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first surfer

The Vintage News

May 26, 2017

This is the first known photograph ever taken of a surfer. Surfing was banned in Hawaii by missionaries in the 1700s for its “ungodliness,” but fortunately the natives didn’t pay much heed to that decree. c. 1890



Jaco Pastorius Band – “So What?” TV show Belgium (1985) [Remastered]

MalcoMix Fusion
Jan 19, 2020

Jaco Pastorius: Bass, Keys, Perc
Paco Sery: Drums
Jon Davis: Piano
Paul Mousavizadeh: Guitar
Azar Lawrence: Sax, Perc
Toots Thielemans: Harmonica *
Michel Hatzi Georgiou: Bass **

01. Dolphin Dance 00:00

02. If You Could See Me Now 10:59

03. drum solo 15:40

04. drum + sax solo19:38

05. Three Views of a Secret 25:51 *

06. bass solo 33:12

07. Continuum 33:45 **

08. America 37:18 **

09. Twins 41:40

10. Liberty City 42:51

Oh, man! Jaco! Fantabulous! Ain’;t NObody like Jaco, man…


Aldabra white-throated rail bird

An extinct bird just ‘evolved itself’ back into existence

The Aldabra hasn’t existed in almost 100,000 years. Now it’s back

By Thomas Shambler
18 May 2020

The Aldabra white-throated rail bird was declared extinct, a victim of rising sea levels almost 100,000 years ago.

However, the flightless brown bird has recently been spotted – leaving scientists scratching their heads as to how – and why – the species has come back to life.

According to research in the Zoological Journal of Linnean Society, the re-incarnated Aldabra bird is a product of ‘iterative evolution’. That’s when old genes thought to have died out re-emerge at a different point in time.

That means that while a bird’s ancestors might have disappeared, that DNA still remains – and provided the environment is right, there’s nothing to stop those ancient genes from replicating in modern times.

So identical species can indeed produce multiple, slightly evolved offshoots, throughout the course of their species’ history.

But don’t get your hopes up that this means dinosaurs and wooly mammoths will be popping up next. This scientific phenomenon only occurs within species that are nearly identical to their ancestors.

While iterative evolution has previously occurred in species such as turtles, it has never been seen in the realm of birds.

“We know of no other example in the rails, or of birds in general, that demonstrates this phenomenon so evidently,” said paleobiologist David Martill, in a statement.

“Only on the Aldabra, which has the oldest paleontological record of any oceanic island within the Indian Ocean region, is fossil evidence available that demonstrates the effects of changing sea levels on extinction and recolonization events.”

2020 was already an interesting and confusing year. Looks like now we have to contend with re-materializing birds, as well.


This is fascinating. And rather exciting, too. At least, to me it is. I have always loved this sort of thing; and the more exotic and rare the occurrence, the more I like it. Because discovery and new knowledge is what it’s all about. accompanied always by renewed wisdom, of course.


Luna moth photo by Bruce E Thornton

The Luna moth (Actias luna) is a Nearctic moth in the family Saturniidae, subfamily Saturniinae, a group commonly known as giant silk moths.

Photo by Bruce E Thornton



Front Yard Fauna

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my buddyIggy Makarevich
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May 24, 2020

Various birds and a squirrel enjoy the ingestion of nutrients available in my front yard at ~10:30am on Sundae, May 24, 2020. Sadly, the resident chipmunk didn’t attend the festivities. Shot on a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Lookin’ out my front door…

Phone cameras are so lame. Skinny little wide angle miniframes with no control of focal length. I dunno, I was trained on Arriflex, Eclair and Bolex cameras. Real cameras. I would like to get a real video camera, but I am not in that paygrade. Oh, hey, I could break out my Lumix. I hope it still works. That’s if I can find it…



Dogman Hunter Escapes from Mental Institution. Interview_12

Dixie Cryptid
Apr 11, 2020

Dogman Hunter Escapes from Mental Institution

Submit your encounter to

Music is: My Baby Knows (Instrumental Version) – Johan Glossner

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There are other cool stories here as well. Excellent stuff. Seriously.



zoe_cw I feel like I got more curves since the whole 30 thing.

📸 @deftfotos

Zoë is simply amazing. No doubt about it.


SHOCKER – Circuit Panel In Brand New 5G Tower Is Labeled ‘COV-19’ — What The Hell Is Going On?
Will This Frequency Trigger A Seeded Virus In Your Body? Or Cause An Outbreak?

