This just in from Abel Basti!

The gentleman on the left is former SS man Phillip(sp?) Citroen, the gentleman on the right, former Führer of the Dritte Reich, Adolf Hitler, in Tunja, Colombia, 1954. I have not looked into this in any sort of depth yet, but I think so far that the evidence shows or points to the concept that ‘former’ may be inaccurate in the case of Mr. H.

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Hitler’s photo after the war

Hitler Colombia
US intelligence records indicate that during 1954 Hitler would have been in Colombia to hold a meeting with another Nazi, and then he would have left for Argentina. The report of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) includes a photo of Hitler along with the Nazi Phillip Citroen, a former SS man, who at the time was doing work for a railroad company in Colombia. The CIA documents are dated October 3 and 17, 1955, and the reference photo was taken from a private property in the village of Tunja (Tunga), capital of Boyacá department in 1954. The information Initial, on the presence of Hitler in Tunja, Emerged on September 29, 1955 when a CIA agent learned that Citroen had met several times with the leader of National Socialism on Colombian soil. This information came to the CIA spy thanks to a person of his confidence – whose identity has been written off in the official documents to be preserved – who knew Citroen, and who had also been under his command during the war. That is, that this informant had also been a member of the Nazi ranks. Citroen told his comrade that he had a meeting with Hitler at a place called “Colonial Residences” in Tunja, (Boyacá), a town that was “over-populated by former German Nazis,” according to official documentation . On September 28 of that year, The ex-subordinate of Citroen-after asking him repeatedly-obtained the unpublished photograph that was lent him for a while. He then provided the CIA agent “enough time for this station (a delegation from the US agency) to take any action that is necessary,” the document said, adding that on that occasion “copies of this Image and are being distributed “to offices of that body. 
The photo
In describing the photograph, the report states that “the person on the left is supposed to be Citroen and the one on the right is undoubtedly the one that, according to Citroen, is Hitler.” On the back of the photo is written in ink: “Adolf SCHRITTELMAYOR, Tunga, Colombia, 1954”, says the report attached to the photograph. That would be the false name that Hitler used, At least during that stay in Colombia. 
In a second CIA document, dated October 17, 1955, it is ensured that Hitler’s photograph with Citroen was “facilitated for a couple of hours to be reproduced, but unfortunately the quality of the negatives was very poor to do Copies of them. The original was returned to its owner and could not be easily recovered again. “ In the photo of reference are seen Hitler and Citroen seated, both with sack and tie. In the image both appear very serious. At the moment of being photographed, Citroen looked at the camera, while Hitler remained with his eyes to one side, and thus were portrayed for posterity. In the photo archive there is a seal that will get the material was microfilmed by the CIA on July 26, 1963 (CIA Report A02592, October 3, 1955). 
There is a popular version that indicates that Hitler was living a time in a farm, surrounded by great walls, located in the town of Sopó, with mountainous landscapes, almost half way between Tunja and Bogota. In 1945, the Swiss Gögel and Baziner founded a dairy company known as La Alpina.

More information in the book “Following the footsteps of Hitler”, Abel Basti, Editorial Planeta.


Wow, this is an awesome development.

Bravo, Abel!

PentaProps™ incoming!

I wonder if the seemingly deeply dedicated Mr Citroen is related to the car company. Certainly his name has collaborator in it, no? And my goodness he was trusted with being in meetings with the Führer.

He must have been a trip.

ETA: Gosh, regarding our pal Phillip, my thoughts were way off… sorry Citroen… a little Googling turned the following up at ActivistsHub: (Check it out, this is only a little snip from the article.)(And note the extra fascinating info included! WaHey! The plot thickens…)

Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun didn’t die in their Berlin bunker as generally believed, but escaped to Argentina to join a German colony where Hitler raised two daughters. According to a declassified CIA report in May 2001, the former Dutch Waffen-SS Philip Citroen who worked in South America for the Dutch KNSM, he had in 1954 once per month contact with Adolf Hitler, who lived that time in Tunja (Colombia) under the name “Adolf Schüttelmayor. The same year that Nazi-SS Bernhard zur Lippe Biesterfeld founded the Bilderberg Conferences in the Netherlands (Oosterbeek) which was stealth occupied by the Hitler Regime. According to the CIA report Hitler would have left Colombia and went back to Argentina in January 1955 where he lift in Patagonia until he deceaded around the same period the last Dutch troops had to leave Indonesia (Hitler+February 13 1962, at 15:00) in the presence of his doctor Otto Lehmann, (murdered for a takeover by the hands of Prince Bernhard zur Lippe-Biesterfeld ?), which means that Queen Wilhelmina and Juliana then have been driven directly until that time by Adolf Hitler from Argentina (source: News-featured (video). They seized power again after Hitler died. This time not only of the Netherlands but the Nazi regime, global implemented from Dutch territory and the Bilderberg Conferences.

