UFO’s Have Been Here MUCH Longer Than You Think – (700 YEAR Paintings Show UFO’s?)

Bright Insight Published June 23, 2022

Multiple 700 YEAR old paintings seemingly show “UFO’s” discretely, bizarrely, and unexplainably in the background…

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I love when Jimmy discovers things.


Fleetwood Mac – Shake Your Moneymaker

Classic Rock Video
Jan 11, 2012

Live, September 2, 1968 – Bank Holiday Bluesology Festival. Chateau Impney grounds. Nr Droitwich. Worcestershire


Juice Newton – Angel Of The Morning (Official Music Video)

Mar 11, 2009

REMASTERED IN HD! Official video of Juice Newton performing Angel Of The Morning from the album Angel Of The Morning. Buy It Here:
Official Website:

Angel of the Morning

Merrilee Rush – Topic
Nov 9, 2017

So beautiful. I love this song.


The Seekers – A World of our Own (HQ Stereo, 1965/‘68)

Oct 2, 2010

This video is from ‘The World of The Seekers’ TV special (1968). Written by Tom Springfield. I’ve used the original audio (from 1965), to enhance the clip at the correct speed / pitch and in stereo. This is my own personal mix of ‘A World of our Own’ with higher dynamics (and no bongos!)

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I love this!


Mississippi Soul

Markey Blue Ric Latina Project – Topic
Mar 28, 2022

Provided to YouTube by Catapult Reservatory, LLC

Mississippi Soul · Markey Blue Ric Latina Project · Jeannette Markey · Eri Latina

Mississippi Soul

℗ 2022 Creative and Dreams Music Network, LLC. Released on: 2022-03-29
Auto-generated by YouTube.

Wonderful work.


The Shadows – Apache (1964)

Sep 9, 2014

Video clip from Belgian national TV “De Topcollectie Van”. All credits to één. Want to buy me a coffee, now you can at


The Shadows in 2020, reunite to play ‘Apache’

May 19, 2020

Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch, Brian Bennett & Sir Cliff Richard perform ‘Apache’ & tell the story of The Shadows’ first UK #1. From the BBC4 documentary ‘The Shadows at 60’.

I love this song and these guys!


UFO Painted In An 800-year-old Church in Sighișoara. How is that possible?

Theory All Inclusive
May 11, 2022

UFO painted in an 800-year-old church in Sighișoara. How is that possible?

The monastery church is the oldest monument in Sighișoara, dating from the 13th century. In the 17th century it suffered from a strong fire, the whole church burned down, it was rebuilt and then a series of paintings were added, such as the altar, and the guilds will, in turn, put their insignia in the places where the benches were. . On this occasion, a series of more stylized representations appear. The church is an evangelical one and the role of the image is secondary or unrepresentative. Indeed, in the sacristy of the church there is a painting with a religious scene, which represents a cloud – probably the ascension of Elijah to heaven – which resembles a cap and can lead to a much more modern representation, leading us thinking of a UFO. But it is about the vision of the artist of that time who made this triptych. It is possible that he was an artist from Sighisoara, because in the 18th century Sighisoara had several art carpentry workshops, people who made both altars for Protestant churches and painted street furniture, said Nicolae Teșculă, director of the History Museum in Sighisoara.

DAN FARCAȘ about UFOs over Romania. The writer and researcher in mythology Victor Kernbach, in his book The Enigmas of Astral Myths, presented similar frescoes in churches in Bucharest such as Saint Spiridon and Bucur. Unfortunately, the first one was demolished under the communist regime, but the second one still exists today, and the pictorial representations are of the same type as those from the Princely Church from Târgoviste.

As the ufologist Calin Turcu remarked, in his book Extraterrestrials in Romania, on the walls of the church of the Lainici monastery, one can distinguish a possible UFO, having a rather different shape from the others. The image, made in the 17th century and depicting the scene of the Annunciation, above the Virgin Mary, shows the Archangel Gabriel in a celestial vehicle in the shape of a double balloon, which, again, cannot be a cloud. The flying object ends with a narrow open tube. On the walls of Tutana Monastery, built in 1577, appears an astronaut, equipped as for a space flight. However, he is by no means an earthly being. In fact, images, such as those presented above, exist not only in Romania but also in other countries of the Orthodox faith, for example at the Decani monastery in Kosovo, or on a number of Russian religious icons.

