Romanian Dogman, Werewolf, Skinwalker seen eating people in park

brenton sawin Mysteries To Search
Published on Aug 25, 2016

Christian had an encounter with a Dogman in Romania and the town had bar’s on the windows and doors of the homes. He had an encounter with a werewolf and heard it change then saw it. The other encounter was a skinwalker that he saw eating a human in the park in Arizona. Please contribute to help out this month at thank you. Share a story at [email protected] give a brief overview and contact information and I will contact you as soon as I can. Thank you and see you on the next video. God bless.

This one is really neat, I must say.




Dogman Encounters Episode 175 (Scariest Encounters, Episodes 156-174)

Dogman Encounters
Published on Nov 24, 2017

Tonight’s show is a collection of what I consider to be the scariest encounters, from episode 156 to episode 174. If you listen to tonight’s show, you’ll definitely be sleeping with your lights on! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

These are indeed some pretty darn trippy stories … and if any one of them had ever happened to me, well, then, I am quite sure I would set new standards for the definition of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and be frightened to my core for years on end.

Well… some of them, anyway. 🙂 They are all very intense and could not be forgotten by anyone experiencing such a thing.

I am still fascinated that the coverage of these critters is so new, but I can certainly see these animals being the legendary ‘werewolf’ and ‘loup garou’ of the old European cultures and similar creatures from elsewhere in the world whose names escape me at the moment.

I am on the side of these critters being real, live critters, as I am with all the others. There is plenty of room out there in the wild for such things to exist; and given the current state of humankind, to go on blissfully unnoticed, except by those few of us who get to meet up. A legend such as a shape-shifting, cursed person seems a plausible reaction to such a thing from what we think we know of life in the Middle Ages in Yurrop and elsewhere.



photo by: Skeptiko

Dr. Jacques Vallée is an almost mythical figure among those interested in UFOs.

(movie clip from Close Encounters of the Third Kind)

Who are you people?

Please, one more question. Have you recently had a close encounter, a close encounter with something very unusual?

Who are you people?

And while he wasn’t really in that movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, there’s no doubt the French UFO researcher you just heard was based on the real life Jacques Vallée. As it turns out, Vallée was right smack in the middle of not just UFOs but a lot of the most important frontier science that has shaped our evolving understanding of who we are. Take for example telepathy, mindreading – now falling under parapsychology – but go back 50 years to Stanford Research Institute, when Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ, who go on to run the US Military psychic spying program, are investigating this Israeli psychic name Uri Geller.

Dr. Jacques Vallée: …were at the SRI cafeteria having lunch, a big round table and Geller was across the table from me and Geller suddenly says, “I want to do an experiment with you Jacques, so I’m going to send you…”

This is a great story and you’ll hear the whole thing in this interview, but let me cut to the chase. So Geller instructs Vallée how to do this little experiment and it works. So they take the next step, they’re right there in the SRI café, which kind of blows me away. I mean they’re sitting down having lunch and they go, “Well, what the heck? We have some envelopes left over from the experiment we were just running; let’s use one of those, see what happens?

Dr. Jacques Vallée: I thought, I’m going to send it in two things. I’m going to send the whale, which is essentially a fish, I know a whale isn’t a fish but you know, I’m going to send a fish and I’m going to send a water jet that I see through the window. Geller said – all of a sudden he was all business – he took his pencil and he drew something and he says, “Look, I’m going to draw what I’m getting, but I’m not getting one thing, I’m getting two things. I’m getting a fish and then I’m getting a water jet.” So he drew the two things, he didn’t draw the target. There was no way he could have known that I did not send him the target, I sent him two things that I made up, and that’s what he got.

Now, it’s almost hard to believe that all this happened exactly the way he’s saying, I mean, this is Jacques Vallée and everything, but come on. Well, here’s the real kicker. He wrote it all down in his journal. So here’s a guy, who’s right in the middle of the computer revolution in Silicon Valley, a world-class computer scientist at the time, and he’s right in the middle of the parapsychology thing, and right in the middle of the UFO thing, and he wrote it all down. And that’s what we’re going to talk about here on Skeptiko.

Now, this interview covers a lot of ground in the one hour we had and I did have the chance to ask Dr. Vallée directly about the UFO consciousness link that we were talking about on the last episode of Skeptiko and I thought his answer was quite interesting.

Alex Tsakiris: …I hear people use your work as a manifesto against little grey men in spaceships from other planets, [but] I don’t know how you get around that data.

Dr. Jacques Vallée: You’ll have to get out of these little boxes, you know, physics on my left and psychology on my right, you can’t do that, you cannot do that in dealing with UFOs. What I’m saying is you cannot do that anymore in dealing with astrophysics. The problem that scientists have today is that time and space, the way we were thinking about them, don’t make sense when you begin to deal with particle entanglement and with entanglement of larger physical things. So we’re going to get to the same place eventually.

There you go; for me – someone interested in using science to find deep spirituality – ‘everyone getting to the same place’ sounds just about perfect.

Here is a link to the show article original.

The good Doctor in a not so common appearance. The Doctor started out as an astronomer at various French facilities and then at some point switched to information because he was one of the lead scientists on what we now know as the internet. Visionary might not be too strong a word to use…

… he has come up with some very interesting ideas about what may be really going on out there…

The man is brilliant and exactly the sort of force that ufology can benefit from.

Consider the decades of research with nary a result. This fellow has cogent ideas that many find strange. Well, stuff like that would be strange, then, wouldn’t it? We are going to have to look way outside the box. Farther than anyone ever has before. A lot of disciplines are going to have to participate. All looking far outside their respective boxes.

