Mean Mary – 9 Pound Banjo (Live in the studio)

Mean Mary
Feb 4, 2022

Nine Pound Banjo (written by Mary James)

Mean Mary is playing a Deering Rustic Wreath

Sweet lady.


Little Maggie with Black Mountain Picks

May 14, 2021

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share this amazing video with you! I was given the opportunity by the revolutionary Black Mountain Picks to travel to Nashville last month and work with Stolen Trailer Studios to create this video. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to share more with you soon! Link below to purchase!



Willow Osborne – Dear Old Dixie

May 4, 2014

13 year old Willow Osborne performs “Dear Old Dixie” (start of the video is ending to Hee Haw Set. Filmed at The Country Tonite Theatre Show – May 2014.



Shuckin’ The Corn

Oct 15, 2021

Hi all! A little classic tune for you today. How’s everyone’s fall season going so far?!

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Ooh I do love Willow!


Wildwood Flower – Sylvia O’Brien, Tom King

West Virginia State Archives Music Channel
Oct 31, 2016

“Wildwood Flower” played by Sylvia O’Brien and Tom King at the 1989 Vandalia Gathering.

This is a beautiful thing! Sylvia rocks!


The Ballad of Jed Clampett

Sep 27, 2021

Hi all! I know it’s not Banjo Lesson Monday, but I couldn’t wait to get some new banjo pickin’ up for you! I’m excited to get back to my normal posting schedule. I hope everyone is having an amazing fall season so far 🙂

God I love this girl…


Billy Strings – “Tennessee Stud” | Fretboard Journal

Fretboard Journal
Nov 30, 2017

Billy Strings plays “Tennessee Stud” at the Fretboard Journal. For this tune, Strings is using his newly acquired Preston Thompson sunburst dreadnought with Brazilian rosewood back and sides. This is the second Preston Thompson guitar purchased by Strings.

Incredible talent!


Foggy Mountain Breakdown – Earl Scruggs

Jun 10, 2009

FMB played by Earl Scruggs and the festival banjo players at Camp Springs Bluegrass Festival in 1971.

Unus Annus

At the main mic in order of appearance:
1. Earl Scruggs
2. Sonny Osborne
3. Bill Emerson
4. J.D. Crowe
5. Sab Watanabe
6. Eddie Hoyle
7. Jimmy Arnold
8. Don Stover
9. Alan Munde
10. John Farmer
11. Rick Ryman
12. J.D. Crowe (again)
13. Earl (again) with Randy
14. Earl (up the neck and out)

In the background:
Little Roy Lewis – playing banjo with Sab Watanabe before Sonny’s break
Charlie Waller – playing guitar with pink shirt
Jimmy Martin – playing guitar
Jimmy Martin’s Son – kid playing mandolin playing mandolin behind Sonny
Ronnie Reno – playing electric bass
Bobby Osborne – playing mandolin
Carlton Haney – festival promoter talking to Bobby Osborne



The Dead South – Live at Red Rocks

The Dead South
Aug 4, 2020

The Dead South live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre • July 24, 2019
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00:00 Delirium

01:08 Banjo Odyssey

05:33 Dead Man’s Isle

09:17 Black Lung

13:29 Boots

17:18 The Recap

22:33 Miss Mary

27:03 In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company

31:45 Gunslinger’s Glory

39:31 Honey You

Fine stuff.


Billy Strings_Shady Grove: The Music of Doc Watson_1080 Stereo

Teton Film Works HSMF- 2017
Nov 13, 2018

Featuring Billy Strings and his band. When was the last time you heard someone referred to as a “Whiz Kid”? Well, if you’ve ever seen Billy Strings play guitar you know the term fits him perfectly. Billy, raised in Michigan and now residing in Nashville, is a twenty four year-old phoneme who is one of the most blistering flatpickers in all the land. Join Billy and his crackerjack band as they celebrate the legend of Arthel “Doc” Watson, the man who arguably has had the most profound influence on the way the acoustic guitar is played as a lead instrument in folk, old-time, and bluegrass music today!

Just gorgeous.


Adam Lee Marcus posted a video to playlist Bluegrass Life.

February 2, 2016

“Down in the River to Pray” by the amazing Hillary Klug, Mallory Eagle and Brenna MacMillan.

So good… so much talent.

Bluegrass’ future is safe and sound.



Willow Osborne – Dear Old Dixie

May 4, 2014

13 year old Willow Osborne performs “Dear Old Dixie” (start of the video is ending to Hee Haw Set. Filmed at The Country Tonite Theatre Show – May 2014.