Thanks to Mrs. Maria Dorina-Matis for the valuable information

There sure are a lot of depictions of it or them. And hey, there’s that coin! All look remarkably alike. Pretty darn interesting.


There were only two sets of these tires released to the public. An original set to the creator of this car and this set, that Goodyear gave to the place that restored this car.

The neothane is clear and the originals had 18 lightbulbs installed inside to get the glowing effect.

The never made it to production despite Goodyear spending 10 years trying to make it happen. Mostly because they were very expensive, and not at all practical – the tires would get dirty and the effect would be loss. Also, neothane didn’t provide enough grip in the rain nor did it stand up under hard breaking, as it had a low pour temp of about 250F





Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Jul 23, 2017

The Yellow Emperor was a highly gifted “Son of Heaven”. Chinese civilization owes much to the legendary ruler. Huang-ti’s image was that of a “thunder”. And his home star was Regulus…but before he returned there on the “changhuan”, the Yellow Emperor was quite active on our planet.

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Not what the title might have you thinking. What you learn is really rather interesting on a few levels. Dig it.



Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Apr 3, 2022

…Well, at the time of the recording if this video, we do not know who controls the access to the site, to the knowledge, and to future discoveries. I am sure there is more to discover in that Ukrainian site of inexplicable energy and mysteries. Yes, Ukrainian site, Ukrainian archeological reserve……

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A most interesting place.


A 1572 view of the town of Cusco in Peru, then one of the largest cities in the Americas. The view shows the indigenous Inca king being carried in his elevated chair near the town center.

In the Atlas this map came out of the author wrote “The capital of Peru in the south of the New World is Cusco, a city so large, powerful, and beautiful that it can easily rank alongside the most important cities in Spain and France”.

Full map –

Posted by u/Geography_GeekSource

kAlways a treat to see how things looked way back when.


Bizarre Ancient Boats Found Hidden at Pyramids of Egypt…

Bright Insight
Apr 1, 2022

One of the more bizarre discoveries ever found at the Pyramids of Egypt, is something that surprisingly few people are even aware of. Did you know that the Oldest, LARGEST, and best-preserved boat ever discovered from Ancient Egypt was found buried just steps away from the Great Pyramid of Giza? That’s right, and perhaps the only thing stranger than finding ancient boats hidden at one of the more unlikely places imaginable, is the explanation for where this boat came from, and why it’s there, which only further adds to the mysteries of Ancient Egypt itself.

Thanks for watching! I’m Jimmy Corsetti, and my channel is called Bright Insight.

Must see Podcast I had with Danica Patrick!

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Another great one from our Jimmy…


Joe Bonamassa and George Thorogood – No Particular Place to Go

Rich Foster
Mar 13, 2022

Taken aboard the Norwegian Pearl, during Joe Bonamassa’s “Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea VII” on 2/24/2022.




Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill
Mar 5, 2022

…UFOs have been appearing over Ukrainian lands for a long time. …So what is this creature illuminated by the rays of the “blood star” with the Sun suddenly darkening? Reminds me of aliens described in the reports of sightings in the 20th century…

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A long, rich history of world-class weirdness awaits.


Rotating Pillar Found In Dark Chamber – Evidence of Ancient Technology in India?

Jan 26, 2022

In the dark corner of the Ancient ChennaKeshava temple in Karnataka, there is a weird rotating pillar. Is it just a pillar, or was it a machine?

Ancient times must have been overflowing with awe and wonder.


I WENT CATFISH NOODLING! |Ft. Hannah Barron & Heather Lynn.

Alex Zedra
Premiered Jun 9, 2020

I WENT NOODLING WITH HANNAH BARRON! It was one of the most insane experiences ever! Shoutout to Black Rifle Coffee for sponsoring today’s video! Use code “Alex15” to save at checkout:

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So hot.


Addams Family dancing Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones

Wednesday Addams dancing//Molchat Doma – танцевать

Song used:

The Addams Family Goes To School (Full Episode) | MGM Season 1, Episode 1



This Song From the 1500’s Blows Me Away

Rick Beato
Feb 17, 2022

In this episode I discuss the Music of Renaissance Songwriter and Lute virtuoso John Dowland (1563-1624).
Damien Kelly
Julian Bream

Here are the two lovely pieces in the video above:

Earl of Essex, His Galliard (John Downland) | Trinity College London Classical Guitar Grade 8

Damien Kelly
Aug 9, 2020

Damien Kelly performs Earl of Essex, His Galliard by John Downland arr. Powlesland taken from the Trinity College London Grade 8 syllabus (2020-2023) for Classical Guitar.

