Bestiarum Vocabulum, or, a Cryptozoological compendium

Plate 7: Demogorgon

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I like this guy…

He, she or it is just fabulously creepy!

Don’tcha think? Plus, it’s a new one for me! Never heard of this critter.

be well


Boris’ take on…Nessie?  From what I’ve been able to find out, this is supposed to be Loch Ness’ most famous denizen.

Maybe, maybe not. Personally I think it is another creature entirely. Maybe one that Boris saw. People are so hollow these days.

be well


What? WTF.

Hoax? Quite likely. The feet and hands, right arm and such seem worn rather than natural. But I have no information and Google helped not a bit.

As a Fortean, I am willing to entertain this clip. The legs and hocked heels are well done in the event it is purpose-blurred CGI.

The short duration certainly speaks to a CGI creation. Rendering is still an issue. (They don’t know about BOXX)

We shall see. Or not.

be well


Nessie On The Net Loch Ness Live Stream

Started streaming on May 30, 2018

Hunt for Nessie the Loch Ness Monster Live from our Streaming Nessie on The Net website. We are the multi award winning officially original webcams from this beautiful loch and on our site you will find several other livecams including Urquhart Castle – a view covering Edward’s Deep (the deepest spot and where the monster is seen most often). The site and its contents are all copyright of Mikko Takala, probably the world’s leading Loch Ness Monster expert and all rights are reserved. If you’d like to use our content or for other information please contact Mikko via [email protected] Enjoy!

You might get lucky.

You could be world famous! Gosh!

Beautiful just to watch on full screen as art.



Loch Ness monster ‘seen cavorting in water for 10 minutes’ spotter claims

MH Documentary
Published on Jun 1, 2018

A “feature film length” video of the Loch Ness Monster from Ireland.Hospital clerical worker Eoin O’Faodhagain from Donegal took a ten minute video from the Loch Ness webcam.The creature moves from right to left and as it swims towards Urquhart Bay – a favourite haunt of Nessie – and is seen diving and surfacing with water splashes.

The sighting – the second record accepted this year by the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register – comes only days before DNA sampling is to be used to discover previously unrecorded organisms in Loch Ness.Eoin, 53, from Drumdoit Castlefin has wached the Nessie webcam for many years.

“I just click in now and then for 20 minutes – it’s better than watching Coronation Street,” he said.“I seen a couple of things over the years but they have been explained as a boat or something else.”But on April 30, Eoin had “a terrific shock.” “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he said. “I just started recording it on my phone. I just followed it.”It was very unusual, it was certainly something big – it dived down and up again and dived and disappeared. It was not a boat and not a log. I would say it was Nessie.“I believe in Nessie but not as a plesiosaur – but as something that has evolved in Loch Ness over thousands of years.”

Mr O’Faodhagain has been to Loch Ness four times as part of Highland holidays.Gary Campbell, Keeper of the Official Register of Sightings at Loch Ness, said: “As far as Nessie footage goes this is a feature film.”Normally you only get videos of one of two seconds. It is remarkable in its length and again shows the increased sightings of Nessie from the internet.“Clearly it is something that dives in and out of the surface with water splashes and reflections. It is unexplained. The object would be no larger than 20ft. There is something there on the video that is clearly moving.”Sightings of the Loch Ness Monster set new global records last year.Nessie’s 11 accepted sightings in 2017 were the highest this century.Irish missionary St Columba is first said to have encountered a beast in the River Ness in 565AD. Since then there have been 1080 officially logged sightings.This month a team of scientists will collect tiny fragments of skin and scales from the loch.

Hey, now, this dude got the shocker, eh? Ten minutes! Madonne a mi!

Wish I wasn’t so close to blindness… it would be nice to see the goings on a bit better than I do.

Here is one of the articles from the interwebs…

Latest Loch Ness Monster Sighting Captured on an Unusual Video

Paul Seaburn June 5, 2018

Summer vacation season has arrived in Scotland, which means it’s time for tourists to point their cellphones at Loch Ness and claim that every log, fish, boat wake and bubble is proof of the Loch Ness monster. However, the latest video accepted by the Official Register of Sightings at Loch Ness was not taken by a tourist standing on the bank of the loch but by an Irishman sitting at home watching the live feed from the official Loch Ness CCTV livecam. Not only did he see something that looked monsterish, he took a video of the video which showed the anomaly for a long (by Nessie sightings standards) ten minutes. Is this the real deal or just another seal?

There is so much to discover out there.

So much.




Strange, skinny mutt recently shot by a rancher that no one can identify.


Dog wolf. Wolf dog. Weird body shape for either, if you ask me.


Nice discussion going on at Wolf? Dog? Wolfdog?.





The original story:

Creature shot by rancher

On May 16 a lone wolf-like animal was shot and killed on a ranch outside Denton. With long grayish fur, a large head and an extended snout, the animal shared many of the same characteristics as a wolf; but its ears were too large, it’s legs and body too short, its fur uncharacteristic of that common to a wolf.

