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Sometimes life feels like this:

At other times it almost feels “like it’s supposed to…”

ok here is the scoop…

I recorded some yammerings in audio.

Didn’t get all that far but got a good start…


Will need to cut into pieces as the files were way over the limits for upload here, which is 100MB. The main one is 384MB for about 15 minutes of Igular utterances. Soon… soon… tomorrow eve probably.

Note: I will stick them on here where they are supposed to be.



See now, this is how the moon got put into place…

Dee- lish!


One of many slabs stuck in the surface in a region of Mars that I can not recall the name of right now. Nifty eh?!

Here’s a nice shot of one.

A very unfortunate Sumatran rhino, which are endangered as it is; and some god damn bastard has to go and cut off it’s horn.

The individual(s) that did this is lucky our paths haven’t crossed as I would cut something off the asswipe(s) for them to remember their crime by. At least while they bled out.

Creeps me out how sick people are.




Son House – John The Revelator

American Blues Scene
Published on May 4, 2013

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Ohhh, the purity!!!

Revel in the revelator!



Samantha Fish – Sucker Born – Don Odells Legends

Don Odell
Published on May 2, 2014

Samantha & her band pull into Don Odells Legends Studios on a Sunday afternoon late March between between shows at Bull Run & Chans. 3 shows in 24 hrs!! Seen here playingRolling Stones Dead Flowers from her latest effort “Black Wind Howling’ .Please check out other shows by Walter Trout, Royal Southern Brotherhood,Mike Zito, Jimmy Thackery, Joe Louis Walker, Walter Trout and many more and by subscribing you can be automatically notified of new videos when uploaded.Audio recorded and mixed by Jayce De Santis of Soundstream Media, Northampton, MA.

Oh Sammi…

we swoon



Joe Bonamassa – “Oh Beautiful” – at PinkPop 2014

Published on Sep 25, 2015

Join the celebration of the one year anniversary of Joe Bonamassa’s latest studio album, Different Shades of Blue! Watch the incredible video of “Oh Beautiful!” the album’s standout second track, recorded live from the PinkPop Festival. Different Shades of Blue scorched the Billboard charts, topping the blues chart and reaching all the way to #8 on the top 200 albums chart! Different Shades of Blue features a stellar ensemble of musicians including Reese Wynans, formerly of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, on organ and piano, Anton Fig on drums, Carmine Rojas and Michael Rhodes on bass, and Lenny Castro on percussion. The album is chock-full of incredible all-original songs including “Love Ain’t a Love Song,” “Trouble Town,” and “Never Give All Your Heart,” which have become Joe Bonamassa classics and fan favorites. ► FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD – ● Official Tickets ● ● Official Social Links ● ● Official Merchandise ●

More Bonamassa magic!

Wait, Bona who?




Joe Bonamassa – “Midnight Blues” – Beacon Theatre – Live From New York

Published on Mar 21, 2017

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Mister Bonamassa is one of the most significant folks to arrive in the world of Blues in quite some time.

I am grateful for him

And all he do.




ooI am not sure, truth be told, if things are actually okay. Oh, some things are, some things are going well, some remarkably well… but… is the “earth” below me giving me good steering or what?

Bin trustin’ them angels and so far so good with that. Taking mental notes… some fascinating evidence, methinks, or evidence on waylate realization.

Currently, the propulser for said earth seems to be in neutral; and at idle; so, that’s not good. It also feels quite strange that I have no idea what’s happening with Aunt Clare’s upcoming events. Maybe that’s not so bad as I seem to be pretty shot and need about a month of sleep. Full recharge. Or something… just… sleep!

It is with glee that I let it be known that there are now TWO authors here!
Unprecedented, it is, yes!

Everyone welcome Ariel Christopher,
who will post whenever her wacky schedule allows.

This feels good.













Meanwhile, down below:


In a powerful victory for indigenous rights in Brazil last week, the Toronto-based company Belo Sun Mining had its license to drill revoked by a federal court, dealing a significant setback to its efforts to gouge a mega-mine into the banks of the Amazon’s Xingu River.

In the unanimous ruling, the court cited Belo Sun’s failure to uphold the right of local indigenous communities to prior consultation on the project’s complex social and environmental impacts, which would compound the destruction already wrought by the adjacent Belo Monte hydroelectric dam. It also ordered the company to carry out an “Indigenous Component Study” to measure the project’s specific impacts on indigenous communities and territories, stating that a new licensing process will not be considered until Belo Sun has undertaken all of these measures.

