Teacher Stumbles Upon Baby Bears ‘Dancing’ In Finland Forest, Thinks He’s Imagining It

Rokas Laurinavičius and Mindaugas Balčiauskas

Physical education teacher Valtteri Mulkahainen from Sotkamo, Finland, has been devoting a lot of his free time to photography. For the past six years, Valtteri has been shooting his country’s wildlife and captured many magical moments. And this is a story about one of them.

On the 3rd of June, 2013, Valtteri was planning to explore the Finnish taiga around the town of Martinselkonen. As the man was exploring the area, he noticed a bear coming into a clearing with a few small cubs.

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“The cubs behaved like little children,” Valtteri told Bored Panda. “They were playing, and even started a few friendly fights. I felt like I was on a playground in front of my house, where small children frolic around. That’s how much they reminded me of little children. At one point, the three of them got up on their hind legs and started pushing each other. It was like they were dancing in a circle.”

Valtteri was in a shelter 50 meters (164 feet) away from the adorable action and had the perfect view. “I photographed the cubs with the bear all evening and all night,” he said.

You can bump into a bear pretty much everywhere in Finland except the Åland Islands. Most of them live in the eastern part of the country and Lapland, but people regularly see these majestic creatures in the southern and western areas as well.

Like the cubs have successfully proven us, bears are agile and strong. They use their forelegs very effectively for both hunting and getting around. Moreover, they’re very good swimmers and climbers. Basically, they’re the whole package.

However, the fact that Valtteri managed to get such clear shots of the family is really fascinating. Bear will typically try to avoid humans as best as they can. Humans rarely see them in the wild since these animals almost always retreat immediately after detecting our presence. Keen senses and the ability to move silently make them perfect at this game of hide and seek.

According to the latest assessments by the Finnish Natural Resources Institute, there were between 2020 and 2130 bears before the 2019 hunting season.

Image credits: Valtteri Mulkahainen

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Too fabulous not to share…


Borgund Stave

Borgund Stave Church (Norwegian: Borgund stavkyrkje) is a former parish church of the Church of Norway in Lærdal Municipality in Vestland county, Norway.

Built around 1180 and is dedicated to the Apostle Andrew. The church is exceptionally well preserved and is one of the most distinctive stave churches in Norway.

Neat looking layer effect.


Lola Mk 6 GT Ford


Lola Mk 6 GT Ford


Lola Mk 6 GT Ford


Lola Mk 6 GT Ford

Eric Broadley, Lola Mk 6 GT Ford, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Le Mans, 16 June 1963.

The Eric Broadley designed Lola Mk 6 GT Ford, which would give birth to the famous Ford GT40.

Photos by Bernard Cahier/Getty Images

Fantastic car! Sadly, I have never clapped eyes on one, but, there is always a chance. Especially around these parts.


Chaparral 2D

Phil Hill drives the Chaparral 2D to victory in the 1966 ADAC 1000 km race at Nürburgring.

Jo Bonnier was Hill’s co-winning co-driver.

Eric della Faille photo.

Heroes all.


Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT ConceptLuca Serafini

Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT Concept

Whoa, Nellie, it’s gorgeous!

Montreal Vision GTLuca Serafini

Montreal Vision GTLuca Serafini

This Stunning Alfa Romeo Concept Design Has Taken the Internet By Storm

Luca Serafini says the original 1970s Montreal helped grow his love of cars. Here’s everything you need to know about his modern update.


It’s the concept stage where automakers really let themselves have fun. Still, even the most daring brands could stand to take more chances. And if Alfa Romeo wants to add a supercar to its lineup, they might want to bring in Luca Serafini for some help

The Italian designer recently posted a striking set of futuristic renderings of one of the cars he’s most nostalgic about—the 1970s Alfa Romeo Montreal—online. Dubbed the Montreal Vision GT, the concept takes everything about the car that so deeply affected Serafini as a boy and turns it up to 11.

