BAABA – “MESOM WO” (Official Video)

Nov 9, 2019

Music video by Baaba, performing ‘Mesom Wo.’

Directed by Mo Sambo.

© 2019.Alabaster Music Inc.

A beautiful song from a beautiful lady, Ms Baaba Sampson.

She’s new to the music scene and a dear friend of mine, Atipin Hemaa Nana Kyerewaa, is helping to jump-start her career and sent it to me. After one listen I wanted to share it with you all, because, well, it’s really sweet and good!

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Thanks, y’all.



Chris Rodrigues & Abby the Spoon Lady – I Wake Up With The Blues

Abby the Spoon Lady
Nov 3, 2018

“Ever wake up with the blues so bad you feel like rolling back over in your bed and going back to sleep? My mother and I were evicted from the home I grew up in first thing on Christmas morning a few years back, shortly after a romantic breakup. The words are true. I made out of this blues through prayer. I wrote this song on the side of my bed. ” – Chris Rodrigues

I wake up with the blues now mama
I just roll back in my bed
I wake up with the blues now mama
I just roll back in my bed
cause I don’t wanna think about
all them troubles rolling round my head
I’m feeling mean feeling mean
I ain’t got one nice thing to say
I’m feeling mean feeling mean
I ain’t got one nice thing to say
I’m asking God for forgiveness
I better get down on my knees and pray
well my rider she done left me
took my world for a spin
well my rider she done left me
took my world for a spin
if I fall back down in love
the same things bound to happen again
some say its a feeling
I think its a dog gone curse
some say its a feeling
I think its a dog gone curse
I wake up with the blues now mama
it gets back then it gets worse
I wake up with the blues now mama
I just roll back in my bed
I wake up with the blues now mama
I just roll back in my bed
cause I don’t wanna think about
all them troubles rolling round my head
cause I don’t wanna think about
all them troubles rolling round my head
cause I don’t wanna think about
all them troubles rolling round my head

We created this video using a single camera and just the Camera mic, one take. We used a Nikon D3200:
The guitar Chris is using: Recording King dirty 30’s resonator.
The harmonicas that Chris uses: – Hohner Special 20 – Lee Oskar Major Diatonic – – – Sign up for our mailing list:

ABBY THE SPOON LADY on the web: on Facebook:… on Instagram: on Twitter:

I love this, it is just so beautiful.



Wynn’s ‘Start You Bastard’ Engine Additive Advert

Sep 21, 2008

This is a pisstake advert done by the funny guys from Full Frontal in the mid 90s. There was a whole bunch of Wynn’s Oil and fuel Additives on TV at the time, so they did one of their own.

Oh, man, this is so, so very good!




Chinese tourist spots fish with ‘human face’ in lake

Viral Strong
Nov 8, 2019

Chinese tourist spots fish with ‘human face’ in lake A fish with a “human-like face” was spotted swimming in a lake by a tourist in southwestern China’s Kunming on November 5. A woman says: “See the fish has become a fairy, it has a human-like face.” The markings on the fish resemble that of a human’s eyes, nose and mouth. According to fish farmers, the fish is actually a kind of carp.

That looks just too good!




#20 –  Dobhar-chú

The Dobhar-chú is a vicious lake cryptid of Irish folklore. Roughly translated as “water hound” is described as being half-dog, half-fish, or as something resembling a very large otter, up to two metres in length. The creature is said to be extremely aggressive and capable of killing humans. There even exists a grave in Conwall cemetary in County Leitrim, Ireland of a woman supposedly killed by the Dobhar-chú, with a carving of the creature featured on her headstone.

Source: corvidaeus

A somewhat different sort of water monster. New to me…




#22 – Morgawr

Morgawr, meaning “sea giant” in Cornish, is a sea monster purported to live in the waters around Falmouth Bay in Cornwall, England. The first sightings of the creature that came to prominence were in the mid-1970s, however stories of a large sea monster in the area may date back nearly a hundred years prior to that. Reports of Morgawr describe it as a very large creature, up to eighteen metres in length, and possibly resembling an extinct marine animal such as plesiosaurus or basilosaurus.


Water cryptids are so exciting!

I remember this guy from way back. A classic!



