Bring On The Pain

Ruf Records
Jan 13, 2021

Ally Venable “Bring On The Pain” (Official Video) from Ruf Records SIGNED vinyl & CDs, plus exclusive merchandise available in Ally’s official store –…

‘Bring On The Pain'(Feat. Kenny Wayne Shepherd):

Bring On The PainHave you even stopped to think about
If we will ever work it out
Sometimes it feels like it’s, all too late

Everytime we try make a mends
We find ourselves fallin back again
Maybe someday we’ll will find a way

I know what’s best for me
And our love will set these hard times free
No matter what’s going on
My love won’t change
Bring on the Pain

I know what’s best for me
And our love will set these hard times free

Licensed to YouTube by The Orchard Music (on behalf of Ruf Records GmbH); BMI – Broadcast Music Inc.

Most Excellent!


Losing Cool

Little G Weevil – Topic
Feb 3, 2015

Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

Losing Cool · Little G Weevil
The Teaser
℗ 2015 APIC Records
Released on: 2011-11-08

A tale of terrible times.


Little Maggie with Black Mountain Picks

May 14, 2021

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share this amazing video with you! I was given the opportunity by the revolutionary Black Mountain Picks to travel to Nashville last month and work with Stolen Trailer Studios to create this video. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to share more with you soon! Link below to purchase!



Giotto Bizzarrini was a former Ferrari executive and freelance designer. In addition, Bizzarrini worked with Lamborghini, designing their legendary V12 engine, and for Iso, where he developed motorbikes and cars. Among his first projects was to design the Grifo, based on a shortened Iso Rivolta chassis, retaining the original car’s running gear. Bizzarrini saw potential in the Grifo and obtained permission from Iso chairman, Renzo Rivolta, to manufacture a high-performance version under his own name. This was suitably named the Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada, and was available to the public from 1964.

One of my favorite cars of all time!


Mysterious Discovery at the Church of the Apostles of Jesus

Sergio & Rhoda in Israel
Nov 18, 2021

A team of archaeologists discovered an ancient church that was lost for almost a millennia. This church commemorates Andrew and Peter, the Apostles of Jesus. However, this church presents an interesting mystery. After excavating most of the walls of the structure, the archaeologists could not locate the entry way into the church. A true archaeological puzzle by the northern shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Join Our Telegram Channel — Archaeological Tours by Dagesh with Achia Kohn-Tavor — Website:

Photo Credits • Yeshu Drey • Prof. Steven Notley Mosaic uncovering video: • Hugo –…

00:00 Intro
02:00 Arrival
03:23 Meeting Prof. Notley
04:15 The Mosaic Medallion
07:01 Crusader Walls
10:48 No Doors Mystery
15:52 Conclusion
17:51 Outro
19:00 Swim at the Lake
19:51 Telegram

English Closed Captions created by Terri Adams. Looking for English Captions of your own? Contact Terri at

Wow, this is just so strange!

Maybe (hopefully?) the door’s in the 10% they’ve still got left to excavate.

Because, well, if not, I mean, what in the actual f could this mean?!


Madonna – Illuminati (Official Audio)

Feb 18, 2015

Taken from Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ album. Download now on iTunes:

Hmmm. Very interesting.

What to make of this?



It’s not Jay Z and Beyonce
It’s not Nicki or Lil Wayne
It’s not Oprah and Obama
The Pope or Rihanna
Queen Elizabeth or Kanye
It’s not pentagrams or witchcraft
It’s not triangles or stacks of cash
Black magic or Gaga
Gucci or Prada
Riding on the golden calf

The all-seeing eye is watching tonight
That’s what it is
Truth and light
The all-seeing eye is watching tonight
Nothing to hide
Secrets inside

It’s like everybody in this party shining like Illuminati
It’s like everybody in this party shining like Illuminati

It’s the enlightenment that started it all
The founding fathers wrote it down on the wall
And now the media’s misleading us all
To right and to wrong
It’s time to dance and turn this dark into something
So let the fire burn, this music is bumping
We’re gonna live forever, love never dies
It starts tonight

