Locos Del Rally
January 4

via Jean Louis Lebreton!

Yep. Rally is loco.

Thing is, though, it’s normal for them, see?!

These men and women are wired different. Can’t help but hold them in awe.

Like those motorbikers.

Thrills. Many!














Ford Capri

A serious contender and a very fine sports and rally ride.

And some were even sold here on occasion. And the later ones were sold at the dealers here.

Never lucky enough to have one but my friend was and loved it so, yeah!

It became clear in the making of this that I need many more Escort pics than are in inventory… way too much media library scrolling going on!


















The original Highland Green Mustang driven by the legendary Steve McQueen in Bullitt, this car has been owned by the same family since 1974

via bigboppa01

There it is. The real one. A legend, driven by a legend, in a legend.

It gets no better.




Meep Meep!


Fairlady Z


Crew Cab!


Partina 14er Karmann


A very sweet Ginetta. Made by genies!


Group 5 Schnitzer cars… Toyota Celica and BMW 1.4 2002


Opel Ascona (Kadett here in the yewessay)


Massively modified Mini


BMW E21. Looks lots faster than the one I had.


Maserati Sebring (first generation)


Jaguar XJ-13




The 507 looks so light and nimble in person… and it is seriously lovely.


The 2019 Z4.

I must say this thing certainly does look the business. I bet it can act like it looks, too.

But, what about the Z5? Ah! Some are calling this the Z5.

Wait! It’s a Toyota Supra!

Link Wun Link Tu




Donegal International Rally 2011 (

Flyin Finn Motorsport
Published on Jun 23, 2011

Highlights from 3 days and recorded with 3 cameras and kerb cam clips. A long enjoyable weekend. Remember if you want a dvd just featuring your car over the weekend contact me at [email protected]

Galway Summer Rally 2011 (

Flyin Finn Motorsport
Published on Aug 29, 2011

Sorry about the Jumping logo at start but it by no means takes anything away from the action on this video, With the King Of The Mk2 award to fight for the Galway Summer Rally saw some great sideways action. Full dvd features all the cars and action.

Check out our website: Follow us on youtube:… Or on Facebook:!/g…

Some fine goings on to give you all a thrill.

Nothing like a good rally to get things flowing.



I have spent long, grueling hours gathering evidence in support of the opinion held by some people that holds that the Z4 GT3 can indeed go up hills of significant size and will not, as suggested by others, wheeze and leave volk stranded at the bottom. The Z4 GT3 is a motorized conveyance; conceived and constructed by tiny, adorable gnomes in handcrafted lederhosen at the Bavarian Motor Works, located in München, deep in Freistaat Bayern, itself located in beautiful southern Deutschland.

I have located three compilations of events that show a series of fairly competent attempts to reach the top of the respective hills. Here they are:

Hillclimb Monster BMW Z4 GT3, 600HP with open exhaust! René Aeberhardt, full Onboard @Gurnigel 2015

Published on Sep 8, 2016

BMW Z4 GT3 4.4 V8 Monster // 600Hp NA Pure Rumbling Sound

HillClimb Monsters
Published on Oct 30, 2017

Jan Milon has used on the 2017 Season of the European HillClimb Chanpionship a beautiful BMW Z4 in GT3 spec. With around 600Hp from the 4.4 Naturally Apirated V8 the German introduced quite a brutal presence and sound to each event it entered.

BMW Z4 GT3 – Hill Climb Verzegnis 2017 ☆PURE SOUND

Published on Dec 17, 2017

Marco Iacoangeli in his insane SOUND Monster BMW Z4 GT3 at Hill Climb Verzegnis 2017 HCF-Video Nr: 489 #HillClimbFans original #NeverStopClimbing visit, like and follow us: website: webshop: facebook: instagram: twitter:

So, I think that sews that line of questioning right up.



A lightly tamed version that was made for and subsequently made available for rent by the Hertz Corporation… hence the H appendage. Lots of track days happened as a result. Along with further cementing of the legend. I was not old enough to drive, being just 11. Dammit.



Circuito Internacional de Vila Real 1972 via 

Tour de Corse 1969  via 

Bruce Mclaren  via 

Montjuïc Park 1969 via 

Alberto Ascari Ferrari 500 1952 via 

Well now, there’s something you don’t see every day…=D


peace out


ooh a new TVR!

Coming next year to Yurrop and Japan if you have a spare £90,000, which is currently $121,338. Not bad! It has a 5 liter Cosworth V8 with 500bhp and a 6-speed manual for those rear wheels. 50/50 weight distribution, too, woo hoo!

If only I was filthy stinking rich.

If only I could still see.

Dream on.

This came in via Ultimatecarpage. Great site!



From the Anonima Lombardi Fabbrica Automobili… by way of the fabulous OSI…

To you!



This is a 1966 Alfa Romeo Scarabeo by Officine Stampaggi Industriali.

he swoons


Oh baby.

One of the prototypes…

A Giulia under the skin, with a 1600 or 1750 motor.