Awful photo quality, on some of them, but some are quite good, and, they’re the real thing.

1971 UFO photos taken from USS Trepang SSN 674

July 9, 2015 By JEAN FRANCOIS CLOUTIER Updated: Aug 5, 2016 @ 20:16

A set of UFO images taken in the Arctic and believed to date from 1971 is currently igniting the various conspiratorial and paranormal discussion forums around the world.

The images are believed to have been taken from the submarine USS Trepang SSN 674 while it was traveling between Iceland and Jan Mayen Island in Norway. Several UFO hunters say the photographs are evidence of secret US aircraft tests, while others claim they are alien craft looking for places to drill for oil.

Alex Mistretta, a paranormal investigator, studied the images after their first appearance in French paranormal magazine Top Secret , according to Black Vault . Mistretta claims that his source told him that the photos were taken from the American submarine, under the leadership of Admiral Dean Reynolds Sackett, Jr .

Official documents seem to confirm this claim, but the information is so readily available that some have said it does not prove the validity of the images. An inscription on one of the photos reads: “Official Photograph. Not to be Released. CT ”Another:“ Unauthorized Disclosure Subject. Security Certificate (sic) SSN 674. Criminal Sanction ”.

Commentator Bill Smillie suggests that all the images may be of a single object that has the ability to change shape, according to news published in The Express . “This is a selection of photos that feature types of UFOs that have been regularly spotted by witnesses in all parts of the world,” said Nigel Watson, author of UFO Investigations Manua .

“Cigar-shaped or airship-shaped spaceships have been reported since 1896 when there was a large wave of ‘ghost’ airship sightings across the United States.” Watson notes that explorer Benjamin Trueblood had seen it on a polar expedition in 1908, the Eskimos he encountered were keen to talk about an airship they had seen. “I am not sure of their authenticity,” says Watson. “There are definitely going to be ufologists who are going to scratch their heads and speculate that UFOs have a base in arctic regions,” he concludes.

Source: Daily Mail

I remember this case. It didn’t get much coverage if I recall. Love that TicTac. The shot of it vertically submerging is fabulous.


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Massive Japanese spider crab, whose legs reach 2 meters across.

No. No. No no no. This thing’s way bigger than my desk!


First time encountering a Winter Wren!! Little fella was so cooperative and curious, and offered me some great views on a few exposed driftwood perches! QC-Canada

Photos by u/karim_bouzidilinkage


Mysterious physically distanced Martian pebbles

Mars Guy
Jun 27, 2021

Episode 12 A thin layer of stones known as desert pavement is common in Earth’s deserts, but the desert planet Mars has its own version. The pebbles somehow manage to maintain physical distance.

Oh, nice, another oddity!


The Banff Wildlife Crossings Project has reduced animal related collisions by 80%

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Lizzie Borden House. Probably just pareidolia, but it’s bizarre. I’ve been to countless“haunted” locations, but this place was indescribably different.

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The lady in the window says this house isn’t actually for sale despite what the realtor says.

Posted by u/-jspace-linkage

Is she a ghost as purported? Idk, maybe. Fun, though.


Posted by u/paulhammond5155, Top contributor – linkage

Photograph of a Helicopter and a Rover from a Spacecraft orbiting Mars at an altitude of 279 km (173.4 miles) on September 24 2021, Local Mars time 15:30.

After a dramatic landing in February, the Perseverance rover and its Helicopter sidekick was re-imaged by HiRISE about 700 meters (2300 feet) from its original landing site. The rover doesn’t drive in a straight line though, and has covered much more ground than that (faint wheel tracks on the nearby ground are visible). HiRISE images like this one allow the rover team to choose the best route to get to their primary target and help put the rover’s observations in context within Jezero Crater.

  • The distance between the rover and the helicopter when this image was taken on September 24th was 175 meters (574 feet)
  • MRO Spacecraft altitude 279.0 km (173.4 miles)
  • Original image scale range from 28.8 cm/pixel (with 1 x 1 binning) to 57.6 cm/pixel (with 2 x 2 binning)
  • Map projected scale 25 cm/pixel and North is up
  • Raw images:
  • Viewed and cropped with HiView software from the 390 Mb HiRISE image
  • The HiRISE camera is onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) that’s been orbiting and imaging Mars for 15 years.
  • The HiRISE camera was built by Ball Aerospace and Technology Corporation and is operated by the University of Arizona.
  • Image Credit : NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

This stuff is exciting. I hope it thrills you, too.