Camera: iPhone 11 Pro with FilmicPro
Microphones: Neumann KM184 Stereo Pair
Lighting: Falcon Eyes SO-28TD
Strings: D’Addario Dynacore Hard Tension
Guitar: Michael O’Leary

Julian Bream / The Earl of Essex’s Galliard by John Dowland

Oct 16, 2011

You can hear the voice of a famous English lutenist (JB). He is also a famous guitarist.



The ‘Monsters’ Columbus Thought He’d Find in the New World

Thought Potato
Jan 4, 2022

When Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, way back in 1492, he thought he’d find monsters. But why did he think that? WERE there monsters in the middle ages? And what were they? These are the questions we’ll answer in today’s video. Enjoy!

This stuff is so cool. What if these things were real?


The Gigantic Saw Marks and the Depiction of Christ at the Osiris Temple?

Ancient Secret Discoveries
Premiered Feb 15, 2022

In this episode, Brien Foerster takes viewers on a journey of the Egyptian Temple of Osiris, the hidden painted flowers of life, gigantic saw marks and the depiction of Jesus. Even now, startling discoveries continue to be made leaving scholars perplexed and struggling for answers.

Presented by Brien Foerster: Brien Foerster was born in the United States but grew up on the west coast of Canada where he developed a fascination with Native art. Though he did graduate from university with a BSc. honors degree, his passion for the art of the indigenous people caused him to become a professional carver of totem poles for over a decade. At 35 he moved to the island of Maui in Hawaii and spent 2 years working with Hawaiian people building a 62 foot double hull sailing catamaran.

This adventure led him to explore Polynesia for several years, and then he chose to visit Peru 15 years ago. His first tour guide in the Inca city of Cusco could not explain how the huge megalithic works of the area were made and by who, thus he began to explore using his scientific background, as well as the knowledge of local and foreign geologists, engineers and oral tradition experts the mysteries that underly these astonishing stone works.

This has led to a revelation that the megalithic works of Peru, as well as those in Bolivia, Easter Island, Egypt, Lebanon, Lebanon, Turkey and other places were in fact created many thousands of years before any known culture, and were all seemingly devastated by a series of global cataclysms some 12,000 years ago. In all, he has published 37 books as of April 2021, has appeared on numerous television shows, such as Ancient Aliens 20 times, radio shows and podcasts, and has explored more than 100 countries. You can find more than 1700 of his videos on YouTube. Please check Brien’s YouTube channel –

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Ahh, yet another place of awe, mystery and intrigue.


Zawyet El Aryan – The Most Heavily Guarded ACTIVE Stargate in Egypt with No Public Access Since 1950

Ancient Secret Discoveries
Premiered Feb 13, 2022

Watch Jonny Enoch’s brand-new series on Gaia – – Esoteric researcher and historian Jonny Enoch examines esoteric topics ranging from Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, and ancient astrotheology, to recent discoveries of advanced technology from our archaic past, secrets of symbolism, spiritual ties to modern astrophysics, and more.

In this episode, a researcher and historian Jonny Enoch explores the ‘ Stargates’ of ancient Egypt, one of which is still very active and heavily guarded by military. It is believed that this stargate, located in Zawyet El Aryan, has an underground complex size of New York city.

This channel is under ZEG UK/USA/PM LTD & AdRev Management.

Oh my. Need to find a way into this place!


Wicked Game

Jim Singleton – Topic
Jun 9, 2015

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby
Wicked Game · Jim Singleton
8 O’ Clock in the Afternoon
℗ 2014 Jim Singleton
Released on: 2014-08-09
Auto-generated by YouTube.



The Godmother of Rock‘n’Roll – Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Claudia Assef
Mar 7, 2017

Filme de 2014 dirigido por Mick Csaky, gentilmente legendado em português por Bruno Decc da Filme Filmes

Great film on the Goddess of Gospel, the fantastic Sister Rosetta Tharpe. It is a thrill to watch her and hear her sing.


Five Rounds Rapid

May 26, 2018

Nicholas Courtney at his finest

Copyright of the BBC. No infringement intended.