So what was it? At this point, no one is 100 percent sure.




Yes, Flapp’s Law.

Which states:

Any inanimate object, regardless of it’s position, configuration or purpose, may be expected to perform at any time in a totally unexpected manner for reasons that are either entirely obscure or else completely mysterious.

A good law to know.

My advice?

Keep an eye out

And be careful out there.




Ornithologist Jerry McGahan is pictured with a 6 month old Andean Condor, the largest flying bird on earth. Photographed by the Helen and Franck Schreider.  Another version of this photo made it to the cover of National Geographic.

A baby. They get pretty darned big. It would take your breath away, I am sure of it, because it would take mine away.

But … are they really the largest living bird?

Something tells me they’re not…



BOB GIMLIN “””The real story about Patty Femal Sasquatch”‘2015-Conference

Craig Yahne
Published on May 5, 2017

Description This is a first of a series of video footage from Sasquatch & Bigfoot conferences of many different speakers we captured & edited”‘ I’m up-loading I’m also making a SquatchIng doc’u film”” called Pacific North West Sasquatch Research Group”‘ Mike the editor Thompson who is helping me edit/cameraman we now have plenty of video footage to make it happen about three years of editing and video tapping converting video data it’s finally all here”” more than 50hrs of video conference video footage here is a first of a series. Thank you everyone stay tuned and share with all your friends. Keep on Squatching””Adventure always. 2017″”

Bob was one of the men who was with roger when he filmed the Female Sasquatch in Bluff Creek Calif. She saw them got spooked by there horses and them she walked fast thru the creek bed and looked back at them as she made it to the tree line and disappeared into the bush & forest.

This is the way it was.

I am, in my gut, sure of it.



Well this is excellent as I have thought that they were for decades now. ‘They’ being octopi, squid and cuttlefish.

Their abilities are just way too “out there” for them to be anything even remotely ordinary.

International group of scientists suggest that octopuses might actually be aliens

Mike Wehner @MikeWehner
May 17th, 2018 at 2:56 PM

Normally when you see a story about someone claiming that aliens are hanging out here on Earth its origins can be traced to a misguided conspiracy theorist or crackpot ranting on YouTube. So, when an international group of actual scientists releases a report theorizing the existence of an alien species living right under our noses, it’s worth a look.

The paper, which was published in Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, attempts to tackle the question of how life originated here on Earth. The researchers embrace a number of different proposed explanations and discuss their implications, but one particularly interesting note is their proposal that cephalopods (squid, octopus, and cuttlefish) may have originated somewhere other than Earth. Woah.

“Evidence of the role of extraterrestrial viruses in affecting terrestrial evolution has recently been plausibly implied in the gene and transcriptome sequencing of Cephalopods,” the researchers write. “The genome of the Octopus shows a staggering level of complexity with 33,000 protein-coding genes more than is present in Homo sapiens.”

The scientists challenge that the belief that modern cephalopods evolved to their present form here on Earth and propose the possibility that those we see today are the descendants of creatures that arrived on Earth frozen in an icy comet.

“Its large brain and sophisticated nervous system, camera-like eyes, flexible bodies, instantaneous camouflage via the ability to switch color and shape are just a few of the striking features that appear suddenly on the evolutionary scene,” the paper says, pointing to the possibility that this “great leap forward” in complexity was due to “cryopreserved squid and/or octopus eggs” crashing into the ocean on comets millions of years ago.

Scientists have studied the possibility of life arriving from outer space before, and there’s no shortage of support for the idea that biological material from other worlds may have seeded a young Earth and produced everything we see today.

However, actually proving that this was the case is next to impossible, and singling out one group of animals as potentially coming from space is perhaps an even greater challenge. When the timeline is stretched to billions of years, determining whether new species resulted from gradual mutation due to evolution or arrived in frozen eggs on a comet is very difficult. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting theory, and with over 30 researchers contributing to the report it’s clear that there’s a lot of interest.

common-squid-ryan-photographicThe paper in question is:
Steele, E.J., et al., Cause of Cambrian Explosion – Terrestrial or Cosmic?, Progress in Biophysics and Molecular
Biology (2018),
You can get to it here.

Confirming the suspicions (well, kind of), of some long-lingering suspicions, (ha!), is a cool and reassuring thing.


Oh, here’s that pdf. Hope your device will show it. The app shows it in the browser’s pdf reader. Doesn’t work on any of them on my Android fone.

download it here The-Cambrian-explosion_2015_Current-Biology

more peace


ufoWhat a great find this shawmanfromny came across. I had to post it below… it’s so good. Reports of what can only be called UFOs in our culture from way back in time, up to a couple of hundred years before that Christ fellow was around.

Some will express surprise, like shawmanfromny did, that NASA would discuss such things. By the way, this is not a NASA paper. They discuss stuff like this all the time. It is necessary for the maintenance of scientific discourse and inquiry. As our Hero Al Einstein frequently intimated, we need to understand this stuff… we need to understand a whole mess of stuff.