There was also this page of fantastic photos by  of Buenos Aires, of the Führer’s Argentine estate on Panoramio where Citroen is mentioned in one of the long, super-detailed photo captions with tons of historical data. Much is said about everything being coated in volcanic ash from a recent earth fart down that-a-way. Panoramio says it is closing its doors so best to not wait, I suppose.

ETA: And not to derail my own thread, but … Oh heck, here they are…but do go read the captions on the site, they’re great and, well, he’s been there.

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Ah yes… once again our venerable gortex, Knight of Ni and Member, delivers the goods in the beauty of the wonders of space department in his newspost Oh My God, Look at Saturn’s North Pole.


The image was compiled by space enthusiast Jason Major from raw images captured by Cassini this week on its latest ring-grazing orbit.

Major compiled the image from raw data that was posted to Cassini’s image archive yesterday. “If I see something interesting and it also happens to have been captures in visible-light color channels, I assemble a color version in Photoshop to see what the awesome level is,” Major told Gizmodo over Twitter DM. “That vortex pic was a 10.”

At a talk I attended at the American Geophysical Union’s annual conference in San Francisco last December, Hampton University planetary scientist John Blalock reaffirmed that while Saturn’s north polar vortex is indeed blue, the rest of the hexagon is definitely yellow these days.
“When we look from 2012 to 2016, [the] hexagon is maybe a little brighter, but the interior and especially the doughnut region [at the center] looks brighter,” Blalock said, adding later in the talk that the “brightening is consistent with an increase in the production of photochemical haze products in the upper atmosphere.”

Saturn’s Pole is blue and there’s nothing we can do ..dan der dan der dan dan.

Gortex always has the heads up on this sort of thing. For this I thank him.



R.L. Burnside: See My Jumper Hanging On the Line (1978)

Alan Lomax Archive

Fabulous talent.

Please read this excellent article, Forgotten Heroes: R.L. Burnside, by Ted Drozdowski, over at Premier Guitar.

It is eye-opening, that’s for sure.



Dust-to-DigitalMonday, January 23, 2017 at 8:05am
Jean “Django” Reinhardt, born on this day in 1910 in Liberchies, Pont-à-Celles, Belgium.

I do not believe that I have ever actually seen the man play before.

For this unexpected pleasure I must thank Frank Petrilli who always comes up with something fabulous when he is not directing a play or feature or something. PentaProps!™




There is mischief afoot.

That is Mr Peter Townshend, posing nicely in his home studio way back in the 60s. Look at that stuff!

This pic was kindly posted to Instagram by the fab folks at TapeOp magazine. TapeOp is awesome.

I suppose this might celebrate the start up of my latest attempt at a studio of some at least halfway-decent sort.

Got an impromptu drum track from my dear friend Lynn, who was definitely on the jazz cuz she was gigging the next night, all the way away in Olde Blighty! Which is not unusual at all because her recording studio, Bakehouse Studio and her Wobbly Music musical empire are just up the road. In fact, last night the second EP, Foodbank Robbery, from her latest band, The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment, was released via the Senior Sounds project. Get it here eh.

Here is a bit of it.

Focusrite! Yeah they’re the “old” ones but ask me if it’s anything but academic. Seriously, now. Especially in this timeline and in any event, these pieces are nice.

And I can use it with the Thunderbolt 3 laptop as well as the Firewire laptop. I like that a lot as the Thunderbolt interfaces are so very dear these days. It cost $60 to be able to plug it in though. And that with Focusrite providing their half of the connection gratis. This studio does set new standards for low budget, for the time being, and for quite a foreseeable time.

But beyond that hardware lust…

the music making…

that will be the candy.