Five Rounds, Rapid! | The Daemons | Doctor Who

Doctor Who

This time the Master has pulled out all the stops and summoned an ancient and all-powerful demon. He hopes the demon will give him his powers, but the Doctor can’t allow this to happen. Can he persuade the demon round to his way of thinking or will the Master get his way? Tense clip from The Daemons, first shown in 1971.

Nicholas nailed this role! I LOVE the Brigadier and miss him terribly!

Haha! I just found this…

Five Rounds Rapid (The Brigadier’s Song) Doctor Who Trock Ukulele and Harmonica

Mar 17, 2011


I wasn’t planning on writing a song about the Brigadier – yet – but then heard of Nicholas Courtney’s passing. I met him on a couple of occasions – even shared a pint with him once (although I think he had gin!). Mr. Courtney was a kind and gentle man. He fully owned the role of Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge Stewart.

Learn more about his role here:…

I wasn’t planning on writing a song about the Brigadier – yet – but then heard of Nicholas Courtney’s passing. I met him on a couple of occasions – even shared a pint with him once (although I think he had gin!). Mr. Courtney was a kind and gentle man. He fully owned the role of Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge Stewart.

Learn more about his role here:…

[G]Dear Doctor you know you can’t [C]do it alone
[G]Besides this is Earth and [D]Earth is my home[Dsus]-[D]
[G]But even though this planet’s [C]your favorite place
It’s [G]my job to [F]fight [F+C]for the human [G]race

I knew you before but you’ve changed once again
What’s different about you this time, my friend?
As head of UNIT may I remind you
I give the orders here Not you

For it’s “five rounds rapid – a rapid five rounds!”
When Daleks and Autons and Yeti abound.
(When Ogrons and Daemons and Zygons are found)
We’re armed to the teeth and we fight to the death
It’s not til the battle is won (Now that the battle is won)
(that) this UNIT soldier’s day’s done.

When renegade Time Lords do battle with you
We’re stuck in the middle, but know what to do
UNIT is seasoned – a real steady crew
Leave the rest to us
We’ll know what to do

We fought the Silurians we fought Cybermen
We vanquished the lot and we’ll do it again
the next time a giant robot should appear
You can count on us – We’ll be here

You seem to bring trouble wherever you go
When will this mess end I’ll never know
But I’ll stand by your side , Doctor, through thick and thin
I’ll ne’er give up the fight till I meet my end.




Jun 16, 2011

Inspired by The Daemons and the Doctor Who theme. Why does the Brig get drunk so quickly? Cos he asks for five rounds rapid. While not up to the standards of the brig cant help you now he’s in geneva, this is classy nonsense. Is that a squirrel with a bazooka or sergeant benton? it’s hard to tell the difference.

down in one and down in one and down in one and down in one again

we have made it through the heat shield
daemons getting really big
we can beat this thing with logic
five rounds rapid says the brig

five rounds rapid
came the order
five rounds rapid
loud and clear
charge your rifles
charge your glasses
have one for the brigadier

theres some trouble in the village
people kicking up a fuss
breaking gargoyles burning churches
someone stop them oh its us

fifteen unit men stand ready
automatics in their hands
have some trouble keeping steady
five rounds rapid he commands

we are firing at a gargoyle
no effect that i can see
the brigadier shouts five rounds rapid
carry on men, they’re for me

the master sticks to bumpers of brandy
says it is his masterplan
miss grant’s splayed out on the altar
off her face on babycham

the doctors swigging pink champagne
and swinging from a chandelier
captain yates is downing shandy
my bazookas filled with beer

the brigadier is sinking whisky
with a pint of hog and frog
the doctors sipping pink champagne
and tries to hypnotise a dog

the doctors found a pair of panties
propped himself up by the bar
the masters singing old sea shanties
drinking cider from the jar

the doctors swaying slightly sideways
licking champers off the floor
with a groan there goes the tardis
driven by a labrador

out we step into the sunlight
get our rifles from the wall
the brigadier shouts five rounds rapid
back we troop inside once more

though I dont know quite what happened
started off with five rounds rapid


Five Rounds Rapid – Remembering the Brigadier

Chris Gren

Nicholas Courtney has sadly died yesterday. Here is a small tribute I made to him, detailing his time on Doctor Who. The Music is “The Dream of a Normal Death” by Murray Gold. It was used twice on the new series of Doctor Who, on “The Family of Blood” and “Journey’s End”.