Colour Calibrated Mastcam-Z Workspace mosaic: From Sol 52 with added scalebar

Colour Calibrated L-Mastcam-Z Workspace. Focal Length 34mm, Sol: 52 / April 13, 2021 at ~05:47 LMST, with added scalebar.

Assembled from 6 overlapping images using MS-ICE.

Raw images: link

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS

Posted by u/paulhammond5155, Top contributor – linkage


I should post some of Charles’ latest fossil finds.


Quicksilver Messenger Service – What About Me – 12/28/1975 – Winterland (Official)

Jam & Psych on MV
Sep 24, 2014

Quicksilver Messenger Service – What About Me Recorded Live: 12/28/1975 – Winterland – San Francisco, CA

Dino Valenti – guitar, vocals
John Cipollina – guitar, vocals
Gary Duncan – guitar, vocals
Skip Olsen – bass, vocals
Michael Lewis – keyboards
Greg Elmore – drums

More Quicksilver Messenger Service at Music Vault: Subscribe to Music Vault on YouTube:

Classic stuff… and sadly, still timely.


🔥 Beetle enjoying a Mushroom Spore Shower 🔥

Posted by u/Lord_spaceslicklinkage

I find this absolutely fabulous. This lil guy’s sentient, man, totally sentient!


One of the weirder creatures from folklore

Erwin Saunders
Oct 4, 2021

Not the creature we were looking for, but interesting nonetheless. Part 2 will be uploaded once Tom gets back from his holiday in Corfu and edits it. ( Tom Edited this one too)

My handmade prints are to be found on (I’m in the process of making a new print of this creature) There are some of my original drawings currently for sale on Ebay Also there is Redbubble.…

Yay! New from Erwin!


The notorious Aoji Coal Mine is renowned as the worst place to be in North Korea. This guy, amazingly, made it out of there alive and well.

Story of Geum Hee, A Bud of Hope in Aoji Coal Mine

By Daily NK
2007.09.13 12:54am

[imText1]There have been over 10,000 North Korean defectors arriving to South Korea since the beginning of 2007. Although they came to South Korea in hope of a better life, they realize that the reality is quite different. They claim that, “The only thing that has gotten better since we’ve been here is that we are no longer starving.”

Familiar to the bloody violation of human rights in North Korea, we often mistaken that North Korean defectors arriving to South Korea would only have horrendous memories from their home. We also believe that now that they are in the South, they will be happy enough that they are no longer starving and that they are away from that bloody reality of North Korea.

However, in the hearts of these North Korean defectors lie the deep, unquenched nostalgia for their home. A book written by Choi Geum Hee, who defected from North korea when she was 15 years old and studies Chinese Literature in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies was recently published. Her book is titled, “Geum Hee’s Journey”

Geum Hee was born in a coal mining village, Aoji which means “A village of burning stones” in the language of Jurchens (Tungus people). Although, Aoji is known as a place of exile, for Geum Hee, it is a home where she had spent days running around and playing care freely with her friends.

Before there was a severe food shortage, Aoji was a good small village. The book reveals that North Korean children are not always in the state of starvation, poverty and indoctrination, but rather that they have their own ways of living seeking for their own naive happiness.

We can read about the sweet bitter love stories of her parents. Geum Hee’s father has confessed his love to Geum Hee’s mother through the romantic love letters, which led to an eventual marriage between them. The marriage that transcends all social class barrier, as shown from the marriage of Geum Hee’s parents.

The story about television in North Korea sends nostalgic remembrance of the situation that South Korea was in during 1970s. When Geum Hee’s family got a television, every kid in the neighborhood gathered around her house at exactly 5:30 pm to watch the child movies, singing along to the theme song.

Geum Hee’s favorite show, “Animal Kingdom” was a show- a sole method- that allowed them to know more about animals even without going to the zoo.

However, the reality of North Korea was not as colorful and beautiful as Geum Hee’s childhood depiction. In her young years, Geum Hee had to witness a brutal, cruel execution. It was a instruction of Kim Jong Il that all students must witness the public execution. After seeing the scene of the execution covered with blood and scattered brain, the young Geum Hee had nightmares for a long time.

