Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Mar 5, 2022

…UFOs have been appearing over Ukrainian lands for a long time. …So what is this creature illuminated by the rays of the “blood star” with the Sun suddenly darkening? Reminds me of aliens described in the reports of sightings in the 20th century…

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A long, rich history of world-class weirdness awaits.



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Mar 17, 2022

…The ancient Mayans relied on water-filled sinkholes called cenotes — which only exist in Mexico — for everything from drinking water to religious ceremonies. THE MAYANS BELIEVED SINKHOLES LED TO THE UNDERWORLD, but apparently, NOT ALL THE SINKHOLES IN YUCATAN LED TO THE MAYAN UNDERWORLD. The people of Mayapán used the legend of a feathered serpent with a head the size of a horse’s to scare people away from the sinkhole…


Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Mar 17, 2022

…The area of the Mexican states of Campeche, Chiapas and Quintana Roo of southern Mexico have had stories of hairy humanoids for thousands of year…

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I can attest to the excellence of Belize and the Yucatan regarding our special interest. I was not free to roam as it was a cruise, but yeah, spectacular. Sadly, no cryptids of any sort were encountered. Figures.


Robert Proctor: Nazi Science and Ideology | Lex Fridman Podcast #268

Lex Fridman

Robert’s Website:…
The Nazi War on Cancer (book):
Agnotology (book):


“Dark periods of history with many lessons for today.”


The best lake monster video I’ve seen – Ogopogo in Canada

Weird Mysteries of Science and Legend
Oct 29, 2020

Ogopogo is a legendary lake monster that lives in Okanagan lake in British Columbia, Canada. In this video I share with you the best and most clear evidence yet of the existence of Ogopogo.

Looks pretty cool, eh. I wish my eyes were better and my screen was bigger…


Mysterious Light on Mars | Life on Mars | Marte Rovers

Quick Solutions – Data
Sep 2, 2021

Mars Rover Opportunity spotted Strange Light Source on Mars Surface on SOL 00123 of it’s Mission. What is it? ? Alien Spacecraft? or One of Ours? or Mysterious light? or Space junk? Is it indicate Life on Mars?

Please let us know in comment below. Perseverance Rover is also at Mars Now. (Planeta Marte)

Image source:…

Credit: NASA.GOV NASA/JPL/Cornell

Video Creator: Quick Solutions – Data

This is one weirdly shaped light. What could possibly cause such a result? Is NASA looking into it?


Russell Bentley – Tochka-U Missile, Donetsk Update – The End is in Sight

Regis Tremblay
Mar 16, 2022

Russell “Texas” Bentley with an update from the Front.
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I successfully signed into VK but within seconds they blocked me for suspicious activity!!! What in the actual fuck? I mailed support, should be interesting…

Anyway, God bless Russell!


This is a fine piece…

Ukrainian Journalist: Russia-Ukraine War Began in 2014, Not 2022

The Free Thought Project March 12, 2022

(Vijay Prashad) — The war between Russia and Ukraine began much before February 24, 2022-the date provided by the Ukrainian government, NATO, and the United States for the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to Dmitry Kovalevich, a journalist and a member of a now-banned communist organization in Ukraine, the war actually started in the spring of 2014 and has never stopped since.

He writes to me from the south of Kyiv/Kiev, Ukraine, and recounts an anecdote: “What’s there at the front line?” asks one person. “Our troops are winning as usual!” comes the response. “Who are our troops?” the first person inquires and is told, “We’ll soon see” In a war, everything is in dispute, even the name of Ukraine’s capital (Kyiv in Ukrainian, and Kiev in Russian, goes the debate online).

Wars are among the most difficult reporting assignments for a journalist. These days, especially, with the torrent of social media and the belligerence of network news television channels, matters on the ground are hard to sort out. Basic facts about the events taking place during a war are hard to establish, let alone ensuring the correct interpretation of these facts. Videos of apparent war atrocities that can be found on social media platforms like YouTube are impossible to verify. Often, it becomes clear that much of the content relating to war that can be found on these platforms has either been misidentified or is from other conflicts. Even the BBC, which has taken a very strong pro-Ukrainian and NATO position on this conflict, had to run a story about how so many of the viral claims about Russian atrocities are false. Among these false claims, which have garnered widespread circulation, is a video circulating on TikTok that wrongly alleges to be that of a “Ukrainian girl confronting a Russian soldier,” but is instead a video of the then-11-year-old Palestinian Ahed Tamimi confronting an Israeli soldier in 2012; the video continues to circulate on TikTok with the caption, “Little [girls] stand up to Russian soldiers.”

Meanwhile, disputing the date for the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war as February 24, Kovalevich tells me, “The war in Ukraine didn’t start in February 2022. It began in the spring of 2014 in the Donbas and has not stopped for these eight years.” Kovalevich is a member of Borotba (Struggle), a communist organization in Ukraine. Borotba, like other communist and Marxist organizations, was banned by the previous U.S.-backed Ukrainian government of Petro Poroshenko in 2015 (as part of this ongoing crackdown, two communist youth leaders-Aleksandr Kononovich and Mikhail Kononovich-were arrested by Ukrainian security services on March 6).

“Most of our comrades had to migrate to Donetsk and Luhansk,” Kovalevich tells me. These are the two eastern provinces of mainly Russian speakers that broke away from “Ukrainian government control in 2014” and had been under the control of Russian-backed groups. In February, however, before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized these “two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine as independent,” making this contentious move the stepping stone for the final military invasion by Russia. Now, Kovalevich says, his comrades “expect to come back from exile and work legally.” This expectation is based on the assumption that the Ukrainian government will be forced to get rid of the existing system, which includes Western-trained-and-funded anti-Russian right-wing vigilante and paramilitary agents in the country, and will have to reverse many of the Poroshenko-era illiberal and anti-minority (including anti-Russian) laws.

‘I Feel Nervous’

“I feel quite nervous,” Kovalevich tells me. “[This war] looks very grim and not so much because of the Russians but because of our [Ukrainian] armed gangs that are looting and robbing [the country].” When the Russians intervened, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy handed out weapons to any citizen who wanted to defend the country. Kovalevich, who lives in central Ukraine just south of the capital, says, “My area was not affected by military actions-only by the terror of [right-wing] nationalist gangs.”

During the first days of the Russian military intervention, Kovalevich took in a Roma family who had fled from the war zone. “My family had a spare room,” Kovalevich tells me. Roma organizations say that there are about 400,000 Roma in Ukraine, most of them living in the western part of Ukraine, in Zakarpatska Oblast (bordering Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia). “The Roma people in our country are regularly assaulted by [right-wing] nationalists,” Kovalevich says. “The nationalists used to attack them [Roma] publicly, burning their encampments, calling it ‘cleansing garbage.’ The police didn’t react as our far-right gangs always work in cooperation with either the police or with the security service.” This Roma family, who was being sheltered by Kovalevich and his family, is on the move toward western Ukraine, where most of the Ukrainian-Roma population lives. “But it is very unsafe to move,” Kovalevich tells me. “There are nationalists [manning these] checkpoints [along] all roads [in Ukraine, and they] may shoot [anyone] who may seem suspicious to them or just rob refugees.”

Minsk Agreements

The war in the Donbas region that began in 2014 resulted in two agreements being signed in Belarus in 2014 and 2015, which were named after the capital of Belarus, and were called the Minsk agreements. These agreements were aimed at “[ending] the separatist war by Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine.” The second of these agreements was signed by two leading political figures from Ukraine (Leonid Kuchma, the president of Ukraine from 1994 to 2005) and from Russia (Mikhail Zurabov, the ambassador of the Russian Federation to Ukraine, 2009-2016), respectively, and was overseen by a Swiss diplomat (Heidi Tagliavini, who chaired the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Conflict in Georgia, 2008-2009). This Minsk II agreement was endorsed by the UN Security Council resolution 2022 on February 17, 2015. If the Minsk agreements had been adhered to, Russia and Ukraine would have secured an arrangement that would have been acceptable in the Donbas.

