2017 Glens of Antrim Rally – Camillus Bradley & Crawford Henderson – Stage 6

Published on May 11, 2017

SVS Incar Camera Footage of Camillus Bradley & Crawford Henderson in their Ford Escort Mk2. Upload Requested By: Crawford Henderson. This is Stage 6 of the 2017 RiverRidge Recycling Glens of Antrim Rally.

Footage provided by SVS Incar Cameras See for more details & videos… Facebook:… Twitter :!/SVS_TV

Camillus Bradley is the cousin of a very dear friend of mine and is therefore extra special in my eyes.


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1970 24 Hours of Daytona

“… the two-seater (No. 25) Ferrari 512-S V12 of 5.0 liters (550 hp) of Dan Gurney-Chuck Parsons (“North American Racing Team,” the Italian subsidiary of the vehicles impregnated by the holy water of the Americans) …” — Motor.Rocabal Photo © János L. Wimpffer

That Ferrari comes from my hometown… ! run by Luigi Chinetti Motors, eh!

God, those were heady days.




Ooh, these things and their Capri cousins are just so wonderfully gnarly!

Data from Motor.Rocabal:

Another attractive image of the Ford Escort RS Broadspeed (1,840 cc) of the Spanish team consisting of Rafael Barrios and Emilio Rodríguez Zapico but this time during the 4 Hours of Zandvoort (Holland), a valid test for the Euro-touring cars. They would qualify in the 12th of the General (6th in the 2 Liter Division) of the Spanish team constituted by Rafael Barrios and Emilio Rodríguez Zapico but this time during the 4 Hours of Zandvoort (Holland), valid test for the Euro-tourism. They would qualify in the 12th of the General (6th in the 2 Liter Division), harassed in the ranks by the Escort RS 2.0 Zakspeed, the BMW 2002 Köepchen or the Alfa Romeo GTAm 2.0 evolved to the maximum.

Text information Antonio De Leon Evora

Results of the race

Date: August 12, 1973 
Circuit: Circuit van Zandvoort (Holland) 
Longutud: 4226 meters Exit 
: 26 Finished: 
Meteorology: Sunny and hot

one 9 Quester / Hezemans BMW 3.0 CSL 143
two 12 Muir / Hunt BMW 3.0 CSL 142
3 one Fitzpatrick / Larrousse Ford Capri RS 2600 LW 141
4 3 Fritzinger / Akersloot Ford Capri RS 2600 140
5 14 Brun / Kocher BMW 3.0 CSL 136
6 25 Mohr / Heyer Ford Escort RS 1600 134
7 33 Menzel / Kelleners BMW 2002 131
8 22 Deen / Zeccoli Alfa Romeo 2000 GTAm 131
9 2. 3 Dini / Dona Alfa Romeo 2000 GTAm 130
10 10 Ertl / Pescarolo BMW 3.0 CSL 129
eleven 29 Hanson / Hanson Ford Escort RS 1600 126
12 31 Neighborhoods / Zapico Ford Escort RS 1600 122
13 24 de Vries / Heine Opel Manta SR 120
14 7 Tricot / Neve Opel Commodore GS / E 119
8 Stuck / Amon BMW 3.0 CSL 90 Accident
37 Hegels / Tibor BMW 1602 83 NF
5 Ruiz-Gimenez / Mesia Ford Capri RS 2600 72 Accident
35 Wagner / Verheij BMW 2002 57 NF
6 Vermeulen / Frankenhout Opel Commodore GS / E 53 NF
41 Hessel / Bertrams Alfa Romeo 1300 GTA Junior 49 NF
twenty Müller / Dubler Toyota Celica GT 40 Cylinder head gasket
two Mass / Glemser Ford Capri RS 2600 LW 31 Transmission
39 Verkühlen / Kuhlmann BMW 2002 14 NF
twenty-one Stommelen / Facetti Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sedan 10 Gearbox
30 Leibold / Müller Ford Escort RS 1600 9 Transmission
27 Berg / Dolk Ford Escort RS 1600 two Gearbox

Older drivers: Teodoro Zeccoli with 44, Carlo Facetti with 38 and Dieter Quester with 34 
younger riders: Hans-Joachim Stuck with 22, Patrick Neve with 24, Harald Ertl with 25

From the Blog Motor Canals Balil

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There’s a tunna pewps ion the interwebz, but theres a tunna joy like this, too!




“Tires? We don’ need no stinking tires!”

In Rallye, you press on… regardless. As long as the car can move, you make it move.





Oh, I do so love Matra sports cars… they are so beautiful. This is an MS630 BRM.

Matra-Simca MS630 was a Group 5 prototype race car introduced in 1967 for the World Championship for Makes. The MS630 replaced the previous Matra MS620.[2] The car was initially designated as the Matra MS630, but when Simca sponsored Matra in 1969, it was renamed as the Matra-Simca MS630.

For 1967, Equipe Matra Sports decided to use a 1.9-litre version of the BRM Formula One V8 engine. (capable of producing 245 hp (183 kW; 248 PS) at 9,000 RPM.) Matra planned to have Johnny Servoz-Gavin/Jean-Pierre Jaussaud to drive the MS630 at both the 1967 1000 km of Spa and 1967 1000km of Nürburgring but the entries for both races were withdrawn. The MS630 only made one appearance in 1967, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Matra entered two cars for Servoz-Gavin/Jean-Pierre Beltoise and Jaussaud/Henri Pescarolo. Servoz-Gavin/Beltoise retired with a broken oil pipe and Jaussaud/Pescarolo also retired with broken suspension.




flying finn

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Originally Posted by tolis
Does anyone know who did the longest jump in Rally Finland?
Was it that one: Longest jump in rally finland – YouTube

I think that Markko Märtin’s jump from Ouninpohja 2003, Yellow House jump, is the longest measured one from modern days. 57 metres at 173 km/h if I recall right. That Guy Wilks’ flight is from SS Leustu, jump best known for Novikov’s stunt in 2009. Last year they had metre marks up to 55 metres there and they roughly landed at 45-50 metres. Wilks’ jumps must’ve been around 55 metres at least. I think we would have some nice lengths from SS Himos “Nikara’s jump” as well. Only Ouninpohja’s jump is ran to direction measured here this year.

From the 1970s this jump by Juhani Kynsilehto in 1975 is rather big one. Legend says it landed around 70 metres, but that’s not accurate of course. Co-driver was, by the way, one Martin Holmes.


Sweet! Finland is most definitely Rally Central… it’s in their blood!