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Sunny weather on Sol 242


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Beautiful. I love the blue skies of Mars.


GOD and North korea – Why the North Korean Christians Face the Most Extreme Persecution

Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park
Streamed live on Sep 24, 2021

As always this video got demonetized by YouTube. We will keep fighting for freedom of speech and this marvelous country, the USA regardless!
Please join me on my Patreon and Locals to support me to continue my mission:

Truth within. Yeonmi is fantastic.

The prison country has no equal.


Captured this in Maasai Mara, the edit is a bit dramatic but my favorite Cheetah shot from the trip.

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Camionero capta un enorme OVNI en forma de cigarro sobre el puerto de Paita en Perú

Noticias actuales paranormales
Oct 26, 2021

Las imágenes de este clip de vídeo fueron captadas a las 5:53 a.m. del 21 de octubre pasado en la ciudad peruana de Paita. Los camioneros que se encontraban en la zona industrial de la ciudad porteña a la espera de fletar sus vehículos se dieron cuenta del hecho, y uno de ellos grabó con su teléfono móvil el incidente.

Google translation:
The images in this video clip were captured at 5:53 a.m. on October 21 in the Peruvian city of Paita. The truckers who were in the industrial zone of the Buenos Aires city waiting to charter their vehicles realized the fact, and one of them recorded the incident with his mobile phone.

Kind of a nice one, methinks. That’s one hefty tictac, paddywhack.


🔥 My axolotl spontaneously morphed into a terrestrial salamander. His name is Gollum.

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Had no idea they could do this… never heard it mentioned.


This 360° video shows what it looks like on top of Mount Everest on a clear day.

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All of the garbage on Everest to go with the new 360 video

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I sometimes try to tell people, but I am never believed.

I have done so many heinous, nasty, horrible things in my life. So many. I can’t bring myself to reveal them, because then there would be no friends at all. They only see the results of my trying to live for only love for the past decade or so. Even during this time the demons have surfaced, though.

I frequently think of snuffing out my existence but I am too much of a coward to do it. So I go on, trying to avoid contact and crying myself to sleep.

I’ve been doing pretty good but there is always the possibility of demons taking the reigns, so I do my best to stay in my hidey hole.

Living, for me, is not an enjoyable thing.

I have taken to letting God do the driving and that has been working well. Continue, I shall.

Thank you all for being here, it helps.

God bless.


I came across the above batch of pure lustful beauty on tumblr. And then found this nice Autsport article on it:

Jaguar Egal set for racing return after half a century

By: Paul Lawrencelinkage
Jun 23, 2021, 6:11 AM

The famous Galaxy-engined Jaguar E-type, known as the Egal, will be back on a UK race track in the near future after an absence of around half a century.

In the mid and late 1960s, the fearsome 7-litre one-off raced by Chris Summers and Barrie Williams was a regular winner in club racing but was later sold to America and only returned to the UK a couple of years ago.

Since then, Chris Keith-Lucas at CKL Developments has been restoring it to period specification and says there are plans to race it once more.

The car was originally built by Geoff Richardson for owner Rob Beck and Williams recalled it being fitted with a Holman and Moody Galaxy marine engine. The E-type chassis came from a semi-lightweight car, shunted by Beck at Castle Combe.

The result was a ferociously powerful car that ‘Whizzo’ Williams tamed with considerable success in club racing. However, as a one-off it never raced internationally and by the end of the 1960s was being beaten by Chevron B8s and Ginetta G12s.

After a couple of other UK owners, the project was sold to the US where it was used on the road before later starting a long restoration. Sadly, the owner passed away before the work was complete, and Keith-Lucas saw it advertised for sale.

“I went over to New York, saw it over there and verified it and then we brought it back,” said Keith-Lucas, who has secured its original registration of ‘590 DXR’ on behalf of the current owner.

“In America it grew even wider than it really ought to have, but apart from that it is very much the car and close inspection of it reveals all the old dings and dents.”

It was taken to the recent E-type 60th birthday celebrations at Shelsley Walsh and did some demonstration runs, with due regard for the Jaguar transmission which was always a weak link in period.