MontrealLuca Serafini and his father in the elder’s Alfa Romeo Montreal
Luca Serafini

“Back in 1986 my father bought a shiny orange Alfa Romeo Montreal. … I remember the night he came home with quite irregular V8. He was parking in rear in the garage. The smoke was surrounding and the first things I saw were red taillights and chromed mufflers,” he wrote on his website. “As a young boy I can call it as the beginning for my growing love towards the whole automotive world.“

The first thing you’ll notice about the design is how sleek it is. While the car features Alfa Romeo’s trademark triangle grille and badge and the general shape of the original 2+2 sports coupe, that’s where the similarities end. The designer’s updated concept features swooping, wave-like curves from front to back, headlights subtly worked into the grillework and large vents in the hood and side paneling to make things even more aerodynamic. While there’s no technical info given—presumably Serafini would upgrade the original’s 200 hp V8—it’s impossible to deny that this is one eye-catching ride.

“I tried to create subjectively something able to bring me back as a child. Something on 4 wheels that’s making you say WOW!” Serafini wrote.

Unfortunately, Serafini’s design, as beautiful as it may be, faces little chance of actually being made a reality. Still, Alfa Romeo need do little more than look at the response to it online to see that there’s an audience for such a sultry speedster.

Link to the article.

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so launch

Launch of the new and powerful NASA-ESA Solar Orbiter.

February 10, 2020

Spectacular! And good golly gosh, what a fantastically fabulous photo!



Not exactly our current concept of “dogmen,” based on contemporary descriptions and imagery… but… nevertheless… “dogmen.” High strangeness, me buckos.



















Read more (it’s fascinating!) Cynocephali Dog headed men a myth or lost hybrid people



Bigfoot encounter at the Oregon Caves, Part 1

May 19, 2014

[…as below]

Bigfoot encounter at the Oregon Caves, Part 2

May 19, 2014

This is Part 2 of a documentary from on psychologist Matthew Johnson’s Bigfoot sighting at the Oregon Caves. Johnson and a film crew went back to the place it happened to tell his story and it includes Johnson’s video footage from Bigfoot research expeditions he took after the sighting. His encounter has been called one of the most credible sightings of the last 20 years.

Oh, this is an excellent piece of testimonial evidence accompanied by real physical evidence and much of that from a true expert in tracking and evidence gathering out in real world wilderness. That vast experience is so unlike armchair analysts and as such is exceptionally valuable and it is a real loss to the world that this fellow passed at such an early age. But he has taught the witness much in their time together and I am confident that much good will come of those teachings.

Enjoy and learn from the message to skeptics at the end which is as true as truth can be.

A fine thread reply on this from ATS:

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posted on Aug, 1 2019 @ 12:18 PM

a reply to: JAGStorm
This guy is 6 ft 9 and was 300 lbs when this happened and experienced hiking in wilderness including AK.
I have walked this loop several times. Anyone who watches this whole video and thinks this guys is lying must be blind! They say the whole of this mountain is like a sieve full of caverns unexplored front to back.
We live near the area and have seen a bed, of small branches and tracks.

Grants Pass, Oregon, psychologist Matthew Johnson is insisting he did hear, smell and see the Pacific Northwest’s mythical Bigfoot while hiking during the July 4th weekend with his family at the Oregon Caves National Monument. “We had just completed the tour of the Oregon Caves and decided to hike up the mountain about a mile or so on the Big Tree Loop Trail,” he told CBS News Early Show co-anchor Jane Clayson Monday.

“That’s when we ran into the smell that was very strong like a skunk but a lot worse.” Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, is the name given to a large, hairy, ape-like creature reportedly living clandestinely in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. Johnson says Bigfoot paralleled his family on an animal trail about 40 feet away and for about 10 minutes walking, making “whoo, whoo” noises.…

Be well.




Augspurger Monitors

Feb. 9 2018

Just finished this Duo12V-Sub18 system for All In Entertainment’s new studio in Birmingham, AL! Artistic final custom to client’s vision!

