5200 Brugg, Switzerland

This is a deep crop of a random Google Street View image of a 2nd floor balcony on the Stapferstrasse in Brugg, Switzerland.

Is it real? Or is it Memorex?



Enter the Unfamiliar
Apr 14, 2021


Shanel Guiterrez claimed she saw the man’s spirit emerge and walk over the water in the Philippines on November 21. Guiterrez filmed the spooky phenomenon in Davao del Norte province on her phone. She said: “It was very creepy because I did not expect to capture that thing on my phone. “I know it was his ghost. It gave me goosebumps when I watched it.” The man, identified as Dondon, reportedly drowned at the quarry site while trying to save a stray dog. Dondon was able to push the animal to safety but continued to slip into the deeper part of the water while doing so.

Based on my studies, it could very well be exactly that.


boy falls from plane


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On the 22nd of February 1970, a photographer named John Gilpin was testing his new lenses at Sydney airport, after developing the images he took he discovered that he’d captured the last moments of Keith Sapsford, a 14 year-old boy who snuck into a plane wheel and it opened mid-air.


Norwegian Worm Monster

Charles Taylor
Aug 23, 2012

This is the original footage I captured with my cannon power shot and my friends coolpix digital camera. The intro should give a good explanation as to what Im filming and where I was. This was on August 4th, 2012 at 11am. Please if anyone has questions about the video post them below, I really want input as to what is in this lake.

Norwegian Worm Monster CXRxhWKziq8 mp4 stabilized

Apr 13, 2021

Got it from here:…

I have no idea what that is.

Fabulous! Quite compelling.


Very nice =]


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In 1888, a strange black cloud covered the entire English county of Oxfordshire, making all the sheep in the area go completely mad. Exactly five years later, it happened again. The exact nature of both events remains unexplained…

The Great Sheep Panic of 1888

Mar 26, 2021

On the night of November 3rd, 1888, the sheep in England went mad… This video took me the most time to research yet -I will be super happy if you help me share it and give me feedback in the comment section – any feedback is extremely helpful! Also, follow me on Twitter – once I hit 100 subscribers, I plan to start posting there regularly:

Although these incidents are not technically Dark Days, because they only lasted an hour, Dark Days are one of my favorite phenomena.

In any event, I do npt recall ever hearing about this double whammy for some reason. They are incredibly rare and it is so hard to find them or any information or even mentions.

Was the cloud alive?


Juliane Koepcke


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17 year-old Juliane Koepcke was sucked out of an airplane in 1971 after it was struck by a bolt of lightning. She fell 2 miles to the ground, strapped to her seat and survived after she endured 10 days in the Amazon Jungle.


Pleistocene plant revived


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Scientists have managed to revive a plant from the Pleistocene in their vials! This guy is 32,000 years old.



oldest basketphoto credit: YANIV BERMAN/IAA


The story is here!

Oldest woven basket in the world found in Israel, dates back 10,000 years

The basket was found empty and closed with a lid. Only a small amount of soil was retrieved in it and the researchers hope it will help identify what the vessel contained.




The Cynocephali And The Dogman

Journey To The Other Side
Mar 9, 2021

This is short, sweet and complete.

I got into the cynocephali a while ago and read much on the topic. Very cool stuff. I do not recall if I posted about it, though. I need to search, lol.

This fellow sums it all up nicely in this video.


America Unearthed: Ark of the Covenant Hidden in Arizona (S2, E1) | Full Episode | History

Sep 27, 2020

Scott Wolter gets a call from a man who has a mysterious stone on his property. He’s convinced that it’s the “Stone of Destiny”–the stone that Jacob from the Bible rested his head on, in Season 2, Episode 1, “Ark of the Covenant.”

In “America Unearthed,” host Scott Wolter uses hard science and intuitive theories to explain the most mysterious artifacts and sites in America.

I found this quite interesting, as I have never heard of this theory before. I had been pretty well convinced it was and is at the Coptic church in Axum, Ethiopa.


The Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion (Amharic: ርዕሰ አድባራት ቅድስተ ቅዱሳን ድንግል ማሪያም ፅዮን Re-ese Adbarat Kidiste Kidusan Dingel Maryam Ts’iyon) is an Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Ethiopia. It is claimed to contain the Ark of the Covenant. It is located in the town of Axum, Tigray. The original church is believed to have been built during the reign of Ezana the first Christian ruler of the Kingdom of Axum (Present-day Eritrea and Ethiopia), during the 4th century AD, and has been rebuilt several times since then.[1]



Yosemite National Park: Strange and Unexplained Disappearances

Top Mysteries
Nov 22, 2019

► Support the channel over at Patreon! ► Located in the western Sierra Nevada of Central California, bounded on the southeast by the Sierra National Forest and on the northwest by the Stanislaus National Forest; lies a beautiful vast wilderness that attracts over 4 million people every year. Officially, federally protected in 1864, and later declared a National Park on the 1st of October 1890 by a Congressional act, the Yosemite National Park was officially born. This expansive land, covering almost 1,200 squares miles was officially designated as a world heritage site in 1984. Perhaps best known for its captivating waterfalls, it’s also famous for its clear streams, ancient and giant sequoia groves, it’s lakes, mountains, meadows and glaciers. It is also home to one of the worlds natural wonders; Yosemite Valley. According to “This Valley stretches 8 miles from east to west with granite walls more than twice the height of the Empire State Building. Carved by glacial dynamics and weathering and erosion spanning 30 million years. This is a wonder of the natural world.” The National Park Service describes the Valley as a “shrine to human foresight with the strength of its granite, its persistence of life and the tranquillity of the High Sierra.” But not all is tranquil in the National Park. Yosemite National Park, in recent times has also become well known for its disappearances that many claim to be unusual. Yosemite National Park: Strange and Unexplained Disappearances

My links:
► Sources: Click here ➥…

This stuff is so creepy.


Yellow Penguin

Wildlife Photographer Captures ‘Never Before Seen’ Yellow Penguin

FEB 18, 2021

Yellow PenguinThe rare yellow penguin standing next to a “normal” black king penguin. Photo by Yves Adams/Kennedy News

A wildlife photographer has shared a once-in-a-lifetime photo of what he believes is a “never before seen” yellow penguin.

Belgian landscape and wildlife photographer Yves Adams was leading a two-month photo exhibition in the South Atlantic in December 2019 when the group made a stop on an island in South Georgia to photograph a colony of over 120,000 king penguins.

While unloading some safety equipment and food onto Salisbury Plain, Adams noticed an unusual sight he had never seen before: a penguin with bright yellow plumage.

“I’d never seen or heard of a yellow penguin before,” the photographer tells Kennedy News. “There were 120,000 birds on that beach and this was the only yellow one there.”

Read the rest!

Very cool! A leucistic penguin!


The lady with long hair


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“The lady with long hair” is one of the most significant mummies in Huaca Huallamarca (San Isidro, Lima). It’s believed to be a princess buried alive. Her hair found intact. Believed to be from 200 BC.



Witness says UFO disappeared into an auraWitness says UFO disappeared into an aura


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Witness says UFO disappeared into an “aura”

Oh, Lord, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I just can not stop laughing. I mean…

I am all for the portal in mid-air phenomena, it’s by no means new and I like the GT-R model sawsir, but…

that illo… LOL

it’s just too perfect.


mars ufo


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why no one is talking about this ? an actual image of Mars ( from NASA website ) showing what looks like a ufo.

Well, it certainly does look like it. But it’s too far away for anything but speculation. Video would help.

I don’t like that the image number is not included. Prevents real analysis from happening. That is too common with this sort of posting.

Although very science-based, I do have a soft spot for Martian anomalies… I spent hours and hours back in the day hunting stuff… there are so many fascinating things on Mars… and this one is pretty good, all things considered.

ETA: Props to this commenter.

4 hours ago

I will check it out.


Frost FX


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The way the frost highlights the sculpture

Excellent! Really. Was it specially made so it would do this?