“I wasn’t doing tyre-burning starts, that would twist the propshaft like a toffee wrapper,” said Keith-Lucas.

“I’ve got the dyno figures where it has over 600 foot pounds of torque, so it’s really an absolute monster.

“We do have plans to run it. It is a complication because a car like this was never homologated.

“It did a huge amount of British club racing, but it didn’t do international events, so that limits what you can do. But there are a number of race organisers in this country who’d love to see it in their events.”



“Isolated Araneiform Topography”

This image of the south pole was taken by HiRISE on (87.123°S, 126.291°E) on March 24th, 2007. Araneiform comes “aranea” (Latin) meaning spider; the HiRISE team saw these channels, carved into the surface by CO2 gas erupting from the ground, and thought they looked spider-like. They form after CO2 sublimates as the seasons change causing a build up a gas below the surface. Eventually the surface ruptures, creating these features. To me they look more like neurons but I can see their resemblence to spiders.

The width of this image is about 1 km.

Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

Geohack link:

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Woah ! NASA Chief Bill Nelson talks UFOs / UAPs and possible ET life. October 19, 2021.

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This is so refreshing a thing to see.


The next pandemic is just around the corner!

Cabin Talk
Sep 20, 2019

When you pay attention, you see what is going on. More people should do it.


Another drive and a great view over ‘Martre’ and the distant Artuby Ridge on sol 238. You can see the wheel tracks where the rover paused at the end of the last drive

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Statistics for this drive

Rover Drive Stats
Number of drives (since landing) 69
Elevation change during drive ▼ -0.00 m -0.01 ft
Elevation change since landing ▲ 0.92 m 3.03 ft
Lowest elevation below landing ▼ -15.96 m -52.36 ft
Highest elevation above landing ▲ 1.84 m 6.03 ft
Total drive distance 2671.49 m 8764.73 ft
Average drive distance 38.16 m 125.21 ft
Longest drive distance 169.85 m 557.27 ft
Shortest drive distance 0.28 m 0.92 ft


Helicopter Stats Source
Number of flights (Tech Demo) 5 8 & 1
Number of flights (Ops Demo) 8 8 & 1
Number of flights (total) 13 04/09/21 sol 193 8 & 1
Current Mission Phase Ops Demo 12
Helicopter Co-ordinates ‘Easting’ 4353834.086 sol 193 8 & 1
Helicopter Co-ordinates ‘Northing’ 1092602.695 sol 193 8 & 1
Helicopter Elevation -2569.83 m -8431.19 ft sol 193 8 & 1
Elev Diff: Perseverance to Ingenuity -0.84 m -2.76 ft sol 239 8 & 1
Distance: Perseverance to Ingenuity 226.75 m 743.94 ft sol 237 3 & 9
Distance: All flights total 2894.67 m 9496.95 ft 8 & 12
Distance: Longest horizontal flight 631.79 m 2072.80 ft sol 133 8 & 12
Distance: Shortest horizontal flight 0.05 m 0.16 ft sol 58 8 & 12
Distance: Average horizontal flight 222.67 m 730.53 ft 8 & 12
Altitude: Highest cruise 12.00 m 39.37 ft 12
Altitude: Lowest cruise 3.00 m 9.84 ft 12
Altitude: Average cruise 8.46 m 27.76 ft 12
Maximum Ground Speed (high) 5.00 m/sec 11.18 mph 12
Maximum Ground Speed (average) 3.55 m/sec 7.94 mph 12
Flight time (longest duration) 169.50 secs 2m:50s sol 174 12
Flight time (shortest duration) 39.10 secs 0m:39s sol 58 12
Flight time (average duration) 113.02 secs 1m:53s 12
Flight time (total duration ) 1469.20 secs 24m:29s 12

. Full Post-Drive Details (raw data)

