Ron Schmidt

Funeral and end of life costs

My brother, Ronald Schmidt passed away suddenly in his home on June 20th . He leaves behind a son and daughter. He shared his home with his daughter Katherine Raquel Schmidt in Las Vegas Nevada.

I have created this campaign to help his daughter, who finds herself in a difficult situation. Although it was my brothers intent to leave his home and his worldly possessions to his daughter, he had not yet made out his will. All donations will go directly to his daughter for help with funeral, lawyer, some outstanding medical bills for his hospital stay just prior to his passing and other end of life cost she will incur. And to help alleviate some of the financial pressure that will be upon her and her family in the next few months while she gets things sorted out.

My brother suffered from an ulcerated leg condition which grew worse as he became older, so he was forced to leave work a number of years ago and take early retirement, thus there are no savings for the family to fall back on. His daughter helped care for him.

Ronald was well loved by his family and many friends, and will be remembered for his love of rock hounding and collecting, for his involvement and enthusiasm in the Standauffish Renaissance Guild (pictured above) and his dream for building a permanent site for the Guild and of course his unwavering fascination in all things “Alien.”

He was truly one of a kind and will be greatly missed .

Ron Schmidt zorgon


He was and is an inspiration to me. He had more contacts than you could shake a stick at and was a fabulous researcher of many Fortean topics.


Please help his daughter and family. They need our love, too.



super escort

Simpson Race Exhausts

June 24, 2013

We have had this amazing SHP RSR Escort delivered to us.

Oh My God how freakin gorgeous is this?!

If I could, I would be sporting a tremendous woody!




patrick macnee

Rest In Peace, Daniel Patrick Macnee and thank you for all the joy you gave the world. You will always be My Hero!

June 25, 2015. A sad day.



Leon Redbone ~ Ditty-Wah-Ditty

Published on Apr 22, 2010

From the album Double Time

© 1988 Warner Bros.

Leon is so wonderful…



Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya

Published on Nov 8, 2014

Provided to YouTube by Rhino/Elektra

Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya · Dr. John

Gris Gris

℗ 1968 Atlantic Records

Guitar, Vocals: Dr. John
Producer: Harold Battiste
Composer: Dr. John Creaux
Arranger: Harold Battiste

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Something a little bit different.



They lie. Always. Even if they’ve signed a contract.

“Self-serving bastards.” — Henry Kissinger.

#BDS #JFK #USS Liberty #9/11



One Nation Under Zion: Did Israel Annex USA?

Streamed live on Jun 18, 2019

Today on TRUNEWS we discuss the silent but deadly power of Israeli influence over the United States, and how statements made at the Jerusalem Post’s 8th Annual conference regarding a new global war against anti-semitism could be a harbinger for future persecution against Christianity. Rick Wiles, Edward Szall, Doc Burkhart, Kerry Kinsey. Airdate June 18, 2019.

Horrificly heinous and terrifyingly true.

Discussion of the title [and much more] starts at the 19:15 mark.




Nice shot of period rivals (unattributed)

The two most awesome cars. I love them in the order that they’re in here, but love them both, I do, I do.



Absolutely fabulous!




Ford J-car/Mark IV
Kar Kraft wind tunnel 1967
Phil Remington (l)

As track testing of the Ford J-car continued from 1966 into 1967, the exterior shape morphed from the flat ‘breadvan’ look of the three prototypes to the more streamlined body of the Mark IV. This is J-3 in the Kar Kraft wind tunnel in Michigan prior to the Le Mans Test in April.



MkIV in the pits on the way to winning Le Mans in 1967 – Getty Images




Ford GT40 Mk III (1101)

The Mk III is the ‘missing link’ in Ford GT40 history.

Many differences distinguished the street-legal Mk III from the competition cars, beginning with a detuned 289 engine – the same used in the Shelby GT350.

External differences included round headlights mounted higher up to meet road requirements, a longer tail to accommodate a travel bag, revised ducting in the front body section and ‘FORD’ spelled out in chrome letters across the nose. All of the revisions detracted from the purity of design that set the Mk I, Mk II and Mark IV apart.

Just six examples of the street-licensed GT40 Mk III were produced by J.W. Engineering (John Wyer) in 1967-1968 and eventually found buyers. A seventh example was completed in mid-1969 and retained by Ford for promotional purposes.

Oh, now, I lust after these just the same as the others… I disagree with the statement above that the features detract from the original cars, which were also all quite different from the Mark I.

It is art and a fanfreakintastic example of inspired creativity.





LOVELY DINOSAUR (Nature) – (Photo by Mehmet Karaca/National Geographic Photo Contest) #

I love chameleons.

Really, I do.

They are simply elegant magnificence.




When I was in college, just before “take 2,” I had a summer job at a place called The Service Bureau Corp. here in town, down in the mailroom. They did get a pretty good amount of mail. One of my chores was to wheel a cart all around the floors and offices acting as a mailman. The center of the main floor of workers was filled with at least a dozen very attractive ladies, probably older 20s to mid 30s, who it seems knew that this innocent and overly eager young dork had crushes on all of them.

One fine day, one of the top ladies went into the path a bit in front of me and made a move which ended with her in a very similar position to the one shown above, but not quite as deep. Depth didn’t matter … it was right there and expertly executed. It was fleeting to be sure but my mind was truly blown to smithereens. Yes, I nearly died in my fearful unknowing of what to do and a mighty giggling was heard throughout the land.

I was so flustered and of course spent the next few days fantasizing about what I should have done. Like that would ever happen. Naturally, nothing ever came of it (no pun intended) and no one there ever tried to get me excited ever again.




Wicked Wanda

Wicked Wanda by Ron Embleton

Via inky-curves

I remember so fondly the series in Penthouse called Oh, Wicked Wanda with the delightful, delicious, delectable Candyfloss!

Gosh, warm fuzzies…



Bernd Rosemeyer

Here is a nice shot of Bernd Rosemeyer driving an Auto Union Typ C at the 1937 Grand Prix of Monaco.

How can one lose with all that precision ϟϟ preparation?



israeli puke



The Zionists must be exterminated from this universe.


The importance of this cannot be overstated.


The world would be so much closer to peace.


Otherwise, the terrorism and tyranny will only grow to saturation.




Astronauts David Scott, Neil Armstrong and Roger Chaffee with Geologist Joel Watkins during training in New Mexico in June, 1964.

Via historium

I wonder if they felt overflowing emotion regarding the amazing mission that they were about to embark on. I bet they did, but their training and professionalism made it easy to get past.