“Two Ukrainian governments signed the Minsk agreements,” Kovalevich tells me, “but didn’t fulfill it. Recently Zelenskyy’s officials openly mocked the agreement, saying they wouldn’t fulfill it (encouraged by the U.S. and the UK, of course). That was a sheer violation of all rules-you can’t sign [the agreements] and then refuse to fulfill it.” The language of the Minsk agreements was, as Kovalevich says, “liberal enough for the government.” The two republics of Donetsk and Luhansk would have remained a part of Ukraine and they would have been afforded some cultural autonomy (this was in the footnote to Article 11 of the February 12, 2015, Minsk II Agreement). “This was unacceptable to our nationalists and [right-wing nationalists],” Kovalevich says to me. They “would like to organize purges and vengeance there [in Donetsk and Luhansk].” Before the Russian military intervention, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights found that more than 14,000 people had been killed in the ongoing conflict in Donetsk and Luhansk despite the Minsk agreements. It is this violence that provokes Kovalevich to make his comments about the violence of the ultra-nationalists and the right-wing paramilitary. “The elected authorities are a cover, masking the real rulers of Ukraine,” Kovalevich says. Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy and his allies in the parliament do not drive the governing process in their country but have “an agenda imposed on them by the far-right armed groups.”


Negotiations are ongoing on the Ukraine-Belarus border between the Russians and the Ukrainians. Kovalevich is, however, not optimistic about a positive outcome from these negotiations. Decisions, he says, are not made by the Ukrainian president alone, but by the right-wing ultra-nationalist paramilitary armed groups and the NATO countries. As Kovalevich and I were speaking, the Washington Post published a report about “Plans for a U.S.-backed insurgency in Ukraine”; former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton implied an Afghanistan-style guerrilla war in Ukraine, saying, “We have to keep tightening the screws.”

“This reveals that they [the U.S.] don’t really care about Ukrainians,” Kovalevich says. “They want to use this as an opportunity to cause some pain to the Russians.”

These comments by Clinton and others suggest to Kovalevich that the United States wants “to organize chaos between Russia and the Europeans.” Peace in Ukraine, he says, “is a matter of reconciliation between NATO and the new global powers, Russia and China.” Till such a reconciliation is possible, and till Europe develops a rational foreign policy, “we will be affected by wars,” says Kovalevich.

This article was produced by Globetrotter. Vijay Prashad is an Indian historian, editor, and journalist. He is a writing fellow and chief correspondent at Globetrotter. He is the chief editor of LeftWord Books and the director of Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. He is a senior non-resident fellow at Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University of China. He has written more than 20 books, including The Darker Nations and The Poorer Nations. His latest book is Washington Bullets, with an introduction by Evo Morales Ayma.

Source: Globetrotter

You’re definitely not going to get this sort of thing in the Western media. Their evil runs deep.


C-Ram Phalanx Defense Cannon Knocks out Incoming Artillery

Dark Footage
Feb 11, 2022

Mortars, artillery cannons, and rocket launchers are some of the most devastating weapons used against American troops when operating in foreign territory. It doesn’t matter if America has greater firepower and technological capabilities; all it takes is an easy-to-hide mortar or rocket to eliminate an entire infantry convoy in a guerilla warfare scenario.

For decades, defending against such attacks was near impossible due to their range, abruptness, and concealability.

In 2007, during the height of the Iraq war, Staff Sergeant Alberto Marcillo was sleeping in his tent after finishing his guard duty shift when he was suddenly awakened by the sound of incoming rockets and artillery munitions.

Marcillo knew the sound well, and he understood that in just a few seconds, he -as many of his fellow soldiers before him- could become one more victim of a surprise rocket attack by an insurgent group. He then ducked and covered, preparing for impact.

But the explosion he expected never happened. Instead, a new powerful firing sound ripped through the air, followed by a series of far-away explosions. Marcillo realized that he had just been saved by the novel C-RAM Phalanx that his unit had been assigned recently.

He recalled: (QUOTE) “I heard the Phalanx weapon system kick off, I heard the alarms go off, [and] hit the ground. Then I started hearing explosions but not on the ground anymore, but in the air. I know that weapon system saved my life and fellow Soldiers on my particular FOB.”

After decades of complete vulnerability to rocket attacks, a new and groundbreaking weapon was being deployed across Iraq and Afghanistan. The incredible C-RAM system would change warfare in hostile territories forever…

Dark Footage showcases the most unbelievable photos and videos from history while telling the stories behind the camera. Featuring military, space, aircraft and real-life historic events caught on tape.

Whoa, man, I need one of these for the yard!


A Mysterious Object Caught Flying Over The Reactor Area, Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant, Russia

Mar 12, 2022

Unvetted, of course, but, gosh, that thing is weird. Rectangular and that light moving around it is especially intriguing to me. Is it orbiting or is it on the surface. Wow. Interesting timing, too, eh.


Shocking arrest of a North Korean female SPY with an UNBELIEVABLE mission in South Korea

Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park
Dec 2, 2021

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Yeonmi covers the DPRK better than any one else. She is so smart and articulate it is jaw dropping.


First published at 17:08 UTC on December 15th, 2021.

Tremregi Tremregi profile

Alina Lipp is a young German woman with an Environmental Sciences Masters Degree who became a journalist. Father is Russian, mother is German. Came to Crimea to find out for herself what really happened, then went to Donetsk to share what she learned

Here’s Alina reporting from 3 months ago. What an excellent person she is to do this for the world.

My other post featuring Ms. Lipp is one of the most popular on this blog, which I think is wonderful.


First published at 13:41 UTC on March 11th, 2022.

So very glad he is back, thank you Regis.


NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Captured A Mysterious White Plane Flying In Gale Crater Near Foggy Hills

Physics Insight
Mar 11, 2022

These images used in the video were taken by NAV_RIGHT_B (Right Navigation Camera) and NAV_LEFT_B (Left Navigation Camera) onboard NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 589 and Sol 2438 (April 3, 2014 and June 16, 2019) and by Mars perseverance rover in Jezero crater when it landed in February 2021.


Imagery Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA/JPL-Caltech/LANL

Oh, how I love Martian UFOs!!!


After Landing NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover Caught Strange White Light In Its Far Front On Mars

Physics Insight
Feb 25, 2022

These images of the video were taken on Feb. 20, 2021, by the Navigation Cameras, or Navcams, aboard NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover, was stitched together from six individual images after they were sent back to Earth. The Mars 2020 Perseverance mission is part of NASA’s Moon to Mars exploration approach, which includes Artemis missions to the Moon that will help prepare for human exploration of the Red Planet. A key objective for Perseverance’s mission on Mars is astrobiology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. The rover will characterize the planet’s geology and past climate, pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet, and be the first mission to collect and cache Martian rock and regolith.


Imagery Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

After 7th Mars Sample Collection Perseverance Rover Captured Mysterious Oval Shaped Light Over Hill

Physics Insight
Mar 9, 2022

The Perseverance Rover recently collected its seventh Martian rock sample. NASA recently reported that its Mars Rover, Perseverance, has collected its seventh core sample. The rock sample Perseverance acquired was drilled from another Martian rock within the Jezero Crater. Perseverance’s mission is to find signs of ancient life on the Red Planet and collect samples of rock and regolith (broken rock and soil) to return to Earth for study and analysis. The rover is also tasked to explore the Jezero Crater and assess ancient habitability. Perseverance is also designed to demonstrate the technology needed for future robotic and human exploration in the future. These images of Mars taken by Perseverance belong to March 3 and 7.


Imagery Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU


So glad this got released…

Moderna Patent 10703789

Wisenox, Member, Registered: 8/14/2021
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posted on Mar, 9 2022 @ 10:12 PM

I watched this Stew Peters interview with Karen Kingston.
The interview is very interesting and talks about things in the vaccine. I was looking up the documents she mentioned, and was actually taken back by the information in the Moderna patent.

Here is the Moderna patent Karen covers in the video:
Modified polynucleotides for the production of secreted proteins

The patent is a gold mine for everything we’ve been hearing about, and more. Its very lengthy because of the number of different uses it is designed for; Too much to cover here, however, there are a few I want to share.

First, the immune system evasion.
I posted about my theory that the innate immune response was being evaded through the mRNA capping process in the nucleus: Wisenox
The mRNA that comes from our nuclei is capped as ‘self’, and our innate immune system ignores it. Its part of the self-identity system that prevents us from attacking ourselves. It looks like I may have been on to something:

Traditionally, the basic components of an mRNA molecule include at least a coding region, a 5’UTR, a 3’UTR, a 5′ cap and a poly-A tail. Building on this wild type modular structure, the present invention expands the scope of functionality of traditional mRNA molecules by providing polynucleotides or primary RNA constructs which maintain a modular organization, but which comprise one or more structural and/or chemical modifications or alterations which impart useful properties to the polynucleotide including, in some embodiments, the lack of a substantial induction of the innate immune response of a cell into which the polynucleotide is introduced. As such, modified mRNA molecules of the present invention are termed “mmRNA”.