<blockquoteLon Strickler’s ARCANE RADIO – Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research Team Updates | Fri. Feb.26.2021

Arcane Radio

Join Lon Strickler as he welcomes Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research investigators Butch Witkowski, Rob Shaw and Ryan Fusco to Arcane Radio for detailed, first-hand discussion of recent investigations and reports of Fortean supernatural and paranormal happenings. Butch Witkowski is a UFO, paranormal and cryptid investigator and the founder of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania based in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. Ryan Fusco is a paranormal, cryptid and UFO investigator based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Rob Shaw is an experienced investigator of the Fortean based in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. This will be a truly outstanding, informative Livestream conversation that details many actual events. With a live SuperChat that can answer many of your questions. Enjoy! You can find the full Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research team and affiliate researchers at

Excellent work is ongoing. And good stuff is happening.


This NASA Probe Did A Flyover Of Mars Moon Phobos And Accidentally Detected This

Unexplained Mysteries
Feb 26, 2021

This NASA probe did a flyover of Mars Moon Phobos and accidentally detected this. Today, we take a look at this interesting discovery made by a NASA probe. In our modern age, a genuine, mind-blowing discovery is seemingly hard to come by. Our ever-expanding knowledge of our planet and the universe means that we are slowly chipping away at the mountain of questions we have about this plane of existence. But every now and then something truly baffling rears its head, something that throws a wrench in the works of everything we thought we knew. These rare discoveries can be found in the strangest of places, leading to great interest from the public as well as the scientific community.

Thank you for watching! Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

An excellent presentation and completely woo-free. 🙂


sparrows portraying a horse


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Flock of sparrows portraying a horse while horses gallop in the background

Wow. I mean, Wow. This is profound on so many levels, holy cow!



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UFO flying in, stops for a second and makes a sharp left turn and leaves the atmosphere. SPACE FORCE?!

UFO caught on night vision cam

Richard Christy
Jan 23, 2020

I was testing my nighttime camera to adjust the lens before putting it back on my telescope mount and decided to stick it straight up at the sky since it was a clear night and lo and behold this is what I caught zooming around making crazy turns. I captured this type of activity over two nights. I am not saying it’s aliens. What I am saying is I have no idea what the heck it is. But I do know for a fact that asteroids and comments and space junk doesn’t re-enter earths atmosphere stop and then make a left or a right hand turn before zooming off out of the picture at some ungodly speed. This was taken in New Jersey in January so I am ruling out bugs. Let me know what you think. Space Force

This has possibilities…


mars feature


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I admit it’s hard not to let the imagination run wild




National Cryptid Society
February 23 2020

A spectacular mutation in an octopus results in tentacles upon tentacles. A “WTFtopus.”




A rather neat looking object on the other side of the moon by China’s Chang’e probe.


penguin silhouette


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Looks like penguin silhouette. Hehe


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Awww, c’mon, now.

Remember, Einstein said imagination is the highest form of research.


a Lovecraftian God


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A moray eel with a disfigured face resides in an aquarium. That or this creature is a Lovecraftian God.

Oh, wow…


Hadda share…


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If I shit, is the turd my property?

Or if I shit on the streets, can anyone just claim it to themselves?


28 minutes ago

It’s yours unless you abandon it.

31 minutes ago

I think it is technically yours like if you shit and some near by person shouts “Dibs!” You can probably say no its mine.

13 minutes ago

everything ok at home champ?

30 minutes ago

I wanna say “yes”?




Just wow.

‘Not For Public View’ Biden Interview

Populist Press
Published February 16, 2021

Rumble — Astonishing outtake from a recent Joe Biden interview proves major problems he’s suffering that the media and establishment are trying to hide.

visit the #1 aggregator

Classic behaviors. Poor guy. This is just scary.

Powerful stuff.

HT Jeff Rense


Multiple UFOs were spotted around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

mavi 777
Feb 15, 2021

This is interesting.
Especially considering where this is.

Kind of ominous, too, eh.

Considering the area was just hit pretty hard seismically.
Seems legit, as well, but idk for certain.



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An Experience

It was during my third deployment to Iraq; the platoon had taken up residence in two houses in a village several miles south of Haditha. One day I heard our translator having a heated discussion with two local men. I grabbed my gear and my rifle and walked out to the road to investigate. I ask the translator what was going on. He tells me that these two men are crazy and assures me that they are not dangerous. I ask what they want, and he mumbles about them being superstitious, or something along those lines. He assures me that everything is ok, and my attention is not needed. It took a bit of prying, but the translator finally says that they are having a wolfman problem, but they are afraid that if they shoot at it, the local troops will be alarmed and attack their house. They tell us that this wolfman has been coming around late at night and has already killed a few sheep. And they are worried that it’s going to start attacking their family.