Last week’s victory is especially notable in a region already reeling from the devastation of Belo Monte, a mega-project that steamrolled human rights, environmental protections, and the rule of law to drive a wall of concrete across the mighty Xingu River. As Belo Sun’s “Volta Grande” gold mine appeared set to follow Belo Monte’s notorious path of rampant illegality and corruption, the determined efforts of local indigenous peoples, Brazilian federal prosecutors, and NGO allies have thrown up a formidable roadblock to the multibillion-dollar project.


It was quite pleasurable seeing some good news come out of the Amazon.

I was especially impressed with the court — it actually went with the law and the people!


There is hope, friends!




Can’t write long as I am about to go in and have the lay-d fill one of the deeper holes in my teeth. This is a good thing.

The future stopped by last night. It was a wonderful thing. There are rumors of it becoming the present in time. That would be… transformative

Ai ai.


BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE SONG: Build Our Machine [Remix] SFM Music Video

Jaze Cinema
Published on Nov 3, 2017

BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE SONG: Build Our Machine [Remix] SFM Music Video

SFM Bendy and the Ink Machine music video song “BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE SONG (Build Our Machine) LYRIC VIDEO – DAGames”:

SFM Bendy and the Ink Machine music video song remix: “SayMaxWell – Build Our Machine [Remix] ft. Triforcefilms (BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE SONG)”:

Subscribe to the animator of this SFM Bendy and the Ink Machine music video, myszka11o!…

Build Our Machine lyrics:

[Verse 1]
They have sent you a letter
To come back home to play
But to your dismay
This isn’t your day
For the happy fun time has begun to fade
Watch as we reanimate our corpses you abandoned
And we’re dismantled, we’re mishandled
But we won’t be skipped and swayed

Trapped within these walls
You left our souls to drip away
The ink decays
The walls at bay
But the reckoning has come today
You say
Boris has no guts ’cause you replaced it with mechanical strain
We’ve been tortured
But we move forward
This disorder kills your day

I am alive
You’re the creator
You traitor

There’s no vaccine
To cure our dirty needs
For now you must
Build up our machine
You die tonight

Build up our machine
You die tonight

Build up our machine
You die tonight

[Verse 2]
So you found all the pieces
To initiate the pain
Our venom stains
The night remains
But the ending is always just the same
No gain
Nod your head to the beat of death
As you draw your last eternal breath
Of an invasion
Start to course right through our veins

You say we have no brains
We’re just cartoons for your portrayal
To tell some tale about a boat and sail
But sure this inevitably unveils the fail
Splashes of eternal hate
Will flood the floor and clean the slate
Now we’re tools!
And your the fool!
Our nightmare dominates

I am alive
You’re the creator
You traitor

There’s no vaccine
To cure our dirty needs
For now you must
Build up our machine
You die tonight

I am alive
You’re the creator
You traitor

There’s no vaccine
To cure our dirty needs
For now you must
Build up our machine
You die tonight

Build up our machine
You die tonight

Build up our machine
You die tonight

[Verse 3]
I am aware
That your soul is now divine
We care not to toil with unbroken chains
So don’t toil with ours
Like he did with our shining stars

So prepare for adventure
We’re a whole new creature from the darkest side
You can’t take away the pain we feel
Created as monsters that come to life
(Come back to life)

[Verse 4]
So you’ve come to the end now
Alive but dead inside
The heart beats loud
You’ve joined the crowd
We are but punished serpentines

Your life with him was fun
But now the terror’s only just begun
Now come with me
And you will see

I am alive
You’re the creator
You traitor

There’s no vaccine
To cure our dirty needs
For now you must
Build up our machine
You die tonight

I am alive
You’re the creator
You traitor

There’s no vaccine
To cure our dirty needs
For now you must
Build up our machine
You die tonight

Build up our machine
You die tonight (Created as monsters that come to life)

Build up our machine
You die tonight

Animator  myszka11o

Music  DAGames

My friend Lono was over and he was watching this or the one before it while I was doing something or other. I thought the tune was pretty catchy but wasn’t really paying attention. So I looked at these lyrics when it came up and… well…

I need to look at this a few more times I think, like we did in the old film days.

Yeah, that’s it.





My goodness… this was intended to be the big status update, but it was started a couple of days ago and we know how that goes… I will indeed be attempting a big status update, as things are going better than expected, I am compelled to thank the cosmos profusely for this as I dont do well with trauma traditionally and this was really strong stuff.

So, yes… more shortly. (Where have we heard that before, huh?!)

LOL enjoy the thrills…

“The Moon Is Full” from the album ”Hard Truth” by Coco Montoya. Released: 2017. Track 7 of 11. Genre: Blues.

“Giving Up on Your Love” from “The Big Sound of Lil’ Ed & the Blues Imperials” by Lil’ Ed & the Blues Imperials. Released: 2016. Track 1. Genre: Blues.