Anyone looking for an explanation for variants?

The term “polypeptide variant” refers to molecules which differ in their amino acid sequence from a native or reference sequence. The amino acid sequence variants may possess substitutions, deletions, and/or insertions at certain positions within the amino acid sequence, as compared to a native or reference sequence. Ordinarily, variants will possess at least about 50% identity (homology) to a native or reference sequence, and preferably, they will be at least about 80%, more preferably at least about 90% identical (homologous) to a native or reference sequence…

In some embodiments “variant mimics” are provided. As used herein, the term “variant mimic” is one which contains one or more amino acids which would mimic an activated sequence.

It may have the capability of producing its own variants. Is this how they planned on keeping it going forever?

They spell it out the variants in this one:

In one embodiment primary constructs or mmRNA may encode variant polypeptides which have a certain identity with a reference polypeptide sequence. As used herein, a “reference polypeptide sequence” refers to a starting polypeptide sequence.

This next portion, I suspect, is describing self-assembling tunable hydrogels, which Karen mentions:

polynucleotide, primary construct, and mmRNA of the invention can also be formulated as a nanoparticle using a combination of polymers, lipids, and/or other biodegradable agents, such as, but not limited to, calcium phosphate. Components may be combined in a core-shell, hybrid, and/or layer-by-layer architecture, to allow for fine-tuning of the nanoparticle so to delivery of the polynucleotide, primary construct and mmRNA may be enhanced.

And I believe this portion is describing PLA-PEG self-assembling hydrogels:

As a non-limiting example, the nanoparticle may comprise a plurality of polymers such as, but not limited to hydrophilic-hydrophobic polymers (e.g., PEG-PLGA)

After watching a couple self-assembling hydrogel videos on YouTube, I think hydrogels may even be the causative agent for Morgellons.

Also found a reference to magnetic properties:

Semi-Conductive and Metallic Nanoparticles:
The polynucleotides, primary constructs and/or mmRNAs of the present invention may be formulated in water-dispersible nanoparticle comprising a semiconductive or metallic material (U.S. Pub. No. 20120228565; herein incorporated by reference in its entirety) or formed in a magnetic nanoparticle (U.S. Pub. No. 20120265001 and 20120283503…)

We also learn that magnetic properties and PEG help get nucleic acids into cells:

A variety of methods are known in the art and suitable for introduction of nucleic acid into a cell, including viral and non-viral mediated techniques. Examples of typical non-viral mediated techniques include, but are not limited to, electroporation, calcium phosphate mediated transfer, nucleofection, sonoporation, heat shock, magnetofection, liposome mediated transfer, microinjection, microprojectile mediated transfer (nanoparticles), cationic polymer mediated transfer (DEAE-dextran, polyethylenimine, polyethylene glycol (PEG) and the like) or cell fusion.

Maybe this is why PEG is used in everything?

The entire patent is 278 pages as a pdf download, but the pages are scanned in as images in the version I found, so it isn’t searchable. The link above has full text.
I plan on reading it all some time, but after reading about the Internet of Bodies, Hydrogels, and digital ID’s today, I’d probably vomit.

If you read through it, post what you find.

Wisenox, Member, Registered: 8/14/2021
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a reply to: Wisenox

If the link to the patent doesn’t work, use this one and then select the full text link:…

And there it is, in black and white.


America’s Secret Underground Military Base on the Moon – Lunex Expedition

Dark Space
Nov 10, 2021

A top-secret document describing a 1958 United States Air Force program to build an underground base on the Moon was redacted right after the Soviet Union launched the Sputnik program.

The report stated that: “The Lunar Expedition base has its objective manned exploration of the moon with the first manned landing and return in late 1967. This one achievement, if accomplished before the USSR, will serve to demonstrate conclusively that this nation possesses the capability to win future competition in technology. No space achievement short of this goal will have equal technological significance, historical impact, or excite the entire world.”

While NASA would eventually develop its own plan to land a man on the Moon, as so eloquently stated in President John F. Kennedy’s 1962 ‘We choose to go to the Moon’ speech, the Air Force didn’t want to wait for a mere scientific expedition.

Instead, they wanted the: “strategic high ground,” and that meant having a US military station firmly entrenched on the Moon, well above its enemies on Earth.

The Abandoned Soviet Zvezda Moon Base

Dark Space
Mar 3, 2022

The Soviets were so satisfied with the results of their Sputnik program that in 1962, they launched a top-secret project to develop a self-sufficient moonbase. The plan was codenamed Zvezda or Star, and its objective was to take over the Moon before the Americans.

The objective was overly ambitious and called for the establishment of several habitation modules that would be half-buried with regolith to conceal them. They would also be equipped with a wheeled chassis to reposition the base.

Zvezda’s development looked promising until disaster struck the N1 human lunar expedition program.

The powerful rocket that would carry the facility’s components to the Moon began suffering a series of crucial setbacks, and it looked like there was no other vehicle on the market that could be up to the task.

That is, until a prominent engineer and designer came up with a potential solution…

— Dark Space features the mysterious and little told stories of US, Soviet, and global space exploration from the dawn of the space race to today… all in the cinematic short documentary format we love to create. Subscribe today, and feel free to reach out with your own suggestions for new stories that you want us to bring to life. Thanks as always for your support.

I’m disappointed that there are no bases on the /moon. That we know of, anyway. If there were, it would explain the fresh fruit on the cargo manifests, eh.

Anyway, I’m even more disappointed with the adversarial attitudes, especially ours. I mean, it’s always war, war, war. Since forever and a day. Humans can be pathetic. I hope someday we grow out of it so we can reach our true potential. I am not holding my breath, don’tcha know.


A timely and I think exceptionally important piece:

The Bidens Helped Neo-Nazis Rise to Power in Ukraine

Fact checked
March 5, 2022 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, US 14 Comments

For the last decade, billionaire Oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky has funded the rise of neo-nazis in Ukraine in collusion with the Biden family, and helped install puppet President Volodymyr Zelensky to wage an unholy war against Putin’s Russia.

The current Russia-Ukraine conflict is being presented by the elite and mainstream media as “Russian aggression” towards “innocent” Ukraine who we are being told are just as liberal as the rest of us.

There’s one problem with this theory: It is completely false.

Below is a timeline with references detailing how Ukraine, with the aid of the U.S., became a full-blown Nazi state whose sole purpose was to stop Putin from thwarting their fascist plans for Europe:

President Putin Hates Globalism & Nazi Ideology

As has been documented numerous times, Russian President Vladimir Putin hates Nazis and has told Jews concerned by rising anti-Semitisim in countries like Ukraine that they are welcome in Russia anytime:

European Jews concerned by anti-Semitism are officially welcome in Russia, President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday.

“Let them come to us!” Putin told a meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow with leaders of the European Jewish Congress.

“During the Soviet period they were leaving the country, and now they should return.”

Politico, 2016

Ukrainians Are Neo Nazis – But Nobody’s Allowed To Talk About It

For a number of years, the regime in Ukraine has become more and more sympathic with Nazi collaborators and ideology. In April, 2015, Ukraine passed laws rehabilitating Nazis who had carried out ethnic mass murder during World War II, while banning all communist symbols in the country. This continued through 2017 where Soviet statues were torn down while Nazi ones were cleaned up and promoted throughout the country.

A growing number of Nazi activists were encouraged to take up arms and fight Russia, who consistently and passionately fought to save Ukraine from spiralling down this dark, fascist path.

The ever-growing number of radicalised young Ukrainians joining these Nazi military groups became more and more vocal about their sheer hatred of the Jewish population:

Dmitry claimed not to be a Nazi, but waxed lyrical about Adolf Hitler as a military leader, and believes the Holocaust never happened. After speaking with dozens of its fighters and embedding on several missions during the past week in and around the strategic port city of Mariupol, the Guardian found many of them to have disturbing political views, and almost all to be intent on “bringing the fight to Kiev” when the war in the east is over.

The Guardian, 2014

Obama/Biden Armed and Trained the Nazis of Ukraine

Remember when Obama and Biden were arming and supporting ISIS terrorists in Syria? Now they are supporting Nazis in the Ukraine.

When the U.S. learned of a growing Nazi movement in Ukraine, the war chest was opened and military assistance and training poured out. Much like how the U.S. helped arm and train ISIS, the U.S. helped arm and train the Nazis so they could fight off the “evil” Russians:

The US Army will begin training Ukraine National Guard battalioons on April 20 at a site in western Ukraine, near the Polish border, according to an announcement made Sunday by the country’s interior minister, Arsen Avakov.

