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James Brown
Published on Dec 29, 2014


This just in via Joe Bonamassa’s Monday Night Blues!



Researchers find secret, warm oasis beneath Antarctica’s ice that could be home to undiscovered spec


Deep within Antarctica’s ice caves, a group of scientists may have discovered a secret ecosystem of plants and animals being supported by the warmth of an active volcano.Although average year-long temperatures on Ross Island hover around -17C, including six months between April and September where they don’t rise above -20C, the temperature in cave systems beneath the glaciers can reach 25C.“You could wear a T-shirt in there and be pretty comfortable,” lead researcher Ceridwen Fraser said. “There’s light near the cave mouths, and light filters deeper into some caves where the overlying ice is thin.”Located around and beneath Mount Erebus, an active volcano, the caves have been hollowed out after years of steam travelling through their passages. The study of the caves, led by the Australian National University, evolved into an analysis of the soil within. Fraser revealed that it contained traces of DNA from algae, mosses and even small animals that could be living in the underground oasis.Most of the DNA, Fraser admits, is similar to that of species living on the surface. However, not all the sequences studied could be linked to a particular animal or plant group, meaning Fraser may be on the cusp of discovering new lifeforms as well.“Our study gives us a really exciting, tantalizing glimpse of the sorts of plants and animals that might live beneath the ice in Antarctica,” she said. “Some of the DNA evidence that we found suggests that maybe there are things living in these caves that we know nothing about.“There could even be new species.”Because there are several active volcanoes in the Antarctic, co-researcher Charles Lee, from the University of Waikato in New Zealand, said similar unexplored subglacial cave systems could exist across the continent. The research, originally published in the international journal Polar Biology, said there are another 15 volcanoes in Antarctica that are currently active or suggest signs of recent activity.“We don’t yet know just how many cave systems exist around Antarctica’s volcanoes, or how interconnected these subglacial environments might be,” he said.Co-author Laurie Connell, a professor from the University of Maine, shared her colleagues’ excitement but said the DNA evidence doesn’t prove anything — especially that plants and animals are still living there.The next step is to explore the caves themselves, hoping to find the living proof the team needs. ————————————————– Source: http://nationalpost.com/news/world/re…

New lifeforms! Undiscovered species!

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

OoOoOo I can hardly wait!

More data, give me more data!



Dedicated to the good people who perished on that day.

modified after this

1. 9/11/01 Police Radio Transmission: “The Van Exploded”

9/11/01 Police Radio Transmission: “The Van Exploded”

Published on Jul 24, 2015

Police radio transmission from 9/11 about a truck with a mural on the side of planes crashing into the WTC. The police officer reports later that a van exploded.

2. 911 – Dancing Israelis

911 – Dancing Israelis

Published on Dec 5, 2011

Check this out, Israelis partying & dancing when NY is under shock on 911! This report was on CNN

3. 9/10/2001: Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon

9/10/2001: Rumsfeld says $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon

Published on Oct 25, 2006

Pentagon admits $2.3 Trillion missing and Rumsfeld calls it a matter of “life and death.”

4. 9/11 – firemen and police saying there are bombs in the buildings

9/11 – firemen , police saying there are bomb’s in the buildings


the video speaks the truth, so when is Americans going to wake up to reality, and arrest those that are responsible for the attacks of 9/11 and the ones that Profitied off of 9/11. www.freeamerica.ning.com www.myspace.com/freeamerica365

5. Fabled Enemies Extra: WTC Eyewitness Barry Jennings

Fabled Enemies Extra: WTC Eyewitness Barry Jennings

Published on Feb 6, 2011

§ 107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include — (1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes; (2) the nature of the copyrighted work; (3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and (4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work. The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors. http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92ch… 40The Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 amended section 107 by adding the reference to section 106A. Pub. L. No. 101-650, 104 Stat. 5089, 5132. In 1992, section 107 was also amended to add the last sentence. Pub. L. No. 102-492, 106 Stat. 3145. http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92ch… Barry Jennings, Deputy Director, Emergency Services Department, New York City Housing Authority, talks about how he witnessed explosions in WTC 7 before the collapse of either of the twin towers.