Willow’s videos are too short.



Hillary Klug – Cotton Eyed Joe

Hillary Klug
Jun 21, 2018

Hillary Klug plays her arrangement of Cotton Eyed Joe on the fiddle while buck dancing with her boots.

Instagram: @hillaryklug

I just love this young lady!



I Done Died – Chris Rodrigues & Abby the Spoon Lady

Abby the Spoon Lady
Jul 29, 2018

This is a song that we have been working with for a while. It’s a bit catchy. These old gospel songs are a lot of fun to play with! Do you have a favorite gospel song? We’d like to hear about it below. We are always looking for great content!


We created this video using a single camera and just the Camera mic, one take. We used a Nikon D3200: – – – Sign up for our mailing list:

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UPCOMING SHOWS: 🥄 Nov 15 2019- HICKORY NC – Main Cellar-City Club with Chris Rodrigues – Casey Noel 🥄 Nov 16 2019- ABBEVILLE SC – Abbeville Opera House with Chris Rodrigues 🥄 Nov 17 2019- FLAT ROCK NC 🌟STORYTELLING🌟 with the Tater Boys – Artisan Entertainment – the Artisan of Flat Rock, Henderson County, North Carolina – I’ll be heading to get some late-night coffee after the evening show too, if anyone wants to stick around and join me! 🥄 Dec 12 2019 – JOHNSON CITY TN – The Willow Tree Coffeehouse and Music Room – Bill and the Belles presents the Jinglebell Jamboree 🥄 Dec 31 2019 – WINCHESTER VA – The Bright Box Theater – New Years Eve Dinner with Abby the Spoon Lady & the Tater Boys


As always!



Hillary Klug – Picked Up A Hammer

hillary klug
Hillary Klug
Dec 28, 2019 Hillary Klug sings, dances, and fiddles at the same time! This song is called “Picked up a Hammer,” and it’s from the Appalachian tradition.

“I filmed this video at Thomas Maupin’s farm. Thomas is my hero and dance mentor, and he’s like family to me. Even though we’re not related, we’ve enjoyed a grandparent/grandchild type relationship. I’m so thankful to have him and his wife in my life. This song is very weird, and that’s why I like it. It’s crooked, and the words are redneck. I think it’s fitting for my weird fiddle/dance/vocal style. Hah. I wanted to do a video with live audio because a lot of subscribers were asking for more videos like that. I hope y’all enjoy it, and I’ll be sure to post more of a balance of live and professional videos in the future! Let me know what you think! And if you have any other suggestions or requests, let me know in the comments below!”
-Hillary Klug

Here’s the link to Hillary’s “Patreon” page:
Here’s the link to Hillary’s “Fan Subscriptions” page:… Instagram: @hillaryklug
Video Credit: Tyler Follon Instagram: @videotyler

OMG I am in love!!! So talented… so cute… oh Lordy!



Willow Osborne – Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Nov 5, 2012

A beautiful girl playing a virtuoso banjo. Simply sublime. Posted it too long ago, needed to hear her and see that spectacular smile. He swoons…



The Sparrow and the Hawk – Mean Mary with Frank James

Mean Mary
Jul 27, 2017

This song is from the original banjo & guitar tablature book and DVD – The Sparrow and the Hawk (available at and Amazon). Song written and arranged by Mary James & Frank James.

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Mary is so delightful… but, you knew that, eh?



David Holt: How to Play the Spoons

Oct 15, 2010

David Holt is a Grammy award-winning multi-instrumentalist, historian, television host, teacher and entertainer. As a child his father taught him how to play bones and spoons, a skill that had been passed down in his Texas family for five generations. Frequent guest on Grand Ole Opry and other television programs. David won his second Grammy as an artist and producer for “Legacy,” his 3- CD set with long time friend and collaborator Doc Watson

Gotta try it!

Spoons Music – Spoon Solo – the Spoon Lady

Abby the Spoon Lady
Jul 23, 2017

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Ben Shirley and Abby The Spoon Lady – Barefoot Nelly

Abby the Spoon Lady
Sep 28, 2013

This is a clip from 2013 in Asheville, NC. We actually recorded an album. Ben is a great banjo player. Ben Shirley and Abby The Spoon Lady performing Barefoot Nelly


You Got To Move – Chris Rodrigues & Abby the Spoon Lady

Abby the Spoon Lady
Jun 3, 2018

Eventually, it is inevitable. Everyone will have to move. We created this video using a single camera and just the Camera mic, one take. We used a Nikon D3200: The guitar Chris is using: Recording King dirty 30’s resonator. The harmonicas that Chris uses: – Hohner Special 20 – Lee Oskar Major Diatonic #ChrisRodriguesandSpoonLady #SpoonLady #SpoonLadyFriends Find a copy of our latest album right here: – – – Sign up for our mailing list: ABBY THE SPOON LADY on the web: on Facebook:… on Instagram: on Twitter: CHRIS RODRIGUES on Facebook:

This stuff is just too awesome for words. Shows the deep need we humans have for music … creating beauty with two pieces of metal. Excellence!