Afterwards, the “March of Tribulation (Mass starvation period in the 1990s)” came which led to stark starvation and poverty for Geum Hee and her family. Her family lived each day through eating porridge. Geum Hee would go hungry every day waiting for her mother. There were times when she resented her mother for not being able to come home late at night without any food for them.

Their situation worsened and her older siblings would go up to the mountain to hunt for food. When her neighbors begin to die one by one, her family decides to flee to China.

After going through a hell arriving to China, Geum Hee’s family obtains a small boat and jumps into the ocean. When their small boat was on the verge of sinking, Geum Hee prayed for survival. “Please, God, save us. I don’t want to die. I am still young. I want to live. I don’t have to go to South Korea. Please save us.” After a long time, a Chinese ship nearby came to rescue her family.

Her family was able to enter South Korea by journeying through Myanmar. However, the South Korea that they had long anticipated was not the South Korea that they had imagined.

“It was so scary for me to mention that I was from the North. I was so scared so I couldn’t say anything – and I lied that I was from Kangwong province. By denying my root, my entire identity was discolored with lies and my identity was lost.”

Geum Hee reveals that the differential treatment by the South Koreans to North Koreans was extremely painful and difficult for her.

However, Geum Hee learned about love in South Korea. She said that the friends in her school and her teachers had changed her. The people who taught her passionately, allowed her to talk about herself and her story without disguise had brought Geum Hee to be where she is now.

“Just when all the prejudice on South Korea was forming, I was able to meet all my gracious friends and teachers. Through their support and love I was able to find myself and love myself. Because of the people who accepted me, believed in me and loved me for who I am- I am able to gain peace.”

Geum Hee shouts, “I am a North Korean” confidently. Although she went through a difficult time back home, her love for her country still remains the same. Before crossing the Tumen River, she bowed towards her homeland, making a promise that she will come back again. Keeping that promise deep within, Geum Hee aspires to see her promise and wish come true soon.

Wild. The DPRK has fascinated me ever since the reports started coming out a few years ago about the incredibly cruel prison camps along with the bizarre conditions underway for 70 years in the country. I remember the times the Vice people went there, showing weird scenes; and that was all just in the parts they let people see. It is still exactly the same. The entire country, technically speaking, is a prison, as you cannot leave and you need permission to even go across town.

Search North Korea here for a lot of posts over the years. I regret that my super duper categories list was destroyed in the past along with the who;e database and it lost all that, but if you search specific terms it will find stuff. Sigh.


Lockheed Exec Refuses To Comment On Video Exposing Mystery Aviation Technology

ColoradoTemplar, Member
Registered: 4/21/2021 Location: Manitou Springs Mood: Watchful

posted on Oct, 1 2021 @ 11:54 AM
direct link to this post

This video is making the rounds online and I am not even close to any kind of expert, I hope some of you can shed light on what this actually is. Sorry cant embed the video.…

The general manager of Lockheed’s most secretive arm, known as “Skunk Works”, refused to comment Tuesday on a mysterious aviation technology spotted recently at a Lockheed testing facility in the Mojave Desert outside of Palmdale, California.

A video began making the rounds on Twitter Sept. 22 exposing an oddly shaped, sleek aircraft being loaded onto a flatbed trailer.

The video was re-posted by Ruben Hofs, an aviation enthusiast, who he says stumbled across it on TikTok.

Defense One’s Global Business Editor Marcus Weisgerber hosted a conversation with Jeff Babione, Lockheed Martin’s vice president and general manager of Skunk Works on Tuesday.

Weisgerber asked Babione about the video of the alleged Skunk Works’ aircraft technology.

“Alright, Jeff, we’ve gotten a number of questions about this, and it was about a video last week that surfaced on Twitter of an AFA [Aerial Rocket Artillery]” at “allegedly a Lockheed facility in some shape if you will on the back of a flatbed truck,” Weisgerber said. He then asked, “Are you able to tell us anything about what we saw?”

Babione smiled and replied, “I can’t.”

“Ok,” Weisgerber laughed, “Has your security posture changed?”

Babione chuckled, took a deep breath, and responded, “Uh, we’re, we’re in good shape.”

If someone could post this video from the link or twitter it would be great. Thank You!

Nifty keen!