“American commandos, numbering 290, will come to Yavoriv training ground, Lviv region, on April 20,” Avakov wrote on Facebook. “This is where a long-term military exercise of 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team of the US Army and combat units of the National Guard will be held.”, 2015

Congress is reported to have recently repealed its ban on a Ukrainian militia accused of being neo-Nazi, opening the way for American military assistance., 2016

These activists had no shame in admitting to the mainstream media that they were Nazis:

In an interview with USA TODAY, he admitted he is a Nazi and said with a laugh that no more than half his comrades are fellow Nazis. He said he supports strong leadership for Ukraine, like Germany during World War II.

USA Today

Ukrainian Nazis Beheaded Russians ISIS-Style – While the Media Looked the Other Way

While the U.S. were actively training and arming the Nazi militants in Ukraine, Russians were being beheaded “ISIS-style” for attempting to save the country from descending into full-blown fascism:

Groups of right-wing Ukrainian nationalists are committing war crimes in the rebel-held territories of Eastern Ukraine, according to a report from Amnesty International, as evidence emerged in local media of the volunteer militias beheading their victims.

Armed volunteers who refer to themselves as the Aidar battalion “have been involved in widespread abuses, including abductions, unlawful detention, ill-treatment, theft, extortion, and possible executions”, Amnesty said.

Newsweek, 2014

Nazis Appointed to Official Positions in Ukraine

Things took a sinister turn in November 2014, when Vadim Troyam, a proud Nazi, was appointed as Head of Kiev Police by Arsen Avakov – Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs:

The newly appointed police chief for the Ukrainian province in which Kiev is located came under fire on Monday after it was alleged that he had past ties with a neo-Nazi organization.Vadim Troyan was appointed to head the Kiev Oblast regional police on October 31 by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, who feted him on Facebook as a respected commander whose like would form “the basis of a new national police force.”

Jerusalem Post, 2014

How Did the Neo Nazis Take Over Ukraine in Such a Short Space of Time?

For the Nazis to take control of the Ukraine successfully, two things had to happen: President Yanukovych had to be overthrown and Nazi sympathisers Arsen Avakov and Oleksandr Turchynov had to take control. And that’s precisely what happened in February, 2014:

Following bloody clashes between protesters and police in central Kiev, which saw over 80 killed and hundreds injured between 18 and 21 February, leaders from Germany, France and Poland negotiated a deal with the crumbling Yanukovich regime. The EU-mediated agreement envisaged forming a ‘national unity’ government, holding presidential and prime ministerial elections in November and re-instating the 2004 constitution, which would strip the presidency of some key powers.

But the agreement quickly collapsed as the right-wing opposition, which includes ultra-nationalists and fascistic elements, went on the offensive and pushed their advantage home. Parliament impeached Yanukovich and appointed the Fatherland Party figures, Arsen Avakov and Oleksandr Turchynov, as Interior Minister and Speaker of the Rada (parliament). Turchynov, a close ally of former prime minister Yulia Tymosehnko, who parliament released from prison on 22 February, is also Acting President. Turchynov is attempting to form a new coalition government this week and new presidential elections will be held on 25 May. Arrest warrants were issued for Yanukovich and other former ministers.

Socialist Alternatitve, 2014

Who Is Ihor Kolomoisky?

Billionaire Oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, a prominent Democratic donor, bankrolled the Nazi take-over of Ukraine while doing shady business deals with the Biden family behind the scenes:

He is the billionaire Ukrainian oligarch who offered a bounty of $10,000 for the capture of any Russian “saboteur” and bolstered his country against the advance of Moscow-backed separatistes.

Ihor Kolomoisky was appointed governor of Dnipropetrovsk region in south-east Ukraine last year and poured millions of dollars into volunteer battalioons that headed out to fight rebel militia to the east.

Telegraph, 2015

Amnesty International has reported that the Aidar battalion — also partially funded by Kolomoisky — committed war crimes, including illegal abductions, unlawful detention, robbery, extortion and even possible executions.

Reuters, 2015

The Biden’s Are in Business With Ihor Kolomoisky

Buckle up. Things are about to get really shady.

Hunter Biden’s corrupt ties to Ukraine energy firm Burisma Holdings made international headlines last year when it emerged that the Biden family leveraged their position within the US government to massively enrich themselves while jeopardizing national security:

Richard [Smith] did a deep dive into the dodgy appointment of Hunter Biden and then Secretary of State John Kerry’s long-standing bundler, Devon Archer, to the board of Burisma Holdings. Richard quickly got past the noteworthy fact that Biden Jr. was being paid quite a lot for no relevant expertise and no investment in the company…so what was he being paid for, exactly? So who is behind these big director payoffs payouts? Richard found some bread crumbs that pointed to Burisma being owned by Privat Group, a conglomerate controlled by the Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky.

MRonline, 2015

After former president Barack Obama made then-Vice President Joe Biden his “point man” in Ukraine, the Veep sent $3 billion in aid to Ukraine, and Burisma Holdings—where his son Hunter sat on the board—was implicated in the disappearance of $1.8 billion of that money.

The notoriously corrupt Burisma has been under investigation on and off for years for various financial crimes.

Blaze TV scrutinized a Feb. 26 letter from the Latvian government to the Ukrainians, which, according to Beck, led his team to follow the money to Kolomoisky, whose firm, Privat Group, also happens to be the controlling shareholder of Burisma.

The Tennessee Star

Ihor Kolomoisky Helped President Volodymyr Zelensky Rise to Power

Zelensky was one of Kolomoisky’s apprentices, and was trained at a young age to continue his work on the Nazification of the country:

More ominous still is Zelensky’s failure to dispel the impression that he is the junior partner of Ihor Kolomoisky, an oligarch accused of corporate raiding, money laundering and fraud. Indeed, Zelensky chose to double-down following his election as president in April by promoting Kolomoisky’s lawyer, Andriy Bogdan, from campaign manager to head of presidential administration, the second most powerful post in the country. Bogdan is said to wield extraordinary influence within the president’s office. A significant number of Zelensky’s new MPs also have known links to Kolomoisky through his media empire and his political movement the Ukrainian Association of Patriots (UKROP).

Zelensky is a puppet who was first auditioned for the role of Ukraine President by Kolomoisky when he appeared as a comedian on one of the oligarch’s TV stations:

TIU is a renewable energy company that says it was the first to invest in Ukraine under the Canadian-Ukrainian Free Trade Agreement that came into effect in 2017. The company commissioned a 10.5 megawatt solar station in Nikopol in January 2018, earning plaudits from President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has ties to Kolomoisky and rose to fame as a comedian on a television station owned by the oligarch.

Foreign Lobby, 2021

Is Biden a Nazi?

Joe Biden has a long and colorful history of making “accidental” racist remarks. But given his ties to literal neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine and his support for their rise to power, is it possible that the racist truth about Biden is hiding in plain sight?

In 2010, he warmly eulogized Sen. Robert Byrd, a former Exalted Cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan, saying he was “one of my mentors” and that “the Senate is a lesser place for his going.”

In 2007, he referred to Barack Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.”

In 2006, he said, “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

Way back in 1977, he said that forced busing to desegregate schools would cause his children to “grow up in a racial jungle.”, 2021

Fast forward to March 2022 and Biden is supporting a Nazi regime in Eastern Europe, propping up a Ukranian president playing the role of Adolf Hitler to Putin’s Winston Churchill.

By issuing punishing economic sanctions designed to drive Russia to bankruptcy and famine, Biden is also revealing the sadistic streak that those who have had the misfortune of knowing him personally have long warned about.

Given Biden’s racialist track record, should we be surprised? When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Horrific, is it not? I mean, really!


It grosses me out that the US installed these bastards in their coup 8 years ago. They need annihilation, as to the people here who fomented the coup!

Inside A White Supremacist Militia in Ukraine– Asov Battalion exposed by Time Magazine 2021

elementalgrov, member, Registered: 12/23/2013
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posted on Mar, 9 2022 @ 07:29 AM

Seems that the need to denazify Ukraine is something that even Time Magazine was quite aware of a year ago.

Now when Putin is actually making moves to remove this threat, global threat since according to time magazine there have been westerners who trained with the Asov Battalion who went on to return home and commit acts of terror, they call it Russian propaganda.