Must save brain…

obecause Ig, like Eldrad before him…

Must Live!

Not quite like Paulo’s place, eh ? :


Ah, yes, you will be among the first to know what happens.



I could not stop watching this. It just ended. Whoa. As a sorta soundman, this is deep passion that just sucked me right in. And I do not regret it. The first sound recording of the air moving, i.e. live, microphonic, of an unknown cornetist blowin for the phonautogram in 1857 (1857!) which was followed three years later by the human voice via a young lady singing Eu Claire de la Lune in 1860.

I was smitten.

You might, I did a little at first, think


FIRST SOUNDS: Humanity’s First Recordings of Its Own Voice


Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville was the first person to record his voice and send it into the future. David Giovannoni recounts how First Sounds discovered and played back these recordings 150 years later.

The vid covers the timeline of their quest to bring to life the unplayable recordings that were made in the decade before Thomas Edison did his thing.

These gentlemen had to hear these sounds. And they not only succeeded, they made history in making history sing.

I warn you, though … it is compelling and it is 55 minutes. At least it was compelling to me!


Wow talk about dedication! And determination… commitment… WOW!

I want to send PentaProps™ to my dear friend Kate Rose for sharing this with us.

I wonder if anyone out there would do this these days. Obviously not for medicine but something else.

Did I mention bravery? She would have probably been in deep, dark trouble had she been discovered.

Just shows how cool our species can be if it wants to.



The Mysterious Origins of Civilization: John Anthony West in conversation with Graham Hancock

These two are the best of friends.

Don’t miss the webathon Graham is running tonight!

It is a Good Thing.



Ronnie James Dio Hologram Rocks Pollstar Awards


Makes me think of certain movie scenes, of course.

The future will be fascinating.

And it’s coming right up.


Tip o’ th’ ‘at to Loudwire.

The folks that posted this vid, Eyellusion, are the creators of this hologram.



Let American Farmers Grow Hemp Once Again to Create Jobs and Rebuild the Rural Economy

This is important and I think significant.

The link goes to a petition at the White House.

Orange is the new black.

My 94 year old aunt laughed when I told her what happened today. That’s significant, let me tell you. But I have a feeling it will be alright in the end.

Hemp played a big role in our industry and economy until some timber corporations got involved.

For making money it is simply awesome as it is a freaking weed fer crissake… we could just use trees for guitars n stuff. Woohoo!



Cryptids and Monsters: The UB-85 Atrocity

Ha! Great! German War Cryptids! WW1, that is. I don’t remember ever hearing about this one, but it is fascinating and it would seem to lean towards being a real event. Yes, my Fort cap is on and snug and I am pretty well certain that this happened exactly as it was related.

German U boat ‘attacked by sea monster’ found on seabed off Scotland

The vessel is thought to be SM UB-85 – a U-boat which, under the command of Captain Gunther Krech, was famously caught on the surface by a British patrol boat back in 1918.

Read here:http://helenastales.weebly.com/blogue…

Follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ufo.maniaII/

To the surprise of the British forces the Germans surrendered almost immediately. When later questioned about this, Krech explained that his submarine had been on the surface of the water recharging its batteries when it was suddenly attacked by a “strange beast.”

This pleases me.

I doubt anyone will ever actually look for evidence, but hey, it could happen!


Edwards Air Force Base – UFO incident – Audio/Transcript synchronization

This is fabulous.

One can hear the reality and wonder of the situation expressed in the voices of these military men.

If these objects were ours, it is interesting that the military was not deemed worthy to know about them.

Very strange, that, don’t you think?

I found this video accompanied by these words:

For those that do not know what happened on October 7 1965 at the Edwards Air Force base: “reports of a dozen flying objects over the Edwards Air Force Base sent a F-106A fighter jet scrambling in pursuit. Nothing turned up. ”

All of this action was captured on classified U.S. Air Force audio tapes which have now been declassified and are available to the public along with official documentation.

Listening to these audio recordings I can only say that some of the military personnel were really freaked out by this. I also noticed that it’s clear that there is a clear line between the people doing the observations (lowest in rank) and the higher-ups (like the UFO Officer). The higher ups seem to be very interested in what’s happening, but they try to hide their emotions. They try to ridicule the events by the way they ask questions and the words they choose.