Behind the curtain of the New World Order
It’s not platinum encrypted corners
It’s not ISIS or the Phoenix, pyramids of Egypt
Don’t make it into something sordid
It’s not Steve Jobs or Bill Gates
It’s not Google or the United States
It’s not Bieber or LeBron
Clinton or a bomb
Or anyone you love to hate

The all-seeing eye is watching tonight
That’s what it is
Truth and light
The all-seeing eye is watching tonight
Nothing to hide
Secrets inside

It’s like everybody in this party shining like Illuminati
It’s like everybody in this party shining like Illuminati

You know that everything that glitters isn’t gold
So let the music take you out of control
It’s time to feel it in your body and soul
C’mon, let’s go
We’re gonna dance and turn this dark into something
So let the fire burn, this music is bumping
We’re gonna live forever, love never dies
It starts tonight (tonight)
(Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight)

It’s like

It’s like

It’s like everybody in this party shining like Illuminati
It’s like everybody in this party shining like Illuminati
Like everybody in this party shining like Illuminati
It’s like everybody in this party shining like Illuminati
It’s like everybody in this party shining like Illuminati

It’s like everybody in this party shining like Illuminati
Everybody in this party shining like Illuminati

It’s like everybody in this party shining like Illuminati

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Kanye West / Kanye Omari West / Tobias Gad / Jacques Webster / Maureen Anne Mcdonald / Ernest Brown / Madonna L Ciccone / Michael G Dean / Larry Darnell Griffin Jr.

Illuminati lyrics © Wb Music Corp., Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., Emi April Music Inc., Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Universal Music Corp., Webo Girl Publishing Inc., Roc Nation Music, Sony/atv Ballad, Vohndee’s Soul Music Publishing, Papa George Music, Mo Zella Mo Music, Atlas Holdings, Gadfly Songs, Travis Scott Music, Donda Music, Please Gimme My Publishing Inc, One77 Songs, Webo Girl Publishing Inc.

I am not sure, really.


Willow Osborne – Dear Old Dixie

May 4, 2014

13 year old Willow Osborne performs “Dear Old Dixie” (start of the video is ending to Hee Haw Set. Filmed at The Country Tonite Theatre Show – May 2014.



A large pterosaur femur from the Kimmeridgian, Upper Jurassic of Lusitanian Basin, Portugal. Art by Joschua Knüppe

r/Pterosaurs – Posted by u/Saurophaganax_linkage



Shuckin’ The Corn

Oct 15, 2021

Hi all! A little classic tune for you today. How’s everyone’s fall season going so far?!

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Ooh I do love Willow!


Going Up The Country (aka Bull Doze Blues) by Henry Thomas, 1928

Jun 27, 2017

Bull Doze Blues (covered in 1968 by Canned Head under the name of “Going Up The Country”) 1928 HENRY THOMAS (“Ragtime Texas”).

The original version (78-rpm disk, not CD)


The audio, too! Vinyl! Analog rules. Wonder what the deck, cart and pre were!


Wildwood Flower – Sylvia O’Brien, Tom King

West Virginia State Archives Music Channel
Oct 31, 2016

“Wildwood Flower” played by Sylvia O’Brien and Tom King at the 1989 Vandalia Gathering.

This is a beautiful thing! Sylvia rocks!


ISIS TEMPLE REVEALED: NEVER Before Seen Video INSIDE The Ancient Egyptian Temple of Isis | Anyextee

Premiered 4 hours ago

Anyextee explores the previously FORBIDDEN Isis Temple in Aswan. You are treated to a POV (point-of-view) exploration inside the temple. You will see what I see as I see it for the very FIRST time! What will we find inside the Temple of Isis? The discoveries inside are as astounding as they are perplexing!
If you like this channel, please help me to continue this work by supporting on Patreon – I have prepared some cool benefits for the various tiers on Patreon, but if you are not in position to continually support my efforts, you can still help by making a one-time donation via Paypal –
Tony Garone’s Hermetic Journeys #22: Egypt Part 1: The Pyramids
✈️ TRAVEL & EXPLORE ✈️ Adept Expeditions tours with ANYEXTEE that you can join –

Anyextee is a friend of mine. =D

He does amazing work and you can accompany him on many of his field trips. God I wish I could go to Egypt and Peru as well. Maybe someday, eh.