Scientists just want evidence. Really now, guys, that’s not much to ask for. They are open to everything because anything is possible… but… bring evidence. Then and only then will the boffin’s wheels start turnin.’

So this next block is the post I found it on. The whole OP but it was mostly the paper… Below this is the pdf itselff which hopefully your device will show nicely and links if it won’t.

2007 Document On NASA’s Website Discusses UFO’s In Ancient Times
a spirit in a flesh suit
Registered: 7/18/2016
Location: upstate NY
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posted on May, 16 2018 @ 11:35 AM
It’s interesting that this type of document exists on NASA’s website. It validates that the UFO phenomenon has existed throughout mankind’s history. The author states, that ancient UFO observers described aerial phenomenon in “familiar subjective terms.” Many of the mysterious, aerial objects, that were described by ancient observers, would be their interpretation of natural phenomena…like solar and lunar eclipses, comets, optical phenomena and new stars. However, as the author of this article states, some ancient reports, were describing objects that were similar to today’s unexplained, modern UFO sightings.

My working hypothesis will be that most such reports can be explained by conventional scientific ideas and that, among all the reports, only those that defy reasonable interpretation after full analysis can be said to resemble the most puzzling reports made today.

The ancient UFO witnesses, often described these craft using known “military terminology.”

The military terminology reflects the most advanced technology known at the time, a tendency found also in modern UFO reports, in which a witness gropes for a familiar technical vocabulary—and perhaps a rationalization—to describe an unaccountable phenomenon. That many reports were made during wartime may partially explain the military terminology

The author then lists a number of ancient sightings, that describe “military objects” that were seen in the skies:

…At Rome in the winter of 218 BC “a spectacle of ships (navium) gleamed in the sky”
…In 217 BC “at Arpi round shields (parmas) were seen in the sky”
…In 212 BC “at Reate a huge stone (saxum) was seen flying about”
…In 173 BC “at Lanuvium a spectacle of a great fleet was said to have been seen in the sky”
…In 154 BC “at Compsa weapons (arma) appeared flying in the sky” (Obsequens 17). The term refers to defensive weapons, especially shields.
…In 104 BC “the people of Ameria and Tuder observed weapons in the sky rushing together from east and west, those from the west being routed.”
…In 100 BC, probably at Rome, “a round shield (clipeus), burning and emitting sparks, ran across the sky from west to east, at sunset.”
…In 43 BC at Rome “a spectacle of defensive and offensive weapons(armorum telorumque species) was seen to rise from the earth to the sky with a clashing noise.”
…Historically, the most famous “sky army” appeared in the spring of ca. AD 65 over Judea. The historian Josephus reports:

On the 21st of the month Artemisium, there appeared a miraculous phenomenon, passing belief. Indeed, what I am about to relate would, I imagine, have been deemed a fable, were it not for the narratives of eyewitnesses and the subsequent calamities which deserved to be so signalized. For, before sunset throughout all parts of the country, chariots were seen in the air and armed battalions hurtling through the clouds and encompassing the cities

…The first cluster of reports of fiery globes falls during the Second Punic War. Livy reports that in 217 BC “at Capena two moons rose in the daytime … and at Capua a kind of moon fell during a rainstorm.”
…In 168 BC, when L. Aemilius Paullus was waging war against King Perseus of Macedon, “a ball … was the form of a fire that appeared, as large as the moon.”
…A more complicated object made its appearance sometime between 151 and 146 BC:

After the death of King Demetrius of Syria, … a little before the Achaean War, a comet blazed out, not inferior to the sun. At first it was a fiery red disk, 17 emitting a light so bright that it dissipated the night. Then, little by little, its size dwindled and its brightness faded; at last the light died completely.

…Two parallel records of 91 BC preserved by Livy’s extractors Orosius and Obsequens refer to central Italy. Over the city of Rome “about sunrise a ball of fire shone forth from the northern region with a loud noise in the sky.”
…in 74 BC, when a Roman army under L. Licinius Lucullus was about to engage the forces of King Mithridates VI of Pontus. According to Plutarch:

But presently, … with no apparent change of weather, but all on a sudden, the sky burst asunder, and a huge, flame-like body was seen to fall between the two armies. In shape, it was most like a wine-jar (pithōi), and in color, like molten silver. Both sides were astonished at the sight, and separated. This marvel, as they say, occurred in Phrygia, at a place called Otryae. 23 The presence of thousands of witnesses, including Lucullus and Mithridates, vouches for the incident’s occurrence.

…The date was ca. AD 285, in or near the Fayûm in the Egyptian desert. “St. Anthony saw on the desert floor a large silver disk that suddenly vanished like
…According to Livy, in 214 BC “at Hadria an altar was seen in the sky; around it were forms of men dressed in shining white.”
…AD 150. On a sunny day, a “beast” like a piece of pottery(ceramos) about 100 feet in size, multicolored on top and shooting out fiery rays, landed in a dust cloud, accompanied by a “maiden” clad in white.