Dr. Vallée is a man who can help us get down that road.



UFOs: It Has Begun – Classic Vault (full length ep)

Published on May 27, 2017

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Strange. I found it at my home in the æther, Above Top, which as regulars are so aware is where I find most things.

UFO’S: It Has Begun
nOraKat, Member
Registered: 11/25/2011
posted on Dec, 7 2017 @ 09:41 AM

This is an interesting bit of UFO History.

According John Lear (Father founded the Lear Jet corporation) and others, the Pentagon wanted to release a partial UFO disclosure documentary around 1973. This was the first attempt by the government to release information to the public.

The result of this motivation was a documentary released in 1973, hosted by Rod Serling, creator of the series – The Twilight Zone. The documentary was called: UFO’S: It Has Begun. Originally it was supposed to be called: UFO’s: Past, Present and Future. It was produced by a CIA front Sandler Films.

In the end of the film, it was supposed to show the actual landing at Holloman, according to Lear. In 1964, a UFO landing took place at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico with humanoid extra terrestrials coming out resulting in a meeting. A person he mentioned at Norton air Force base watched this film in its entirety and was convinced it was a real event. It showed 3 saucers, one landing, and 3 people coming out. “They were humanoid but slightly different than us.. They had a weapon.. And this film was supposed to be shown in the last part of the film.. At the last minute, the Pentagon withdrew the film and said ‘we want you to not use this film but depict the end in terms of it may of happened..’ “. And this is exactly what they have done in the film.

You can watch the film in its entirety and I have included a link to Lear’s interview and other related links:

Hmmm. a CIA production, huh? Well, I guess it could be… As we know, truth is indeed stranger than fiction as a general rule of thumb but some stories are still just stories. God, Rod was so good… an actual genius. We don’t get many living, breathing, friendly and approachable geniuses popping up in this particular walkabout, so Rod was an absolute treasure to this whole world and there won’t be a replacement.

Lawd. Die liebenposte is supposed to be well underway and since I am doing pretty good things are getting detangled  and tme is riddled with little bumps and potholes. Holy Moly, Roly, Brain’s feeling heavier by the minute so I am gonna just say f it, Imma be puttin’ sie Learvid n blurb on and maybe lay down? We hope that’s what I’ll effing do!

Ha! Well, not yet! Madonne. And all I actually want to do is to lovingly mangiare on an endless line of deliciously tender, juicy, drippy figas!

he swoons

John Lear UFO Timeline FULL with Art Bell circa 1994

Action Jackson
Published on Jul 6, 2015

John Lear tells all about UFO’s to Art Bell

Music – “Catalina” by Cusco

He talks about it @ 34:59

This has a link to an interview with John!

Jason Colavito
“UFOs: It Has Begun”: When Rod Serling and Jacques Vallee Made a UFO Film

I’d like to start today by briefly noting that there is a new interview with longtime fringe figure John Anthony West, 82, in New Dawn magazine. In it, West goes through his usual litany of fringe claims and his worship of occultist R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz and self-actualization mystic George Gurdjieff, but what is interesting is that both he and the interviewer all but concede that their interest in the ancient past and esoteric wisdom has less to do with finding the truth about prehistoric and early historic belief systems and more to do with their conviction that “Darwinism” is wrong, that capitalists and scientists are stripping life of its spiritual meaning, and that the wealthy elite are making life difficult for the underclass, who might otherwise benefit from esoteric visions of some vanished utopia. “You watch the Scorpions of Wall Street raping our lives and these disgusting billionaires absolutely destroying the planet. That’s the sort of thing you have to keep on top of, it seems to me.” West said that he is “contemptuous” of Western civilization and thus searches for a past (or, as we might say, invents a past) where a more congenial belief system gives his life spiritual meaning. Thus, West imagines that his discoveries will explode materialist paradigm and therefore transform Western civilization through a massive esoteric Renaissance.

But enough of that. Let’s talk about something a little more down to earth: UFOs.




Grant County Kentucky Bigfoot Group, Dogman siege on home etc

brenton sawin Mysteries To Search
Published on Nov 1, 2017

Don has come to tell us about Bigfoot and Dogman activity on his farm. The Bigfoot and Sasquatch were there first but then Dogmen moved in and it got scary. Don tells us his encounters and how the activity has escalated. Share a story at [email protected] thank you. Contribute here to help with trips and the channel.

Kentucky seems to be a very popular place for these horrors.

Proceed at your own risk.



Kentucky’s Beast Between The Lakes

Bigfoot Dogman Research Project
Published on Oct 1, 2017

Straight from the State I refer to as Cryptid Disney World comes the the Beast that’s drawn enthusiasts and researchers alike!

Please check out this chapter’s narrator using the link below!

April Jones-…

April is a fine storyteller and this story will make you think twice.

Maybe more than twice.

I still find it fascinating that I heard not a word of these things until a few years ago.

Even after that there was nothing. But now… it’s exploded!

Be careful out there.



Published on Aug 29, 2007 The infamous Freeman ‘bigfoot’ footage

I will say this with conviction… along with the Patterson / Gimlin film … This is the real deal, folks. This man never once got a fair break and that is a tragedy because he was a classic example of the researcher’s researcher and he is now in heaven.

Thanks a lot Bigfoot “community.” To those who derided this man, try not to be assholes. Because you certainly were then and you likely still are.

