The Curly Shuffle video

Jump ’N The Saddle Band, The Curly Shuffle

I love this song because I love the boys. Especially Curly. No one had ever done what these brothers did so well and no one ever will again, either.





It’s gorgeousness… knows no bounds.







(expect to pay at least one point five million dollars for a survivor.)




Was getting more pics and ran across this which I had to share…
Check out the license plate.
And really local volk, check out the license plate frame.
This car was from right here in town! Bought my bug from Pray. The collection is actually housed in Stamford (a good chunk at least) but Pray is Greenwich to the core.

BTW, there was one 507 Serie II (forgot to put Serie II in the title) built in 1960. Yes. One. You won’t find it in the literature. Why I’ve no idea. It, fittingly, also lives in town, owned by a very amiable pilot. It drove in to the shop one day just to visit Jean Louis. I touched it! And, although it drove in, it was the single cleanest car I have ever seen and I have judged National concours … jus’ sayin.

1958 BMW 507 Series II Roadster 70156 – sold for $2,420,000 Offered from the Pray Collection. Two owners from new; single ownership since 1972. Offered with original engine, number 40167, verified by BMW Classic. Factory Rudge wheels, a Becker Mexico radio, and a factory hardtop. Impeccable purity and provenance. Auction Source: Amelia Island 2014 by RM Auctions


more peace

Glen Campbell on Austin City Limits “Wichita Lineman” (1985)

The one and only Glen Campbell performs his signature tune “Wichita Lineman” during his only Austin City Limits performance, taped and aired in 1985.

Oh my, what a wonderful man. A wonderful guitarist and singer and musician with tributes flowing in.

Love him, I do, for the lovely influence this guy had on me and yes, continues to.




The Only Piece I’ve Ever Written for Violin and Tuba by P.D.Q. Bach

Jeanne Skrocki on violin and Scott Sutherland on tuba perform the famed Sonata for Violin and Tuba by PDQ Bach before throngs of admirers in the Frederick Loewe Performance Hall on the campus of the University of Redlands.

Simply wonderful!

And beautifully played, too!




Off For The Sabbot from A Pictorial Compendium of Witchcraft – William Mortenson, 1927


I dunno about you, but I think that that young lady is one mighty fine lookin’ witch!

The 20s must have been pretty good…




Joe Bonamassa & Tina Guo – “Woke Up Dreaming”
From the New Album:


Wow man, Joe’s really on a roll!

And Tina! WooHah! Never heard her before.

A cello is awesome – not so common in the Blues, eh!

This is good. Yup. The world needs more of these collaborations.




Just weeding the garden….
#thenudegardener #travelingmodel #fineart #implied #nude #garden #dirt#weeding

I miss shooting with this remarkable human.
Photographer – @danielantonnyc
Model- @zoe_cw

I’m in NYC until Sunday! DM me for rates and availability!!!

 Zach Morehouse shared Studio WAF at The CopyCat Building‘s video.

June 20 at 5:42am

New cover video for Studio WAF at The CopyCat Building featuring Zoë Celesta West!




I am proud this woman is a friend. She does incredible work with some amazing photographers. These are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

See her Model Mayhem page for all the details and rates and more.

And ask her about buying photos to help her Dad, my dear friend John Anthony West fight his cancer.

Check this out too… it shows clearly what a remarkable woman she is.

EP. 036 – Go West w/ Zoë Celesta West

Support the show at for Den of Lore Merch. Or become a Patreon @
or at

In one of our most fun shows to date – artist, model, and daughter of John Anthony West joins us to talk her work, life, and family. We discuss her long term goals, her father’s progress, consciousness and creativity, UFO’s, and New York culture.


or via to [email protected]


Zoë Celesta West
[email protected]

YouTube Photo by John Narvon

Zoe West is a full time traveling model and actress based in Kingston NY.

She spends most of her time on the road working with photographers and artists all over the world ranging from amateurs and hobbyists to pros. Zoë has over 9 years of modeling experience and over 17 years of acting, including theatrical performances, training from HB Studio in NYC, as well as TV, and film projects. She is most well known for her feature in PENTHOUSE magazine, as well as her headline arrest in Times Square for a live body painting exhibition with artist Andy Golub.