6. Explosions in the WTC basement before the Plane struck the tower.

Explosions in the WTC basement before the Plane struck the tower.

Published on Sep 9, 2009

There were several Explosions in the World Trade Center basement before the Plane struck the tower. William Rodriguez, worked as a Janitor on level B1 of the tower. He used his pass key to open the doors of the stairwells on 9/11, helping people to escape. He received a bravery award from George Bush. However, Rodriguez questions what caused these explosions prior to plane impact at the top of the tower and points out that it could NOT be Gas or Oil in the basement because the Kitchens ALL ran on Electricity. Having been commended for bravery on 9/11 by George Bush, Rodriguez is subsequently put out of work and loses his home. Excerpt from film Zero 9/11 http://www.zerofilm.info/

7. 9/11 Firefighters Reveal Bombs Destroyed WTC lobby

9/11 Firefighters Reveal Bombs Destroyed WTC lobby

Published on Oct 22, 2010

Newly obtained video that was reluctantly released by NIST after a lawsuit by the International Center for 9/11 Studies shows two firefighters on 9/11 discussing how secondary explosions occurred immediately before the collapse of the twin towers, providing damning new evidence that explosive devices were used to bring down the buildings. Firemen discuss how bombs were going off in the lobby of WTC1 as they were staging to move up the building. They explain how the building had already been hit by the plane and fires were already burning. After two explosions in the lobby, a third went off and the whole lobby collapsed. I’m sorry 9/11 truth deniers, you now have another smoking gun that you can’t deny!

8. 9/11 Flight 93 Crash Conspiracy in Under 5 Minutes

9/11 Flight 93 Crash Conspiracy in Under 5 Minutes

Truth Speaker

United Airlines Flight 93 supposedly crashed in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. There’s just one problem with that; there was no plane crash on that day in Pennsylvania. This video is comprised of many different YouTube videos and News Outlet videos to show the “wreckage”.

9. The Pentagon

the 9/11 video that was aired once and never aired again

dustin lehr
Published on Dec 22, 2011

this video reveals shocking truth that a commercial jet did NOT hit the pentagon but, rather a missile or smaller plane which concludes that our government has lied to us

Let us please hang the bastards before they die. Not too much to ask is it? It is rather clear who the guilty are and has been for … SIXTEEN YEARS!

Why do so few care?

I need to add this – Here is another BIG question…

10. 9/11 – What Happened to the Passengers?

9/11 – What Happened to the Passengers?

Published on Sep 26, 2016

9/11 revisited – This video examines evidence of the impossibility of the airborne cell phone calls from the nine passengers that were indicated on the Caller-ID’s of the recipients as recorded in FBI reports. The technology for such calls did not exist in 2001 (refer to video description). If the cell phone calls could not have been made from the planes in the air, where were they made from? If those cell phone calls were not made in the air, the “19-Hijacker Conspiracy Theory” is seriously damaged.

This video is a portion of the excellent 5-hour 9/11 investigative film “September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor” by Massimo Mazzucco. For the complete 5-hour film (separated into 3 parts) click the links at the bottom.

Prior to 2004 cell phone calls from fast high flying aircraft were impossible because of the technology then in use.

But in 2004 Qualcomm Incorporated announced in a July 15, 2004 press release: “American Airlines and Qualcomm Complete Test Flight to Evaluate In-Cabin Mobile Phone Use” [ https://www.qualcomm.com/news/release… ]: “Qualcomm Incorporated…and American Airlines today successfully demonstrated in-cabin voice communication using commercially available CDMA mobile phones on a commercial American Airlines aircraft… The proof-of-concept demonstration flight originated out of the Dallas/Fort Worth International airport. During the approximate two-hour flight, passengers were able to place and receive phone calls and text messages on their mobile phones….’We are pleased to have worked so closely with American Airlines to complete this proof-of-concept demonstration for the in-flight use of 3G CDNA technology,’ said Dr. Irwin Jacobs, chairman and CEO of Qualcomm…”

On 9/11, people receiving cell calls allegedly from the hijacked aircraft reported the unusual clarity of the calls – as if they were calling from the next room. However, cell phone calls in the Qualcomm demonstration, “…was about the same as a regular cell call on the ground, other than the loud background noise on the MD-80 jet.” [ http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/tech/w… ]

This lack of background noise could make one wonder if those cell calls were really being placed from the inside of a hijacked jetliner in flight.