Awww. Have I offended you? Good. You deserve it. You are not researchers. You are assholes. Be fucking nice.

Well that made me really uncomfortable so enough of that and enough of the trash this field attracts. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

My God. Sorry folks. Back on topic… Again… This is real.

The Paul Freeman Film – This is the highest quality digitization ever produced in 1080p

Sasquatch Central
Published on Dec 1, 2012

FB/FB -Paul Freeman filmed a Sasquatch in 1994 crossing a path in the Blue Mountains of Washington. This was the best film (video) since the 1967 PG film. It confirms on many points, but is remarkable because it shows the rise/pause/fall, slope to back and the head and neck configuration of a Sasquatch. Paul Freeman was attacked and derided because he filmed a Sasquatch, he could not explain WHY he filmed it, then couldn’t find it. We attempt to explain why Sasquatch are strategically smarter than modern humans using a recent Stanford Study and the duf1220 gene sequences in Neanderthal and modern human. A special thanks to MK Davis and an anonymous researcher for their work at archiving and stabilizing the original video. Thanks for watching! Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, AND SHARE! Please send video take down requests to [email protected] please include video title or url VISIT THE SASQUATCH MYSTERY MUSEUM EXHIBIT-… BROWSE FOR BIGFOOT BOOKS –… WARNING: Federal law allow citizens to reproduce, distribute , or exhibit portions of copyrighted material. This is called fair use and is allowed for the purpose of criticism, news reporting, teaching, and parody which doesn’t infringe of copyright under 17 USC 107. Email directly with video take down requests – [email protected] Federal law allow citizens to reproduce, distribute , or exhibit portions of copyrighted material. This is called fair use and is allowed for the purpose of criticism, news reporting, teaching, and parody which doesn’t infringe of copyright under 17 USC 107.

Wasn’t much of a fan of this show but this is something nice.

American Crypto – Game Warden Paul Freeman’s 1994 Bigfoot & RARE Interview Segment

American Mysteries & Conspiracies
Published on Jan 18, 2017…)

Ooh! Interview!



Cliff J Bear shared Spiral Out’s video to the group: Fortean Times Appreciation.
Spiral Out March 3

A Boston man shoots a bizarre video of turkeys walking in a circle around a deceased cat.

Well now… I am at a loss and will commence ruminations.




bfWow, this is a new one for me!

Almost 220 years old, but hey, who’s counting?

I had heard of the Winsted Wildman, which also happened in this general time period, but never heard about this one, so I am happy.

Bigfoot Encounters

The Cotton Hollow Wild Man

Naugatuck, New Haven County, Connecticut – Wednesday June 19, 1898

Four Danbury Men Frightened by a Giant in the Woods

Four Danbury men discovered a gigantic wild man last week in Cotton Hollow, a section of country between High Rock Grove and Naugatuck. They were Jerry Wilson, Howard Bradley, James Durbin and George Howes and were working in that vicinity. On the night of their discovery, they had been spending the evening with friends near High Rock Grove and were returning to their stopping place through the woods, between 11 and 12 o’clock at night.

As they were trudging along a man of gigantic stature sprang up in front of them from among the bushes, and shouted out to Wilson, who was ahead: “How far is it to the next town?”

“Three Miles,” said Wilson with his hair standing on end and his eyes almost bulging from their sockets.

Without saying anything more, the giant started off on a wild run and disappeared in the woods and the darkness. All four of the men had seen him however, before he was out of sight, and they wer satisfied that he was at least twice as tall as anyone of their party, and correspondingly as large every other way. They acknowledged to having been pretty thoroughly scared by his sudden appearance.

The next morning they commenced systematic investigations. They went back to the place of their discovery and measured the foot tracks of the giant. They were 18 ½ inches long and 5 ½ inches broad. The heel alone measured 5 inches.

Then they made inquires of the people who lived in Cotton Hollow and were informed that such a man had been seen several times. He was known to be at least nine feet tall and to weigh not less than 500 pounds.

Unless the vision of these men was greatly magnified on that night and unless the people of the neighborhood told them a story to suit the occasion, they saw a character that Barnum & Bailey ought to have to exhibit to Englishmen as a specimen of American products. They are willing to swear to the truth of their statements and are sure that they saw a man who would be a giant among giants.

(C) Danbury News – Original article courtesy Scott McClean

…the article fails to mention clothing or if the giant was hair-covered and it does not mention if the footprints were barefoot or shoed, -and as tall as he was reported to be, I’m not sure an ordinary man of giant stature would have such excellent vision as to negotiate rapid travel in the woods in the dark of night…
-the article is intriguing nonetheless…

A very good site, Bigfoot Encounters, chock full of great stuff… do visit if you dig Bigfoot!



Giant Spider and Shadow Man crawled off into the woods; Strange encounters

brenton sawin Mysteries To Search
Published on Mar 7, 2016

Bigfoot or Sasquatch is not the only thing to live in the woods. This man saw a Giant Spider and later a shadow person that both went or crawled into the woods.

If anyone has a story or encounter with the Bigfoot, Dogman or any other strange creature please contact me at [email protected] thank you.
See you on the next video, be blessed.

Oh, that was no spider! Way cool though, whatever the heck it was.