If you are “standing with Ukraine” you are standing with white supremacist neo-nazi fascists.

I would also like to point out a thread by nVex92 discussing how NATO is arming these white supremacist neo-nazi fascists with NLAW grenade launchers…

The Azov regiment was the first to learn about NLAW grenade launchers In Kharkiv

Clown world is really getting out of control, the hypocrisy is staggering.

Inside A White Supremacist Militia in Ukraine

Jan 8, 2021

TIME Correspondent, Simon Shuster, travels to Ukraine in the summer of 2019 to investigate white supremacists militias that are recruiting people to join their fight.

Ohank, Member, Registered: 7/15/2014
Location: Andromeda Galaxy – Mood:

posted on Mar, 9 2022 @ 07:43 AM

The juxtaposition where people who screamed for years that “Neo-Nazis” and “Fascists” were taking over the West and needed to be “Resisted” now openly side with a country that has relied on actual, genuine Neo-Nazi and Fascist Militias to maintain it’s regime is deeply amusing to me.

Even NATO keeps posting pictures on their twitter of Ukrainian militiamen with Black Sun insignia, the personal symbol of Heinrich Himmler, the most fanatical Nazi of them all. (Bold is mine. – Ig)

This would be genuinely hysterical to read about in a history book, unfortunately I was born to live through it.

Sic Semper Tyrannis
My threads:
Giant Russian Artillery!
Achtung Kugelpanzer!

Russia is NOT the aggressor, Russia is clearing this shit out!

But the US desperately wants war, as always. And it will be a nuclear war.


Donbass: Russell Bentley (Texas) gives a school lesson in courage

Essence of Time International
Sep 28, 2015

Russell Bentley, Donetsk People’s Republic militiaman from the U.S., visits high school children in Makeevka to tell them what he does to help the people of Donbass to fight for their freedom.

“Essence of Time – Donetsk People’s Republic” Television, issue 534
Link to original:

Latest news from Donbass:…

This is heartwarming, and not long after the awful coup. These kids are awesome.


I like Icke.

I hope Obastid and Poopy Pants are removed from the gene pool soon.


5 Creepiest Places in North Korea

May 2, 2020

NEW CHANNEL: Subscribe to Dark Footage: WATCH: The Only B-2 Stealth Crash Caught on Tape –

Many North Korean defectors who have managed to escape by traveling through China think of their secretive home country as a haunting place. Five particular spots within North Korea stand out to those who know about them for their propagandist nature and strange history…

There are certainly no shortages of places to choose from…



Gerald Celente
Premiere in progress. Started 6 minutes ago

To access our premium content, subscribe to the Trends Journal:

The Trends Journal is a weekly magazine analyzing global current events forming future trends. Our mission is to present Facts and Truth over fear and propaganda to help subscribers prepare for What’s Next in these increasingly turbulent times.

Gerald and the fabulous Judge Napolitano.


I had never seen these two, so I include them here for a bit of recent history for perspective.

This first one, for some reason, doesn’t provide an embed code for the video, sad to say.

Here’s the link:

The Donbass, Ukraine still shelling, Russian Elections, More US Demands on Russia

Published September 22, 2021

A wide-ranging discussion with Russell “Texas” Bentley. Increased and intensified, heavy shelling of the Donbass by Ukraine military. DPR can now return fire. Zelinsky’s former top assistant in critical condition after someone opened fire on his car. His bodyguard died. Who done it? US demanding Russia pump more gas through Ukraine. Russian elections and the US exit from Afghanistan…a message to Ukraine. They could be next!

This one does have the code for the video.

Flashpoint – The Donbass

Published November 13, 2021

Russell “Texas” Bentley says the war in The Donbass will continue until Russia finishes it by force. There is NO diplomatic solution. Both sides amassing troops along the border, but Ukraine is greatly overmatched. All military unites of the DPR are on full combat alert.

According to Russell, Russia has three options. 1) The Donbass Plan, 2) The Novorussia Plan, 3) The Kiev Plan.

Russell’s recent article on this topic:

Please follow me on Bitchute, Rumble, Locals, VK, Twitter (tremregi) and Telegram (Global Conversations).

I was and still am quite upset today, starting when I discovered that utoob has terminated Russell’s channel. That is simply repulsive. Censorship sucks.


UFO Sightings Multiply From The Ukraine Russia Conflict Zone

Mar 5, 2022

They watch. They wait. Will they save the day if the SHTF? Maybe. We shall see.


Yowie / Bigfoot Sighting (Audio Report #189) at Mandalong, New South Wales

Yowiehunters Witness Reports
Mar 4, 2022

While dirt bike riding deep in the forests near Mandalong, two riders come along a Yowie standing behind a tree watching them. In a seemingly timid fashion, the blonde/sandy colored Yowie slowly walks backwards and out of sight.

This video also shows real footage from the Watagans National Park, only 10kms away.

Haven’t done a Yowie post in a while…

Yowie / Bigfoot Sightings (Audio Report #177) at Pilliga, Wallaga and Thora – New South Wales

Yowiehunters Witness Reports
Nov 22, 2020

Over the years we have had the opportunity to speak with a vast number of Indigenous people from all over the Country.

We now speak with more people of Aboriginal heritage than ever before. We all enjoy hearing stories handed down from their Fathers, Grand Fathers, Uncles, Aunties – plus listening to their very own first hand experiences.

We’re sure everyone will appreciate this interview as much as we did. To listen and download the NEW AYR/Yowiehunters Podcast’s – Go to…


Longest-Held U.S. Prisoner of North Korea, Reveals Details of Ordeal

Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park
Mar 3, 2022

Donate:… Join Patron: Patreon: Join my exclusive community:

This will open some eyes, I think.


Special Report From the Front Line in Ukraine

Gerald Celente
Premiered 19 hours ago

The Trends Journal is a weekly magazine analyzing global current events forming future trends. Our mission is to present Facts and Truth over fear and propaganda to help subscribers prepare for What’s Next in these increasingly turbulent times.

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I am just thrilled that Gerald is on board with the truth. It will give good exposure to Texas and Gerald has a following of good people.


This cross was presented in the sky in Kyiv, in front of the Saint Michael church, On March 2, 2022

Mar 4, 2022

Fascinating. Not your regular UFOs…


Donbass. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow | RT Documentary

RT Documentary
Mar 1, 2022

It’s been almost seven years since a US-inspired coup divided Ukraine and war erupted in the country’s east. The Donetsk and Lugansk republics, next to Russia’s border, are collectively known as Donbass, a coal-mining industrial centre. The two declared independence from Kiev in 2014, and civil war erupted.

There are mass graves scattered across Donbass, from which bodies of civilians are regularly exhumed. Yet, while the shelling and killings continued, Western media remained silent. According to UN estimates, over 13,000 people have been killed in the conflict.

The Donbass people call it a ‘genocide of the Russian-speaking population’. Kiev outlawed the Russian language from everyday life, endeavouring to limit its use, despite Russian being the native language in large areas of the country.

Donbass. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow takes a look back at events that unfolded before the start of the crisis in 2014. Historians and journalists share their views on the conflict, players and motives, while ordinary citizens from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions describe the horrors of war.

Stupid youtoob.

Donbass. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Russell Bentley
Premiere in progress. Started 14 minutes ago

A film IN ENGLISH about the Donbass Warshowing the truth about a war that was started 8 years ago by the US State Department under the direct control of Joe Biden.

The recent so-called “Russian Invasion” can only be called an invasion in exactly the same sense that the Allied invasion of Normandy on June 6th, 1944 was. Like D-Day, Russia’s Operation Z is a liberation and de-nazification that will protect and improve the lives and quality of life for millions of people in Donbass, Ukraine, Russia and the world.

Watch, share and understand. This documentary holds the truth the western MSM and governments don’t want you to understand.


Age-restricted video (based on Community Guidelines)

An excellent documentary.


Russell Bentley / Regis Tremblay Update from Donetsk Front

Russell Bentley
Mar 2, 2022

Regis Tremblay’s latest interview with me. I am home after 2 days at the Front. Will be going back again soon. The fighting is heavy but we are advancing every day. Ukraine will soon be liberated.

BIG thanks to Regis for letting me re-post this. Be sure to check out and SUBSCRIBE to his excellent channel –…

Good stuff.