Remote controlled aircraft? – http://www.journalof911studies.com/vo…

There is evidence that Flight 77 and Flight 11 were not even scheduled to fly on 9/11…..not that they were scheduled and subsequently canceled – but that a Flight 77 and a Flight 11 were never scheduled in the first place – passengers aren’t booked on flights which do not exist.

Prior to sometime in 2004 the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) website for September 11, 2001 showed no record of a Flight 77 or a Flight 11[ Evidence that Flights AA 11 and AA 77 Did Not Exist on September 11, 2001 – http://www.serendipity.li/wot/aa_flts… ]. Then, in 2004, Flight 11 and Flight 77 were “added” to the BTS data for 9/11/2001 but they show no departure time nor an aircraft tail number – this link includes a screen capture of the “new” Flight 11 data: http://letsrollforums.com//happened-p…

Back in 2003 when the evidence to invade Iraq was being pushed to get public support it seemed more than a bit shady so I began looking into questions then being aired about the 9/11 attacks – and this 9/11 flight scheduling anomaly came to light. When I went to the Bureau of Transportation website, I found the same information as shown in the links below:

Flight 93 – UA: Newark, NJ — Newark International http://www.serendipity.li/wot/aa_flts…

Flight 175 – UA: Boston, MA — Logan International http://www.serendipity.li/wot/aa_flts…

Flight 11 – AA: Boston, MA — Logan International http://www.serendipity.li/wot/aa_flts…

Flight 77 – AA: Washington, DC — Washington Dulles International http://www.serendipity.li/wot/aa_flts…

September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor (Full version) – Part 1 of 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5ppQ…

September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor (Full version) – Part 2 of 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahPo6…

September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor (Full version) – Part 3 of 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haVF4…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JK1z… – 9/11 – Did Flight 77 Really Crash into The Pentagon? – 3 Conflicting “Official” Animations

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcBuB… – Heist: Who Stole the American Dream?

The documentary on Donald Trump he tried to suppress – Video Teaser – http://trumpthemovie.com/watch/

The Documentary that Donald Trump wanted suppressed – in 12 parts – http://whowhatwhy.org/2016/01/19/the-…



Winged One’s Full Story | True Scary Story

Dark Waters
Published on Apr 14, 2017

The Winged One’s Full Story | True Scary Story presented by the Dark Waters Channel.

The Winged Ones is the story of Rodger and Steve’s First Paranormal Encounter in the jungles of Venezuela. In their last story they shared their encounter with an aggressive clan of Bigfoot and how they narrowly escaped death. This story true and scary it gives you deeper insight into the minds of these two gentleman and what drove them to the point were they would go and hunt monsters.

Dark Waters ∴ Dark Waters’ T Shirts https://www.facebook.com/pg/DarkH2O1/…


Never heard of these critters before this. Now that I have, I am particularly grateful that they dynamited the entrance to that cave shut. Madonne!



Universe +
September 3 at 8:37pm

Comparação entre o tamanho médio de um humano ao de animais já extintos, alguns da era Cenozóica.

Créditos do artista Dane Pavitt.

Comparison of the average size of a human to extinct animals, some from the Cenozoic era.

Credits from artist Dane Pavitt.

Too cool… hadda share.



Dogman Encounters Episode 28 (Wyoming and Australian Dogman Encounters!)

Dogman Encounters
Published on Feb 26, 2015

There are 2 segments to tonight’s show.

In Segment 1, Tara Babcock and I talk about the nightmarish Dogman encounter her roommate and his friends had on a lonely dirt road, in Wyoming.

In Segment 2 of the show, I welcome back Jonathan Barber, to talk about an Australian Dogman attack, as well as various other Dogman-related topics.

Note to self: listen to this show more often! Very nice.



Hillary’s Mexican Wall – We need to build a Wall!