“Keep On Rollin’” from “Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio” by Elvin Bishop. Released: 2017. Track 1 of 12.

“Hard To Feel The Same About Love” from “The Beautiful Lowdown – Curtis Salgado” by Curtis Salgado. Released: 2016. Track 1 of 12. Genre: Blues.

“When The Lights Are Burning Low” from “Promised Land Or Bust” by Moreland & Arbuckle. Track 4 of 11. Genre: Other.




Samantha Fish Band, Memphis, MO 6.10.12

David Luther posted a video from June 10, 2012 to his Timeline — with Bob Simpson and Memphis, Missouri.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 6:20pm about 5 years ago

We played in front of the Samantha Fish Band (and later Royal Southern Brotherhood) this past summer at the Lil’ Memphis Blues Festival. Here’s a clip from Samantha’s show. Very shaky camera work, but the groove is great.

and from the fanpage:

Jamie Parker shared David Luther‘s video.

Bit shaky outside, but die-hard FishFans might appreciate this anyway. Like I said, been a fan for a while. Buddy Dave Luther shot video after he opened. Royal followed. what. a. day.

Oh Lawd Dat Sound!

PentaProps™ once again to the most wonderful Frank S. Petrilli for this thrilling bit of vintage Goddess.



UFOs: It Has Begun – Classic Vault (full length ep)

Published on May 27, 2017

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Strange. I found it at my home in the æther, Above Top, which as regulars are so aware is where I find most things.

UFO’S: It Has Begun
nOraKat, Member
Registered: 11/25/2011
posted on Dec, 7 2017 @ 09:41 AM

This is an interesting bit of UFO History.

According John Lear (Father founded the Lear Jet corporation) and others, the Pentagon wanted to release a partial UFO disclosure documentary around 1973. This was the first attempt by the government to release information to the public.

The result of this motivation was a documentary released in 1973, hosted by Rod Serling, creator of the series – The Twilight Zone. The documentary was called: UFO’S: It Has Begun. Originally it was supposed to be called: UFO’s: Past, Present and Future. It was produced by a CIA front Sandler Films.

In the end of the film, it was supposed to show the actual landing at Holloman, according to Lear. In 1964, a UFO landing took place at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico with humanoid extra terrestrials coming out resulting in a meeting. A person he mentioned at Norton air Force base watched this film in its entirety and was convinced it was a real event. It showed 3 saucers, one landing, and 3 people coming out. “They were humanoid but slightly different than us.. They had a weapon.. And this film was supposed to be shown in the last part of the film.. At the last minute, the Pentagon withdrew the film and said ‘we want you to not use this film but depict the end in terms of it may of happened..’ “. And this is exactly what they have done in the film.

You can watch the film in its entirety and I have included a link to Lear’s interview and other related links:

Hmmm. a CIA production, huh? Well, I guess it could be… As we know, truth is indeed stranger than fiction as a general rule of thumb but some stories are still just stories. God, Rod was so good… an actual genius. We don’t get many living, breathing, friendly and approachable geniuses popping up in this particular walkabout, so Rod was an absolute treasure to this whole world and there won’t be a replacement.

Lawd. Die liebenposte is supposed to be well underway and since I am doing pretty good things are getting detangled  and tme is riddled with little bumps and potholes. Holy Moly, Roly, Brain’s feeling heavier by the minute so I am gonna just say f it, Imma be puttin’ sie Learvid n blurb on and maybe lay down? We hope that’s what I’ll effing do!

Ha! Well, not yet! Madonne. And all I actually want to do is to lovingly mangiare on an endless line of deliciously tender, juicy, drippy figas!

he swoons

John Lear UFO Timeline FULL with Art Bell circa 1994

Action Jackson
Published on Jul 6, 2015

John Lear tells all about UFO’s to Art Bell

Music – “Catalina” by Cusco

He talks about it @ 34:59

This has a link to an interview with John!

Jason Colavito
“UFOs: It Has Begun”: When Rod Serling and Jacques Vallee Made a UFO Film

I’d like to start today by briefly noting that there is a new interview with longtime fringe figure John Anthony West, 82, in New Dawn magazine. In it, West goes through his usual litany of fringe claims and his worship of occultist R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz and self-actualization mystic George Gurdjieff, but what is interesting is that both he and the interviewer all but concede that their interest in the ancient past and esoteric wisdom has less to do with finding the truth about prehistoric and early historic belief systems and more to do with their conviction that “Darwinism” is wrong, that capitalists and scientists are stripping life of its spiritual meaning, and that the wealthy elite are making life difficult for the underclass, who might otherwise benefit from esoteric visions of some vanished utopia. “You watch the Scorpions of Wall Street raping our lives and these disgusting billionaires absolutely destroying the planet. That’s the sort of thing you have to keep on top of, it seems to me.” West said that he is “contemptuous” of Western civilization and thus searches for a past (or, as we might say, invents a past) where a more congenial belief system gives his life spiritual meaning. Thus, West imagines that his discoveries will explode materialist paradigm and therefore transform Western civilization through a massive esoteric Renaissance.