God Bless You, Nicholas Courtney.


Robot: Highlights | Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Relive some highlights of the Fourth Doctor’s debut story ‘Robot’!

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Tom Baker! THE Doctor. Elisabeth Sladen! Ooh, Sarah Jane! And Nicholas Courtney! Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, generally referred to simply as the Brigadier

The Best of the Best.

Rest In Peace, Nicholas.


Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Didn’t it rain, children


Didn’t it rain children
Talk about rain oh my Lord
Didn’t it fall didn’t it fall
Didn’t it fall my Lord didn’t it rain

Didn’t it rain children
Talk about rain oh my Lord
Didn’t it fall didn’t it fall
Didn’t it fll my Lord didn’t it rain

Oh it rained forty days
And it rained forty nights
There was no land no where in sight
God send the angel to spread the news
He haste his wings and away he flew
To the East to the West
To the North to the South
All day all night how it rained how it rained

Didn’t it rain children
Talk about rain oh my Lord
Didn’t it fall didn’t it fall
Didn’t it fall my Lord didn’t it rain

Some at the window some at the door
Some said Noah can’t you take a little more
No no said Noah no no my friends
The nature got to keep you can’t get in
I told you I told you a long time ago
You wouldn’t hear me you disobey me
Lord send the angel a warning to you
It began to rain and now you are through

Well it rained forty days
Forty nights without stopping
Noah was glad
When the rain stopped dropping
Knock at the window knock at the door
Come on brother Noah
Can’t you take any more
No no my brothers you are full of sin
God has the key you can’t get in
Would you listen how it rained

Didn’t it rain children
Talk about rain oh my Lord
Didn’t it fall didn’t it fall
Didn’t it fall my Lord didn’t it rain

Didn’t it rain children
Talk about rain oh my Lord
Didn’t it fall didn’t it fall
Didn’t it fall my Lord didn’t it rain

This woman is just so perfect. That voice… that picking… that essence of REAL… Oh, yeah. Super Sister!


Bob Marley – No Woman, No Cry (Official Video)

Bob Marley
Premiered Jul 1, 2020

Bob Marley & The Wailers “No Woman, No Cry” (Live At The Lyceum, London 1975) official music video.

Such a wonderfully beautiful man.


Mean Mary – 9 Pound Banjo (Live in the studio)

Mean Mary
Feb 4, 2022

Nine Pound Banjo (written by Mary James)

Mean Mary is playing a Deering Rustic Wreath

Sweet lady.


The Blues Overtook Me

Charlie Musselwhite – Topic
Dec 10, 2014

Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy

The Blues Overtook Me · Charlie Musselwhite
Ace Of Harps
℗ 1990 Alligator Records & Artist Mgmt., Inc Released on: 2009-06-18

Composer: Musselwhite
Lyricist: Musselwhite
Music Publisher: Musselwhite Music, Box 396, Geyserville, CA 95441-0396



Tomislav Goluban – Do The Right Thing

Tomislav Goluban
Jan 8, 2019

🛒 Buy direct from the artist 💥 ✔️ Subscribe to my channel and click the 🔔 🎧 Check out some of my previous albums:



📀 from 10th studio album CHICAGO RAMBLER
🎶 Do The Right Thing (music & txt: Tomislav Goluban)
🎙Recorded @ Joy Ride Studios, Chicago, USA, 30 & 31 January 2018
Tomislav “Little Pigeon” Goluban: harmonica, vocal
Eric Noden: guitar
E.G. McDaniel: bass
Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith: drums

TOMISLAV “Little Pigeon” GOLUBAN, Croatian blues musician, composer, harmonica player and a singer, is quite unique by his expression. With his passion, sense of humor and catchy appearance, he can really provide the audience with an interesting and original show. His surname “Golub” translates to “Pigeon” in English, providing the inspiration for his stage name. He won a couple of national music awards and runs “Blues in the Schools” program in Croatia. His tenth studio album, “Chicago Rambler”, was recorded in Chicago’s “Joy Ride Studios”, live across two afternoons in January of 2018. A calm and collected figure, Goluban didn’t have to struggle to connect with the American musicians. His personal musical sound is a perfect fit for electric Chicago blues, and it’s this combination that works so well! With many elements of classical blues, 12 tracks written by Tomislav Goluban were recorded during a session. The material is concisely performed, spontaneously directed and filled with the Chicago blues atmosphere. A lot is hidden and can be revealed with repeated listens. This is a great combination of everything music is and should be: limitless, creative, brave and unique.

