“Let Them Talk” by Good Cookies Band

Recorded live at Moriarity’s Pub, Lansing, Michigan.


Good Cookies – Bacon Fat

Recorded live in Lansing, Michigan -October 2013


I FEEL GOOD – Good Cookies/ The Hot Mess Exchange Lansing

Good Cookies Blues band With Chip and Sara from The Hot Mess


I’ve known Doc online for ages from when he did an online video education type thing. It was a pleasure finding out he’s even more skilled as a blues keyboardist of some repute. This is his current gig—before Good Cookies he was with the Vincent Hayes Project. Hey here’s one of those for you : )

Vincent Hayes Project – “Insecurities”




Marias Pass, Mars

Sol 991-995 Mastcam imagery projected onto Navcam meshes.
Sol 1080 Mt.Sharp Panorama

Credit: NASA, JPL/Caltech

Blender navcam import plugin by Rob Haarsma:

Music: Matt Uelman – Desert

Yellowknife Bay, Mars

Curiosity Sol 137 Mastcam imagery projected onto Sol 133 Navcam meshes.

Credit: NASA, JPL/Caltech

Blender navcam import plugin by Rob Haarsma:

Music: Jan Jelinek – Do Dekor…

Southern Flank of Husband Hill, Mars

Spirit rover sols 672-677 (Nov 23-28 2005 ) Pancam imagery projected onto Sol 671 Navcam meshes.

Credit: NASA, JPL/Caltech

Blender navcam import plugin by Rob Haarsma:

Music: Alan Hovhaness – Sonata for Harp, Op. 127: ll. Lento misterioso…


Credit for these videos being available to us plebes goes to the user sittingduck at Unmanned Spaceflight, a project of The Planetary Society, which has some rather dedicated people who document Curiosity’s activities in detail on a sol-to-sol basis. Very cool. The necessary software to do this was created by Rob Haarsma. See above for the link.

[via jeep3r, rubberneck, Member; here.]

This kind of immersion is possible by creating a 3D mesh from the stereo views of Curiosity’s navigation cameras (greyscale). This means that the shapes and general dimensions of the rocks and landscape are amazingly accurate. The whole scene has been imported into Blender (a free 3D editing program), merged with high-resolution color images from Curiosity’s MastCam and all that was finally compiled into a video.

I do believe we are on our way!

And I don’t think it gets any better than that.

Dig it.



Samantha Fish | “Gone For Good” Live at Telluride Blues & Brews Festival

Samantha Fish is a force to be reckoned with. She blends polished guitar work and engaging vocals that cross genres from Blues to Rock to Country. Her guitar riffs are like flint on steel and her vocals go down smooth like a fine shot of whiskey. She delivered a stand-out performance on the Main Stage which many consider to be a highlight from the 2016 Festival. Watch her perform “Gone For Good” live from Telluride Blues & Brews Festival earlier this year on Sunday, Sept 18, 2016.

For photo highlights of her set click here:

Full album and discography available on iTunes, click here:

For more info on the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival, click here:

Subscribe to #TellurideBlues YouTube:

Oh Miss Fish…

Dig it




The Sad Sam Blues Jam ~ Funk in B

Sad Sam Blues Jam original
Players Pub, Bloomington, IN

Sadie Johnson – guitar
Krista Hess – guitar
Sam Johnson – bass
Matt McCarthy – drums
Sam Motter – sax

To this day I have a tremendous grin plastered on my kisser knowing that these wonderful ladies subscribe to my twitter! Me?! Still! Wow.

So I feel kinda bad not playing more of them…but I’ve been discovering new artists and maybe that’s a nearly good excuse.

Don’t worry girls, I love you !

Someday I will be able to go see folks play… and Sad Sam is on the short list.



