A bus with surprises lurking.


Ah… the real Mini.






The Vector W8




sweet B

Even For A Pagani, Japan’s Zonda Anija Is Completely Insane


The exceptionasl Ferrari-wielding team of Kirk F. White helped set my standards high at a yootful age.


One well-treated 512.


Wicked good.


Monsieur Bellof for Mr Tyrrell.




A history of thinking outside the box at Tyrrell…beyond your basic innovation. I have always found them a great enterprise. If they only had the the bucks of the big boys.


be well




Acts of vile heinosity require equally powerful acts of removal from our environs.

They have agendas deep and wrong. Only then can we truly have peace.

I am not an atheist, by the way. I believe in the force, that all things are sentient and connected by the force. Sorry about the name. I suppose I could use Æther or something, but it’s not adequate for describing the force.

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smooth R&B 7 8 Bb – N Zaganin – Boss Blues Driver Waza – DD7 – RV5

Mauro Samuel
Published on Jun 11, 2018

smooth R&B 7 8 Bb Coffee Break Grooves.com

Mauro Samuel – Blue Bossa II Gibson ES-339

Mauro Samuel
Published on Sep 1, 2014

Mauro never fails to satisfy. Smooth moves always.

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Nice piece of work, this.

Might see this inside my mind. The chaos. The discord. Thoughts by the million. All together, now.

Was better as a young boy. But some one or some thing, or ones or things, at some point, tore everything down.

Repair crews are occasionally entertained. Some of their salves are alright for awhile.

Ah. Too late, Nathan.

Be well


If You Open a Watermelon and See This, Throw It Out!

Published on Feb 10, 2018

How to choose a good watermelon? If you buy a watermelon that has cracks inside, throw it out! If you decide to eat it anyway, it can do some serious damage to your health.

I was intrigued… so here it is.

Definitely worth the time, in my humble opinion.

Especially concerning the bit about volk mit diabetes being able to eat it, as that’s me and I l o v e (and miss) watermelon.

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Mmmm Maserati




“Latvala marca la pauta en el shakedown de Sardegna.”









1957 Ford Prefect 100e

eBay: 1957 Ford Prefect 100e Classic Car Old Ford Solid Hotrod Restoration Project http://rssdata.net/QWTsVr

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DANNY KIRWAN/fm – Sweetest solo ever – Live in Örebro – Sweden

Rob van Unnik – Amsterdam
Published on Nov 15, 2013

Fleetwood Mac live – Something inside of me (Audience recording)

I was taken by the most pleasant surprise when this musical genius friended me on youtube.

I was horrified to learn later that he had fallen on extremely hard times but never did find out what happened whilst in amazement that no one was helping him. Did anyone ever tell Peter?

Fleetwood Mac – Dragonfly

Eric Walter
Published on Jul 12, 2007

A Danny Kirwan song

A creative powerhouse and a major part of Fleetwood Mac.

Danny Kirwan – 1976 2nd Solo Album

Master Eddie
Published on Jan 12, 2018

Danny Kirwan Midnight In San Juan Sep. 1 1976

00:00 I Can Tell 03:02

03:02 Life Machine 02:27

05:29 Midnight In San Juan 02:37

08:06 Let It Be 02:30 (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)

10:34 Angel’s Delight 02:49

13:21 Windy Autumn Day 02:41

16:00 Misty River 04:01

19:59 Rolling Hills 02:27

22:24 I Can’t Let You Go 02:44

25:05 Look Around You 03:10

28:13 Castaway 03:50

Danny Kirwan – guitars, vocals
Steve Emery – Bass Guitar
Jeff Rich – Drums
John Cook – Piano

REVIEW/AMG Joe Viglione

This solo album from Fleetwood Mac singer/songwriter Daniel David Kirwan has the future producer for Human League and Buzzcocks, Martin Rushent, utilizing those skills here, as well as engineering.

The sound is crystal clear, and a feather in the cap for Rushent as well as Kirwan. It starts off with an uncharacteristic “Ram Jam City,” which has more Lindsey Buckingham sounds than one would expect, especially since the two guitarists come from two different musical worlds.

“Odds and Ends” is more lighthearted, the kind of music Paul McCartney toyed with on The White Album’s “Rocky Raccoon.” What Second Chapter immediately sets forth is the importance of Kirwan as a pop artist, and how, despite Fleetwood Mac’s success after he left, his sounds could still have been beneficial to that supergroup. “Hot Summers Day” is a fine example of that, a beautiful song that could offset Buckingham’s gritty ramblings. It would have made a nice counterpoint as Stevie Nicks complemented Christine McVie’s tunes with her adventures, bringing an important change of pace to that popular band’s hits. The jacket looks like a dusty old family album-style book holding Kirwan’s Second Chapter. And the music reflects that old-world feel in titles like “Skip a Dee Doo” and “Falling in Love with You.”

Three of the best songs on this excellent outing are “Love Can Always Bring You Happiness,” “Second Chapter,” and a sleepy and beautiful number called “Silver Streams.” Kirwan’s tune is haunting as well with its lilting “all you need is love to show you the way from here” chorus. As on a follow-up album, he tends to sound a little like the group America, the vocals with that same America tone and warmth. They very well could have covered “Silver Stream” or “Cascades,” the album’s final track.

This material was crafted right in the middle of America’s run of hits, and maybe they should have replaced Dan Peek with Dan D. Kirwan? The artist’s three solo discs cut in the ’70s make for a very pleasant and thought-provoking listening experience, and that this collection is so good only shows he kicked his departure from the big band off with a vengeance.


Richard Wolf  13 hours ago

Rest in Peace Danny!

gml lar  1 hour ago

Where was all his friends when he was down ..and alone…living on the street ..🤔.are they now coming forward telling the world how good .🤴sweet.😇and how great 👼👼👼👼he was.. ..and how they miss him 😠 .a sick world this business of entertaining is..full of people just thinking of them self 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

John Mitchell  4 months ago

Excellent is all that needs to be said. An artist mature beyond his years. thank you.

And there is this link from the Ultimate Classic Rock newsletter…

Former Fleetwood Mac Guitarist Danny Kirwan Dies at 68

“Danny was a quantum leap ahead of us creatively,” Mick Fleetwood once said. “He was a hugely important part of the band.”

Read More


Think kind thoughts and be at peace

be well




This here’s my current 2-track, a long-discontinued ML-9600 (gen 1, even!).


And the one I’d like to get.


It’s kiester.


QUAD Elite series, kiester shot of one of my dream thingies, the QMP Mono monoblock power amplifier. Sweetness.

Trivia for ya… the company name has nothing to do with the number four in any way. An acronym, it stands for Quality Unit Amplifier, Domestic. Hey, it was 1936. Way different time than now.


Always had a thing for QUAD, like McIntosh, Ampex and a few others, you know… stuff that “sez wut it duz and duz wut it sez.”


Due to internal deficiencies these types of things have always been and will likely always be far above the level of availability to an ignitoid lifeform.


But great fodder for dreaming.


Oo, the deliciousness.


be well