Sean Chambers – In The Winter Time – Don Odells Legends

Don Odell
Sep 6, 2013

Sean performing on Don Odells Legends doing In The Winter Time.

Please check out other shows by Ana Popovic, Jimmy Thackery, Joe Louis Walker, Ana Popovic and many more and by subscribing you can be automatically notified of new videos when uploaded.

Audio recorded and mixed by Jayce De Santis of Soundstream Media, Northampton, MA.


Thank you for the pristine sound and the beautiful mix, Jayce!


Posted by u/KevlarYarmulkelinkage

This is a most excellent service. Jolly good show, Saudis.


Recordings of another small landslide on La Palma. Lava is near the sea. Live News Volcano Eruption

Bushcraft Bear
Sep 28, 2021

Hello, I’m a Bushcraft Bear and share the latest information about the current volcanic eruption on the island of la palma in my videos.
If you would like to support my YouTube channel, you are welcome to do so here:

Hey, wow man, his guy’s great. On site twice a day at a minimum!


This Telescope Just Observed Something Huge Approach Our Moon That Can’t Be Explained

Unexplained Mysteries
Sep 24, 2021

This telescope just observed something huge approach our Moon that can’t be explained. Today, we take a look at what this telescope observed close to our Moon.

The Moon is one of the most studied celestial objects outside of Earth. In 1969, American astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the Moon, marking a turning point in humanity, in which space agencies promised to return.

As mentioned by spacex, only 24 humans have been to the Moon in history, noting that no one has been back since 1972. Spacex have announced that they plan to send their Starship spacecraft and Super Heavy rocket to the Moon, noting that Starship will have the ability to carry in excess of 100 metric tonnes to Earth orbit.

Thank you for watching! Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

This one, I like, as it actually appears to be real, as opposed to the other vids I have seen in this genre, which do not appear so. So… what is it?


Tradio Episode 39 – Dean Harrison Yowie Expert

Sep 18, 2020

Dean, along with his dedicated team, are working tirelessly to find, observe and document the elusive Australian Yowie.

BEWARE: The Creature Stalking Australia’s Unexplored Forests | Boogeymen | Shiver

Shiver – Paranormal Documentaries
Sep 28, 2019

In the tropical forests of Australia a hairy, imposing creature terrorises all who dare approach it. Beware the Yowie.

Yowie / Bigfoot Sighting (Audio Report #164) in the Pilliga, New South Wales

Yowiehunters Witness Audio Reports
Jul 13, 2020

The is a re-interview by Sarah, of an Interview we did back in 1999. The audio quality in the old interview was semi corrupted and we needed the re-record because it’s such a good story. Peter, our Witness still remembers the event like it was yesterday and tells it in a true Aussie style. Interestingly, this interview contains another story of the Pilliga Princess from a first hand witness. The last interview we did which mentions the Pilliga Princess, was #159 from Hickeys Falls.

Mmmm, the fabulous Pilliga!


New Stan Gordon UFO Interview.

karl 12
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posted on Apr, 7 2021 @ 02:16 PM
direct link to this post

It’s a pretty wild ride but did think this was a fascinating new interview with long time UFO researcher Stan Gordon.

He goes into quite some detail about his decades of UFO research, his time with the UFO Research Institute of Pittsburgh and the findings of scientists, engineers and ex intel/police/military personnel involved in the ‘Westmorland County UFO Study Group’.

Stan does describe some extremely freaky cases from around Pennsylvania (especially during the 1973 wave) and states that many reports involved large, structured objects seen low to the ground, hovering over highways and pacing cars.

He also brings up several incidents where UFOs have caused electromagnetic interference effects and mentions how quite a number of close range UFO encounters occur in the vicinity of high energy sources (power stations, high tension power lines, radio communication towers etc.).


From 21:15

In 1970, Stan Gordon founded the Westmoreland County UFO Study Group (WCUFOSG), the first of three volunteer research groups which he would establish to investigate UFO sightings and other strange occurrences reported in Pennsylvania. Since November, 1993, he continues to investigate and document strange incidents from across the Keystone state as an independent researcher. Gordon is a former PA State Director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and was its first recipient In 1987 of the MUFON Meritorious Achievement in a UFO investigation Award.

• Also described are a number of ‘repeat activity’ reports where strange globes of light (of separate colours) keep reappearing in certain areas and did think it sounded very similar to the late Ted Phillip’s research into Marley Woods.