Exclusive To










Now THIS is what I call alarming and really rather ominous. Seriously. It does not bode well for our future.

Hahahaha!!! Fake! Phony baloney! BS!

posted on May, 14 2020 @ 05:14 AM
a reply to: Out6of9Balance

Sorry, but that circuit board is from an old digital satellite TV receiver (set-top box).

You can see the big black connector with 21 pins, it’s the European SCART connector for the video and audio signals from the box to your TV. Very old-school, introduced first in French TV sets in late 1970s.

The metal cover with COV-19 text is shielding the connection of a normal threaded F type connector for the satellite head on your dish. Between these two you may also spot a USB connector and a round connector, something like a 3.5mm audio connector.

Sorry, but this circuit board is fully safe to use without a foil hat or a face mask

Berkeley 3-wheeler with travel trailer

A Berkeley 3-wheeler sportwagen with a travel trailer.

Probably not the best mix.

But a stylish one…

All hail the mighty Berkeley Cars Ltd of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England!


Legendary cattle keepers of Sudan. Photo by @beckwith.carolina

One of the legendary Cattle Keepers of Sudan tending to a member of his flock.

Photo by @beckwith.carolina

Those horns, though…



👽🛸 |Avistamientos De O V N I S| 2020~ OVNI Forma Cilíndrico “Cuarentena” 2020

Avistamientos Cuarentena 2020
May 9, 2020

Cylinder Shaped Craft Filmed Over Monterey County, California. May 7, 2020

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0
May 9, 2020

This object was spotted around 4:17pm in Salinas, a city in Monterey County, California, With no visible wings or window this doesn’t look like any conventional aircraft and the shape of this craft we can rule out a blimp…. Thanks to Avistamientos Cuarentena 2020 for allowing me the use of their footage and to view the original… Music Credit: This Digital Heart Feels Love by CO.AG Music Send footage to – Follow me on twitter – Also on Facebook-

This is pretty nice.




Jan 2, 2008

Diana’s entry in Channel 4’s TOP TV SEX BOMBS List, interviewees include Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman, Linda Thorson and Brian Clemens

Number 2?! No. No. No. No no no.

Diana Rigg is and always will be my ultimate dream girl… and especially in her role as Mrs. Emma Peel.

No one can replace this Goddess in my heart or mind. She is just absolutely perfect.


Jody Scheckter Ed Swart B19 won @ Lorenco Marques 1971 pic Ian Simpson

The famous Jody Scheckter, who, along with Ed Swart, drove this Chevron B19 to a win at the Lorenco Marques in 1971.

The pic is by Ian Simpson.



“Gypsy Rover” — Tracy Newman

Tracy Newman
Aug 28, 2015

This is from a 1965 PBS series called “What’s New” which was shot at Brooklyn College. Tracy Newman did 6 half hour shows.

I so love Tracy Newman… she’s so fine. Truly a treasure!



Police Off Sees Unknown Creature. Cat Headed People & Six to seven feet Tall Broad Hairy Creatures.

#BBR Cryptid-Paranormal Investigations
May 8, 2020

An incident that happened one evening when they had to wait at a crime scene until other units arrived. The scene was a death, and the body showed signs of predation. Whilst at the scene a female Officer saw a strange creature in the woodland. The potential crime scene was in fact the body of a man who was found half eaten in his tent. He’d been missing a few years and living rough apparently. And it was assumed to be predication. …………………. All was well just happily playing, when he stated that he felt threatened…. looking around he saw two tall – over 6 ft – very skinny men, naked – or having some form of loincloth (he couldn’t remember) white skinned with reddish pink spirals painted on their bodies, but worse than that their heads looked like cats…………….By now all of the children had re-emerged out of the cave. They had all heard something moving in there that didn’t sound right, so as kids do they started running. Straight home would have taken them past the noise so they had to run towards a Golf Club. After a while as they were running they all saw something impossible to explain other than ‘It’. She couldn’t describe what ‘It’ was just that it was running towards them. Would you like to become a member of our BBR Investigations group and help us to investigate cases like these, or join our free community and keep in touch with like minded people in the UK and world wide. Please contact Deb via Please click one of these links to show support, or hit that like button. Feel free to share.