But enough of that. Let’s talk about something a little more down to earth: UFOs.




I am relieved to report that I am healing. Not all the way there yet by a long shot, but I made it through today … an alone day except for one brief encounter and a couple of brief phone calls, without breaking down or pacing until my hip joints and back hurt. That was the norm. And I was not able to stop it through force of will. I just paced. Inside. Outside in the cold. Combinations. Anxiety. Horrors! But today has been okay.

My day started out by stupidly engaging bots which had been triggered by Craigslist and then I got to work on the new issue of the car club magazine. Craigslist, man, what a waste of bandwidth, at least for me, socially. There are, apparently, a few pooftas on there if you need that but not one single, solitary actual human woman. This is for my entertainment and such as I am hoping that the angel of the North will soon be close.

Oh, and as its just gone midnight and it is now 5 December, this is now about yesterday.

And I am cutting it here for the moment as now its going on 3pm and I have to go out.

Update (or probably a new thread) imminent.



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This Is What It’s Like Inside North Korea’s Luxury Ski Resort | Short Film Showcase

National Geographic
Published on Aug 6, 2017

Get a glimpse of what life is like in North Korea, a country rarely seen by foreigners. Britain’s fastest snowboarder Jamie Barrow is our guide around the DPRK’s capital city Pyongyang before he heads up to the slopes of Masikryong. Follow filmmaker Jackson Kingsley on Twitter at @cinematicamedia. Jackson Kingsley: Twitter: ➡ Subscribe: ➡ Get More Short Film Showcase: About Short Film Showcase: The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created by filmmakers from around the web and selected by National Geographic editors. We look for work that affirms National Geographic’s belief in the power of science, exploration, and storytelling to change the world. The filmmakers created the content presented, and the opinions expressed are their own, not those of National Geographic Partners. Know of a great short film that should be part of our Showcase? Email [email protected] to submit a video for consideration. See more from National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase at Get More National Geographic: Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Britain’s fastest snowboarder Jamie Barrow is our guide around the DPRK’s capital city Pyongyang before he heads up to the slopes of Masikryong. Follow filmmaker Jackson Kingsley on Twitter. This Is What It’s Like Inside North Korea’s Luxury Ski Resort | Short Film Showcase National Geographic

What I most often find in these efforts to attempt an understanding is the inability to see the forest for the trees… to see the big picture.

And here it is again.

My problem with the blurb above is that although the title of the film is completely correct, the description provided for it by National Geographic starts with the line: “Get a glimpse of what life is like in North Korea, a country rarely seen by foreigners.”

No foreigner gets to see what life is like in North Korea. Ever. (Wait, what? What are you on about, Ig?) They get to see what life is like in Pyongyang, which has rather little to do with what the people experience outside of that city. Not typically mentioned in these works is the little tidbit that notes that… in order to live in the capitol, one needs to have a life that is connected to the functioning of the government. And you need to have shown a high level of loyalty to and performance for the government. Regular folks do not live in Pyongyang. Perhaps the filmmakers are not aware of this? Could be, I suppose.

Shortly thereafter they get to see what life is like in the purpose-built showcases. The out-of-town museums and such. And that certainly includes this most recent project of the continuing stream of wasted effort passed off as a service to the people that is used to pacify outsiders. Note that just like in the museums and restaurants and model homes and other places you can check out in explorations readily available online… for example such as the excellent Vice series, the visitor in the video along with the crew are the only people there. This is to be expected. This is the norm. These places are propaganda…and sure, you can give em some dough and go ski there, but, I am confident that no North Korean citizen has partaken of this place…nor will they ever.

Oh dear.





John Richardson
Published on Nov 21, 2017

Be sure to hit the quality button for HD on this video as Samantha and her special Supersonic Guitar go Blazing on “Gone For Good”. I created this video compilation using video that I shot at shows since 2014 ! Now finally this song has been released and can be found on the Samantha Fish “Belle of the West” record… love this record, love this song !……

Mmmm gotta thank our dear Frank Petrilli for hookin’ us up with this very well done compilation of our Sam just wailin’ on her super duper Supersonic custom Oil Can Guitar!