Eeire Bigfoot vocalizations recorded deep within Canadian woods, Audio enhanced (Disclose Screen)

Disclose Screen ‘The Grimreefar’
Oct 22, 2019

Credit- Stargell Blackstar Published October 3rd 2019 Location- Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada…
Music credit- Kevin Macleod. Deep horrors
Check out more Bigfoot evidence from Disclose Screen…

This is an excellent recording. Scary, for sure!



Octopus Dreaming

Nature on PBS
Sep 23, 2019

Watch the brilliant color changes of a sleeping octopus.

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“Octopus: Making Contact“ premieres Wednesday, October 2 at 8|7c on PBS
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—————– Nature is a production of THIRTEEN for PBS. Throughout its history, Nature has brought the natural world to millions of viewers. The PBS series has been consistently among the most-watched primetime series on public television.
The idea that humans and mollusks could have any kind of relationship is remarkable when considering the distance between the species. Yet watch the playful relationship between a teenager, Laurel, and her pet octopus, Heidi.



God cursed my Soul before I was even born, you see. Millions of people, maybe billions, have it way worse than I, but that doesn’t make the profound, lifelong depression teamed with a failing body any less painful.


I will probably be posting a lot less in sync with the falling readership, as, quite frankly, I can’t see the point. I used to think that people liked this blog, but it has become apparent that that is simply not the case.




A total force team of 131st Bomb Wing, Missouri Air National Guard, and U.S. Air Force 509th Bomb Wing pilots and maintainence crew park the B-2 Spirit “Spirit of Pennsylvania” on Whiteman’s flightline after a rainy day training mission in the skies around Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, July 14, 2014. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Senior Master Sgt. Mary-Dale Amison/Released)



NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. — A B-2 Spirit bomber sits on the ramp here Oct 28. The bomber is from the 509th Bomb Wing from Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo. B-2 aircraft and people from Whiteman were participating in exercise Red Flag 04-01. Red Flags are war exercises that allow combat aircrews training in the most realistic simulated war environment possible. (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Michael R. Nixon)







Tools for death in the culture of Endless War.


It would be less so if it was used for our defense.

But that is usually not the case.


The Secret Failed Soviet Moon Landing

Dark Docs
Oct 16, 2019

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At the height of the Space Race, the United States and the Soviet Union bitterly tried to outdo one another, each attempting to be the first to succeed in a number of scientific and exploratory challenges. In the beginning the Soviets won many of the ‘firsts’, such as launching the first craft to enter Earth’s orbit, Sputnik 1 in October 1957, sending to space the first living animal, Laika, on Sputnik 2 in November 1957, and putting the first man in orbit with Yuri Gagarin’s mission in April 1961.

In fact, by most accounts, the USSR was even ahead of the United States in sending the first man to the moon by the time US president John F. Kennedy’s famous “We choose to go” speech in 1962. The Soviets had already landed the Luna 2 probe on the moon’s surface in 1959, and they were in the middle of developing a manned-mission that was strikingly similar to the US effort. Yet, that early success would eventually be forgotten as the Soviet Union buried their final moon missions in secrecy. Because just as Neil Armstrong was setting foot on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969, the Luna 15 lander was crashing into the other side of the moon. It is a story the Soviets did not want the world to know…

– As images and footage of actual events are not always available, Dark Docs sometimes utilizes similar historical images and footage for dramatic effect. All content on Dark Docs is researched, produced, and presented in historical context for educational purposes. –

Aww, poor Commies. Much respect for those who perished. I had no idea that this happened.



ANA POPOVIC • Ana’s Shuffle • 3/26/17 – Blast Furnace Blues – Bethlehem, PA

Mar 30, 2017

*Filmed in HD by Joan Mallotides aka BluesBroad 3/26/17. Blast Furnace Blues Festival – Bethlehem, PA

Ana is a Blues Goddess.



Jefferson Starship – White Rabbit – 11/8/1975 – Winterland (Official)

JeffersonAirplane on MV
Sep 26, 2014

Jefferson Starship – White Rabbit Recorded Live: 11/8/1975 – Winterland – San Francisco, CA

More Jefferson Starship at Music Vault: Subscribe to Music Vault on YouTube:

Grace Slick – vocals
Paul Kantner – vocals, guitar
Marty Balin – vocals, percussion
David Frieberg – keyboards, bass, vocals
Craig Chaquico – lead guitar
Pete Sears – bass, piano
Johnny Barbata – drums, vocals (on track #4)

Recorded after the monumentally successful Red Octopus album release, but prior to 1976’s Spitfire album, this Jefferson Starship concert captures the band performing a diverse set before a hometown audience. With singer Marty Balin back in the fold, the group again contained the three primary vocalists from the Jefferson Airplane, now supported by vocalist, keyboardist, part-time bassist, and ex-Quicksilver Messenger Service member David Frieberg; the young guitar prodigy Craig Chaquico; and the superb rhythm section of bassist/pianist Pete Sears and drummer Johnny Barbata. The group was riding high on the multi-platinum Red Octopus album and was arguably at a new peak of popularity.