True Lies • KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD BAND • Bourbon Street Blues Fest 5/20/17

Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Guitar & Vocals; Noah Hunt – Vocals & Guitar; Chris Layton – Drums; Kevin McCormick – Bass.
*Filmed in HD by Joan Mallotides aka BluesBroad 5/20/17.
Bourbon Street Blues Festival – The Fields @ Waterloo
Allamuchy Mountain State Park – Stanhope NJ


In for a treat, you are…

Dig it




Fantastic new song live @ Callahan’s Awesome Performance !


This lady is mighty fine…a wonderful addition to my fledgling Blues knowledge.

Her passion comes through, and the band has a nice, gritty quality that complements her voice.

Imma like it a lot.





Haven’t heard much from the lad lately, so this was a nice gift to us all.

A song from his new album Signs, Jonny was kind enough to let us download this one ahead of time. Album’s out now, so if you dig and have the loot… go for it.

Enjoy, Peace


Bernard “Pretty” Purdie Funky Groovy Jam Session

U can’t Deny, this dude is just funky & fun. Respect the most recorded drum player in history 😀 Enjoy people!!

Wow these two are groovin,’ man!

Mr. Purdie is so very super in his drumming, his kit really is an integral part of him.

And the bassist is great, too, but I don’t know who he is!

Sigh … and … dig it!



Arrivederci Pinuccio.

Now this is pretty sporty, innit?

Videolina Stasera alle 22 Videolina ripropone una puntata di Sardegna Canta Ieri e Oggi dedicata a Pinuccio Sciola. Era l’estate del 2012, e Pinuccio e Ambra Pintore parlarono per ore.

Tonight at 22 videolina replicates an episode of sardinia sing yesterday and today on saltsburg. It was the summer of 2012, and amber pintore pinuccio and they talked for hours.

Would love to try it in person.

One of the commenters on this vid’s page (click the date) did visit the artist, played his stones and said he is a nice guy.

But of course he is : )

Sharon Renee Stewart for the curious, like me. from Wiki: “Pinuccio Sciola (1942-13 May 2016) is a sculptor and muralist from San Sperate, Sardinia. His work has been mentioned as a major attraction of the nearby town of Assemini. His work has also been exhibited in Alghero. Forms in which he works include pietre sonore or “sound stones”: large sculptures (mainly limestones or basalts) that resonate when rubbed by human hands or small rocks.”

Music! Food of love, you know…

So, keep calm and play on.



SAMANTHA FISH BAND “Shake ‘Em On Down” 3/22/13

Samantha Fish – guitar, vocals
Christopher Alexander – bass, vocals
Go-Go Ray – drums, vocals
Ukrainian American Cultural Center / Whippany, NJ
Filmed in HD by Joan Mallotides aka BluesBroad
Video #14

Oh God… Ms. Fish… is… wonderful.

This one was posted to a non-musical post I made on fb by my dear friend Frank, I think to soothe my battered soul!

He got me all excited of course, Miss Fish has that effect on me : )

She is so very good, a true master of the blues at such a young age and so very scrumptious to boot, what more could anyone ask for in a Goddess?






Old & In The Way – Pig in a Pen – Live 11.4.73

Old & In The Way
California State College Sonoma – Cotati, CA
November 4, 1973
Unreleased soundboard recording

omg…! Right off the mixer!


Thank you, Jimmie B!

Best. Bluegrass. Ever.

Jerry. Vassar. Owsley. Oo


eta/ for some reason the fact that this thrill of my yoot was forty four years ago has weighed anchor in my mind. : \

more Peace


Johnnie Johnson and The Kentucky Headhunters She’s Got To Have It

First pre production rehearsals back in 1992 for Johnnie Johnson and The Kentucky Headhunters CD “That’ll Work” Performing “She’s Got To have It”


First heard em just now on Aardvark and now rare video… sweet.




George Jones – Six Days On The Road

From the 1966 album “Love Bug”
George’s version of the Dave Dudley classic

Another childhood hero singing a favorite tune.


