Los Tigres Del Norte – En Que Falle

Published on Feb 2, 2010

Music video by Los Tigres Del Norte performing En Que Falle. (C) 2002 Los Tigres Del Norte, Inc. Exclusively licensed in the United States to Fonovisa

La Jaula De Oro

Los Tigres del Norte – Topic
Published on Nov 7, 2014

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group North America

La Jaula De Oro · Los Tigres Del Norte

Jaula De Oro

℗ 1984 Los Tigres Del Norte, Inc. Exclusive License to Fonovisa, A Division Of UMG Recordings Inc.

Released on: 1984-01-01

Author, Composer: Enrique Franco
Music Publisher: TN Ediciones Musicales

Auto-generated by YouTube.

La Mesa Del Rincon

Los Tigres del Norte – Topic
Published on Aug 23, 2016

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group North America

La Mesa Del Rincon · Los Tigres Del Norte

Los Dos Plebes

℗ 1994 Los Tigres Del Norte, Inc., Under Exclusive License To Fonovisa Records

Author, Composer: Teodoro Bello Jaimes
Music Publisher: Chebe Music Corporation OBO Bello Musical
Music Publisher: TN Ediciones Musicales

Auto-generated by YouTube.

This rad band is new to me… i found them because their show at Folsom Prison 50 years after Johnnys was the lead in a Live2Play newsletter that arrived today.

50 Years After Johnny Cash, Los Tigres Del Norte Perform At Folsom Prison

April 18, 2018 6:33 PM ET
Heard on All Things Considered

Here is the excellent article which also has great pictures: los-tigres-del-norte-perform-at-folsom-prison-50-years-after-johnny-cash

Listen to the 5:47 npr piece about the band and the show … worth it!

I think they are great and I am not surprised to hear they have sold 30 million records. I am surprised that they are new to me, though.




Oh man. I was just reading a thread on the horrific van murder mayhem in Toronto when I ran across a post that describes a major, yet underlying, chunk of the total failure that is your host.

posted by Aazadan, Member, Registered: 8/16/2012
posted on Apr, 24 2018 @ 02:28 PM

{…snip} It’s that they believe they should have a certain lifestyle… money, significant others, work, friends, and all the rest. But they don’t actually have the personality to do this. More than sex, having a girlfriend is the biggest part of it I think.

Interestingly there’s a huge cross section of people in this group, who will also have very promiscous gay sex just to try and have some physical intimacy in their lives, even though they’re not gay.

More than sex, the problem is that a huge segment of this community gets very wound up over fringe issues, have no social skills, and expect the world to give them everything. For all the millennial snowflake BS that gets tossed around, I think that’s actually a good label for the incel crowd.

That entered and said, I would never even think of killing people like that… those people were just going about their lives. I couldn’t do it. I have thought of cutting my stay short, but while that used to involve thoughts of driving into bridge abutments, even that level of violence is gone… I will just lay down in the wood and be a nutrient for the forest animals.

Now, there are places that should be destroyed in toto to help the world heal, like the Dimona horror factory but there aren’t a vast number of them. Or, maybe there are vast numbers. We need to get rid of evil.

But gosh, those paras struck a nerve. I have been battling exactly that (with modifications) for most of my life. I have no social skills. At all. Yes, I am polite and can hold a convo, but I have no tools for obtaining a significant other.

And that is all I really want.

I also know it is never going to happen.




Project Horizon: America’s Cold War Moon Base (Almost) — Colin’s Last Stand (Episode 17)

Colin’s Last Stand
Published on May 30, 2017

In 1959, the American Department of Defense wrote more than 400 classified pages investigating whether it could build a fully functioning lunar base by 1966. This is the story of Project Horizon.

Project Horizon’s Declassified Reports:

Part I:…

Part II:…

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Still images in this video were acquired from the following sources, for which Colin’s Last Stand is thankful: Den of Geeks,, IGN, NASA, Wikimedia, and Wikipedia.

