2 comments on “Amelia Earhart is »NOT« a Mystery! — Interview & Reblog of The Truth at Last

  1. Jim,

    Thanks so much your kind words, and for standing up for the Earhart Truth. Only a rare few care at all about this great American travesty, one of this nation’s oldest sacred cows, and even fewer have gone to the trouble of telling others about it. I greatly appreciate your effort.

    I salute you, Sir!

    Warm Regards,
    Mike Campbell

    • And I thank you as well as being in awe of your work. She has long been a hero and I’ve been interested for ages. I remember there were some small websites way back when where there was video from the area and of the prison with interviews and such but I’ve completely lost track! Aaahh!

      I am honored, Sir and I think you’re grand!

      Be well,
      Iggy Makarevich
      Member #8232

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