American Patriot
Published on Jun 9, 2016

We need to build a Wall!

There you go.

Hillary Agrees: BUILD a WALL at the Mexican Border – Great Idea She Admits – Trump is Right

Mark Dice
Published on Jun 10, 2016

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Hillary Clinton admits she wants to Build the Wall. When she was a senator she says she voted numerous times to build a wall at the Mexican border (she calls it a “barrier”) to help stop illegal immigration. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. © 2016 by Mark Dice — Order Mark’s New Book THE ILLUMINATI IN HOLLYWOOD– In Paperback on Amazon.com http://amzn.to/1WC9GAb or download the ebook from any major e-book store! Please support my work on Patreon because I need your help keep making new videos and increase production quality! Pledge $5 or $10 bucks a month, or more if you can, and your contribution will help keep me independent and with no strings attached so I can keep bringing you quality and informative videos! It will also help me continue to say and do the things that would probably get you fired from your job or kicked out of school if you did them, so I will do them and say them for you! http://Patreon.com/MarkDice Follow Me Here: FACEBOOK: http://www.Facebook.com/MarkDice TWITTER: http://www.Twitter.com/MarkDice INSTAGRAM: http://Instagram.com/MarkDice WEBSITE http://www.MarkDice.com YOUTUBE http://www.YouTube.com/MarkDice YOUTUBE http://www.YouTube.com/TheResistance (2nd channel)

BIO: Mark Dice is a media analyst and bestselling author who specializes in exposing the power mainstream media and celebrities have on shaping our culture. He has been featured on the History Channel’s Decoded, Ancient Aliens, and America’s Book of Secrets; Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Secret Societies of Hollywood on E! Channel, America Declassified on the Travel Channel, and is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM, The Alex Jones Show, and more. His viral videos have received more than 150 million views and have received international media attention.

A much longer rant.

Bill Clinton Demands We Build a Wall

Talksters Talksters
Published on Jan 31, 2017

Bill Clinton Demands We Build a Wall

Ah, the slickness…


oops, forgot this one!

Hillary Clinton Says Send Illegal Immigrant Kids Back Home During 2016 Campaign

Published on Sep 8, 2017

You won’t see CNN or anyone else in the media (except maybe Fox) bringing attention to this.


AMANPOUR: Such an important issue. And what about right now? As we’re seeing thousands of children come across —


AMANPOUR: — shantied off into makeshift shelters.

CLINTON: It’s horrible.

AMANPOUR: Hard choice — let them stay in the United States or send them back?

CLINTON: Well, two quick points. One, the numbers are increasing dramatically. And the main reason I believe why that’s happening is that the violence in certain of those Central American countries is increasing dramatically. And there is not sufficient law enforcement or will on the part of the governments of those countries to try to deal with this exponential increase in violence, drug trafficking, the drug cartels, and many children are fleeing from that violence.

AMANPOUR: Should they be able to stay here? It’s safer.

CLINTON: Well — it may be safer but that’s not the answer. I do not —

AMANPOUR: Should they be sent back?

CLINTON: Well, first of all, we have to provide the best emergency care we can provide. We have children 5 and 6 years old who have come up from Central America. We need to do more to provide border security in southern Mexico.

AMANPOUR: So, you’re saying they should be sent back now?

CLINTON: Well, they should be sent back as soon as it can be determined who responsible adults in their families are, because there are concerns whether all of them should be sent back. But I think all of them who can be should be reunited with their families. And just as Vice President Biden is arguing today in Central America, we’ve got to do more. I started this when I was secretary to deal with the violence in this region to deal with border security. But we have so to send a clear message, just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay. So, we don’t want to send a message that is contrary to our laws or will encourage more children to make that dangerous journey.

AMANPOUR: We’re going to go on to a different topic.

Dogman Ain’t No Joke | True Scary Story

Dark Waters
Published on May 12, 2017

Dogman Ain’t No Joke This story highlight the instinct of dogman to intimidate these those who the come into contact with. Dogman is the most terrifying cryptid and has earned the name of Crypto- Terrorist because of it’s unpredictable nature.