Someone Has Just Reported That Something Massive Is Above Kyiv Ukraine Right Now

Unexplained Mysteries
Mar 1, 2022

Someone has just reported that something massive is above Kiev Ukraine right now. Today, we take a look at what someone just spotted above Kiev Ukraine. Everyone is well aware by now what’s happening in regards to Ukraine. Everyday we are getting updates with what’s going on there, and the world is hoping that peace talks will bring all of this to an end. Interestingly yesterday something was seen above Ukraine that was a little different, and it led to some people saying that it was a sign.

Thank you for watching! Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

Will they help?


Reuters is not what it was back in the day.


Reuters (finally) realizes there are Nazis in Ukraine


Flags of the AZOV.

By Kit
First published on The Off Guardian

Two days ago, Reuters published this report, headlined “How Trump can show he’s tough on anti-Semitism”. I’m not sure why Trump – who has never been called an anti-Semite before, never publicly criticised Israel and whose daughter and son-in-law are both Jewish – suddenly needs to show he’s “tough” on anti-Semitism, but apparently he does.

How is Mr Trump going to achieve this? He’s going to denounce Ukraine… because the government is endorsing fascism.

For the sake of brevity, I will present a bullet point list of the Ukrainian issues that so trouble the article’s author, Josh Cohen:

  • “…local authorities [in Kiev] recently voted to rename a major street after a former Nazi collaborator and anti-Semite named Roman Shukhevych.”
  • “In 2015, Ukraine passed a law honoring the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and its military wing, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, (OUN-UPA)”
  • “Numerous Holocaust memorial sites – including Babi Yar, where over 33,000 Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis – have been vandalized or desecrated by anti-Semitic graffiti and swastikas.”
  • “…the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory (UINM) is drafting a law to posthumously exonerate OUN-UPA members convicted of murdering Polish and Jewish civilians during and after the war.”
  • “The elevation of OUN-UPA has been accompanied by a growing number of anti-Semitic incidents in Ukraine.”
  • “A retired general affiliated with Ukraine’s security services called for the destruction of the country’s Jews;”
  • “…a Ukrainian official called Ukraine’s SS Galizien division – created with the support of Heinrich Himmler – “heroes”

These statements will no doubt shock people who only ever read the mainstream media during the right-wing coup and beginning of the subsequent civil war in Ukraine. During that period the MSM was devoting a large part of its resources to dispelling the “myth” that Ukraine was full of Nazis, deriding the notion as “Russian propaganda”, and dismissing those that said it as “Putinbots”.

Indeed, the below-the-line suppression of discussion on this topic is the main reason this website even exists.

In the Atlantic, in 2014, Ukrainian Nazis were dismissed as a “phantom menace”. Luke Harding wrote a (brilliantly argued) column in the Guardian saying that “there weren’t any Nazis in Ukraine because one of the Maidan protesters was Jewish.” Politico magazine mocked “Putin’s Imaginary Nazis”, whilst US News warned against Russia’s “Neo-Nazi Propaganda”. The Guardian simply headlined: “Don’t believe the Russian propaganda about Ukraine’s ‘fascist’ protesters!

There never were Nazis in Ukraine.

Except now there are.

(This textbook example of double-think is never addressed in the article, which can’t even fully accept the truth itself, referring to the “brave guerilla war” fought by the fascist UON after WW2, with no reference to the CIA funding they received, or the war crimes they carried out.)

Three years later the fascism that it is being nurtured in Ukraine is acknowledged as a political reality. Why? Because of the violence being visited on the people of East Ukraine? No. Because of the terrorist attacks carried out against the people of Crimea? No. But because it is a handy political angle to attack a president who must be undermined at every turn in the news cycle.

Interestingly, Obama was never called on to “denounce” Ukraine’s fascists, despite his strong support for the government of Poroshenko, whose cabinet was full of fringe politicians from far right parties that got less than 2% of the vote. John McCain, who has had many pleasant photo-ops with far-right figures in Ukraine, has never been publicly called out in the media. John Kerry and Victoria “fuck the EU” Nuland, who had actual, hands-on control of the formation of Ukraine’s new government, have never been questioned on their non-denunciation of anti-Semitism.

It seems the Nazis of Ukraine pop into and out of existence depending on political convenience.

Ha! Excellent.


Wow… about time! The video has subtitles for us English speakers.

MASSIVE Ukraine Press Release Exposes Entire Biden Crime Family!

TruthOrDareh, Member, Registered: 2/28/2022 – Location: – Mood:

posted on Feb, 28 2022 @ 06:55 PM

Read Full Article here..…

In a brand new 1+ hour long press conference, has just released a trove of information exposing the Biden Crime Family.

This has been entirely ignored by the MSM, but we’re covering it here.

What is Interfax?…

According to Wikipedia it’s a Ukrainian News Agency the publishes in Ukrainian, Russian and English:

Here it is in case YouTube takes it down: (OPen it in a new tab for large size to read the captions better.

MASSIVE Ukraine Press Release Exposes Entire Biden Crime Family!

Passive Online Incomes Paid Productions Mr PAID
Feb 28, 2022

This is why they are defending and arming the Nazis they put into power.

carewemust, member, Registered: 2/13/2007 – Location: USA-Illinois – Mood: Optimistic

posted on Feb, 28 2022 @ 06:58 PM

More families than the BIDENs.

For starters:…

I hope some good old fashioned action can bust through the evil one’s defenses and we get to see them in jail, or, preferably, hanged.


Rotating Pillar Found In Dark Chamber – Evidence of Ancient Technology in India?

Jan 26, 2022

In the dark corner of the Ancient ChennaKeshava temple in Karnataka, there is a weird rotating pillar. Is it just a pillar, or was it a machine?

Ancient times must have been overflowing with awe and wonder.


They were petrified. Turned into stone

Feb 28, 2022

This channel has some very though provoking content on the ancient past. I do recommend it.

A new one:

Dragons were turned into stone and they exist. Dinosaurs

Mar 1, 2022

Dragons are the pets of titan humans jn a world of titan trees


I WENT CATFISH NOODLING! |Ft. Hannah Barron & Heather Lynn.

Alex Zedra
Premiered Jun 9, 2020

I WENT NOODLING WITH HANNAH BARRON! It was one of the most insane experiences ever! Shoutout to Black Rifle Coffee for sponsoring today’s video! Use code “Alex15” to save at checkout:

Checkout Heather, Hannah & Jeff: Hannah: @Hannah Barron Heather: @HeatherLynnOh Jeff: @Jeff Barron Where I got my Gloves, US Elite:

So hot.


Did A Thunderbird Fly Over This Racetrack?

Crash-Course Cryptozoology
Oct 30, 2017

Recently, during an F1 race in California, onlookers noticed the shadow of a seemingly massive bird fly overhead on television. Many are calling the bird a Thunderbird, a giant bird in cryptozoology, often spoken of in Native American folklore. While the images of the shadow are compelling, we should never jump to conclusions on anything.

Maybe… maybe not. But of course I hope it is.

An intriguing oldie that still gets me going. And of course, there are no updates.


Apologies to those who visited this post… Russell found the clip here: The first clip yt removed


Russell Bentley
Premiered 68 minutes ago

South of Donetsk, on the Front, there is a tsunami of Heroes and steel heading into Ukraine from the Donbass People’s Republic. This tsunami will wash away all nazis and foreign occupation, and bring a free Ukraine back into the Slavic family where it belongs and has been for 1,000 years.

Right On, Texas!


Addams Family dancing Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones

Wednesday Addams dancing//Molchat Doma – танцевать

Song used:

The Addams Family Goes To School (Full Episode) | MGM Season 1, Episode 1



TKR#20 Alina Lipp: The girl sharing the horror stories of war in Ukraine

Alina Lipp has grown quite a following, especially on Telegram for the news she spreads from the otherside of the universe – Russia and the breakaway Republics of the Donbass.

Enjoy her story about why she chooses at personal risk to continue her work.

Alina Rocks!

Alina Lipp’s Instagram neuesausrussland (in German)



Russell Bentley
Premiered 3 hours ago

Latest news from Donetsk and Donbass Front. Interview of Russell Bentley from USA and Alina Lipp from Germany, both in Donetsk Today. Filmmaker Regis Tremblay is an American ex-pat living in Crimea, who is a major info source for real news from Russia/Donbass SUBSCRIBE TO HIS CHANNEL!…

Here is the latest truth from the war for freedom.