So, I assume somewhere in translation the word ‘dog’ has turned into ‘wolf’ and is somehow being conveyed to me by the translator as ‘wolfman’. So, I try to clarify “do they mean a dog?” The translator is a bit hesitant, almost like he’s embarrassed that his countrymen are wasting everyone’s time by believing in such nonsense. But they are adamant that their house is being besieged by a wolfman. Again, I ask if it’s just a big dog, and no, it’s a wolfman. So, I ask if there are wolves in Iraq and they are all in agreeance that yes, there are wolves in Iraq. But there are no wolves in this part of the country and it’s not a wolf or a large dog that has been killing their sheep; it’s a wolfman.

The translator is trying to usher them away but at this point I am very intrigued, and still a bit confused over the whole “dog-wolf-wolfman” thing. So, I ask them to describe what they are seeing. They tell me that every few nights it comes around, they first see it on four legs, as it skulks around their small compound. But then it stands up like a man, walking on two legs. It growls and it has lunged at the men, but as they retreat, it turns its attention to the sheep. Their own dogs refusing to help protect human or sheep. They tell me the creature has killed a few of their sheep and that they have even found one of the bodies, ripped apart with portions of it eaten away. They have been hesitant to shoot for fear of troop involvement.

The translator says that he has heard of such a creature, and even though this type of story has been spread through the area by various people, it is no more than superstitions and delusions. He assures me that there is no such thing as a wolfman.

I tell the two men that they should feel free to protect themselves and their livestock. And with my interest piqued, I get the men to agree to allowing us to stop by from time to time and set up an observation post while we are out on patrol. A couple nights later I join a night patrol and we head towards the house. We are greeted by one of the men and he gives us entry to the compound. We go up to the roof and set out sentries to overlook a nearby bridge.

About an hour later the homeowner comes up with a panicked look on his face. He’s talking really fast; excitement and concern in his voice and body language. He’s wanting me to come with him. I tell two others to come with me and we all follow the man. He leads us to the other side of the house, and we exit onto an enclosed courtyard where the sheep are being kept. The sheep are making plenty of noise and the man is pointing to a dark corner of the yard. I strain my eyes to see what he’s pointing at. Finally, I see it, a large wolf/dog, just standing in the corner. I ask the other two guys with me if they see it too, and they both agree that it’s a wolf or a dog. It moved behind a small sections on of wall and I could hear popping & cracking noises; like joints or knuckles being cracked. When it stepped out from behind the wall, it was upright on two legs. It swiftly and effortlessly jumped the perimeter wall and we could here it running away on two feet.

I conveyed to the man as best I could, if that thing ever showed up again, feel free to shoot it if he could; and if he did, to please let me know.


Very cool.


I have always found this an interesting case, especially if it was true.

And by chance I now stumble across this fab report!

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“The Man from Taured”—Solved

Posted by u/Nalkarj
1 day ago

“The Man from Taured”—Solved
“He’s a real nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land…”

In 1954, a well-dressed Caucasian man arrives at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. Everything seems to be going normally until the man gives customs officials his passport.

The passport shows him coming from a country called Taured, you see. And Taured doesn’t exist.

Officials take the man aside and start interrogating him. Someone brings out a map, and the man identifies Taured as a location between France and Spain—where the real-world microstate of Andorra is.

An interrogator asks him if he means Andorra. No, he’s never heard of it. He’s from Taured.

He has money from several different (real) European countries. His passport has multiple stamps, including Japanese ones, and appears real. He claims he has a business meeting in Tokyo. He can speak Japanese and says his native language is French.

Officials take him to a nearby hotel room, on the top floor, and put him under guard. Then they do some checking.

The company for which he claims to work has never heard of him.

The hotel at which he claims to have booked a reservation never received one from him.

Officials go back to the room—and the man has vanished. The guards swear he never came out the door, and the only way out is through the window—which is not only on the hotel’s top floor but also locked.