TOMISLAV GOLUBAN je svirač usne harmonike, profesionalni glazbenik, bluzer iz Zagorja, koji na zanimljiv način spaja blues s hrvatskom tradicionalnom glazbom. Glazbenik koji publici uvijek želi priuštiti originalnu i nesvakidašnju priredbu, uvlači vas u vlastiti glazbeni blues svijet u kojem ćete se osjećati kao kod kuće. Osvojio je 4 nagrade Porin, a aktivan je i na edukacijskom planu u sklopu autorskog programa “Usna harmonika i korijeni suvremene glazbe”. CHICAGO RAMBLER je njegov 10. studijski album.

Tomislav Goluban
All rights reserved, 2019

This guy is great 🙂


Shave Yo’ Legs

Keb’ Mo’
Jan 19, 2015

Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

Shave Yo’ Legs · Keb’ Mo’ Keep It Simple
℗ 2004 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Composer, Lyricist: Jeff Paris
Engineer: Andy Brohard
Engineer: Jason Wormer
Engineer: Kevin Meeker
Mastering Engineer: Stephen Marsh
Recording Engineer: Mark Johnson

I love this song and fully concur with the message.


We Have No Idea HOW Ancients Brought MASSIVE Stone Blocks UP Mountains…Lost Civilizations

Bright Insight
Feb 1, 2022

The Ancients mysteriously carried these MASSIVE stone blocks to the top of a mountain. The existing unanswered questions about our lost ancient past are becoming more and more known to people around the world. Make no mistake, you will not find one single video of people tugging stones of this size up steep hills/mountains with the alleged primitive methods said to be utilized by the lost ancient Inca civilizations of Peru. Thanks for watching!

I’m Jimmy Corsetti, and my channel is called Bright Insight. Help support me in my efforts by contributing to my Patreon! Or, support me on Venmo! @bright_insight Follow me on Instagram:… Follow me on TikTok:

Another good one from Jimmy.


BLIND FAITH, Had to cry today

Antonymous tB
Jan 19, 2009

Blind Faith first live performance in Hyde Park, London, 9 th june 1969



Cary Fly – Topic
Aug 26, 2015

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Sometimes · Cary Fly 2 Fly ℗ 2007 Cary K. Fly Released on: 2007-01-01



Welcome to Skaro | Genesis of the Daleks | Doctor Who

Doctor Who
Jan 21, 2022

On an ancient, war-torn planet, the Time Lords call upon the Doctor to carry out what could be his most important mission yet…

Subscribe to Doctor Who for more exclusive videos: WATCH MORE: The Fourth Doctor: Season 12: MORE ABOUT DOCTOR WHO: Welcome to the Doctor Who Channel! Travel in the TARDIS with clips dating back to the Doctor’s first incarnation in 1963, all the way through dozens of regenerations. Including behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive videos and our very own show Doctor Who: The Fan Show – this is the place to find all the best official clips. This is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service information and feedback:…

Tom Baker is my HERO!


Nickel and Dime

Jenny Kerr – Topic
Oct 30, 2013

Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves
Nickel and Dime · Jenny Kerr Head of Fire
℗ 2013 Okey Doke Records Released on: 2013-11-05
Writer, Composer: Jenny Kerr


Nickel and Dime

Jenny Kerr
Oct 2, 2013

Live at Uptown Theater, Napa. Opening for Dr. John.


In Your Town – Rory Gallagher Tribute

Mauro Samuel
Jan 24, 2022

Bass – Fabio Cormack
Drums – Antonio Scobino
Guitar & Vocals – Mauro Samuel

Edited by Fabio Comack
Image capture – Fábio Cormack and Guilherme GB

I have been a big fan of Mauro for a long time, back from when he started a few years ago. He is just so good. But, for some reason, he doesn’t post very often.