The author concludes, that many ancient observers, were describing known, natural, aerial phenomenon. However, there are also some ancient reports, that also describe mysterious aerial objects that resemble modern day UFO’s.

Embedded in the mass of relatively explicable ancient reports, however, is a small set of unexplained (or at least not wholly explained) reports from presumably credible witnesses. If these reports are examined statistically, essential features of what I will, for argument’s sake, call the ancient UFO phenomenon can be extracted:
• shape—discoidal or spheroidal;
• color—silvery, golden or red;
• texture—metallic or, occasionally, glowing or cloudy;
• size—a meter to well over a meter;
• sound—usually none reported;
• type of motion—hovering, erratic or smooth flight, with a rapid

NOTE: all highlighted content/quotes comes from the PDF file found on this NASA link:…

Nice, huh?

Here for your convenience is the pdf:

You can download the pdf in question right here  2007_Stothers_st02710y

I thought it very interesting that a lot of the sightings happened during times of our wars, just like they do today. Whatever these things are, they seem quite interested when we are acting at our worst, running around causing mayhem.

Perhaps such behavior is unknown in their existence and they are fascinated. Your guess is as good as mine. But Hahaha, I don’t believe for a minute what I just said there as there is the rather famous woodcut from medieval Germany that depicts a very long aerial battle, with crashings and burnings and everything else.

I was fascinated to read even more reports of the sky travelers behaving badly towards each other, in one instance even eviscerating the entire fleet that came from the other direction!

Maybe they were using observations of our battles to compare tactics… who knows? Don’t see any reports of any skyboys doing harm to us poor earthers, though, so, maybe they’re not all that bad.

But we really need to find the answers… WHO are they? WHAT are they? WHERE do they live?

This is the kind of thing I love to read. And ancient history combined with forteana is definitely a cake-taker.

Yeah 🙂




Randall Carlson Part 1 “Introduction to the Mysteries”

GeoCosmic REX
Published on Feb 8, 2016

Visit to receive direct email announcements about new articles, books, classes, online appearances, videos, etc… Part 1 of 6: “The World is Not What it Appears to Be” Initiate your pursuit of the ‘Great Work’ here! How deep is that ‘rabbit hole’? Introductory monologue from the February 13, 2008 presentation “Sacred Geometry – the Architecture of Creation”. The best and most concise introduction to the in-depth studies with Randall W. Carlson. Dissipate your predispositions and expectations before clicking “Play” Lead-in music by David Walen Jr:

Part 2 “Introduction to the Mysteries” (Hidden Architecture of Creation)

Published on Feb 26, 2016

Part 2 of 6: “Entering the Temple Through Sacred Geometry” Randall shares quotes from the great teachers including Protagoras’ “Man is the measure of all things” as related to the Divine Proportion, and from a 400+ year old Masonic lecture; addresses the symbolic use of the ‘Square and Compasses’ in ancient art with Fu Hsi and Nu Qua; references to the Great Architect of the Universe…

Part 3 “Introduction to the Mysteries” (Initiation into Symbols – Great Work)

Published on Feb 27, 2016

Part 3 of 6: “Initiation into the Symbols of the Great Work” Randall deciphers a symbolically potent diagram from medieval alchemy – ‘The Divine Consummation’ and reviews the geometric (literally ‘Earth measure’) techniques used by Eratosthenes to determine the size of our planet 2400 years ago in Egypt. Welcome in!

Part 4 “Introduction to the Mysteries“ (Significance of the Great Year)

Published on Mar 3, 2016

Part 4 of 6: “Significance of the Great Year” Depictions of Christ figure within the ‘mystic almond’ surrounded by the Lion, the Bull, the Eagle, and the Man – representing the four ‘fixed’ signs of the Zodiac, introduces the Ancients’ model of the ‘Great Year’ that conveyed the “periodicities of the great catastrophes”

Part 5 “Intro to the Mysteries” (Drowning of the World during the Age of Leo)

Published on Mar 9, 2016

Part 5 of 6: “Drowning of the World during the Age of Leo” Review the ‘Cosmic Zodiacal Clock’, identifying the winter of the Great Year as the Age of Leo, which was thoroughly catastrophic – drastic climate change and mass extinction, with flooding on an unprecedented scale. He offers perspective on modern climate fears, setting the stage for the “drowning of the world” during the unresolved ‘Energy Paradox’ Please excuse the darkness and deteriorating audio: Randall shuns the spotlight – literally, preferring the lights low to improve the projected images, and ignored the placement of the lapel microphone, which slowly made its way deeper and deeper into his chest pocket…

Part 6 “Intro to the Mysteries” (Applying the Treasure of Knowledge)

Published on Mar 12, 2016

Part 6 of 6: “Finale – Applying the Treasure of Knowledge” Defining the cosmic ‘enemy’ in preparation to mitigate ‘The Curse’. “The key to our survival is knowledge” – the great treasure preserved by the ancient orders, including the Platonic Solids that represent the measurements of space AND time… Lead-in music by David Walen Jr: Please excuse the darkness and deteriorating audio

Randall Carlson is the man when it comes to interpretation of the geologic evidence left behind by the planet-wrenching cataclysm that happened a mere 12,900 years ago, give or take a 100 or so.