As mentioned previously I like this guy, he is a great storyteller and brings an excellent level of reality to the tales he relates.

Great production values as well, which means a lot to me.

This particular story is great… indeed… dogman ain’t no joke!

Dig it y’all!



Gary Moore – Blues For Greeny – Live (1995)

Ovidiu Buzdugan Romcea
Published on Aug 12, 2017

Gary Moore – Blues for Greeny Live (1995)

A celebration of Peter Green’s music recorded live at the Shepherds Bush Empire, London on the 27th April 1995. This was the release party held at the Shepherd Bush Empire. Even Peter Green showed up and went on stage for a couple of minutes, but he didn’t play. Several of the tracks are with acoustic guitar. A mix of Peter Green stuff past and present, and some numbers from GM’s blues catalogue. Unfortunately there will not be a major tour to promote the album. Only a few festivals in Europe.

Track List:
[0:00] 01. World Keep On Turning
[3:57] 02. I loved Another Woman
[8:54] 03. Merry Go Round
[15:05] 04. If You Be My Baby
[22:04] 05. Long Grey Mare
[25:13] 06. Need Your Love So Bad
[34:01] 07. You Don’t Love Me
[38:55] 08. Driftin’
[49:45] 09. The Same Way
[52:34] 10. Since I Met You Baby
[56:49] 11. Love That Burns
[1:05:10] 12. Stop Messin’ Around
[1:12:15] 13. Showbiz Blues
[1:16:30] 14. Dust My Broom
[1:22:43] 15. Jumpin’ At Shadows

Gary Moore – guitar, vocals
Tommy Eyre – keyboards, bk. vocals
Andy Pyle – bass guitar
Graham Walker – drums
Nick Pentelow – tenor sax
Nick Payn – harmonica, tn. & baritone sax

Mr. Moore feels the same way about Greeny as I do, well, maybe not the Lord God part, but he knows, man, you know? He knows. And fortunately for us, he is able to do something about it to share with the world. This album is the result and gosh it was way back in 1995. But music lives on. So here it is! See also the link to Gary’s page on the Fleetwood Mac site up top of the right hand column. The album itself is also on YouTube, naturally.




Samantha Fish – I Put a Spell on You & Black Wind Howlin’

Psy-Fi Eye
Published on Feb 12, 2016

Samantha Fish @ Johnny D’s, Somerville, MA. February 9, 2016

The band plays a cover of “I Put a Spell on You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, followed by “Black Wind Howlin'” from Samantha’s album of the same name, which was released in 2013.

Samantha Fish – Guitar & Vocals
Chase McRoy – Bass
Go-Go Ray – Drums

This just in from Frank who for some reason is trying to keep my cranium from detonating for which I love him truly. He notes the awesome performance of our mutual Goddess on this particular pair and night. I am compelled to agree! See what you think, eh!



Who Do You Love? (1973 B&W) – Quicksilver Messenger Service

Published on Feb 27, 2011

Who do you Love? (Bo Diddley) video of live performance by Quicksilver Messenger Service at Winterland in 1973.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for ‘fair use’ for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Video excerpt all materials presented under fair use for non-profit, research, and educational purposes, copyright reserved by the original owners including but not limited to Bill Graham Archives, LLC, and Wolfgangs Vault, who I would like to thank in advance for their kindness and patience in not having their lawyers smash me and my little youtube account flatter than hammered shit. THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS USED UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF “FAIR USE” IN TITLE 17 & 107 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE. SUCH MATERIAL REMAINS THE COPYRIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL HOLDER AND IS USED HERE FOR THE PURPOSES OF EDUCATION, COMPARISON, AND CRITICISM ONLY. NO INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT IS INTENDED

‘I like Dick Dale, I could appreciate him more during the surf period….like I was like…. I was anti-surf, you know? Because they were collegiate. They would like …like during the folk era, you know…The Kingston Trio…….. I was a beatnik….. I was more into jazz….grooving, sharing, umm….that kind of stuff, and like but Link Wray, man. Link Wray affected me so much that first of all, alot of my style, alot of my chords and stuff I got by copying, you know? I saw him on TV man. I’d never played guitar, and he had his guitar that looked so offensive, it was phallic…Rumble, man…..Rumble just blew me away. That’s what turned me on to playing guitar. He’s the father of the power chord. I still remember it as one of my strongest memories, man. It just burned itself in my mind. I heard Rumble….it was ’58. When I heard that, what I heard was, dirty, man. What he was doing was saying, f#ck man, kiss my ass, you know, real rebellious shit, you know, without saying it, you know?’ -John Cipollina