Here’s Stan in a featurette for Seth Breedlove’s documentary about strange UFO activity on the Chestnut Ridge:

UFOs of the Ridge – CASEFILES #4

Small Town Monsters
Nov 22, 2017

Invasion on Chestnut Ridge explored the history of strange craft seen in the skies of Pennsylvania, but there’s so much more to the story. Stan Gordon discusses the various types of sightings, craft and lights that have been seen along with one particularly bizarre account of a “flying iPad in the sky”.

04-06-21 Stan Gordon, The 1973 UFO-Bigfoot Wave & The Mini-UFO Phenomena

Martin Willis Live Shows
Streamed live on Apr 6, 2021

The true story of Pennsylvania’s Chestnut Ridge, a mountain range where decades of bizarre happenings have been reported.

Australia’s Irene Previn to speak on Westall UFO Incident’s 55th anniversary (April 6, 1966) for a few minutes and guest, Stan Gordon to discuss the 1973 UFO-Bigfoot wave in Pennsylvania that his teams investigated and another aspect of the UFO phenomena that has been hardly discussed concerns what he has termed: “Mini-UFOs”. They range in size from inches to about a foot or two in diameter. They are generally spherical but not always.

BIO: Irene Previn is an Australian visual artist and designer, and keen on uncovering the mystery behind UFOs.About five years ago, after moving from her home town to work on a new project in Melbourne, Irene heard about Westall incident from her workmates. This occurred in the neighbourhood of her new workplace. At that time, she had never heard of it, let alone of a UFO sighting with over 200 witnesses, so her curiosity was piqued. She then took some of her workmates with her to have a look at the place where it happened. She was allowed in to Shane Ryan’s private Westall Facebook group and learned more about the incident by watching Rosie Jones’s documentary, Westall 66: A Suburban UFO Mystery.Surprised to see that no-one was organising any kind of celebration or acknowledgement marking the 50th anniversary of the event, Irene organised one herself. She posted a public invitation to join a picnic at The Grange Reserve, where the saucer was seen hovering close to the ground.

Limited edition fine art prints of the Westall images are available from

BIO: Stan Gordon was trained as an electronics technician who specialized in radio communications. He worked in the advanced consumer electronics sales field for over forty years. Stan has lived in Greensburg, Pennsylvania all of his life. Gordon began his interest in the UFO subject and other strange incidents at the age of ten in 1959. In the late 1960’s, he acted as the telephone UFO sighting report investigations coordinator for the UFO Research Institute of Pittsburgh.
Stan began in the field investigations of UFOs and other mysterious events in 1965, and is the primary investigator of the December 9,1965, UFO crash-recovery incident that occurred near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. In 1969, Gordon established a UFO Hot-line for the public to report UFO sightings to him to investigate.
In 1970, Gordon founded the Westmoreland County UFO Study Group (WCUFOSG), the first of three volunteer research groups which he would establish to investigate UFO sightings and other strange occurrences reported in Pennsylvania. Since November, 1993, he continues to investigate and document strange incidents from across the Keystone state as an independent researcher.
Gordon is a former PA State Director for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and was its first recipient In 1987 of the MUFON Meritorious Achievement in a UFO investigation Award. Gordon has been involved with the investigation of thousands of mysterious encounters from across Pennsylvania. He has appeared on numerous local and network TV news and documentary shows, including the Syfy Channel (formerly the Sci-Fi Channel), Discovery Channel, History Channel, and Fox News Channel. He has been featured on many television shows, including Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings, Inside Edition, A Current Affair, and Creepy Canada. More:…

Sighting Reports:

Stan Gordon UFO Anomalies Zone

Stan is legend. I like the Aussie lady, too.


From Apollo 8… A black sky with a grey, cratered lunar horizon. A small blue Earth with scattered white clouds is just above the horizon,with about two-thirds of the Earth lit by the Sun and the remainder in darkness.

Posted by u/Bernard_Hunor_Deaklinkage


LEGENDARY Giant Bird Is TORMENTING This American Town | Boogeymen | Shiver

Shiver – Paranormal Documentaries
Jan 29, 2021

Referred to by locals as the ‘Thunderbird’, witnesses report seeing a flying creature with a wingspan of 12 to 20 feet wide in the skies above Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Could it be tied to an ancient Native American myth?