Regis Tremblay’s channel – superb stuff –

Russell on

Russell Bentley Columnist

Russell Bentley – Live From Donetsk – The War Intensifies – Listen HERE

This Is The First Confirmation In The West Of A Russian Blitzkrieg Invasion To Liberate Ukraine

A Special Note From Russell – To All People Of Good Will

Live From Donetsk In Free Ukraine 2-21-22

Live From Donetsk In Free Ukraine 2-21-22

Live From Donbass In Free Ukraine – How Soon Will War Begin? 2-14-22

Vladimir Putin Is Not Neville Chamberlain – And I Am Not Pollyanna

Live From Donetsk In Free Ukraine 2-1-22

Live From Donetsk In Free Ukraine 1-24-22

Live From Donetsk In Free Ukraine 1-24-22



1878 Image of Ancient Egypt’s Mysteriously Destroyed Lost Capital of Tanis Will Shock You…

Bright Insight
Feb 24, 2022

Most people have no idea that there are ancient sites around the world where something disturbingly bad happened to thousands of years ago, and it is a total mystery. And when you see what I’m going to show you in this video, many of you will wonder how and why you haven’t seen or heard of these incredibly bizarre details before…

Check out my video on those 80ton stones were somehow carried to the top of that mountain:

Thanks for watching! I’m Jimmy Corsetti, and my channel is called Bright Insight. Help support me in my efforts by contributing to my Patreon! Or, support me on Venmo! @bright_insight Follow me on Instagram:… Follow me on TikTok:

Fascinating. Whatever it was, it was intense.


Ukrop “Independence” Day 2018

Russell Bentley
Aug 24, 2018

Three years ago today, I made a video for Ukraine “Independence” Day. Three years later, we look at what has changed, for better or worse, in Ukraine, Donetsk People’s Republic, Russia and USA

History, eh.


STRANGE UWHARRIE: Chapter One: The Long Howls

CARC Universal
Feb 22, 2022

This Episode Contains a Collection of What the Researchers Call “The Long Vocals.” BEST WHEN PLAYED WITH HEADPHONES.

STRANGE UWHARRIE: Chapter Two: The Short Howls

CARC Universal
Feb 23, 2022

This Episode Contains Similar Sounds to Episode One but are “The Short Howls”. BEST WHEN PLAYED USING HEADPHONES.

STRANGE UWHARRIE: Chapter Three: Unsettling Sounds

CARC Universal
Feb 26, 2022

Strange Sounds are Coming from Within the Uwharrie National Forest. All Audio in this Series is From the Collection Recorded by Bigfoot Researchers #JulieRench and #DavidEllis (The Olympic Project) This Episode Contains two sections. Part one has some of the best Singing Vocals that have ever been attributed to a possible species of Bigfoot. While Part Two Contains Creepy Undulating Growls and Howls. Together they make up “Unsettling Sounds”. BEST WHEN PLAYED USING… For More information join the conversation on the Catskill Appalachian Research Collective’s Facebook Group.…

Wonderful stuff. Wonderful audio quality.


Residencia Inalco – Hitler’s Hideout in the Andes?

Eric Moulton
Mar 22, 2018

Located on lake Nahuel Huapi near Villa la Angostura, Argentina, Residencia Inalco is a large mansion built in the 1943 for Enrique Garcia Merou, a lawyer close to Juan Peron. Merou later sold the house to Jorge Antonio, a German representative of Mercedes Benz in Argentina.

Awesome drone footage of quite a bit of the expansive estate.

Adolf and Eva lived here from the end of the war to 1955, when the political situation changed.



Russell Bentley
Premiered 16 minutes ago

The war continues. Russian and Donbass forces continue to advance in the south of the DPR and in the center of Ukraine. The ukrop army continues terrorist attacks against civilians and civilian life support systems such as electricity, food stores, gasoline storage and water systems. Resistance in some areas is substantial, but our victory is assured. Subscribe and SHARE!

Godspeed, Ukraine!


Day Z + 1 – DONBASS WAR – SITREP from Petrovsky Front

Russell Bentley
Feb 24, 2022

June 6th, 1944 – That was “D-Day” . Today, Feb 23rd, 2022, is Day Z, plus one. The liberation is going according to plan. There has been hard fighting, and will be hard fighting ahead. But the outcome is beyond all debate. Russia and the Donbass Republics will LIBERATE and de-nazify Ukraine, at least as far as Kiev, and maybe all the way to the Polish border. Either way, just like D-Day, Day Z is an HISTORIC day that will be remembered through the ages, as long as there is still history. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL ON THIS JOYOUS AND HISTORIC EPIC DAY!




Russell Bentley
Streamed live 5 hours ago


This is exciting. Liberation is a beautiful thing and I celebrate along with the good people of Ukraine.



Dmitry Reznichenko

Ukraine Nazis by Yury Kirnichny AFP – Getty Images


Russia means to clean up the place. These Nazis are the next level up from their heroes and they have totally decimated the good people. It will be a relief for the entire planet.


Russia recognizes Donbas w/Donetsk-based Russell Bentley

The Grayzone
Streamed live 2 hours ago

Russell “Texas” Bentley is based in Donetsk and has been in Donbass since December 2014 as a soldier in the Novorussian Army in Vostok and XAH Battalions. He will detail the situation on the ground as Russia recognizes the breakaway republics and sends peacekeeping troops to end the grinding conflict with Ukraine. ||| The Grayzone ||| Find more reporting at

Support our original journalism at Patreon:

Sweet! This is the real deal, folks.


Olm (Proteus Anguinus) aka “cave dragon/human fish”: they’re a species of blind-cave dwelling salamander, they can survive 5yrs without eating and live up to 100yrs.



Russell Bentley
Premiered 18 minutes ago

What does Russian recognition of the Donbass Republics really mean? Russian support, Russian protection? That was never in doubt, but now it’s OFFICIAL. And above all, it means Ukraine and their Western masters are “having a cow”, as the great political pundit Bart Simpson might say. The BIG Ukrainian attack starts tomorrow, that’s for sure. It will be a hard fight, a lot of blood will be spilled, but the outcome is beyond a doubt. Russia will LIBERATE as much of Ukraine as it wants or needs to, and hopefully and probably, that means at least as far as the other side of Kiev

Listen Up!


This Song From the 1500’s Blows Me Away

Rick Beato
Feb 17, 2022

In this episode I discuss the Music of Renaissance Songwriter and Lute virtuoso John Dowland (1563-1624).
Damien Kelly
Julian Bream

Here are the two lovely pieces in the video above:

Earl of Essex, His Galliard (John Downland) | Trinity College London Classical Guitar Grade 8

Damien Kelly
Aug 9, 2020

Damien Kelly performs Earl of Essex, His Galliard by John Downland arr. Powlesland taken from the Trinity College London Grade 8 syllabus (2020-2023) for Classical Guitar.

Camera: iPhone 11 Pro with FilmicPro
Microphones: Neumann KM184 Stereo Pair
Lighting: Falcon Eyes SO-28TD
Strings: D’Addario Dynacore Hard Tension
Guitar: Michael O’Leary

Julian Bream / The Earl of Essex’s Galliard by John Dowland

Oct 16, 2011

You can hear the voice of a famous English lutenist (JB). He is also a famous guitarist.



Australia’s Joan of Arc. And boy, do they need one!

Monica Smit at Canberra Freedom Rally – You Have To See This!

LoneCloudHopper2, Member
Registered: 10/6/2012 – Location: Canada, eh – Mood: Thoughtful

posted on Feb, 13 2022 @ 04:20 PM
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Monica Smit is a journalist and Freedom leader.

From Cairn News:

Monica Smit spent 21 days in Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second accommodation in Victoria. The State of Victoria now owes her $2,700,000 for each day she spent in involuntary confinement. I see the Australian Cossack Simeon has likewise been arrested in Sydney. The only reason this is happening is that the Federal Court of Australia is an organization that is a Court in name only but in fact is a branch of the Scott Morrison Intimidation Organisation called the Australian Government. It is staffed by serial criminal offenders, whose purpose and object in life is to refuse to deliver justice to the subjects of the Queen of the Constitution resident in the Commonwealth of Australia.…

Love and respect to the Aussies! This BLEW ME AWAY!

I hope the people prevail. The government there has gone full insane. Using microwave weapons to maim peaceful protesters… and so much more.


Oh myyy, this, this is absolutely fabulous.

Damn reddit, I knew they would delete that video clip.

Shaped like a vulva: Utroba Cave. Photo credit: Ivo Filipov, Wikipedia.

