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VIP Passes are Back In Stock at Den of Lore and there were only 100 available!


John Anthony West’s long fight with cancer & pneumonia is nearing the home stretch, but he and his family need your support to make the assisted trip home from the Houston clinic on August 1st.
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Be there or Be Square!




Lake Monsters & UK Dinosaurs in the News! – Crypto Corner – July 19 2017

Crypto Corner is a Den of Lore segment where Den of Lore personalities Chris George Zuger & Denver Michaels (our good lookin, southern drawl talkin, engineer doin, cryptozoology researchin’, and sammich eatin’ mother fucker in the field, except for that last part) talk openly about current crypto sightings and other shit. We aren’t debunkers, they are truth seekers! And will analyze subject, photos, videos, accounts, and pictures of people’s moms that they send in!

We drink beer here. Save the scotch for the main show.

JULY 19, 2017 – Our first segment!

» UK Dinosaur in the News Our Hosts Say

» North Carolina Lake Monster: Our Hosts Say (CHRIS – BULLSHIT
(TREE, aka a “Dead Head” | DENVER – SKEPTICAL)…

Ha! Great! A new crypto show and its from the Den of Lore which is a good thing.

Great show and news of a new John Anthony West Benefit – To Bring Him Home!
This Saturday 7/22 @ Den of Lore.

Oh man. I feel happy but like an outsider. So strange. Sigh.




Off For The Sabbot from A Pictorial Compendium of Witchcraft – William Mortenson, 1927


I dunno about you, but I think that that young lady is one mighty fine lookin’ witch!

The 20s must have been pretty good…




Oh shit. More emotional tumult. Over bullshit. Ridiculous bullshit. I can’t stand it anymore. It hasn’t really changed in over thirty years. Used to let the romance and rose colored glasses mask the bullshit. Well this brand of it, but yeah.

Let it happen without a word regardless of the fact that I knew it was there and felt bad about it. That has been the case in every “adventure” or “chapter” or what-have-you that the journey has wrought. Every one. And every one a bad experience. The damage is real and deep. The damage cannot be repaired.

But the co-dependence that allowed the damages to build to some interesting heights has been breached, not cleared, but a hole’s been breached with the meson beam and that has left an Atmos of Intolerance for  inequities in all forms and at any level.

What will happen.

Who knows.




Sorry? Late.

Tunguska, 1908
extraterrestrial airburst, object ~40m diameter.


Eros, a naughty asteroid.


Actual Italian Air Force UFO up close and personal photo.

I wrote about it back in the hey day of WATT… The Remarkable Cecconi UFO Case: Cover Up Italian Style.







The Path








Adi had one like that.

Mercedes Benz 1935 500K Special Roadster



Good girl.




Oh boy, what a ride. Just ridin’ it out as per the dictates of my latest cosmology. Seems alright, too, I am happy to say. A bit on the odd side of the comfort zone in background weirdness noticeability, to be sure, but, then again nowt bad’s ‘appened so it must be a lull, eh what?! Party! LOL yeah okay.

I think with a good level of confidence that I figured out the battery woe that das auto was suffering with. Well, so far, anyway. But yeah I believe that alles in ordnung. Yay.

Mind control’s doing ok I think. Feels so at least. Early days yet,




Getting there.



Gettin’ the newsletter of a nudist resort I went to ages ago. Can’t actually go till I am free of course but it was quite an interesting place and I imagine it still is.

Yo tala palio tinguul.

Otherwise…I dunno. I think it will get better.





Back in the day, I remember planning to do a site for Cafe Forteana as they were in some sort of difficulty that I do not recall at all but it never did happen unfortunately. Earlier today, on a paleolithic hard drive that was found here deep in the Tomb’s basement and within it’s bowels I found a folder for it that had some stuff and these 27 pics in it. I know a couple or so of these folks… the notorious Pucabob is there, Antonio and for good measure there’s even one or two of the hominin that tried to kill me a few yarn later. Ah, strange days! Ha! Haha! Hahahahahaaha!