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  1. It was Kibel’s brother-in-law, not McDonald’s, who knew Andrew Greenwood at the sports car club.

    Kibel sent this tape to McDonald to inform him of what Greenwood said he saw. But it is only Kibel on the tape. Greenwood – the actual witness – delivers his account when interviewed on tape by McDonald later on. This tape is the important one and has been long available as are transcripts.

    McDonald was an American scientist visiting Australia in 1967. His specialty was meteorology but he had a great interest in UFOs and took the opportunity to interview a number of Australian UFO observers, including Greenwood.

    Kibel took the ‘Balwyn UFO’ polaroid which is sometimes linked to the Westall case. Kibel says he took the polaroid on April 2, 1966, four days before the Westall sighting, but its authenticity gets very mixed responses.

    • Hey Geoff, thanks for the info! The more we know the better chance we have. Not sure what to make of the “previous” picture, myself. It doesn’t, to my eye, really match the pic in this post, which is lauded as the real deal. I wish the lady would confirm that it is… that’d be awesome… and if it really is, how did it wind up in a stock photo library when it was confiscated by the government? Thanks again for commenting, it’s a rare treat ’round here.

    • I am very familiar with Dr. McDonald but your info elucidates the situation well with info I didn’t know about the brother-in-law. I am, though, very glad the tape was sent to the doc as it thereby bypassed the confiscations and provides much-needed corroboration. Bless you, Sir, for filling in details.
      Be well

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