Posted on January 4, 2017 @ 08:51 AM as Edwards Air Force Base – UFO incident – Audio analysis, by SirBlackKnight, Member.

So nice of the Government to finally declassify these tapes. They are not completely magnanimous, though — they cut the tape up into one inch strips before releasing it. So nice.

So AWESOME of the researcher for putting the thing back together!



Antimatter Light Spectrum Discovered!

Scientists were able to measure the emission lines of antimatter! And we may have some new clues about how dinosaurs lost their teeth on the way to becoming birds.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Wow! The crew at CERN is rockin’!

Woo Hoo Go CERN !

In a paper published today in the journal Nature, the ALPHA collaboration reports the first ever measurement on the optical spectrum of an antimatter atom. This achievement features technological developments that open up a completely new era in high-precision antimatter research. It is the result of over 20 years of work by the CERN antimatter community.
Source: Phys.org

“Using a laser to observe a transition in antihydrogen…” this light was then compared to that of a hydrogen atom.
Through the “…observation of a spectral line in an antihydrogen atom, allowing the light spectrum of matter and antimatter to be compared…”, they were able to confirm the long-held theory that “…hydrogen and antihydrogen should have identical spectroscopic characteristics.”

The original paper in the journal Nature… Observation of the 1S–2S transition in trapped antihydrogen

This article in Science Daily explains how they find these things.


This pleases me no end.

We seem to be on a roll, scientifically!



part 1

part 2

Frank Zappa Exposing the illuminati

And an extremely wise and prescient job he does of it, too.

The man was a genius in more ways than one, Herbert.

And to cap things off on a humorous note… dig this…

Zappa’s Epic Response

Frank Zappa’s epic response to the tyrannical, repressed, uptight, angry little man that is John Lofton.

For some reason CNN bleeped out “ass.” I guess they had different standards back then.

For the full debate, click the link below:



This one is slightly different because…

Frank S Petrilli shared this video and said…

“That’s Duane Allman’s guitar in her hands.”



Frank sent me a notice, as he knows me well and we both are in awe of this woman.

Think of the power of the historical energy flowing through her soul as she plays that thing. Must be so cool.

Rest assured she will do that Gibson proud… no worries there!

Thank you Frank, you fab person, you!




The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory! (in under 5 minutes)

The entire Conspiracy Theory of 9/11 explained in under 5 minutes. Reposted from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLXyB5…

9-11 explained in 5 minutes!!!.mp4

3:20 is Barry Jennings

9-11 was done by our government, don’t be ignorant. Do some research and listen to educated, trained professionals explain the facts about 9-11. The “experts” that make it on television are paid government employees and therefore incapable of common sense or having an educated opinion on the subject.



recorrido por la casa de adolf hitler – Estancia Inalco

recorriendo la casa de adolf hitler conocida como Estancia Inalco en villa la angostura.
un lugar tenebroso donde se puede percibir un ambiente frio y lleno de preguntas

Brave lads.

I applaud them and wish I was there with them!

Awww, look.

Here’s home.

If we hoover a bit higher we can see a little more of the complex.

El “Bariloche Nazi tour”

En Bariloche podés conocer la isla Victoria o una fábrica de chocolates. Pero ahora, también podés conocer la casa donde habría vivido Hitler.
Un tour nazi en Bariloche.

This is cool and very thorough and features my facebook buddy Abel Basti. He lives there, you know?

That sleazy weasel Sam Donaldson is even in here when he ruined everything in 1994.

Thats not journalism.



Entrevista con la criada que sirvió a Hitler en Argentina 1949

Catalina trabajó para los dueños del Hotel Edén de La Falda, Argentina, y afirma que sirvió comida para el führer alemán donde estuvo en 1949. Esta entrevista concuerda con la teoría de que fue un doble el que murió en el búnker de Berlín y Hitler escapó a Sudamérica en avión o submarino, en dónde murió, ya anciano.
El vídeo no se escucha bien, debido a que fue grabado con cámara de fotos y a la propia voz de la señora. Lo subo por la importancia histórica de la entrevista, pues la mujer es muy mayor y ya no concede entrevistas.

It’s Catalina!!!

What a sweetie!

