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Playland Speedway circa 1975 – 1977


The “Rippin’ Rooster” was originally built by Larry Schwacofer, but for some time now has been lovingly tended to by the Jim Riley Racing Shop. Riley’s racing shop has had the “Rooster” ready for NORRA for a number of years, and no matter how bad the damage has been due to the race, it is always rebuilt and ready to go again.

Normally, a “Tri-Five” Chevy is one from 1955-57, but with a ’55 body, ’57 front and rear pieces and a ’56 windshield, it encompasses them all.


Wicked cool!



boycott puma


boycott pumaThis month marks 52 years of Israel’s brutal military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Puma is helping to whitewash Israel’s apartheid walls, military checkpoints, segregated Israeli-only roads and ever expanding illegal Israeli settlements that force Palestinian families off their land and prevent Palestinian athletes from practicing sports.


Today, as groups from New Zealand to Malaysia, across Europe, to North and South America take action at Puma shops and offices, let’s take to social media to call out Puma’s hypocrisy.


Tell Puma: A true devotion to universal equality requires ending support for land grabs


I support this. #BDS forever



The Dinosaur of Delamere, Tree breaks, Strange Growls and Vandalised Bike Paths

D. Hatswell Creature Reports
Published on Jun 12, 2019

Join BBR and get your name on the Map of Worldwide Researchers, helping people to meet up with other researchers, witnesses, podcasters and many others. For a small fee of £2.99. Get your membership here… Read the Witness Accounts Here To see my videos before they are public, or to view exclusive podcasts and worldwide Cryptid reports please pop along to my Patreon Channel. I will be adding all of my sighting accounts here and many world wide reports I have collected over the years.…

Delamere Forest is so old, it has scars from ice-age glaciers of 10,000 years ago and its origins go way back into the mists of time. Rumours and reports of strange animals in Delamere Forest can be dated back to the Romans.  The Romans cut a straight road through the forest to connect the fortress town of Chester to the salt mines of Northwich. The Romans reported hearing the loud roar of an unknown beast and frequently found deer and wild boars torn apart. There were also stories that some soldiers went missing trying to find the strange animal. At this time, Delamere Forest stretched right up to the southern banks of the Mersey. WEREWOLF RESEARCH

This is a great post from our Deb and it is chock full of Fortean finery.



Their Lives

Alberto Barrero
Published on Jun 14, 2019

Composed by and for animals. – Pics by Jaromir Chalabala

Terrific tones, talent and a sweet message.



2017 Glens of Antrim Rally – Camillus Bradley & Crawford Henderson – Stage 6

Published on May 11, 2017

SVS Incar Camera Footage of Camillus Bradley & Crawford Henderson in their Ford Escort Mk2. Upload Requested By: Crawford Henderson. This is Stage 6 of the 2017 RiverRidge Recycling Glens of Antrim Rally.

Footage provided by SVS Incar Cameras See for more details & videos… Facebook:… Twitter :!/SVS_TV

Camillus Bradley is the cousin of a very dear friend of mine and is therefore extra special in my eyes.


See this previous post!




1970 24 Hours of Daytona

“… the two-seater (No. 25) Ferrari 512-S V12 of 5.0 liters (550 hp) of Dan Gurney-Chuck Parsons (“North American Racing Team,” the Italian subsidiary of the vehicles impregnated by the holy water of the Americans) …” — Motor.Rocabal Photo © János L. Wimpffer

That Ferrari comes from my hometown… ! run by Luigi Chinetti Motors, eh!

God, those were heady days.




Ooh, these things and their Capri cousins are just so wonderfully gnarly!

Data from Motor.Rocabal:

Another attractive image of the Ford Escort RS Broadspeed (1,840 cc) of the Spanish team consisting of Rafael Barrios and Emilio Rodríguez Zapico but this time during the 4 Hours of Zandvoort (Holland), a valid test for the Euro-touring cars. They would qualify in the 12th of the General (6th in the 2 Liter Division) of the Spanish team constituted by Rafael Barrios and Emilio Rodríguez Zapico but this time during the 4 Hours of Zandvoort (Holland), valid test for the Euro-tourism. They would qualify in the 12th of the General (6th in the 2 Liter Division), harassed in the ranks by the Escort RS 2.0 Zakspeed, the BMW 2002 Köepchen or the Alfa Romeo GTAm 2.0 evolved to the maximum.