For BBR Memberships email admin team on #BBR #BBR UK PAYPAL: – MAP OF UK SIGHTING REPORTS:… Here is a very short and simple HOW TO use the Map video… SPREAKER:… PODBEAN: APPLE PODCASTS:… SPOTIFY:… PATREON:… BITCHUTE… WEBSITE: Cryptid Creature Blog WORDPRESS: British Bigfoot Blog DEB FACEBOOK:… FACEBOOK GROUP FOR UK/EUROPE EVIDENCE FINDS:… FACEBOOK GROUP FOR USA/CANADA EVIDENCE FINDS:… FACEBOOK Cryptid Creatures and the Unexplained, discussion of the more alternative theories behind the Cryptid Phenomena, UFO, Paranormal Events.… FACEBOOK Werewolf Watch: Upright Bipedal Canine, Dogman, Werewolf Reports… BOOKS – Read the Witness Statements in their own words. Paperback Kindle #BBR #BBRINTERNATIONAL

A whole bunch of nifty short cryptid accounts read by our Deb!


The Beast of Dartmoor


The Beast of Dartmoor


The Beast of Dartmoor

The Beast of Dartmoor

Dartmoor in England is one of the most famous National Parks in the UK, first founded in 1951. Dartmoor is known for it’s endless moors, ancient bridges, forests, valleys, granite tors, and wild ponies. However, in recent years, the most famous feature of the landscape has become the ‘Beast of Dartmoor’- a creature of folklore and cryptozoology, that just recently has come into the light as more than just an urban legend.

The first ever sightings of the beast began in the 1970s, and gained popularity in the 80s. The story was noticed by the BBC when a South Molton farmer lost over 100 sheep, all which had had their throats torn out. It was established that no native animal could have inflicted those injuries. Sightings have stated that the beast is a large black feline creature, which lead many to speculate that it was an escaped pet panther- around the time of the first sighting it became illegal to own big cats outside of zoos, and so some believe it was released so the owner would not get in trouble. However, a panther only lives arounnd 12-15 years (factoring in that a pet panther would also have no survival skills for British terrain), which doesn’t make sense giving the time span of the sightings which still continue to this day.

In 1983, after the sheep incident and other reports of dead livestock, the Royal Marine Snipers were sent out onto the moors to find the beast. The beast was sighted by the snipers, however they were not able to shoot as it was standing infront of a sheep, and they knew the bullet would pass through and kill both animals. By 1987, the beast was linked to over 200 animal deaths, including dogs and cats as well as livestock. In 2006, the British Big Cats Society found a skull on a farm in Devon which was confirmed to be a large big cat.

Over the years since people have continued to spot the beast- all descriptions claim the animal to be around eight feet long and having the ability to leap 6 foot tall fences. One man claimed to see the beast fishing with it’s paw in the River Barle, after which he said he believed the creature lived inside an abandoned mine out on the nearby moor. The amount of sightings soon lead scientists to believe there could be more than one ‘beast’. The Daily Express newspaper offered a reward for the capture of the beast, dead or alive. Over the years, many photographs have arisen as evidence, showing what appears to be a panther with the features of other large cats. These photographs were analysed and it is clear that the creature has features of both a black leopard and a mountain lion- a hybrid is possible (a Pumapard), however they are almost always born with dwarfism and die early. This also doesn’t support the idea of multiple beasts, as Pumapards are sterile.

The case seemed to be going nowhere until it was recently discovered that in the 1970s, famous circus owner Mary Chipperfield released three large cats onto the moors of Dartmoor after her circus was forced to close in 1978. Mary was supposed to transport five cats across the moors, but only two ever arrived at their destination. It is now believed that the three cats bred over the years and their offspring became the new ‘beasts’ of Dartmoor. Sightings seemed to stop after 2010, leading some to believe that the cats did not survive the harsh winter of that year. However, more recently sightings have started again all over England, meaning the ‘beasts’ could very well have survived and still be roaming the moors to this day.

Via moonlight-gives-you-nightmares

ABCs, they call them, standing for Alien Big Cats. Like leopards and mountain lions, they are large and well formed. They are not supposed to exist on the Isles of Albion, hence the aura of mystery. There have been so many sightings, though, that their existence is pretty well set. In my opinion, anyway.

Just tabbies, you say? LOL



Toughest Job in the World

Nataraj VR
Oct 8, 2019

Thank you all so very much for the incredible job you do… seriously.

I love you all. I am, in fact, in awe.

And Mom, my precious Mommy in Heaven, I love you most of all!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Mcdonnell F-4 Phantom II

The 366th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW), “The Gunfighters” in Viet Nam flying the Mcdonnell F-4 Phantom II out of Da Nang Air Base, Vietnam.