12 Human birdlike creatures encountered in Heavy wooded area of TX; It tried stop interview twice

brenton sawin Mysteries To Search
Published on Mar 22, 2016

In the deep woods forests of Texas scary monsters come in and out to find food or move to another location.This ladies encounter with several human bird like or Birdman creature, is very different from the Bigfoot or Dogman stories that we have been covering. Cryptozoology is a study or science of hidden creatures or monsters that are sometimes found in the national parks or wooded areas of our country. The cryptid or monster can also live in parks or backyards or homes that are abandoned on not This eyewitness saw a humanoid birdman monster while driving home and later had strange things happen at her ranch in Texas. Say hello to Debbie and help her to find more information on what she encountered in the heavily wooded country side. Is it supernatural or paranormal activity from the past activity of bad or horrible things that were done ion her neck of the woods. Debbie later had some bird like encounters try and kill her dogs in her yard and this seems like the fowls of the air in the bible that are demonic in nature. Seeing the bible say the fowls of the air or bird of the air are the powers of the prince of the power of the air then the creatures all appearing as bird like and angelic like makes me wonder about the supernatural side of her experiences. Come see and help Debbie find out more by commenting what you know and find out about the creatures she will tell us about in this interview. Thanks for watching. Check out the playlists on my channel or find a playlist in the cards on this video by clicking the circle on the top right corner of the screen to access a drop down menu with a playlist link and several more videos to watch that are hand picked by me. Most all of my videos have this feature called cards find another video that is similar or that i think would be interesting to you if you like this video you are watching now. HAVE YOU HAD AN ENCOUNTER WITH THE UNKNOWN? Please share your story by contacting me at [email protected] Music for the intro is from the YouTube library. The pictures are painted by brenton sawin or given to us to use in this story by the interviewee. Please subscribe, share, comment and like the video. Join the Google Plus Community Mysteries To Search the buttons are on the channel art or in the about section on a phone or type it in on google plus. If you want to contribute at PayPal [email protected] or Facebook Mysteries To Search page. Thank you and be blessed.

Weird is all I can say.

Terrifying Dogman with Snake tongue tasting the air encounter in WV

brenton sawin Mysteries To Search
Published on Jul 17, 2016

Jake has had two encounters with the scary Dogman in west Virginia. The first sighting with this werewolf looking beast was while fishing and the second was while coming home. The odd thing about this encounter was the monster was close to his home both times and had a tongue motion as if it was tasting the air. This detail came out by accident kind of because Jake seemed to not want to tell this part thinking it was nothing. I thought it was very interesting but just come hear the story yourself and you decide what to make of it. If you want to share a story contact me at [email protected] and give contact information please with a description of your story. If you would like to contribute please go to this easy one click and your ready. You don’t need any of my information to use this new PayPal me link be blessed and see on the next show.

What manner of critter is this one?

Eve’s Strange Ohio Juvenile Bigfoot or Monkey man with bird legs

brenton sawin Mysteries To Search
Published on Jul 28, 2016

Eve from Ohio tells a strange story about a Monkey man creature. This Juvenile Bigfoot or weird Monkey creature had a device and strange bird like legs along with a white tongue that licked its own face. It seemed to have wings but maybe it was the way it was sitting. You decide if its a Sasquatch kid or monkey man like the wizard of oz monkey. Kiwanis Facebook page Children’s charity.… PayPal me make a contribution to help me get through this next month. I appreciate any help I get so thank you.

We heard Eve Dawes tell us of this thing before but this one is all about it. I am confident in saying it is definitely not a Bigfoot. Squatches don’t have white snake tongues or bird legs. Evolutionarily speaking… perhaps some sort of raptoroid dinosaur, maybe, they had both of those features at least… I don’t know just saying.

The world is getting weirder by the freakin’ minute!

Isn’t it cool?




I have always been in awe of these things. They terrorized the gauchos! They did, I don’t care what they tell you.

Can you imagine one of these after you? High performance killing machines of the evolved velociraptor kind. Claimed to be extinct. Let us hope to Hell that is so. I cannot be so sure. Mainly because, when it comes down to it, we don’t know squat.


Terror bird (Titanis walleri) with prey, artwork. This extinct, flightless bird
lived in North and South America approximately 2-5 million years ago. It stood
2.5 metres tall weighed roughly 150 kilograms. It belonged to the Phorusrhacidae
family of carnivorous flightless birds, commonly referred to as the terror
birds. Like other members of its family, Titanis had a huge head with a large
curved beak, powerful claws and tiny wings. The prehistoric horse shown as
killed prey and in the background are Hipparion sp.












Yes, that is a horse. What a way to go…




Game warden tells stories of Bigfoot in the National Parks, What not to do

brenton sawin Mysteries To Search
Published on Sep 16, 2016

JT is a Game warden in the North west and has encountered Sasquatch several times. The 411 missing persons cases in the national forests are true and JT has seen it. The Bigfoot is aggressive and it has scared this Game warden. Share a story her [email protected] thanks. Contribute here Thank you.

I have actually had this in the queue for a while (there are usually at least 4 windows with at least a dozen tabs each up all the time, waiting) but when I saw it today on ATS at Game Warden Tells Stories of Big Foot… posted on Sep, 25 2017 @ 09:47 PM by Outlier13, Member I knew it could wait no longer. I must say I was so pleased at the positive reception Brenton receives in the replies, as it is a very tough crowd and he does do his Bible stuff but keeps it low key and his show is in actuality a great service to the field because he regularly interviews people who would most likely not get a chance elsewhere. And I am not referring to woo, either. Oh, yes, you might want to check out the ATS thread as there are some ripping good encounters awaiting you within.