Text information Antonio De Leon Evora

Results of the race

Date: August 12, 1973 
Circuit: Circuit van Zandvoort (Holland) 
Longutud: 4226 meters Exit 
: 26 Finished: 
Meteorology: Sunny and hot

one 9 Quester / Hezemans BMW 3.0 CSL 143
two 12 Muir / Hunt BMW 3.0 CSL 142
3 one Fitzpatrick / Larrousse Ford Capri RS 2600 LW 141
4 3 Fritzinger / Akersloot Ford Capri RS 2600 140
5 14 Brun / Kocher BMW 3.0 CSL 136
6 25 Mohr / Heyer Ford Escort RS 1600 134
7 33 Menzel / Kelleners BMW 2002 131
8 22 Deen / Zeccoli Alfa Romeo 2000 GTAm 131
9 2. 3 Dini / Dona Alfa Romeo 2000 GTAm 130
10 10 Ertl / Pescarolo BMW 3.0 CSL 129
eleven 29 Hanson / Hanson Ford Escort RS 1600 126
12 31 Neighborhoods / Zapico Ford Escort RS 1600 122
13 24 de Vries / Heine Opel Manta SR 120
14 7 Tricot / Neve Opel Commodore GS / E 119
8 Stuck / Amon BMW 3.0 CSL 90 Accident
37 Hegels / Tibor BMW 1602 83 NF
5 Ruiz-Gimenez / Mesia Ford Capri RS 2600 72 Accident
35 Wagner / Verheij BMW 2002 57 NF
6 Vermeulen / Frankenhout Opel Commodore GS / E 53 NF
41 Hessel / Bertrams Alfa Romeo 1300 GTA Junior 49 NF
twenty Müller / Dubler Toyota Celica GT 40 Cylinder head gasket
two Mass / Glemser Ford Capri RS 2600 LW 31 Transmission
39 Verkühlen / Kuhlmann BMW 2002 14 NF
twenty-one Stommelen / Facetti Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sedan 10 Gearbox
30 Leibold / Müller Ford Escort RS 1600 9 Transmission
27 Berg / Dolk Ford Escort RS 1600 two Gearbox

Older drivers: Teodoro Zeccoli with 44, Carlo Facetti with 38 and Dieter Quester with 34 
younger riders: Hans-Joachim Stuck with 22, Patrick Neve with 24, Harald Ertl with 25

From the Blog Motor Canals Balil

Automatic via IFTTT

There’s a tunna pewps ion the interwebz, but theres a tunna joy like this, too!



False Flag or Provocation? U.S. Quickly Blames Iran for Attacks on Ships

Streamed live 5 hours ago

Today on TRUNEWS we discuss the mysterious attack on two oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz, and detail how Secretary Pompeo’s blanket assignment of blame to Iran has set the stage for further provocations to be used to start Israel’s war. Rick Wiles, Edward Szall, Doc Burkhart, Kerry Kinsey. Airdate June 13, 2019.

#TRUNEWS #IRAN #FALSEFLAG TruNews on Facebook: TruNews on Twitter: TruNews on Spreaker: TruNews on SoundCloud: TruNews RSS Feed:

TruNews is on the air! TruNews is God’s answer to Satan’s fake news. TruNews is the world’s leading news source that reports, analyzes, and comments on global events and trends with a conservative, orthodox Christian worldview. Our vision is to build a global news network that provides a credible source for world news, events, and trends while giving respect and honor to Christians of all major denominations — Evangelical, Orthodox, Anglican, Catholic, and Protestant. We believe Christians need and deserve their own global news network to keep the worldwide Church informed, and to offer Christians a positive alternative to the anti–Christian bigotry of the mainstream news media.

Like David vs. Goliath, Rick Wiles is a citizen reporter who decided to take on the Big News Media. Starting with a $7,500 donation in May 1999 to launch the first radio program, Rick’s faith in God and steadfast determination has overseen the growth and development of TruNews into an internationally recognized source of credible news and information in a world where nothing seems to make sense anymore. Rick’s professional career was in media marketing and advertising sales. Throughout his early years, God’s hand silently guided him to be in employed in the latest new media. While in his early 20’s, Rick’s first media job was with a new FM radio station in the days when AM was still king. In 1980, he blazed a path as a pioneer in local cable television advertising when CNN and ESPN were new start-up channels on cable TV. As a sales manager, he launched one of the first cable advertising interconnects in the nation. He was hired in 1984 by the Christian Broadcasting Network as the first National Cable Marketing Manager for the new CBN Cable Network which later became the Family Channel. In 1995, Paul F. Crouch hired Rick as the Marketing Director for Trinity Broadcasting Network where Rick repositioned the TBN brand inside the cable industry — and played an important role in negotiating the early contracts to launch TBN on DirectTV, DISH, and the former PrimeStar DBS systems.

Rick resigned from TBN in September 1998 after receiving a dramatic call from God to full–time ministry. Have questions? Please send an email to We are here to pray for you. Whatever may be on your heart, no matter how big or small the burden, someone is waiting to stand with you in prayer.

Fear not, the religious parts are cake to get through. I am all for Jesus, but it is odd integrating it into the news.