It gets no better than Augsperger…








Pesage 1992 (Scrutineering) — with Yannick Dalmas, Mark Blundell, Karl Wendlinger, Jean Pierre Jabouille, Derek Warwick, Alain Ferté, Eric van de Poele, the Peugeot 905, Mauro Baldi and Philippe Alliot.






A Winner of the 12 hours of Bathurst



sea serpents

A beautiful sea serpent illustration via my ole buddy Dr. Karl Shuker.

I am really and truly enamored of this this artist’s vision … this creature’s so sleek and so bold and so deadly dangerous!



1964 American Folk Blues Festival Ensemble

1964 American Folk Blues Festival Ensemble

(L-R) Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, Sleepy John Estes, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Sunnyland Slim, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Sam Lightnin’ Hopkins and Hubert Sumlin

Wow, can you image the greatness in that show?



True Facts : Pangolins Posse

Jun 13, 2018

“The giant anteater resembles a walking index finger with a mullet…and leg warmers.”

Now that Chinese scientists are putting blame on the adorable and hihly endanered pangolin for the coronavirus, this humorous look at the little critters is in order to lighten things up a bit.

The pangolin are endangered, by the way, because of the Stone Age superstition that the scales of the helpless creatures possess some sort of magical powers when ingested. No, really, they actually think that.

For all their 5,000+ years of being, the Chinese remain sort of like pitiful putzy pricks who bark at the moon like a God damned loon.

Sadly it is possible that the virus uses the little guys to ride around on in search of victims.



The Hall Exeter

January 18, 2015 at 4:56 PM

Fred Astaire once called this “the greatest dance number ever filmed.” A clip from the movie “Stormy Weather” (1943) featuring Cab Calloway and his orchestra performing “Jumpin Jive” with the Nicholas Brothers

If you have the Monday blues, this will sort it.

Redefining Spectacular!



Joe Bonamassa

February 8, 2018 at 10:30 AM

Joe Bonamassa blues licks on a Gibson Les Paul ca. 2002

A short little clip of a few teasers highlighting Joe’s mastery.



Scientist Predicts Higher Forms Of Alien Life on Europa

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posted on Feb, 9 2020 @ 03:29 AM

It’s ‘almost a racing certainty’ there’s alien life on Jupiter’s moon Europa—and Mars could be hiding primitive microorganisms, too. That’s the view of leading British space scientist Professor Monica Grady, who says the notion of undiscovered life in our galaxy isn’t nearly as far-fetched as we might expect.

Professor Grady, a Professor of Planetary and Space Science, says the frigid seas beneath Europa’s ice sheets could harbor ‘octopus’ like creatures. Meanwhile the deep caverns and caves found on Mars may also hide subterranean life-forms—as they offer shelter from intense solar radiation while also potentially boasting remnants of ice.

Professor Grady was speaking at Liverpool Hope University, where she’s just been installed as Chancellor, and revealed: “When it comes to the prospects of life beyond Earth, it’s almost a racing certainty that there’s life beneath the ice on Europa.”

“Elsewhere, if there’s going to be life on Mars, it’s going to be under the surface of the planet. “There you’re protected from solar radiation. And that means there’s the possibility of ice remaining in the pores of the rocks, which could act as a source of water.”

“If there is something on Mars, it’s likely to be very small—bacteria.”

“But I think we’ve got a better chance of having slightly higher forms of life on Europa, perhaps similar to the intelligence of an octopus.”

Well, if that’s the case then the universe could be teeming with life and probably advanced civilizations far ahead of us in technology that would perhaps seem like magic to us. One scientist said that there are more advanced civilizations partying around the universe than there are grains of sand on planet earth!!

I wouldn’t go that far but there is probably more life out there than we can ever imagine!…

EnceladusI would go that far. Life teems. It’s the only thing life knows how to do. Just look at our own world, there’s life deep underground…inside the rocks…and they just found life inside the Chernobyl reactor that eats the radiation.

So, yes, absolutely, life is everywhere — and I use the word everywhere quite literally.

I love this stuff. We need to stop killing each other and get out in space! And hey, there is also Enceladus!