A fan restored this full-size prop with mad love and devotion and it came out so well, the gleaming shuttlecraft was donated to NASA.





F-35C in “Star Wars Canyon”

f35 headon

Low Level Flying in Star Wars Canyon USA

Elwyn R
Published on Mar 24, 2019

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Spent a week in the Death Valley and here are some of the passes we had! it was a very windy week which was a shame but it’s a place I’ll go back!! will spend more time and edit another video from here in a couple of weeks!





German heavy transport plane Messerschmitt Me.323 “Giant” from the Luftwaffe is on the airfield among the grazing sheep. Messerschmitt Me.323 «Gigant» – German heavy military transport plane carrying capacity up to 23 tons, the heaviest land the aircraft during the Second World War. In total about 200 aircraft of this type were built.

From ww1ww2photosfilms

Big fella!