Dance of the Thistledown – Mean Mary

Mean Mary
May 18, 2018

Flashback Friday video. This recording is from the original banjo & guitar tablature book and DVD – The Sparrow and the Hawk (available at and Amazon).

Dance of the Thistledown – written and arranged by Mary James. Performed by: Mary James (Mean Mary), Frank James, and Norton T. Miller

Ahhh, this hit the spot!



Hillbilly Banjo Player in the Talent Show

Mile Higher Boys
Apr 12, 2013

Joel playing in the Talent Show at Bennett High School.

1st Song: Cripple Creek Ft. Boil Them Cabbage Down
2nd Song: Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Thanks for watching!

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Not sure what to make of this sitch.



Mean Mary – Blazing

Mean Mary
Published on Mar 1, 2018

Blazing, banjo and guitar instrumental – Mean Mary with (brother) Frank James.

“Blazing” available now on: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc.

Blazing is right!

He swoons…



Mean Mary – Dark Woods (Official Music Video)

Mean Mary
Published on Aug 9, 2019

Dark Woods is on Mean Mary’s upcoming album, Cold. Pre-order now at

Special thank you to Deering Banjos. Mary is playing a Deering Goodtime Midnight Special in the video.

Video filmed and edited by Mary James and Jean James.

For more info on Mean Mary visit:

Cold ashes of an old camp fire
A scrap of cloth caught on a briar
Could these be us? Were we once here?
When did we both disappear?

I hear a voice among the trees
Maybe just the nighttime breeze
Maybe it’s the wild things roaming free
Wild like you, wild like me
Calling now to you and me
We must follow, can’t you see? – come with me

Forget the city and its false lights
They steal your dreams, they steal your nights
Leave your troubles, your worldly goods
And run with me, run with me
to the dark woods

Footprints in a hidden cave
Mementoes time chose to save
Initials carved in the frost
How did we ever get so lost?

Can’t you see? It’s all so clear
No one else has ever been here
Except for the wild things roaming free
Wild like you, wild like me
Calling now to you and me
And we must follow, can’t you see? – run with me


In the dark we have no fear
In the woods no one can hear
Except for the wild things roaming free
Wild like you, wild like me
Only the wild things, here to see
Wild like you, wild like me


(Lyrics and music: Mary James, Jean James)

Nice and Neat!

And it seems that Mary has developed a signature sound.

This is certainly an excellent thing.



Little Maggie – Appalachian Traditional – 3 Finger Banjo – Edward Phillips

Edward Phillips
Published on Jul 30, 2019

No use trying to sing over a blaring bluegrass banjo lol

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Dang that line is right, one can hardly hear him.

But it’s alright.



The Carter Family – Wildwood Flower

Published on Jul 30, 2007

From the Grand Ole Opry

Oh, my, a super fine family, those Carters!



“Cripple Creek” on the banjo, by Tracy Newman

Tracy Newman
Published on Aug 11, 2015

In 1965, I did 6 episodes of a public TV series for children called “What’s New.” I presented folk songs from all over the world, and many instruments, to the best of my ability at the time. We shot these episodes at Brooklyn College and Joan Sheppard was the director.

I have posted this before and will again because I love it, the lady is just delightful and it is one of the few renditions out there that get the dang song right!

Another is by Stringbean – that is also posted here – and it was played properly every week on Hee Haw but I can’t find that particular bit on yootoob, despite the many posts from the show on that site. Other than that the searches have been mighty bleak.

Remember — No Music, No Life – Know Music, Know Life.


