Jugni – Mukhtar Sahota & Arif Lohar

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Published on Dec 29, 2006

Music Mukhtar Sahota
Vocals Arif Lohar
Mix & Mastered – Mukhtar Sahota

21st Century Jugni

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You have no idea how much I love this. =D

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Published on Sep 29, 2015

ITunes link –…

Ditto folks. One of my all time favorite things in the whole wide world.

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The Sahotas Hass Hogia

Published on Nov 15, 2009

ashish’s video

I love this even more than the previous one! This is glorious. Surj Sahota on Vocal.

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Hunting Dogman!! Do Cryptid Hunters Really Exists ?

Dark Waters
Streamed live 19 hours ago

Do Cryptid Hunters Really Exists? Hunting Dogman. Tonight On Chasing the Truth we interview a “Dogman Man Hunter”. Dogman is one of the most popular cryptids in the paranormal world and pure nightmare fuel. Sean Graham releases another Dogman Interview and we can already fell the controversy swirling in the air. Sit back listen and enjoy Chasing The Truth.

Over two hours of creepy stories from master storyteller Dark Waters. Dig it.

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John Lennon & Frank Zappa – Baby Please Don’t Go (Live at Fillmore 1971).mp4

Published on Nov 23, 2011

Sobre el concierto:
6 de Junio de 1971 en Fillmore East, New York.

Frank Zappa invitó el mismo día de manera sorpresa a John y Yoko a actuar esa noche, los cuales sin saber siquiera como iban a vestirse ni que tocarían para el show, accedieron.

Sobre la filmación:
La fotógrafa del teatro, Amalie Rothschild, una ambiciosa directora de películas, había alquilado una cámara de 16mm para rodar un film sobre la legalización del aborto. Cuando descubrió que John y Yoko iban a actuar, decidió hacer una grabación pirata del concierto, colocandose en la habitacion del sonido y con un zoom, consiguiendo una grabación de unos 22 minutos.
Los temas del show aparecieron en audio en el disco doble de Lennon “Sometime in New York City”, en cuya portada interior se parodiaba la portada del Fillmore East.

Translation by the Google web app:

About the concert:
June 6, 1971 in Fillmore East, New York.

Frank Zappa invited the same day in a surprise way to John and Yoko to act that night, which without even knowing how they were going to get dressed or what they would play for the show, they agreed.

About the filming:
The theater’s photographer, Amalie Rothschild, an ambitious film director, had rented a 16mm camera to shoot a film about the legalization of abortion. When he discovered that John and Yoko were going to act, he decided to make a pirate recording of the concert, placing himself in the sound room and zooming in, getting a recording of about 22 minutes.
The themes of the show appeared in audio on Lennon’s double album “Sometime in New York City,” whose cover inside parodied the cover of the Fillmore East.

Wow, this is delightfully delicious! All of it! A must see if ever I saw one.

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But Wait!

There’s more.

Just found this… and it is holding in it’s arms disappointment for me. See if you agree. Also a must see, unfortunately.

Zappa on John & Yoko

Published on Nov 10, 2008

Zappa discusses the incident involving John & Yoko and the Filmore show.

Oh, man… this is unsettling me.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan Live @ Starwood Amph. Nashville, TN 09/06/1987

Published on Feb 4, 2015

Starwood Amphitheater, Nashville, TN – Volunteer Jam XIII 1987

Set list:

01 – Scuttle Buttin’

02 – Say What 4:08

03 – Look At Little Sister 8:40

04 – Mary Had a Little Lamb 12:46

05 – Superstition 16:22

06 – Cold Shot 21:18

07 – Life Without You 27:08

08 – Voodoo Chile 36:55

09 – Good Ole Gospel Ship w/ Lynyrd Skynyrd 45:10

I hope you enjoy this video and please share with your friends!

SRV! Stevie! Woo! Mr. Vaughan was exceptional and is truly Legend. A powerful influence on so many good people. A treasure.