Sac-au-lait Fishing

Tab Benoit – Topic
Jul 30, 2018

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Sac-au-lait Fishing · Tab Benoit · Louisiana’s LeRoux
Power Of The Pontchartrain
℗ 2007 Telarc International Corp. Released on: 2007-01-01

Producer, Associated Performer, Guitar, Vocals: Tab Benoit
Producer: David Z
Associated Performer, Guitar: Jim Odom
Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Leon Medica
Associated Performer, Banjo: Tony Haselden
Associated Performer, Drums: David Peters
Associated Performer, Percussion: Mark Duthu
Associated Performer, Keyboards: Nelson Blanchard
Composer Lyricist: Tab Benoit



The Crossanova

Tommy Castro
May 21, 2015

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises
The Crossanova · Tommy Castro
Soul Shaker
℗ 2005 BLIND PIG RECORDS Released on: 2005-02-01



Kirk Fletcher (feat. Janiva Magness) – You Don’t Know

Conny Norberg Musiclover from Sweden
Jun 15, 2020

From the album “Shades of Blue”



Oreo Cookie Blues

Lonnie Mack – Topic
Dec 11, 2014

Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy
Oreo Cookie Blues · Lonnie Mack Strike Like Lightning
℗ 1985 Alligator Records & Artist Mgmt., Inc Released on: 2009-06-18
Music Publisher: Mack’s Flying V Music, Box 674, Smithville, TN 37166-0674

Composer: McIntosh
Lyricist: McIntosh
Composer: Wilkerson
Lyricist: Wilkerson

Great guitar 🙂


The Queen’s Guard Pay Tribute to Meatloaf Outside Buckingham Palace This Morning

Jan 23, 2022

Nice. I was never really big on Meat Loaf but I liked his music. Nice to see this tribute.


Johnny Copeland – Don’t Stop By The Creek, Son

Nov 13, 2010

“Don’t Stop By The Creek, Son” written by Johnny Copeland.

Johnny Copeland (vocals, guitar),
Stevie Ray Vaughan (guitar),
Ben Bierman (trumpet),
George Lewis (trombone),
Sam Furnace (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone),
Bert McGowan (tenor saxophone),
Ken Vangel (piano),
Brian Miller (bass),
Jimmy Wormworth (drums).

Recorded in New York in 1984.

I have always hoped that this song was a cryptozoological warning to the lad… it probably isn’t, but there’s hope, eh.



Sandy Carroll
Oct 19, 2018


Written By:
Sandy Carroll
Mitch Mann
Stephaine C Brown
Jim Gaines
Grant Walden

Published By:
Bessie Blue Publishing BMI
River and Stones songs ASCAP
Pop Wheelie Kid Music ASCAP
Heartell Publishing ASCAP

Catfood Records

Copyright 2018

Whoa! Really!


Walk With You

Smokin’ Joe Kubek band feat. Bnois King – Topic
Sep 26, 2019

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Walk With You · The Smokin’ Joe Kubek Band · Bnois King

Chain Smokin’ Texas Style

℗ 1992 Rounder Records, a division of Concord Music Group, Inc.

Released on: 1992-10-06

Producer, Recording Producer, Associated Performer, Organ: Ron Levy
Associated Performer, Guitar, Electric Guitar: Smokin’ Joe Kubek
Associated Performer, Vocals, Guitar: Bnois King
Associated Performer, Electric Bass: Greg Wright
Associated Performer, Drums: Phil Campbell
Associated Performer, Saxophones: Jim Spake
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Rusty McFarland
Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Roger Eddins
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Joe Brescio
Composer Lyricist: Smokin’ Joe Kubek
Composer Lyricist: Bnois King

I am so glad I got to see these two… at a very small bar. Was beautiful, it was.


“Beat Up Old Guitar” Shemekia Copeland PS21 Chatham, New York July 27, 2019

Blues Radio International
Sep 26, 2019

Shemekia Copeland, winner of two 2019 Blues Music Awards, on stage at Rory Block’s 2019 Blues & Gospel Fest, with “Beat Up Old Guitar.” Shemekia Copeland vocals Arthur Neilson guitar Recorded at PS 21, Chatham, New York, July 27, 2019 Sound by Rob Davis Videography by Audrey Wilber, video mix by Michael Wolf



Gravel Road

Magic Slim – Topic
Dec 10, 2014

Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy Gravel Road · Magic Slim Raw Magic ℗ 1982 Alligator Records & Artist Mgmt., Inc Released on: 2009-06-18 Music Publisher: Editions Black & Blue adm by Eyeball Music, PO Box 60234, Chicago, IL 60660

