Cliff J Bear shared Spiral Out’s video to the group: Fortean Times Appreciation.
Spiral Out March 3

A Boston man shoots a bizarre video of turkeys walking in a circle around a deceased cat.

Well now… I am at a loss and will commence ruminations.




Published on Aug 29, 2013

From the self-titled album “Tony Sarno” released in 1999. Tony Sarno(Vocals, Guitar), Mike “Lefty” Hall(Harmonica), Don E. Williamson(Organ), Keith Christopher(Bass), Rick Donley(Drums), Lisa Silver, Vicki Hampton, Cindy Richardson(Background Vocals)




Or any other item of clothing? Or a pipe? Or a t-shirt? Postcard?

Guys? You, too?

Sure does seem that way.

Why is it that you all hate me so much and with such incredibly intense passion and depth?

I would really like to know before I die.

So… erm… you best hurry up with your replies, yeah?

But I do not in any way believe for one femtosecond that anyone will reply.

Interestingly I was stunned when TWO people replied to my previous plea for feedback.

No one had ever replied to one of my pleas before, you see.

Anyway. I await.




Bill Selby ‘84


Butch Witkowski (cover photo : ))

Jimi Hendrix, Rainbow Bridge Hawaii, 1970. (Rainbow Bridge album released October 1971)






Kirk Fletcher & Janiva Magness That’s way i’m crying

eduardo ibarra
Published on Apr 21, 2017

Kirk Fletcher – Topic
Published on Nov 8, 2014

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises That’s Why I’m Cryin’ · Janiva Magness · Kirk Fletcher Shades of Blue ℗ 2004 Delta Groove Productions, Inc. Released on: 2003-01-01 Music Publisher: Conrad Music Music Publisher: Leric Music Inc.

and from the Aardvark Blues FM clip by Last FM:

Kirk Fletcher

When founder and CEO Randy Chortkoff initially formed Delta Groove Music, his vision for the label’s first two premiere albums shared a common bond; an exceptionally gifted, young African-American guitarist named Kirk Fletcher. Born December 23, 1975 in Bellflower, California, and son of a Baptist minister, Fletcher began playing guitar at the age of eight after watching his brother Walter perform at their father’s church. A life changing experience then occurred at the age of twelve Read more on

Tasty to the max



soul 2 8 Mauro Samuel

Mauro Samuel
Published on Nov 2, 2017

Backtrack Soul 2-8 Coffe Break Grooves. 1993 Strat Plus Velvet Fuzz Boss DD7

This one is delicious.

Let Your Freak Flag Fly! – Mauro Samuel

Mauro Samuel
Published on Oct 26, 2017

Coffee Break Grooves Backtracks, always awesome! Recorded using an Orange OR15 with a 1×12 Orange cabinet loaded with 1 vintage 30 Celestion. The Marshall is off ! Awesome too! Love it! But you are hearing an Orange Or15. Sound captured with a Shure Unidyne 535 interface Boss br 800 to Sonar LE.

Mmm nice, man.


Mauro Samuel
Published on Oct 13, 2017

jam with Hendrix tracks, Genius!

I hope – someday – to be as good as Mauro.

That would make me happy.




See Adi's House in Bogota!

I was unable to get the video, which is about three and a half minutes and features multiple views of the house and an old microclip of Adi himself! The article is good too and there are links in it to a couple of other great articles with some spiffy pictures.

Rock on Abel … You The Man!

Klicken sie Hier!



I’d be on a dolly goin’ ‘round -n- ‘round…



…would be if the ladies were all aimed at the center — with me laying in a big bowl right there.

That would be Heaven.

This cannot happen, though… either sitch…

because God hates my very Soul.

With a passion.

And a vengeance.


Soon be dead, though.

Maybe next ‘round…


Trickster’s on a roll again, but the decision has been made to drive the little twerp up the wall. Successful we have been, too, so far, by just taking the non-stop schemes in stride and as they are delivered.

So far it’s been a string of landlordy stuff. The trillion year old trap in the main drain to the town sewer line got clogged after a 30 or maybe even more year hiatus and got cleared as was previously posted along with some new piping for my kitchen’s nether regions. [Oo, nether regions ; )] Two weeks later… horrors! They had to return to use jackhammers and a crew of three to dig out said trap and sort it out properly, as in bring it up to this epoch’s code of operation. As of this writing the cost is unknown but it is reported to be of some significance. I am hoping against hope that the driveway will still be able to be on as they are due to commence on either the second or third week of November. Got some stuff to fill the hole till then. Meanwhile, gotta put in a new baseboard heater to keep em warm up there. Hopefully won’t be toast at the end.

Hopefully you all have been disabling liberals on a daily basis. Our planet really needs them to be in the soil, not above it. Please help. It really is vital. It is more than likely, in fact, that nothing in our 250,000 year history has ever been this important. Note that if garroted or hung they can be used as food, but not if impinged upon with standard lead projectiles.


What would be fabulous is if I could finally stop cracking my effing ribs. It is becoming … bad.

Oh dear. Been napping a lot. Like an old coot.I would rather not wake up.

Eyes worse than ever.

Put a personal in craigslist. Got 90 bots, 0 humans. Sounds about right. I already know that will never… ever… find anyone and be happy. This soul is only allowed agony. No good things are allowed to happen.

Oh well.