Quicksilver Messenger Service initially held back from signing a record deal but eventually signed to Capitol Records in late 1967, becoming the last of the top-ranked San Francisco bands to sign with a major label. Capitol was the only company that had missed out on signing a San Francisco freak band during the first flurry of record company interest and, consequently, QMS was able to negotiate a better deal than many of their peers. Quicksilver Messenger Service had appeared on the movie and soundtrack album Revolution.

Quicksilver Messenger Service released their eponymous debut album in 1968. It was followed by Happy Trails, released in early 1969 and largely recorded live at the Fillmore East and the Fillmore West. According to David Freiberg, at least one of the live tracks was augmented with studio overdubs and the tracks Calvary and Lady of the Cancer Moon were recorded in the studio just before Gary Duncan left Quicksilver Messenger Service.

These albums, which have been hailed as two of the best examples of the San Francisco sound at its purest define the classic period in the group’s career and showcase their distinctive sound, emphasizing extended arrangements and fluid twin-guitar improvisation. Cipollina’s highly melodic, individualistic lead guitar style, combined with Gary Duncan’s driving rhythm guitar, feature a clear jazz sound, a notable contrast to the heavily amplified and overdriven sound of contemporaries like Cream and Jimi Hendrix. In 2003 Happy Trails was rated at #189 in the Rolling Stone Top 500 albums survey, where it was described as the definitive live recording of the mid-Sixties San Francisco psychedelic-ballroom experience. Archetypal Quicksilver Messenger Service songs include the elongated, continually re-titled suite based on Bo Diddley’s Who Do You Love?. Additionally QMS had a reputation for joining their fans in the use of LSD during their live shows.

QMS’s guitar work shimmered with a brilliance and clarity which made other bands seem murky in comparison. Unlike most members of the other San Francisco acid rock bands, who were often folkies converted to rock, John Cipollina and Gary Duncan were rock musicians before forming their band. Gary Duncan’s playing clearly had the broadest scope of any guitarist among the S. F. bands and he had an expert facility to deliver it. Equally expert was John Cipollina, who also had the clearest vision of how he wanted to sound. Cipollina’s playing was so completely given over to that vision, and he presented it so well, that the question of scope never arose. John’s electric guitar playing was the musical essence of electricity itself, as though he was playing the current directly and the guitar was the valve that allowed him to do that.

Oh man, those were the days. Good days.



Missing 411 Interview

Canam Missing Project
Published on Aug 4, 2017

Watch the film at: http://radi.al/Missing411

Based on the book series written by David Paulides
Directed by Michael DeGrazier and Benjamin Paulides

Most definitely need to see the film!

David Paulides 2017 Missing 411 August 31, 2017

David Paulides
Published on Aug 31, 2017

David Paulides 2017 Missing 411 Synthetic September 8, 2017

David Paulides
Published on Sep 8, 2017

David Paulides 2017 Missing 411 August 31, 2017 – Thanks for watching !!! – #davidpaulides #darknessRadio #darkness #georgeknapp #knapp #coasttocoastam #ufo #coast #Conflict #ConflicRadio

These are all so strange and I do feel that we really need to figure out what is happening with this phenomenon.



Having heard of this incident before, (and others like it) I was very pleased to find it on P & M, on which one can find most anything…

Friday, April 14, 2017

U.S. Special Forces Hunt ‘Killer Bigfoot’ Group in Western North Carolina

Dave Schrader received a letter from an anonymous man, claiming to be a former U.S. Special Forces operative, regarding a mission he was a part of back in the early 1990s:

“In the early 90s, I was with the ‘Teams’ in the Navy. We were sanctioned by an alphabet government agency to put a stop to several aggressive Sasquatch in the high country in western North Carolina. We all thought it was a joke at the mission briefing but it was no joke. My partner (in our team of twelve) was my swim buddy. He was Native American. This man wasn’t scared of anything. Before we were ordered to go out, during the briefing, all of these agents were showing us slides of what these creatures did to people; adults and children alike, as well as the damage done to vehicles and homes. Anyway, my buddy turned white with sheer fear. He told me, ‘This is bad. Really bad.’