Yes, you read that right, the Womb Cave (Утроба, Utroba) in the Rhodope Mountains bears an uncanny resemblance to the female genitalia! This is not exactly a coincidence though… there’s evidence that the cave’s opening was shaped by the ancient Thracians around 1000 BC. The cave hosted a Thracian sanctuary to female fertility at the time.

Incredibly, the Womb Cave is designed in such a way that a ray of sunlight enters the cave at such an angle that it goes into the rock womb and hits the middle of the altar directly, symbolically inseminating it. Feel like exploring this vulva-shaped cave? Then head for southeastern Bulgaria or specifically the isolated village of Nenkovo near Kardzhali.


NASA’s Curiosity Rover captures clouds directly above it

Feb 18, 2022

NASA’s Curiosity rover captures stunning footage of the Martian sky with clouds of carbon dioxide ice passing by overhead

NASA’s Curiosity rover has captured mesmerising footage of the Martian clouds
Rather than being made of water the clouds are composed of carbon dioxide ice
This is because of how high they are on Mars, nearly 50 miles above the surface
Captured by Curiosity on the 3,325th Martian day, or sol, of the rover’s mission

Mesmerising footage of the Martian sky showing clouds drifting overhead has been captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover.

But rather than being made of water like on Earth, these are composed of carbon dioxide ice because of how high they are on the Red Planet.

Martian clouds are very faint in the atmosphere, so special imaging techniques are needed to see them and produce footage like these two eight-second clips.

They were made using images taken by Curiosity on the 3,325th Martian day, or sol, of the rover’s mission, on December 12, 2021.

In one clip, shadows from the clouds can be seen drifting across the terrain, while the other captures the clouds in the sky directly above Curiosity.

Scientists can calculate how fast the clouds are moving and how high they are in the sky by comparing the two perspectives.

The clouds are very high, nearly 50 miles (80 km) above the surface.

As it is extremely cold at that height, NASA said they are likely to be made of carbon dioxide ice as opposed to water ice clouds, which are typically found at lower altitude.

To be able to see the faint Martian clouds, multiple images are taken to get a clear, static background.

That allows anything else moving within the image (like clouds or shadows) to become visible after subtracting this static background from each individual image, the US space agency said.

The Curiosity mission is led by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is managed by Caltech in Pasadena, California.

Curiosity landed on Mars on August 6, 2012, and since has been roaming around Gale Crater collecting and analysing rock samples, relaying the data back to Earth.

Last month scientists revealed that carbon discovered in Martian sediments by the rover had three plausible origins — including being a chemical trace of ancient microscopic life.

That was the conclusion of Pennsylvania State-led experts, who said the carbon may also have come from cosmic dust or the ultraviolet breakdown of carbon dioxide.

The bacterial theory involves methane, produced by microorganisms living underground, being broken down by ultraviolet radiation on reaching the surface.

All three of these scenarios, the researchers explained, are ‘unconventional’, in that they are quite ‘unlike processes common on Earth.’

Curiosity is not the newest rover on Mars — that honour belongs to Perseverance, which arrived with NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter in February this year and is searching for ancient microbial life on the Red Planet.

The Mars Curiosity rover was initially launched from Cape Canaveral, an American Air Force station in Florida on November 26, 2011.

After embarking on a 350 million mile (560 million km) journey, the £1.8 billion ($2.5 billion) research vehicle touched down only 1.5 miles (2.4 km) away from the earmarked landing spot.

The car-sized rover was initially intended to be a two-year mission to gather information to help answer if the planet could support life, has liquid water, study the climate and the geology of Mars.

Due to its success, the mission has been extended indefinitely and has now been active for over 3,000 days.


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“On August 6th 2022 Curiosity rover will have been on Mars to 10 years , doesn’t time fly by , just like those clouds.”
— gortex


🔥 A baby rhino seeking its mothers attention.

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Some things are universal.



Russell Bentley
Premiere in progress. Started 2 minutes ago

Artillery, mortars and machine guns working both ways from North, South, and West tonight around dinner time on a Sunday afternoon. USE HEADPHONES OR TURN UP THE VOLUME 100%
Артиллерия, минометы и пулеметы работают в обоих направлениях с севера, юга и запада сегодня около обеда в воскресенье днем. ИСПОЛЬЗУЙТЕ НАУШНИКИ ИЛИ УВЕЛИЧЬТЕ ГРОМКОСТЬ НА 100%

Shelling in the neighborhood!


(Auto-colorized) A 1-kilometer cliff on comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko taken by the Rosetta probe




The ‘Monsters’ Columbus Thought He’d Find in the New World

Thought Potato
Jan 4, 2022

When Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, way back in 1492, he thought he’d find monsters. But why did he think that? WERE there monsters in the middle ages? And what were they? These are the questions we’ll answer in today’s video. Enjoy!

This stuff is so cool. What if these things were real?


Did Dog-Headed Men ACTUALLY Roam the Medieval Earth?

Thought Potato
Feb 2, 2022

The legends of dog-headed races of men date back for millennia. From ancient Egypt to the cannibals of the Caribbean, few mythical creatures have been so wide-spread. Why is that? Is it possible that such a race actually existed? In today’s video, that’s just what we’ll be exploring.

I think they did. The consistency of the reports and the assumed veracity of the reporters is, I believe, significant.

Note that these critters are not to be confused with the current wave of Dogman sightings.



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Dec 30, 2021

…The first such mysterious well was discovered in the summer of 1989 by researchers of anomalous phenomena in the area of the village of Gladkovskaya on the Taman Peninsula. There, at the top of one of the hills, a flat area was found, on which five holes-wells were located in a regular circle about 12 meters in diameter…

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I thought that this was really pretty weird.


Proving Richat Structure Was Under the Ocean in 2min (Covered in SALT) Atlantis & Eye of the Sahara

Bright Insight
Feb 15, 2022

Definitive proof that the Richat Structure (also referred to as the Eye of the Sahara) was indeed obliterated by the Ocean…and far more recently than what was thought to be possible. Is the Richat Structure (which is located in remote desert of Mauritania) the long lost location of the Lost City of Atlantis?

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Jimmy convinced me long ago.


The Gigantic Saw Marks and the Depiction of Christ at the Osiris Temple?

Ancient Secret Discoveries
Premiered Feb 15, 2022

In this episode, Brien Foerster takes viewers on a journey of the Egyptian Temple of Osiris, the hidden painted flowers of life, gigantic saw marks and the depiction of Jesus. Even now, startling discoveries continue to be made leaving scholars perplexed and struggling for answers.

Presented by Brien Foerster: Brien Foerster was born in the United States but grew up on the west coast of Canada where he developed a fascination with Native art. Though he did graduate from university with a BSc. honors degree, his passion for the art of the indigenous people caused him to become a professional carver of totem poles for over a decade. At 35 he moved to the island of Maui in Hawaii and spent 2 years working with Hawaiian people building a 62 foot double hull sailing catamaran.

This adventure led him to explore Polynesia for several years, and then he chose to visit Peru 15 years ago. His first tour guide in the Inca city of Cusco could not explain how the huge megalithic works of the area were made and by who, thus he began to explore using his scientific background, as well as the knowledge of local and foreign geologists, engineers and oral tradition experts the mysteries that underly these astonishing stone works.

This has led to a revelation that the megalithic works of Peru, as well as those in Bolivia, Easter Island, Egypt, Lebanon, Lebanon, Turkey and other places were in fact created many thousands of years before any known culture, and were all seemingly devastated by a series of global cataclysms some 12,000 years ago. In all, he has published 37 books as of April 2021, has appeared on numerous television shows, such as Ancient Aliens 20 times, radio shows and podcasts, and has explored more than 100 countries. You can find more than 1700 of his videos on YouTube. Please check Brien’s YouTube channel –

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Ahh, yet another place of awe, mystery and intrigue.


Zawyet El Aryan – The Most Heavily Guarded ACTIVE Stargate in Egypt with No Public Access Since 1950

Ancient Secret Discoveries
Premiered Feb 13, 2022

Watch Jonny Enoch’s brand-new series on Gaia – – Esoteric researcher and historian Jonny Enoch examines esoteric topics ranging from Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, and ancient astrotheology, to recent discoveries of advanced technology from our archaic past, secrets of symbolism, spiritual ties to modern astrophysics, and more.

In this episode, a researcher and historian Jonny Enoch explores the ‘ Stargates’ of ancient Egypt, one of which is still very active and heavily guarded by military. It is believed that this stargate, located in Zawyet El Aryan, has an underground complex size of New York city.

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Oh my. Need to find a way into this place!