Frank Zappa – Inca Roads (A Token Of His Extreme)

Aug 6, 2013

Frank Zappa – Inca Roads (A Token Of His Extreme)

Recorded on August 27, 1974 at KCET in Hollywood, A TOKEN OF HIS EXTREME features Frank Zappa with five incredibly talented band members for this extravaganza of live music.

The line-up exists of Frank Zappa—guitar, percussion, vocals; George Duke—keyboards, finger cymbals, tambourine, vocals; Napoleon Murphy Brock—sax, vocals; Ruth Underwood—percussion; Tom Fowler—bass; Chester Thompson—drums. The Program, as edited and thoroughly tweezed & produced by FZ for Honker Home Video includes these delights: The Dog Breath Variations/ Uncle Meat, Montana, Earl Of Duke (George Duke), Florentine Pogen, Stink-Foot, Pygmy Twylyte, Room Service, Inca Roads, Oh No, Son Of Orange County, More Trouble Every Day, A Token Of My Extreme. Stereo Mixes Produced by Frank Zappa with Kerry McNabb at Paramount Studios, 1974. Mastered by Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering, 2009

FZ: “This was put together with my own money and my own time and it’s been offered to television networks and to syndication and it has been steadfastly rejected by the American television industry. It has been shown in primetime in France and Switzerland, with marvelous results. It’s probably one of the finest pieces of video work that any human being has ever done. I did it myself. And the animation that you’re gonna see in this was done by a guy named Bruce Bickford, and I hope he is watching the show, because it’s probably the first time that a lot of people in America got a chance to see it.”- FZ appearing on the Mike Douglas Show, 1976 Because ‘Token’ has never been commercially released until now, it is one of the most sought after Frank Zappa programs.

Classical Composer Reacts to Inca Roads (Frank Zappa) | The Daily Doug (Episode 199)

Doug Helvering
Premiered Aug 10, 2021

In this episode of #TheDailyDoug, I’m listening to Frank Zappa for the first time on the channel. The song is Inca Roads from his 1975 album One Size Fits All. I was not disappointed! The song’s twists, turns, follies, and incredible content were very entertaining. Come along for the ride!

Reference Video:… [above -Ed.]

Fortean Bliss!


-AC/DC plays George Benson’s “On Broadway” !- (amazing rare footage !!! )

A.R.F !!! (Amazing Rare Footage )by Richard Daudé
Jul 5, 2016

A mere slice of the performance, but, still sweet.


Its Completely Melted…They Turned Enormous Stone Boulders Into Pliable Easy To Shape Blocks

Matrix Wisdom
Premiered Oct 28, 2021

These walls are so puzzling some engineers have called them impossible constructions. Marks on some of the stones indicate they were molded, ironed, or scraped into shape. Which could be explained if the stone was somehow softened.

The old ones, the really old ones especially, knew and did things that we can hardly imagine.


The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil (Official Video) [4K]

Oct 29, 2020

The Rolling Stones performing “Sympathy For The Devil”
From The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus

Recorded before a live audience in London in 1968, The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus was originally conceived as a BBC-TV special. Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, it centers on the original line up of The Rolling Stones — Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman (with Nicky Hopkins and Rocky Dijon) — who serves as both the show’s hosts and featured attraction. For the first time in front of an audience, “The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band” performs six Stones classics. The program also includes extraordinary performances by The Who, Jethro Tull, Taj Mahal, Marianne Faithfull, Yoko Ono, and The Dirty Mac. A ‘supergroup’ before the term had even been coined, the band was comprised of Eric Clapton (lead guitar), Keith Richards (bass), Mitch Mitchell of The Jimi Hendrix Experience (drums), and John Lennon on guitar and vocals.