When we arrived in the little mountain village town, the sheriff met us. He told us that he’d never been so happy to see the cavalry since he’d been in Korea. He showed us the actual places where, as he put it, ‘this is where those f**kers, those big hairy demons, destroyed this’, or killed him, her or them, there. My buddy was taking everything in like I never saw him before. After talking with the sheriff, our lieutenant told us to fire up because we’re going hunting. As we were getting our gear ready, my buddy said to me, ‘You know, I always thought my grandfather was just telling me scary stories about he and his brothers when they fought the wild men.’

We started in around 1400. By 1600, we found lots and lots of tracks. We started tracking them. We made out at least seven different individuals. We made first contact at around 1930 and it was almost dark. The point man stopped dead in his tracks and spoke into his headset, ‘I see one, it’s f**king huge!’ The lieutenant said, ‘If you have the shot, take it.’ He shot this massive hairy beast with a 7.62 millimetre round and it acted like a mosquito bit him. This creature turned around and let out with a God-awful roar. Our point man quickly switched to full auto. This time the creature dropped like a rock after ten 7.62 millimeter rounds cut up his chest.

After first contact, the agents radioed in and said they wanted one alive. Our lieutenant told them to go screw themselves. It took three days and nights with almost no sleep but we dropped seven hairy bastards. We found the missing people, or rather what was left of them. We had one casualty when a team member was snatched straight up into a tree. There was nothing anyone could have done for him. To this day, thinking of those three days sends chills down my spine. You wont find those three days in any military record or mission log.

Going into our mission debriefing where normally we are asked a thousand and one questions about every shot fired, every angle we fired from, every angle we fired on etc., we were simply told that the past three days we were doing rigorous mountain training and during that training period we lost a man. And, with that, the debriefing team stood up and walked out. Now normally we have individual debriefing for the whole team but this was the one and only time it was just team.

So to answer your next question, after three days government agents came in and removed all seven corpses and flew them out.”

Source: Beyond The Darkness – April 10, 2017

NOTE: Mmmm…it’s quite an interesting story, and I have received information that U.S. and Canadian military personal have encountered Sasquatch. Do you believe U.S. Special Forces would have been used to take out a group of killer Bigfoot? Lon

To answer the question … yes, absolutely. Why? Well, simply because they are perhaps the only humans in our time who could take out a group of killer Bigfoot. Do note that they lost a man. Just sayin.

No one, of course, ever sends me anything but I have read numerous testimonials from both retired and active duty military personnel who have encountered Bigfoot. I only know of one other mission like this one (for sure, I mean). The others all relate to sightings near or on base property and the apparently official position that they are to be left well enough alone and not to be mentioned in public places. Of course, if some go rogue and start killing people, such individuals are rightfully dealt with with extreme prejudice.

I am okay with that positioning.

ETA 9/11/17 NOTE: Puca has cautioned me regarding the promotion of this story. He has seen only “marginal proof.” Note too that I still get carried away a bit. Indeed, I have noted a military testimonial wherein the soldier stated flatly that that special branch of folks do not operate on US soil, ever. That may very well be… but… there exist, in my world at least, special circumstances. One such would be that we were not supposed to be in Cambodia back in the day, either, but… there we were… so, it remains a possibility.



Carolyn Wonderland Band – She Wants To Know

Published on Jun 18, 2015

Carolyn Wonderland – Vocals, Guitar
Cole El-Saleh : Keyboards and Bass keys and backing vocals
Kevin Lance : Drums and backing vocals


Norderstedt, Music Star 27-5-2015 http://www.harksheide.de video: Günter Neitzel, Thomas Niehaus, Heiner Lahn, Wolfgang Sedlatschek light: Ulf Woitakowski live mix, live recording and audio post production and video editing: Wolfgang Sedlatschek

Power… better tell her, man.

