exotic and rare the occurrence, the more I like it. Because discovery and new knowledge is what it’s all about. accompanied always by renewed wisdom, of course.



Dogman Hunter Escapes from Mental Institution. Interview_12

Dixie Cryptid
Apr 11, 2020

Dogman Hunter Escapes from Mental Institution

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There are other cool stories here as well. Excellent stuff. Seriously.



Police Off Sees Unknown Creature. Cat Headed People & Six to seven feet Tall Broad Hairy Creatures.

#BBR Cryptid-Paranormal Investigations
May 8, 2020

An incident that happened one evening when they had to wait at a crime scene until other units arrived. The scene was a death, and the body showed signs of predation. Whilst at the scene a female Officer saw a strange creature in the woodland. The potential crime scene was in fact the body of a man who was found half eaten in his tent. He’d been missing a few years and living rough apparently. And it was assumed to be predication. …………………. All was well just happily playing, when he stated that he felt threatened…. looking around he saw two tall – over 6 ft – very skinny men, naked – or having some form of loincloth (he couldn’t remember) white skinned with reddish pink spirals painted on their bodies, but worse than that their heads looked like cats…………….By now all of the children had re-emerged out of the cave. They had all heard something moving in there that didn’t sound right, so as kids do they started running. Straight home would have taken them past the noise so they had to run towards a Golf Club. After a while as they were running they all saw something impossible to explain other than ‘It’. She couldn’t describe what ‘It’ was just that it was running towards them. Would you like to become a member of our BBR Investigations group and help us to investigate cases like these, or join our free community and keep in touch with like minded people in the UK and world wide. Please contact Deb via Please click one of these links to show support, or hit that like button. Feel free to share.

For BBR Memberships email admin team on #BBR #BBR UK PAYPAL: – MAP OF UK SIGHTING REPORTS:… Here is a very short and simple HOW TO use the Map video… SPREAKER:… PODBEAN: APPLE PODCASTS:… SPOTIFY:… PATREON:… BITCHUTE… WEBSITE: Cryptid Creature Blog WORDPRESS: British Bigfoot Blog DEB FACEBOOK:… FACEBOOK GROUP FOR UK/EUROPE EVIDENCE FINDS:… FACEBOOK GROUP FOR USA/CANADA EVIDENCE FINDS:… FACEBOOK Cryptid Creatures and the Unexplained, discussion of the more alternative theories behind the Cryptid Phenomena, UFO, Paranormal Events.… FACEBOOK Werewolf Watch: Upright Bipedal Canine, Dogman, Werewolf Reports… BOOKS – Read the Witness Statements in their own words. Paperback Kindle #BBR #BBRINTERNATIONAL

A whole bunch of nifty short cryptid accounts read by our Deb!


The Beast of Dartmoor


The Beast of Dartmoor


The Beast of Dartmoor

The Beast of Dartmoor

Dartmoor in England is one of the most famous National Parks in the UK, first founded in 1951. Dartmoor is known for it’s endless moors, ancient bridges, forests, valleys, granite tors, and wild ponies. However, in recent years, the most famous feature of the landscape has become the ‘Beast of Dartmoor’- a creature of folklore and cryptozoology, that just recently has come into the light as more than just an urban legend.

The first ever sightings of the beast began in the 1970s, and gained popularity in the 80s. The story was noticed by the BBC when a South Molton farmer lost over 100 sheep, all which had had their throats torn out. It was established that no native animal could have inflicted those injuries. Sightings have stated that the beast is a large black feline creature, which lead many to speculate that it was an escaped pet panther- around the time of the first sighting it became illegal to own big cats outside of zoos, and so some believe it was released so the owner would not get in trouble. However, a panther only lives arounnd 12-15 years (factoring in that a pet panther would also have no survival skills for British terrain), which doesn’t make sense giving the time span of the sightings which still continue to this day.

In 1983, after the sheep incident and other reports of dead livestock, the Royal Marine Snipers were sent out onto the moors to find the beast. The beast was sighted by the snipers, however they were not able to shoot as it was standing infront of a sheep, and they knew the bullet would pass through and kill both animals. By 1987, the beast was linked to over 200 animal deaths, including dogs and cats as well as livestock. In 2006, the British Big Cats Society found a skull on a farm in Devon which was confirmed to be a large big cat.

Over the years since people have continued to spot the beast- all descriptions claim the animal to be around eight feet long and having the ability to leap 6 foot tall fences. One man claimed to see the beast fishing with it’s paw in the River Barle, after which he said he believed the creature lived inside an abandoned mine out on the nearby moor. The amount of sightings soon lead scientists to believe there could be more than one ‘beast’. The Daily Express newspaper offered a reward for the capture of the beast, dead or alive. Over the years, many photographs have arisen as evidence, showing what appears to be a panther with the features of other large cats. These photographs were analysed and it is clear that the creature has features of both a black leopard and a mountain lion- a hybrid is possible (a Pumapard), however they are almost always born with dwarfism and die early. This also doesn’t support the idea of multiple beasts, as Pumapards are sterile.