Official Website:

Music video by The Rolling Stones performing “Sympathy For The Devil”
Director: Michael Lindsay-Hogg
Executive Producer: Sandy Lieberson
Producer: Robin Klein

© 2018 ABKCO Music & Records, Inc.

#TheRollingStones #SympathyForTheDevil #RockAndRollCircus #MusicVideo

Don’t get no better than that.


R.L. Burnside: See My Jumper Hanging On the Line (1978)

Alan Lomax Archive
Jul 26, 2010

R.L. Burnside at home in Independence, Mississippi, shot by Alan Lomax, Worth Long, and John Bishop in August, 1978. For more information about the American Patchwork filmwork, Alan Lomax, and his collections, visit [02.11.07]

Such a wonderful talent.


Sotheby’s first raunchy auction: Erotic: Passion & Desire sale to feature explicit paintings, photographs and sculptures

This saucy sale includes explicit paintings, photographs, sculptures and artefacts dating from the 1st century AD, with reserve prices starting at £200…

By Kate Gordon
10 February 2017

Pre-sale exhibition opens February 11 at Sotheby’s New Bond Street Galleries. The auction will be held on February 16.

Auction house Sotheby’s is holding its first ever sale of erotic art.

Erotic: Passion & Desire is an at-times very raunchy romp through the history of eroticism. As you wander the pre-sale exhibition of explicit paintings, photographs, sculptures and artefacts, it becomes clear there is little new on today’s erotica menu.

For those seeking instruction, all manner of intimate acts are depicted on anything that can be designed, carved, embellished or viewed. Unsurprisingly, a great many items are listed anonymously as “Property of a Gentleman” with no further clue as to their sellers.

The lots date from the 1st century AD, with reserve prices starting at £200. Artists whose work can be seen include Antony Gormley, Ettore Sottsass, Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, Egon Schiele, Lucian Freud and Picasso.

DON’T MISS this copy of Catherine the Great’s bedside table.

The original was destroyed in a fire, but photographs of it were taken in 1941 by Wehrmacht soldiers and still exist. According to some sources, the cabinet was placed in the Russian empress’s private apartments at Gatchina Palace, while according to others, the table stood in one of the palaces of Tsarskoe Selo, on the outskirts of St Petersburg. The reserve price is £15,000.

Well, gosh!


“Fog” by Milek Jakubiec. Happy Halloween!

Posted to r/cryptids and r/HalloweenHardcore by u/jacleric

A rather Wendigo-ish type being… dude better be sharp!


Ingenuity helicopter attempts untested flight technique

Mars Guy
Oct 31, 2021

Episode 30 In its first attempt to fly using unproven high-speed rotor spin, Ingenuity decided to abort the flight. It was cleared for a second chance this past week, so how did it do?


The Ballad of Jed Clampett

Sep 27, 2021

Hi all! I know it’s not Banjo Lesson Monday, but I couldn’t wait to get some new banjo pickin’ up for you! I’m excited to get back to my normal posting schedule. I hope everyone is having an amazing fall season so far 🙂

God I love this girl…


Original Black Betty

Dec 17, 2008

i do not have any good info. but i do know that if you liked this you will like robert johnson(robert leroy johnson)

lyrics here:
Oh black betty (x2)
Black Betty where you come from (x2)
Well I come from…..?…
Well I’m going to Corsicana
Black betty what’s your number (x2)
750 (x2)
Oh lord (lordy) black betty (x2)
Black betty had a baby (x2)
and the damn thing crazy
ah, she dipped it’s head in gravy (x2)
Oh lord black betty (x2)
Black betty where she (you) come from (x4)
Oh lord (lordy) black betty (x2)
Now (oh) the baby had blue eyes (x2)
Well it must have been the captains (x2)
Oh lordy black betty (x2)

lyrics got from blindboyblue take a look at his page if you liked this video.

Black Betty
Artist James Baker
Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of New Rounder), and 6 Music Rights Societies



Black Betty

Various Artists – Topic
Feb 28, 2020

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Black Betty · James Baker

Alan Lomax: Popular Songbook

℗ 2003 The Association for Cultural Equity, under exclusive license to Rounder Records, a division of Concord Music Group, Inc.