He’s never seen again.

As you’ve probably guessed, this fun Twilight Zone-esque story is almost definitely bogus. No one has ever been able to find any Haneda Airport documentation or contemporary newspaper articles about it—or any evidence whatsoever. It’s now more or less a copypasta, with little variation between retellings.

But how did it start?

This tale was posted here in 2014, and u/Meginsanity found what I think is the earliest-known reference to the story, in Colin Wilson and John Grant’s The Directory of Possibilities (1981). In the book, Wilson and Grant have one sentence on our Tauredian traveler:

And in 1954 a passport check in Japan is alleged to have produced a man with papers issued by the nation of Taured.

I haven’t been able to find a single earlier reference. So what about the rest of the story?

Well, I think the entire second half can be jettisoned. Even accepting that a man can disappear/transport back to his alternate universe from a locked and watched hotel room (paging the ghost of John Dickson Carr), why would customs officials have brought him to a random hotel in the first place? That section of the story reads like a later addition to make the reader think the guy really did come from an alternate universe.

Did the first half happen, though? If so, the solution may be nothing more than the French-Japanese language barrier. Note that the French word for Andorra, l’Andorre, has some of the same vowel sounds as the made-up Taured. (We don’t know for certain, after all, that the man actually spoke Japanese.) And remember that the Wilson/Grant book says nothing more than that the man produced “papers issued by the nation of Taured.”

That said, I do know one of the book’s authors, Colin Wilson—an interesting, intelligent, and insightful writer who nevertheless “believed almost everything he read about the paranormal, no matter how outrageous,” as skeptic Martin Gardner wrote. Knowing what I do of Wilson, I don’t think he would have made up a reference, but he might have repeated one uncritically. Where he got it, though, I have no idea.

That was originally where I stopped my post, more or less.

But then I found two Reddit posts that—I can say with some certainty—cracked the entire case.

Last year, u/NatanaelAntonioli posted to r/japan about the story. He/she linked to an Aug. 15, 1960, clipping from Vancouver’s The Province, which told the story of conman John Allen Kuchar Zegrus (emboldenings mine):

Mr. Zegrus wanted to travel the world. To impress officials, he invented a nation, a capital, a people and a language. All these he recorded on a passport which he made himself. […]

John claimed to be a “naturalized Ethiopian and an intelligent agent for Colonel Nasser.” The passport was stamped as issued at Tamanrasset, the capital of Tuared “south of the Sahara.” Any places so romantically named ought to exist, but they don’t. John Allen Kuchar Zegrus invented them. […]

[Zegrus’s] gallant gesture for the individualist, unfortunately, ended with the Japanese in Tokyo. They began looking up maps.

This rather tears it, I think. Other than the country’s placement “south of the Sahara” rather than between France and Spain, this basically is the Taured story. And the spelling is close that I can’t believe it’s a coincidence.

Antonioli also linked to a 1960 speech by British M.P. Robert Mathew, published in Hansard. According to Mathew (emboldenings again mine):

My hon. Friend may know the case of John Alan Zegrus, who is at present being prosecuted in Tokio. […] This man, according to the evidence, has travelled all over the world with a very impressive looking passport indeed. […]

The passport is stated to have been issued in Tamanrosset the capital of the independent sovereign state of Tuarid. […] When the accused was cross-examined he said that it was a State of 2 million population somewhere south of the Sahara. This man has been round the world on this passport without hindrance, a Passport which as far as we know is written in the invented language of an invented country.

And then in Nov. 2020, u/taraiochi figured out the last piece of the puzzle. He/she linked to a 1960 Japanese newspaper article that is clearly about Zegrus. As translated by u/johnmasterof, it reads:

A mysterious foreigner of unknown nationality and background, accused of illegal entry and fraud, tried to commit suicide in front of the judge who handed down the verdict, at the Tokyo District Court on April 10. The defendant, John Allen K. Ziegler [sic] (36), was sentenced by Judge Yamagishi to one year of imprisonment…

Zieglass [sic] and his Korean wife entered Haneda Airport with a forged passport from Taipei on October 24 last year, and in December of the same year, he stole about 200,000 yen and $140 in traveler’s checks from the Tokyo branch of the [Chase Manhattan Bank], and another 100,000 yen from the Tokyo branch of the Bank of Korea. The forged passport used to enter the country was handmade and the name of the country, Negusi Habesi Ghouloulouloul Esprit, was completely fictitious, and the characters written on it were also unclear, even after being authenticated by a specialist, as to what language it was written in.