Zoë has been passionate about art, acting, and fashion her entire life. Most of the images in her portfolio were a collaborative effort between her and the photographer. And she greatly enjoys being part of the entire creative process including hair, make up, styling and even building and designing headresses, jewelery and costumes.

She is most interested in projects that are exciting, challenging and that make a statement.

Intro Song:
Only Knows – Broke for Free




Frank Sinatra – Chicago

I do not own the rights to this song.


Chicago, Chicago–that toddlin’ town.
Chicago, Chicago–I will show you around. I love it.
Bet your bottom dollar you’ll lose the blues in Chicago, Chicago.
The town that Billy Sunday couldn’t shut down.

On State Street, that great street, I’d just want to say –
They do things they don’t do on Broadway.
They have the time, the time of their life.
I saw a man, he danced with his wife.
In Chicago, Chicago, my home town.

Chicago, Chicago–that toddlin’ town.
Chicago, Chicago–I’ll show you around. I love it.
Bet your bottom dollar you’ll lose the blues in Chicago, Chicago.
The town that Billy Sunday could not shut down.

On State Street that great street, I’d just like to say –
They do things that they never do on Broadway.
They have the time, the time of their life.
I saw a man, he danced with his wife.
In Chicago… Chicago… Chicago.
That’s my hometown!

Oh Frank, man, how do you #ing do that?

I’ve bin wantin’ to play that in honor of the new mothman batman type dude who’s been making very swoopy appearances in that notorious town called Chicago lately. Notorious. Hey man, they got their own special Blues, you dig?

Who better than Frankie? That was recorded in one take, you know. ONE. #ing awesome. What happened to that?

Before I can’t steer back… Our own Lon Strickler of Phantoms and Monsters is hot on the case along with Manuel Navarette of UFO Clearinghouse. Lon has made this fab map that I couldn’t resist sharing. It’s interactive and the numbers will take you further down the rabbit hole. Also listen to Arcane Radio for updates.  Map’s updated with new ones as they happen but I don’t know if this instantiation will or not. We’ll see.

= )

Pretty localized… critter’s staying in that one general place … doesn’t look so large mile-wise.

Looks like it makes forays straight in from a starting place then does the same thing a little ways on down the line.

I really want this to get sorted out because it is the strangest stuff going at the mo.’

Yep, even stranger than the dogmen … although I really dig them too!




Lemmy & Wendy O’Williams – Jailbait (HD)


RIP Wendy and Lemmy.

She’s scaring the Motörhead fans =)

LOL But it has been noted that pop metal venues never talk about this girl, Wendy Orleans Williams from the Plasmatics. Can’t imagine why. She was more than all that. She was the only girl Lemmy was ever afraid of. They were very close.




THE ZOMBIES – 1965 – “She’s Not There”

Beautiful. Classical. I love this.

Always have. Always will.

Interesting to see how the culture has changed… dig that tv host having them say their names.

And I corroborate … she’s not there.



Canned Heat – Going Up The Country 1970

Canned Heat – Going Up The Country 1970

I’m going up the country, babe, don’t you wanna go?
I’m going up the country, babe, don’t you wanna go?
I’m going to some place where I’ve never been before

I’m going, I’m going where the water tastes like wine
I’m going where the water tastes like wine
We can jump in the water, stay drunk all the time


I’m gonna leave this city, got to get away
I’m gonna leave this city, got to get away
All this fussing and fighting, man, you know I sure can’t stay

Now baby, pack your leaving trunk,
you know we’ve got to leave today
Just exactly where we’re going I cannot say, but
We might even leave the USA
‘Cause there’s a brand new game that I don’t want to play


No use of you running, or screaming and crying
‘Cause you’ve got a home as long as I’ve got mine



Canned Heat Let’s Work Together (HQ Audio)

Members of the Top of the Pops audience dancing to Canned Heat’s Let’s Work Together in 1970. Thanks to the Glenn Marshall YouTube channel, amongst others who posted this video. I have added a stereo audio track. Disclaimer: No Copyright infringement intended. I own absolutely none of these videos. (Unless otherwise stated) Copyrights belong to their original owners. All music videos, Interviews and Opening Credits posted on this channel is meant for entertainment purposes only.

Yeah, as if…

I swear it’s worse than ever out there.

There are so many millions of victims from the Evil Coup’s genius mind control crap. Even some people who were supposedly friends have been taken.

But someday … some way … we will work together. Those of us that are left.