Mean Mary – Dark Woods (Official Music Video)

Mean Mary
Published on Aug 9, 2019

Dark Woods is on Mean Mary’s upcoming album, Cold. Pre-order now at

Special thank you to Deering Banjos. Mary is playing a Deering Goodtime Midnight Special in the video.

Video filmed and edited by Mary James and Jean James.

For more info on Mean Mary visit:

Cold ashes of an old camp fire
A scrap of cloth caught on a briar
Could these be us? Were we once here?
When did we both disappear?

I hear a voice among the trees
Maybe just the nighttime breeze
Maybe it’s the wild things roaming free
Wild like you, wild like me
Calling now to you and me
We must follow, can’t you see? – come with me

Forget the city and its false lights
They steal your dreams, they steal your nights
Leave your troubles, your worldly goods
And run with me, run with me
to the dark woods

Footprints in a hidden cave
Mementoes time chose to save
Initials carved in the frost
How did we ever get so lost?

Can’t you see? It’s all so clear
No one else has ever been here
Except for the wild things roaming free
Wild like you, wild like me
Calling now to you and me
And we must follow, can’t you see? – run with me


In the dark we have no fear
In the woods no one can hear
Except for the wild things roaming free
Wild like you, wild like me
Only the wild things, here to see
Wild like you, wild like me


(Lyrics and music: Mary James, Jean James)

Nice and Neat!

And it seems that Mary has developed a signature sound.

This is certainly an excellent thing.



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