But it is NOT in the news and analysis part that starts at about 17:00… these guys are good and you will hear the truth that the MSM will never, ever in a million years tell you. Along with some in depth information about a tonne of other cogent and important topics. In here you will even get a damn good idea of who really DID have JFK killed and WHY. And then you will know. So, yes, some fascinating facts and a timeline for the next few months… one I am horrified to believe will actually happen.

Please watch. You will not regret it at the end.




“Tires? We don’ need no stinking tires!”

In Rallye, you press on… regardless. As long as the car can move, you make it move.





Oh, I do so love Matra sports cars… they are so beautiful. This is an MS630 BRM.

Matra-Simca MS630 was a Group 5 prototype race car introduced in 1967 for the World Championship for Makes. The MS630 replaced the previous Matra MS620.[2] The car was initially designated as the Matra MS630, but when Simca sponsored Matra in 1969, it was renamed as the Matra-Simca MS630.

For 1967, Equipe Matra Sports decided to use a 1.9-litre version of the BRM Formula One V8 engine. (capable of producing 245 hp (183 kW; 248 PS) at 9,000 RPM.) Matra planned to have Johnny Servoz-Gavin/Jean-Pierre Jaussaud to drive the MS630 at both the 1967 1000 km of Spa and 1967 1000km of Nürburgring but the entries for both races were withdrawn. The MS630 only made one appearance in 1967, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Matra entered two cars for Servoz-Gavin/Jean-Pierre Beltoise and Jaussaud/Henri Pescarolo. Servoz-Gavin/Beltoise retired with a broken oil pipe and Jaussaud/Pescarolo also retired with broken suspension.




flying finn

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Originally Posted by tolis
Does anyone know who did the longest jump in Rally Finland?
Was it that one: Longest jump in rally finland – YouTube

I think that Markko Märtin’s jump from Ouninpohja 2003, Yellow House jump, is the longest measured one from modern days. 57 metres at 173 km/h if I recall right. That Guy Wilks’ flight is from SS Leustu, jump best known for Novikov’s stunt in 2009. Last year they had metre marks up to 55 metres there and they roughly landed at 45-50 metres. Wilks’ jumps must’ve been around 55 metres at least. I think we would have some nice lengths from SS Himos “Nikara’s jump” as well. Only Ouninpohja’s jump is ran to direction measured here this year.

From the 1970s this jump by Juhani Kynsilehto in 1975 is rather big one. Legend says it landed around 70 metres, but that’s not accurate of course. Co-driver was, by the way, one Martin Holmes.


Sweet! Finland is most definitely Rally Central… it’s in their blood!



maya beehive

Archaeologists in the ancient city of Nakum in northeastern Guatemala recently made a big discovery. Beneath a vast ritual platform dating from around 100 BCE to 300 CE they discovered a foot-long, barrel-shaped ceramic tube with covers at each end.

It is nearly identical to wooden beehives still made from hollow logs by Maya living in the region today. Their discovery is the only known Maya beehive. Since most beehives would probably have been wooden, they probably would not have survived.


God, the Maya are far from ancient! Mainstream archaeology has no clue whatsoever.




97 year old stuns crowd. Sings “BLUES” at Live Concert

Blues Piano Sheets
Published on Mar 10, 2015

The incredible blues pianist William Joseph ‘Pinetop’ Perkins performs “Chicken Shack.” He was still putting on a good performance at 97 years old.

For blues sheet music including Pinetop Perkins CLICK: now you can learn to play like Otis Spann, James Booker, Dr John, Pinetop Perkins, Luca Sestak, Norah Jones. Chase Garrett and many more of your favourite blues legends.

Blues Piano Sheets the all new channel for everyone who loves blues piano and all the pianists who always wanted advanced note for note blues sheet music. SUBSCRIBE NOW! more coming soon.…

Amazing 97 year old plays & sings at Live Concert – Pinetop Perkins blues piano…

brian mcknight
I will never forget the time met him. Anniston Alabama..he pulled up in a 1981 El Camino – got out and had that long black jacket that had Embroidering: BLUES INC. 20 minutes later we all were recording he was 10 feet from me… and if you don’t that I was intimidated, you are a dam liar. As I stated, I will never forget him – tremendous individual.

Just spectacular. The beauty knows no bounds.