Released on: 2003-08-26

Associated Performer, Vocals: James Baker
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: John A. Lomax
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Alan Lomax
Producer, Recording Producer: Jeffrey A. Greenberg
Producer: Steve Rosenthal
Producer, Assistant Producer: Matthew Barton
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Adam Ayan
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig
Producer, Additional Producer: Phil Klum
Composer Lyricist: Traditional
Adapter: Huddie Ledbetter

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Wow! Sweet.


I came across the above batch of pure lustful beauty on tumblr. And then found this nice Autsport article on it:

Jaguar Egal set for racing return after half a century

By: Paul Lawrencelinkage
Jun 23, 2021, 6:11 AM

The famous Galaxy-engined Jaguar E-type, known as the Egal, will be back on a UK race track in the near future after an absence of around half a century.

In the mid and late 1960s, the fearsome 7-litre one-off raced by Chris Summers and Barrie Williams was a regular winner in club racing but was later sold to America and only returned to the UK a couple of years ago.

Since then, Chris Keith-Lucas at CKL Developments has been restoring it to period specification and says there are plans to race it once more.

The car was originally built by Geoff Richardson for owner Rob Beck and Williams recalled it being fitted with a Holman and Moody Galaxy marine engine. The E-type chassis came from a semi-lightweight car, shunted by Beck at Castle Combe.

The result was a ferociously powerful car that ‘Whizzo’ Williams tamed with considerable success in club racing. However, as a one-off it never raced internationally and by the end of the 1960s was being beaten by Chevron B8s and Ginetta G12s.

After a couple of other UK owners, the project was sold to the US where it was used on the road before later starting a long restoration. Sadly, the owner passed away before the work was complete, and Keith-Lucas saw it advertised for sale.

“I went over to New York, saw it over there and verified it and then we brought it back,” said Keith-Lucas, who has secured its original registration of ‘590 DXR’ on behalf of the current owner.

“In America it grew even wider than it really ought to have, but apart from that it is very much the car and close inspection of it reveals all the old dings and dents.”

It was taken to the recent E-type 60th birthday celebrations at Shelsley Walsh and did some demonstration runs, with due regard for the Jaguar transmission which was always a weak link in period.

“I wasn’t doing tyre-burning starts, that would twist the propshaft like a toffee wrapper,” said Keith-Lucas.

“I’ve got the dyno figures where it has over 600 foot pounds of torque, so it’s really an absolute monster.

“We do have plans to run it. It is a complication because a car like this was never homologated.

“It did a huge amount of British club racing, but it didn’t do international events, so that limits what you can do. But there are a number of race organisers in this country who’d love to see it in their events.”



“Yeshua” (Jesus) Inscription Discovered in an Ancient Temple-like Synagogue in Susya

Sergio & Rhoda in Israel
Oct 17, 2021

A mysterious ancient temple-like synagogue was discovered in the Judean Lowhills. Inside the synagogue, a mosaic. The mosaic has four Hebrew letters spelling out the name of Jesus in Hebrew “Yeshua.” In this video, we’re going to investigate this ancient village of Susya and see for ourselves if this inscription speaks about Jesus of Nazareth or another person named Jesus from the 5th century AD.

00:00 Intro
01:33 Arrival
02:52 Background
05:05 The Caves
07:57 Mikveh (Ritual Baths)
09:23 The Synagogue
10:49 The “Yeshua” Inscription
15:19 The Rolling Stones
16:22 Iconoclasm
19:02 The Underground Tunnel
23:18 Conclusions
25:17 Outro

Copyrights: – Maps by Google Maps – All Scripture Verses are by NKJV – Dr. Yonatan Adler, Mikveh Article:… – Citations from “THE LATE ANCIENT SYNAGOGUES OF SOUTHERN PALESTINE“ by Steven H. Werlin, Chapel Hill, 2012 English Closed Captions created by Terri Adams. Looking for English Captions of your own? Contact Terri at

Very cool!