Interwebz 🙂




HUSH by Empire Assembly

Music and lyrics by Jay A Hansen
Produced by Bruno Justi, Jay A Hansen, Kibrom Birhane, Diego Ruvalcaba
Executive Producer – Bruno Justi
Engineered and Mastered by Kibrom Birhane
Mixed by Benjamin Orth

Vocals and guitar – Jay A Hansen
Ukulele – Bruno Justi
Bass – Nando Raio
Drums and percussion – Diego Ruvalcaba
Keys and piano – Kibrom Birhane
Claps and ‘Ohs’ – Bruno Justi, Jay A Hansen, Kibrom Birhane, Diego Ruvalcaba, Le Dib
Edits and programming – Marko Fazio
Additional recordings – Rubén Limones at Onyx Recording House

Music Vídeo by Bruno Justi
Art Direction by Bruno Justi and Jay A Hansen


I got an email from Mr Hansen today. It was a note to remind me and a list of others that he had contacted me / us last year with a single and if we liked it would we like to work with the band.

Nary a single, solitary hint of a rumor of a clue as to how I got onto this man’s list of “emails it would be good to send his band’s demo to,” as the others were mostly real record company submission addresses. Weirdness. I used to get quite a surprising number of VO demos, too. High weirdness.

I’m sure I played it when he sent it. But I don’t remember and I’ve not looked it up. But I listened to his new one and then went to their yt channel and found I like this one a lot… Kinda punchy.

Haven’t heard them on the radio at all… #WFUV check it out.

Good luck, mates!



I just wrote for a good while and then forgot to hit save draft. So that stuff is gone. And I am a touch sad about it, not because it was super awesome, but because I have…

Bin havin’ a lot of moments like that lately.

It isn’t nice. Kind of scary.

Anyway, pretty sure the pic above is by Mike Barkett up North, but it might be just ‘via.’

The above bottom pic, unlike the above top pic, is by Rob Miller Photography.

It may even be by Rob Miller himself.

Fine, innit?




Oi, we’ve not had a post o’ ladies of late…

nice pokies eh

and again … oh lordy

this certifies that I was born way, way too early.

OMG please let this happen!

Uhm, that’s to me, G, right? Good.

Fortunately, I possess seriously mad braking skillz!





The Doors – Love Her Madly

Band: The Doors
Album: The Very Best of The Doors
Release date: 2001
Track number: 15
Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Don’t ya love her madly
Don’t ya need her badly
Don’t ya love her ways
Tell me what you say
Don’t ya love her madly
Wanna be her daddy
Don’t ya love her face
Don’t ya love her as she’s walkin’ out the door
Like she did one thousand times before
Don’t ya love her ways
Tell me what you say
Don’t ya love her as she’s walkin’ out the door
All your love
All your love
All your love
All your love
All your love is gone
So sing a lonely song
Of a deep blue dream
Seven horses seem to be on the mark
Yeah, don’t you love her
Don’t you love her as she’s walkin’ out the door
All your love
All your love
All your love
Yeah, all your love is gone
So sing a lonely song
Of a deep blue dream
Seven horses seem to be on the mark
Well, don’t ya love her madly
Don’t ya love her madly
Don’t ya love her madly

Alrighty then, all I can say is that I am really feelin this song, especially that line in this song… that line, “wanna be her daddy,” because, well, yes,  omlgjhcita, yes I do.


Strong stuff… strong af.




*new* SAMANTHA FISH • Either Way I Lose • Sellersville Theater PA 4/12/17

Samantha Fish – Guitar & Vocals; Chris Alexander – Bass; Kenny Tudrick – Drums; Mark Levron – Trumpet; Travis Blotsky – Saxophone; Phil Breen – Keyboards.

*Filmed in HD by Joan Mallotides aka BluesBroad 4/12/17.
Sellersville Theater – Sellersville PA

Whoo Mama… Girl be givin’ me Chills and Fever !!!

Oh yes, me likey.

I was worried before cuz she’s so young, younger than all me darlin’ angels even—but it looks like our lady’s mind is as strong as her hands (yay) — therefore we are good to go, go, go!