Doug Sahm, Leon Russell, Jerry Garcia and Friends – Thanksgiving Jam – 11/23/72

Published on May 23, 2014

Doug Sahm, Leon Russell, Jerry Garcia and Friends Thanksgiving Jam
Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX November 23, 1972


Doug Sahm – vocals, guitar
Leon Russell – vocals, piano
Jerry Garcia – vocals, guitar, pedal steel
Phil Lesh – bass
* Jerry Barnett – drums (Shiva’s Headband)
Mary Egan – fiddle (Greazy Wheels)
Benny Thurman – fiddle (13th Floor Elevator bassist)

* The drummer is often listed as Bill Kreutzman from the Dead, but apparently he didn’t play: “Though he was in attendance that evening, there is no verifiable evidence that Bill Kreutzmann sat in with the band. When asked a few years ago, the owner of the Armadillo seemed to recall Bill feeling sick that night.”

01 High Heel Sneakers [Tommy Tucker] 00:00
02 Wild Side Of Life [Hank Thompson] 06:21
03 Swingin’ Doors [Merle Haggard] 10:59
04 Me & Bobby McGee [Kris Kristofferson/Janis Joplin] 15:32
05 Stormy Monday [T-Bone Walker] 20:48
06 That’s All Right (Mama) [Arthur Crudup/Elvis Presley] 25:42
07 Come On In My Kitchen [Robert Johnson] 31:57
08 T For Texas [Jimmie Rodgers] 36:29
09 Mr. Tambourine Man [Bob Dylan/Byrds] 43:09
10 (Is Anybody Goin’ To) San Antone [Charley Pride] 46:43
11 Sugarfoot Rag [Hank Garland] 50:09
12 I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry [Hank Williams] 52:51
13 Jambalaya [Hank Williams] 57:54
14 Today I Started Loving You Again [Merle Haggard] 01:01:56
15 Columbus Stockade Blues [Traditional] 01:08:04
16 Honky Tonkin’ ~ Dear John [Hank Williams] 01:11:50

Set 2:

01 Orange Blossom Special [Bill Monroe] 01:15:20
02 Kentucky Waltz [Bill Monroe] 01:18:11
03 Big Boss Man [Jimmy Reed] 01:22:54
04 Searchin’ [Coasters] 01:28:56
05 Those Lonely Lonely Nights [Earl King] ~ Shake A Hand [Faye Adams] 01:35:45
06 Hey Bo Diddley [Bo Diddley] 01:40:25
07 It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry [Bob Dylan] 01:50:36
08 A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall [Bob Dylan] 01:56:52
09 Wild Horses [Rolling Stones] 02:04:46
10 Slippin’ Into Christmas [Leon Russell] 02:09:28
11 Money Honey [Drifters/Elvis Presley] 02:14:05
12 Chug-A-Lug [Roger Miller] 02:19:50
13 Roll Over Beethoven [Chuck Berry] ~ Good Golly Miss Molly [Little Richard] ~ Roll Over Beethoven [Chuck Berry] 02:22:04

Simply superb.



The Seldom Scene 1979 – Rider (Bluegrass)

Uploaded on Dec 16, 2007

Members of the 1979 Seldom Scene: John Duffey (Mandolin), Ben Eldridge (Banjo), Mike Auldridge (Dobro), Phil Rosenthal (Guitar), & Tom Gray (Bass)

For Barbara and John.

These guys have been heroes for so very long. This is way back in the days of my yoot, so good, oh man…so good.




Uploaded by on Mar 10, 2011

Recorded live at the Boardinghouse in San Francisco, California. July 23, 1973

1. Cheyenne @ 0:02
2. Down Where The River Bends @ 2:43
3. Love Please Come Home @ 7:27
4. Midnight Moonlight @ 11:01
5. Fanny Hill @ 16:05
6. Hard Hearted Heart Beaker @ 19:54
7. Lonesome L.A. Cowboy @ 22:55
8. Pig In A Pen @ 27:33
9. Panama Red @ 30:27
10.Wild Horses @ 33:33
11.White Dove @ 38:08
12. Wicked Path Of Sin @ 42:37
13. Blue Mule @ 45:00
14. Orange Blossom Special @ 50:53
15. Old & In The Way Breakdown @ 55:42
16. On And On @ 59:26
17. Lonesome Fiddle Blues @ 1:03:22
18. The Fields Have Turned Brown @ 1:06:34
19. Mule Skinner Blues @ 1:11:20
20. Catfish John @ 1:14:08
21. Land Of The Navajo @ 1:17:22
22. Hobo Song @ 1:26:32

I was ever so happy to find this recording!

Old And In The Way is, to me, the best in bluegrass. And this is an hour and a half of them!

Featuring the combined talents of master musicians Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Vassar Clements, Peter Rowan and John Kahn… aided by soundman Owsley Stanley… in a search for that wonderful High Lonesome sound that for some reason just fills me with lonesome happiness. Lonesome is all I have ever known.