I don’t reblog too often, (well on here, my tumblr is 99.8% reblog, but that is not this by a long shot). As regulars know, I’ve always had a thing for Amelia, so any news of her will always catch my eye … and I will more than likely share it here with you.

New post on Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last  


Kwaj newsletter presents new Earhart eyewitnesses

by earharttruth

In November 2006, Amelia Earhart Society member David Bowman told the onlineYahoo! Earhart Group about a story he wrote for the Walpole, New Hampshire-based Mysteries Magazine“The Psychic World of Amelia Earhart.” In 2005, Bowman self-published Legerdemain: Deceit, Misdirection and Political Sleight of Hand in the Disappearance of Amelia Earhart, which would be published by Saga Books of Canada in 2007.  Informative and entertaining, Legerdemain includes several strange and obscure Earhart tales, demonstrating the extent to which the Earhart disappearance has been stigmatized by fantasists since its earliest days.

In researching “The Psychic World of Amelia Earhart,” Bowman made a fascinating discovery. The Jan. 7, 2003 edition of The Kwajalein Hourglass,the weekly newsletter at the U.S. Army Garrison Kwajalein Atoll, ran an article titled, “Did Amelia Earhart land on Kwajalein Atoll?” by Eugene “Gene” C. Sims, who was stationed there as a GI in 1945 and returned to work as a civilian from 1964 to ’71, and from 1983 to ’86.

Eugene “Gene” C. Sims, of Coos Bay, Ore., a veteran of three tours at the U.S. Army Garrison Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. Sims wrote a story for the Kwajalein Hourglass in January 2003 that updated Jane Toma’s remarkable 1993 article about previously unknown Marshallese eyewitnesses to the presence of Amelia Earhart on Kwajalein shortly after her disappearance on July 2, 1937.

Sims recalled his youth in Oakland, Calif., during the 1930s and how he grew to idolize Earhart after seeing her at the local airport. When Fred Goerner’s book was published in 1966, Sims was working on Kwajalein, and was soon inspired to pursue his own Earhart investigation. “I was surprised to hear them speak so openly about the white-skinned lady and man that came to Kwajalein in 1937,” Sims wrote. An unidentified Marshallese man told Sims that as a 12-year-old in 1937, “a large Japanese ship came into the harbor” and he saw “a white lady and man on the deck,” a rare sight in those times.Sims wrote that because Goerner had been denied access to Kwajalein in the early 1960s, Goerner was never to learn [the] concrete proof that Amelia was on Kwajalein and Roi-Namur in 1937. Sims continued:

Much of this proof was based on the testimony of a Jaluit woman named Mera Phillip. She had been the cook and interpreter for an American lady captured by the Japanese and held prisoner on Roi in 1937. The Mera Phillip story was further confirmed in 1993 by statements from John Tobeke, a Marshallese working on Roi.

Tobeke stated that when he was about 6 years old and living on Roi, he saw a white woman twice over a period of three months.  In addition to the testimony he gave to Neal Proctor, an instructor from the University of Maryland who was visiting Kwajalein, Tobeke was shown pictures of three different white women. He successfully identified the picture of Amelia as the woman he had seen while a child on Roi in 1937.

Neither Mera Phillip nor John Tobeke had ever been mentioned in Earhart literature before they appeared in the pages of The Kwajalein Hourglass, where Jane Toma first reported the following accounts of Tobeke and Philip in 1993.

By Jane Toma

It’s one of the great mysteries of the century. What happened to Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan in the summer of 1937 when they disappeared in the Cen­tral Pacific?  Island folklore suggests Earhart was on Roi at one time. (Bold emphasis mine throughout.)

Speculation about their disap­pearance has been the subject of countless articles, books and documentaries.  Some suggest that Earhart’s reputation as an exceptional pilot was due more to the efforts of her publicist husband George P. Putnam than her prowess as a pilot.  She simply ran out of fuel, they say, and crashed into the ocean.

Others implicate her as a spy in the Japanese mandated islands.  They argue that she and Noonan were captured and executed.

Some theories, which have gained national atten­tion recently, place the duo in the Marshall Islands and suggest the following sce­nario: The twin-engine Lockheed Electra Earhart was flying, went down off Mili, where she and Noonan were captured. The two were sent to Jaluit, Kwajalein and eventually to Saipan. where they were help prisoner and finally executed.

Stories about Earhart being in the Marshalls are not new to old timers on Roi, who have heard about an American man and woman, believed to be Noonan and Earhart, who were there before the war.

Kwajalein resident and World War II history buff Tom Rogers points to the structure some believe was Amelia Earhart’s prison on Roi, held prisoner and finally executed.  Some suggest that Earhart died from dysentery on Saipan.