Description / Unit Value Source
Site Index (RMC) 7 1
Drive Index (RMC) 2440 1
Sol 239 1
Easting (decimal degrees) 4354051.396 1
Northing (decimal degrees) 1092667.455 1
Elevation (e-geoid) -2568.99 m 1
Elevation (e-radii) -4250.60 m 1
Radius (meters) 3391939.40 m 1
Longitude (decimal degrees) 77.44301185 1
Latitude (decimal degrees) 18.43396087 1
Roll (degrees) 0.38975 1
Pitch (degrees) -7.79774 1
Yaw (degrees) -74.138055 1
Yaw rad (degrees) -1.29 1
Tilt (degrees) 7.807414 1
Drive distance (meters) 11.66 m 1
Total distance (meters) 2671.49 m 1
Total distance (kilometers) 2.67 km 1
Total distance (miles) 1.66 mi 1

. Drive History:

Sol Distance (m) Total (m) Comment
14 6.25 m 6.25 m
15 36.39 m 42.65 m
16 27.43 m 70.08 m
20 23.42 m 93.51 m
23 5.47 m 98.98 m
29 3.94 m 102.92 m
31 33.39 m 136.31 m
32 30.61 m 166.92 m
33 12.96 m 179.88 m
34 6.55 m 186.43 m
43 4.60 m 191.03 m
44 0.28 m 191.31 m
47 38.43 m 229.74 m
48 17.17 m 246.91 m
49 12.13 m 259.04 m
52 11.52 m 270.56 m
65 8.50 m 279.06 m
66 9.21 m 288.27 m
72 19.47 m 307.74 m
73 9.83 m 317.57 m
84 18.37 m 335.94 m
86 4.77 m 340.71 m
91 19.67 m 360.38 m
100 16.43 m 376.81 m
102 47.58 m 424.39 m
103 24.19 m 448.58 m
104 38.82 m 487.40 m
105 26.57 m 513.97 m
107 9.05 m 523.03 m
108 21.85 m 544.87 m
109 51.64 m 596.51 m
110 56.90 m 653.41 m
113 35.75 m 689.16 m
116 56.90 m 746.06 m
122 30.40 m 776.45 m
123 72.80 m 849.25 m
124 8.19 m 857.44 m
126 24.71 m 882.15 m
127 40.37 m 922.52 m
128 2.83 m 925.35 m
129 51.44 m 976.79 m
130 125.47 m 1102.25 m
131 105.84 m 1208.09 m
134 94.73 m 1302.82 m
135 104.22 m 1407.04 m
136 36.41 m 1443.44 m
137 37.48 m 1480.92 m
153 99.63 m 1580.56 m
155 44.48 m 1625.04 m
157 6.57 m 1631.61 m
168 31.87 m 1663.48 m
169 53.26 m 1716.74 m
170 104.55 m 1821.29 m
171 111.87 m 1933.17 m
173 39.21 m 1972.38 m
175 20.68 m 1993.06 m
177 93.94 m 2087.00 m
178 81.82 m 2168.82 m
180 10.97 m 2179.78 m
199 72.64 m 2252.42 m
200 169.85 m 2422.27 m
201 42.23 m 2464.51 m
202 45.21 m 2509.72 m
203 29.35 m 2539.07 m
204 17.01 m 2556.08 m
210 53.35 m 2609.43 m
237 32.52 m 2659.82 m
238 11.66 m 2671.49 m


  1. This raw data is subject to revision by JPL as more accurate data arrives from the rover, or after calibration

  2. Raw data was taken from the mission JSON records and or the GeoJSON ‘Rover Interactive Map’ (linked below)

  3. Definitions will be added in future updates when I can get the official definitions of the fields used in the JSON and GeoJSON files.

  4. Drive data is available from multiple sources, I’ve noticed some values are not always identical, this is probably teething issues between the JSON and Geojson databases, hopefully it will become aligned soon.

Sources / Tools

  1. Perseverance/ Ingenuity Interactive Map: LINK

  2. On-line Json2Table converter LINK

  3. Rover Traverse JSON LINK

  4. TRN Ellipse JSON LINK

  5. Surface Site JSON LINK

  6. Rover Path JSON [waiting for link]

  7. Rover Waypoints JSON LINK

  8. Helicopter Flight Path JSON: LINK

  9. Helicopter Way Points JSON: LINK

  10. Map quadrangles: LINK

  11. Mars 2020 RICE Mission tracker: LINK

  12. Helicopter Log Book: LINK

  13. M2020 Mission Tracker: LINK

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Here’s a simple chart that plots the elevation change of the rover after each drive.