This set is not only represented by material from the early Jefferson Starship albums and a couple of Jefferson Airplane classics, but interestingly features live performances of material from Grace Slick’s first solo album plus two of the best tracks Marty Balin recorded with his post-Jefferson Airplane project, Bodacious D F.

The recording begins in progress, with the group wrapping up Vic Smith’s “Drivin’ Me Crazy,” the most infectious track from the obscure Bodacious D F album. This sweeping, heart-breaking song about longing for lost love serves as a perfect vehicle for Balin’s romantically emotive vocals. An extended version of the Jerry Gallup/Craig Chaquico composition, “That’s For Sure” follows, clocking in at nearly twice the length of the studio recording featured on the 1974 Jefferson Starship album, Dragonfly. With barrelhouse piano support from Sears, Grace Slick next takes over with a very bawdy take on “Better Lying Down,” a track from her first solo album, Manhole.

In a rare instance of drummer Johnny Barbata fronting the band, they next deliver “Big City,” the song he co-wrote with ex-Canned Heat guitarist Joel Scott Hill and original Flying Burrito Brothers bassist Chris Etheridge. Here Barbata handles lead vocals on a song soon to be recorded for the group’s next album, Spitfire. Returning to Dragonfly material, David Frieberg next fronts the band on “Come To Life,” a song containing words by the Grateful Dead’s lyricist extraordinaire, Robert Hunter.

A second taste of the rare Bodacious D F material is next with “The Witcher.” Beginning introspectively, this becomes an explosive R&B workout featuring Balin’s lustfully unhinged vocals. Dipping back even further, the group next tackles one of Kantner’s early sci-fi classics, “Have You Seen The Saucers.” Sandwiched in the middle of this Jefferson Airplane number is an extended and pummeling bass solo courtesy of Pete Sears. This leads up to a raucous take of “White Rabbit,” one of Grace Slick’s signature songs. The recording concludes with the first taste of Red Octopus material. Craig Chaquico’s “Sweeter Than Honey” clearly shows the band heading in a straightforward rock direction, which would capture the attention of a new legion of fans, while alienating older fans that preferred more thought provoking lyrics and the more experimental sound of the Airplane. This leads into a drum solo by Johnny Barbata, prior to the tape stock running out.

With all three Airplane vocalists again on board and a wealth of diverse material in the group’s touring repertoire, the Jefferson Starship was arguably nearing its peak around this time. With personnel as well as musical changes again in store as the 1970s wore on, the group would rarely be this engaging again and this recording, although not without it’s flaws, represents the Jefferson Starship nearing the end of their golden era.

A bit different…



Long John Baldry – “Don’t Try To Lay No Boogie-Woogie On The King of Rock & Roll”

Jul 23, 2013

From Baldry’s 1971 album, “It Ain’t Easy.”

So crazily classic and oh so good.



The Kentucky Headhunters – SKip A Rope

Patricia Gorman
Sep 7, 2016

The Kentucky Headhunters ~ Kentucky Wildcat

john sandiford
Sep 19, 2014

Country Music From the 1997 CD Stompin’ Grounds

Kentucky Headhunters – Spirit in the Sky

Feb 8, 2010

Rockin’ Country Tour 1992

Sweet songs … Sweet band.



Grand Funk Railroad – I’m Your Captain/Closer To Home

Mar 20, 2008

Grand Funk Railroad’s song I’m Your Captain / Closer To Home. Enjoy!

Still so beautiful!