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Stan Laurel on his life and career – 1959 Interview

Roman Styran
Published on Apr 11, 2016

An interview recorded in January 1959

Wow! The real history of a true Hero! Dig it!

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Karissa Diamond in Forest Pastel

mobile mplThat’s the delightful Karissa Diamond in Forest Pastel.

Always classy, MPL is. Super high production values. The ad banner and the QR code will direct lovely, interested readers on mobile to

I am an affiliate so I get a bit if you buy, but it doesn’t cost you anything. Peace out.

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The exquisite 1968 Fiat Dino Coupé


tarsilveira, aka Cabeça Motorizada, reblogged rocketen’s reblog.

Dinos are lovely, smooth things… timeless beauty, all of them.

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sciroccoVolkswagen Scirocco

I am a devoted fan of the Mk I… because, well, because it was the most fun car I ever had. Lightweight with a tenacious little engine and the real source, the most perfect ratios ever combined. It simply owned the city streets as well as the marvelous minitwisty bits here in the vicinity of the Hauptquartier.

This modern one is lookin’ mighty fine, I’d say.


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Lola T70 Coupe


Here cuz quarterturnthrottle reblogged a post by schwarzie11.

These T70s are just gorgeous, in my humble opinion. One time while I was in high school there was a British Racing Green T70 Mk III coupe with a New York license plate on it over at Chinetti’s.

Yes, we wuz excited. =]

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So I saw this ad…


NEW INVENTORY: 2017 #Ford #Mustang Shelby #GT350 #HPE850 built and tuned by WORLD FAMOUS @HennesseyPerformance! Take it home for $63,428. #MustangGT350 #FordMustang #hennesseyperformance

I presume that it features 850 ponies… that is a nice number.

Being a Stangman, I am smiling and I think Carroll is, too, from on high.

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This thing looks fantastic and if used properly likely game-changing.

Want to dig deeper into it.

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Feb 1

In 1897 Major Tom Figginbotham journeyed to the little known isle of Kong & was delighted to find the natives friendly & welcoming. He was instantly offered a warm bath & left to his ablutions. His suspicions were only aroused when he realised his bathtub was filled with bananas.

Gotta sweeten those English stews a bit, it would seem…

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Technics SP10mk3 ngs

Just recently out. The highest performing turntable in history.

The cost as shown is $38,895. And don’tcha know, if I had been a successful man in the wealth gathering department I would snap this up… because records. Note that one can spend significantly more for a record player, but, they can’t touch this.

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Hey, here’s a pic of an Acura DPi versus a Cadillac DPi at Daytona.

Photo by Garret Voight


It’s from our pals at carpr0n, eh.

Nice. Good to see these two marques in the game. A very good thing, I think.

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A pair of late 60s #Gibson 175s in spectacular condition spotted at @12fretguitar #Toronto.

The first shot is a 1967 #ES175 TD in sedate, dignified, Gibson dark sunburst. It’s in marvellous condition. Just the lightest of lacquer checking on the back and virtually none on the top. If I had a few spare bucks I’d have loved to add this one to the collection.


From deebeeus

I wish I had the strength to break out of my prison and learn to play the guitar that’s been waiting for me for the past twenty five years or so. Jesus, its so hard to move. God damn f*#¢king demons.

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The Beatnik Bubbletop


The Beatnik Bubbletop


The Beatnik Bubbletop


The Beatnik Bubbletop


The Beatnik Bubbletop


The Beatnik Bubbletop


The Beatnik Bubbletop


The Beatnik Bubbletop

The Beatnik Bubbletop, a custom 1955 Ford created by Gary Fioto, sports a tinted Lexan bubble.

Auto designer Gary “Chopit” Fioto customized a 1955 Ford into a Bubbletop, giving it the nickname Beatnik after his famed car club.

The Beatnik’s engine is a Chevrolet 350 cubic inch small-block V-8, with stainless steel braided hoses and a serpentine belt system – all seen sticking out of an opening in the car’s hood.

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This is from taylormademadman.

This contraption’s a bit different, innit?

Verrry interesting…