Zero on the chart represents the elevation on landing and we can see the elevation change up and down at the end of each of the 69 drives by the rover. The current elevation is slightly higher than landing, hence the great view in the Navcam mosaic shared here


Good stuff.


This was reported in my local town Nextdoor app as well. I am just a few miles from this airport. I was very interested to find that the Nextdoor people took that post down. They must be yet another branch of the Communist horror.

Biden Admin secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night

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posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 10:50 PM
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According to NYPost the Biden Admin is secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night.The Migrants were seen being planed in the state and then onto buses.

While the Nation is facing probable shortages you have an admin pushing more migrants into the country during the night. NYPost seems to be the only outlet reporting.

Midnight runs: Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night

Planeloads of underage migrants are being flown secretly into suburban New York in an effort by President Biden’s administration to quietly resettle them across the region, The Post has learned.

Some of them were later seen meeting up with relatives or sponsors in New Jersey, or being dropped off at a residential facility on Long Island. A Post analysis of online flight-tracking data suggests that around 2,000 migrants nabbed after sneaking into the US from Mexico have arrived at the airport outside White Plains on 21 flights since Aug. 8.

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Populus vult decipi ergo decipiatur.
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That mean minors? Presumably unaccompanied underaged kids?

Yeah, uh … Nothing fishy about that, huh? Nothing weird. Doesn’t smack of any kind of human trafficking, any potential for abuse.

Nope, nothin’ to see here, folks. Move along …

When tyrants usurp authority it is the duty of a free civil people to exercise the right and responsibility of civil disobedience. ~Me

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a reply to: HawkEyi

Americans would be very angry if they knew about some of these “sponsors” who are taking in migrant children.

DNI JAMES CLAPPER: “It was President Obama who gave the order to target the Trump Campaign!”
-July 2018 on CNN.

God, I thought it was safe here.


George Lincoln Rockwell and members of the American Nazi Party attend a Nation of Islam summit in 1961.

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Times can get really strange. Ha!


Missing Girl Claims The Sun Never Set & Other Strange Cases

The Missing Enigma
Oct 15, 2021

This video covers the disappearances of Lillian Carney, Anna Eschholz, Louis Dunton, and Emma Clabaugh. E-Mail – Special Thanks to Fllxng For Audio Support

This video is sponsored by The Ridge wallets. Check them out here: Use Code “MISSINGENIGMA” for 10% off your order

Excellent! The astronomical state mentioned is bizarre and localized (!) and I have not heard anything like that before in any of these cases. That there is a second case of unexpected illumination, even though described as glowing eyes instead of the lack of nighttime, is fascinating.

This is the most frightening of all the phenomena out there, in my opinion. To learn that Missing 411 horror and weirdness was already in full swing back in the days of the Cowboys is more a bit disheartening, in my eyes.

Nice, high quality vids, too, very refreshing.


China’s Secret Plan To Replace Kim Jong-Un – what does China really want from North Korea?

Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park
Oct 18, 2021

Excellent insight, as always from Yeonmi.

This remarkable woman is an inspiration. I enjoy listening to her using her knowledge to teach folks what it’s really all about and what not paying attention will result in here. She’s good.


Watch the moment a North Korean soldier defected to the South

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Oh, cool! Going right through to the South is not so common! Diggin’ it.


Sun in ultraviolet, and yes that’s Venus passing in front of our sun! Credit – Nasa Solar Dynamics Observatory

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Gerald Celente
Oct 15, 2021

Gerald Celente, Publisher of the Trends Journal, is joined by investor and entrepreneur, Mark Moss, from The Mark Moss Show, for an in-depth analysis of current events forming future trends. Here are a few of the topics we cover:

— Breakdown and Collapse of America
— Crypto Technological Revolution
— Inflation, Supply Chain Disruptions, Food Shortages
— War with China
— Forecasts for #BTC & CBDCs
— Big Announcement About The Universal Church of Freedom, Peace, and Justice
+ Much more!

⚡🌊 COME JOIN US LIVE IN MIAMI @ SURVIVING THE GREAT RESET – 15 of the top experts sharing What to Expect & What To Do, to Survive What’s Coming!!