Hank Williams – The Best Of Country Music (Greatest Songs Masterpieces) [Fantastic Classics Songs]

Classic Mood Experience
Dec 1, 2016

Classic Mood Experience The best masterpieces ever recorded in the music history. Subscribe to our channel: Join our Facebook:

Hank Williams – The Best Of Country Music (All the Greatest Songs Masterpieces) [Fantastic Classics Songs] 00:00 Hank Williams – Long Gone Lonesome Blues (1950) 02:34 Hank Williams – Jambalaya (On the Bayou) (1952) 05:23 Hank Williams – Honky Tonkin’ (1948) 08:07 Hank Williams – Cold Cold Heart (1951) 10:22 Hank Williams – Just Waitin’ (1958) 12:57 Hank Williams – Baby, We’re Really in Love (1951) 15:24 Hank Williams – I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With You) (1951) 17:43 Hank Williams – Lovesick Blues (1949) 20:23 Hank Williams – Your Cheatin’ Heart (1953) 23:00 Hank Williams – I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive (1952) 25:22 Hank Williams – Settin’ The Woods On Fire (1952) 27:54 Hank Williams – Honky Tonk Blues (1952) 29:47 Hank Williams – Crazy Heart (1951) 32:10 Hank Williams – (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle (1951) 34:31 Hank Williams – Dear John (1951) 36:49 Hank Williams – Move It on Over (1947) 39:30 Hank Williams – The Pale Horse And His Rider (1956) 42:19 Hank Williams – Hey, Good Lookin’ (1951) 45:09 Hank Williams – Mind Your Own Business (1949) 47:59 Hank Williams – Calling You (1953)

Hiram King “Hank” Williams, (September 17, 1923 – January 1, 1953) was an American singer-songwriter and musician. Regarded as one of the most significant and influential American singers and songwriters of the 20th century, Williams recorded 35 singles (five released posthumously) that reached the Top 10 of the Billboard Country & Western Best Sellers chart, including 11 that ranked number one (three posthumously). FROM WIKIPEDIA:…

Nearly 51 minutes of Hank!



“The Snow Cruiser”—Antarctica’s Abandoned Behemoth

Mar 20, 2019

What happened to the Antarctic Snow Cruser? In 1939 a fifty-five feet long, twenty feet wide monster, weighing 37 tonnes and designed to have a range of over 8000 miles arrived on Antarctica. Built in the late 1930s for Richard E. Byrd’s Third Antarctic Expedition, it was one of the most incredible ventures in engineering history, not just in its size and scale but also her failure as an exploratory vehicle and subsequent disappearance.

In this video, I look at the background, design and disappearance of the Snow Cruser and ask what happened to this incredible vehicle (I’m afraid it’s not good news).

More photos, video and sources on my website:…
Source & Reading:
The best website for archives and information on the cruiser:…
Best overview and details on the design and history of the cruiser:…
An Atlantic article with great photos of the cruiser:…
Interview with someone who saw it in person:…
Colour footage of the cruiser:…
“With Byrd at the South Pole”- a documentary Byrd made (where I got most of the stock footage) that went on to be the first documentary to win an Oscar. –…
Books on the subject: Antarctica: A Biography by David Day… All the information you could ever need on the attached plane:…
For Shackeltons/Scott Shackelton: By Endurance We Conquer by Michael Smith An Unsung Hero- Tom Crean by Michael Smith
Corrections: The Ferguson tractors show at roughly 4:00 are not the tractors Byrd used during his second expedition. This is placeholder footage of Fergressons used in the 1950s as I couldn’t find any photos or videos of the tractors used in the previous ‘little America’ expedition. Upon Reviewing my footage I found there was actually a clip of the tractors in Byrd’s ‘Discovery’ film made about the second expedition, linked to 26:24 in this video- Twitter………………….► Instagram…………….► Website………………..► Facebook……………..► Questions or queries to:

Fascinating info and imagery on this strange vehicle all packed into a nice, thorough piece. So many links it took a while to get it post ready, yeah, but all good stuff, eh.



She’s Got To Have It – The Kentucky Headhunters

Sep 14, 2015


Oh, bay b, this is delightful and delicious!



order of malta

Abel Basti

October 31

The power circles we don’t know
The Sovereign and Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and Malta, better known as the Order of Malta, currently has 13.500 members and nine centuries old, during which it has accumulated beautiful possessions. It is the only international body that works as a sovereign state without territory. It has officials and embassies, maintaining diplomatic relations with 106 countries. Emits stamps, acuña coin and has its own courts. The Order is a permanent observer at the UN.