Carolyn Wonderland ~Meet Me in the Morning~ LIVE IN AUSTIN TEXAS at her CD release at Antone’s

Published on Jan 11, 2012

Carolyn Wonderland performs ~Meet Me in the Morning~ LIVE IN AUSTIN TEXAS at her CD release at Antone’s, October 1, 2011

Filmed and Produced by Eileen Llorente

Carolyn’s band features: Carolyn Wonderland -guitar, trumpet, accordion, piano, mandolin, lap steel. Cole El-Saleh -keyboards & key bass and Rob Hooper -drums.

So sweet.




John Richardson
Published on Sep 7, 2017

Danielle Nicole Band @ The Little Bear Rib Fest live in Vernon Hills Illinois https://www.facebook.com/DanielleNico…

Mmmm first thing I played today. She sings so wonderfully… and the guitar… is simply fabulous.


John Richardson
Published on Sep 7, 2017

Captured in Vernon Hills Illinois Etta James tribute as Danielle does so well! https://www.facebook.com/DanielleNico…

What a voice, huh?! Awesome as usual =)



Watchtower at Mr. & Mrs. Hitler’s estate in Bariloche, Patagonia.

One of several. All fully manned back in the day by very serious individuals.

Photo courtesy Abel Basti.


Here is a little one.

more peace


Moon Anomaly 2015

Published on Sep 4, 2017

A strange little video I filmed back in 2015. I’m not too sure what is happening here but I thought I would share it anyway.

Wow. Well, this is a WTF moment if ever there was one.

I am not sure what’s going on either. Something bouncing off? Or taking off? Or what?

But I find it fascinating.

Filmed by ATS member Leeyum and there is a nice discussion going on here.




misterio canal
Published on Apr 9, 2017

Síguenos en https://www.facebook.com/MisterioCanal
Descarga la canción en http://full.sc/1UBE23a

Was watching some crazy stuff from way down south and I thought this was pretty nifty. The folks down there are possibly even more gullible than our lot from what I’ve seen and of course petulant frenzy-prone HOAXmaster Jaime Maussan is super popular down there. Sad, really.

It is supposed to be a giant cube UFO over the sea just off of the Syrian Arab Republic, it says, from April of this year, but seriously I would think that something of this sort might have been seen by more folks than just the person who did this clip…. seeing as how it is supposed to be enormous and all.

Therefore my official vote is phony baloney CGI, but, I dunno, I like it. Just because it’s different. It’s got visual appeal. To my eyes anyway.

Borg? ROFL Mao!



Robin Trower – Day Of The Eagle Bridge Of Sighs – Rockpalast Germany 2005

Published on Dec 10, 2012

Such a wonderful man…legendary.



My Baby Is Gone – Original Mauro Samuel

Mauro Samuel
Published on Nov 25, 2015

My Baby Is Gone Away

My baby is gone, my baby is gone away
My baby is gone, my baby is gone away
Since you left this town
I feel so upset and down
My baby is gone away

I wake up in the morning
You gonna have to leave me now
My sky will fall rain gather too
Oh what can I do?
My baby is gone away

I’ve been worried about Mauro… discovered him years ago and used to post a lot of his fabulous guitar mastery, but it has been a long time since he posted. He put up a tone test the other day and I smiled.

I really hope he starts doing it regularly again… he is really good, don’t you think?

This song… me gusta mucho.



Robert Plant – The May Queen

Robert Plant

Robert Plant’s “The May Queen” from his 2017 album, Carry Fire, released 13th October.

Download the song now when you pre-order the album: https://lnk.to/RP_CarryFire

Robert Plant – Bones of Saints

Robert Plant
Published on Sep 5, 2017

Robert Plant’s “Bones of Saints” from his 2017 album, Carry Fire, released 13th October.

Download the song now when you pre-order the album: https://lnk.to/RP_CarryFire

Video images © Look and Learn (www.lookandlearn.com)


Website: www.robertplant.com
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Brand new from Mister Robert Plant!