The Game Warden out of Hospital Bigfoot Attack story

brenton sawin Mysteries To Search
Published on Nov 1, 2016

JT is out of the hospital and speaking on his Sasquatch attack story. The Game Warden had been surrounded and lost his partner to a Bigfoot attack. He shares the details of what happened in this terrifying Bigfoot encounter. Contribute here Share a story at [email protected] thank you.

While snagging the first one off of YouTube I saw this one in the right hand list. Mama mia!

I thought… “Out of the hospital… Oh Sh!t!” Terrifying is right.

Be careful out there, do not go in the forest alone.

Remember, as scary as what happened to JT was — Bigfoot is not the worst thing you could run in to, capiche?



Here is the written report Brenton referred to in the above video.

Game Warden surrounded and attacked by Sasquatch

brenton sawin Mysteries To Search
Published on Sep 24, 2016

Game Warden who came on the show a week ago was chasing a poacher and was attacked by Bigfoot. The Game Warden worked with a dog and the dog didnt make it. The Sasquatch seemed to surround him and his partner then attacked and dragged him to another area of the woods. The warden ended up with 130 stiches. In the first video on this attack I had used a picture that i thought was the Game Wardens cuts but the image was not him and he didnt say it was He sent the image to show what his cuts looked like and the type of deep gashes he had. I misunderstood the email. You decide in the end what to think about this Bigfoot encounter. I hope to have him back sometime soon. Thank you for watching. Be blessed and see you the next video. Music used in this video is from the YouTube library. You’re free to use this song and monetize your video, but you must include the following in your video description: Atlantis by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…) Artist: You’re free to use this song and monetize your video, but you must include the following in your video description: Mind Scrape by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…) Source:… Artist: You’re free to use this song and monetize your video, but you must include the following in your video description: Dreamlike by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…) Source:… Artist: Share a story at [email protected] Contribute here

more peace


Oh ai…I swear I am not right in the head. A recent study said that peeps who forget a lot are unusually intelligent. While finding it reassuring that I am “okay,” as a 99th percentile lad it is starting to escalate daily. This, I assure you is not a good thing. Especially when it affects others, sich as my aunt or my friend who asked me to help with his new play. Two days ago. Bad Iggy, Bad! Seriously. I also forget to even eat. This is becoming rather uncomfortable. Like the Queen said, we are not amused.

Oh man. I hope I can get a handle on this. Soonest!

On a lighter note today brought the grin inducing news that the word Patagonia translates as Bigfoot! How cool is that? Seems the whoke region has been known worldwide as being the abode of giants since Magellan in 1520 or so. And of course locally since the year dot. Well, only a few folk know today outside of the locals.

It would appear that there was a race of humans there who were pretty good size and robustly built, but not big enough to strike us as giants. Regular folks of the day and especillay peeps from Yurrop never got over five and a half and were mostly fivers. So to them, these beings were giants.

But the gauchos and farmers reported Bigfoot size critters regularly. But they had tails. Fascination grew in my heart and continues to do so because the most likely suspect is the giant ground sloth species known as Megatherium, who fits the bill perfectly… and… wait for it… is suspected by some to not be extinct but to still be out and about!

The only downside is their most likely location is close to impossible to get to on foot. It has been deemed a no-fly zone for some silly reason.


Dogman with horns dancing in circle chanting, Strange Ohio

brenton sawin Mysteries To Search
Published on Jul 28, 2016

Eve and Amber are telling a Dogman story where 11 Dogmen were dancing in a circle chanting and a big one had horns. Amber tells about a troll like creature with webbed feet. Dogman trolls and other creatures in this episode. I ask Amber about the strange monkey man with bird legs too.
Link to the Strange Ohio channel.
PayPal me to make a contribution.
Share a story at [email protected] thank you and be blessed.

Monkey man with bird legs? Gott in Himmel! Ohio is a lot stranger than even I ever expected. I met Don Keating and Marc DeWerth so I knew there are a lot of Bigfoot over there, but, chanting, dancing dogmen… with horns… and monkey men with bird legs? This calls for a right loud WTF?


Went over to the Strange Ohio channel, run by Eve Dawes and there are only three very short videos there… from a year ago. Hope all’s well with her. Saw another hour long one of her speaking on this guy’s channel, maybe that’s easier for her.



Dogman destroys construction site and kills dog after being shot

brenton sawin Mysteries To Search
Published on Aug 12, 2016

Come here this Dogman encounter in Wisconsin. T tells about shooting the Dogman and the creature comes back after his dog and cats. This Dogman destroys construction tools and equipment then the contractors quit. This property is in Wisconsin and is near an Indian reservation which may explain the Dogman activity. Contribute at by clicking this easy to use link. Share your story at [email protected]

Damn! Seriously. Dude seems pretty sincere…

These creatures are unbelievably strong, very easily upset and obviously extremely dangerous.

Setting new standards for frightening…



Winged One’s Full Story | True Scary Story

Dark Waters
Published on Apr 14, 2017

The Winged One’s Full Story | True Scary Story presented by the Dark Waters Channel.

The Winged Ones is the story of Rodger and Steve’s First Paranormal Encounter in the jungles of Venezuela. In their last story they shared their encounter with an aggressive clan of Bigfoot and how they narrowly escaped death. This story true and scary it gives you deeper insight into the minds of these two gentleman and what drove them to the point were they would go and hunt monsters.

Dark Waters ∴ Dark Waters’ T Shirts…


Never heard of these critters before this. Now that I have, I am particularly grateful that they dynamited the entrance to that cave shut. Madonne!