Listed on historical guide

The Roi-Namur Kwajalein Atoll Historical Guide prepared by KREMS states under “Site of Japanese Main Aircraft Hangar”: “Under a pile of debris in one corner of this hangar, a Naval Intelligence commander came across a blue leatherette map case embossed in gold leaf with the letters A.E. The map case was empty, but it is believed to have belonged to Amelia Earhart.”

John Tobeke, a Johnson Controls World Services employee, recalls seeing an American woman twice when he was a child living on Roi.

It was about 1937, he says. and he was about 6 years old.  Tobeke says that a woman from Jaluit named Mera Phillip cooked and interpreted for the American lady. Phillip had attended missionary school on Kusaie (now called Kosrae) and knew English.

She told some of the Marshallese people that the lady said she was captured by the Japanese and was on Mill and Jaluit before she came to Roi.  The Japanese wanted to know why she came and she told them she lost fuel. The lady told Mera that she was with a man. but they had been separated. The American woman also confided to Mera that she thought she would be going to Saipan.

Tobeke adds that the woman lived on Roi for about three months, but the Japanese never talked about her.  They were very secretive and suspi­cious of the Marshallese people, he explains.

John Tobeke indicates Amelia Earhart as the person he saw in 1937 on Roi to University of Maryland instructor Neal Proctor.

University of Maryland instructor Neal Proctor visited Mili last summer to pursue some of the stories he had read about Earhart being there. He heard several accounts about her from Marshallese residents on Mill. Proctor also talked to Tobeke on Roi­ Namur and finds his recollections credible.

“John described her as a tall woman with short blonde hair, like mine, dressed in a Japanese uni­ form. He also picked her out of a photograph of three women.” Procter explains.

Grave on Saipan

Johnson Controls technical writer Bill Johnson says stories about Earhart being on Saipan were common when he lived there from 1963 until 1967.  When I lived on Saipan, a friend of mine, who was a retired Navy chief and married to a Saipanese woman, took me to a place in the jungle and said, ‘Bill, that’s where Amelia Earhart is buried.’ ”

Johnson Controls World Service technical writer Bill Johnson says Amelia’s auntie wouldn’t talk about her.

“I also knew Amelia’s aunt Kathryn Earhart. On one occasion, when I had lunch with her in Hawaii. I asked her about the stories of Saipan, but she refused to talk, saying, ‘the Navy closed the books on that years ago.’ ”

Kwajalein resident Margaret Smith heard stories about the famed aviatrix both on Saipan and in the Marshalls, where she worked and attended school.

“There was a lot of talk about Earhart being held in jail and executed there,” Smith says.“The media people came several times to investigate those stories.”

In 1979, Smith was surprised to hear about Earhart on Jaluit. “I was teaching social studies on Jaluit and talked to Lee Komiej, a Marshallese policeman during the Japanese administration,” Smith says.” I wanted to know more about the different administrations (German, Japanese and American) and when the war started.

“Komiej said the first indication something was happening was when a woman was picked up on Mili.  Komiej said he overheard the Japanese talking about her and they suspected she was a spy.”  Smith said the Marshallese were also suspicious and thought it was very strange that a woman would be a pilot and wear trousers.  She added that the woman was light with short hair. “Komiej heard she had been picked up on Mili, and taken to Jaluit, which was the administrative center of the Marshall Islands during German and Japanese times.  She left Jaluit and went to Kwajalein.  The last Komiej heard was that she went to Saipan.”

Kwajalein resident Margaret Smith recalled stories about Amelia Earhart on Saipan and in the Marshalls.

The Marshall Islands Journal reported recently that an American news team was on Majuro working on an Earhart story which is scheduled to broadcast early in 1994.  Maybe it will shed some new light on the 53-year-old mystery. (End of Kwajalein Hourglassarticle.)

John Tobeke’s statement to Neal Proctor that Mera Phillip told him that the “woman [Amelia Earhart] lived on Roi for about three months” could not have been true, based on the vast witness testimony that has Earhart and Fred Noonan arriving on Saipan during the summer of 1937.  Tobeke was a child at the time Mera shared her very personal information with him, and he could easily have confused three months with three weeks, or even less. Recall that Josephine Blanco Akiyama reported seeing the American lady flier, Amelia Earhart, at Tanapag Harbor on Saipan sometime in the summer of 1937.  She was never more specific than that regarding the date of her initial sighting.

Tobeke’s story is another that links to former Marine W.B. Jackson’s account as told to Fred Goerner about three Marines who discovered a suitcase with women’s clothing and an engraved diary in a room they described as “fitted up for a woman” on Roi-Namur in February 1944. Was this the same room where Mera Phillip served the captured American flier her non-Japanese meals?