This is the lady who was visited and advised by ODESSA agents that she could not talk to Abel Basti or Harry Cooper or indeed anybody “while the lady was alive.” That was 2004. This is from 2011, (not that that means anything), so yay go girl. Me happy. I hope she is still with us!

 Okay, I better go.

I am quite sure Mr Bishop is rolling his eyes, but hey, it’s one of my things, you dig?

Anyway, what I wish right now is that I knew what they were saying. If you get the opportunity to learn a language, take it. Every one. I wish I did. I really do.


Tour Through Adolf Hitler’s Argentina

With photos and comments by Sharkhunter Harry Cooper. Rense Radio, July 19, 2013.

Harry Cooper, author of Escape From The Bunker (2003), with Jeff Rense, July 19, 2013.
website Harry Cooper: http://www.sharkhunters.com/book1.htm

March 14, 2014.
Harry Cooper: “FBI ADMITS HITLER ESCAPED – We have received a lot of emails from Members telling that the FBI has released a few documents admitting that they knew that Adolf Hitler got out. Thanks to these Members – but shame on the jerks sending this out in blogs as if they have discovered something. Same shame on the so-called “researchers” and “authors” who used these few documents to write their books. Yes, these are genuine FBI documents in which the FBI admits that Adolf Hitler (and others) escaped but these SECRET documents were all uncovered by our own S.E.I.G. Agent TAUCHER a couple years ago. TAUCHER found these and dozens more documents of the FBI and also the CIA that stated these agencies and our government knew that Hitler and others escaped. This is not new news – these posers used the files that TAUCHER found and got declassified then Sharkhunters reported. Thanks to Members who sent these blogs posted by wanna-bee posers and huge thanks to TAUCHER for the hard work finding and declassifying these documents. While the poser blogs show a few FBI documents, TAUCHER has sent us so many that we had to buy an entire new file cabinet to house them.”

More, with many photos on http://rense.com/general95/escapefrom…
and http://rense.com/general95/escapefrom…

Photos Hitler in Argentina on:

Wonderful stuff.

Okay now, listen up good, this is of extreme importance…

Haitian Politician UNLOADS on Corrupt Clinton Foundation for Doing NOTHING for Haiti – 10/12/16

Published on Oct 12, 2016


I found this on ATS this morning in a thread by gmoneystunt, Member, called A Warning to the People of the U.S. from Former Haitian Senate President Watch Out For Hillary.

I just read the quotes below and knew right then that I had to let my folks here know. I am even more appalled than before, which, quite frankly, I didn’t even think possible. But there it is.

Here we go:

Oct 13, 2016 – A Warning to the People of the United States from Bernard Sansaricq interviewed by Sandy Rios on American Family Radio
The warning is at about 8:40 in the above radio link

Former Haitian Senate President Calls Clintons ‘Common Thieves Who Should Be in Jail’

Sansaricq said that the Clinton Foundation received 14.3 billion dollars in donation money to help with the relief effort. President Obama and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon put the Clinton Foundation in charge of the reconstruction, but Haiti has seen no help. The money all went to friends of Bill Clinton.

It is now known, thanks to WikiLeaks, that the State Department colluded with the Clinton Foundation to make sure that those multi-million dollar contracts would literally go to “friends of Bill.”

Email exchanges show Clinton Foundation officials in the hours after the massive earthquake reaching out to a senior aide to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who “repeatedly gave special attention to those identified by the abbreviations ‘FOB’ (friends of Bill Clinton) or ‘WJC VIPs’ (William Jefferson Clinton VIPs).”

Sansaricq pointed out that some of the 14.3 billion dollars the Clinton Foundation was given to rebuild the country after the 2010 earthquake could have been put toward building hurricane-proof infrastructure. But the Clintons only enriched themselves and did nothing to help the victims — and now the body count for Hurricane Matthew has gone up to over 1,000 people and millions of homes have been destroyed.

He said that Bill Clinton became a power broker in Haiti in 1994 when he invaded Haiti to restore democracy. “He wanted to have power in Haiti even after his presidency,” Sansaricq said.


‘FOBs’: How Hillary’s State Dept. Gave Special Attention to ‘Friends of Bill’ After Haiti Quake

Now, we’re discovering that Hillary Clinton has not only stolen money from the people of Haiti but also STIFFED the contractors.