There is simply so much evidence on a world-wide basis that directly points to this event… and not stories… real physical evidence written into the surface of the earth.

I long to know about who came before and what they did. It is a nearly impossible dream in our current state. There remain only rare fleeting glimpses… unless we do some incredibly major digging in Bolivia, Peru, Mexico and the Middle East. Somehow it can be doubted that anything like that sort of project will occur without human society going fully over to the good side first. What little has been done has shown some truly amazing structures. The deeper you go, the more incredible the discoveries.



Ancient Sites In Peru You Have Never Heard Of!

Brien Foerster
Published on Nov 14, 2016

Living in Peru gives me the opportunity to explore ancient places that only local people know about. In this video we explored Chullpa burial towers above the tree line, and an Inca fort showing signs of older megalithic constructions. Come tour with us in 2017:…

He’s right! I had heard of not a one. And they are all pretty sporty, too, as you might imagine.

Lost Ancient High Technology In Peru: Highland City Of Wari

Brien Foerster
Published on May 10, 2018

This location and others are in my new book: Lost Ancient Technology Of Peru And Bolivia Volume 2:…

Ahhh, the Highlands.

Lots of good stuff to be found in Highlands wherever you might be.

Not that valleys are bad, of course, but you can see everything from the way up there. Which is often a desirable feature to have and to hold.

People being the way they are and all…




This Footage Was Shot Weeks Before Patterson-Gimlin Filmed Bigfoot In 1967

Published on Jan 25, 2013

Here it is folks. Sharon Lee at Cryptomundo received this filmed labeled on YouTube, “Never before seen John Green footage from Patterson/Gimlin film”. This rare footage was filmed in the Blue Creek Mountain ridge, 1967, from late August to the first couple of days in September– a month away from the famous filming of “Patty”, the Bigfoot at Bluff Creek. M.K. Davis discussed this footage a few years ago, and according to PGF history buffs: “This IS a very important footage”.

We asked Steven Streufert of the Facebook group, Coalition for Reason, Science, Sanity in Bigfoot Research, what his thoughts are about the footage and this is what he messaged back:

That is not new.

The later part is potentially down in the creekbed, just downstream a few hundred yards from the later PGF site, where footprints were found in the sandbar.

That is the pilot, Keith Chiazzari, along with the dog handler Dale Moffit.

Yes, that is John Green, the tall guy in the middle.

By the way, there is no “Massacre” here.

I do believe that later part is in the creekbed, but I cannot prove that. It is talked about in APES AMONG US, though.

It was filmed by RENE DAHINDEN.

a few hundred yards downstream on Bluff Creek from what was later to be the PGF site, footprints were found and investigated, like September 1st or 2nd.

Don’t let the MK believers get you on this one.

Remember, Patterson/Gimlin were not there until October.

Blue Creek Mountain and Onion Mountain constitute the western wall above Bluff Creek basin. Tracks were found along new construction on these roads in August 1967, two separate events, the later one leading to an early September phone call from Al Hodgson to the Patterson home. From there Roger got Bob involved and made it down to the scene in October.


I just saw this for the first time.

And it made me smile.

I hope you smile, too.





The Snake-Headed Dog is a dog-like creature reported to live in California. The Snake-Headed Dog was first seen by two people in a car in May of 1996. The two people described it as a dog-like creature with the head of a snake. People believe this could be a living sauropod dinosaur however sauropods weren’t covered in hair unlike this creature. [ for your daily dose of spooks! ]

How does this guy know they weren’t covered in hair? Pfft. Anyway, never heard of this thing before. Anyone?

I like it’s looks… very sleek in the style department, yeah?

It does look rather implausible, but so is the platypus. Yet there it is.

Well I hope it is a real critter dang it.



Impossibly Huge Megaliths That Show Signs of an Ancient Technology We Cant Explain

Published on Oct 7, 2017

Archaeologists and other scientists have been scratching their heads trying to figure out how remarkable ancient megaliths were constructed. These marvelous structures consist of gigantic stones that are so heavy that our modern machinery can hardly move and put them in place. This video takes us to the mysterious ruins in search of ancient technology and the secrets of megalith building. Examines the amazing stonecutting at Puma Punku, a site neighboring the ancient ruins of Tiwanaku near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. He looks at whether the so-called “Inca walls”—found in Cuzco and at other sites such as Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu—were really made by the Incas. The evidence seems to support the idea that they were actually constructed by a far older advanced civilization.

Hey, it’s David Hatcher Childress 🙂

I have always enjoyed the lad. Yes, his accent, but it is much more the fact that he goes out to the places of interest. Even in jungles and stuff. True he is not precise with numbers and his thoughts can be a bit… out there… but in this he only says the foul a-word I think twice and does give full respect to the genius that is the human mind.