The foregoing has become an increasingly rare phenomenon in recent years — real journalism in the Earhart case, without the lies and political agendas meant only to confuse and misdirect — and found, most surprisingly, in a U.S. government affiliated newspaper. Obviously nobody at the Kwajalein Hourglass thought it was necessary to get these stories approved by their superiors in Washington before they published them in the small newsletter that serves the local U.S. Army community on Kwajalein.

If media organizations such as the former History Channel, now known simply as HistoryFox News, CNN, the Associated Press and the rest of the lying establishment shills were serious about informing the world about the facts in the Earhart disappearance, instead of pushing fake news about phony photos and ridiculous myths about giant crabs eating the lost fliers, we might have more stories like the gems Jane Toma and Eugene Sims gifted to us.  Unfortunately, articles that reveal previously unknown eyewitnesses in the Marshall Islands are extremely rare, so don’t expect to see more like this anytime soon.

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It is disheartening that the romantic mystery of being lost at sea was invented to cover up the fact that the US had knowledge of their capture by the Japanese and then choosing not to make any rescue attempt. Absolutely reprehensible. They should have gone in and got her out. Mooks. Weasels. Scum.




Aggravatin’ Papa – Eric Sardinas

Lou DiVizio
Published on Sep 19, 2011

The track Aggravatin’ Papa off the Album Devil’s Train by Eric Sardinas


Slide guitarist and singer-songwriter Eric Sardinas has a reputation for packing intensity into his live performances. Since the late-90s’ Sardinas has taken the stage thousands of times across the globe, with audiences growing exponentially each passing year. His six albums have displayed a distinct style that musically pushes the boundaries of rock and blues, and the world has taken notice. Now Sardinas has put his onstage lighting in a bottle for the new album Sticks & Stones Read more on



Fabrizio Poggi
Published on Apr 23, 2014

GUY DAVIS & FABRIZIO POGGI Black Coffee live at RED CLAY THEATRE Duluth, Georgia (USA)

Nice 🙂

In every way.



“Big Money Sonny” Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King

Published on Dec 27, 2014

Cadillac Zack’s Sunday Night Blues at Malarkey’s Grill in Long Beach Ca. {YT}

Owww mayun that is good…

Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King

Blues musicians Smokin’ Joe Kubek and Bnois King started playing together in the 1980’s. They were originally called The Smokin’ Joe Kubek Band but are now touring as Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King. “King’s jazzy guitar work is the perfect foil to Kubek’s more incendiary style. They are simply the best guitar tandem on the scene today.” – Blues Revue “Potent, undiluted 100-proof Texas blues honed to a razor’s edge.” – Guitar One “I’m very excited to have them in the Delta Groove family. I’m blown away Read more on



I was completely bonkers yesterday morning, unable to stay in one spot or complete the simplest of tasks, but sicks super sweethearts came to the rescue… Rick from down the hill, Jamie from out eastawayz, Dan and Iz from upstairs, Ned from up north and then Cindy from afar took the night watch.. Love is pouring out for them. They must be angels.

Yep. There is no doubt of that. So far today it seems alright … which is so good. Things need doing. Other things will soon need doing, some of them vitally vital.

land serpent, Maine

a wonderfully defiant boid. rock on.

someone we don’t necessarily want to meet. even in broad daylight.

someone I really wish I had met; because genius

leapin’ horsie

it is true… one never knows

Tork man

meanwhile, backstage

Frank and Gail

Alice and Sal


checkin’ for the competition’s nips

nips autonomously delivered. I would be 100% unable to refuse anything required by these two angels.

supremely scrumptious and no doubt delicious

one of the many varieties of little men that were deeply feared back in the day



brain holding … wish it luck



Amanda Fish – “Wait” – Knuckleheads, Kansas City, MO – 05/06/17

Jim Manternach
Published on Oct 26, 2017

Recorded at MerleJam Festival at Knuckleheads Saloon in Kansas City, MO on 05/06/2017

Amanda Fish – Guitar, Vocals ~~
Sean McDonnell – Guitar, Vocals ~~
Jake Koivisto – Guitar ~~
Adam Watson – Drums ~~
Dylan Reiter – Bass ~~

Wow! Dig it … It’s our Sammi’s sister!

I know I don’t get out much and even less now… but I didn’t even know till my sister came down to save me from freaking the f out in the aftermath of my Aunt passing two days ago… my dear angel upstairs got me brain settled a little bit before… she saw Amanda at this very venue back in August while visiting to see the eclipse.

Good Gracious.