Bibliography/Reading List:

Explorer I Details:…

NASA Estabilshed:…

Project Horizon Has Been Declassified:…

Sputnik I Details:…

Sputnik II Details:…

The Manhattan Project Details:…

The Soviet Union’s Lunar Plans:…

What Happened to Laika?:

Don’t know about ‘almost’…I am pretty sure it’s up there. It was scheduled to be ready in 1966.

It would certainly explain all the fruit.

Note that these illustrations are just for, um, illustration… the actual facilities would be built underground.







The db Systems DB-1A. Made in New Hampshire. 0.0008% distortion. Wanted one for over 30 years now.

And while we’re at it…


Empirical Labs

@EmpiricalLabs Apr 17

This #distressortuesday is brought to you by @houstnwehavuhoh ・・・
Everybody loves a lil bit of outboard. One of our four racks. Best part? We actually have SIX @empiricallabs Distressors. Even better part? Pac-Man came with from my home space. Need I…

Gosh. Six… Loveliness.

I often regret never being able to have anything like any of this.

Mental health is important.



Twisted Squid: Gulf of Mexico 2018

Published on Apr 19, 2018

Described by our resident cephalopod expert as “probably the most bizarre squid I’ve ever seen,” we encountered this unusual squid while exploring an unnamed mound at a depth of ~850 meters (2,790 feet) during Dive 04 of the Gulf of Mexico 2018 expedition on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer.

Its arms were folded back in what may be a defensive posture, but to such an extreme degree, it had lost its squid-like appearance.

Video courtesy of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Gulf of Mexico 2018.

Learn more about the expedition here:…


The squid was found upside down near an undersea mound, at a depth of about 2,790 feet While exploring the depths of Gulf of Mexico, researchers stumbled across an unusual creature. It is a squid with blood red body and a set of pointy horns. The strange squid was captured on April 17 by the crew of NOAA ship Okeanos Explorer during a scientific voyage studying an ocean area never explored before. The mission has been conducting both scientific research and capturing images of deep-sea habitats in the western Gulf of Mexico that likely found nowhere else.


The identity of the squid is still a mystery. Some suggest that it belongs to Discoteuthis as its body and limb shape somewhat resembles squids of this genus. But there is a possibility that it could be an entirely new species. The squid was discovered at the depths of about 2,790 feet. When the creature was observed, it was curled inward in a very dramatic manner and its arms were folded as if in a defensive posture. NOAA biologist Mike Vecchione describes this squid as “probably the most bizarre squid I’ve ever seen.” The appearance and behavior of the squid is so strange that it does not even look like a squid at first glance.

Is this cool or what? What is with the “horns”?

The ocean. We should use the war money for exploring the ocean.

We know so little about it! That is actually not a good reflection on our species, is it? That we know slightly above jack sh!t about our own ocean.

As DAVID64 Wheres the Ka-boom? Member Registered: 7/9/2008 Location: The CrossTime Saloon Mood: Just waiting said in Mysterious Squid with Horns Spotted in the Gulf of Mexico, “71% of the Earth is covered in water and we keep looking for aliens out there.”




John Mayall “Room To Move” (2017)

The Iridium

The legendary JOHN MAYALL is returning to the Iridium for three nights: SEPTEMBER 21st, 22nd & 23rd! Tickets can be purchased here:

For a little taste, here’s a recent clip of John performing his classic 1970 track”Room To Move”, which is always a delicious treat.

Often referred to as “The Godfather of British Blues,” John Mayall has an impressive musical career that spans over 50 years. The English blues singer, pianist, harmonica player, guitarist, and songwriter founded the band, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers in the 1960’s—a band whose members included many celebrated blues and blues rock guitarists, such as: Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Jack Bruce, Mick Taylor, Walter Trout, Coco Montoya and Buddy Whittington.