I love T-birds. And gosh, Pennsylvania certainly rocks Forteana!

Thunderbird Stories from Canada [Cryptozoology Documentary]

Hammerson Peters
Nov 14, 2020

Thunderbird: A Canadian Legend

For centuries, First Nations legend told of a giant eagle endowed with the ability to create storms. Lightning flashed when it blinked its eyes, and thunder boomed when it flapped its wings. Today, we know these mythical creatures as Thunderbirds.

0:00:00 – Opening Credits
0:00:26 – The Thunderbird House Pole
0:01:07 – The Thunderbird of the Pacific Northwest
0:02:50 – The Thunderbird of the Great Lakes
0:03:27 – The Thunderbird of the Maritimes
0:03:36 – The Thunderbird of the Arctic
0:04:27 – The Thunderbird of the Kutenai
0:04:44 – The Thunderbird of the Prairies
0:05:53 – White Bear’s Abduction
0:08:34 – Blackfoot Sightings
0:09:25 – Claude Schaeffer’s California Condor Theory
0:10:56 – The Thunderbird of the Shuswap
0:11:33 – Thunderbird sighting in the Rocky Mountains
0:12:12 – Thunderbird Sighting in Quebec
0:12:50 – Mark A. Hall’s Cryptid Theory
0:14:36 – Karl P.N. Shuker’s Composite Theory
0:19:04 – The Thunderbird-Grouse Connection

Special thank you to Gary S. Mangiacopra and Kevin Guhl for their research assistance.

Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video and would like to help support this channel, please check out my book:

Mysteries of Canada: Volume I…

Great insight from my long time dear friend Karl! Excellent…

Thunderbirds-Into the Unknown-1995.

Adventures Unlimited
Jan 4, 2020

Thunderbirds-Into the Unknown-1995. A great documentary on the reality of Thunderbirds—giant birds in the skies over North America. Featuring Chief A.J. of southern Illinois who filmed a thunderbird at a

One from my friend Bob…

New & Definitive Thunderbird Documentary

Bob Gymlan
Jun 20, 2019

In this video, I will discuss the prehistoric Thunderbird, historical sightings, modern sightings and encounters, a contested video clip, what “large” really means for a bird, and finally, a range of explanations. The theories range from the zoological, cryptozoological, and paranormal. Support! Help me pay for illustrations: Illustrations by Fred Dunn!:

Haha, hadda put this one in, my friend Ken is in it. 🙂

Missing in Alaska: Enormous Monster Raptor (S1, E11) | Full Episode | History

Jun 26, 2020

Do you love investigations of the unknown? Make sure to check out our new channel @TheUnXplainedZone, your portal to the paranormal.

A jogger vanishes from the top of Mt. Marathon in Alaska and a witness describes seeing a monstrous, airplane-sized raptor around the time of the disappearance. Could ancient stories of the Thunderbird be true? In Season 1, Episode 11, “Alaska’s Birds Of Slay”.

In an area of northwest Alaska, covering 300,000 square miles, over 20,000 people have mysteriously vanished. The majority of these disappearances have occurred in an area locals call the Alaska Triangle.

Good stuff. Thunderbirds and pterodactyls have always been two of the most exciting subjects for me.



Off Grid Desert Farming with Paul & Adrienne
Streamed live 5 hours ago


CONCERNING THE DESTRUCTION OF NYC, REVELATION 18: 21 20Rejoice over her, O heaven, O saints and apostles and prophets, because God has pronounced for you His judgment against her. 21Then a mighty angel picked up a stone the size of a great millstone and cast it into the sea, saying: “With such violence the great city of Babylon will be cast down, never to be seen again. 22And the sound of harpists and musicians, of flute players and trumpeters, will never ring out in you again. Nor will any craftsmen of any trade be found in you again, nor the sound of a millstone be heard in you again.…

Pinned by Off Grid Desert Farming with Paul & Adrienne

Got the heads up from here:

Small Landslide and Cracks Showing up At La Palma

Registered: 12/4/2014
Location: Miami, FL

posted on Sep, 26 2021 @ 06:29 PM
direct link to this post

It’s crazy to me that there’s been little to no threads on the La Palma situation that has only become worse in the 7 days since the volcano Cumbre Vieja first erupted.
This guy compiles videos of the small landslide and cracks that happened earlier today.
Y’all probably know the debunked tsunami theory that circulates this volcano, which is that if a piece the size of Manhattan were to fall into the ocean, a mega tsunami would completely obliterate the East Coast of the US. Over this past week many have been saying it’s all fear mongering and that landslides and cracks are unlikely to happen yet here we are.
I’m in Miami Florida so I’d be obliterated along with everyone else on the East Coast

Just a heads up to keep watch.