It being 8:30ish, nearly exactly twelve hours ago I got the news from the hospice aide in my literally just-awakened ears that my aunt had passed. It still has not fully sunk in. I’ve received some beautiful words and gestures from neighbors and friends and some family, too.

I am wondering how I will handle “the quiet.” I hope I can. Maybe I will finally be able to stop staring at the guitar and actually pick it up and do Charlie Wallace’s wonderful courses. That would be pretty fabulous. I do think it would as I can make some pretty neat noises by beating on things, so, yeah. My hands are very weak, but that can change. Music may be the only way out… it is also likely the only thing I’d ever be able to actually do.

I also want to make good on my promise to provide a safe and lovely place to be for the two fab femmes upstairs. This is still a great place to raise a child and that will be a fine legacy for a fat old hippy I think.

God I don’t even know when services might be… they have yet to call back. They only got her at 1:30. Not too far off I imagine.

So today I am doing alright… sort of… tomorrow will be… tomorrow. My sister will be here for support bless her heart.





“THE BLUES CAME CALLIN” – WALTER TROUT BAND @ Callahan’s, Aug 2017 (1080hd quality)

Published on Sep 2, 2017

WALTER TROUT – guitar, vocals;
SAMMY AVILA – keyboard;
DANNY AVILA – bass guitar;
JON TROUT – guitar

Filmed in 1080HD at Callahan’s Music Hall, Aug 30, 2017.

Turn It Up Loud !!

Follow instructions, now, y’hear!



Grandpa Jones – The Banjo Am The Instrument For Me

OldTmye TunesFive
Published on Jul 19, 2014

Louis Marshall Jones (October 20, 1913 — February 19, 1998), known professionally as Grandpa Jones, was an American banjo player and “old time” country and gospel music singer. He is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Born in the farming community of Niagara in Henderson County, Kentucky, Jones spent his teenage years in Akron, Ohio, where he began singing country music tunes on a radio show on WJW. In 1931, Jones joined the Pine Ridge String Band, which provided the musical accompaniment for the very popular Lum and Abner show. By 1935 his pursuit of a musical career took him to WBZ (AM) radio in Boston, Massachusetts where he met musician/songwriter Bradley Kincaid, who gave him the nickname “Grandpa” because of his off-stage grumpiness at early-morning radio shows. Jones liked the name and decided to create a stage persona based around it. Performing as Grandpa Jones, he played the guitar, yodeled, and sang mostly old-time ballads. By 1937, Jones had made his way to West Virginia, where Cousin Emmy taught Jones the art of the clawhammer style of banjo playing, which gave a rough backwoods flavor to his performances. In 1942, Jones joined WLW in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was there that he met fellow Kentuckian Merle Travis. In 1943, the pair made their recording debuts together for Syd Nathan’s upstart King Records. Jones was making records under his own name for King by 1944 and had his first hit with “It’s Raining Here This Morning”.

His recording career was briefly put on hold when he enlisted in the Army. Upon his discharge in 1946, he was back recording for King. In March 1946, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee and started performing on the Grand Ole Opry. He also married Ramona Riggins on October 14, 1946. Ramona would not only remain his wife for the rest of his life, but, as an accomplished performer herself, would also be a part of his performances. Jones’ vaudevillian humor was a bridge to television entertainment. Some of his more famous songs include, “T For Texas”, “Are You From Dixie”, “Night Train To Memphis” and “Mountain Dew”. He also wrote the song “Eight More Miles To Louisville”.

In 1969, Jones became a charter cast member on the long-running television show Hee Haw, often responding to the show’s skits with his trademark phrase “Outrageous”. He also played banjo, either by himself or with fellow banjo player David “Stringbean” Akeman. Another musical segment featured in the early years of Hee Haw had Grandpa and “His lovely wife, Ramona” accompanying a song while ringing bells held in their hands and on Grandpa’s feet. A favorite skit had off-camera cast members asking “Hey Grandpa, what’s for supper?”, to which he would describe either a delicious, country-style meal (“Buttermilk biscuits smothered in chicken gravy, home-fried potatoes, collard greens and Grandmother’s fresh-baked blueberry pie à la mode!” and the cast would reply, “Yum, yum!”); or, occasionally, he would tell about something not so good, (“Because you were bad, thawed out TV dinners!” at which the cast would scoff, “Yuck!”); on one occasion, he said “I ain’t got nothing”, he was booed. A running gag was that the window he pretended to polish had no glass, and Jones would slip his fingers through the empty frame. He also joined cast mates Buck Owens, Roy Clark and Kenny Price in a gospel segment at the end of some shows.

Grandpa Jones!

Hee Haw!

Need I say more?