Attracted by the West Coast climate and culture, Mayall then made his permanent move from England to Los Angeles in 1969 and began forming bands with American musicians. Throughout the next three decades, Mayall became further revered for his many jazz/rock/blues innovations featuring such notable performers as Blue Mitchell, Red Holloway, Larry Taylor, and Harvey Mandel. Mayall’s popularity continued with a succession of dynamic albums including the Grammy-nominated “Wake Up Call” that featured guest artists Buddy Guy, Mavis Staples, Albert Collins and Mick Taylor.

What this man’s done for music is simply huge.

Please… savor!



I wish I had NOT listened to my doctor.

These government commiedemtrolls are making me feel like some sort of criminal.

Now they want me to travel far by some unknown means to a doctor and I will have to pay for it.

Not happening.

I am threatened with stoppage of my benefits if I do not go.

We shall see if the do.

It just effing wants to make me hurl.


none here, though



nice oneOh man… so strange.

But first… Pleasant was my waking this morning because it was immediately clear that I was recovered from the food poisoning (or whatever it was) that knocked me out for the entire day and night yesterday… oh it wasn’t ultra bad but it was really uncomfortable. Missed the live guitar session with Charlie Wallace. Nice phone calls from the Angel of the North got me through it.

So what was strange? All of my light bulbs decided to go south on this day… or last night… bedroom ceiling and lamp, living room, dining room and back room ceilings, too. I mean, really? That’s 9 bulbs. Oh, wait, the main bulb in the basement went, too, which was of a different species… for 10. I think it is a strangeness, at least, your mileage may vary.

Tax day. Ugh. I owe. Must pay my share for our WMDs. Don’t worry, it’s ok if we have them.

Props to the USPS today 🙂

I wish I wasn’t a freak of nature. It’s awful. Seriously. Can’t do anything. Anything.

Ok, better do these taxes while I can.


ETA: Oh Lordy, on further investigation, which in a normal would have occurred before posting… it was a fuse.

It may give some indication of just how shot I actually am.

Like… doomed.


ETA: Even I have difficulty realizing the depths of my decline.



guestbook link

Eulogy For Clare

Clarinta Elda Elizabeth Moore
(aka Clare P. and Clarita)
May 12, 1922 – November 16, 2017

Growing up I thought of Aunt Clare as that happy lady who came over a lot, was my
Aunt and loved to pinch my cheek really hard, call me an embarrassing name and give
me tons of presents. She’d always be sure to remind us to never say nine but instead to
say ni-yun, so people would be sure to understand what we meant. That came from
being a teacher for Ma Bell, teaching all the girls how to be operators. She did that at
least two, maybe three decades…a lady not afraid to try new things.

Now I see her more as The Giver, The Helper. Always giving. To the Indians
especially, others,too. But wait…

She always brought tons of food, too, remember?

A passion for food took root in Clare early on… she’d tell stories of behind the scenes
happenings in the kitchens of her clients… when she was twelve years old. She was a
pro that early because she stepped up in support of her family. Her dad had been
called to the Lord very early on, you see. She took that support as a mission to heart…
to her Soul and kept at it right up to her last day here. That is so beautiful a thing.

But the food…

She loved food and cooking and seeing to it that every single person there; and
sometimes there were quite a lot; wound up stuffed and happy. I was always amazed at
how much food she could make on a moment’s notice.

Holidays always saw everyone pounding pound after pound of perfect pasta sarde,
serious shrimp cocktails, delicious Dolly breads for Easter, astounding apple pies and
of course, her glorious Baked Beans, which define the phrase “indescribably
delicious.” They are one of those treasures of a lifetime that simply can never be
duplicated, for not a one of us has that God-given magical touch.

Clare’s devotion to family especially her siblings was powerful right to her dying day.
There’s Orlando, who everyone called Tim, Anita and Louise, Evalyn and Lena, her
parents, husbands Joe Greco and Clay Moore, cousins, especially Bobby Morrell, as
well as friends she adored… with very deeply felt emotions for each and every one.

Her heartthrobs were Erroll Flynn and Randolph Scott and the music was by Gene
Autry, the Sons of the Pioneers and our very own Uncle Tim, who could hold his own
with those guys for sure.