Dogman Encounters Episode 28 (Wyoming and Australian Dogman Encounters!)

Dogman Encounters
Published on Feb 26, 2015

There are 2 segments to tonight’s show.

In Segment 1, Tara Babcock and I talk about the nightmarish Dogman encounter her roommate and his friends had on a lonely dirt road, in Wyoming.

In Segment 2 of the show, I welcome back Jonathan Barber, to talk about an Australian Dogman attack, as well as various other Dogman-related topics.

Note to self: listen to this show more often! Very nice.



Dogman Ain’t No Joke | True Scary Story

Dark Waters
Published on May 12, 2017

Dogman Ain’t No Joke This story highlight the instinct of dogman to intimidate these those who the come into contact with. Dogman is the most terrifying cryptid and has earned the name of Crypto- Terrorist because of it’s unpredictable nature.


As mentioned previously I like this guy, he is a great storyteller and brings an excellent level of reality to the tales he relates.

Great production values as well, which means a lot to me.

This particular story is great… indeed… dogman ain’t no joke!

Dig it y’all!



Having heard of this incident before, (and others like it) I was very pleased to find it on P & M, on which one can find most anything…

Friday, April 14, 2017

U.S. Special Forces Hunt ‘Killer Bigfoot’ Group in Western North Carolina

Dave Schrader received a letter from an anonymous man, claiming to be a former U.S. Special Forces operative, regarding a mission he was a part of back in the early 1990s:

“In the early 90s, I was with the ‘Teams’ in the Navy. We were sanctioned by an alphabet government agency to put a stop to several aggressive Sasquatch in the high country in western North Carolina. We all thought it was a joke at the mission briefing but it was no joke. My partner (in our team of twelve) was my swim buddy. He was Native American. This man wasn’t scared of anything. Before we were ordered to go out, during the briefing, all of these agents were showing us slides of what these creatures did to people; adults and children alike, as well as the damage done to vehicles and homes. Anyway, my buddy turned white with sheer fear. He told me, ‘This is bad. Really bad.’

When we arrived in the little mountain village town, the sheriff met us. He told us that he’d never been so happy to see the cavalry since he’d been in Korea. He showed us the actual places where, as he put it, ‘this is where those f**kers, those big hairy demons, destroyed this’, or killed him, her or them, there. My buddy was taking everything in like I never saw him before. After talking with the sheriff, our lieutenant told us to fire up because we’re going hunting. As we were getting our gear ready, my buddy said to me, ‘You know, I always thought my grandfather was just telling me scary stories about he and his brothers when they fought the wild men.’

We started in around 1400. By 1600, we found lots and lots of tracks. We started tracking them. We made out at least seven different individuals. We made first contact at around 1930 and it was almost dark. The point man stopped dead in his tracks and spoke into his headset, ‘I see one, it’s f**king huge!’ The lieutenant said, ‘If you have the shot, take it.’ He shot this massive hairy beast with a 7.62 millimetre round and it acted like a mosquito bit him. This creature turned around and let out with a God-awful roar. Our point man quickly switched to full auto. This time the creature dropped like a rock after ten 7.62 millimeter rounds cut up his chest.

After first contact, the agents radioed in and said they wanted one alive. Our lieutenant told them to go screw themselves. It took three days and nights with almost no sleep but we dropped seven hairy bastards. We found the missing people, or rather what was left of them. We had one casualty when a team member was snatched straight up into a tree. There was nothing anyone could have done for him. To this day, thinking of those three days sends chills down my spine. You wont find those three days in any military record or mission log.

Going into our mission debriefing where normally we are asked a thousand and one questions about every shot fired, every angle we fired from, every angle we fired on etc., we were simply told that the past three days we were doing rigorous mountain training and during that training period we lost a man. And, with that, the debriefing team stood up and walked out. Now normally we have individual debriefing for the whole team but this was the one and only time it was just team.

So to answer your next question, after three days government agents came in and removed all seven corpses and flew them out.”

Source: Beyond The Darkness – April 10, 2017

NOTE: Mmmm…it’s quite an interesting story, and I have received information that U.S. and Canadian military personal have encountered Sasquatch. Do you believe U.S. Special Forces would have been used to take out a group of killer Bigfoot? Lon

To answer the question … yes, absolutely. Why? Well, simply because they are perhaps the only humans in our time who could take out a group of killer Bigfoot. Do note that they lost a man. Just sayin.

No one, of course, ever sends me anything but I have read numerous testimonials from both retired and active duty military personnel who have encountered Bigfoot. I only know of one other mission like this one (for sure, I mean). The others all relate to sightings near or on base property and the apparently official position that they are to be left well enough alone and not to be mentioned in public places. Of course, if some go rogue and start killing people, such individuals are rightfully dealt with with extreme prejudice.

I am okay with that positioning.

ETA 9/11/17 NOTE: Puca has cautioned me regarding the promotion of this story. He has seen only “marginal proof.” Note too that I still get carried away a bit. Indeed, I have noted a military testimonial wherein the soldier stated flatly that that special branch of folks do not operate on US soil, ever. That may very well be… but… there exist, in my world at least, special circumstances. One such would be that we were not supposed to be in Cambodia back in the day, either, but… there we were… so, it remains a possibility.



Moon Anomaly 2015

Published on Sep 4, 2017

A strange little video I filmed back in 2015. I’m not too sure what is happening here but I thought I would share it anyway.

Wow. Well, this is a WTF moment if ever there was one.