Fascinating stuff from Abel. I have heard of these guys, but never knew much about them other than they seem to have a significant say in things. No idea that they were a sovereign state!



reo and curtiss







Here’s a 1938 Reo Tractor and a Curtiss Aerocar, which was in use until the 1990s.

Wow, this is fab. I am totally smitten with the Reo Tractor… it is just so wonderfully shaped.



Heino – Wir tanzen Polka, denn wir lieben Germany 2006

Jun 27, 2008

Heino – Wir tanzen Polka, denn wir lieben Germany 2006

Die schöne Jugendzeit vergisstman nie
ein ganzes Leben lang
Auch ich war einmal jung und weiss,
wie’s war als wir noch Kinder war’n

Ja schön ist die Erinnerung
es ist schon lange her
doch damals und zu jeder Zeit
gab’s schon die Blasmusik,
ja ja die Blasmusik
und heute feiern wir
alle gemeinsam hier.

Wir tanzen Polka
denn wir lieben Germany, Germany, Germany,
ja eine Polka, denn wir sind verliebt wie nie
in good old Germany.

Wir tanzen Polka
denn wir lieben Germany, Germany, Germany,
ja eine Polka, denn wir sind verliebt wie nie
in good old Germany.

Ich kenne dieses Land
vom hohen Norden bis zum Bodensee,
ich liebe die Heimat sehr
wo ich auch bin,
wo ich auch geh’ und steh’

Mein Elternhaus steht dort,
wo ich noch heut’ zu hause bin
und hier und auf der ganzen Welt
kennt man die Blasmusik,
ja ja die Blasmusik
und heute feiern wir
alle gemeinsam hier.

Wir tanzen Polka
denn wir lieben Germany, Germany, Germany,
ja eine Polka, denn wir sind verliebt wie nie
in good old Germany.

Wir tanzen Polka
denn wir lieben Germany, Germany, Germany,
ja eine Polka, denn wir sind verliebt wie nie
in good old Germany.

Wir tanzen Polka
denn wir lieben Germany, Germany, Germany,
ja eine Polka, denn wir sind verliebt wie nie
in good old Germany
in good old Germany.

HEINO – Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnuss (2014)

Marco Kliem
Dec 20, 2014

Album: Schwarz Blüht Der Enzian (2014)

Heino – Sierra Madre

Nov 21, 2012

Heino – Sierra Madre – Live optreden tijdens hèt Schlagerfestival in de Rodahal op 9 april 2012 in Kerkrade. Dit festival vindt elk jaar plaats op 2e Paasdag. Voor meer informatie kijk op

Heino – Schwarz blüht der Enzian

Dec 9, 2014

Heino – Schwarz blüht der Enzian (12.12.2014) Auf iTunes kaufen: Auf Amazon kaufen:

Heino – Schwarz blüht der Enzian (12.12.2014)

Den Beweis dafür, dass an dem Sprichwort „Totgesagte leben länger“ was Wahres dran ist, hat Heino im vergangenen Jahr mehr als eindeutig geliefert. Plötzlich ging alles ganz schnell! Heino überrascht mit neuem Repertoire. Das Album „Mit freundlichen Grüßen“ verkauft sich mehr als 250.000 Mal. Heino stürmte mit knapp 75 Jahren die deutschen Albumcharts und wird zum Downloadkönig des Jahres gekürt.

Jetzt setzt Heino dem ganzen noch die Krone auf! So kommt es, dass er jetzt seine eigenen volkstümlichen Hits, die seine Fans bei nahezu jedem Konzert von ihm einfordern, covert. Doch einfach nur covern wäre langweilig. Mit verschiedenen Produzententeams aus der Rock und Metalszene hat er völlig neue Rockversionen aus seinen alten Schlagern gezaubert! Und so wird – passend zur Musik – aus dem alt bekannten Schlager „Blau blüht der Enzian“ der dem Genre entsprechende Albumtitel „Schwarz blüht der Enzian“.