Always the traveler, the adventurer, Clare would go out West, ride horses, stay at dude
ranches and just be toolin’ around in her Model A Ford, gobbling up life with gusto. She
must have been quite something back in the day.

Clare was never afraid to tackle any issue in order to keep us safe and secure no matter
where she was or what her situation was. Clare was likewise never afraid to spread her
love as far as she could with the hotspot being her family. She did these things with
remarkable success and her example lives on as inspiration for all of us to follow.

She taught me so much in those last few years. Taught me without even knowing she
was… about dealing with my profound sadness and inner anger and especially about
what love really is. And that is nothing less than giving solace and comfort, protection
and security with no expectation of return. But even in her final days she managed to
give me clear messages of love in return. Truly a remarkable lady.

Fare thee well, my dear Aunt Clare – I know you are up in heaven now, watching
over us, keeping us safe. I feel you here sometimes.

Enjoy your new journey knowing that you will live in love in our hearts forever.

— Iggy Makarevich

I read that today at Clare’s funeral. Made it to the end in one shot with just a couple of quavers toward the end! Thank you to those who hlped me get to where I could do that.

It was a small, intimate and lovely ceremony and just as I had hoped it would be. The crowd was small but the people there were the right people and that was definitely a welcome thing. All my love to everyone that was there. That goes for the man from St. Mary, too, who I sadly forgot to exchange names with. He was so pleasant, which was a good result as I had no clue what to expect.

I was blessed to have my dear friend Andy Raynor, (the holiest person I’ve ever met), do the interface with the divine. She is so good at that and then there came the fabulous, unaccompanied Amazing Grace sung by my dear cousin Jamie Petrone which gave us the sweet, soulful sound we needed at just the right time. Quite a few commented how great it was. Jamie is so inspiring.

Such wonderful family and friends … made me feel at ease and loved.

And then … wouldn’t ya know it…

There was a bit of paranormal in it, too, thank God, as Aunt Clare was there (!!!) in the form of a tiny bird seated at the peak of a nearby pointed monolith watching us and at just the right time chirped at us directly and then flew off, fortunately right after I got in a rockin’ thumbs up!

I will treasure it always.

photo by jerri Wiley mods by Iggy Makarevich











I see myself as these bunnies because this week and vicinity have seen me behaving horribly. And that just rips more off my brain like one of those rakes they pull pork with.

Sleep? Not so much. I have remembered to eat a little, though, so there is that. But God I want to slap myself. Hard. I used to. In front of my poor mom… made her cry. Feel as bad now.



JC Johnson | Skinwalkers, Crypids, & The Book Of Enoch

Published on Feb 21, 2015

JC Johnson, the man behind Crypto Four Corners, joins THC to talk about their investigations into strange and anomalous creatures and beings, as well as the many things that have been reported to them by other witnesses and the possibilities for their origins.

Check out the Crypto Four Corners Facebook Page:

Check Out JC’s YouTube page:…

Sign up for THC+ at:

Oh, RIP, my dear JC.




This is exactly how it has been here for a long while.

Trying to do this — this should not be this difficult.

But being an ig can screw anything up. And does.

“This” being the eulogy. I mean… it’s short, ya know?

There’s something so wrong with me.

That is a known known.



If only humans were as intelligent and sophisticated as these two wildly diverse species.

But no, we are the savages.



Coastal water acting UNUSUAL in Stamford CT and Provincetown MA

Published on Mar 31, 2018

March 31, 2018:  Yet even more examples of coastal water anomalies, these are from Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Special “Thanks” to Benjy and Jonatan. Good job


Had to post this one… this video submission is within ten miles of my house… so… yeeks.

And that’s as the roads go, it’s more like five “as the crow flies!”

Ya dig?



MLB Memes

17 years ago, Randy Johnson threw his most memorable fastball!!!