The Trends Journal is a weekly magazine analyzing global current events forming future trends. Our mission is to present Facts and Truth over fear and propaganda to help subscribers prepare for What’s Next in these increasingly turbulent times. To access our premium content, subscribe to the Trends Journal:

Follow Gerald Celente on Twitter:
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Copyright © 2021 Trends Research Institute. All rights reserved.

Good stuff you need to be aware of.


“Yeshua” (Jesus) Inscription Discovered in an Ancient Temple-like Synagogue in Susya

Sergio & Rhoda in Israel
Oct 17, 2021

A mysterious ancient temple-like synagogue was discovered in the Judean Lowhills. Inside the synagogue, a mosaic. The mosaic has four Hebrew letters spelling out the name of Jesus in Hebrew “Yeshua.” In this video, we’re going to investigate this ancient village of Susya and see for ourselves if this inscription speaks about Jesus of Nazareth or another person named Jesus from the 5th century AD.

00:00 Intro
01:33 Arrival
02:52 Background
05:05 The Caves
07:57 Mikveh (Ritual Baths)
09:23 The Synagogue
10:49 The “Yeshua” Inscription
15:19 The Rolling Stones
16:22 Iconoclasm
19:02 The Underground Tunnel
23:18 Conclusions
25:17 Outro

Copyrights: – Maps by Google Maps – All Scripture Verses are by NKJV – Dr. Yonatan Adler, Mikveh Article:… – Citations from “THE LATE ANCIENT SYNAGOGUES OF SOUTHERN PALESTINE“ by Steven H. Werlin, Chapel Hill, 2012 English Closed Captions created by Terri Adams. Looking for English Captions of your own? Contact Terri at

Very cool!


A Martian frog perched on a rock? A rover track in the sand provides scale. Pareidolia is a wonderful human trait 😉

NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover acquired this image using its Left Mastcam-Z camera. Mastcam-Z is a pair of cameras located high on the rover’s mast.

This image was acquired on Sep. 26, 2021 (Sol 214) at the local mean solar time of 12:06:36.

Lightly processed to bring it closer to calibrated colours and sharpened to highlight the terrain.

There are 48 cleats (treads) on each wheel, these are spaced at intervals of 3.44 centimeters (1.35 inches). So 10 tread marks = 34.4 cm or 13.5 inches 🙂 Makes a handy scale tool for measuring frogs rocks

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU/MSSS


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Woo incoming… 3… 2… LOL Beat the wackos to it! Excellent.


Species like this one, seem to point to the possibility of unknown cryptids

Same as it ever was
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When I stumble upon this pic, the first thing I thought was if nature can carve out a niche for this frog, chances are it’s carved out a niche or 3 for some other unusual life form….

reminds me of the toad from Mario Bros

A very strange toad. May well be the strangest I have encountered, actually. Plus it is fabulous in it’s visual impact. Thing looks cool. And I agree, it just illustrates the unlimited possibilities of life and the likelihood that they are out there in the flesh.


Perseverance Rover Spotted Strange Moving Object On Mars || Mysterious Object Is Moving On Mars

Physics Insight
Jul 5, 2021

Since NASA launched Perseverance Rover to Mars, on July 30, 2020, NASA is continuously monitoring it and taking its live updates. Its main goal is to Seek signs of ancient life and collect samples of rock and regolith (broken rock and soil) for possible return to Earth. The rover landed on Jezero Crater, Mars on Feb. 18, 2021. Perseverance is currently at the eastern edge of a scientifically interesting region called “Séítah,” which is characterized by sandy ripples that could be very challenging terrain for wheeled vehicles like the rover.

NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover acquired these images using its Left Mastcam-Z camera. Mastcam-Z is a pair of cameras located high on the rover’s mast. These images were acquired on Jul. 4, 2021 (Sol 132).

Images Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU

I have yet to find these images as the search is tiring at NASA with my current vision situation, so, I do not know what it is. It does not look like dead pixels, though, so here is that. I wish these sensationalist guys would print the damn image numbers. How hard is that?

I remain intrigued.