AA is verboten here as it is completely naïve and rude and disrespectful of our very species and I am saddened that so many are affected by such woo. I am sad this guy is on it. And thankfully it is NOT in this lecture! Yay.

What is in here is the remarkable similarity of construction techniques employed by our ancestors of long ago and how it is the same stuff wherever you go.

I was delighted to see some pics of places that I had never seen before including some neolithic bits from VietNam. David is good for that as he has been around a while.

Anyway, I wasn’t sure what to expect as in addition this YouTube channel will post anything even if it has been proven to be a hoax, like that bosnian bullshit.

But I came away pleased.



Hugh Newman: Forgotten Stones – Secrets of the Megalithic Quarries FULL LECTURE

Published on Nov 18, 2017

Is there an ancient tradition of ‘the birthplace of the temple’, or the quarry where the stones that make up megalithic temples came from? Are megalithic quarries actually ‘sacred sites’? Hugh has investigated several of these quarries and realised the megalith builders may have passed down a very ancient tradition, through multiple generations, that was part of a ritual technique that was seen to bring the stones to ‘life’ and imbue them with ‘power’, as well as leaving clues to future generations as to how they worked, quarried and moved these stones. Modern Freemasons and tribal societies still have access to this knowledge, but now in a more ritualized form. As we’ll see as we survey these sites worldwide, it quickly appears that the ancients deliberately left ‘signatures’, incorporating abstract style, technique, relief carvings, and even hidden geometry, metrology, geodesy and number systems. These covert practices lasted for thousands of years and may give a clue into their mindset and spiritual purpose.

Hugh Newman is an author, conference organiser, world explorer, tour host, and Megalithomaniac. As well as organising the Megalithomania conferences, he has spoken at events in the UK, Malta, France, Peru, Egypt, Bosnia and North America. He has appeared on BBC TV, Sky Channel 200, Bosnian TV and the History Channel in the last four seasons of ‘Ancient Aliens’, and recently in ‘Search for the Lost Giants’. He is author of a book about the North American Giants with Jim Vieira, and has published four articles about the secrets of the megalithic quarries online.

Download the full lecture with no ads at Subscribe to our channel at Sign-up for newsletter here: DVDs and Downloads: Upcoming Tours: Subscribe to Youtube Channel:

The quarries. Yes! Newman is onto something as it seems somewhat obvious that the quarry is vital to the existence of any sizable stone anything.

I, for one, have always been impressed by how far away quarries can sometimes be from the art or structure. And the bigger the stones and greater the distance the more wonderful it is. The Romans were fab at humping gynormous rocks around… think intercontinental. … Dig? But we are interested in those that came long before the Romans even existed, for those folks had skills that fall squarely into Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s “magic” category.

As you will be able to imagine after this vid.

There’s also a nice tribute to the late and inimitable John Michell near the top, a man I am proud to call friend.

Well, enjoy



Graham Hancock Explains Who The Ancient Teachers of Mankind Really Are

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries
Published on Apr 29, 2018

This is the most revolutionary theory yet visited by Graham Hancock, investigating ancient civilizations and discovering shaman trances, and altered states of consciousness are not just a mere trick of the mind, but are the alteration of the mind’s power’s of perception, enabling us to glimpse normally invisible spirit worlds. This includes the ancient cave art found in Europe and Africa, the accounts of what is commonly believed to be Alien Abductions, other societal encounters of the spirit world, the nature of the activating catalyst DMT, and the evidence of shamanistic ritual and beginnings in various different religions.

Less than 50,000 years ago mankind had no art, no religion, no sophisticated symbolism, no innovative thinking. Then, in a dramatic and electrifying change, described by scientists as “the greatest riddle in human history”, all the skills and qualities that we value most highly in ourselves appeared already fully formed, as though bestowed on us by hidden powers. In “Supernatural”, Graham Hancock sets out to investigate this mysterious “before-and-after moment” and to discover the truth about the influences that gave birth to the modern human mind. His quest takes him on a journey of adventure and detection from the stunningly beautiful painted caves of prehistoric France, Spain and Italy to remote rock shelters in the mountains of South Africa where he finds a treasure trove of extraordinary Stone Age art.He uncovers clues that lead him to travel to the depths of the Amazon rainforest to drink the powerful plant hallucinogen Ayahuasca with Indian shamans, whose paintings contain images of “supernatural beings” identical to the animal-human hybrids depicted in prehistoric caves and rock shelters. And hallucinogens such as mescaline, also produce visionary encounters with exactly the same beings. Scientists at the cutting edge of consciousness research have begun to consider the possibility that such hallucinations may be real perceptions of other “dimensions”. Could the “supernaturals” first depicted in the painted caves and rock shelters be the ancient teachers of mankind? Could it be that human evolution is not just the “blind”, “meaningless” process that Darwin identified, but something else, more purposive and intelligent, that we have barely even begun to understand?