Composer: Holt
Lyricist: Holt



Sittin’ In My Dark Room

John Lee Hooker Official
Jul 23, 2018

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Sittin’ In My Dark Room · John Lee Hooker Endless Boogie ℗ 1971 UMG Recordings, Inc. Released on: 1971-01-01

Producer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Bill Szymczyk
Producer: Ed Michel
Participant: Steve Miller
Composer Lyricist: John Lee Hooker



A.C. Reed – I Can’t Go On This Way

Zlatan Topalović
Jan 4, 2012

Aaron Corthen, better known as A.C. Reed (May 9, 1926 — February 24, 2004) was an American blues saxophonist, closely associated with the Chicago blues scene from the 1940s into the 2000s.

Reed was born in Wardell, Missouri, United States, but grew up in southern Illinois. He took his stage name from his friend, Jimmy Reed. He moved to Chicago during World War II, playing with Earl Hooker and Willie Mabon in the 1940s. He toured with Dennis “Long Man” Binder in 1956, and did extensive work as a sideman for Mel London’s blues record labels Chief/Profile/Age in the 1960s, with Lillian Offitt and Ricky Allen, amongst others. He had a regionally popular single in 1961 with “This Little Voice” (Age 29), and cut several more singles over the course of the decade.
He became a member of Buddy Guy’s band in 1967, playing with him on his tour of Africa in 1969 and, with Junior Wells, opening for The Rolling Stones in 1970. He remained with Guy until 1977, then played with Son Seals and Albert Collins in the late 1970s and 1980s. He began recording solo material for Alligator Records in the 1980s. On his 1987 offering, I’m in the Wrong Business, came cameo appearances by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Bonnie Raitt, and where Reed’s singing complemented his morose lyrics.
He played in Chicago with his band, The Spark Plugs, until he died of cancer in Chicago in 2004.



Been Down

Aron Burton – Topic
Nov 8, 2014

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Been Down · Aron Burton Past, Present, And Future ℗ 1993 Earwig Music Company, Inc. Released on: 2005-07-19 Auto-generated by YouTube.

My new theme song. Because my Blues also started at the age of ten.


RAPTORES: River-Dinos|Criptozoologia|Terror

DinoCriptidos: Criptozoologia
Premiered Feb 9, 2020

Temporada 06 – Episodio 03: Una serie de 4 extrañas fotografias, parecen demostrar la existencia de unos desconocidos reptiles bipedos en las rocosas regiones de Colorado, US. ¿Seran acaso los llamados River Dinos? Criaturas que recuerdan a los extintos dinosaurios Dromeosauridos como el Velociraptor.

Season 06 – Episode 03: A series of 4 strange photographs seem to prove the existence of unknown bipedal reptiles in the rocky regions of Colorado, US. Will they be the so-called River Dinos? Creatures reminiscent of the extinct Dromeosaurid dinosaurs like the Velociraptor.

NOTA: El siguiente vídeo esta hecho con fines de entretenimiento. No se busca vender una verdad absoluta. Los hechos aquí narrados no buscan comprobar un hecho científico, por lo tanto son cuestionables dependiendo de las creencias de cada espectador. Copyright Disclaimer! Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law, Act 1976): All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, & images used belong to their respective companies. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

Oh I do love the River Dinos. I remember the awesome site where that photo is from. It no longer exists. As far as I can tell.

I just watched this even though I don’t speak Spanish. It’s got a great vibe and stuff on these little guys is so damn rare.

Dig it.


This Navajo Park Ranger Revealed The Truth About What’s Happening Inside Navajo Nation Parks

Unexplained Mysteries
Jan 4, 2022

This Navajo park ranger revealed the truth about what’s happening inside Navajo Nation parks. Today, we take a look at what this Navajo park ranger revealed. The life of a Navajo park ranger isn’t an easy one. Not only do you deal with everything a normal police officer does, but every so often they will encounter things that even they can’t explain. One of the places where officers are seeing strange things is that of the Navajo Reservation of the American southwest. This location is known for mysterious and legendary stories, and although many officers don’t like to talk about their encounters, some have come forward in recent years and shared some of the things that they’ve witnessed.

Thank you for watching!
Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

This is a nice video. The Unexplained Mysteries team is a treasure.