To: john.podesta@gmail.com
Date: 2011-11-30 14:41
Subject: outstanding issue

John – one thing to raise with Laura when you think the timing is right is
the outstanding expenses bill the CF/ CBHF has with McKinsey. My friend
Eric was the partner who led the work McKinsey did pro bono + expenses for
the CF/ CBHF and the IHRC in Haiti for more than a year and their expenses
have not yet been paid
. Eric did not want to reach out to me but after
Laura hung up on him last week – after not responding to any of the formal
bills or formal emails or Eric’s emails – I think he’s a bit at wits end
and also doesn’t want to run it up the flag pole at McKinsey to attract any
undesired attention. I have not raised with my father yet as I thought you
or Bruce were a more appropriate vehicle though I am happy to raise if you
think helpful.



The family radio link at the top IMO is worth the 15 mins of your time along with the 4 min video.

He gave the warning but will America listen? Thoughts?

To which Kalixi, Member, replied:

The Clinton Foundation makes Monsanto look like The Starlight Foundation.


I am actually kind of scared for the future.

Do you REALLY want these people controlling your lives and sending your kids to war?

I most certainly hope not!


We hope.



That right there is Ludwig van’s piano!

Yep, the Ludwig van Beethoven, in the very room that he wrote his masterpieces on.

I am of the opinion, though, that that wall heater is an add-on.


This is rather excellent.

PentaProps™ to Jeff Jamroga of the Jamrogas for this post.

The schools – like everything else here – is geared not towards learning to live a life of discovery but rather towards an end goal of producing corporate profit. At the expense of all else, of course.

It is a crime against humanity of epic proportions.

It needs to be scrapped and redone so it benefits the people it professes to teach. Like it says, students may be 20% of the population but they are 100% of the future.

Get it?


I used to admire Germany.

Now the whole place makes me want to throw up.

I just saw this new thread.

10 months in jail for 87yo grandma who said Auschwitz was a labor camp.

Registered: 10/9/2010
Member is offline.


German grandmother, 87, is sentenced to ten months in jail for saying Auschwitz was ‘just a labour camp’.

In the interview with the ARD network she claimed the death camp of Auschwitz in Nazi occupied Poland, where at least 1.1 million people were murdered, was ‘nothing more than a labour camp.’

I find this to be quite sad.

To imprison such an elderly woman simply because of her statements or views…

If she was inciting, encouraging or calling for violence, I could understand imposing a penalty.

Understood that some people are going to be offended or upset by her views/statements but she’s simply questioning or disagreeing with an aspect of history…

Kind of hypocritical that we in the West are imprisoning people for their statements and views while at the same time pointing our fingers at other “repressive regimes”.

Also a bit ironic that it seems perfectly legal to say very disturbing things about another group (Moslems), some even calling for the entire extermination…

edit on 30-9-2016 by gladtobehere because: wording
Dont blame me. I voted for Ron Paul.
“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you arent allowed to criticize.”
To deny history is criminal. To bend over and take it up the poopy-da da for something you didn’t do is being less than human. And punishing others because you are an asshole beyond measure is, well, beyond measure.
Sorry, Germany, you make me sick.
You make nice cars, but have you heard the expression… “and the horse you rode in on?”
You will never be full human beings again in my eyes.
This goes for any country where this could have happened.
The evidence is pretty clear that a labor camp is EXACTLY WHAT IT WAS.

JRE #852 – John Anthony West from JoeRogan on Vimeo.


#852. John Anthony West is an author, lecturer, guide and a proponent of Sphinx water erosion hypothesis in geology.

John is a long-time personal friend and mentor and I think the world of him.
He knows what he is talking about, especially regarding Egypt and rest assured on most other things as well.

I am adding a paragraph here on 9/29 as I was just noticing that whoever writes the Rogan blurb above mentioned the water erosion “hypothesis.” This, dear readers, is a big part of the problem in our culture of total science ignorance and arrogance. It is not a hypothesis. It is a fact. Theories have nothing to do with the fact that the Sphinx is water-eroded. I know Mr Rogan and crew did not mean it in a bad way, I just thought it an interesting marker as it caught my eye just now while looking over the blog and listening to Cafe Enigma.

Visit his site at JAWest.net and his blog, Phoenixfire, where John has his own podcasts!