The defendant spoke 14 countries, and in response to the investigation, he stated that he had come to Japan on orders from an Arab-related agency and was working for a U.S. intelligence agency, but there was no such fact, and the district prosecutor, troubled by the fact that the nationality of the defendant was unknown, prosecuted the case. The identity of the riddle was not revealed at the trial, and the English newspaper reported that he was a “mystery man”.

And that’s the solution to the mystery of the Man from Taured. Wow. Full credit to u/NatanaelAntonioli and u/taraiochi for their amazing detective work, and I’m delighted that we’re finally able to put this old chestnut to rest.

EDIT: u/vegetepal and u/tropical_chancer have pointed out that Tamanrasset is a real place in Algeria with a large Tuareg population. It’s probable, therefore, that Zegrus based the name and location of fictional “Tuared” on the Tuareg people and the city of Tamanrasset.


The Strangest Bigfoot Spree Of All Time

Bob Gymlan
Apr 18, 2019

A rehash of the most peculiar bigfoot sightings event in the records.
Illustrations by Fred Dunn!:
Please Support!

Nice 🙂


A rather different tale…

Just in at r/cryptids

Posted by u/Personal-Royal

1 hour ago

Scarecrow Cryptid?

I’m posting this because my curiosity has and probably will always get the better of me. I heard a story a couple years back from my best friends mom that was told by her grandmother. We’re all lovers of cryptids and urban legends so the tales we know are always shared with each other quite regularly. Well, this telling from her grandma was from back around the early 1960s, where they lived in a mobile home in the state of Kentucky. They lived pretty far back into the land where their property was surrounded by woods or corn fields. She said there were normal strange occurrences that happened, but one night she heard what sounded like rustling around outside their home. After a little bit of hearing the noise she said she opened the window to see what it was and she said there was a scarecrow running full speed away from their house and running into/through the cornfield while it screamed at the top of its lungs. I always love hearing this story and I wanted to do some research, but the only thing that comes up is the Bubák which has barely any information on it and is not from the States. I was curious if anyone else has ever heard or had their own experiences with something that resembles a scarecrow??

Well, now, that is one interesting happening!


Alien looking creature transforming near Ocean floor at over 3700 feet. Video from ROV

Nov 12, 2013

This video was taken by an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) at a depth of 3753 ft in the Indian Ocean within close proximity to a drill wellhead. Near the end of the footage you can see the creature getting caught up in the output from the ROV thrusters. The video has not been altered and was taken off the East coast of Africa.

It has been identified.

It is a known sub-species of lampocteis cruentivente.

A “Comb Jelly” family member.


Something Is Happening Right Now Above Denver Colorado But Residents Can’t Explain What It Is

Unexplained Mysteries
Feb 3, 2021

Something is happening right now above Denver Colorado but residents can’t explain what it is. Today, we take a look at what is happening above Denver Colorado. For the past few days residents in Colorado have been seeing some strange things. It first started at the End of January when residents reported seeing large objects in the sky. People all throughout Colorado witnessed this event and thought that perhaps it was a natural phenomenon. However, those who saw these objects couldn’t understand what they were looking at.

Thank you for watching! Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!


Too bad none of this shows them in motion! What’s up with that?


And at r/interestingasfuck

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3 hours ago

While doing the dishes, I saw a cluster of perfectly aligned bubbles. Was quite fascinated by it for a good minute.




Posted by u/[deleted] 1 year ago

Polar bear plays with severed narwhal penis




This photo of a Selkie was posted to r/interestingasfuck2 hours ago by u/manish3010.

The Seal Woman of Mikladalur (Kópakonan), Kalsoy Island, Faroe Islands.



First Sighting of a Pixie

Erwin Saunders
Sep 30, 2017

A couple more Pixie sightings

Erwin Saunders
Oct 2, 2017

God, I love this man…