Very interesting… and I think it is significant.

Listen and look and let me know what you think…



Was This Megalithic Structure In Peru Struck By Cataclysm 12,000 Years Ago?

Brien Foerster
Published on May 3, 2018

Learn more about the ancient cataclysm that hit Peru, Bolivia, Egypt and more here:…

Kinda looks that way.

Puma Punku In Bolivia: High Tech Megalithic Site Destroyed 12,000 Years Ago

Brien Foerster
Published on Dec 23, 2016

This video clearly shows that Puma Punku was made with ancient high technology and was destroyed 12,000 years ago. Join us in 2017 on these tours:……

I was pleased when this lad released the DNA results for his skulls. That set my perceptions to the good side.

The magnetic results are especially interesting to me.

Be interesting going down south on one of his tours, I think. Not that I can ever afford one… I could never go on one of John’s. Oh well.



Lophelia II 2008: Extraordinary Redeye Gaper

Published on Dec 10, 2008

Scientist discovered a redeye gaper (Chaunax sp.) venting water at 240 meters (788 feet) depth at the Green Canyon dive site. This expedition was the first cruise of a 4-year project to explore new deepwater coral communities in the Gulf of Mexico at both natural and human-made sites. The goal of the project was to also characterize these communities in terms of coral habitat characteristics, biology, ecology, and genetic connectivity.

Video courtesy of Lophelia II 2008: Deepwater Coral Expedition: Reefs, Rigs, and Wrecks.


Sort of reminds one of a tiny rex-y kind of dinosaur, doesn’t it? It was all I could think of.

Wicked cool.

Giant Isopod: Gulf of Mexico 2017

Published on Dec 4, 2017

On November 30, 2017, during the first dive of the Okeanos Explorer Gulf of Mexico 2017 expedition, we saw this giant deep-sea isopod (Bathynomus giganteus) at a depth of ~810 meters (2,660 feet). Measuring nearly 30 centimeters (almost one foot) long, these giant isopods are a great example of deep-sea gigantism, as most isopods in the deep sea are much smaller, about the size of your thumbnail. While we often see these giant underwater ‘pill bugs’ resting on the seafloor, we don’t always get to see them swim, so seeing this isopod come in for a landing was exciting! Video courtesy of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Gulf of Mexico 2017. Learn more about the expedition:…


Being nature boy when I was a little kid I am qquite familiar with wood lice and I rather like them and think it unfortunate that they are stuck with the moniker. Lice is an unattractive name for such a neat little critter.

These things look exactly like them (well, almost exactly) but are a foot long!

That’s yuuuge.

Dumbo Octopus: Gulf of Mexico 2014

Published on May 9, 2014

Spotted during the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer Gulf of Mexico 2014 expedition and identified as the biology highlight of the cruise by many of our scientists and viewers alike, this dumbo octopus displayed a body posture that has never before been observed in cirrate octopods. Learn more about this guy and other cephalopods (squids, octopods, and their relatives) seen during the expedition:… Video courtesy of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Gulf of Mexico 2012


My, oh my, the adorable level knows no bounds.

We need to spend billions on exploring the ocean. Not effing bombs. Got plenty of those.










No doubt stolen from Jurassic Park or something…


Close, I must say … but no cigar.


Fine dino


Nicely shaped


Oh sh!*


Do you see any stripes? I don’t. The slightest of hints… not quite enough, though.


Normally a big red arrow or circle means it goes in the trash bin, but, I kinda like this one and hope it is real.






A bunyip_by_shiverz.




possible tbird. probably faked.Wait, they said what? The National Park said that to a punter? That strikes me as something unusual and worthy of attention.

Assuming it to be a true tale, I am very proud of that Park for their honesty and integrity.



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I had an encounter with a very very large bird. Looked like an eagle but bigger. I had told the park ranger about it when I was leaving the National Park. They said it was probably a Thunderbird. I was told that they can be seen during late summer in the Olympic National Park, from time to time. I’ve been trying to get a picture of one ever since I saw it, but no luck yet (maybe this year, who knows) …

This is part of a reply in a thread about an unusual Thunderbird sighting in Arizona.

Which has a strange mix of UFO lore mixed up in it. What to make of it?

Who knows?



Calling all cryptozoologists!

I stumbled across this juicy little tidbit quite by accident the other evening via an interesting and new-to-me blog called bizarre creatures which had a December 2007 post called gobi desert creature which led to another interesting blog called Dreaming Of Danzan Ravjaa. The tagline reads: “An American Buddhist Monk in and out of Mongolia: Religion, Culture, History and Birdlife.” In a post from September 2007, we read:

I need a day or two to edit several hundred photographs, recall and refine details, and just process. But rest assured, I’ll share as much as I can this week, undoubtedly over several posts.