Not liking the look of this at all.

I thought this pretty wild as well:

Large explosion 💥 of lava yesterday at La Palma send massive eruption

Nick Thomas TV
Sep 25, 2021


ARCANE RADIO | Butch Witkowski – Pennsylvania DOGMAN & UPRIGHT CANINE Cryptid Update
by Arcane Radio

Join your host, LON STRICKLER as he welcomes longtime friend & colleague, Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research investigator BUTCH WITKOWSKI to the show. Together they will recount and recap some of the latest sighting, encounters, and reports of PENNSYLVANIA DOGMAN & UPRIGHT CANINES – detailing some of their latest investigations, and try to answer your questions in our LIVE SUPERCHAT! Butch is also the director of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania. You won’t want to miss it!

Phantoms & Monsters Homepage –

Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research Team –

Chicago & Regional Winged Humanoid / Flying Entity Sightings & Encounters –

Books by Lon Strickler –

Lon Strickler – Fortean Researcher / Author –

Please Support Phantoms & Monsters / Arcane Radio – www.phantomsandmons

ARCANE RADIO | Pennsylvania DOGMAN Experiencer James West | Cryptid Canine Sightings in PA
by Arcane Radio

This week, join your host, Master of the Arcane LON STRICKLER, as he interviews JAMES WEST, Pennsylvania Dogman Experiencer. Greene County, PA resident James West had 2 horrendous cryptid canine encounters, near his home, when he was in his late teens. His story is a detailed account of actual physical contact with these terrifying cryptids.Phantoms & Monsters Homepage –
Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research Team –
Chicago & Regional Winged Humanoid / Flying Entity Sightings & Encounters –
Books by Lon Strickler –
Lon Strickler – Fortean Researcher / Author –
Please Support Phantoms & Monsters / Arcane Radio –
Chicago & Regional Winged Humanoid / Flying Entity Sightings & Encounters Interactive Map –

More awesome reportage on this fascinating subject.


Is There A GIANT PREHISTORIC BEAST Still Lurking In This Lake? | Boogeymen | Shiver

Shiver – Paranormal Documentaries
Apr 20, 2019

There is lots of conspiracy surrounding the idea of a lake monster named Champ in the Lake Champlain in Vermont, America. The suspicious sightings have created a tidal wave of tourists flocking to the lake every summer for the chance of a sighting.

This is a very well done documentary. I was disappointed, a little bit, only because it doesn’t include any input from my good friend Katy Elizabeth, the world’s only full-time cryptozoologist, who has dedicated her life to finding and protecting this wonderful animal. So here is some input…

A recent article on Katy and her work:

A quickie:

More Katy:

Katy Elizabeth – CCC Podcast #7

Crash-Course Cryptozoology
May 30, 2019

Katy Elizabeth has been a Champ enthusiast from a young age. That interest has grown into not only a passion, but a basis for the scientific fieldwork she conducts out on Lake Champlain. In her time studying the sightings, Katy Elizabeth has come across significant and anomalous pieces of evidence that may shed light on the mystery.

Champ Search’s Official Website:

Champ Search’s Official Facebook:

We shall know very soon, methinks.


Mysterious Sea Monster Video Goes VIRAL! | Boogeymen | Shiver

Shiver – Paranormal Documentaries
Jun 15, 2019

Iceland has many national treasures and is a popular tourist destination for unique holidays. However, for centuries a large body of water is said to hide a long worm known as the Lagarfjlotsormurin. Recently, photographic evidence has been taken igniting excitement throughout Iceland as to what this creature could be.



In Search of the Bear Lake Monster

Matthew Havertz
Oct 29, 2019

Full-Length/Extended Version:


Nicely done. 🙂


The absolutely stunning and HUGE Great Hornbill, taken in Dudhwa National Park, India – March 2021

Photo by u/adityasethlinkage


Stunning Romanian supermodel Catrinel Menghia is here. Yay!