Weitere Infos unter: Starwatch Entertainment abonnieren:…


Jun 28, 2016

18 Minuten Live-Konzert vom 17.06.2016 in Brandenburg an der Havel. Mitschnitt von den Titeln “Schwarz blüht der Enzian” – “Sonne” – “Schwarzbraun ist die Haselnuss” & einem “Hit-Medley” © | 28.06.2016 FANS: “HEINO IST NE GEILE SAU UND NE GEILE SOCKE” SUPERSAUSE | HEINO ROCKT DAS HAVELFEST IN BRANDENBURG

HEINO – Wir lagen vor Madagaskar (2014)

Marco Kliem
Dec 20, 2014

Album: Schwarz Blüht Der Enzian (2014)

Heino – Alte Kameraden Marsch

Oct 26, 2013

15.Geburtstag des Heino-Rathaus-Café in Bad Münstereifel am 26.Juni 2011.
Alte Kameraden Marsch. Lyrics:
Freunde, heut’ wird’s eine lange Nacht,
weil wir alte Kameraden seh’n.
Freunde, heut’ wird einer draufgemacht,
weil wir wieder beieinandersteh’n.

Heute kommen sie von nah und fern,
uns’re alten Kameraden her.
Hoch soll’n sie leben beim Saft der Reben,
darauf freuen wir uns sehr.

Singt und lacht durch die ganze Nacht,
denn wir haben lang uns nicht geseh’n.
Singt und lacht, bis der Tag erwacht,
weil wir immer zueinandersteh’n.

Freud und Leid – alles wird geteilt,
und wir sind doch für einander da.
Denn wir sind Freunde, gute alte Freunde.
Freunde, eines ist doch klar:

Wahre Freundschaft gibt’s nicht oft auf dieser Welt,
wahre Freundschaft ist das einzige, was zählt.
Wahre Freundschaft, echte Freundschaft
ist doch viel mehr wert als Gut und Geld.

Kameraden, hoch die Tassen bis zum Morgenrot.
Wir leben nur so kurze Zeit und sind so lange tot.
Freunde, singt und lacht und bringt das alte Herz in Schwung,
denn wer immer fröhlich ist, der bleibt jung.

Ach, wie schön war einst die Zeit,
als wir jung war’n und zum Glück bereit.
Ach, so vieles ist gescheh’n,
drum seid froh, daß wir uns wiederseh’n.

Lebe heut’, schau nicht zurück,
denn nur heute findest du dein Glück.
Darum hebt das Glas voll Wein
und laßt uns alte Kameraden sein!

Hast du Sorgen, schick sie fort,
denn noch immer gilt das Wort:
schwarz und dunkel ist die Nacht,
immer kurz bevor der Tag erwacht.

Leid und Kummer, das vergeht,
weil die Welt sich weiter dreht,
darum hebt das Glas voll Wein
und laßt uns alte Kameraden sein!

That was a lot of Heino ! Me be smiling.



ATS member baddmove found this:

a lady by the name of (Andrea Jannell) was Messing around with her phone on super slow mo trying to catch a lightning strike and ended up catching something falling from the sky. She posted her video in a Group she joined “Alien Star Group,” she also claimed she took the video just messing around, her dad likes to take pics of lighting and there was so much that night,she was messing around and said “let’s take a video to show grandpa (her dad) how bad the lighting is.” She said put it on slow mode. she says ok,when they saw this they freaked out.

Falling from the sky during lightning storm

Julia Jannell
Oct 16, 2019

I was recording to lightning on super slow mode and caught something strange. What makes it weird is that it’s faster than the lightning (For licensing or usage, contact

Member LSU2018 added:

a reply to: carewemust

I was reading through the comments. The lady who recorded it says it isn’t doctored and she’s new to all of this. Sounds quite sincere. She mentions that you can see her reflection in the window as the lightning strikes and then you can see a flash when whatever it is hits. Markovian mentioned a sonic boom but who would know the difference with strikes like that that are leaving thundering booms with each hit… Several UFO investigators are in the comments asking her if they can use her footage.

This is very interesting. And she also says that she can’t investigate where it fell because there are No Trespassing signs posted all around that area and signs that say it’s under 24 hour surveillance. That adds to the intrigue of where this thing fell.

ETA: Adding screenshots of the object falling and the flash when it hits. Keep in mind, this object is falling faster than the lightning hits.

skyfall object


skyfall object hits


Is this actually a strange object falling freakishly fast from up in the sky?

Is it merely a raindrop running down the window it was recorded behind?

Ooh, raindrop mentioned:

raindrop txt

We’ll never really know. But it will be forever fascinating.

It looks good, eh?



















The iconic and fantastic Ford Mustang Boss 302 driven by Parnelli Jones in the 1969 Trans-Am season.