I am not sure what’s going on either. Something bouncing off? Or taking off? Or what?

But I find it fascinating.

Filmed by ATS member Leeyum and there is a nice discussion going on here.




misterio canal
Published on Apr 9, 2017

Síguenos en
Descarga la canción en

Was watching some crazy stuff from way down south and I thought this was pretty nifty. The folks down there are possibly even more gullible than our lot from what I’ve seen and of course petulant frenzy-prone HOAXmaster Jaime Maussan is super popular down there. Sad, really.

It is supposed to be a giant cube UFO over the sea just off of the Syrian Arab Republic, it says, from April of this year, but seriously I would think that something of this sort might have been seen by more folks than just the person who did this clip…. seeing as how it is supposed to be enormous and all.

Therefore my official vote is phony baloney CGI, but, I dunno, I like it. Just because it’s different. It’s got visual appeal. To my eyes anyway.

Borg? ROFL Mao!



Lizard Legends Come To Life (C4C)

JC Johnson
lizzyPublished on Feb 29, 2012

More fuel to the fire on potential relic reptiles.

JC is good people. Here he and the Crypto 4 Corners team investigate reports of one of my favorite cryptid critters… bipedal lizards.

I would love to join C4C and go on these expeditions. It’d be like Heaven.

It’s probably not possible. But a boy can dream, eh?

Found it here.




obscura habitacion
Published on Dec 18, 2012

Este cadáver se encuentra a la vista de todos, adentro de la catedral de Guadalajara en Jalisco Mé se trata de una estatua, es el cadáver real de una pequeña mártir que después de muerta fue santificada y ahora conocida como la santa conocida en leyendas por ser uno de los famosos casos de los cuerpos incorruptos donde el cuerpo no se descompone, aunque después usaron un tratamiento de cera para conservarla a la vista de todosLa persona que grabó este vídeo dice que en el momento no se dio cuenta de cuando abrió los ojos hasta después que le enseño el vídeo a sus familiares.


Google translation:

This corpse is in sight of all, inside the cathedral of Guadalajara in Jalisco Mexico.
it is not a statue, it is the real corpse of a little martyr who after being dead was sanctified and now known as holy innocence.
is known in legends for being one of the famous cases of uncorrupted bodies where the body does not decompose, but then used a wax treatment to keep it in plain view

The person who recorded this video says that at the time did not realize when he opened his eyes until after he showed the video to his relatives.

The full story here…


From the great repository at Phantoms and Monsters.

“This holy beatified is known for miracles and this is just one of many “says Cardinal Juan Francisco Robles.

The Catholic Church, among others, has traditionally been considered the incorruptibility of certain characters, particularly saints and blesseds, as a miraculous sign of his holiness, and for this reason there are many bodies called uncorrupted venerated in Catholic shrines. The idea of the uncorrupted body usually gives rise to the idea that these bodies are kept in more or less as they were at the time of death. The exposed bodies are usually coated wax layers which help emphasize the idea of incorruptibility. This is the case of the bodies of the martyr known as holy innocence that is in the Cathedral of Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico to the view. It is also known to fulfill miracles can indeed see the glass case with letters and offerings that they leave people waiting for a miracle of the little martyr. it off a few weeks a person to burn the body with his cell phone could capture the small opening his eyes, even if the person claims not to have seen it at the time recorded makes was until after he taught his family the video realized that the corpse opened her eyes clearly before the camera.

More of the story can be found at Corpse Of Girl, St Innocence, ‘Opens Her Eyes’ In Freaky Video

NOTE: In the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady, first built in 1541, and restored many times since after earthquakes, the venerated St Innocent lies in a vitrine like a sleeping bride. Worshippers come to touch the glass, hand to hand, seeking solace or healing. The teenage girl wanted to take Holy Communion, but her enraged father stabbed her. Now her mummified remains – which appear to date back to the eighteenth century – attract the devoted, and the curious.

These astonishing happenings have always been a tremendous fascination for me… I hope Lon doesn’t get upset.

in this one, though, I hate to say it, but I am not seeing it…

Here’s another go two years later, same video, with close ups… I still cannot see it!


misterio canal
Published on Jun 29, 2014

Su nombre es Santa inocencia se encuentra a la vista de todos, adentro de la catedral de Guadalajara en Jalisco México.

[Snipped, same as above]


Its name is Santa innocencia is in sight of all, inside the cathedral of Guadalajara in Jalisco Mexico.

It is noteworthy that most of the comments class it as a fake.

I still don’t see it so I agree.




Published on Aug 28, 2017

UFO footage of a sphere like object in Los Angeles California San Gabriel Valley on 08/28/2017

Finally! A UFO video that is quite likely to be real, unlike the crap posted by hoaxerscum like secureteam10 and other pieces of pigpewps like him.

Good things… it’s seven and a half minutes, it’s daylight, it’s clear, Mr Lopez’s comments are calm and match the visuals… and then there is the helicopter.

Could be a balloon, but, it doesn’t move very much, so the thing would need to be well tethered and that seems highly unlikely. It looks like it’s up pretty high when he zooms out. Even if it was tethered with a ridiculously long string, it does not take much wind at all to move a balloon around.

And the helicopter… he’d either have to know it was going to be in the area and know it was going to turn back or he’d have had to hire it to go around his balloon, which is of course possible, but, when I was in the film industry many, many moons ago, that would be around $3,000 per hour. God knows what it is now. I don’t think anyone would do that for a YouTube video…just sayin.’