Strange Figure Captured at Cannock Chase March 2019! Part 1

D. Hatswell Creature Reports
Published on Jun 7, 2019

Hello Everybody and Welcome to our new Podcast, if you are a new subscriber or a long term listener you will hear reports here before I release them to the public. I will be bringing you sighting accounts and reports from the witnesses themselves and any updates or area searches that take place in the future, until then please relax as I take you to one of the UK’s best known Creature Hotspots home to Bigfoot Like Creatures, Dogmen, Werewolves and even the odd Pigman sightings, and thats just the creatures all many of strange events happen at Cannock and it is one of our teams regular meeting spots. The first report came in on the 3/6/19 and is the latest account in a long line of reports from the chase. I will be bringing you further episodes featuring the conundrums Cannock Chase manifests.Hi Deborah, I am a member of a paranormal team and we often investigate out at Cannock Chase as our team are in the process of carrying out a longitudinal (long de tudinal) study across the Chase. We have conducted repeated observations of the area over a long period of time. As most Bigfoot Researchers do when studying one set of woods over a number of seasons in the hopes of gathering evidence or spotting a pattern or any anomalies that may occur. The study on this night was taking place on the Golf course close to the common on Cannock Chase.


Cannock Chase Podcast Part 2

D. Hatswell Creature Reports
Published on Jun 8, 2019

Core Hill Wood Sept 2016 Witness account: “I have been picking my walks carefully over the past week and today I decided to go into my local woods approximately one mile away @7pm. As soon as we got there, we being me and my daughter we decided to walk off the beaten path which we would not normally do. We walked about a 1/4 mile in and I started to see shelters made against trees with branches? lots of leaning sticks and twigs, at this point sunset was at 7.45pm, so it was already starting to get dimpsy (dusk/twilight). I’m stood looking at these branches and sticks ‘someone/thing’ had gone to a lot of trouble to pull branches big enough that I think a couple of men may have struggled with. It just did not make sense to me at all.At this point i’m still not convinced and im trying to debunk all this mess. Im also finding loads of broken branches from saplings or trees scattered that hadn’t made it into the pile/structure? We left this area and continued for about 1/2 a mile, and there is another branch/stick shelter I presume is for cover but this one was made much lower to the ground.

Would you like to join our Bigfoot Members group and meet up with like minded people out in the field or online. If you have an interest in Bigfoot, Dogman and other Cryptid creatures and you would like to meet up or chat online with people with similar interests in your area to research or just for a general chat, this Members map could be the perfect solution. All you need is a membership to BBR (which is free you only pay for PP) and we can add you to the map where each member has a contact email.

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Please feel free to do as little or as much as you prefer. Some people arrange meets, do podcasts, video the sighting areas, meet the witnesses, other search online for any possible sighting account or strange experiences, and some members prefer to just sit back and observe. We will be contacting the Woodland Trust and other organisations over the year asking them for any possible disabled accessible areas we can use so all members can be included in the meet ups.


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Ripping good cryptozoological intrigue from the files of our Deb, Queen of the Woodwose!




lion ball

Not quite sure of exactly what is going on in this photo and not at all sure that I would try it, but…

The lion seems remarkably calm.

Dude must have it down well.



Within and Without

Here’s the first poster for the newest film from my dear friend Frank S Petrilli!

It’s called Within and Without.

The tag line… “After death, life flows on.”

How Fortean is that?

And, if Frank is involved, it’s gonna kick ass!

I hope I get to see it soon.



I am totally disgusted with the non-performance of the people at DreamHost. It should be named NightmareHost. A lot more accurate.

Each person gave contradictory advice and recommended actions that contributed to the destruction that ensued. The commentary also indicated that most did not even look at the files in question, let alone the site. It the end it became rather repulsive. They seemed good in years past, but the staggering incompetence in this recent round made a mockery of the phrase “managed hosting.”

So I will try a new hosting company and hope for the best.

Should I send out 12,185 emails to the subscribers? What do you think? It is the only way to let them know… maybe a few just to see what happens.

No sleep tonight… 4:30am.

My disgust is now ANGER!

God help me, please.


I feel sick to my stomach


They ruined it. Slowly building since 2009, thousands of posts, gaining over 12,000 subscribers. All gone in the blink of an eye.

Fucking bastards.




They said it was database corruption that caused the outages.

And then they screwed up the database totally. And now all the subscribers are gone. All the categories and tags are gone from every post.

I am so livid I am just numb. And I give these basstards hundreds of dollars a year to manage it all.

Manage what? You got me?

And there’s no fucking way to tell the lost subscribers that they are lost.

I am going to go cry now.




This giant statue is a bronze rendition of Shakyamuni or Gautama Buddha, the man whose teachings are the foundation of the Buddhist religion. Known as the Tian Tan Buddha, this masterwork was completed in 1993 and is located at Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, in Hong Kong. The statue represents the harmony between man and nature, people and faith.
Photo from @aleporte

Mighty impressive.


Plants and their parts.


Plants and parts

Plants and their parts.

Johannis Gessneri Tabulae phytographicae : analysin generum plantarum exhibentes. 1795-1804.

Via nemfrog from, e-rara.

Gotta love old nature illos… they are so beautiful.