The case seemed to be going nowhere until it was recently discovered that in the 1970s, famous circus owner Mary Chipperfield released three large cats onto the moors of Dartmoor after her circus was forced to close in 1978. Mary was supposed to transport five cats across the moors, but only two ever arrived at their destination. It is now believed that the three cats bred over the years and their offspring became the new ‘beasts’ of Dartmoor. Sightings seemed to stop after 2010, leading some to believe that the cats did not survive the harsh winter of that year. However, more recently sightings have started again all over England, meaning the ‘beasts’ could very well have survived and still be roaming the moors to this day.

Via moonlight-gives-you-nightmares

ABCs, they call them, standing for Alien Big Cats. Like leopards and mountain lions, they are large and well formed. They are not supposed to exist on the Isles of Albion, hence the aura of mystery. There have been so many sightings, though, that their existence is pretty well set. In my opinion, anyway.

Just tabbies, you say? LOL



“Realistic” art of @writingelizabeth’s beautiful creation, Snekley. I for one am going to headcanon this as Crowley’s true form from now on.



Claw Marks of Black Shuck


Claw Marks of Black Shuck

Claw Marks of Black Shuck

The door of the Holy Trinity Church in Blythburgh, England, boasts the proposed claw marks of Black Shuck. On August 4th, 1577, the Hellhound burst through the door of the church during a thunderstorm, interrupting the congregation in their meeting. Records state that two people, a man and a boy, were killed by the beast and the steeple of the church collapsed. The marks were made when Black Shuck left the church after the attack.

Source: myhauntedsalem

Although my familiarity with the Black Shuck cryptid dog is pretty good as an avid Fortean, I must say that I have never before encountered photographic evidence of the frightening pupster. No idea why… So, naturally, I find this revelation most exciting!




Yowie Sighting (Audio Report #158), near Owens Creek, Queensland

Yowiehunters Witness Audio Reports
Apr 13, 2020

Riding his Quad Bike late at night while searching for his hunting dog, our Witness stops at a violently shaking tree on the side of the track. When he turned his lights on the tree, he see’s the cause. The creature made no effort to conceal itself, in fact, quite the opposite. He wanted to be seen.

Yowie Sighting (Audio Report #141) at Coutts Crossing, New South Wales

Yowiehunters Witness Audio Reports
May 14, 2019

This will be the last Witness Audio uploaded for a time due to other commitments. Driving back from Grafton to Coutts Crossing at midnight, a Yowie is seen standing frozen on the side of the road next to an old wooden bridge. Our Witness is very descriptive in her observations and provides great detail of what she saw. We thank her for this Report.

Yowie Sighting (Audio Report #155) in the Border Ranges, New South Wales

Yowiehunters Witness Audio Reports
Jan 13, 2020

“Scientifically, it shouldn’t be here. According to all the agreed theories, even if it was here, it should have been 200,000 to 300,000 years ago – not in 2017” While conducting field studies high in the mountains of the Border Ranges, an Academic with a double degree in Science and Archaeology, finds himself next to a creature, supposedly extinct many thousands of years ago. Troubled with what he witnessed, he went on to gain a degree in Paleo Archaeology [Study of Hominins, Hominids and Evolution], to better understand what he saw.

Yowie Sighting (Audio Report #150) at Manumbah, Queensland

Yowiehunters Witness Audio Reports
Oct 30, 2019

This is one of our more dramatic Yowie encounters in the notorious mountainous region from Kilkivan through to Jimna, Queensland. This encounter occurred in 2015 when Rod Benfield was collecting wood with his brother in-law along the edge of the Gallengowan State Forest. Rod articulates the stories beautifully, and working together with Buck Buckingham (resident AYR artist), an accurate image of the Yowie has been depicted. We’re sure everyone will appreciate how Rod must have felt during these moments. As a side note, another encounter came to light only weeks ago, only 4km from Rods incident.

I love Yowies. They have such attitude a lot of the time. But, gosh, it would be a terrific thing to encounter one. Terrifically frightening, that is!


Horrors Of Spider Island

A creepy shot from the notorious film, Horrors Of Spider Island of 1959.

Sounds like a treat!


Birth of Zoomorph Couple

Birth of Zoomorph Couple, 1933, Max Ernst

Medium: oil,canvas




Forgot to share these here – some environment illos I made for Humblewood’s kickstarter D&D campaign! 🍃🌞

By erysium



mystery skeleton

An interesting and as yet unidentified bit of some recently deceased critter has washed ashore on a lovely beach in close proximity to Aberdeen, Scotland.

I’m hoping for follow up reports…



OGOPOGO SIGHTING July 10, 2018 cryptid

Blake Neudorf
Jan 2, 2020

ogopogo. Me and my dad where fishing off a doc in Kelowna BC and spotted something massive in the water. The thing looks like it is close in the video but it was a few hundred yards off shore and it was huge, I would say atleast 60 feet long you could visually see it rolling in the water. During this video there was a small group of people videoing off shore as well. Toward the end it goes into a small bay so me and my dad hopped in the truck and drove toward the area it was headed but when we got to the bay it was nowhere to be seen.


I could be wrong, but I don’t think its a log. Hopefully the other people seen filming will post their captures.


8. Frail

Inktober 2019 / 8. Frail

Want to support my work? Check out my Patreon, there I publish pictures in full resolution, step by step process images and exclusive secret illustrations! Also I’m always open for commission ^_^

Source: point-maitimo


mars rock


mars rock

This wonderfully airborne flying Mars bug is most certainly not a rock! Ha!

mars rock

I want to go up there and see them all in person!