It took me a moment to realize what I was seeing … and … what are the odds of this happening?!

here via Jean Louis Lebreton : )




Roy! Roy Chapman Andrews! (Childhood hero, don’tcha know) The lad’s comrades all seem to be regular height, though. But I do know there were more tallboys there than just this guy.


Frederick John Kempster, 13 April 1889 – 15 April 1918


Kurt Zehe, 12 January 1913 – 1969


Maria Feliciana dos Santos


Robert P. Wadlow


Elsa and Hilda Van Droysen


Chang Woo-Gow (sp?)


Fyodor Andreevich Makhnov

There are certainly some pretty sizeable folks out there, eh.

Used to be a lot before they faded away into the depths of time and space. I think it is rather unfortunate that they’re not around any more. Life would be much more interesting.

But hey, here we are.



Before my age had gained the luxury of having two digits I had learned that my fellow humans could be wicked demons because one fine sunny day as I was playing in the dry area up by the road outside my house studying the grasshoppers that lived there, a man pulled up, stopped his car and quickly pushed the passenger door wide open and tried to get me to get in and go with him. Sensing extreme danger I shouted that “My mommy wouldn’t like that!” and sprinted down the hill to the safety of the house. Fortunately that scum was not seen again, by me at least and I hope to God he was not successful in his search for prey.

I am of the opinion that in his failure the demon in him lashed out and hurt me bad. I just thought of that and it seems to fit. That is kind of when things started to go downhill and it continues unabated to this day.

True enough, there are some superb humans. But there are exceptionally foul humans that are worse than the most horrid monsters one can imagine. I am, in fact, not completely sure that they really are human. Psychopaths. Sociopaths. Perhaps there are other as yet uncategorized –paths. These creatures cannot be repaired or made to behave as people. No matter what anyone may attempt to sell you on. They need to be removed, in toto, from the world. I am being very serious. Shot where they stand, wherever and whenever. With carcasses then collected and incinerated.

Maybe I should post this now, although it seems a thought unfinished. But I’ve slept on it as it were and I can’t think straight enough to add more at the moment and if I don’t it will just languish in the drafts bin for hundreds if not thousands of years. This seems to be a storyline that will have to be done in these brief installments. Yes, so… here you have it.



Juvenile Bigfoot Asked Man For Fish

Published on Mar 5, 2018

From Damian Bravo: In late January, 2012, I was contacted by a member of my group page on Facebook, the story you’re about to read is an email the member wrote to me. It’s an amazing account of an event that occurred in the early 90’s, somewhere in the Midwest of the United States.

Now, this is a bit different, eh what…

Is it true? How do I know? But it sure as hell could be … and I am personally leaning over to the true side. So there.

Because why not? The evidence so far mustered by all and sundry seems to indicate that these beings are a lot more than mere ‘apes’ and are just about as ‘people’ as we are… just in a whole different way. I sincerely don’t see what the big deal is.

This is not rocket science, folks. I mean, I would, if I was them, avoid us like the plague, too! You know? Just saying. Ha! Regulars will note my wanting to avoid us in any event, so, sure, why not?

And if it turns out that this is not a thing, well, it is undeniably a lovely story of interspecies bonding.



I am thinking that karma is coming around to give me what’s coming to me. Not feeling anywhere near 100%.

Some of this is surely my life-long pig-headed stubbornness interfering in my health care.

But deep down inside I feel that at it’s root it is much deserved payback for a life spent as an asshole. And trust me, I am still, to this day, a superb example of one, exceeding any and all specifications.

When I let recent aquiantences know, they invariably scoff… but this is only because of my efforts the past few years to not be one. Even with such efforts it still pops out sometimes and causes me tears on occasion. It takes a tremendously strong mind to stop… one I can’t imagine yet.

Some of the things I’ve done and not done will haunt me at least till I die and maybe even afterwards. They bring immediate and plentiful tears. Mind you, they span over fifty years. So there  are quite a few, shall we say.

It makes me want to stop being alive. Don’t have the courage for that, though.

So when I am older I will be blind with no jaw… yeesh.