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated)

Catrinel Menghia – Facebook

Here’s an ad of sorts (the actual ad is not available) that she did for the wonderful new Abarth Fiat 500 Venom, which now has 200 hp..


Garry Lee and Showdown – The Rodeo Song (Original Version)

Jul 31, 2015

8 track

Pat The Roving Brakeman

Finally found Alberta’s Provincial Anthem.

A ribald cursefest of the highest order.


La Palma Volcano: Giant Explosion heard, scaring dogs

Sep 23, 2021

Day 5 of the La Palma Volcanic Eruption and the volcano is as active as ever. September 23, 2021 – Cumbre Vieja, La Palma Island in the Canary Islands

Sources: – RTVC / TelevisionCanaria & RTVE

This explosion is huge! I must say that have been watching this spectacle almost non-stop since it started.

Here is the live feed if you like:
Sorry for the delay. Spaced, eh.

DIRECTO | Erupción del volcán en La Palma



Lazy – Jimmy Barnes & Joe Bonamassa

Deep Purple Official
Oct 1, 2012

Jimmy Barnes & Joe Bonamassa – Lazy Taken from the October 2012 release of ‘Remachined – A tribute to Deep Purple’s Machine Head’, this track features Australian rock superstar Jimmy Barnes & guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa.

Wow, this is way cool! Totally different head. Well, maybe not totally. Dig it.


This Lockheed Martin Worker Just Released This Photograph Of A Truck Carrying A Secret Plane

Unexplained Mysteries
Sep 22, 2021

This Lockheed Martin worker just released this photograph of a truck carrying a secret plane. Today, we take a look at this photograph that shows a new aircraft. These photographs have just been shared online, and they show what appear to be futuristic looking aircraft. The photos were said to be shared at the site of the Helendale Radar Cross Section Facility in California. The individual who posted the images said that the site is operated by Lockheed Martin and is used to measure radar reflection of stealth aircraft models.

Thank you for watching! Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

This thing looks just marvelous.

Could have done without the triangles. Most of those photos are bogus.

But I like this new craft! Very cool indeed. Go Lockheed! Martin, too!


Billy Strings – “Tennessee Stud” | Fretboard Journal

Fretboard Journal
Nov 30, 2017

Billy Strings plays “Tennessee Stud” at the Fretboard Journal. For this tune, Strings is using his newly acquired Preston Thompson sunburst dreadnought with Brazilian rosewood back and sides. This is the second Preston Thompson guitar purchased by Strings.

Incredible talent!


Quicksilver Messenger Service – Fresh Air – 12/28/1975 – Winterland (Official)

Jam & Psych on MV
Sep 24, 2014

Quicksilver Messenger Service – Fresh Air Recorded Live: 12/28/1975 – Winterland – San Francisco, CA

More Quicksilver Messenger Service at Music Vault:

Dino Valenti – guitar, vocals
John Cipollina – guitar, vocals
Gary Duncan – guitar, vocals
Skip Olsen – bass, vocals
Michael Lewis – keyboards
Greg Elmore – drums

Ah, the good old days…


A tropical fish known as the Red-toothed Triggerfish, which has a nightmarish vampire-like mouth.

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On Wednesday 10th March 1993, senior citizen Eric Tomason went out to the beach to take photos for a photo contest on Maslin Beach, in southern Australia. Around 6 a.m., to his surprise, a strange craft came up out of the ocean.

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God, I’m old. LOL

I remember this case. Great stuff. USOs rule.


Woman Films Large Bigfoot Pacing Back And Forth!!

Unexplained Phenomena
Premiered Aug 25, 2021

Woman Films Large Bigfoot Pacing Back And Forth!!

Definitely a smaller one in the tree tops 1:20 up center-right a hair jumping tree to tree…wow!!!! Awesome footage.

Starting at around 4:04 – 4:40 I can hear that Creature talking and grunting, for sure more than one!

I like this one. Couldn’t see a thing in the unzoomed but in the zoomed its pretty easy to see, even for my horrid eyes. Maybe getting more surgery in a week.

Is it real? God, who knows. About 3 years old, apparently. But, like I said, it looks pretty good. Odd behavior.


Grizzly bear ripping a testicle off a bull elk that it drowned in the Yellowstone River

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