The length of the video is a strong point against CGI as I am personally familiar with how long that would take to render (lots of hours) and the level of equipment needed to do it.

So… I am digging it. Which has not happened in a long, long time.

Noted by member charlyv – “Additionally, it seems the photographer “Lopez” made SecureTeam take the video down.
Even though he credited him with the video!”

Whoa here’s another!

Whitter California August 28 monday 2017 UFO.

Published on Sep 3, 2017
On monday the 28 of August me and my co worker saw a black ball pop out of the azuza canyon area around 6:45am. We also notice the attention the sheriff helicopter had on the orb.

Whittier California August 28 2017 6:45am UFO orb

Published on Sep 3, 2017
August 28 monday around 6:45am me and my coworker noticed a black orb hovering over the area of La Puente West Covina and it was visible from Whittier in the area I was working at. Also I noticed a lot of activity with the sheriff’s flying over it.

this is too cool…

Here’s a full HD still posted here in this thread by my buddy ArMaP, an imaging specialist from Portugal!

Here is a stabilized video exclusive to ATS so I shouldn’t post it but here is the link!

the poster’s words:

Exclusive to ATS… a stabilized version of a big chunk of the footage (the first few mins don’t stabilize too well, but everything else does)

With Inception music for added dramatic effect, and “two fighter jets” in the first few seconds LOL

I think it makes it clearer to see that it doesn’t ascend or descend, perhaps at all, not even slowly, it’s maintaining altitude IMO. And beyond its few miles-per-hour movement, it really does appear “motionless”, rather spooky in fact!

As mentioned before, if there’s enough “wind” to move it then why doesn’t the wind rotate it? Unless it has somehow been weighted inside at the bottom (although there is a little bit of rotation in the first few mins that isn’t in my stabilized video), enough to keep it aloft but little enough not to sink back to the ground…how would that work? Hot air balloons do a pretty piss poor job of maintaining altitude, how come “this one” can??

And I also found a third angle/witness (from the freeway) which at the very least confirms solidly that it truly did happen. (just below)

UFO Los Angeles CA 8-28-2017

Published on Aug 28, 2017
UFO between the 605 freeway and the 60 freeway, Los Angeles CA, 6:39 am on 8-28-17

UFO inspected by L.A. County sheriffs

Published on Aug 28, 2017
Video taken in Los Angeles county on August 28, 2017 with iPhone.

I better quit now and post this eh?!



UFO eyeball in la puente/West Covina
Published on Sep 2, 2017
Saw this thing floating/hovering in the sky 8/28 in city of La Puente

Well we surely can’t complain about there being no other videos, eh?

Published on Aug 29, 2017
Approximately at 6:45 am over the juction of the 60 and 605 freeways in Southern California I saw this sphere standing still by itself. A few moments after, the helicopter showed up and circled it a couple times and left. Due to the shortness of the video, it will seem as if the helicopter was pulling the sphere but if you pay close attention to the video you will notice that te helicopter flies away leaving the sphere in the same place.

Californian Sphere UFO Aug 28th 2017 Stabilised footage

Published on Sep 3, 2017

This is a stabilised version of the following clip…… I also zoomed in to try and get a best view of the object from this angle. All filming credit goes to jesusin65. Thank you for capturing this!!


Published on Aug 28, 2017

Kris A – Aug 28 around 730am by moccasin and vineland




I love monsters.

Ever since I was in my tweens… illustrations of them were extremely popular back in the day.

These are from the Pinterest board primarily known as Deamons, Monsters & Aliens, which currently has over 4,000 items of interest.

‘Ere we go

Art by Alexander Shatohin

Kim Bum humanoides sedientos de sangre su mandíbula puede penetrar el acero mas fuerte y destrozar huesos son maestros de las espadad desde chicos se les obliga a sobrevivir por su cuenta Peligro 9


Share via Artstation iOS App, Artstation © 2017

Vesk Bounty Hunter Operative – Starfinder RPG (Core Rulebook Art)

lizardman, Anatolii Leoshko on ArtStation at

ArtStation – Gólem Oscuro, Antonio J. Manzanedo

Resultado de imagem para d&d barbarian

Giant, Mateusz Lenart on ArtStation at

ArtStation – The Elders Scrolls Legends, Lemonsky Studio

Zombie Sarge – War of the Dead by The Gurch.

Austen Mengler

I simply love this guy!




While perusing Phantoms and Monsters, I saw these pics Lon posted of a security cam photo of some sort of bipedal thing on it’s way through a garden…

It was a  bit dark so I thought to make it more optically helpful. Felt inspired to help. I used Adobe Camera Raw CC to make some exposure and white balance adjustments.

This one has no critter.

Heres the lad!

I’ve been Photoshopping for many, many moons, so I didn’t do anything that would have caused research difficulties digitally.

So that’s it above. I was also looking for signs of fakery. I found none. Whatever the thingie might be, it is actually there. And it is carrying something thin and long in it’s left hand.

I decided to blow it up twice so volk could see as well as possible so I did it non destructively. Destruction is not nice.

This one is at 7.2X magnification. Unlike resampling which adds artifacts in the form of generated pixels that the program interpolates should be there. Magnification only displays the extant pixels bigger. No pixels were added or subtracted. As always click on ‘em for full size (i.e. BIG).

The bottom one at 10X shows the individual pixels readily and may help researchers in their quest.

Dude has something on it’s head, too…odd. Very odd.

Definitely a real shadow and definitely a present and accounted for whatsit, it’s just species unknown time again.