But in the meantime, what in the hell are these?

weird gobi creature

weird gobi creature

weird gobi creature

On the first day’s drive, we happened upon a pea-green, brackish pond, along the edges of which hundreds of these bizarre creatures were scuttling about and fighting whenever they encountered each other. I recalled at once the horseshoe crabs I used to find in childhood visits to Long Island, tales of the Mongolian Death Worm, and the hideous tracking robot that burrowed into Neo’s bellybutton in The Matrix. They’re about three inches long, and about 300 million years out of place. Please forward to friends who may be zoologists; I have no idea where to even begin researching what these are and how they came to be in a small pond smack in the middle of the Gobi Desert. I just stood there watching them, my face locked somewhere between a scowl and a gawp, contemplating karma until summoned back into the car.

Neither blog has heard one single peep from anyone since they posted in 2007.

That’s terriblecan we do better?



dl this pdf here → docid-32144493jfk as your device might not show it in browser (none of my mobiles do). YMMV

Well it is about time.

Please pay special attention to the last paragraph of the above document.

I would like to thank President Donald Trump for finally releasing this repository and thereby telling us the truth. The first guy since the guy the documents are about that has had any balls whatsoever. I like that. I like that the cockroaches lurking in the dark shadows of the deepest state are so afraid of him.

This also vindicates the hard work of a heck of a lot of dedicated researchers. I wonder what other gems will be found in these papers. Around 19,000 in the latest release.

Those vermin hiding in the shadows are why the world is the way it is… not Trump. Leave us get rid of them varmints.

Of course pretty much all the guilty are dead but that is how its done so it is expected. We could open their graves and backfill them with poops. I think that would be altogether fitting and proper. Maybe some of the people who made the Zapruder film are still alive.

And isn’t it interesting how so few people know that the former President who just got sick was in charge of the assassination team. This was discovered so long ago, I’ve lost any recollection of who found it, but, yes, there it is.

I personally cannot imagine what thought process and mindset could allow such decisions. Probably just the standard greed and power. That’s all they know, apparently. To put a creepy twist on it, also known is that at least that individual knew full well how wrong their decisions have been, by self-admission.

Get yours at JFK Assassination Records




JC Johnson Talks Cryptids

Norman Sims
Published on Sep 5, 2017

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE! Tonight we welcome the Indiana Jones of Cryptozoology himself, J.C. Johnson, to talk .

I interviewed JC Johnson of Crypto 4 Corners (Cryptozoologist) in regards to bizarre and fascinating creatures that he and others have encountered such as: .

Source: JC Johnson is one of the best cryptid investigators in world with .





Giant Haast’s eagle attacking New Zealand moa. Giant eagle is right! Holy cow!






This is the famous ‘classic shot’… I have seen this countless times since I was a kid.


That guy is praying that nothing comes out that end!


God what a magnificent animal.

For all intents and purposes… this is a dinosaur. And that, folks, is a precious thing.

What is not fabulous is that they are gone and neither you nor I will ever see one.

I was eye to eye with an emu once, courtesy of my dad and that was pretty damn fab for sure. They are kin to our moa buds so it counts and it was extra cool as it was an emu and not your everyday ostrich. Not that ostriches run around much in Connecticut, but you know what I’m talkin’ about.

It wasn’t 12 feet tall, though!

Maybe there is a hidden valley somewhere with a few moa families still around. Unlikely, but hey, you never know.



The Dogman of Shelter Island! (Dogman Encounters Episode 197)

Dogman Encounters
Published on Apr 20, 2018

Just off the coast of Long Island, New York is a pristine place called Shelter Island. Shelter Island is a quiet place, with lush, green forests, friendly residents, and as tonight’s guest, R.K. found out Dogmen. When R.K. would stay on the island, during the summer, in her childhood, she thought the island was beautiful during the day, but creepy at night, because Shelter Island didn’t have any streetlights. When you’re an 11-year-old girl, it’s easy to let your imagination run wild, if it’s almost pitch black outside, at night. As R.K. found out the hard way one night, sometimes your fear of the dark is justified.

We hope you’ll tune in and listen to R.K. talk about what happened when she and her friend came face with a Dogman there, late one night.

Dogmen are in New Jersey Too! (Dogman Encounters Episode 196)

Dogman Encounters
Published on Apr 13, 2018

If your mom came home from work one evening and told you not to go into the woods behind your house because she had just seen a massive creature, that had a head like a Werewolf, would you listen to her and stay out of those woods? Well, tonight’s guest, Kelly Vaughn, didn’t listen to her mother’s warning. She did go back into the woods behind her home the next day, to look for evidence. Unfortunately, she wasn’t alone.

Shelter Island?!

No, Wait, for real?


Yes, these two are mighty close to HQ.

That’s perhaps more than a bit disconcerting.

There certainly is a lot of food around these parts if the pups are interested in having human for dinner. Which apparently they sometimes are.

So… yeah.

We’re getting regular sightings of coyote packs in locales just up the street from where I sit. Not even a mile. That is a new thing this year. I am reasonably confident that the tilt in available habitat for critters that has brought them ’round will continue to skew.

How long will it be before the biggest of all woofers arrives?

Hoo doggie.